Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of April 14, 1997 on SB

Sean began having vision problems. Olivia was unsuccessful at talking Caitlin out of seeing Cole.
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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of April 14, 1997 on SB
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Monday, April 14, 1997

by Mary DeRock

Gregory almost called security on Tiffany for being in Sean's room, but instead, he offered her a check for $10,000 to get out of Sean's life. She leaned close to Sean and tore up the check. Gregory threatened to get rid of her just like "I got rid of Caitlin's little boyfriend," he said. As he opened the door to usher Tiffany out, Caitlin walked in, overhearing what Gregory had just said. Caitlin confronted him, telling him he had let her down, "You will never be my hero again," she blasted him as Sean awakened. Sean asked for Tiffany, and Gregory ignored the request.

Rae told the Richards that all his signs were good. Olivia and Caitlin didn't see anything wrong with Sean seeing Tiffany. Gregory lost out, and Sean thanked Tiffany, as "everything's perfect," he said. Outside, Caitlin told Gregory he had ruined the good between her and Cole. Olivia walked up to Gregory, saying, "She found out, didn't she?"

Tiffany kept Sean company, describing what she pictured them doing once he was better. Olivia told Gregory everything would be fine between him and Caitlin. Caitlin informed Cole that she knew what had been going on behind her back. He nervously thought she knew about his trysts with Olivia.

Cole thanked Elaine for giving him the advice, and she attempted to talk with him about the mother he had never known. Cole told Elaine he only felt contempt for the woman who had given birth to him and that he never wanted to see her again. Elaine tried to explain that his mother might have loved him and that he should have an open heart. She wished him luck with Caitlin, biting her tongue about her being his mother. Elaine replayed her talk with Cole at the Waffle Shop as she stared at the picture of Armando Deschanel.

Michael officially asked Vanessa out on a date. Wei Li returned, seeing Rae and Casey in the midst of their kiss. Mark encouraged Meg to talk to Ben about what she had seen. Meg asked the group to offer Michael ideas on what would impress Vanessa. Wei Li, as it turned out, had rented Candlestick Park for Rae's 21st birthday.

Rae and Wei Li left for South Bay General to see Sean. Meg and Casey discussed relationships. Vanessa canceled on the date, as all had gone wrong for her that day. Virginia stopped by the Deep to see Michael, and they stepped outside to chat. Virginia thanked Michael for what he had done for Jimmy. She told him she understood if he had to move on, but she felt James needed him.

Virginia wanted Michael to continue being a part of their lives. They hugged each other as Vanessa watched. Casey threw out ideas about how to impress Rae to Meg. Meg encouraged him to compete with Wei Li by being himself. At the hospital, Wei Li got her a job offer at San Francisco's Surgery Center. He had a letter of recommendation from the head of surgery at San Francisco. Rae was amazed and told Wei Li she had to think about it.

Tuesday, April 15, 1997

Annie smilingly asked Ben if things were all right between him and Meg, while Tim asked the same of Meg at the Deep. Tim surmised that Meg was avoiding Ben. He told Meg his parents had had the picture he had taken with the Laker girl put in the Ludlow paper. She told Tim he hadn't changed. He was still a skirt-chasing man, but he explained that, if Ben wanted to get caught, he would invite a woman over when he was going to be with another woman.

Meg realized Ben would be stupid to do that. She arrived at Ben's, where Annie was cleaning her purse. "I know that Ben is not sleeping with you," Meg announced to Annie. She explained that it was too much of a coincidence and found the pills. Meg "offered" to show Ben the pills. Annie played it off that she had been in bed with Ben because he'd had nightmares, and she had been comforting him. Meg bought her excuse.

Ricardo went to the Deep to meet with Ben. Paula arrived, wondering what Ricardo was at the Deep for. She was persistent in her questioning, and Ricardo asked her to back off. "What are you hiding from me?" Paula asked Ricardo as Ben walked in. He asked Ben if the evidence against Eddie was in the briefcase full of the Deschanel jewels. Paula called somewhere, requesting that Elaine call her.

Ricardo got it out of Ben that Eddie had the jewels and had kidnapped Meg. Ricardo told Ben he needed hard evidence, while Paula recalled her talk with Elaine. Paula was vehement about the Douglas case being closed. "Annie's dead," she exclaimed to Ricardo. Tim chatted with Ben, telling him that Meg shouldn't be getting hurt. He added that he knew Annie was alive and didn't want Meg involved. Ricardo broke up their discussion when Ben grabbed Tim.

Caitlin told Cole she knew her dad had made him break up with her, much to Cole's relief. He explained to Caitlin the other woman had been around when he had been hurt, but he loved Caitlin. She agreed to leave Sunset Beach with Cole once Sean was better. Caitlin added that her mother had helped her with her relationship and covered for her the whole time. They discussed where they could possibly go when they left Sunset Beach. They shared a kiss while starting a fire, and Cole tried to discourage things from going further. Caitlin and Cole made love at the cave.

Vanessa decided to go out on the date with Michael after seeing him and Virginia hug. Michael canceled all the plans, as he thought Vanessa had canceled for sure. At dinner, the two were uncomfortable on their first date. Vanessa worried their relationship wouldn't work unless they were involved in a crisis.

Gregory and Olivia discussed his need for control and their children. Apparently, Gregory thought Cole had left town. He thought Cole was "out of sight, out of mind." Olivia told Gregory that Caitlin was just like him. She would stop at nothing to get what she wanted. He thought she should return to UCLA. Olivia offered to help him get Caitlin back.

Wednesday, April 16, 1997

by Mary

Thursday, April 17, 1997

Ricardo considered Eddie's offer while getting some fresh air. Gabi decided to go out for the night, allowing the lovebirds some privacy. Paula told Ricardo it was ironic that she had a brother and a sister. Ricardo left for the police station when he saw Paula wasn't going to divulge anything else. He went to meet Eddie in an alley and bargained with him, giving him full immunity from the D.A.'s office in exchange for whatever he had.

Ricardo asked Eddie what he had on Elaine. "Enough to keep her waffles in the freezer for good," Connors replied. He pulled out the hair samples and showed the birth certificate for "one baby Stevens, found in a secret compartment in Del Douglas' briefcase. Looks like you got yourself a killer," Eddie snidely remarked. Ricardo deduced he had lost the briefcase to Ben and had kidnapped Meg to get it back.

Ricardo knew Ben had duped Connors with the empty briefcase. Connors said he had returned because of the birth certificate and knew Del had gotten the jewels in exchange for the baby. He asked Ricardo if he was willing to put his future mother-in-law behind bars and offered to keep the secret if Ricardo decided to bury the evidence. Ricardo arrived home, took his coat off, and left the birth certificate sticking out of his coat pocket. As they were going to bed, Elaine called and hung up when Ricardo answered.

Meg quietly said, "SB, meet Dorothy," once Ben deduced correctly. Ben made light of their chats "in cyberspace," saying they had been "words on a screen." Meg said they hadn't been just words, they had both been honest to each other and bared their souls. He wanted to know how long she'd known he was SB, to which Meg replied, "For a while." She told him she had not known he wanted nothing to do with "Dorothy" until she had gotten to Sunset Beach.

Meg told Ben of her frustration at finding that out and how lonely she had been when she had arrived at Sunset Beach. Both recalled seeing each other that first day, and Meg claimed she had felt a spark. Meg related to Ben about the thief, meeting Casey, making him strawberry muffins, and almost killing him in her search for SB. She asked him if he'd made it to the pier the night Annie had kidnapped him, if things would be different.

Meg reminded Ben she had mentioned about SB when she had first started working for him at the Deep, but he had been asleep. Meg added that as she had gotten to know Ben Evans, SB hadn't been important anymore. He told her he had never felt closer to anyone than he had to Meg the night she had stopped him from going into the water the night Annie had "died." Meg added that she had to have been unhappy in Ludlow for SB to have had an effect on her. If Ben told her it was wrong for her to go to Sunset Beach, she wouldn't regret having gone.

Caitlin's condition to Gregory was that he accepted Tiffany into the family. She emphasized that Sean needed Tiffany, not just his family, because Tiffany had supported him more than anyone else. Unwillingly, Gregory "will try to deal with Tiffany Thorne." Sean shrugged off his vision problems as "daydreaming" when Olivia noticed him. Gregory offered to take the family on a long-needed vacation. Sean declined, but Gregory added that he wanted Tiffany and Spike to join them on vacation, as he felt Sean had made it clear that Tiffany was a part of the family.

Olivia told Caitlin she was there for her whenever she needed to talk. "Enjoy love while you can," Olivia admonished her daughter, and Tiffany called her mother "cool." Sean thanked his father for accepting Tiffany, saying, "It means a lot to me." Tiffany thanked Gregory for that, too, saying he wouldn't regret it.

Cole waited for Olivia at the Grotto. Caitlin arrived instead. Cole offered to take her home. As they were kissing, Olivia arrived and realized Cole was Caitlin's young man. Gregory decided Sean needed rest and took Tiffany with him. Before she left, she asked him to fill out his breakfast request, and when he couldn't read what she had chosen for him, Tiffany deduced that he couldn't see.

Friday, April 18, 1997

by Mary DeRock

Gabi attempted to help Ricardo with whatever was bothering him, thinking it had to do with the night Paula had been kidnapped. He thanked her for trying but declined her offer for company outside. Alone, he recalled his theoretical conversation with Paula about protecting a loved one versus upholding the law. Eddie arrived, saying he understood Ricardo's inability to sleep. As Eddie left, Paula walked up to Ricardo, saying he shouldn't feel guilty about Annie's death.

Ricardo mentioned that if he were such a good cop, Del's killer would be in jail, as he knew the killer was still on the loose. She encouraged him to let "this go" -- that Annie had to have done it. He professed his love to Paula and reminded her he cared for her. Ricardo went to Elaine's, and she asked, "What took you so long?"

Sean shrugged off his vision problem to Tiffany as a side effect of the anesthesia. Sean asked Tiffany not to mention the blurred vision to anyone; he didn't want to "rock the boat," as his family had never been closer. Tiffany asked Sean to see a doctor for her. She didn't want him to go blind. Sean agreed to talk to Rae but didn't want to tell his parents.

Ben told Meg his chats with "Dorothy" had meant a lot to him, as he had been able to get in touch with a side of him he'd "closed off." He added that he might never share anything but a "close friendship" with another woman. Meg told Ben she respected his honesty, and they started to discuss Tim. She mentioned his cheating with her best friend and not trusting Tim. Both decided to get some sleep, and Ben had a nightmare about Maria. He scared Meg as he was strangling her while yelling, "Stop, Maria."

Caitlin deduced that Cole had to be expecting someone else, the other woman, as he was antsy. He denied it, adding she couldn't "do anything to jeopardize our future." Olivia recalled seeing Cole and Caitlin at the Grotto as Caitlin went home. In the meantime, Cole rehearsed what he'd say to Olivia when he cut things off with her.

Mother and daughter chatted, and Olivia dissuaded her daughter from her romance, saying all might not be roses all the time. Caitlin said, "My heart is safe with Cole, mom." Olivia was unsuccessful at dissuading Caitlin, and went to the Grotto to confront Cole. She talked to herself at the beach, regretting what she had done to her daughter. Meanwhile, Caitlin fondly recalled her night with Cole.

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