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Monday, January 2, 2012

Due to the extended New Year's holiday, ABC aired an encore presentation of a recent episode of One Life to Live. No original episode was broadcast.

This programming change was planned for, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of today's pre-emption.

Regular programming will resume on Tuesday, January 3, and pick up where the Friday, December 30 episode concluded.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

"What are you doing?" Blair asked Todd. "What I should have done at midnight," he replied, and kissed her. Todd ushered a shivering Blair into the pool house. She told him that it was "too soon" for her to jump into things with Todd. He suggested that she let Tomas go for the night, and start the new year with him. He knew that they belonged together, and wondered what was holding her back. "It's you," she answered.

Blair told Todd that she had loved him so much that she "couldn't see straight," but Todd had always screwed it up. Todd owned up to his mistakes. Blair continued that she couldn't be with him again. Todd vowed that everything was different "this time." She wondered if he could guarantee her that, but he couldn't.

To Blair's confusion, Todd explained that no one could make a promise to never hurt the feelings of someone else. He promised to love, and take care of Blair, and their children. He knew she wanted him again. She wanted to jump right in, but she couldn't. She added that she would, "someday." She told him that they had a lot to look forward to, and led him out of the pool house.

Starr was shocked to answer the front door to Cole. He entered the house, and she demanded to know if he'd escaped from Statesville. He explained that the power had gone out, the cell doors had unlocked, and he'd suddenly found himself outside. He'd needed to see Starr and Hope. She reminded him that she was with James, which Cole knew. He told her that he'd dreamed about holding Hope, but Starr responded that he was supposed to be doing time for murder.

Starr continued that his sentence would be lengthened if Cole's absence were noticed. She wanted to take him to the police station, and explain the situation so Cole wouldn't get in trouble. Cole begged to see Hope first, but Starr argued that he saw Hope every week. "Daddy!" Hope said, standing in the doorway.

A short while later, Starr told Cole that it was time for him to go. He didn't want to go back, and revealed that he'd received a letter from his father. Cole had been astounded that Patrick was alive, and needed to see him. He explained that Marty was with Patrick, and getting better by the day. Starr suggested that Cole could see his parents once he'd finished serving his sentence, but Cole responded that he had nine years left to serve. Cole didn't want Starr to get in trouble because of him, but begged her to hide him until he could find his parents.

Just then, Blair and Todd called out for Starr from the hall. As Cole hid, Blair wondered if someone else were in the room. Starr replied that she'd been telling Hope a story. Starr wondered how their night had been, to which they both replied, "Cathartic." Starr asked her parents to take Hope upstairs to bed, and lied that she'd done something to her back. Todd picked Hope up, and she called for "Daddy."

Starr explained that she'd shown Hope pictures of Cole before she'd gone to sleep, so Hope had probably had a dream about Cole. Todd and Blair took Hope upstairs, and Starr closed the living room doors after them. Moments later, Starr let Cole into the pool house. She told him to take care of himself, and turned to walk away. "Wait," Cole said, and grabbed Starr's hand.

Todd and Blair marveled over how much Hope resembled Starr. Todd suggested that he could be there all the time, but Blair told him to go home. She handed Todd his coat, and he turned to leave. "Forgetting something?" Blair asked. Todd returned, kissed Blair's neck, and left the house.

Bo and John arrived at Statesville, and approached Richard, who was the head guard. Richard explained that the power had gone out at midnight, and the escaping prisoners had attacked the guards. He divulged that "at least one hundred" prisoners were missing. They'd overpowered the guards, and had taken weapons. He pointed to a stretcher, and informed Bo and John that they'd caught the ringleader, Mitch Lawrence. The figure on the stretcher was covered in bloodied bandages.

Richard continued that a makeshift bomb had exploded in Mitch's face, and he was still unconscious. Bo wanted a list of all the escaped prisoners, so Richard left to get an update. John stared at Mitch, and Bo wondered what John was thinking. Richard returned, and informed the men that the landlines were down. John wanted to check on Liam and Natalie.

Richard told Bo that they hadn't gotten any updates from the women's area of the prison, but he'd gotten the names of the Llanview men who had escaped. He named Cole, and Troy MacIver. Bo instantly wanted to check on Nora.

Nora walked into the living room, wielding a flashlight. She was shocked when her flashlight shined on Troy's face. Clearly distressed, she wondered when he'd gotten out of prison. He told her that he'd missed her, and claimed that he'd gotten out for good behavior. He hugged Nora, who attempted to dial a number on the phone behind his back. Troy suddenly pointed a gun at her, and ordered her to put the phone down, which she did.

Nora asked if Troy had been lying about getting out on good behavior, which he admitted to. He added that he hadn't wanted to scare her. He explained that there had been a power outage, and he'd picked up the gun in the confusion. He'd only wanted to get back to Nora, and told her that they belonged together.

Nora was flattered, but reminded Troy that she was married to Bo. Troy replied that they were only married because Nora had probably thought that she couldn't be with Troy. He continued that he'd been framed as the Music Box Killer, but had to go to jail even when they'd proven that he hadn't been the killer. Nora reminded him that he'd escaped from prison around the time of the Music Box Killer, so he'd had to go back to jail.

Troy suggested that they have some wine, but Nora remembered that the last time they'd shared wine, he'd tried to poison her. He yelled that Colin, "the bad one," had been the one who'd tried to poison her. He hugged her, and told her that he loved her. She wondered why he would treat her so badly if he supposedly loved her. He replied that it was the only way he could get through to her.

Troy asked Nora to tell him that she loved him, but was interrupted by the phone ringing. Troy knew that it was Bo, and advised Nora to "make it good." She answered the phone to hear Bo's warnings about Troy escaping from Statesville. She assured him that everything was all right. He told her to lock the door, and to not answer it for anyone. Suddenly, he told her to say "I love you" if Troy was there with Nora. She told Bo that she loved him, and Troy grabbed the phone from her.

Bo told John that the phone had gone dead, but that he needed to get to Nora. Bo ran from Statesville with two cops.

"I wish you hadn't have done that," Troy told Nora. She replied that she had to tell Bo that she loved him, or else he would have been suspicious. Troy approved, and wanted to take Nora away. Nora offered Troy some wine and food, because she figured that he was exhausted. She handed him a glass, and expressed how happy she was that they would have plenty of time to themselves. She wanted to talk and make plans, but Troy kissed her neck instead. Trying to stop him, she toasted, "To us."

Natalie screamed at what her candlelight illuminated. "Happy new year to you, too, Natalie," said a smiling Mitch, clad in a prison guard's uniform. Mitch blew out her candle, and covered her mouth. He warned her that, if she screamed, Viki and Clint's blood would be on her hands. He took his hand away when she nodded. "You filthy, disgusting lunatic!" she spat at him. He wondered if that was any way for her to talk to her "old husband."

Natalie reminded Mitch that he'd killed Jared, her real husband. Mitch thought that Jared had deserved to die. With that comment, Natalie dove at Mitch, and closed her hands around his throat. After a short struggle, Mitch had her in a headlock. Mitch told her that he wanted his daughter, Jessica. Natalie didn't know where Jessica was, but vowed to die before giving up Jessica's whereabouts if she'd known them.

Mitch pulled Natalie up by her hair, and suggested that they check upstairs. Just then, Liam's cries were heard over the baby monitor. Natalie swore that she wouldn't let Mitch near her son. Just then, Clint called down the stairs that Viki was taking care of Liam. When he didn't hear a peep from Natalie, he ventured down the stairs, and into the living room.

Clint saw Mitch with his hand over Natalie's mouth, and demanded that he let Natalie go, and leave the house. "Not without my daughter," Mitch told Clint. Clint refused, and Mitch pulled out a gun. Clint insisted that Jessica was his daughter, but Mitch told Clint that it was "one paternity test you couldn't change."

"This harlot is yours," Mitch told Clint, gesturing to Natalie. Clint didn't care about paternity, and vowed to protect his family. He dove at the gun, and struggled over it with Mitch. Mitch won out, and hit Clint square in the back with the gun, knocking the air out of Clint.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

At Statesville Prison, chaos remained as guards continued to search and account for missing prisoners. John pointed to the man in a bed, presumed to be Mitch Laurence. "Are you sure that's Laurence in that bed?" he asked Richard Evans, the warden. Richard was certain, and he noted that the man was wearing his "tamper-proof" identification. John ignored him and began to pull the bandages from the man's face. It wasn't Mitch, but one of the prison guards, and John grew concerned about what might happen at Llanfair.

Mitch was ready to kill Clint, not only because he hated Clint, but because Clint had been granted an extension on life with Stacy's heart. Mitch hated Stacy even more than he hated Clint. Natalie pleaded with Mitch to leave Clint alone, and she offered to do anything that Mitch wanted in return. Mitch clarified that he'd heard Natalie correctly, and he began to kiss her.

Later, John arrived and found Clint on the floor, thanks to Mitch's assault. "He has Natalie," Clint managed to say. Viki descended the stairs just as the power returned. She entered the study and panicked when she saw Clint and John and learned that Mitch had kidnapped Natalie.

"Heed the messenger," Mitch called out to his empty church. He proceeded to give a sermon as a bound and gagged Natalie sat in one of the pews. Mitch noted that his flock was long gone, but his plan was to show how much he'd changed, in order to start a new following. He advised Natalie that he had a phone call to make.

A nurse took Clint into another room to monitor his heart, and just then, Viki received a phone call from Mitch. "Hello, Victoria," Mitch said almost cheerfully. Viki put the phone on speaker, and Mitch assured Viki that Natalie was fine. John demanded to speak to Natalie, and Mitch consented. Clint returned to the study as Mitch removed Natalie's gag.

Natalie declared that she was okay, and when she heard Clint's voice, she was relieved that he wasn't dead. She yelled out that they were in the church, and Mitch threatened to shoot Natalie in the head. "Touch her, I'll kill you this time," John shouted. Mitch advised everyone that his call couldn't be traced, because he'd disabled the GPS in the phone. John called Mitch a coward, but Mitch announced that he wanted to trade Jessica for Natalie.

Viki shrieked that there was no way that would happen. "I'm not giving you Jessica," she proclaimed. Mitch advised the group that they had one hour to decide. He told John there was to be "no cops, no tricks," or he would kill Natalie.

Once the call was over, Clint declared that he would not turn Jessica over to the crazed man, and there would not be a deal. Jessica was listening to all that was going on without being seen, but she walked into the room. She volunteered to go to Mitch, even as her parents shouted that they wouldn't allow it. Jessica urged John to make the arrangements.

Jessica and her parents began to argue, but Jessica suggested that John set a trap and use her as bait. John didn't want to go along with it, either, but Jessica thought it would be a good idea, even if Mitch were merely to see her. Viki put her foot down and assured her daughter that she would not let Jessica go through with it. Jessica disagreed and advised her mother that they had no choice.

Natalie wouldn't want Jessica to sacrifice herself, Clint informed the group, and John agreed. Jessica thought that Natalie would do the same for her. Viki wanted Jessica to think about her children, but Jessica stood up for Liam instead. Viki tried to explain that Mitch always preyed on Jessica's vulnerability, but Jessica replied that she was no longer fragile, nor a victim.

Natalie accused Mitch of breaking every Commandment. "All for the greater good," Mitch insisted. Mitch decided that he wanted to make amends to Jessica, and rebuild his church. He planned on killing Natalie, who assured Mitch that no one would forgive him. He grabbed the Bible and began to read, "Judge not, lest ye be judged..."

Jessica would forgive him, and he would be reunited with his daughter, Mitch contended. Natalie suggested that he let her go to prove that he'd changed instead. She wondered what would happen after the hour had passed. "I call your big boyfriend," Mitch replied.

The hour passed, and Mitch placed another call to Llanfair. "Do I get my daughter?" he bellowed. Clint yelled that Jessica was his daughter, and Mitch chuckled. He'd thought that Clint had died. He repeated his question regarding Jessica.

Bo, accompanied with a couple of cops, arrived at his residence, but Nora and Troy were gone. He sent the cops outside again to search, and suddenly, he heard a knocking at his balcony door. It was Lindsay Rappaport, and he led her inside. She explained that she'd had a bad feeling about Troy being on the loose, and she had decided to get to Bo's to warn him. Bo wondered whether she really might be Troy's accomplice.

Lindsay took exception to Bo's question, but Bo asked if it were her job to distract him, while Troy got away with Nora. Lindsay insisted that she was trying to help Bo, and she wanted to show him that she'd accepted his marriage. She spotted the license plate that she'd given the couple as a wedding gift, and she explained how she'd spotted Troy going into the prison library prior to the blackout, carrying a book.

Troy had appeared nervous, but very full of energy, like he had been when around Nora before, Lindsay continued. He'd told Lindsay that he would be with Nora again soon, Lindsay added. He had been looking forward to his parole date, but Lindsay had thought Troy's behavior had been weird. Then "all hell broke loose," and Lindsay had thought she'd better warn Bo.

Bo was focused on the part about Troy seeing Nora "soon." He wondered if Lindsay had noticed the book that Troy had been carrying. She could only recall that it had been an electrician's manual. Lindsay confirmed that she had tried to dissuade Troy from making any plans with Nora, and again, she insisted that she was happy for Bo's marriage. She had wanted Troy to accept it as well.

Lindsay concluded that Troy had announced that he didn't have to accept Nora and Bo's marriage, and he would be with both Nora and Matthew as a family. Bo agreed that would never happen, and he was able to figure out where Troy had taken Nora.

Troy led Nora into a house and removed her blindfold. He left her wrists bound together. "Wow," Nora said unenthusiastically. She noted all of the trees surrounding the premises and asked about their location. Troy informed her that they were well into the woods. "Our own little world," he explained, and he added that they would be there for the rest of their lives. He lit a fire in the fireplace and told Nora how he wanted things to be special for her.

The area would be great in the spring, Troy further added, and he asked Nora to give him another chance. He knew they would be happy there. "Sure, Troy, I'll give you another chance," Nora replied, doing her best to play along. Troy proclaimed that he'd noticed that she'd tried to stall him with wine, and he was certain that she'd given Bo a clue about him. Troy thought that Nora was lying to him, but she denied it all.

Troy confessed that he loved Nora, and he had rushed right to her when the prison break had occurred. Gently, Nora replied that she respected Troy, and she cherished many of their memories, but she needed and wanted him to accept the truth. "I love Bo, and he loves me," Nora stated. "And that's why there could never be anything between us," she continued. Troy reminded her that he was back, and things might change.

Nora reiterated that nothing would change, but Troy insisted otherwise. He had been away, but he was back. He denied that he was holding Nora hostage, but she held up her bound hands. She begged him to turn himself in, but Troy continued to advise Nora that she would grow to love the place that he'd settled them in. He bent over the floor in front of the fire and began to search inside of the floorboards for something.

Finally finding a duffle bag, Troy was satisfied. "Now I have everything I need," he announced. He assured Nora that he would never hurt her. "So let me go," Nora pleaded. Troy began to dig through the bag. Nora continued to insist that she loved Bo, and Troy reminded her that he hadn't been around.

Nora reminded Troy that he had been in prison for the things he had done to her. She had felt bad, and she had had to pick up the pieces of her life. She had fallen back in love with Bo, and nothing would make her forget her husband, Nora maintained. "Actually Nora, there is," Troy said as he held up a syringe.

James arrived at La Boulaie, looking for Starr, but Starr was in the cabana with Cole. James spoke to Sam instead until Starr rushed back inside. She played dumb as James informed her of the prison break, and she denied having heard from Cole when James asked about it. Sam, who had been ordered to bed, remained out of sight as he listened.

Unable to reach Starr on the phone, James had been beside himself with worry about Starr's safety. Starr quickly explained that her phone had needed charging, and she'd been unable to take care of it during the blackout. When the doorbell rang, an anxious James insisted on answering it. A couple of prison guards were standing there, and they wanted to search the house for Cole.

Starr denied having seen him, and she pointed to James. She had a new boyfriend, and Cole was fully aware of it, she said. The guards insisted on looking anyway, and Starr grudgingly allowed them to do so. James thought that Starr seemed nervous, but she stated that she just didn't want Hope to wake up due to all the noise.

The guards returned to the foyer after searching the house. While they hadn't found Cole inside, they wanted to look around the rest of the property. Starr agreed. "Something seems off, Starr," James insisted. "Are you hiding Cole?" he asked.

In the cabana, Cole waited for Starr to return. He looked at photos on Starr's forgotten cell phone, and decided to leave. "Freeze. Put your hands up," Sam ordered as he stood at the entrance and pointed a toy gun at Cole. "I said put your hands up," the little boy repeated when Cole didn't listen. Sam noted that Cole was supposed to be in jail, and Cole suggested that the boy take him there.

They went inside the cabana, and Cole reminded Sam that he was Hope's father. He asked if Sam remembered some of the fun they'd had together in the past. Sam did, and Cole explained that he wanted to spend some time with Hope. Cole asked for the boy's help in keeping his appearance a secret, especially the police. Sam revealed that he had a friend who was a policeman, and John had made him a deputy sheriff. Cole again asked that the little boy not tell anyone that Cole was there.

The guards arrived at the cabana and went inside. "Freeze," one of them yelled, but the only person inside was Sam. They urged him to get back to the house, as there were convicts on the loose. The little boy complied and followed them out the door. He gave Cole a thumbs-up as he left.

Back at the house, Sam walked in with the guards. One of the guards handed Starr a card and urged her to call if Cole turned up, or she could be arrested. Starr looked over at Sam. The men left, and James kissed Starr goodbye. He had plans with Nate. He wanted Starr to follow through and call the cops if Cole appeared.

When Starr and Sam were finally alone, he revealed that he had helped Cole. They weren't supposed to lie to the cops, but Cole had told him it was important, Sam explained. Starr thanked her little brother and advised him that it had to be a secret.

Starr returned to the cabana, and Cole revealed that Sam had been there and had been a good sport. Starr tried to tell him to return to Statesville, especially since Hope was talking more. Starr had already had to cover up for their little girl. "I still love you," Cole told Starr, who replied that it wasn't love at all. She thought that Cole was confusing it with being grateful. Cole retorted that Starr was wrong, and he loved her. He'd never stopped. He pulled her into a deep kiss.

James returned to the house and found Sam still sitting on the stairs. Sam explained that he couldn't tell James where Starr was, because it was a secret. James told the little boy that he and Starr had no secrets, but Sam said they did. He couldn't tell anyone the secret, especially James.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Over the phone, Mitch told Viki that her time was up, and that the decision was hers. "Wrong," Jessica broke in. Jessica agreed to see Mitch, but only if Mitch would let Natalie go. A short while later, John promised Clint that both of Clint's daughters would be safe. Viki demanded that Jessica listen to John. Jessica reassured her parents, and left the house with John. Viki prayed that both of her girls would return safely.

A short while later, Ford stormed into the house, demanding to know where Jessica was. Reluctantly, Viki and Clint told Ford about what Mitch was putting the family through. They assured Ford that Jessica would be safe with John, but Ford ran from the house. Viki attempted to catch him, but couldn't. Clint called John, and left him a message warning him that Ford was on his way. He wanted John to call with any updates, and hung up.

Viki turned on the television just in time to see a report that Allison Perkins had also escaped from Statesville. "I hate that picture of me. It really doesn't do me justice," Allison said from the back door, pointing a gun at Viki and Clint.

Viki demanded that Allison leave the house, but Allison informed Viki that she no longer took orders from anyone. Allison revealed that Oprah had advised her fans to never give anyone else power over them, so Allison had followed the advice. Noticing that Clint had a phone behind his back, Allison demanded that he put it down, and he obeyed.

Allison continued that she'd arranged the "early release" at Statesville, because she was tired of doing all the work for others, and getting none of the credit. Viki wondered what Allison wanted, because Viki was worried about her daughters. Allison babbled on about the "miracle twins." Clint and Viki told Allison to "spit it out" if she was trying to say something about Jessica and Natalie. Allison only revealed that she "came to give you an ending."

"Bye, Clint. Bye, Viki. It's been real," Allison said, smiling. Viki and Clint held hands. Clint told Viki that he loved her, and Viki did the same. From outside, a gunshot was heard.

Mitch informed Natalie that Jessica was on her way. He was happy that he could properly baptize Jessica into his church. Natalie wondered why Mitch was obsessed with Jessica, "when you have me?" He likened Natalie to a bargaining chip, but realized that Natalie could be the mother of his next heir. As Mitch attempted to get closer to Natalie, she kicked out her legs to keep him away. He hoped that their children would have Natalie's "fire." She yelled that John would be there soon, as she tried to untie herself.

A short while later, Mitch was on top of Natalie, who was attempting to fight him off. Just then, John entered with his gun drawn, and Mitch drew his gun as well, holding onto Natalie. Mitch demanded Jessica, but Natalie pleaded with John not to let Jessica into the room. "I'm here, father. Let Natalie go," Jessica said as she entered the room.

John said that Jessica would go to Mitch as soon as Mitch let Natalie go, but Mitch didn't believe it. Suddenly, Jessica ran around John, and stood in front of Mitch. She implored Mitch to let Natalie go. He pushed Natalie towards John, who grabbed her. Jessica grabbed hold of Mitch's outstretched hand, but spit in his face and said, "Go to hell." Mitch wiped his face off with his gun, and told her that girls who offended their fathers were penalized with death.

Suddenly, Ford ran into the room, and tackled Mitch. They struggled over the gun as Jessica ran to John and Natalie. Mitch got the gun pointed toward Ford's head. John hurried toward the men as Jessica and Natalie screamed. From outside, a gunshot was heard.

As Troy pulled things out of his duffel bag, Nora reminded him that he'd gone to jail for the things he'd done to her. She'd moved on with Bo, and couldn't do anything to forget him. Troy begged to differ, and held up a syringe.

Troy told Nora that it was the same drug that Lindsay had given Nora years before. He assured her that her life with Bo would be like a dream that had never happened. Nora remembered Lindsay giving her the drug. Troy agreed that it had been wrong of Lindsay to do that to Nora, but only because she hadn't been a trained medical professional like Troy was.

Troy held a gun on Nora as he tried to make her comfortable on the couch. She remembered how Troy had once been good to her. Trying to stop Troy, Nora expressed doubts about the "medicine" working, but he assured her that he would get it right.

Bo realized that Troy had taken Nora to the cabin that Troy had taken Matthew to when he'd kidnapped Matthew. Lindsay wanted to go with Bo in order to help, but Bo refused. Bo left, but Lindsay followed after him anyway.

A short while later, Bo and Lindsay stood outside the cabin. Bo saw through the window that Troy had a gun and a syringe. Bo couldn't surprise Troy, because he feared that Troy would accidentally stick Nora with the syringe. However, Bo had a plan, and needed Lindsay's help to carry it out.

As Troy told Nora how happy they would be together, Lindsay burst into the room. Nora assumed that Lindsay and Troy were in cahoots. Troy angrily told Lindsay that he was with Nora. Lindsay informed him that she was over him, so he advised her to go after Bo. She admitted that she couldn't be with Bo, because she'd killed him.

As Bo watched from an adjacent hallway, Lindsay told Nora and Troy that she'd poured her heart out to Bo, but he'd slammed the door in her face. As a result, she'd shot him. She related that she'd done Troy a huge favor, because he would no longer need to use the drug on Nora. Just then, Bo emerged from the hall and hit Troy over the head with his gun.

As Bo and Troy struggled, Lindsay picked up Troy's gun, and untied Nora. Bo knocked Troy out, and pointed his gun at the unconscious man. Unseen by the three, Troy opened his eyes, and looked at Bo's gun. Nora thanked Lindsay for her help, but Lindsay thought that a real "thank you" would be a bargain to get her out of Statesville.

Suddenly, Troy got up from the floor, and grabbed his gun out of Lindsay's hand. He pointed the gun at Bo, who was also pointing his gun at Troy. From outside, a gunshot was heard.

James wondered what Sam's secret was, but Sam refused to tell. James admitted that he knew about Cole, and warned Sam that Starr could get in trouble if the cops found out that she was hiding Cole. "Check the cabana," Sam finally admitted. "You didn't hear it from me," he added, and James left.

Cole pulled Starr into a kiss, but Starr pulled away soon after. She wondered what he was doing. "The same thing you were. Kissing the person I love," Cole replied, and the two shared another kiss. She pulled away again, and reminded Cole that she was with James. Cole admitted that, when he'd told her to move on, he'd only been telling her what she'd needed to hear. Just as Cole told Starr that he still loved her, James entered the cabana.

James had known that Cole was there, and was angry at Starr for lying. James yelled at Cole for putting Starr in the position he had. Starr interrupted by saying that she'd chosen to help Cole, and that she'd do it again. James accused her of loving Cole no matter who she was with, but Starr insisted that she'd helped him because he was Hope's father.

Cole promised that he wouldn't be there for long. James questioned Cole's plan, which was to find his parents. James knew that, if Starr helped Cole, Hope would end up growing up without both of her parents. Cole realized that James was right, and assured her that he'd wanted no trouble. All he wanted was to say goodbye to Hope.

Sam played with his toys while the television was on. There was an update on the news about the 198 escaped convicts. As someone opened the front door and walked through the house, the news reported on another escaped convict -- Hannah O'Connor. The report advised that the convicts were to be considered armed and dangerous. "Hey kid, can I play?" Hannah asked Sam.

Sam refused, because "I saw you on TV. You hurt Starr!" Sam yelled for Starr, but Hannah clapped her hand over his mouth. She made him promise to be quiet, or "I'll give you a reason to yell." She demanded to know where Starr and Cole were. "Take a hike!" Sam told her. Pointing in his face, she started to threaten him, but he grabbed her finger and bit it. Hannah picked Sam up. "Put him down," Todd ordered.

Hannah recognized Todd as Starr's "real dad." Todd replied that, if she really knew about him, she'd know what he'd do to her if she hurt Sam. Todd stepped forward threateningly, but Hannah pulled a gun out, and pointed it at Todd. She promised to give Sam back if Todd told her where Starr and Cole were. "We're right here," Starr said, entering with Cole and James.

Hannah turned her gun on Starr, Cole, and James, and related that she knew Cole would be there. "I didn't. What the hell are you doing here?" Todd said. Cole claimed to have been waiting for Hannah, because she was the one he wanted. He told her that they had another chance. Hannah realized that Cole had only been at the house for Starr, but Cole insisted that he was only there for his daughter. He told her to let Sam go so they could leave.

Cole wondered if Todd would let him and Hannah go. "The sooner the better," Todd related. Hannah put Sam down, but didn't think that Cole was over Starr. Cole reminded her that Starr was with James, but Hannah didn't think that mattered. "Don't worry, I'll help you," she said, and pushed Cole into a chair. She pointed her gun at Starr.

Before Hannah could shoot, Sam kicked her in the leg. As she fell, Todd whisked Sam out of the room. The gun lay on the floor, but Hannah got to it before anyone else could. She pointed the gun at Cole. From outside, a gunshot was heard.

Friday, January 6, 2012

At the cottage, Bo shot Troy and told him that it was over. Nora ran to Bo, hugged him, and exclaimed that she was glad that Bo was alive. When Bo asked Nora if Troy had hurt her, Troy yelled out that he would never hurt Nora. Bo then handed Nora the gun to hold on Troy, so Bo could leave to find some rope. Lindsay informed Nora that Troy had escaped Statesville, but that Lindsay had only left the prison to warn Bo.

When Bo returned, he tied Troy to a chair. Bo explained that he had known where Troy had gone, since Troy had mentioned to Lindsay that he would be leaving with Nora and Matthew. Lindsay expressed that she owed Nora, so she had warned Bo about Troy. Bo indicated that they would place Troy in the car, drive down the mountain, and turn Troy over the police. Lindsay then wondered what Bo would do with her.

Bo revealed to Lindsay that he was no longer police commissioner, so that decision would need to be made by the district attorney. As Bo and Lindsay looked at Nora, she said, "Lindsay, we have a history. But I have to say after what you've done for us today, you've really changed, and I forgive you. Can you forgive me?" Lindsay indicated that was why she was there. However, Nora then stated that she could not overlook that Lindsay had murdered a man, but Nora did promise to talk to a judge on Lindsay's behalf.

Nora added that she would tell the judge that Lindsay had helped Nora and Bo with a serious crime. Nora believed that with her and Bo's testimony, they could probably get Lindsay paroled. Bo handed Lindsay the keys to Troy's car and requested that she drive herself down the mountain to the cops, so that she could ask them to call an ambulance. Lindsay was pleased that Bo and Nora trusted her to do that, and Lindsay smiled once she walked out the door.

When Nora asked Bo why they needed an ambulance, Bo opened his coat to reveal a gunshot wound, as he collapsed on the floor. Nora screamed that she needed help and then ran out the door in search for Lindsay. After she saw that Lindsay had already left, Nora returned inside and held a pillow on Bo's wound. Nora cried and begged Bo not to die on her. Nora looked around the room and saw a tied-up Troy. Nora then remembered that Troy was a doctor.

Nora reminded Troy that he had taken an oath, and she stressed that Troy had to save Bo. Nora claimed that she would talk to the warden on Troy's behalf, but Troy refused to help Bo. Nora insisted that she would do anything Troy wanted and would even lie or "go to jail" for Troy, if he would just save Bo. However, Troy remarked that Bo had to die, so that Troy and Nora could be together. Nora cried that she loved Bo, and that he was everything to her. Nora again pleaded with Troy to help Bo. Troy told Nora that meant that she would have to untie him, and that she would also have to trust him.

In the church, Bobby Ford and Mitch Laurence wrestled with the gun, as it went off. The church chandelier fell on top of Bobby. John pointed his gun at Mitch, as Jessica ran to Ford. Mitch threatened to shoot Jessica, and Jessica begged Ford to stay with them. Mitch refused to put down his gun, while Jessica cried out for John to call an ambulance. Mitch then declared that Jessica's time was at an end. "The eye that mocks the father, that scorns obedience, will be pecked out by the ravens of the valley and eaten by the vulture."

Natalie told Jessica to lift the chandelier off of Ford with her, but Mitch demanded that they stop. The girls lifted the light, and John declared that he was taking Mitch out. Jessica again yelled that John needed to call an ambulance and then begged Mitch for mercy on Ford. Mitch let John make the call but then announced that Natalie would remain with Mitch. As Mitch continued to hold the gun on Natalie, the EMS technicians carted Ford out of the church, and Jessica decided to accompany them. Mitch declared that Jessica meant nothing to him, since she was a "thankless, thankless child."

John announced that the time was up, and that if Mitch released Natalie, John would look the other way, as Mitch escaped. However, Mitch refused to surrender his bride, because he wanted to start his own flock with Natalie. Mitch revealed that Natalie would learn to obey, and to be humble. Mitch then added that Natalie would be his bride in every sense -- body and soul. Mitch then howled that John was not that good of a shot, so John shot his gun.

At La Boulaie, Hannah shot Cole in the chest. Starr ran to Cole and cried out for Todd and Blair to call an ambulance. Starr leaned over Cole and promised him that he would be okay. Hannah declared that she had not meant to hurt Cole, and that she had only intended to hurt Starr. Starr jumped up and slapped Hannah's face. James stopped Hannah and Starr from fighting, and Starr returned to Cole's side.

Todd handed Starr a gun and told her to keep it pointed on Hannah. As Todd, Blair, and James carried Cole out, Starr exclaimed that Hannah would return to Statesville. Todd walked back into the room and took the gun away from Starr. Todd requested that Starr accompany Cole to the hospital. Todd was angry at Hannah, because she had held a gun on Sam and Starr, and she had shot his granddaughter's father. Todd revealed that he would have no problem shooting Hannah.

Todd announced to Hannah that he had shot his own mother, however, Hannah claimed that because Todd had shot his mother in self-defense, it did not count. Todd replied, "Tell that to my mother." Todd admitted that Irene was "dead as a doornail" and then acknowledged that he had never understood that expression. Todd then recommended to Hannah that she never kill her mother, because Irene had constantly taunted him since he had shot her.

Todd explained that Irene had told him that he would lose everything that he had ever cared about. Todd then realized that Irene had made a point, because if Blair knew the truth.... After Hannah wondered what the truth was, Todd considered telling her, because Hannah was bananas, so nobody would believe her anyway. Todd sat quietly, so Hannah asked, "Cat got your tongue?" Todd noted the expression and mentioned that another expression that he did not understand was "a bird in hand."

Todd started to tell Hannah the truth, just as two police officers walked in. As one cop handcuffed Hannah, Todd handed the other one the gun. Hannah screamed that Todd was a murderer and had been about to kill her, as the police officers escorted Hannah out the door.

At the hospital, Cole was wheeled into the emergency room, and the doctor told Starr and Blair that he would do what he could. As the doctors looked Cole over, Starr cried over Cole, so Blair pulled her out of the room. Starr gazed through the door window at Cole. Starr then revealed to Blair that Cole had wanted to see Hope and Starr, so she had hid him in the cabana. Starr remembered that Hope had been excited to see Cole. Blair realized that Cole had been at the house when Hope had called out for her daddy.

Starr added that Cole had been about to leave the property when Hannah had arrived and had held a gun on Sam. Cole and Starr had walked in on that, and Hannah had shot Cole. Blair hugged Starr. Blair and Starr walked into the hospital church, and Starr feared that Cole would die. Starr wondered what she would tell Hope, and she believed that she could not live in a world without Cole, and that a world without Cole would make no sense.

At Llanfair, Allison Perkins bid Clint and Viki goodbye, as Clint and Viki declared their love for each other. Allison shot a vase, and after noting that it was precious, indicated that it was not the first time that she had taken something precious from Viki. After Viki asked what she meant, Allison explained that she had kidnapped Natalie, so that Jessica could live the life of luxury with Miss Viki and "Hopalong Clint."

Allison remembered that Natalie had grown up in a trailer park with Roxy, or at least, that was what Mitch had believed. Allison voiced that although Mitch was a sacred vessel, he was not the sharpest crayon in the box. However, Allison noted that Mitch could get very angry when he did not get what he wanted. Allison reflected that Viki knew all about Mitch's demands.

When Clint started to argue with Allison, she stated the facts by the numbers: number one, Allison was the boss; number two, Mitch was the sacred vessel and therefore, must be served; number three, the messenger could use a little anger management; and number four, Allison had sworn to do whatever it took to placate the messenger's moods, even if it meant making the messenger believe something that was not exactly kosher.

Allison then asked if Viki and Clint would love Natalie and Jessica any less if they were not sisters, but Viki and Clint were both confused by the question. Allison dramatically announced that Natalie and Jessica were both Clint's daughters, and that when they had bought Natalie, they had received Jessica as a bonus. Allison revealed that she had faked the paternity tests, and that Clint was really both girls' father.

When Clint yelled that Allison was lying, she claimed that she had tried to tell Jessica, but that Jessica had refused to listen. Allison then demanded that Viki and Clint sit down. Allison related that when Viki was pregnant, Mitch had ordered Allison to check in with Dr. Balsom, and that was how Allison had learned that Viki had been pregnant with two babies, and that Clint was the father. After Clint cried out, "Bull," Allison exclaimed, "That's what I said, but the doctor was adamant. Two babies -- one daddy, which makes a hell of a lot more sense than two babies -- two daddies. I mean, seriously, who in their right mind would believe that? Oh wait, that's right. Mitch."

Allison claimed that she had been given no choice but to lie, because Mitch had placed his hands around her throat and would have killed her. Allison revealed that she had told Mitch that he was the father of the second child, and that since Mitch had wanted to believe her, he had not strangled her. Allison reminded Clint that he knew how easy it was to change paternity test results. Allison insisted that they all celebrate, and that Viki and Clint should thank her.

When Viki and Clint still hesitated, Allison pointed out that it would not serve Mitch to admit that Jessica was really Clint's daughter. After Clint wondered why Allison had kept it a secret, Allison explained that Mitch would have done something bad to her if the spirit of Satan had been upon him. Allison then shot Viki and shouted to Clint, "It's only fair. I gave you Jessica; you owe me Viki." Allison chanted around the room and declared that her aim had been true.

Back in the hospital church, after Starr demanded to know what she could do, Blair replied, "You know what we are going to do? We...we're going to pray." Starr cried, "I don't even know how," and Blair responded, " can do that. You just listen to your heart, okay? Think of it as...think of it as a song. You just open up your heart, and the words will come, all right? Okay." Starr knelt to pray, "God, please..." and stopped. Starr then sang a beautiful song, "One Life to Live."

As Starr sang, Blair walked into the hall, where Todd found her in tears. Todd held Blair in his arms. James watched, as the doctors worked on saving Cole, and saw Jessica and the paramedics wheel Bobby into the emergency ward. At the cottage, Nora untied Troy, who then bent over Bo. At the church, John shot Mitch Laurence, who fell to the floor. Natalie and John hugged and then kissed. At Llanfair, Clint placed Viki's head on a pillow and then reached for the phone to call for help. Clint suddenly clutched his chest and collapsed next to Viki. The phone dropped to the floor.

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