Hidden Passions Information from 'Hidden Passions' is included on a separate page because it is often different than the show, and the show is the primary source for PSSN information. Very little of the information from 'Hidden Passions' is actually applicable to the show, but it is included here to show the fans what the book says about the history of the characters. None of this information should ever be considered 'factual' in regards to the show. The Crane and Barrett Families

Alistair Crane was a member of the long-standing Crane family, which went back hundreds of years in Harmony. Some of his more famous relatives included Alfred Crane, a major supporter of the British during the Civil War, as well as his young daughter, Sarah, and William Ephraim Crane, a famous Crane during the witch-hunts. Alistair was in love with Rachel Barrett and due to marry her in a matter of few weeks when she died in a sailing accident. A few years later, he married her younger sister, Katherine. They had Julian almost immediately, but it was a number of years before Sheridan was born. Complications due to Sheridan's birth resulted in Katherine's kidney's failing, and she died a few years later, while Sheridan was still very young.

Julian Crane, with his good friend Tommy Biddles, began a club during his freshman year in university that sought to bed as many young women as they could, and take as many of their virginities as they could. His first challenge came when he met Eve Johnson, a beautiful young singer at a jazz club in Boston. He soon fell in love with her, but her excessive drug use put as much of a wedge between them as his father's distaste with his young paramour. Julian knew that he would never be allowed to be with Eve, but he didn't want to give her up either. Julian and Eve were driven apart for good when Julian learned that, because of Eve's drug use and negligence, their son died at birth...a son he knew nothing about until after his death.

Sheridan Crane is the modern-day reincarnation of Sarah Crane, who was nineteen years old back in 1776. Sarah fell in love with Luke Fitzgerald, a young minuteman, but was broken-hearted when he died, and never wed. With Sheridan's birth, the timeless love that Luke and Sarah once shared may have a second chance. The Lopez and Fitzgerald Families

Martin Fitzgerald's family in Harmony dates back at least until the Civil War, when his many-times-removed grandfather, Michael Fitzgerald, found alongside his older brother, Luke.

Pilar Lopez was born in Mexico, and was one of many children of Miguel Lopez and his wife, with her granddmother, Teresa, always around when she was a child. When she was fourteen years old, she moved to New Mexico to live with her uncle Carlos and aunt Marta so that she could get an education in the States and eventually go on to university. She eventually got a job with the Winthrop family when Ivy was making her debut into society, which was when she met Martin Fitzgerald. The two soon had two young sons, Antonio and Luis. The Standish Family

Faith and Grace Standish were born Faith and Grace Sutter, the daughters of Zachary and Mercy Sutter. After Zachary Sutter died in a fire when the girls were six, Mercy took back her maiden name, Standish, as did her daughters. They lived in Mill Valley the twins' whole lives, where Standishes had lived for the last three hundred years. Mercy was always terrified that something evil could be on it's way to them, but never talked to her children about her worries. Faith and Grace always had a special connection, and it often happened that they would know something before it happened, without understanding it. Faith had always been the stronger twin, but Grace really began to show her powers when she began to feel Sam from miles away, knowing that they were soulmates without even knowing his name. It was her love that saved Sam's life the night Tabitha Lenox tried to kill both him and Ivy Winthrop on the ice. After the Christmas when the twins turned eighteen, Mercy ranted and raved about a visit from an angel, and the news that one of her daughters would have a child who could channel Heaven's own energy. Both Faith and Mercy soon took to their knees, praying for salvation, but after weeks of trying to make her mother and sister see reason, Grace left home, heading out to see the world. She lived in Boston for quite some time before a fire set by Tabitha almost killed her, and resulted not only in her lifelong amnesia, but started her life-long love with Sam Bennett, the man who saved her life. The Bennett Family

Sam and Hank Bennett were two of at least four sons born to Benjamin and Margaret Joyce Bennett. Sam met Ivy as a teen, and the two dated off and on for a number of years. One night, they almost lost their lives in a horrible snowstorm, but they were miraculously saved. Although Sam didn't know it at the time, it was the love of his one true soulmate, Grace Standish, that saved his life even though they had never met. Years later, Sam saved Grace from a horrible fire, and when he married Grace, he realized that his love for Ivy had been neither pure not true, and only Grace would ever hold his heart. The Johnson Family

Eve was a young student at Radclyffe when she began rebelling against her conservative parents and got a job singing nights in a local jazz club in Boston with the Scat Perkins Five, under the tutelage of Orville 'Scat' Perkins. Terrified of their disapproval, she never said a word to her parents about her extracurricular activies. While there, she met Julian Crane, a young blue-blood from Maine, who caught her eye. The two soon became involved, and as their relationship intensified, so did Eve's alcohol consumption and drug use. Luckily for Eve, she had a good friend in Crystal Harris, who was there when Eve realized she was pregnant and kept the truth from Julian. Eve was well into her pregnancy when Tabitha Lenox sent Eve's parents an invitation to one of Eve's performances. When they realized that not only was it their daughter but that she was significantly pregnant, they gave her a choice. Either she get rid of the baby, or she was no longer a part of their family. Eve refused to get rid of the child she had grown to love, and her parents disowned her. Eve gave birth to her baby one cold Christmas, and was heart-broken when she was told her son was dead.

Eve's son did not, in fact, die as his mother thought. Alistair Crane had hired a man named Wilkes who had hired an orderly named Jack to kill the boy, but Jack wasn't comfortable with the idea of killing a baby. When the infant son of a young crack-addicted mother died, Jack switched the ID tags on the two babies, and put Eve's son in the bassinet belonging to the crack baby. Eve's son, who ended up resembling his black mother rather than his white father, was placed into foster care, and continued to move through the system. Neither Eve nor the Cranes know that the baby is alive. Eve, meanwhile, accepted a large settlement from Alistair Crane, and became a doctor. She never realized that Julian never knew she carried his baby until after the child's death, or that Alistair told Julian that Eve blackmailed the family for the money Alistair gave her. The Hotchkiss Family

Jonathan Hotchkiss was the nephew of a bona fide English earl, and was a great catch to the women of the United States, particularly the exclusive women's college attended by his fiancée, Clarissa Morton, as well as Ivy Winthrop, and Ivy's childhood friend, Rebecca Osburn (daughter of Pamela Osburn, a local socialite). What none of the women realized was that there was no money in the Hotchkiss coffers, and Jonathan was trolling for a rich wife. When Rebecca offered herself to the young Mr. Hotchkiss, he soon turned his attentions from Clarissa to Rebecca. Not only did Rebecca's family have far more money, but they were an old, respected family of wealth and privilege, whereas Clarissa's family had only had their money for a few brief years. The Winthrop Family

Ivy grew up pampered and spoiled, and only child and the apple of both her parents' eyes. It was possibly her advantaged upbringing that led her to an affair with a Harmony pizza boy, Sam Bennett. Although she knew of Sam's intention to be a cop, Ivy was determined that she would marry Sam and make him give up his blue collar roots, and have him become a businessman, running her father's shipping company, even though she knew he never wanted that. When Sam took a job for the summer working for Ivy's father to make enough money to marry Ivy to keep her in the lifestyle to which she was accustomed, Ivy soon began seeing Julian Crane. Throughout the summer, she heard nothing from Sam, not realising that her father was stopping the letters from getting back and forth. Harrison Winthrop knew his daughter, and knew she would never be happy on a policeman's salary. Ivy proved her father right when she got closer and closer to Julian Crane, not only making love with him, but accepting his offer of marriage after Ivy believed Sam was womanizing on his trips. She wed Julian believing that his love for her and his father's money would be enough to make her happy. On their wedding night, Ivy learned that Julian had been forced into courting her by his father, Alistair, and went to Sam, spending the night with him. The next day she went to her father and told him that she was leaving Julian, and she and Sam would live off her trust fund, and Harrison would just have to accept it. Harrison told her that if she wanted to be with Sam it was her choice, but there was no money...their family was broke, the trust fund was gone, and if she left Julian to be with Sam, Ivy would have to live off whatever Sam could make. Ivy went back to Julian, and left on their honeymoon the next day. The Lenox Family

Tabitha has been around for hundreds of years, having slept with everyone from Attila the Hun to the Romanov adviser Rasputin to (much more recently) Julian Crane himself! She has set herself against the Standishes all along, and it was Tabitha who caused the fires the killed Zachary Sutter and almost killed Grace Standish. She used her scrying bowl often throughout the years to keep tabs on the people she was curious about, mainly the Standish twins, although she was also thrilled each time that one of the citizens of Harmony was caused great pain. It was Tabitha's magic that was responsible for the woman who lived in the house next door to her leaving it to Sam Bennett when she died, so that Sam would move into it with his wife Grace, so that Tabitha could keep an eye on the family. Tabitha is accompanied by her beloved pet Fluffy, and her doll Timmy, who has been recreated over time. The Russell Family

T.C. was the only child of Reggie Russell and his beloved wife, who died when T.C. was just a small child. T.C.'s life (and his father's life as well) revolved around T.C.'s tennis career, and when a horrible accident (caused by Eve Johnson and Julian Crane) took away T.C.'s ability to play tennis, it took away his father's reason for living, and Reggie Russell died shortly thereafter of a broken heart, leaving T.C. alone and parentless. He developed an addiction to pain killers and a violent nature, and met Eve Johnson one day in the hospital when she treated him for minor injuries.

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