Minor Characters The following characters are only minor characters on the Harmony front, but each has made a contribution to the show. Antoine

Portrayed by: Jean-Michel Richaud, March 2000 - July 2000

Brief History: A French gendarme who hired himself out to the drug cartel, and tried to kill Sheridan while in Paris. He followed her back to the States, and shot Crystal Harris by mistake. He managed to corner Sheridan in the Crane cabin, but she shot him, and then Luis saved her. Tina Alvarez

Portrayed by: Marita De Leon, 5/2000

Brief History: A Boston cop with a love for cheesy romance novels, she tried to push Sheridan and Luis together when Sheridan had Luis arrested for kidnapping after he brought her home from Paris. Dr. Bombay

Portrayed by: Bernard Fox, 1999/2000

Dr. Bombay is an old friend of Tabitha's, and has been on hand more than once to help her out of a jam. His sidekick is the curvaceous Nurse Heidi. J.T. Cornell

Portrayed by: Kenneth Tigar, 2001; Michael Sabatino, May to June 2005

Joseph Talbot 'J.T.' Cornell was the editor of the tabloid that broke the news about Ethan's true paternity, and a former lover of Rebecca's. He lost his job and was hounded by the I.R.S., prompting him to flee to Rome where Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald found him. During his attempts to escape from Theresa, he ended up on the run with Alistair, who had stolen a valuable chalice. Mort Chandler

Portrayed by: Martin Grey, January 2001 - July 2001

Brief History: One of the reporters for Daily Private Lives, Chandler not only broke the story about Ethan's paternity (and almost got his nose broken in the process!), but followed up on some anonymous tips (from Gwen Hotchkiss) to break the story that the e-mail about Ethan's paternity came from Theresa's computer. DeeDee

Portrayed by: Debbie James, May 2001 - June 2001

Brief History: A buxom blonde hired by Alistair to make Sheridan think that Luis was cheating on her. First she just made a few phone calls, but later agreed to be beaten up by the Luis Imposter to force Sheridan and Luis apart. When 'caught', she just sort of disappeared. Faux-Martin Fitzgerald

Portrayed by: William Bumiller, 26 November 1999 - 4 January 2000

Brief History: His real name and identity is unknown. Julian hired faux-Martin to make Luis think that his father was a no-account loser who walked out of the family. He died after falling through the skylight at the Seascape restaurant at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve. Crystal Harris

Portrayed by: Brenda Epperson Doumani, May 2000

Brief History: Almost thirty years ago, Crystal and Eve sang together at a lounge called the Blue Note in Boston, and Crystal was with Eve when she had her son. When Crystal got an offer to come to Harmony, she never realized that Eve was there. When she encountered Chad, she was shocked to learn that he bore her father's name. She thought she might be able to help him find his parents, but before she could, she was shot by Antoine, who mistook her for Sheridan. Latoya Harris

Portrayed by: Jennia Fredrique, October 2003 - November 2003

Brief History: Chad and Latoya married as teenagers, and after many years of marriage, he told her one day that he was packing up and leaving L.A. (he had just assaulted his former boss and was going to Harmony to find the parents who abandoned him as a child). When she refused to go with him, he walked out on her. When Chad and Whitney showed up in L.A. in 2003, Latoya revealed that she never signed the divorce papers he had eventually sent her and they were still married. After threatening to kill Whitney for sleeping with her husband, Latoya faded out of the picture along with her cousin Puff Dog. Presumably she and Chad are now divorced. Jonathan Hotchkiss

Portrayed by: Has never appeared on-screen

Brief History: Gwen's father married her mother for her money, something Rebecca did not learn until after the fact. After over twenty-five years of a loveless marriage, Jonathan was more than willing to let Rebecca go because she was willing to let him have everything, and Alistair was still willing to do business with him. Jonathan has always resented Gwen for being a mere girl rather than the boy he always wanted but never got, and has made no effort to stay close to his daughter. Les

Portrayed by: Mark Sivertsen, June 2000 - August 2000

Brief History: Hank owed Les, a hitman hired by the drug cartel, a lot of money, and he chose to call the debt by asking Hank to kill Sheridan. Les was at the point where he was ready to do the job himself, but at the last second, Hank double-crossed him, and Les was shot and killed by Sheridan, who was trying to protect Luis. Little Angel Girl

Portrayed by: Chea Courtney (1999 - 2003), Diandra Newlin (2003 - present)

Brief History: The little angel girl first appeared in Harmony on July 5, 1999. She is the living embodiment of the statue that appears in St. Margaret Mary's church in the center of Harmony. Over the years, she has always appeared whenever the Standishes are in need of guidance. Her first appearance on the show was when she appeared to Grace to warn her danger was coming. She has also aligned herself against the forces of evil over the years (namely Tabitha), and often appears to Tabitha as well, warning her that the powers of dark will never help her. It was the little angel girl who granted Timmy's request to be a real live boy. Frank Lomax

Portrayed by: Jason Olive, 9 August 1999 - 27 September 1999 [contract]

Brief History: The Cranes hired Frank, a private detective and sketch artist, to find Ethan's stalker. He managed to locate her (Theresa), but by then, Ethan had decided he didn't want to press charges. He was very interested in Whitney and she in him, but he could not trust her because she continually lied to him. Ethan offered him a big promotion to get out of town and to keep quiet that Theresa was the stalker. Father Lonigan

Portrayed by: Bruce French

Brief History: Father Lonigan is the priest at the local Catholic Church. He lost his sight many years earlier when the Church burned down, and he rushed in to save the statue of the little angel girl. He listens to the citizens of Harmony tell them their problems, but his hands are tied by the seal of the confessional, so he's had no choice but to keep the secrets told to him by Miguel, Theresa, and Kay. Maria Lopez

Portrayed by: Marta DuBois, May 2004 - present

Brief History: Maria is Pilar's younger sister, and has been raising Pilar's daughter Paloma in Mexico since birth. She is eternally grateful for all the help she has received from inn residents Bob and Ellen Wheeler, not realising that they are, in reality, Martin Fitzgerald and Katherine Crane. Despite her best efforts, Paloma will not soften in her upset that her mother kept all the other children while sending her away to Mexico as an infant, and never coming to see her nor bringing her home, even when the family had the money. Faux-Luis

Portrayed by: Anthony Diaz-Perez, March 2000, May 2000, May 2001 - June 2001

Brief History: Hired by Julian first to convince Sheridan that Luis was only using her for her money, he was re-hired after they announced their engagement in the hopes that Sheridan would find him in bed with DeeDee and dump Luis. After Luis uncovered the scheme, he faded into the background. Matilda Matthews

Portrayed by: Alice Ghostley, 2000

Brief History: Matilda was an old witch friend of Tabitha's that wasn't lucky enough to live through the last few hundred years. She comes back from the dead occasionally when Tabitha gets into a fix. Mimi

Portrayed by: Eva Frajko, 8 July 1999 - 22 July 1999

Brief History: Mimi was the long-suffering girlfriend of Sheridan's former love, Jean Luc. She died in a car explosion meant for Jean Luc and Sheridan. Jean Luc Moulin

Portrayed by: Eric Bizot, 8 July 1999 - 22 July 1999

Brief History: Sheridan's French fiancé. He two-timed her with Mimi, breaking her heart, and then both he and Mimi died in a car bombing intended to kill him and Sheridan. Orville Perkins

Portrayed by: Owen Bush, 15 November 1999 - March 2000

Brief History: Orville is a lonely old man who knows the truth about both Chad and Eve's past. He currently resides in the Harmony hospital after being nearly killed in a hit and run. He is slowly going senile (at least, that's what he wants people to believe). Pierre

Portrayed by: Alain Benatar, July 1999, March 2000 - December 2000

Brief History: Pierre is Roger's Parisien henchman. He doesn't see why they have to worry about Sheridan, but he's perfectly happy to go along with whatever Roger plans. Puff Dog

Portrayed by: Sulo Williams, September 2003 - November 2003

Brief History: Puff Dog was formerly a good friend of Chad's, and cousin of Chad's forgotten bride Latoya. When Chad showed up in L.A., Puff Dog was eager to dole out some revenge, not only for Chad's ill-treatment of Latoya, but also because he and Chad had some scores to settle. After a confrontation where Chad, Ethan, and Fox nearly died, Puff Dog got the recording rights to Syd, and agreed to let Chad go. Roger

Portrayed by: François Guétary, July 1999, March 2000 - December 2000

Brief History: Roger is the Parisien criminal who set the bomb that killed Jean Luc and Mimi. He is determined to keep his connection to Jean Luc hidden, even if it means killing Sheridan. Suzanne

Portrayed by: Dana Waters, 1999/2000

Brief History: Suzanne was formerly a Crane maid, but was fired when Ivy learned she was sleeping with Julian. Suzanne surprised Julian at Valentine's, and the two had flew to the ski lodge for some fun, but also had a little roleplay action on the plane. Warren

Portrayed by: Rikk Cheshire, June 2000 - July 2000

Brief History: An old acquaintance of Sheridan's she dated briefly to make Luis jealous, his family is almost as wealthy as the Cranes. Charles 'Chuck' Wilson, III

Portrayed by: Christopher DeLisle, February2000

Brief History: A friend of Whitney's (as well as a tennis client), he agreed to pose as Theresa's fake boyfriend when Gwen demanded that Theresa produce him or Gwen would know for certain Theresa was stalking Ethan with the hopes of breaking them up. Chuck expressed an interest, but Theresa was still determined to land Ethan. Sarah Winthrop

Portrayed by: Has never appeared on-screen

Brief History: Sarah was the child of Ethan and Gwen Winthrop, conceived the night that Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald confessed to murdering Julian Crane. Gwen's pregnancy was a difficult one, and she and Ethan went to L.A. to see a specialist and to get away from Theresa, only to find that Ethan was still there. After Gwen and Theresa encountered one another at the pool at the Crane Apartments, Gwen was rushed to the hospital, where Ethan had to choose to save his wife over their unborn child. Her death was a tragic accident that Gwen and Ethan still mourn.

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