Spike Lester
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Actor History

Christopher Maleki (recurring: 10 March 2005 to present)

Other Names

Herbert Lester (full name; revealed 26 June 2006)


Pimp / Drug Dealer

Former night club owner

Resides At

Bennett Family Home

Marital Status

Married (Jessica Bennett, 23 June 2006 to present)

Past Marriages

None (assumed)




Samuel Herbert Bennett (with Jessica)

Flings & Affairs

Jessica Bennett

Crimes Committed

Murdered the person that Noah and Maya found years earlier.

Catered to underage girls in his nightclub.

Provided drugs to Jessica Bennett.

Numerous fist fights with Sam Bennett, Noah Bennett and Ethan Winthrop.

Manipulated Jessica Bennett into prostituting herself to make money for him.

Murdered one of Jessica Bennett's johns.

Shot Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald while searching the Crane estate.

Abusing his wife, Jessica Bennett.

Blackmailing Chris Boothe into helping him steal from the Cranes.

Brief Character History

Spike is the sleaziest of the sleaze in Harmony. Initially he ran Harmony's seediest after-hours nightclub, until it was burned down by Noah Bennett. Spike soon made himself indispensible to teenager Jessica Bennett, and became her lover. Once he had her hooked on drugs (and him), it wasn't long before he talked her into becoming a prostitute -- in part because he convinced her she should help him recreate what her family had destroyed. It was soon revealed that he was on Alistair Crane's payroll and had been hired to corrupt the youngest Bennett daughter. Spike was also in league with Lena, and had murdered someone at her request years earlier. He went after Jessica while Noah and Maya faced off with his boss, Lena, but was ultimately unable to pull the trigger and told her how much he loved her. She seemed to believe him, but at her first opportunity, she grabbed his gun and held it on him. Before anyone could charge him with any crimes, Spike married the best witness against him -- Jessica Bennett. Once the two returned to Harmony, they moved together into the Bennett family home.

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