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Exactly where is the bus station in Harmony? Right next door to the Bennett household? It is ridiculous that Miguel got there that quickly. It's also ridiculous that he would choose (of all people) Fox's shoulder to cry on. I do believe this is the first scene ever between Fox and Miguel. Alas, our fair heroine Charity leaves Harmony forever. After a heart to heart with Pilar, Miguel goes off in search of her. I rather enjoyed Charity's farewell with Ivy. But seeing as how Grace is her aunt and how much Grace hates Ivy, Charity could've shared her goodbyes with someone else. As a side note, Endora is the most precious baby on daytime. Her laughing and giggling while Tabitha was on the phone was too precious.

If I hear Katherine say "my protector" one more time, I'll save Alistair the trouble and kill her myself. She is worse than Antonio with "mah wife." I'm sorry, but these two annoy me. I wish Alistair would kill them. But I have the feeling once Pilar learns that Marty left her for Kathy, she'll probably kill them both herself. And who could blame her? Look at the idiot kids Marty left her with.

Sheridan survives her car explosion (big surprise). Luis takes her out of Harmony and heads to Mexico. Alistair is furious because he believes that Sheridan and Luis will find Kathy and Marty. Which they do as soon as they step off the plane. I do have one question. Were Luis and Sheridan's scenes on the plane the writers attempt at humor? Because if so, it sucked.

Now Luis is a cop (supposedly). His main goal (supposedly) is to protect Sheridan. So why in the world would he walk up to complete strangers (Marty and Kathy - but he doesn't know who they are) and introduce himself and Sheridan as "Luis and Sheridan." He knows Alistair is looking for Sheridan and trying to kill her. He could've led her directly to the hit man for all he knows.

Whitney waffles on her feelings for Fox. She loves him, she loves him not. Then there's Chad who's in the picture and knows something is up with his girl. Whitney wants to keep Fox's feelings for her a secret. Here's a hint, stop shouting about them in the hallway. But Whitney can't keep her secret for long. Julian, Theresa, and now Fox know that Whitney is in love with Fox as well. Whitney tries to drown her feelings for Fox in kisses with Chad, but it's no use, everyone sees through her ruse. And no matter how much she insists she is a one woman man, Whitney will end up in Fox's bed before the summer is through.

The truth is out. T.C. knows all about Eve's past. Aunt Irma spills the beans. T.C. of course loses his temper, and Liz gloats like the frog she is. I love that even though Eve is tells T.C. about her past, he still refuses to believe it. Then he gets into a war of words with Aunt Irma and Eve has to stop it. T.C. then thinks that Eve is acting on behalf of her aunt. Eve has to practically force T.C. to believe the story, and still he has reservations. Does a freaking boulder have to fall on top of him before he'll believe it? And poor Eve. She should've told T.C. long ago and let him not believe it. Then when he did learn it was true, she could've said, I told you so.

Highest point of the week: Limited Theresa. Fox and Whitney!!!!!!!

Lowest point of the week: T.C. and Luis' stupidity.

Until next week friends,

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