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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of May 19, 1997 on SB
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Monday, May 19, 1997
by Lisa M Smith

As Cole drives out of town he reminisces of his time spent in Sunset Beach. Caitlin pops up from the back seat. Cole is angry that she did not stay behind as he requested. Cole turns around to take Caitlin back to Sunset Beach when they hear the sirens from behind. Cole waits for the right time to bail on the officer. After loosing the cops, Cole and Caitlin hide out in a barn. Soaked from the rain, Caitlin and Cole embrace.

As Michael and Vanessa embrace in a passionate kiss, they are interrupted by Virginia and Jimmy's entrance. Vanessa announces to everyone that the Hong Kong trip is off. When Michael questions why the change in plans, Virginia and Jimmy leave to give them some time alone. Michael assures Vanessa that he is willing to go with her. After discussing the options, Vanessa decides to go to Hong Kong knowing that Michael will be there when she returns. Vanessa tells everyone that she has made travel arrangements to Hong Kong. Michael and Jimmy are having problems. Jimmy is upset that Michael killed his father.

Joan thanks Ben for giving her the tour. Tim and Annie decide to up the ante on breaking up Ben and Meg. Annie gives Joan the upstairs tour. Making sure that Joan discovers their is a "locked room" at Ben's place. Meg knows Annie is up to something. With all the plotting and scheming Annie serves more than tea after giving Joan the house tour. When Ben offers to give her the tour of the Deep, Meg suggest she take her mom to Surf Central. As Ben walks her to the door Annie and Tim discuss the next step of the plan. Annie takes Tim upstairs to tell him all about the "locked room".

Casey brought Rae a bouquet of white roses that he had picked for her. When Rae told Casey she was excited to see how things blossomed between them, they lean in for a kiss. Mark and Jimmy interrupt them when they walk in the room. Michael walks in and Jimmy gives him the cold shoulder. Joan and Meg walk in to find the guys at Surf Central playing indoor football. Joan has the chance to get to meet all of Meg's friends. Meg and Joan, cleaning the kitchen (can you believe it) discuss Meg's feelings for Ben. Knowing her daughter is in love with Ben, Joan shares her concerns about their relationship. Casey tries to comfort Rae when she is upset about her parents disowning her. She and Casey have a spat.

Mark brought some ideas to Ben's attention. Ben and Mark chat about life and their dreams.

Joan insist on a private chat with Ben, against Meg's better judgement. When Meg told her mother not to give Ben the third degree. Meg leaves the room and Joan inquires about Ben's intentions. Ben told Joan that he will never do anything to hurt Meg. Joan wants to know if Ben is over his wife. Meg overhears Ben as he replies, "I don't know if I will ever be over Maria~!"

Annie and Tim search Ben's house to look for the key to the locked room. When Tim finds the key, Annie replies that all that they need now is for Meg to find it.

Tuesday, May 20, 1997
by Lisa M Smith

Vanessa makes the final plans for her Hong Kong trip. Virginia, worried about Michael and Jimmy's relationship, leaves to go look for Jimmy.

Michael tries to find out what is bugging Jimmy. Wishing that Michael would be interested in his mother instead of Vanessa, Jimmy has alot of hostility. When Virginia arrives on the beach, she told Michael she willt ake over from here. Jimmy pushes Michael away and Virginia encourages Michael to go to Hong Kong with Vanessa. Vanessa walks up and told everyone that she will probably be too busy for Michael in Hong Kong. She thinks it is best if he stay in Sunset beach. A happy Virginia and Jimmy leave to go to the Waffle Shop. Michael and Vanessa talk about Jimmy and Virginia. Vanessa tries to explain how Jimmy may be thinking. Michael told Vanessa about his prior conversations with Jimmy. Vanessa

Gabi reprots for her first day of work. Paula discovers a complete record of Cole. Paula is troubled that Cole is wanted by interpool. Paula confides in Ricardo that she let Cole go on the beach. Ricardo feels that Gregory is just trying to get even with Cole for dating Caitlin and is not upset by Paula's actions. Gabi learns about Cole being Paula's brother. Concerned for her mother, Paula wishes she had the chance to get to know her brother. When Gabi arrives for the grand tour from Ricardo, Eddie warns Paula that close living quarters can lead to other things. After kicking Eddie out of the station, Elaine and Ruiz walk up. Paula told Elaine that the kidnapping charges for Cole have been dropped. Gabi warns Ricardo about Eddie and his schemes. Ricardo is concerned.

Caitlin told Caole how she misses her mom. Caitlin explains that since she has met Cole, she and her mom have become really close. Cole told Caitlin that he is taking her back to Sunset Beach and Caitlin refuses to go. Caitlin conforts Cole about his knowledge of Elaine. Vowing to stand beside him , Cole refers to Elaine as his "mother". Trying to rationalize everything, Cole is determined to find the truth about his mother. He leaves to look for other transportation so they can leave. Caitlin calls home.

Gregory and Olivia discuss Caitlin and Cole. Sean told Gregory that the worst thing he could have done was to turn the police onto Cole and Caitlin. As Gregory reflects back on the letter from Caitlin, the phone rings. When Caitlin doesn't say anthing and immediately hangs up Gregory tries to have the call traced. Oliva ask Gregory for a truce. Assuring Gregory of Caitlin's love, Olivia gives him a warm embrace.

Sean and Tiffany are talking when Mark arrives. Caitlin calls to say that she is ok and for Sean to tell mom she did the right thing. When the call ends abruptly, Sean is concerned.

Cole walks in and finds Caitlin on the cell phone. He immediately takes the phone and hangs it up. When Caitlin questions Cole's reasons for hanging up the phone, he explains that the calls can be traced~!! COle and Caitlin leave their hideout on foot since he couldn't locate transportation. Cole assures Caitlin they will be ok.

Gregory has confirmation that Caitlin was the one on the phone. As Olivia and Gregory continue to discuss Caitlin, Olivia told Gregory that the anger will tear them apart. Gregory reaches out to Olivia for a hug. When gregory leaves for his office, Sean confides in Olivia that Caitlin called to let them know she is ok. Olivia worries about her daughter.

Ricardo, Paula and Gabi are at the Waffle Shop for lunch. When Gabi spots Eddie she leaves to pay him a visit. Not realizing that Eddie had no clue, Gabi spills the beans to Eddie about Ricardo's whereabout the night that Paula was abducted. Gabi begs Eddie to keep it quiet. Virginia told her son that she loves him very much. Jimmy is still upset about Virginia keeping his father's killer a secret from him.

Vanessa and Michael arrive and discuss Jimmy. Michael ask Vanessa if she thinks he has ever tried to make a move on Virginia.

Wednesday, Daytime Emmys Wednesday, May 21, 1997
by Lisa M Smith

Vanessa told Michael that she is jealous of Virginia and Michael's relationship. Michael reminds her that she is the one for him! With Vanessa's plane departing in a little over and hour, they share a passionate kiss. Knowing that time is short, Michael and Vanessa decide to make love.

Casey has flashbacks of his recent spat with Rae. After receiving a phone call from his mom, Casey opens up to Rae about his life and family. Rae listens as Casey shares stories about his mom and her adventures. Learning that Casey was raised by his father, Rae remembers Casey and his dad don't get along. When she questions the reasons, Casey told her a woman came between them. When Rae hears about Casey's family life, she understands why it is so difficult for Casey to discuss them.

Annie and Tim prepare to set the final steps of their plan into action. As Ben, Meg and Joan enter the front, Annie and Tim are slipping out the back way. Later Annie comes over to invites them all to dinner at her place.

Virginia explains to Jimmy why she kept the knowledge of Michael killing his father from him. Jimmy told his mom that she wants Michael to be his new dad. Jimmy encourages Virginia to find someone to share her life with, but not the man that killed his father.

Annie told her Aunt Bette that she needs to make dinner arrangements elsewhere. Ben and Meg arrive with Joan. When Bette inquires of Mr. Cummings, Joan replys abruptly, "he is just fine". Bette continues to tell Joan of Al and his untimely death in the hot tub. Joan is concerned over what her daughter has been involved with since arriving at Sunset Beach. As hor`douves are served, Bette and Annie tell Joan stories of Meg in Sunset Beach. Tim arrives. Joan grows more concerned about Meg's life in Sunset Beach. Joan questions Meg about Ben Evans. With Meg defending Ben, Joan tries to convince her that maybe things are not as they seem. Annie ask Meg to help her get some things from Ben's house. As Meg leaves, Annie continues to drop suspicious remarks to Joan.

Annie and Meg enter. Meg knows that Annie is up to something. When she confronts her, Annie purposely pushes over the cigar box with the key to the locked room inside. As Annie "discovers" the key, she purposely leaves the room to search for the wine.

When Michael attemps to lock the door, Virginia and Jimmy arrive. Feeling like they are intruding, they leave. Michael apoligizes to Vanessa and promises to have them in their own place before she returns. The limo arrives and Vanessa and Michael say their good~byes. Michael told Vanessa not to worry about a thing. Vanessa takes one more look at Virginia and Jimmy and walks away.

Casey is staring at the sunset, Rae walks up and massages his shoulders. Rae tells Casey she felt close to Casey when he opened up about his family. Casey and Rae kiss. Rae leads Casey upstairs. Sitting on the bed, Rae tells Casey she is afraid of what might happen. Casey assures her she is safe with him. They begin to make love.

Joan wonders why Meg is taking so long at Ben's house. Ben told Joan that Meg has the run of the house.

Meg remembers hearing Annie and Ben talking about Maria and the locked room. Meg immediately went upstairs to open the locked room. As she walks inside she sees where someone has cut paintings and something red splattered all over the wall. Meg is scared~!!

Thursday, May 22, 1997
by Mary DeRock

Cole and Caitlin check into a motel, and think they are safe until they hear knocking at the door. Its the motel owner to tell them the ice machine is broken. They explain their car broke down a mile away, the owner doesn't believe them, so Cole adds they are on their honeymoon. Caitlin describes their "wedding" saying it was everything she dreamed it would be, and Cole later apologizes for taking her dreams away. Eventually all is smoothed out and they kiss and make love. Cole has a nightmare about Caitlin and Olivia.

Kiss and Make Love
Olivia told Gregory that it is her fault that they've lost Caitlin. Gregory explains he knows everything about Olivia now, and Olivia thinks he knows about Cole. He kisses her and adds that he doesn't want to hear apologies and they start to make love. Afterwards, he vows to find out everything he can about Cole.

The Secret In The Locked Room
Ben finds it strange that Meg is taking too long to look for the towels, and Annie dissuades him from checking on her. Meg is shocked at the sight in Maria's studio, there is blood splattered on the wall and the floor. She imagines Ben entering the studio and stabbing Maria. Annie puts down Meg and Tim ventures that Annie really has it in for Meg. They smile, saying that their plans are going perfect. Meanwhile Meg cries outside the room, talking to herself about what is happening. She shuts the door and runs out, leaving the key in the door knob. As she runs out, Meg literally runs into Ben and screams when she sees him. Joan hears Meg's scream, and Annie suggests everyone go over to Ben's to find out what it is. Meg told Ben nothing is wrong and she thought she heard something upstairs. A shaken Meg tries to explain she is OK, and recalls she left the key in the door knob. "As long as Meg is with Ben, what harm could possibly come to her," Annie volunteers. Tim checks things out, and asks Meg if she was sure she heard something. Meg lies, saying she lost her ring upstairs and went to get the key. Ben comes up behind her, "Did you find what you're looking for?" he asks as Meg scrambles to pick up the key she dropped. Tim told Annie he saw the key in the lock, and Annie guesses Ben must know Meg looked in the room. Meg told Ben she must have dropped her ring when she ran for the stairs. Joan and Meg go downstairs, and Ben make sure the door is locked.

Undoing The Past
As Rae and Casey almost make love, Wei Li calls disrupting their moment. Casey told Rae he understands that Rae would want to know about her parents. He adds that he'd like to help her, but knows he's the one who can make things worse. As they kiss, Wei Li arrives to break up the kiss. Wei Li tells her that her Aunt Jade was at the lunch, and her mother would not take her present. Casey tries to comfort her about it, and he is paged for a lifeguard emergency. Wei Li adds that her parents don't want her name mentioned around them. When Casey returns, Rae told Casey what Wei Li told her. "If I hadn't called off my engagement with Wei Li, none of this would have happened," Rae thinks aloud. Rae blames herself for everything and thinks if she "undoes" what she's done, her parents will take her back.

Friday, May 23, 1997
by Mary DeRock

Grandmother Spills The Beans Cole told Caitlin they will see the person who can clarify things for him today. Cole's grandmother welcomes them, while Cole introduces his grandmother, Madame Deschanel to Caitlin. He asks his grandmother why she sent him to Sunset Beach. She told Cole she sent him to find the Deschanel jewels, and to reunite his mother Elaine Stevens. It turns out she traded the Deschanel jewels for Cole with Del Douglas. She knew how much A.J. and Elaine loved each other, and she knew that Elaine didn't have a chance to tell him she was pregnant. It seems A.J. was a wanderer and Madame Deschanel received Elaine's letter telling A.J. she was carrying his child. She felt Cole was her second chance, she needed Cole to fill A.J's void in her life. Madame Deschanel pleads for his forgiveness. Cole screams at his grandmother that Elaine is in jail because she killed Del Douglas. Cole decides to return to Sunset Beach for Elaine.

Intimacy Again Paula thinks it is time she and Ricardo get intimate, and he contemplates telling her about the night she was abducted. As he starts to tell Paula, Gabi burst in and interrupts them. Ricardo told Paula he had cold feet instead of telling her the truth. Gabi brought up her interrupting them and Ricardo says that won't be a problem since Gabi is looking for an apartment. Eddie "chats" with Gabi, asserting that Gabi wanted Eddie to know about the night she was with Ricardo. During a sister chat, Paula told Gabi she and Ricardo are intimate and the engagement is on.

The Plight Of A Mother Olivia tries to convince Gregory that Caitlin won't return since she is in love with Cole. He mentions that he cut off her credit cards to make Caitlin come home. Gregory wonders how Caitlin could have left without even calling, and Olivia told Sean she can't keep Caitlin's call a secret any longer. Gregory fills Elaine in on Cole's past as a jewel thief wanted by Interpol; she refuses to believe it. Elaine blames herself for Cole's kidnapping, thinking that as his mother she should have asked more questions. She adds that she believes Del didn't take Cole alone. "Maybe I should ask you, Olivia," Elaine says. Later, Elaine comforts Olivia, saying that she knows what it is like to lose a child.

A Day At The Beach Outside the Richards' at the beach Mark discusses his future as a DJ with Tiffany. Sean joins them and they start playing with a Frisbee. When he lunges to catch the Frisbee he has a dizzy spell and blurred vision.

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