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Passions Recaps: The week of August 16, 2004 on PS
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Monday, August 16, 2004

Due to NBC coverage of the Olympics, Passions did not air today. In its place, here is a flashback recap from August 16, 1999. To review more recaps from Passions's past, click here.

The town of Harmony is helping Pilar celebrate her birthday, with a variety of characters present. Miguel is having the time of his life with his new love interest Charity. Unknown to her the clock was unplugged and she has no idea of the real time. She and Miguel share some tender moments, much to the disgust of Kay, who looks on in despair. Jessica tells Miguel and Charity the story of how if a person eats a bite of the love chili peppers after the person they love eats one first, that they will have no choice but to make passionate love to one another. Kay hears this and thinking that Miguel has already eaten one, can't wolf a plate of them down fast enough. Reese evidently heard the same tale and before long both he and Kay become sick from their attempts to win the passion of the ones they love. It is hard to tell if Kay's green glow is from her jealousy of Charity or from her choice of foods. Once Charity learns of the true time, she is anxious to get home. Kay and Simone quickly offer her cab fare and rush her out of town. Charity leaves a message for Miguel with Kay who is only too happy to try to forget to deliver it to Miguel. Jessica, as usual, saves the day and tells Miguel Charity's message. He is broken hearted to hear that she has left without saying goodbye. Kay quickly throws her arms around Miguel to comfort him in his time of need. What a true friend!

Little known to Charity or any of the Harmony residents, she is in for the ride of her life. The cab driver is none other than a very well disguised Tabitha. Timmy is hidden down in the floorboard and is not happy at the thought of bringing harm to Charity. Even the thought of never running, playing, or drinking his martimmies again doesn't make his pursuit of bringing harm to her any more pleasant for him. Unlike his maker, Timmy does not enjoy his destiny in life of being evil.

Theresa again is lucky, as Ethan does not recognize her with cake on her face. She quickly gets into her "nerd" clothing and getup and even after walking in on her and Whitney in her bedroom, Ethan can only recognize Whitney from the pier. Theresa's sense of self-confidence is built back up when she proves to herself and her best friend that Ethan has been fooled by her disguise. She is more determined than ever to keep her job at Crane mansion.

Faith and Grace continue their phone conversation. Neither of them ever offers their first name to the other. They discuss how comfortable they are talking to one another and share stories of motherly concern over their daughters. They attempt to make a date to meet and get to know one another, but Faith replies that she and her daughter will be moving the next morning. Grace tells Faith that Sam has seen Charity at the party and that she is fine. The twins feel a great closeness even after hanging up. Faith attempts to call Grace back to find out her name and address, but she has already left for the party.

Upon arrival to the party Sam tells Grace that he has to leave to go to meet the mayor and Julian Crane at the Crane mansion. Grace asks Sam if he has ever been to the Crane mansion before. He tells her no. He arrives at the mansion. But in a flashback he is shown with hippie long hair standing at the front entrance to the mansion. Pilar tells him that Ivy has left and married Julian Crane. He screams out, "NO!" Just as he stops thinking, he sees Ivy Crane drive up to the mansion. He appears worried to see her again. Evidently, there is a history between Ivy and Sam that no one else is aware of, yet!

Luis is seen blindfolded and fondling Sheridan at the party. Thinking at first he is kissing his mother. When realizing that it is not his mother, he continues to feel up the woman, commenting on how good each part of her body feels and how he could fall in love. However, after making a fool of himself in front of the whole town, Sheridan pulls off his blindfold and reveals that he is rubbing himself all over none other than a member of the Crane family. He is disturbed that she allowed him to continue touching her for so long. She obviously enjoyed him touching her, yet both denied any pleasure and pretended to be sickened by the thought of being so close together. A fight nearly broke out between Luis and Ethan once he realized that Luis had kissed his aunt. Sam broke up the fight and Pilar convinced Ethan and Sheridan to stay at the party. Not an hour passed before Luis attempted to dance the tango with Eve. When she declined his offer her turned to find another dance partner. He twirled around and came face to face with Sheridan again. After both of them bragged to be better of the tango dancers, Luis dared her to be his partner. She immediately threw off her jacket and the two them danced what could be described the most erotic tango ever seen on daytime television. The electricity sparked between them and everyone stood and watched in awe as the two so-called arch enemies danced closely, taking every opportunity to touch a much as possible. It was obvious how much they were enjoying this little escapade. Upon the end of the dance they parted ways. Luis told his mother that Sheridan was a wonderful dancer, but not to tell her that he said that as she was conceited enough already. Ironically, Sheridan said the same of Luis to Ethan. As she and Ethan left Pilar's party, she looked back and reflected on the love of the Lopez-Fitzgerald family and wished that she and Ethan's family could be like that. Despite her and Luis's comments about staying away from the other, both could not deny the attraction that was becoming stronger and stronger.

Things are definitely heating up in Harmony between Luis and Sheridan and Miguel and Charity. Tabitha and Timmy are stewing up big plans for Charity. Kay is confident that Charity is out of Miguel's life for good. Jessica is taking great pride in her efforts to help Charity and Miguel together and in spoiling any mean efforts by Kay to break them up. Sam is having flash backs of an earlier connection with Ivy Crane. Who knows what will happen next in the little town of Harmony?

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Due to NBC coverage of the Olympics, Passions did not air today. In its place, here is a flashback recap from August 17, 2000. To review more recaps from Passions's past, click here.

The Russell House:
While watching Whitney taking care of Chad, Kay vows not to let Simone find out the truth. If she does, she won't help her with Miguel. Kay wonders what it was that Ethan was going to have to be honest about. Kay finds a CD with a love song on it and she starts playing it while whispering Simone's name to a sleeping Chad. Simone catches her and assumes that Chad doesn't love her --- if he did Kay wouldn't have to stoop to using the same tricks she used on Charity. Kay explains that this isn't true; she's just trying make Chad's love for her deeper. Meanwhile Chad is dreaming of telling Simone and Whitney the truth -- he made a mistake; he thought he was kissing Whitney and telling her he loved her. Simone goes to his bedside, confident that he is dreaming of her and that he really loves her.

The Crane Mansion/Ethan's Room:
Theresa urges Ethan to tell her and Gwen what he really wanted to say. She doesn't believe that it was just pre-wedding jitters. Ethan says he will tell both of them the truth. Ethan says that he wanted Gwen to do something that would change her life; he wanted her to aim for Theresa when she threw the bridal bouquet. Theresa asks if that is all he wanted to say. Ethan says that he knows that she loved a man and lost it, but maybe she never really had it. He says that maybe she will find love one day. Gwen thinks that Ethan is sweet for worrying about Theresa so much and trying to make her feel better. Gwen remembers an appointment with her mother and she leaves Ethan and Theresa alone. When alone, Ethan tells Theresa that he knows what he said wasn't what she wanted to her. Theresa tells him that it was no accident that he kissed her, he loves her and wants to marry her. She says that she loves him and he loves her. Ethan flashes back to Chad but tells Theresa to there is no "us," and to forget about her feelings. He leaves Theresa crying.

Sheridan's Cottage:
Sheridan tells Luis that maybe they should just leave the past alone, people could get hurt. Luis tells her that he only wants to help her, that nothing about her past could make him think any less of her. Sheridan has a flashback of her as a girl with blood on her hands. Luis tells Sheridan to sit down, sensing her distress. He says that they will record their talk and listen to it later. Maybe they can pick up on something they missed. Luis dims the lights. Sheridan flashes back to looking at a coffin with a voice that sounds like Alistair telling her she is a wicked, wicked girl. Ethan arrives at the cottage and questions Luis about what he's trying to do to his Aunt. Sheridan explains that she wants Luis to help her, and asks Luis to leave wait outside why she explains it to Ethan. Ethan urges her to see a professional, anyone but Luis. She urges him to admit his true feelings, to marry for love, not out of his duty of being a Crane. Meanwhile Hank arrives at the cottage where Luis is waiting outside. He questions Luis about whether it is the case he wants to make progress on, or is it Sheridan. Luis says it is both.

The Mansion/Julian's Study:
Julian tells Ivy, Sam, and Pilar that he knows Ivy has secrets hidden in her briefcase. Sam says he doesn't have time for it and starts to leave. Julian urges him to stay telling him that he can sell what he learns to the Tabloids. He can use the money to pay for his children's education and still have money left over. Julian asks if Ivy is going to give him the combination or is he going to have to ruin the briefcase. Ivy tells Sam to arrest Julian for breaking and entering, theft of personal property, and for being "a total jackass." Sam questions Julian about how he got in the house and he admits to taking Theresa's keys. Sam arrests him and puts the handcuffs on him. Julian threatens the three of them. Sam asks Pilar if she will press charges and she says she won't. She has to think of her family and their safety. Ivy urges her to press charges, but she won't. Julian tells Pilar to consider her Christmas bonus doubled and that he will give her money to make home improvements like new siding and lights that you can clap on and off. Sam has to let him go, and he goes for the briefcase again. Pilar tells him she will give him the combination. Ivy asks Pilar if there is no limit to her betrayal. Julian opens that case and looks through the papers. "What the hell is this?" he asks.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Due to NBC coverage of the Olympics, Passions did not air today. In its place, here is a flashback recap from August 18, 2003. To review more recaps from Passions's past, click here.

At the doctor's office, Luis tells the receptionist he and Beth aren't leaving until Dr. Culver finds time to examine Beth. A panicky Beth tries to figure out how to keep Luis in the dark about her "pregnancy."

In the pit, Sheridan tries to hold onto hope and figure out why she's been kidnapped. Worried Beth is about to be found out, Mrs. Wallace and Precious try to make a run for it, but Charlie wonąt let them.

Whitney arrives at the recording studio and is stunned to find Chad and Syd kissing. Fox hides his delight, as Whit demands answers from her boyfriend. Chad urges Syd to explain she kissed him out of excitement over their work.

Theresa's hopes are raised about her future with Ethan when he doesn't tell Gwen about what happened the night before. Ethan explains to a heartbroken Theresa they will never be together again. He reiterates his commitment to his wife and unborn child. In an effort to turn things around, Theresa demands to know who Ethan was going to propose to before he found out Gwen was pregnant -- her or Gwen.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Due to NBC coverage of the Olympics, Passions did not air today. In its place, here is a flashback recap from August 19, 2003. To review more recaps from Passions's past, click here.

Fox lures an unknowing Syd into his plan to get Whitney. Meanwhile, Chad needs to know if Whitney trusts him. Whitney assures him she does -- it's Syd she doesn't trust.

A distraught Theresa tries to reach out to Ethan, who rebuffs her. Bolstered by Ethan's admission that he would have married her if not for Gwen's pregnancy, Theresa pleads with him not to turn his back on their love. Ethan lays it all out for his crushed ex.

Luis continues to try getting Beth in to see a busy Dr. Culver, while Beth tries to stop him. Back at Beth's, Charlie prepares to kill Sheridan and destroy all the evidence of the kidnapping, including the house itself. Sheridan prays for help.

Friday, August 20, 2004

Due to NBC coverage of the Olympics, Passions did not air today. In its place, here is a flashback recap from August 20, 2001. To review more recaps from Passions's past, click here.

Hank reminds David that if he really loves Grace he'll leave town and stop disrupting her life. On Warlock Island, Simone voices her disapproval as Kay drenches the signal fire with water to prevent the SOS from going out until Reese's "prophecy" comes true. Meanwhile, Timmy watches helplessly as Tabitha struggles in vain to escape from Norma's net. Ethan notices a wedding ring on his fiancee's finger and asks Theresa what's going on. Sam urges his wife to dismiss David and his phony claims from her mind. Norma turns a deaf ear to Tabitha's desperate attempt to buy her way out of trouble. Watching Theresa squirm, Whitney gets a familiar sinking feeling that her best friend has gotten herself into another jam. Out on the yacht, Sheridan suddenly has another premonition of danger and shivers in fear despite Luis' consoling words. Timmy finally figures out a way to free Tabitha. Bruce blunders into the middle of an awkward scene and nearly manages to make matters worse. Julian warns Theresa not to confide her secret to Whitney.

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