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Cutter asked Alex for help in breaking out of jail. Rex and Gigi returned to Llanview and reunited with their loved ones. Jack was relieved, though John reminded him that Stacy had died. Téa pointed out that Stacy had died after Gigi had fought with her after Stacy had tried to kill Gigi. There was a New Year's Eve wedding. Nora, Natalie, and Starr received unexpected guests after a prison break at Statesville.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 26, 2011 on OLTL
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Monday, December 26, 2011

Due to the extended Christmas holiday, ABC aired an encore presentation of a recent episode of One Life to Live. No original episode was broadcast.

This programming change was planned for, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of today's pre-emption.

Regular programming will resume on Tuesday, December 27, and pick up where the Friday, December 23 episode concluded.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Vimal and Rama walked through Angel Square with Neela, and talked about what to do on New Year's Eve. Vimal noticed that Neela seemed upset, and wondered what was wrong. She lied that she wasn't used to American winters, and walked away to look at that day's newspaper. Vimal realized that she was upset about Jack getting arrested.

Rama felt sorry for Jack's family, since he'd been arrested on the holiday. Vimal exclaimed that they should have known that they'd raised a "scoundrel," but Neela reminded him that Jack had saved them from the fire at the Sun. Vimal assured her that he remembered, but maintained that, if Jack weren't in jail, Vimal would forbid Neela from seeing him. When Neela protested, he advised her to find a boy "who hasn't killed anybody." Vimal added that Neela might be better off with the arranged marriage. Rama advised him to look at the newsstand so she could talk to Neela, so Vimal left.

Rama knew that Neela was upset about more than just the fact that Jack was in jail, and wondered what it was. Neela admitted that Jack was in jail because of her. She explained to Rama about how she'd agreed to help Shane out, but in the end had ended up betraying Jack's trust. Rama thought that Neela had done the right thing, but Neela knew that Jack would never speak to her again.

Vimal returned, and apologized to Neela for being so strict. He explained that he'd been trying to protect her, because he loved her so much. He agreed to discuss Neela spending time with Jack if the charges turned out to be false. Neela claimed that she had to work on a winter break assignment for school, so she left for the library.

Vimal whined that Neela probably hated him, because he was acting like his father. Rama assured him that Neela had other things on her mind, and that he was nowhere near as strict as his father. He added that his position was awkward because Jack was his boss's son. Rama knew it was hard to let Neela go, but advised him that she was growing up.

Blair visited a scared Jack in his jail cell. She assured him that Téa was figuring things out with John, because there was apparently some new evidence. Jack was distressed, because he'd thought that the case had been closed since Victor had paid off Brad's father to make Brad confess. Blair was taken aback to actually hear Jack say it out loud.

Blair said that she'd been looking for a sign of remorse out of Jack for months for what he'd done to Shane and Gigi, and for what he'd been putting his father through. Jack argued that Todd wasn't his father. He also accused Blair of only taking interest in him when he was in trouble. He continued that Victor had been the only one who'd ever cared about Jack.

An upset Blair shouted that she'd always been there for Jack, but Jack believed that he'd been "one kid too many" for her. She sternly maintained that she loved all of her kids equally. She informed him of how lucky he was to have a huge family that loved him, because she'd never had that. Blair wanted to talk to Téa, and hoped that the evidence wasn't too bad. Jack softly told her that it had been an accident, and Blair left.

Todd demanded that John let Jack go, because Téa would get him out soon anyway. John related that Jack would finally pay for his crime. There was a knock on the door, and Téa entered, asking about the supposed new evidence. John told her and Todd that Jack had confessed on tape. Téa reminded John that he needed a warrant to tap phones, and that using an undercover cop was entrapment. John admitted that a civilian had turned in the tape.

At Téa's request, John assured her that a full analysis was being performed on the tape to prove its legitimacy. As Blair arrived outside the office, Todd demanded to know the name of the accuser. Blair entered the office as Todd stormed out to talk to Jack. Blair wondered how bad it was, and a short while later, John played the confession tape for her.

When the tape was over, Téa told Blair that Jack could be in big trouble, but assured her that they probably wouldn't charge him as an adult. Téa promised to help Jack out of the situation, because they were family. Blair chided herself for not giving Jack enough attention, but Téa thought that Blair was a good mother.

A short while later, Blair was gone from the office. Téa didn't blame John for not giving Todd the name of Jack's accuser, but advised him that he couldn't keep the name from her. John told her that Neela Patel had given him the recording.

Todd visited Jack in his cell. Todd informed Jack that John had a tape of Jack confessing to Gigi's murder. Jack couldn't believe it, and swore that he hadn't said anything to anyone. Todd replied that he couldn't help Jack unless Jack told the truth, and advised Jack to think about it. As Todd turned to leave, Jack thanked him for helping. Todd related that he would do anything for his son, and joked that he needed his "slave labor" back at the Sun.

A short while later, Jack knew he'd only told Neela the truth, but he didn't think Neela would betray him. Just then, Neela appeared in front of Jack's cell.

Todd saw Blair outside John's office, and assured Blair that everything would turn out all right. He promised that he and Blair wouldn't lose their "little boy," and they embraced.

Shane was reading the article about Jack getting arrested when Clint and Natalie entered the living room. Seeing what Shane was reading, Clint wondered if Natalie had heard about the new evidence. She hadn't heard what it was, or where it was from. "The new evidence came from me," Shane proudly declared.

Shane explained about his plan, and about Neela's involvement. Clint and Natalie were proud of Shane, and knew that Rex and Gigi would be as well. Shane turned to leave the room in order to call Rex. Clint stopped him, and told Shane that his actions were "very Buchanan." He thought that Gigi would rest easier, and hoped that Shane and Rex would too. "Thanks, Grandpa," Shane said, smiling, and left.

Natalie excitedly hugged Clint, happy that he and Shane were growing closer. She changed the subject, and asked about Clint and Viki's relationship. He told her that they'd both admitted their feelings to each other, but had decided to take things slowly. Natalie assured him that she was rooting for them, because "some people are meant to be together."

At the Bon Jour, Gigi told Rex that she remembered everything about her life. Both crying, they embraced, and agreed that they couldn't wait to get their life back. Suddenly, Rex opened his eyes, and sat up in bed. He couldn't believe that it had all only been a dream. "It was no dream," Gigi said, walking out of the bathroom. She promised to never leave again, and kissed Rex.

Rex couldn't believe Gigi was back, and promised to never let her go again. Gigi couldn't wait to go back to Llanview and see Shane. Rex wondered what Shane's news was, and related that Shane's news probably couldn't top Rex's. Rex wondered if they were doing the right thing by giving Shane the news in person. Just then, Rex's phone rang, and Rex saw that it was Shane. He related that they'd have to decide fast.

Rex answered the phone, and put it on speaker so that Gigi could hear. Shane had had fun at Viki's, but wished that Rex could have been there. He continued that it had worked out in his favor, because Viki had "gone overboard" on gifts for Shane. She'd gotten him a new drum kit, and had arranged for him to shadow the cartoon editor at the Banner for a few days.

Rex told Shane that his gift would top all of Viki's. Shane reminded Rex that he didn't need to get Shane anything, and promised that his gift for Rex would top Rex's gift for him. Rex promised that "we" would get the next flight to Llanview. Shane wondered who "we" was, and Rex covered that he'd meant "me." Shane assured Rex that he was with "Aunt Natalie and Grandpa Clint," and Rex promised that he'd see Shane soon.

Gigi marveled at how grown up Shane sounded. She realized that Shane had called Clint "Grandpa," and wondered what had happened. He answered that it was a long story, and promised to tell her on the way home. He briefly explained that he'd almost done some terrible things, but he'd kept seeing Gigi. He'd thought about what she would have wanted him to do. She joked that she'd even been bossing him around while she'd been in a coma. She suggested that they finally go home.

Shane happily told Natalie that Rex was on his way home. He couldn't wait to tell Rex his big news. Natalie told Shane about how she and Gigi had become friends during Natalie's pregnancy. Natalie had been scared, but Gigi had told Natalie that it was all right to be scared. Gigi had advised Natalie that she had to make decisions, and had promised to support Natalie no matter what she'd decided. She was proud of Shane, and thought that Rex and Gigi would be too. She left to check on Clint.

Shane picked up the newspaper, and smiled. Just then, Rex ran into the room, and hugged Shane. They discussed whose news was better, and eventually, Shane got his out. He told his father that Jack had been arrested for Gigi's murder. Rex told Shane that Jack hadn't killed Gigi. Shane insisted that he had proof, but Rex told Shane that Jack hadn't killed Gigi, because Gigi wasn't dead.

"Shane, your mom is alive," Rex told a disbelieving Shane. Gigi entered the room, and Shane turned around. He looked at Gigi, wide-eyed, not believing that she was real. He insisted that the woman standing in front of him was Stacy. Rex informed him that Stacy had died in the house, and that the woman with them was Gigi. She tried to touch Shane's hand, but he jerked it away. "Mommy?" he said, crying, and flew into his mother's arms.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Inside John's office, the detective revealed the source of Jack's taped confession to Téa. The attorney was surprised to learn that Neela had been behind it, and John explained that Shane had asked Neela to help him.

Blair and Todd embraced outside of John's office, after they'd heard the tape that would be used as evidence against Jack. Todd promised that he would "make it right," and he insisted that someone had obviously set Jack up. Todd noted that no one could "mess" with his kids and get away with it.

Just then, Téa and John emerged from John's office. Téa wondered if Todd had meant that he would kill someone. "You would, wouldn't you?" she accused. Todd insisted that it had only been a figure of speech. It was clear that Téa had a bone to pick with Todd, and John quickly separated the pair. Todd was certain that the tape recording of Jack was a fake, but John indicated that it was legitimate. Both Blair and Todd demanded to be told who had recorded it, and they continued to make it clear that they thought it illegal.

John suggested that Jack's parents worry about the contents of the tape instead, and Téa agreed with him. After John walked away, Téa gave in as Blair and Todd continued to press for information. She revealed that Neela had made the recording. Blair knew that her son's heart would be broken, but Todd was angry, because he'd allowed the teens to use his office for a visit together.

If Jack showed remorse, Téa explained, she would argue that Gigi's death had been accidental. "This is how you help?" Todd inquired. Téa noted that Jack had a history of bullying Shane. Both Blair and Todd were upset, and Blair proclaimed that her son shouldn't have to pay with his life. "Like Gigi Morasco did?" John asked when he returned.

Todd ordered John to stay out of it, and Téa declared that she wanted to get Jack arraigned before she considered anything else. She suggested that it might be a good idea for Blair to leave, and Todd accompanied her out of the station. Téa wanted to talk to Jack alone.

Neela paid a visit to Jack's cell, and he was glad to see her. She tried to tell him that she had been behind the recording, but at first, Jack didn't give her an opportunity to talk. He exclaimed that his father's office must have been bugged, and he suggested that she get herself a lawyer, because the Llanview Police Department hated his family. Neela kept trying to speak up, and she finally managed to respond.

"It was me," she said quietly. She had been the one to record Jack's confession. Jack was confused, and Neela explained that she'd had a tape recorder in her purse when they'd hung out in Todd's office. "Why would you do that to me?" Jack wondered. Neela admitted that Shane had asked her to do it. Jack was hurt and angry. He'd trusted Neela. She admitted that she had almost not gone through with it, and she'd told Shane that Jack had been sorry for his actions.

There was a possibility that he would go to jail for the rest of his life, Jack enlightened Neela. He couldn't believe what she'd done to him. He had gone out of his way to hide Neela when she'd needed help, Jack reminded her. Neela insisted that she would always be grateful, and she cared about and liked Jack.

Jack wondered what Neela might do to the people she didn't care about. He was livid, and he screamed at her to get out. He called for the guard, and he called Neela a "back-stabbing bitch."

As John and Téa waited for Jack to be escorted upstairs to John's office, Téa promised not to let Todd know that she suspected him of being Victor's killer. Téa remarked that Jack had been right all along in his opinion of Todd. John informed Téa that he would hold her responsible if anyone went after Neela. He also wondered if Téa would be okay in working closely with Todd.

Finally, Jack arrived, and John left his office to give the duo some privacy. Téa advised the teen that she would try to get him out on bail. She saw how upset Jack was, and she assured him that she would do her best to get him off, though it was going to be a "tough case." Jack voiced his thanks to his friend Neela, with an emphasis on the friend part. He couldn't believe he had trusted her.

Starr visited Rick's hospital room to find out if he'd signed the papers that her father had had sent over. "Refresh me," Rick ordered. Starr reminded him that in exchange for a huge sum of money, Rick would drop the charges and release the rights to Starr's music. "No can do," Rick replied. Starr declared that the offer had been a generous one, but Rick was declining the offer. He still wanted to work with Starr.

"There is no other bad girl for me," and Baz had signed an "iron-clad" agreement, Rick stated as he tried to jog Starr's memory. Rick added that he owned Starr's music, and he wasn't going anywhere. "You want to control me?" Starr asked. She called Rick a sleaze, and she advised him that he could find someone else. There were plenty of singers in the world.

Rick attempted to describe how Starr had "it," especially with her notorious family in the mix. They were always in the news. "Your family's a P.R. goldmine," Rick exclaimed. He also thought that Starr's family was kinky. Starr quickly took exception to the remark, and she advised Rick that she would not pretend to sleep with her sister's boyfriend. She wondered why things couldn't be about the music.

Rick advised her that they needed an angle, but Starr announced that she was worried about her brother's murder charge. "And we're going to use it. Do you have a problem with that?" Rick asked her. Starr proclaimed that she did, and it was wrong for Rick to use that. She called him disgusting and pathetic, and she planned to call her father's lawyers to call off the deal.

Rick replied that he would drop the lawsuit, and he would make Starr a star. He advised her that there was no way for her to get out of his control. "Your career is in my hands," he told her. Furthermore, she should relax and enjoy it. He reached out and took Starr's hand. Starr agreed that he was right, and she was indeed bad.

Starr grabbed hold of Rick's finger and bent it backwards as far as she could. Rick yelped in pain. Starr warned him that she would hurt him worse if he ever touched her again. He advised Starr that she was "sweet as pie" on the outside, while she was "devil's food cake" on the inside. He showed her an edited video of "Jail Bait."

Starr was aghast as she watched the video of herself with Nate. She was a scantily clad prisoner, and Nate was mostly shirtless as the prison guard. Rick thought it was "brilliant," but Starr announced that brilliant hadn't been the word she would have used. "If you think that I'm gonna settle for one time from your daddy, then you're out of your nasty little mind," Rick hissed.

Starr was certain that the video would never be a hit, but Rick assured her that they couldn't underestimate the public. He didn't want only her dad's money, because that wouldn't help him in his quest to be famous, Rick revealed. Starr would take him to the top, and he advised her that she would regret it if she manhandled him again.

"I'm sorry, is that a threat?" Starr questioned. Rick advised her that it was a "gentle reminder." He added that Starr worked for him, so she had better get used to it. He felt that they would be making beautiful music together.

Aubrey met with Rama in Angel Square and offered her help. Aubrey had seen the newspaper headlines, and she knew how Neela felt about Jack. Rama revealed that Neela had been the one responsible for Jack's arrest, and Aubrey reluctantly admitted that she had been aware of Shane's plan. The teen had sworn her to secrecy, Aubrey explained, and she hadn't said anything, because she had never expected Neela to go along with it.

Rama was concerned for how hurt Neela was bound to be, but Aubrey thought it was important that at least Neela knew the truth. Rama revealed that Neela had felt sorry for Jack, because he'd been remorseful for what he'd done. Neela was the one feeling guilty, Rama added. She was afraid that the teenager wouldn't get over deceiving Jack.

Aubrey was certain that Neela would get over Jack, and Rama changed the subject. She wanted to know what was happening with Rex. Aubrey described how Rex had been stuck in Texas, but she believed him to be on the way home. Aubrey thought that he'd sounded strange when she'd spoken to him, and she'd thought that he was hiding something from her.

Rama maintained that Rex was off because it was only his first Christmas without his fiancée. Aubrey agreed that Rama was probably right. Rama suggested that Aubrey try to phone Rex, and Aubrey thought that was a good idea. She was unsuccessful, though, when the call went unanswered.

When Shane realized that Gigi was really standing before him at Llanfair, he fell into her arms. "Mommy?" he said. "Look at your hair. Can you see?" Gigi asked her son when she finally managed to get a good look at him. The guys noted that it must really be Gigi. "Where have you been?" Shane inquired.

Gigi and Rex sat their son down and told him the story. Gigi tried to explain that her heart had known the truth all along, but her brain had not. The family was on cloud nine as they couldn't take their eyes off of each other. Shane made it clear that the only thing he had wanted to do since Gigi's death was to make Jack pay. All of a sudden, they all realized that Jack hadn't killed Gigi after all.

Gigi and Rex felt it was a good idea to forget about it, but Shane announced that making Jack pay had been what his news had been about. Jack was in jail, and with the help of someone else, Shane had gotten the evidence to prove Jack's guilt. Rex was excited and called it a great Christmas gift. Shane thought that his mother being alive was better.

"What do we do about Jack?" Shane asked his parents. Gigi clarified that Jack hadn't killed either Gigi or Stacy. Rex was undecided about what they should do. Both he and Gigi were impressed with Shane's successful feat of getting Jack's confession, but Gigi felt that they should get to the police station. Shane convinced his mother to allow him to start the car, and he left.

Just then, Rex's phone began to ring, but he ignored it. Upon questioning from Gigi, Rex admitted that he and Aubrey had gotten "a little close," especially after Aubrey had looked after Shane. Things had gotten easier after Aubrey had been around, Rex explained. He and Shane had planned to spend the holiday with Aubrey, but Rex hadn't expected to have Gigi with him.

Gigi wondered if Rex had feelings for Aubrey, and he revealed that he'd had some feelings, but they'd disappeared as soon as he'd seen Gigi. He had cared for Aubrey, but it hadn't been the same, he added. Gigi understood, and she realized that Aubrey was probably waiting for Rex. She suggested that he go to Aubrey, and she would go to the police station with Shane. Gigi promised not to go away ever again.

Rex returned Aubrey's call, and she was excited to hear from him. He asked her to meet him at his house. Aubrey ended the call, and she and Rama grew excited. Rama ordered Aubrey to call with details after the meeting.

After Aubrey departed, Rama saw a crying Neela walking through Angel Square. Neela admitted that she'd gone to visit with Jack at the police station, and he hated her. He had learned of her deed, and he'd been angry and hurt, because he had trusted Neela. She had betrayed him, and he would never speak to her again, Neela cried. Rama thought that might be for the best, as Jack might be going to jail for the rest of his life.

Rama tried to make Neela understand that Jack was in jail because of what he had done, and not because of Neela's betrayal. Neela couldn't believe the look that had been on Jack's face, and thanks to Shane, Jack would never speak to her again, Neela sobbed. She had been worried that Shane might attempt suicide again, and that had caused her to record Jack's confession.

Neela declared that she shouldn't have gone along with Shane's request. She was sorry that Shane's mother was dead, and she wished that the woman hadn't died. "Now you're blaming a poor dead woman for your problems?" Rama asked. She reassured Neela that things weren't her fault.

As Rama tried to calm Neela down, insisting that karma was to blame for Jack's fate, Blair and Todd walked through Angel Square. "Well, look who it is," Todd stated as he spotted the women. "LPD's newest little helper," he added. Rama said hello, and Blair suggested that she and Todd move on. Instead, Todd berated Neela for putting Jack in jail.

Blair insisted that it wasn't the proper time for Todd to say anything, and Rama pulled Neela away. "Leave our son alone," Todd warned as Blair finally managed to get him to walk away.

Aubrey arrived at Rex's mansion and let herself inside. She looked at the Christmas stockings that she'd pinned to the mantel, and she decided to remove the one with Gigi's name. After thinking about it momentarily, though, she put it back. She was startled to see that Rex had entered the room, and hesitantly, she explained that she hadn't been certain of what to do. She was sorry, and she was happy to see him.

Aubrey walked over to Rex and gave him a hug. "Aubrey, there's something I need to tell you," Rex stated.

"How could I be so stupid?" Jack wondered. He informed Téa that Neela had told him everything. Téa knew that Jack was hurt and furious, but she didn't want him to go anywhere near Neela. She advised him not to say anything to or about Neela. She would try to keep the tape out of court, Téa pronounced.

Just then, there was a knock at the door. Shane called out for John, and he and Gigi walked into the office. Jack looked as though he'd seen a ghost.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Cutter begged Kim for a favor over the phone. Kim promised to consider it, but only if Cutter told her where Stacy was. Cutter was surprised that Kim hadn't heard the news, so he told her that Gigi was the surviving Morasco sister, and not Stacy. He explained to a disbelieving Kim how he'd found out, and said that the sisters had somehow switched places. Kim was distraught to have lost Stacy "again."

Kim blamed Stacy's death on herself. She regretted not doing everything possible to stop Stacy from following through with her plan. Cutter assured Kim that Stacy had been "past help." Kim lamented that she had no one, but Cutter told her that she always had her brother. "That's not a fair trade," Kim told him. Cutter knew that he hadn't been a good brother, but reminded her of how good of a team they'd made. He told her that they could work together again, and begged her to "bust me out."

Cutter told a skeptical Kim that he had a plan, but she didn't want to help. "I'm too pretty for prison!" Cutter exclaimed, and added that he was her brother. She reminded him that he hadn't called her while she had been in prison. Cutter promised to make things right between Kim and Clint, but Kim updated Cutter on her status with Clint. "See you in fifteen to twenty," Kim told him.

In order to keep Kim on the phone, Cutter babbled on about a "big score," which would be their easiest mark yet. He told a curious Kim about a rich woman who owned her own island. She wondered who it was. "Our mother," Cutter replied. Kim was surprised that Cutter had tracked her down, but he answered that he'd run into her in Brazil.

Cutter told Kim that their mother felt terrible about what had happened to their father, and about walking out on them. He wanted to "squeeze her for everything she's got. What do you say, sis?" "Bye, Cutter," Kim said, and hung up the phone.

A short while later, Cutter made another phone call. He told the person on the other end that he'd promised to call if he needed help. He held Alex's business card in his hand. "I need you now, Mom," he said.

Aubrey interrupted Rex's attempted explanations. She realized that he probably wasn't ready to move on, and that she was stupid to think that he was. However, Rex finally told her that he couldn't move on from Gigi because Gigi was alive. Aubrey reminded him that the woman was Stacy, but Rex explained the entire story to her.

Surprised, Aubrey wondered if Cutter had known that the woman was Gigi the entire time. Rex didn't care, because Cutter was in jail. Aubrey admitted that she'd heard from Cutter, but had hung up on him. She continued that she had no chance of leading an honest life with Cutter in it. She told Rex to go be with his family, and stated that, "This is goodbye."

Rex wished that his happiness hadn't happened at a cost to Aubrey. Aubrey insisted that there was no cost, because she'd made a good friend, and Rex had proven to her that there were good guys in the world. She hoped to get lucky, and end up with one like Rex. Rex knew that she would find someone even better.

Rex wanted to make sure that Aubrey was all right, but she ordered him to go be with his family. He thanked her for everything she'd done for him, and left the house. Clearly upset, Aubrey looked at the stockings hanging by the fireplace. She took one last look around the house, smiled, and left.

"What's wrong, Jack? See a ghost?" Gigi taunted a scared-looking Jack, getting in his face. Gigi continued that she was there to finish what she'd started the night Jack had tried to hurt Shane: "I'm gonna kick your scrawny ass." Téa warned Gigi to back off, but expressed that she was glad Gigi was all right. Shane told Gigi that they should leave, because Jack wasn't worth it. Gigi shot Jack a dirty look.

Natalie and John passed each other in the hallway at the police station, and made small talk about Liam. John reminded her that they still had to talk, but Natalie had figured that John had his hands full with Jack. Natalie thought that Téa would have a hard time getting Jack out of murder charges, "unless she can raise the dead." Just then, Gigi and Shane exited John's office. "Hey, guys, it's me!" Gigi said, as everyone stared in shock.

Gigi hugged Natalie, and then John. She reminded John that he'd fired her, but she could use a job again, after "a few weeks." John realized that Jack's case had become complicated. Gigi promised to do whatever she could to make sure that Jack went to jail. He advised her to enjoy her family for the time being, and walked away.

Suddenly, Gigi blurted out that Liam was John's son. She babbled on about the tape from Marty's therapy session. Natalie finally assured Gigi that everyone knew all about it, but she and John weren't back together. "Why the hell not?" Gigi demanded. Natalie told Gigi that it was complicated. Gigi explained how "fate" had helped her and Rex back to each other, so Natalie shouldn't waste her second chance with John. Natalie thanked Gigi for the advice, and told Gigi to go be with her family. Shane and Gigi left.

In John's office, Jack and Téa celebrated the fact that Gigi was alive. The door opened, and John appeared, warning them not to celebrate yet. Téa told him that there was no murder case, but John reminded her that "a Morasco is still dead." Téa sent Jack outside of the room so she could talk to John.

Téa thought that Nora wouldn't be able to try the murder case against Jack, but John reminded her that a woman was still dead as a result of Jack's actions. Instead of focusing on the "non-case," Téa wanted John to focus on putting Todd behind bars for killing Victor. John told her that Jack was still guilty of unlawful imprisonment. John stated that, after all the things Jack had done, it was time for him to pay.

Outside the office, Jack stopped Gigi and Shane as they walked by. Jack insisted that he was glad that Gigi was all right, and that he'd never meant for anyone to get hurt. "Tell that to my sister," Gigi spat, and walked away with Shane. Natalie walked by, and Jack happily wondered if she'd heard about Gigi. Natalie angrily replied that she was glad her friend wasn't dead, and added that he was only happy about it because he'd be off the hook for murder. Just then, Téa exited John's office, and Jack wondered if he was going to jail.

A short while later, Natalie and John marveled over the miracle of Gigi being alive. Natalie wondered if it was a good time to talk. Just then, there was a knock on the door, and an officer told John that there was a "situation." John promised that they would talk later, and left the office. Natalie followed him out, and wondered if he was doing anything for New Year's Eve. "I am now," he replied, smiling, and walked away.

Todd entered La Boulaie, yelling about how everything was Neela's fault. He vowed to "settle the score" with her, and with Rex, who he figured had put Neela up to it. Blair begged him not to make things worse between the two families, and urged him to focus on helping Jack. Todd thought that, since Téa's personal life was "in shambles," she was "off her game." Blair knew that Téa would pull it together for Jack, because she loved him.

"What happened while I was away?" Todd wondered, referencing Blair and Téa's friendship. Blair answered that they had grown up, and that he should try it. She left to check on Sam. Alone, Todd thought about his conversation with Blair, and about all of his recent hostile encounters with Téa. "Téa knows I killed Victor," Todd suddenly realized. He remembered that Téa had been spending time with John, and became distressed. He threw a glass dish at the wall, just as Blair entered the room.

Blair got on the floor to clean up, and demanded to know why Todd was so angry. Todd didn't want to lose Jack, and feared that Jack was "beyond repair." Blair shouted that Jack needed a father that would support him and believe in him. Todd said they needed to focus on getting Jack out of jail, and fire Téa, because Todd didn't trust her. "I'm fired now?" Téa said as she entered with Jack.

Blair explained it away as "Todd being Todd," and asked if the charges against Jack had been dropped. Téa revealed to Todd and Blair that Gigi was actually alive, but Jack would still be charged with unlawful imprisonment. Todd happily observed that his son wasn't a murderer. "That makes one of you," Téa muttered.

Clint was reading the paper when Viki entered. He was happy that Shane had finally gotten justice for Gigi, and observed that his grandson truly was a Buchanan. Viki wished that her nephew Jack wasn't such a Manning. Clint sarcastically wished Todd luck getting Jack off the hook. Viki reminded Clint that he would probably do the same thing for his children. Clint thought that Jack was a bully and a criminal like Todd, but Viki told him that some people said worse things about Clint.

Clint wondered if the clash over family would cause Viki to dump him after one day. She laughed at the question, and informed him that he was stuck with her. Clint told her that he had truly loved her since the day they'd met, and would continue to love her until the day he died. Viki continued that Gigi was a good friend, and deserved justice. She hoped that Rex and Shane would find peace.

Shane entered the room, and Clint and Viki wondered where he'd been. When he told them that he'd been at the police station, Clint hoped Shane hadn't gone there to "stick it to Jack." Shane divulged that he had news, and advised them to sit down. He called for Gigi, who meekly entered the room. Shocked and crying, Viki embraced Gigi. Clint put his hand over his heart.

When Gigi was done explaining her story, she thanked Viki for taking care of "my boys" while she was gone. A short while later, Viki was telling her story about the Pie-Off when Rex entered. Viki wanted to propose a toast, but Rex stopped her, and told her that they would need a toast in a minute. Rex took Gigi's hands, and told her that he wanted to pick up where they'd left off. Gigi recognized that he was proposing, and he apologized that he had no ring. "Yes, you do," Clint said, and took a small box out of a drawer. Rex didn't want to take Clint's mother's ring, but Clint told Rex to put it to good use.

Rex smiled at Clint, and finally got down on one knee in front of Gigi. "We started this journey back in high school," he started. "It has taken us way too long to get here, so let's not wait another second. Gigi Morasco, will you-" he said, but was interrupted when Gigi yelled, "Yes!" She joined him on the floor, and kissed him.

Friday, December 30, 2011

At La Boulaie, after Blair closed the door to the living room, she told Todd that Téa had tried to feed her a line of bull. When Todd wondered what bipolar Delgado had said to her, Blair showed Todd her unfinished portrait by Tomas. Blair also handed Todd a note from Téa and asked him to read it. "Thought you might want to hold onto this." Blair could not understand why Téa would think that Blair would want to hold onto something from Tomas. The lights suddenly flickered.

In the lobby, James showed Starr her video on his cell phone and announced that it had received over 100,000 hits in one day. When Starr acknowledged that Rick had kept his part of the deal, James asked her what she meant. Starr explained that Rick would drop the lawsuit, if Starr let him release her video and manage her career, and the lights suddenly flickered.

At Llanfair, on the phone, Natalie informed John that "something had come up," so that they would have to postpone their talk. Natalie announced that Gigi and Rex were getting married, and John was happy for them. Natalie then invited John to be her date at the wedding. Before John could answer, the lights suddenly flickered.

At Llanfair, in the lobby, Viki told Clint that Rex and Gigi would be married at Llanfair. Clint swore that Rex and Gigi would have a beautiful ceremony, and Viki agreed. Viki then added that no one deserved it more than Rex and Gigi, when the lights suddenly flickered.

At the Buchanan mansion, Rex greeted Roxy, as she flew in through the front door. When Gigi said hi, Roxy glared at her and said that she still could not believe it. When Roxy looked for scars on Gigi's face, Gigi insisted that Stacy had undergone the surgery, not Gigi. Rex then declared that Gigi had done a DNA test, so they were good.

Gigi realized that she would have to catch up with Fraternity Row, since she had returned from the coma. Roxy responded, "Well, honey, you don't get to catch up. None of us do. It's gone the way of the doo-doo bird. It got axed." Rex verified that the last episode would air the following week, and Gigi cried out that was terrible. Roxy then realized that the girl was actually Gigi and gave her a hug. Roxy exclaimed that Rex and Gigi had to get married right away, when the lights suddenly flickered.

Back at La Boulaie, in the living room, Blair realized that Téa had dealt with a lot of things, including losing her husband and her brother. Blair was angry at herself for falling in love with another murderer, but Todd insisted that Blair was not to blame, and that somebody else was. Todd claimed that Blair should be mad at Tomas, and Todd stressed that Blair should not be a victim. When Todd asked what the old Blair would have done, Blair picked up her portrait and destroyed it.

After Blair asked if it was dead, Todd laughed and declared that it was toast. Blair wished that she could have ripped into Tomas instead and then asked if Todd had any plans for New Year's Eve. Later, dressed in a tuxedo, Todd found Blair, dressed to the hilt, on the deck, but Todd only noted that she looked like she might be cold. Blair announced that they would be performing a ritual burn to get rid of the guilt from the year. Blair wrote that she had trusted the wrong man on a piece of paper and then watched as the paper burned up.

Blair announced that she had just burned the paper that stated all of the times that she had opened her big mouth, when she noticed that Todd had written something on his paper. Todd put the paper with the words, "Killing Victor Framing Tomas" over the flame and jerked his hand back, after he appeared to have burned it. Blair held his hand and told Todd to admit that he felt better, which he admitted.

In the lobby, James pleaded with Starr to work with another manager, but Starr insisted that Rick believed in her talent and would get her music our there. Starr truly felt that Rick had changed and would make her realize her dream. However, James wondered if Starr's dream was worth the sacrifices that Starr would need to make, in order to make her dream happen.

When Starr wondered if James felt Starr's dream was worth anything, James declared that Starr should not trust Rick with her dream. James then wanted to attend the bash at UltraViolet, but Starr explained that she would be unable to accompany James, because Hope had been upset earlier that day. However, James felt that Starr was using Hope as an excuse not to attend, so Starr suggested that James ride to UltraViolet without her. James stormed off and left Starr behind.

Later, James returned from UltraViolet and claimed that he was unable to have fun without Starr. James insisted that he really did care about Starr's dream, and that he did not want to be that guy who had held Starr back. James added that if Rick could get Starr her dream, James would stand behind her. James then declared that he loved Starr. Starr and James kissed.

Back at Llanfair, Natalie speculated to John over the phone that the wedding might take place by candlelight, which John thought would be romantic. John accepted Natalie's invitation to the wedding, just as Delfina walked into John's office at the police station. Delfina hoped that John was not making any plans for that night, because she declared that it would be a night to remember -- but not in a good way. Delfina mentioned that John should have felt a chill, when the lights had flickered. Delfina also declared that the chill had been evil and would rock Llanview to its core.

After John thanked her for the warning, Delfina also warned that John would be in the eye of the storm and would be the center of everything, and that John's training would not be able to help him. John promised that he would keep his eyes open but then announced that he had a wedding to attend. After Delfina received more guidance from her spirits, Delfina cautioned that John could not stop the darkness, and that he should be prepared for the worst.

Back at Buchanan mansion, Bo ran up and hugged Gigi, as Roxy and Gigi rushed out of the door. Bo then hugged Rex and asked if Rex was ready to make up for lost time. Bo expressed that he was extremely happy for Rex and Gigi and only regretted that Matthew would be unable to join them. However, Bo believed that Matthew was also extremely happy for Rex and Gigi.

At Llanfair, Viki demonstrated how the wedding would take place, and Clint noted that Viki would also make a beautiful bride, and that he should know, since they had been previously married. Clint commented that he had always believed that he had received Gigi's heart, which had improved him, but that the heart had actually belonged to a stark-raving lunatic. However, Viki believed that the goodness in Clint had always been there.

Nora arrived at Llanfair and regretted that Matthew was out of town with Dorian and David to get away for a while. Gigi and Roxy walked through the front door, and Roxy immediately dragged Gigi upstairs to get ready for the wedding. Clint mentioned to Nora that he believed that Matthew had what it took, because Matthew was a lot like Nora.

John arrived and congratulated Rex in the lobby. When Delfina also entered, Rex remarked that he has asked Delfina to officiate the ceremony, since she was everyone's favorite psychic. Once Rex informed Nora that Roxy was upstairs helping Gigi prepare, Nora remembered her green hair on her wedding day, thanks to Roxy, and ran up the stairs.

Natalie related to Viki in the living room that she was nervous, because she did not know what John would say. However, Viki felt that everything would be all right, because love was in the air and would rub off on everyone. Roxy then yelled out on the staircase that the lady in white was ready to roll, and all of the guests walked into the living room. Rex hugged Bo again and then shook hands with Shane, as Gigi walked into the room in her beautiful white gown.

Delfina proceeded with the ceremony and pointed out that Rex and Gigi had weathered the storm of distance, time, and even death -- a storm that would have leveled most people -- but that they had not been pulled apart. Delfina pointed out that the power of love had guided them, and that their love had grown from a spark and had then developed into a blaze that would light the way, when darkness was near. Delfina stressed that with love, nothing was impossible.

Rex declared his vows and exclaimed that he had been lost and had been a total jerk when he and Gigi had first met. Rex added that he had wanted to be a better person because of Gigi. As Rex looked around the room at Bo, Nora, Viki, Clint, and Roxy, he declared that he had found a few friends who had cared enough about him to make him want to grow up.

Rex stated that these friends had helped him be ready for when Gigi re-entered his life, but that Gigi had surprised him with a two-for-one deal. Rex voiced that Gigi had introduced him to his son, that Gigi and Shane had given Rex a love to fight for, and that he would treasure that love and Gigi forever. Rex vowed that he would love and treasure Gigi, until death did them part -- and even after that.

As Gigi carried a candle to Rex, she compared the candle to a torch that she had carried for Rex for many years, since the first day they'd met. Gigi cried that Rex had been in her heart, whether she had wanted him there or not, and that one day, Rex had shown up for real. Gigi admitted that she had tried to hide her feelings at first, but she then had told Rex that she loved him at his wedding to Adriana.

Still, Gigi had believed that she could live without Rex but eventually had found that she was not really living. Gigi cried, "You brought me back to life -- literally. And did I mention, you're a really good kisser?" After everyone laughed, Gigi vowed that she would love and cherish Rex for the rest of her life -- and even after that.

Rex and Gigi lit candles, as Delfina declared that two separate forces united into one, and she also hoped that the candles would remain lit into the new year. After Roxy asked Delfina to skip the "any reason not to join this couple together" part, Delfina pronounced Rex and Gigi man and wife -- finally. The lights in the room flickered again.

After the ceremony, at Llanfair, John noticed that it was almost midnight and asked Natalie to wait until after they rang in the new year, before they had their talk. At Bo's apartment, as Nora fretted that she had been unable to call Matthew, Bo carried a glass of champagne to her and said, "Honey, we may hit a rough patch, but we still have a lot to celebrate. Matthew's back, he's healthy, and we've got each other." Nora replied that there would be no champagne for her, and that she would be retiring to bed.

Upon their return to Buchanan mansion, Rex and Gigi thanked Delfina, and Rex wondered why he had kept getting messages from Gigi, if she had been in a coma. Delfina playfully slapped Rex on the head and stated that it was obvious that the universe wanted them to be together. Gigi hugged Delfina, and Rex wished her a happy new year. After Delfina walked outside, she voiced that for some, the new year would not be happy and then questioned if John were ready for it.

Rex thanked Gigi and Shane for giving him the best new year of his life. Everyone in Llanview, all in different places, counted down the final seconds of New Year's Eve. When they counted down to three-two-one, the lights went out. Delfina hoped that everyone would get out alive. In the Buchanan mansion, Gigi announced that Shane had batteries in his portable z-box and then discovered Rex in a room lit with candles. Rex exclaimed, "I want to start the new year out right. Mrs. Balsom, may I have this dance?"

On the deck of La Boulaie, Blair saw that the whole town was without lights, when Todd asked if they should talk about what had just happened. Blair only stated that she had been in the moment, as Todd started to draw near to her. After Blair asked what he was doing, Todd said, "What I should have done at midnight." Todd kissed Blair.

In the lobby, in the dark, James expressed his desire to go upstairs, but Starr feared that her dad would return and discover a guy in her bedroom. James wished his "Twinkles" a happy new year and walked out the front door. Later, Starr heard a knock on the door and called out, "Are you back for another kiss?" She opened the door and cried out, "It's you!"

Back at Llanfair, Natalie opened the deck door and saw that the lights were out all over Llanview. John received a phone call and stated to the caller that he would be right in. Later, Viki and Clint discovered Natalie at the candles, and Natalie informed them that John had left for the station. Viki and Clint wished Natalie goodnight and walked upstairs.

Back at Bo and Nora's apartment, Nora walked out of her bedroom with a flashlight and called out Bo's name. Nora timidly asked, "Somebody there? Hello?" Nora turned, saw someone, and said, "Huh?" Back at Llanfair, after she heard a loud noise, Natalie tried to turn on a flashlight. When the flashlight would not light, she grabbed a candle and asked if someone was there.

At the police station, John said to Bo, "I don't care what you say -- badge or no badge -- we're going to need you tonight, Bo," and Bo replied, "Do you know what caused the blackout?" John explained, "There was an incident at Statesville, but the blackout's not the problem," and Bo asked, "What is?" When John answered, "There was a breakout," Bo questioned, "Who's on the loose?" At Llanfair, Natalie turned with the candle and let out a scream.

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