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Thursday, August 7, 2008
by Ladaisia

Kay zapped Father Lonigan upstairs to the church sanctuary after her first attempt brought Esme. Kay asked Father Lonigan to baptize Tabitha, but he refused, saying he knew all along that Tabitha was a witch, because Alistair told him. Eve, Kay, and Julian tried to convince Father Lonigan that if he didn't baptize Tabitha soon, all of Harmony would be destroyed. Father Lonigan didn't believe them at first, because he didn't hear anything about a volcano from Chief Sam Bennett or his men when Father Lonigan was downstairs. Tabitha decided to leave, but Father Lonigan changed his mind upon hearing that Tabitha embraced goodness by sacrificing her evil powers to save everyone who was poisoned at the rehearsal dinner. He apologized to Tabitha, and Tabitha accepted his apology, but he said he couldn't baptize her without hearing her confession first. Tabitha thought that would take too long.

Theresa begged Ethan not to leave her and run off with Gwen, but he was convinced he had to do the right thing and stay true to his marriage vows. Then everyone heard the videotaped confession of Gwen admitting that she revealed Ethan's true paternity to the tabloids. Ethan called Gwen an evil bitch. Gwen tried to talk her way out of it, saying that Little Ethan must have doctored the tape, making it look like she said those things. Ethan didn't believe her, choosing to believe his son instead. Theresa was overjoyed, and everyone congratulated Theresa. Even Ivy apologized to Theresa for believing Gwen and Rebecca over her for years. It was obvious to Ivy that Theresa loved Ethan, Ivy said, and Ivy welcomed Theresa to the family. Ethan told Gwen that he didn't want Gwen raising his son, Jonathan, and he wanted Theresa to raise his son instead. Gwen refused to accept that Ethan chose Theresa over her. Gwen accused Theresa of lying and putting Theresa's needs over those of Ethan and Little Ethan.

Theresa brought up the fact that she let Little Ethan donate part of his liver to Jonathan, and she defended herself against all of Gwen's accusations. After hearing Gwen and Theresa's exchange, Sam and Luis arrested Gwen and Rebecca for bribery, blackmail, and being accessories to the murders of Pilar's sister and nephews. Rebecca resisted at first, then acquiesced with the request that a handsome officer could strip-search her. Gwen told Sam he couldn't arrest her for murders that happened in Mexico, because it was outside his jurisdiction, and Sam suggested he detain Gwen until the district attorney reviewed Gwen's involvement with Juanita and her plot to blow up the church. Ethan told Gwen that was the reason why he chose Theresa.

Father Lonigan admitted that it was the usual course for priests to hear the confessions after the baptism, but he said he felt he needed to make an exception for Tabitha and hear her confession first. Tabitha agreed to confess her sins, and Endora fast-forwarded time to save time. Father Lonigan's ears were steaming after hearing all that Tabitha did. Everyone came upstairs and filled Eve and company in on how Theresa and Ethan were back together. Julian told them that if Tabitha wasn't baptized fast, no one would live their lives out happily in Harmony, and Eve told them about Mt. Harmony erupting and threatening the town. The earth shook, and Kay figured it was the dark side trying to keep Tabitha from being baptized. Fancy and Paloma couldn't believe Kay, and Julian promised to explain later. He asked Endora to use her magic and make it so that Tabitha could get baptized. Endora's magic stopped the ground from shaking, and Father Lonigan baptized Tabitha. The lava from the volcano still seemed to be flowing, and Kay figured the baptism needed time to work. While they were waiting, Esme and Kay filled everyone in on what happened with Tabitha and Endora. The volcano seemed to quiet, and Julian remarked on how the baptism seemed to save them, and said Timmy was right.

A glow suddenly came over Tabitha from above, and she raised her hands to the sky. Everyone stood and looked up as the glow enveloped them too. Tabitha thanked Timmy and embraced goodness. Tabitha said there was only good in Harmony-no more demons or evil. Julian announced that from that point on, Crane Industries would only do good and Endora was his inspiration. Ivy needed a drink, and Esme said she was way ahead of her. Rebecca and Gwen were suddenly zapped into polyester gray prison garb, punishment, it seemed, for their misdeeds. Rebecca remembered how she took Gwen to Las Vegas once to help her get over Ethan. Gwen married some guy she met, and Gwen thought that was a dream. It seemed that Gwen was married and never got divorced from the guy. Ethan realized that if Gwen was married and she never got a divorce, he didn't need an annulment, and he and Theresa could get married. Theresa asked Kay to "hocus pocus" Gwen and Rebecca off so Theresa and Ethan could get married.

Father Lonigan agreed to marry Ethan and Theresa, and before he could perform the ceremony, Endora healed Father Lonigan's eyes and made him see again. He said they looked as he imagined they would. Tabitha hadn't aged a bit, he said. Kay zapped Theresa and Ethan into wedding attire, and Sam said having a witch in the family would be fun. Miguel agreed, and Tabitha thought it was better late than never. Endora said things were perfect, and Tabitha said it would have been perfect if Timmy were there. Then Tabitha looked down and Timmy appeared next to her and took her hand.

Theresa walked down the aisle, and while they were watching her, Fancy told Luis that Fancy was pregnant. Luis was excited, and Sheridan told Antonio that would be them some day, and Sheridan couldn't wait to have children with Antonio. Noah told Paloma at least they were waiting to have children until they were more financially viable. Paloma said that was the plan, and she admitted that she was pregnant. She wondered if Noah was angry, but he was ecstatic. Kay volunteered to fix Julian's penis, and Eve and Julian said they would be grateful to Kay if she could. Kay grabbed Julian's hand and performed her magic, and Julian felt that his penis was "in good standing again." Tabitha said Timmy was right and God's love was heavenly.

At the altar, Theresa asked Ethan if they were really getting married or if it was their fantasies played out as reality. The music stopped, and they paused, but Ethan told her it was reality. Theresa felt like something would happen to stop them before they could get married, and suddenly, Gwen and Rebecca were back. Rebecca was wondering why they couldn't have a happy ending, too. An officer stopped them and said they were too late. Father Lonigan said if they were sincere about being good, they would get their happy ending, too. A donkey was heard, and Rebecca said that was her happy ending, but Gwen wondered about hers. The officer asked Gwen out for when she got out on bail. Theresa thought that was their last interruption, and Esme asked for help, saying she was out of booze and on the brink of sobriety. She told Theresa and Ethan to hurry up and get married so they could start the reception.

Ethan said his marriage vows to Theresa, and she said hers to him. They were pronounced husband and wife. They kissed, and everyone applauded. Theresa said she learned after all the years to always follow your passion because that would lead you to your happy ending. The balloons and confetti fell as the theme song played and everyone cheered. Tabitha held a picture of Timmy. Then the whole cast and crew were in the church applauding as Timmy was heard singing.

This episode marks the final episode of Passions.

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