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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of April 7, 1997 on SB
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Monday, April 7, 1997
by Mary DeRock

Please Forgive Me
Michael gets a call from Virginia, Jimmy is nowhere to be found. Michael is afraid of what may happen to Jimmy out wherever he is. Vanessa is more worried that Jimmy will tell the police that Michael killed James. Unbeknownst to them, Jimmy has been picked up by SBPD Michael is ready to face his punishment. Virginia calls Michael to tell him Jimmy was picked up for shoplifting. At SBPD, Michael went to pick up Jimmy, who will not talk to Michael. The shop owner where Jimmy shoplifted drops the charges since Michael vouches for him. Jimmy will "never" give Michael another chance again. Michael doesn't want Jimmy to make the same mistake he did, Jimmy says his only mistake was trusting Michael.

I Hope I'm Wrong About This
Paula went to the Waffle Shop to unexpectedly find a "Restaurant for Sale" sing on the door. She asks Elaine what is going on, and she explains "It's time to move on...time to let go." Paula gets her grandmother's pin from Elaine as a gift. Elaine told Paula, "There's nothing to talk about, I've made up my mind." Cole recalls seeing the family picture at Olivia's. He ends up at Elaine's Waffle Shop, asking why she is selling the shop and who will continue the Legend of Sunset Beach. She says it ruined her life, that it's been a curse. Paula takes a hair sample from Elaine's hairbrush with her to SBPD, and asks Ricardo if the Del Douglas murder case will be reopened. He informs her that Del had the Deschanel jewels when he was murdered. Paula takes the samples to be analyzed.

And The Case Continues
Ricardo recalls Ben's mention of a "briefcase full" of evidence. Bette is called in for questioning, as he has reopened the case. He asks Bette about what was in the briefcase. She lets the cat out of the bag, asking, "You know about the Deschanel jewels?" and Ricardo says,"Of course I do." Bette flubs when Ricardo asks if Annie knew about the jewels, Bette told Ricardo Annie found out about the jewels after Del's death, before her own death. She bet's Ricardo that if he finds the jewel thief, he has the killer.

Little Boy Lost
At South Bay General, Sean is missing from his bed. He and Tiff have run out on the surgery, and Sean convinces Tiff he is fine as he is. The doctor tells the Richards that Sean needs the surgery. Both Sean and Tiff spend some time at the beach, Tiff is hesitant about him being out of the hospital. Sean is pessimistic about the future, and Tiff told him she will be with him the whole way through. Caitlin shows people a picture of Sean, looking for him at the beach. Sean and Tiff make it back to his house, Tiff tries to get him to go back to the hospital and have the surgery. Sean refuses both. Dr. Moulton has accepted to do the surgery, Olivia doesn't see the point to having the best surgeon without the patient. They share a moment, admitting to each other they are terrified of what is happening. ark and Meg talk about Ben. Mark told her he blames himself for what's happened to Sean and told Meg about their fight.

Tuesday, April 8, 1997

I've Had A Change of Heart
Caitlin recruits Mark and Meg to help look for Sean. Meanwhile, Tiffany tries to convince Sean it'd be stupid for him to skip out on surgery. Sean gives in to Tiff, Caitlin finds both of them and they head for the hospital. Sean kisses Tiff, saying that was the only thing left for him to do. At the hospital, Sean explains that "If it weren't for Tiffany, I wouldn't have come back here..she's the only reason I'm here right now." He confronts them about lying to him, and adds that he knows how risky the procedure is, which is why he left to enjoy "one last day." Tiff tries to get in to see Sean, Gregory threatens her with criminal charges if anything happens to Sean. Olivia tells Tiff that Sean is asking for her, she went to see him. He's wheeled off for surgery.

It's Nice To See You Again
Rae fills in Casey on her experience with Dr. Moulton. He was her instructor in San Francisco and there was friction between them. Casey wants Rae to make up her mind. He is willing to go head to head with Wei Li for her affection, unless she asks him not to. He needs to talk to her more about things he tells Rae. They also go to the hospital, where Olivia thanks Rae for all she's done and apologizes for what Gregory has said. Dr. Moulton remembers Rae and thinks she is wasting her time at Sunset Beach General. He allows her to observe and assist in the procedure.

It's A Match
Paula has Elaine's hair samples analyzed. She tries to get Getz to rush the analysis, when Ricardo walks in. She explains that she is looking at the evidence in the Del Douglas case, searching for a new lead. He told her the samples from the case are missing, and that they have to meet Gabi at the Deep for Tequila Sunrise, and unwillingly she leaves with him. At the Deep, Gabi questions the two about problems working together and being a couple. Ricardo told Gabi that Paula is the only on he can trust on the force. Paula says she needs to make a call, to which Gabi says she must want to spend the evening with just Ricardo instead of the three of them. Paula calls Getz for the results. He told her they are exact matches to those at the murder scene. Ricardo walks up behind Paula as she says "Mom, what have you done," aloud. She says she must go to her mother's, he can stay and have a good time with Gabi. Getz puts the samples in an envelope marked for Paula, Eddie breaks in (dressed in drag) searching for evidence against Elaine. Paula sees her mother rushing out of the shop and follows her.

What A Coincidence
Cole sees Elaine at the Waffle Shop, he apologizes for the shop having to close and agrees with her about the Deschanel legend being a curse. later at the beach they discuss true love, Elaine told him to tell her the truth and not give up on her "no matter what's happened." He thanks Elaine for talking with him, she told him he reminds her of someone he once knew. He mentions his birthday (January 27th), and Elaine asks, "Did you say January 27th?" Cole leaves, and Elaine wonders aloud what the odds are of Cole's birthday falling on the same day as her dead child's. Elaine heads back to the shop and pulls out a birth certificate hidden behind the 'legend' picture. Cole ends up at the Deep, where Meg and Mark tell him Sean is at South Bay General. Cole heads to the hospital.

I Swear I Have Changed
Ben is having nightmares a month before the anniversary of Maria's death. Annie offers to help him the whole way through. Meg shows up at Ben's, and tells him about Sean needing surgery. Ben apologizes for the other night. He tries to explain the reasons, but Meg doesn't want to pressure him into explaining. Annie offers to let Meg take her place at dinner, Meg has to get to work, says "See you later," to Ben and leaves. Annie holds up a pill bottle, saying, "Much later," to Meg's comment. Annie sets up a "romantic atmosphere" for dinner with Ben, and adds those pills she had earlier to his drink.

Wednesday, April 9, 1997
by Mary

Like I Said, I HAVE Changed
At dinner, Annie and Ben discuss possible leads and Ben wonders why Eddie hasn't returned. She told Ben it's time for both of them to move on with their lives. Annie suggests Ben write Meg a not to wake him, as he starts to feel drowsy. When Meg arrives, she sees the note, and a sly Annie, clad in lingerie, crawls into bed with a sleeping Ben. Meg walks in, and cries at the sight. She returns to the Deep, she told Mark about finding Ben in Bed with another woman. She slips, saying she can't compete with her. Mark says there's no reason to compete, Annie's dead. Ben has another nightmare and Annie is there to comfort him.

Let's Start Over Again
In surgery, Dr. Moulton reprimands Rae for not living up to her potential. Olivia and Gregory reminisce about the time they used spend with the children and the bitterness between the two of them. She wants to start over again, Gregory can't promise things will change. A blood clot attaches to Sean's brain and it has to be removed, Dr. Moulton does so, risking brain damage or death if not done. Rae briefs the Richards on the surgery. Cole arrives as the Richards go get some coffee and comforts Caitlin. He asks Caitlin to meet him later, he wants to tell her the truth. On his way to room 213, where he is meeting Caitlin, he meets up with Olivia. She told him he is right they shouldn't see each other anymore. Olivia also asks him for her pendant back saying, "Your father, Armando Deschanel Jr. gave that to me...I expect it back."

He Is Alive
Elaine digs up her child's grave as Paula watches. The coffin is empty, she realizes her baby did not die. Eddie takes the hair samples from the lab, forgetting his keys on a cabinet. Paula follows Elaine out of the cemetery, and Elaine explains she was told her baby was dead and that he is alive. Paula asks her who would lie to her, Elaine shakes her head puzzled by the whole thing.

Get Away From Me
Ricardo rudely told Gabi to drop the subject when she brought up their night together. They return to his place, where Gabi continues to emphasize "just the two of us." Ricardo makes an excuse of having to write reports and having to go to the station. A new officer finds Eddie's keys and Ricardo identifies them as Eddie's.

Thursday, April 10, 1997
by Mary

What You Don't Know...
Annie comforts Ben after his nightmare. He blames himself for Maria's death again, and walks out of the room. He heads to the Deep where he chats with Meg, she's curt towards him remembering the sight of he and Annie in bed together. He asks why she didn't come over, and she leaves in a huff.

It's A Success...For Now
Rae told the Richards the brain map found a blood clot which may affect Sean's sight. Gregory overhears Mark's lamentation that he won't be able to live with himself "if Sean doesn't pull through." Olivia covers for him and says it is justice for Mark to get married and have his own son and go through what they are going through. The surgery is over, but Rae told the Richards there may be nerve damage. Olivia and Caitlin return home, while Gregory stays at the hospital awaiting any news. She thinks Caitlin would rather be elsewhere, and encourages her to go where she'd rather be. Bette arrives, telling her the police know about the Deschanel jewels. Cole arrives at the caves, recalling Olivia's request for her pendant.

Please Give Me A Chance
Cole and Caitlin meet, he encourages her to think positively as she always does. He promises to never hurt her again, and asks her to leave Sunset Beach with him. She declines adding that Sunset Beach is her home and she does care about him. He asks her to meet her at the grotto at nine the next evening if there is a chance for them. Later, Caitlin arrives at the grotto, where Cole explains he wants to start a new life with her at a new place. She insists they can make a new life in Sunset Beach. "Caitlin, there's something I need to tell you," he told her.

Let's Make A Deal
Ricardo turns down a movie invitation from Gabi. Lopez gets a copy of Eddie's cell phone bill for Ricardo. He gets a call from Eddie, who wants to make a deal. Eddie wants a promise that he won't be shot on sight or arrested and wants Ricardo to meet him "tomorrow morning at 10 at the lifeguard stand...because I am going to tell you who killed Del Douglas."

I Confess, I Did It
Elaine explains more about the son that "died" to Paula. As she is telling Paula she has a flashback of the night with Del. He told her, "I killed your son," she recalls as Paula asks her mother who took her son away. Elaine tells her she has no idea who took her son. However she knows her son is in Sunset Beach. Paula realizes she knows Cole, and Elaine recalls how much time she has spent talking to Cole and knowing he was her son because of his birthday. Elaine told Paula about getting a call that there was more to her son's death than she knew. She told Paula of her meeting with Del and his telling her he killed her son and threatening to kill Paula. Elaine adds that she shot Del, and Paula is shocked to hear it from her mother. At the Waffle Shop Elaine is dressed up, prepared to turn herself in. But, not before she formally introduces herself to her son. Paula discourages her mother from turning herself in, explaining she is in shock from Paula's abduction, Gabi's appearance, and finding out her son is alive. Elaine feels guilty for Annie's death, adding that she neglected to mention that she was sedated right after she found out the baby died. If it weren't for Bette and Olivia she would have never made it through that period of time. They helped her bury the coffin at the Deschanel plot, as the family did not approve. Ricardo walks in as Paula vows to do everything she can to protect her.

a 2nd Look at Thursday, April 10, 1997

by Sha-Sha Toth

The Richard's were told by Rae Chang that they found another blood clot next to the nerve that controls the eye sight. Tiffany over hears from outside one of the patient's room. Rae leaves the Richard's stunned to go to Dr. Moulton with the operation.

Cole and Caitlin start talking, Cole say's that he will never hurt Caitlin again. Cole asks Caitlin to leave Sunset Beach with him. Caitlin stands starry eyed.

Mark rushes to see how Sean is doing, he meets Tiffany in the hallway. They talk about his condition, Mark starts to blame himself saying that all this is his fault. Gregory and Olivia come out of the room which Mark and Tiffany are talking in front of. Mr. Richard's asks Mark on what he is talking about. Gregory stares unknowingly of what they are talking about.

In Room 302, Caitlin denies the offer to go away because Sunset Beach is her home. Caitlin says that she cares about him, Cole in reply, says if there's a chance of their relationship to meet him at the grotto at 9am tomorrow.

Rae Chang told the Richard's that Sean has survived the operation, although he had complications, nerve damage. Rae told them to go home to rest while Sean recovers from the anesthetics, Gregory stays.

Cole arrives at the grotto to see that Caitlin has not shown up.

Olivia watches Caitlin check the answering machine in a pre-occupied manner, her mind somewhere else. Olivia senses this and mentions it. Caitlin, knowing that this is true leaves, as Bette arrives, to see Olivia. Bette discusses with

Olivia about the fact that the police know about the Deschenel Jewels. Olivia is astonished by the fact.

Caitlin meets Cole at the grotto. She question's him about the other woman. He stops the question's by saying that he has to tell her something very important.

An Empty Coffin and a Confession
Elaine has dug up her baby's coffin to find that it is empty. Paula thinks that she is mad. Elaine say's that Paula has a brother. Elaine starts to have many flashbacks of all sorts, mostly Del.

Paula doesn't get it and keeps asking. Elaine say's that she doesn't know. She realizes that Cole is her baby. Paula promises to Elaine that she will find out who took her baby, Elaine say's to forget about it. Elaine told Paula the whole story, and how Del threatened to kill Paula, Paula gasps. She eventually confesses that she has killed Del.

Elaine also told Paula that Olivia an Bette were her only friends that time.

Elaine changes and say that she will meet her son, then turn herself in to the cops.

Car Keys
Ruiz finds Eddie's car keys and brought them to Ricardo. They make a search for Eddie.

Later Ricardo gets a call from Eddie, saying to meet him at the life guard stand at 10:00am and Eddie will tell Ricardo who killed Del. They keep arguing. They finally agree.

Confrontation of the Drugged

Ben comes to see Meg at the Deep. He asks questions on how Sean is doing. She answered, but in an avoiding tone.

She decides to leave, Ben offers to walk her home but she refuses.

Friday, April 11, 1997
by Mary

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