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Roseanne Delgado
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Actor History
July 1998 to 2001


Former receptionist at Llanview Police Station

Resides At

A cheap motel since she lost all her money

Marital Status

Single/Annulled (Cristian Vega)

Past Marriages

Cristian Vega (Annulled)


Enrique Montoya (father)

Anna Rosa Delgado (mother; deceased)

Leon Delgado (maternal grandfather)

Anna Delgado (maternal grandmother)

Maria Delgado (maternal great-grandmother)

Jose Delgado (maternal uncle)

Téa Delgado (maternal aunt)

Delmonico Delgado (maternal first cousin once removed)

Enrique Delgado (maternal first cousin once removed)



Flings & Affairs

Colin MacIverColin MacIver

Antonio Vega

Crimes Committed

Spying for R.J. at the police station to warn him about any planned busts on his activities

Brief Character History

Roseanne arrived in Llanview as a mystery woman on an airplane with Will Rappaport. Her presence intrigued him. Roseanne's arrival in Llanview was solely for the purpose of getting back her "soulmate", Cristian Vega.

Cris was shocked to see Roseanne appear in his apartment and soon realized she was the answer to his modeling project. Roseanne quickly agreed to pose nude for Cris, hoping that he would actually look at her and become interested in her.

Roseanne's arrival in Llanview also shocked her aunt, Téa Delgado. When asked by Téa if she would like to move to a hotel with Téa, Roseanne quickly decided to stay in Angel Square with Carlotta (a friend of her mother's). When Cristian broke up with his girlfriend, Jessica Buchanan and moved to New York City to go to art school, Roseanne went with him and soon they became lovers. When Cris' art school scholarship was revoked, Roseanne convinced Will to send her money to pay for the tuition and keeping Cristian in New York, away from Jessica.

Roseanne eventually convinced Cristian to marry her and they did get married, although she had to lock Jessica in a closet to prevent her from interrupting the ceremony. But Jessica got out and arrived right after the ceremony and informed Cris what Roseanne had done, getting the money from Will to keep Cristian in New York and away from Jessica. Cristian was furious and wanted to get an annulment right away, but Roseanne was determined and hung on for months until she was finally convinced by Cris' brother, Antonio, to agree to the annulment.

Roseanne then fell in love with Antonio, despite the fact that he wanted to keep their relationship fun and without commitment, which she had agreed to. Roseanne was also threatened by the presence of Sophia Pelligrino, Antonio's partner, who was also in love with him. After Roseanne took the receptionist job at the police station, one day Sophia called in for help and asked her to send Antonio. Roseanne, thinking it was just a ploy to get Antonio's attention, didn't pass on the message. Antonio was furious when he found out because Roseanne could have cost Sophia her life. Angry and hurt, Roseanne agreed to become R.J.'s mole at the police station and provide any useful information. Roseanne soon regretted the decision because Antonio came to her and agreed to try to start their relationship from the beginning. Before this, however, Roseanne had gotten drunk and went home with Colin MacIver and slept with him. Not only that, she revealed that she was R.J.'s source at the police station, and that Colin was using that information to blackmail Roseanne.

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Who's Who for other soaps

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