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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of May 12, 1997 on SB
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Monday, May 12, 1997

by Lisa M Smith

Ben wakes from a nightmare about Maria. Ben went upstairs and stands at the locked door and turns the key in the lock. He has a memory of Maria drowning and then the doorbell rings and he went and finds Meg at the door. He tries to push her way and is quite rude to her. He can't open up to Meg. She tells him the pattern that they have developing is not good. She figures out that he had a nightmare and he told her about the nightmare and about following her upstairs. When she asks what is upstairs he withdraws. Meg answers the door when it rings and she is shocked to see her mother. She finds out that Tim planned and set the trip up. Joan told Tim that the trip was a nice gesture and they talk about what he had done. Ben comes down and sharply asks Tim what he is doing and then sees Joan. There is puzzled shock in both of their faces. After meeting her mother, Ben turns into the gracious host. Annie comes waltzing in and lays a big wet kiss on Ben. She, after meeting Mrs. Cummings, told her all about Meg's adventures with helping Ben prove her innocence in her father's murder. Mrs. Cummings sees the picture of Maria and asks about the woman and then asks what happened to her when she finds out who she was. Ben is obviously perplexed.

Meg and Mark talk about paying bills. Casey and Rae are talking and she finds it odd that his mother sends him a mother's day card instead of the other way around. Rae is disappointed about the way things stand with her parents. Wei-Lee has a plan to try to make him look good in Rae's eyes. He agrees to give her gift to her mother and he smirks at Casey as he hugs her. Mark and Vanessa have a collision when they collide at the door. Vanessa confides in Rae about her insecurity about going to Hong Kong and leaving Michael. Rae told her that she understands what she is going through and tells her that she wishes she had told Casey the truth from the beginning. Casey and Rae end up having a blow up over Wei-Lee and what his intentions really are. Casey found out what Wei-Lee up to and that he is in cahoots with Gregory.

Annie is ordering a mover around about furniture and where to put it. Tim rings the doorbell and Annie asks to borrow $20. with the promise to pay him back. They discuss their plan to break Ben and Meg up. After he leaves, she eagerly waits for the right moment to go to Ben's.

Mark is on the beach talking to a child. Meg comes up and starts kidding around with a aggravated Mark who is very defensive and then apologizes. Meg tells him that she is on her way to see Ben since he didn't go in to THE JAVA WEB. Vanessa finds Casey on the beach. They talk about the newspaper and working for Gregory. He told her that there is something he needs to take care of at Surf Central.

Michael makes reservations to take Virginia out for Mother's day and brought her flowers. You start to see the feelings that Virginia has for Michael. Vanessa, after talking to Rae told Michael about her job opportunity. He supports her and they also briefly discuss Virginia and how they don't have much time together.

Tuesday, May 13, 1997

by Lisa M Smith

Meg's mother is quite shocked at what Ben tell's her about his wife's death. He told her how there are rumors that he was blamed. Tim and Joan are talking about what is going on around Sunset beach. Tim told her that he wanted her to see for herself what was happening instead of taking the chance that she wouldn't believe him. Meg is aggravated at how things are going with her mother. Annie pretends to be interested in Meg's hometown. Ben suggests that Meg take her mother out on the beach for a walk. Meg told Tim she doesn't know whether to thank him or kill him.

Gabi walks in during a tender moment between Ricardo and Paula. Ricardo has to fix the air conditioner that is on the fritz. Gabi takes advantage of the situation by coming on to Ricardo after Paula left for her shift. She teaches him what air conditioning Ricardo asks her for some help reading the directions. Gabi decides to take a shower and conveniently doesn't have a towel and she went out in the buff and Ricardo sees her and is speechless.

Caitlin comes to see Cole; who told her of the news of his parentage. He tells her that he needs answers to all of his questions and he has to go and talk to the one person that can tell him the truth. He sends Caitlin to go and get her wallet and passport. She leaves to go and get them. Olivia goes to see Cole and offers him the jewels in exchange for him to leave town and do it alone. Cole refuses her.

Olivia who is doing everything she can to keep Gregory from finding out that Cole and her slept together is frantically trying to get him out of town. When Caitlin comes home, she sends her on a errand to an antique shop to get some things for her that are in Santa Barbara. Before Olivia leaves, they share a tender moment. Caitlin went and writes a letter of goodbye and gets her passport and opens the door to leave Gregory's office and is confronted by Gregory.

Elaine is worried about Cole. Gregory comes to visit her and to try to get information about her son. She refuses to allow her son to be dragged into the messy situation. Paula comes and despite her mother's pleas; she tells Gregory what he needs. Gregory is shocked to find out that Cole St. John is Elaine's son. He tries to find out where Cole is and is angry to hear that he is in Sunset Beach. Gregory leaves to go and find Cole. Paula finds out that Cole does know that Elaine is his mother and that he ran off. She tells her mother that she is trying to save her life.

Wednesday, May 14, 1997

by Lisa M Smith

Ricardo is shocked at seeing Gabi naked. He offers her a towel and she goes to and get dressed and in walks Paula. Ricardo is very uncomfortable and she is clueless. Paula told Ricardo about the disappointing Mother's Day reunion between Cole and Elaine who is distracted. Ricardo asks for privacy and thinks maybe they could get her a job at the PD. Gabi agrees and declares that she wants them together and needs to find a new place to sleep. After Gabi leaves, Paula confronts Ricardo with what she thinks is going on between the two of them. She told him that she knows that he wants things the way they used to be and how if everything had not happened that they would have been newlyweds. She tries to take some of the blame. Ricardo tells and makes sure that she knows that none of this is her fault.

Cole and Olivia are still arguing about the love they have for Caitlin. He challenges her to confess everything to her daughter. knowing that she won't have the chance. Olivia and Cole talk about what the repercussions would be if she did reveal their affair. Olivia leaves and then soon Caitlin arrives back and confesses that she left her father a note. Cole isn't real happy to hear this but understands. Cole asks Caitlin to really think about whether or not she can leave everything.

Gregory questions Caitlin about what she is doing in his study. She tells him that she is trying to locate a book and he offers his assistance. She declines the offer. She is visibly nervous. Gregory talks about how he is overprotective and his feelings that he has lost her. Caitlin sees Sean and asks about his eyes and she asks him to tell him to take care of himself. She is obvious that she is saying goodbye. He told her that he knows that she is going to see Cole and they share a emotional good-bye and he told her that if she needs anything to call him. Gregory finds the letter from Caitlin saying that she is leaving Sunset Beach. He is consumed with anger and went racing around the house and Olivia tries to tell him that she sent her to Santa Barbara. Gregory gives Olivia the note and he calls the police and demands to speak to Chief Harris. Gregory promises to find Cole and destroy him. Gregory questions Sean about Caitlin's where abouts. Gregory overhears Olivia that her daughter must be meeting Cole at the grotto. He blows up, and Olivia admits that she knew that Cole was still in town. Gregory asks what other secrets she is keeping. Olivia tries to justify her actions by telling him that she was trying to keep the peace between father and daughter.

Annie and Tim are talking about the plan to break up Ben and Meg. Annie has some doubts that this plan is going to work, Ben walks in and confronts the two schemers and what they are up. Ben talks to Tim about running Meg out of town. Tim reminds him that it was his idea and Ben say's that it is the last thing that he wants. Tim told Ben that he doesn't think Meg is safe with him. Ben told him that he does want Meg here even though it may not be the best for her. Annie breaks up a fight after Tim told Ben that he doesn't want Meg to wind up dead like his first wife. Meg and her mother walk in and catch the tail end of the fight and Joan hears an earful. Joan asks what is going on. Meg told Tim that he owes Ben an apology. Ben told Joan that he would like to get to know the woman who has raised such a lovely girl and she falls for his charm. Annie and Tim realize that they need to come out with the big guns to get things reversed to their favor.

Joan confronts Meg about her relationship with Ben. Meg stands defends Ben against the rumors and declares that she knows that he is not what the rumors seem like. Joan is charmed by Eddie when they run into him while he is out jogging. Eddie finds Gabi depressed on beach. She tells him that she is glad that they are working things out. She told him how her father kept up with Paula through the Sunset Beach paper and had a scrapbook. Eddie told Gabi that he knows about how she wants Ricardo. Cole and Caitlin see the police have been notified and start trying to out maneuver them.

Thursday, May 15, 1997

by Mary DeRock

I Love My Sister
Paula and Ricardo have a romantic lunch together. Ricardo vows to make her happy and give her everything she could ever want. She asks Ricardo why he gets nervous around Gabi, and he says he finds the fact that Gabi didn't warn Paula about her arrival ahead of time suspicious. He's afraid Gabi will hurt Paula, but she thinks he's just being a suspicious detective. Ricardo is paged to the station and Paula went to see Elaine. Meanwhile, Gabi is having a passionate dream about Ricardo confessing his desire for her. Eddie wakes her, knocking on the door and asking to be let in. He told Gabi that Ricardo and Paula were at Grenadines having lunch together. Eddie surmises that it pains her to see them getting closer since she is jealous of Paula. "Why would I want to hurt my sister?" Gabi innocently asks. Eddie adds that she used to be nice, but now that she has started to "bait" her trap for Paula she's meaner. He told Gabi he doesn't want to see Paula get hurt.

Please Don't Go
Gregory tries to convince Caitlin to return home with him. He argues with Cole about leaving Elaine and Cole abandoning her. Gregory refuses to let them leave, and pushes Cole against the wall at the Grotto. Cole decks Gregory and he and Caitlin steal a horse and ride down the beach. Gregory blames himself for what has happened, he feels he pushed her towards Cole.

The Past Is Haunting Us
Bette and Olivia visit Elaine and fill her in on Cole and Caitlin's "escape." Elaine leaves to discuss her case with an associate of Gregory's, and Olivia and Betted discuss the past. Bette tries to convince Olivia that it is Gregory's fault that Olivia did what she did. Had Olivia had a good marriage, she would not have slept with Cole, Bette concludes.

Sean and Tiff talk about father/daughter relationships. Tiffany told him she left home alone, rather than with someone like Caitlin. Michael and Vanessa talk about Vanessa's job offer. He tries to convince her to take the job, and she confesses she would like him to go with her. Virginia watches them while their chatting at the Waffle Shop. Reality is, Michael doesn't want her to go and Vanessa hopes he'll ask her to stay, but they don't tell each other. As soon as Vanessa steps out, Michael makes a reservation to Honk Kong, while Vanessa refuses the job offer.

Friday, May 16, 1997

by Mary DeRock

Michael boards a plane to Hong Kong, while Vanessa panics when she finds out he's on his way there, while she's staying. He patiently waits for Vanessa, and Vanessa arrives five minutes late to stop Michael. Unbeknownst to her, Michael listens to her beg the airline employee to call Michael on the plane. Michael appears, and Vanessa calls him a jerk for fooling her. They make up and kiss passionately as the airline employee watches.

Please Go
Cole refuses to allow Caitlin to leave town with him. Cole wants to turn himself in, rather than put Caitlin in danger. If he leaves, he will send for her, but he doesn't want her in danger. They hug goodbye, and Cole tells Caitlin to return the horse and go home.

Trials and Tribulations To Find The Truth
Elaine explains to Paula that Olivia told her Cole and Caitlin ran off to be together, and that Cole did not kidnap Caitlin. Gregory raises the charges on Cole from kidnapping, and adds assault and battery charges. Olivia tries to convince Gregory to drop the kidnapping charges, as they both know Caitlin left willingly. Ricardo asks that of Gregory as he knows Olivia told Elaine. Ricardo questions Olivia, and sees Caitlin's note in her hand. Ricardo takes it from her, and reads it aloud. He berates Gregory for filing a false police report. Ricardo warns him to not to do it again, and Gregory gives Ricardo his file from Interpol on Cole. Olivia told Gregory she believes Cole really loves Caitlin, and Gregory asks her how well she knows Cole. Paula catches up to Cole and they argue about Elaine being his mother. "So what are you going to do, arrest me?" Cole asks Paula. She tries to convince Cole that Elaine cares about him, and he should stay to help Elaine. Cole starts to leave, and Paula starts to call in his location, but decides to let him go. Casey visits Elaine mentioning that Michael has gone to Hong Kong to meet up with Vanessa. She asks about how things are going for him and Rae, and Casey explains that Rae is upset because of the things he's said about Wei Li. Elaine told Casey about Cole being alive after all. Ricardo arrives, telling Elaine that Gregory dropped the kidnapping charges. Ricardo adds that there are a few things need to be worked out and the cops are still looking for Cole. Later Paula arrives to tell her mother that Cole "got away," and Elaine hugs Paula. Cole drives off in a shiny green convertible, unbeknownst to him, Caitlin is hiding in the back seat.

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