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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of June 23, 1997 on SB
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Monday, June 23, 1997
by Mary DeRock

Meg and Ben take a walk on the beach and Tim decks Ben upon seeing this. Michael wants Alex to tell Casey the truth about her illness, while she plans a bash at Surf Central. Gregory thinks the call for "Mrs. Cole" is for Cailtin. The couple informs him they will live together. Intimate tension continues to rise between Annie and Tim.Olivia thinks, based on her calendar, that Cole is the father of the child she is carrying.

Tuesday, June 24, 1997
by Sunset Bum

Ricardo wants Paula to talk about her kidnapping. Paula said she still needs time. Ricardo and Paula planned to meet at The Deep for Tequila Sunset. Paula made an appointment to get her tattoo removed.

Olivia asks Gregory about having another baby around the house, Gregory laughs it off and discusses the downside of having another baby. He also said that when Sean went off to college they can travel and have a "second honeymoon", why would she even think of having another baby?

Gabi and Mark talked about Gabi's apartment hunting...Mark told Gabi he'd ask Ben if there was an opening available at The Deep or at The Java Web. Tiff and Sean arrived at the Waffle shop...Tiff seemed jealous of the fact that Mark was talking to Gabi.

Paula told Gabi and Elaine about her appointment with the plastic surgeon...Elaine wondered if Ricardo has indeed changed, since she Paula told her that Ricardo was with another woman on the night of her kidnapping. Paula insisted that he has changed.

Paula let Gabi in the house so she could get her mail. Paula left a note for Ricardo saying that she had a change of plans...they were going to stay home, that she had a surprise for him. Paula went out to the car while Gabi lingered behind, Gabi took the letter and placed it on the floor, where Ricardo couldn't see it.

Caitlin tole Gregory and Olivia that she would move back home, providing that Cole is always welcome there. OLivia told Bette that she cannot have the baby.

Gabi was at The Deep when Ricardo arrived...Gabi told Mark that Ricardo was hitting on her again. Tiff and Sean arrived at The Deep, they discussed how they are going to tape Mark while he is the D.J. and patch it through to the Radio station. Tiff once again seemed jealous of Mark and Gabi talking together.

Wednesday, June 25, 1997
by Sunset Bum

Paula enters the DEEP looking for Ricardo.Mark tries to make sure that Paula does not see Ricardo with Gabi. Mark warns Ricardo to be more careful. Ricardo assures Mark that there is nothing between him and Gabi. Sean and Tiffany set the tape up for Mark's D J performance, then Sean takes it to the radio station. Tiffany shows a little jealousy when she sees Mark with Gabi. Mark informs Tiffany that she lost the right to tell him who he should see when she chose Sean.Annie presses Ben to find out why he burned the bed. Ben gets angry and pushes Annie of the office. Mark told Gabi that she is wrong about Ricardo making moves on her. Mark takes Gabi on to the dance floor and Gabi plays coy with him. Meg lets Ben know she will be around when he is ready to talk. Annie tries to get Tim to find the journal for her so that she can read it again. Tim unwillingly told her that it is in Meg's backpack. Ben sees Meg leave with Tim.

There is a stranger entering Maria's studio. He walks over to the bed and fingers the ashes. (Who is this person?)

Olivia is thinking about terminating the pregnancy and Bette is shocked. Bette suggest that Olivia have a paternity test. While Olivia and Bette are leaving Gregory comes in the door. He asks Olivia where she is going and Bette told him that she has an appointment with the hairdresser. Gregory gets Bette to stay behind, trying to get her to tell him what is wrong. Bette tells Gregory to stick by Olivia no matter what. Not wanting to chance the baby being Cole's, Olivia decided to terminate the pregnancy.Upset over the decision she must make, Olivia is crying when Gregory enters the room. She tells him she is trying so hard not to drink and Gregory told her that there is nothing that they can't conquer as long as they do it together.

Hoping Meg will forgive and forget, Tim arrives with a bouquet of balloons. Tim realized that the way to Meg's heart is to have her focus on old "fun times". When Tim invites Meg for a day of fun, Meg told him that she would like to but that she has to work. Tim says that is great I will go with you and we can just hang out.

Olivia sees Dr. Robinson about paternity test for the baby. He informs her that the test can not be done for a few weeks yet. Olivia knows that a decision has to be made quickly as she is in her last phase of the first trimester. She told him that she wants to terminate this pregnancy. He tries to get her to take time, but she is determined to get this over with. He told her that it can be done tomorrow with another Doctor.

After leaving the Deep, Paula needs to change the bandage from where she had the tattoo removed. Paula told Ricardo that she wants a fresh start. They almost kiss and then Paula pulls away. Ricardo has a fantasy of Paula. He is startled when Paula enters in a bathrobe and asks if he wants to order pizza and watch a video.

Thursday, June 26, 1997
by Mary DeRock

The Truth Comes Out
Alex has "complications" while making preparations for the BBQ and later collapses on the floor. Casey walks into the kitchen and finds his mother in a heap on the floor. Vanessa told Michael he doesn't want her to work with Alex because she doesn't measure up to Alex. Michael explains he is concerned about Alex and doesn't like keeping a secret from Casey. Paramedics arrive and when they ask if she has any conditions, Michael told them she has cancer, stage 4. He urges Casey to go with his mother. Vanessa and Michael discuss the weight on his shoulders, Michael adds he is upset about Casey finding out this way. In the hospital room, Alex apologizes to Casey. Mother and son share a special discussion about their lives. Michael tries to make nice with Casey, but Casey calls him an sob and shoves him against the wall. Michael apologizes saying it was Alex's call.

I Want In On The Secrets
Annie arrives at the Deep to take Maria's journal and asks Tim to help her. Tim refuses to help Annie, so she says she'll tell Meg of their kiss. Tim helps her and creates a distraction, but Maria's journal is not in Meg's backpack. She decides to break into Meg's room, Meg ends up getting off work early and went home. Meanwhile, Annie is searching Meg's room.

Cole and Caitlin discuss her mother's drinking and Gregory's scheming. Olivia dreams that she confesses to Gregory her of fears losing her family. He tells her he loves her and she told him she is pregnant. An overjoyed Gregory sees this child as a second chance, Olivia crying, told him she is unsure if the child is his. She explains when it happened and confesses to her tryst. Gregory leaves her after she told him Cole is the other possible father. Caitlin "moves" back home until Olivia stops drinking. Gregory told Caitlin that her staying at home means a lot to Olivia. Cole breaks into the room with the wrong person. He thinks he's joining Caitlin, but Olivia is in the bed. They get amorous as Caitlin walks to the door in the hallway.

Friday, June 27, 1997
by Mary DeRock

I Got It
Annie finds Maria's diary under Meg's pillow. Tim calls out to Meg, and then fakes a hurt knee to stop Meg from going to her bedroom. Ben looks at a picture of Meg that was next to the humidor. Meg helps Tim up and Annie makes her escape. Tim reminds Meg of how she iced his knee before in Ludlow. Mark walks in, offers to drive Tim to the med center, and Meg asks him how Ben is doing. Mark told her that Ben scares him and that he has been extremely quiet. Ben starts to dream about Maria, and when the face is seen, it is actually Meg. Later he calls Meg, but doesn't say anything to Meg when she answers the phone. He continues looking at Meg's picture and then tears it up. Annie starts to read Maria's diary in her hot tub, and finds it less exciting than Maria was in life. She fantasizes about herself and Ben wearing the pearls he once gave Maria. Tim appears and Annie asks, "What are you doing here?" They have some intimate tension and Tim falls into the hot tub. Annie screams at Tim for ruining the diary. Tim told Annie she'll have to show some gratefulness towards him, because he won't always be there for her. Annie told Tim she may have found something in Maria's diary. She then says it may be nothing, but wants to make her own entries before returning it to Meg. Meg asks Mark if he wants to see Maria's diary. They are interrupted by Michael's call.

Cole sells his favorite perfume on "Caitlin" and a startled Olivia jumps up. Meanwhile Caitlin starts to turn the doorknob, and Gregory walks up to her. Caitlin walks in on Cole and Caitlin doesn't see Olivia because she is hiding under the bed. Caitlin told him he could've picked the wrong window and "ended up in bed with my mother." They get intimate and when Cole won't make love to her, Caitlin told him to prove that he wants her. Gregory knocks and asks to be let in. Cole hides under the bed and he and Olivia watch as Gregory inquires about Olivia's whereabouts. Gregory reminds her that Caitlin's coming back will help Olivia. He told her that Rose has found wine bottles around the house, and Olivia's mouth falls open. Eventually Caitlin leads Gregory out and she tries to continue. She told Cole she will die unless she makes love to him, and he says he will die if she continues. Olivia makes her getaway to allow the couple some privacy. Gregory asks Olivia if she's been drinking, she told him she has not, and that whatever is bothering her is beyond help. He asks her to go away for a few days with him and they kiss.

Casey is hard on Michael for not telling him about Alex. Later he tells Michael that the doctor is not about to let Alex go home. Alex meets up with Ellen, someone Casey went to school with. Alex is touched by the baby Ellen is carrying and asks to hold her. She reflects on the type of baby Casey was and talks to the baby (who is dying of AIDS) about not being afraid. Alex sings to the child as Casey and Michael watch. Michael calls Mark to meet them at the hospital.

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