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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of March 17, 1997 on SB
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Monday, March 17, 1997
by Christine Tolentino

Casey and Rae discuss the intercultural marriages in her family openly, but Casey refuses to discuss his own family. Vanessa arrives looking for Michael, who is off visiting a woman in a run down apartment building. Pumping Casey for more information about Michael's past, Vanessa brought up Grand Avenue and wonders if Michael had been involved in a gang as a youth. Casey makes pointed comments to Vanessa that are directed at Rae, also about how there are some things in the past that people don't want to discuss; even with people they care about. But, continues Casey, it doesn't mean that the feelings they have for others aren't real. Both women refuse to accept that explanation. When Michael arrives, Vanessa tries to get him to open up, but he backs off again, while Rae confronts Casey about his lack of trust in her. Vanessa stubbornly refuses to give up and trails Michael back to the old apartment, where she is stunned to see Michael give a woman an envelope; Vanessa's further annoyed when the strange woman showers Michael with hugs, kisses and thanks and urges him into the apartment.

Gabi went along with Ricardo's pretense that this is their first meeting. After he leaves, Gabi pumps Elaine for more information about Ricardo and learns to her delight that he's a "ladies' man" who can't stay with one woman for more than 6 months. Later, Ricardo freezes as he opens his door to find Paula with gun drawn. Paula is at first unable to distinguish between reality [Ricardo] and nightmare [Ralph]. The image of Ralph gradually fades and Paula is horrified to realize that she could have killed Ricardo. After calming her down, Ricardo told Paula to close her eyes while he prepares her surprise; Paula immediately freaks out as images of her kidnapping come to mind. Meanwhile, Gabi is revealed to be Paula's stalker, as she leafs through a comprehensive scrapbook of Paula which includes intimate family photos. Gabi vows that "It's my turn, now." Later, Ricardo and Paula are getting cozy in bed when a knock on the door interrupts them. Thinking it may be Elaine, Ricardo is immediately on guard when he opens the door to Gabi. "Remember me?"

Spotting Eddie with gun drawn, Ben demands to know what Eddie is doing in his home. Eddie is immediately defensive and claims to have seen a burgler through the windows. As he elaborates his lie, Eddie went on the offensive and asks Ben if he's hiding anything. Ben outdoes Eddie's verbal judo and urges the officer to leave and NOT file any reports. Eddie beats a hasty exit. Meanwhile, Annie has ducked into her old beachhouse and is accosted by Bette. Explaining that she's hiding from Eddie, Annie told Bette she can't take much more of this hiding. Ordering her niece to stay put, Bette leaves to find Ben. Meanwhile, Gregory gloats to Olivia that the fortune she plans to inherit [per Del's last will and testament] amounts to what Del had on him when he was killed. Del was not as wealthy as everyone had been led to believe. Olivia slips and mentions Del's briefcase [which was missing from the murder scene]. Ben, Meg and Bette are exasperated to find that Annie has run off again. Back at his place, Ben makes it clear to Meg that he's done with helping Annie - she's on her own. At the Richards' home, Gregory overhears Bette and Olivia discussing the "jewels in the briefcase". After Bette leaves, Gregory confronts Olivia about "the jewels" and is stunned to realize that Olivia suspects him of murdering Del and pocketing the jewels. Meanwhile, Annie has picked the lock on Eddie's apartment door. Letting herself in, Annie finds another locked door. She picks that lock also, and finds herself in a photographer's darkroom. Spying a briefcase, Annie picks her third lock and finds a fortune in jewels and cash. Back at the Richards' home, an angry Gregory attacks Eddie - Gregory ordered Eddie to kill Del Douglas, not steal the Deschanel jewels. Where are they now?

Tuesday, March 18, 1997
by Christine Tolentino

Against Ricardo's wishes, Paula invites Gabi in. Gabi explains that she's dropping off some chicken soup for Paula, from Elaine. After a little small talk, Ricardo rushes Gabi out, but she comes knocking on the door again, claiming car trouble. Paula urges Ricardo to fix Gabi's car; the two women start to discuss Ricardo. Nervous at what Gabi may have said to Paula, Ricardo returns and rushes her out a second time. This time, Gabi leaves, but not before tearing up a photo she has of Paula and Ricardo.

While Annie is drooling over Daddy's jewels and securities in Eddie's dark room, Eddie is fielding questions from Gregory. When Gregory puts the squeeze on him, Eddie retaliates by coming up with a plausible motive for Gregory to have killed Del. When Gregory points out that HE wasn't the one who pulled the trigger, Eddie smirks and admits that HE didn't, either. Del was already shot and near death's door when Eddie arrived. Since the first part of the plan was already done [Del was mortally wounded], Eddie continued with Gregory's plan - he took Del's wallet and the gun that shot Del [which was on the ground next to the body] and planted it in Annie's apartment. When Gregory again focuses on the briefcase, Eddie claims innocence and leaves. Gregory decides that Annie must have the jewels and securites, and so heads over to The Deep to confront Ben.

At The Deep, the St. Patrick's Day party is in full swing, and Casey and Rae manage to connect for the first time in a long while, until Rae's innocent question about Casey's Irish mother puts him on guard again. The two leave after the party and continue to get closer, until Rae's beeper went off.

Annie - with briefcase in tow - arrives, intending to ask for Ben's advice and help. Hearing someone coming, Annie ducks behind the DJ's console. Meg confronts Ben about his lack of concern for Annie; Annie is devastated to hear Ben admit that he really doesn't care if she [Annie] ever returns. Ben continues on to say that Annie only cares about herself and he washes his hands of her. Ben and Meg start to get close, but are interrupted by Gregory. Annie, leaving the briefcase behind the console, manages to sneak over to the bar, and then out the back door. Having decided that Annie must have the missing briefcase, Gregory starts to pump Ben for information, but Ben turns the conversation onto Gregory and Olivia. Having won the verbal battle, Ben asks Gregory to leave. Later, after Ben has left, Meg continues to clean up the nightclub with Mark and finds the briefcase. Meg takes it to put in the lost and found box, while Annie sneaks back into the club. Meanwhile, Eddie makes plans to leave Sunset Beach for Rio de Janeiro and returns for his stash - only to find that the briefcase is gone.

Wednesday, March 19, 1997
by Christine Tolentino

Michael is confused when Vanessa firmly pushes him away. Vanessa admits that she followed Michael and saw him with another woman. Taking Vanessa with him, Michael went back to the old apartment building and introduces Vanessa to a woman named Virginia and a young boy named James. Meanwhile, Casey and Rae are still giddy over their kisses the night before. Rae heads off to the Medical Center and Casey gets an uninvited guest: Rae's fiance, Wei-Li. Casey starts to feel insecure when Wei-Li's words and actions prove how accomplished he is. The Chinese businessman makes it clear that he's aware that Rae has married, but would still like to see his old friend. Casey brought Wei-Li to the MC, where Rae is treating Paula. Rae is stunned to see her fiance; Casey is just as surprised to see Rae become very submissive. While Rae and Wei-Li catch up, Paula is amused by Casey's jealousy and offers words of advice and support. Breaking into the conversation, Casey tries to give Wei-Li the brush off, but Wei-Li calmly informs the nervous couple that he's planning to stay in Sunset Beach for a while.

Tiffany panics when Spike disappears out of the maid's room; she and Sean run around the Richards' home, frantic to find him. Meanwhile, Gregory gets a phone call from Eddie, who plays a tape of Gregory's orders for Eddie to kill Del Douglas. Noting Gregory's intense reaction to the call, Olivia tries to offer support, but Gregory storms out of the house. Olivia catches Tiffany in the living room, looking for Spike. Sean asks Tiffany to leave so he can speak to Olivia alone. Before leaving the room, Tiffany makes a veiled threat to Olivia about Del's murder. Olivia relents when Sean pleads to have Tiffany stay as a guest. Meanwhile, Gregory and Eddie have had another meeting - each vowing to take the other down should their plan to murder Del comes out. Both men are convinced that the other has no idea where the briefcase is, but they both suspect Annie and Ben. Back at his home, Gregory snaps at Tiffany, ordering her out of the house. Confronting their unwelcome guest, Olivia informs the little golddigger that her earlier threat was meaningless and intimidates Tiffany into understanding that she may be kicked out at any moment. Back at his place, Eddie vows to make Annie pay; at a payphone, Annie tries to get in contact with Ben at The Deep, but he's not there. Bartender Mark doesn't notice the briefcase with the initials DD in the lost and found box. Panicked, Annie calls Bette and arranges a meeting at her old place; Bette agrees, but her relief is short-lived when Bette opens the front door to find Gregory

Thursday, March 20, 1997
by Christine Tolentino

After meeting with Virginia and James, Vanessa is even more convinced that Michael is a hero. Michael sets her straight: the reason he's helping that family is because he killed James' father. Michael had been part of a gang at 18 when a shoot-out forced him to defend himself and fire on a rival gang. Michael's bullet killed James' dad, who was on the other side. Jo-Jo had witnessed the entire incident and offered to take the blame, while Michael ran away from South Central to Sunset Beach. Unfortunately for Michael, Jo-Jo expected a return for his "favor". When Michael confesses that he wants to tell Virginia and James about his part in the gang war that killed James' dad, Vanessa urges him to keep quiet.

When Rae makes plans to have dinner with Wei-Li, Casey asks her to play the part with his grandmother's wedding ring on her finger. Already feeling guilty about their fake marriage, Rae refuses. When Wei-Li arrives, Casey invites himself along for dinner, suggesting they go to The Deep. Once there, Wei-Li plays the gracious loser and offers champagne to toast the "newlyweds". At the bar, Wei-Li deftly starts to punch holes in Casey and Rae's charade when he discovers that their roommate, Mark, can't answer questions about a wedding. Casey grows increasingly irritated by Rae's submissiveness to Wei-Li. Out of earshot, Casey and Rae argue as Wei-Li watches with satisfaction from the bar.

Gregory told Bette that Annie's beach house now belongs to Olivia - and the rent is due. Annie quickly ducks behind a wall as Gregory saunters out onto the balcony. Following Gregory to The Deep, Annie overhears him give orders to Eddie to find her [Annie] and get rid of her - Annie has to take the fall for Del's murder. As Gregory enters The Deep to search Ben's office for the briefcase, Eddie vows out loud that if Annie has the jewels, he'll make her pay. Annie runs back to her beach house; meanwhile, Mark has found the expensive briefcase in the open lost and found box and puts it in Ben's office to keep it safe. Gregory runs into Sean, Tiffany and Caitlin inside the nightclub. Although Sean sticks up for Tiffany, Gregory dismisses her completely. Trying to get into Ben's office, Gregory is distracted by Sean again. Bette rushes in, looking for Ben; Gregory leaves as he hears that Ben isn't in. At Annie's, Eddie starts to break in but Annie sets off the security alarm, causing Eddie to run off. Annie tries to contact Ben, but no one answers at his place. Annie runs off again.

Friday, March 21, 1997
by Christine Tolentino

Gabi continues to make hang-up phone calls to Paula. Paula and Ricardo try to get back to their plans to marry but images of Ralph continue to plague Paula. Ricardo went to the Waffle Shop to ask for help from Elaine in getting Paula to marry him. Meanwhile, a jealous Gabi takes advantage of the moment by visiting Paula and says that there is something she should have told her earlier...

Annie turns up at Ben's office at The Deep and told him everything about finding Del's briefcase. Confirming that Mark did find a briefcase, Ben and Annie check the cabinet in the office. Annie picks the lock and the two gawk at the fortune in jewels. Annie told Ben that Eddie killed Del. Meanwhile, Eddie has just read Mark's lost and found ad about the briefcase and is on his way to The Deep. Ben and Meg sneak back to his place; Eddie turns up at The Deep, claiming that the briefcase may be crucial to a case he's involved in. Mark innocently remarks that Meg AND the briefcase are up in Ben's office.

At the Waffle Shop, Cole imagines that Caitlin has forgiven him for his past; he turns as Caitlin drops her schoolbooks. Caitlin sets herself down to study as Cole makes sure to keep his distance. At the bar, Cole asks Elaine about Paula and comments how lucky Paula is to have a mother like her. Accepting the compliment, Elaine asks about Cole's mother. He grows distant and remarks that his mother didn't care about him - she abandoned him at the hospital he was born in. Olivia overhears the exchange and is guilt-ridden. Running into Caitlin and Tim, she told them that she'll walk home. Once at the Richards' mansion, Olivia pours herself a drink as Bette arrives. The two reminisce about what they did to Elaine. Over twenty years ago, Bette was married to an obstetrician, Dr. Jeffrey Gordon, and Olivia was a nurse at the hospital he worked in. Jeffrey was being sued for malpractice and Bette turned to her brother Del for financial aid. At the same time, Olivia was interested in a young lawyer named Gregory Richards. Del offered Olivia $10,000 to turn her back during her usual 2:00am break, and persuaded Bette to convince a then pregnant Elaine [the father of the baby was "A.J." - Armando Deschanel Jr.] to choose Jeffrey as her obstetrician. Unknown to all three women, Del was planning to get his hands on the Deschanel jewels. Del then stole Elaine's baby from the hospital, and Bette and Olivia told Elaine that her baby died. Returning to the present, the two friends comment on how the past is back to haunt them. Meanwhile, Cole is making a call to his mysterious contact: OLIVIA is the key to recovering the jewels.

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