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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of December 8, 1997 on SB
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Monday, October 8, 1997

Annie and Bette's House
Olivia couldn't believe her ears when Gregory claimed that he'd have her declared an unfit mother and take their baby from her if she tried to divorce him. Olivia realized that Gregory hadn't learned anything from Caitlin's death. He professed that he loved Olivia more than he ever loved anybody in his life. Olivia gave in to her feelings when Gregory kissed her. Annie, who had been eavesdropping from the porch, decided that things were getting too heated so she walked in and interrupted them. Olivia told Gregory that one kiss doesn't change things between them. Gregory declared that he'd get the baby even if it meant destroying her in the process.

Bette marched into the house with her huge bag of fan mail and announced that she got her gossip columnist job back. Bette refuted Olivia's comment that Bette must have promised Gregory that she'd keep an eye on her to get the job back. Bette had an idea of how to keep Gregory from Olivia's baby. She explained that Olivia must tell Gregory that the baby belongs to Cole. Olivia was unsure, but Bette said that all of Olivia's reasons for hiding her affair with Cole were gone and that she doubted Cole would ever be back to Sunset Beach.

The Bed and Breakfast
Cole didn't understand Caitlin's change of heart when she wanted to go back to Sunset Beach. Caitlin explained that she was tired of running. She thought that Cole had figured out she had lost the baby, when he said he overheard her talking in her sleep. He just meant that he felt she was worried about losing the baby. Caitlin realized she was going to have to find a way to keep Cole from finding out that she isn't pregnant. She sent Cole out to get a refund on their plane tickets, and then left after he did.

A Maternity Shop

Caitlin stole a couple of different pregnancy pads from the shop. She also gained new hope when a pregnant clerk told her about how a fertility doctor helped her when everyone else told her it was impossible for her to have a baby.

The Bed and Breakfast
Caitlin found the $200,000, check that Olivia gave Cole.

Ben and Meg's House Meg quickly shoved the "bloody" sheets and scissors back into place when she heard someone coming. However, she accidentally left the secret compartment's door cracked open. Ben asked what she was doing. She looked startled. Meg lied that she wasn't doing anything. When Meg found herself explaining her day to Ben, she commented that as research for the resort project, she had talked to several locals down by the water about storms in the area. Ben tried to coax Meg into the shower with him, but she claimed she didn't have enough time because she had to get to the office early for their meeting. She was actually worried about Ben noticing the secret compartment's door open. Ben sensed that something was up with Meg, but she said she was just nervous about a report she had put together for the meeting. When Ben went to shower, Meg collected a sample from the "bloody" sheets.

Richards' Communication Group
Annie warned Gregory that Olivia is serious about going through with the divorce. She figured that Olivia would probably have left Gregory for Del, if Del hadn't died. Gregory wouldn't have ever let Olivia leave for good.

Meg made arrangements to have the "bloody" swatch of material analyzed. Annie and Gregory walked in on her while she was on the phone, but she covered well.

Gregory announced to Annie, Ben, and Meg that he had a surprise for them. Someone, who was coming back from the dead, would be joining them. When Alex came in, Gregory explained that Alex was their new partner. Ben commented to Meg that by the look on her face she had been expecting Maria. She said she had hoped it would be Caitlin. Ben was pleased because that meant she had stopped thinking about Maria's death.

 Tuesday October 9

Surf Central
Determined to find out Vanessa's connection to Cedar Oaks Hospital, Virginia phoned Cedar Oaks and pretended to be Vanessa. When Michael, Vanessa, and Casey came in the room, a dismayed Virginia had to hang up the phone before she obtained any information. Vanessa expressed her regrets to Casey that she would have to put off their date for a few days because she has to work. Vanessa was shocked that Casey would take Virginia out on a date. Vanessa understood when Casey explained that he got hooked into taking Virginia out when had tried to fix Virginia up with one of his friends to take some heat off of Michael and Vanessa. Later on, Vanessa accused Virginia of going out with Casey to hide her real agenda. Virginia fumed to herself that Casey was messing with her to try and keep her away from Michael. Virginia made a point to ask if anyone knew where Cedar Oaks was, just to see what Vanessa's reaction would be... Vanessa didn't say anything.

Richard's Communication Group
When Gregory announced he thought they should appoint a liaison as a go between for the organization and the community, Annie and Alex were quick to point out Ben. Gregory didn't feel that was a good idea because there were still many people in the community who think that Ben killed Maria. He explained he already had someone in mind. Just then Casey arrived and had a joyous reunion with Alex. Everyone was relieved when Alex declared that her cancer was in full remission. Gregory asked Casey to take the liaison job when everyone approved of his choice. After some hesitation, Casey agreed to do it.

Meg spent most of the day worrying that Ben would see the "bloody" sheet sample and find out what she was up to. She was so jumpy that it affected her job performance to the point that Gregory ended the meeting prematurely when she appeared not to have her report together. She finally got the sample out to be analyzed.

The Bed and Breakfast
Caitlin confronted Cole about the check he had from Olivia. Caitlin's old fears and insecurities about Cole came back. She assumed Cole had taken the check as a bribe to stay away from her. When Cole explained that Olivia had given him the check to take Caitlin away, Caitlin had a hard time believing him. Cole started to tear up the check to prove his love for her, but she stopped him. Caitlin said to herself that her parents had taken so much from her that she would take their money.

Surf Central
Alex received a warm greeting back to Surf Central.

Richard's Communication Group
Annie tried to comfort Gregory who was upset to find an old note Caitlin had left him. Annie wasn't happy when Gregory asked her to leave, but allowed Alex to comfort him when she came in. Gregory admitted to Alex that Olivia was pregnant and leaving him. Alex advised Gregory to fight for Olivia.

 Wednesday October 10, 1997

The Court Room (The Day of the Rape Trial)
When the DA practiced Gabi for the grilling she would have to face on the stand, Gabi couldn't stand the pressure.

Gabi had terrifying flashbacks of a man in her childhood when she started thinking about what happened at Ricardo's the night they were together.

Ricardo gave his key to Casey and Alex in case he is convicted and thrown in jail. Casey and Alex tried to reassure Ricardo that the judicial system works and that they are there for him.

Annie and Bette's House
Olivia considered taking Bette's advice to tell Gregory that the baby she's carrying is Cole's. When Annie walked in on what she knew must be a tantalizing conversation, she fished around to no avail to find out what they were talking about. Annie tried to make Olivia jealous by telling her that Alex was back in town and appeared to be pretty cozy with Gregory. Olivia and Bette both laughed it off.

When Alex paid a condolence call to Olivia, Olivia admitted to her that she has always been jealous of her. Of course, Alex assured her that Gregory and she were only just close friends. Olivia was delighted when Alex revealed that her cancer was in remission.

The Bed and Breakfast
Cole worried about Caitlin who was still having nightmares. Hoping to raise her spirits, he phoned Sean and asked him to come see Caitlin.

Sean and Caitlin had a joyous reunion. However, it bothered her when he made references to her being pregnant. Sean shocked Cole and Caitlin with the news that Olivia was divorcing Gregory. Cole thought to himself that was all the more reason to think that Olivia's baby was his.

The Richards' House
Gregory warned Charles, Olivia's lawyer, that he would do whatever it takes to keep his family together and to make sure Olivia knows that.

Annie and Bette's House
Charles told Olivia that they needed ammunition against Gregory that will cause him to back off.

The Court Room
Eddie listened to Paula, who was feeling really confused. She explained she couldn't help but to believe Gabi. Eddie felt conflicted about whether or not to come forward with the photos he had of Ricardo and Gabi kissing. He decided to hang onto the pictures until he could find out if he actually stood a chance with Paula.

Gabi let herself into Ricardo's. When Ricardo found a freaked out Gabi, he tried to calm her down. Gabi finally admitted that she had came to town to hurt Paula. Gabi had perfect Paula thrown in her face the entire time she was growing up. Even though she realized she couldn't hate Paula, she still wanted what Paula had... especially Ricardo. Ricardo still didn't understand why Gabi would accuse him of rape, but neither did she. She only wanted Ricardo to love her. She asked him if he meant any of what he said to her on the beach.

 Thursday October 11, 1997

When Gabi pleaded with Ricardo to say that he meant at least part of what he said on the beach, Ricardo told the truth that he had only been trying to get her to drop the rape charge. Gabi started having frightening flashes of a childhood memory and completely changed her tune with Ricardo. She freaked out and said that he used her and raped her. Gabi fled out of the room nearly running into Annie who had came by to give Ricardo her support.

The Bed and Breakfast
Caitlin was shocked that Olivia left Gregory. Sean commented that the accident must have wised Olivia up. He explained that he had also moved out. Caitlin kept Sean from mentioning Gregory and Olivia's previous plot to steal her baby to Cole.

Caitlin remembered the letter she sent to Cole, while she was in the convent, telling him that she had lost their baby. She realized she would have to get to the letter before Cole found it.

Sean warned Cole that Gregory had a hit man after him, but Cole explained that he had already handled that problem. Cole worried that Olivia had told Gregory about their affair.

Annie and Bette's House
Olivia refused to dish out any dirt on Gregory to Charles. Charles accused her of threatening a divorce to get Gregory's attention.

Olivia told Bette she was going to have to tell Gregory that her baby was Cole's. Bette had changed her mind and decided that Charles was right. She thought that Olivia loved Gregory and would never be able to live without him. Olivia admitted she loved Gregory, but said she wouldn't let her baby suffer because of her weakness for Gregory. Bette cautioned Olivia that she'd better be prepared to lose Gregory forever if she told him about Cole.

After some deliberation, Olivia declared that she was going to go tell Gregory before she changed her mind. The phone rang before she could get out the door. It was Cole. He asked Olivia to keep quiet about their affair. Olivia told him to just stay away from Sunset Beach and hung up. Olivia left intending to confess to Gregory.

The Bed and Breakfast
Cole asked Sean to keep an eye on Caitlin while he ran back to Sunset Beach to straighten some things out.

The Court Room
Gabi was late and seemingly everyone, except Paula, was hoping that Gabi would be a no-show. After Annie brought it up, Ricardo told Gregory what happened at his place earlier. Gregory and Annie couldn't believe that Ricardo hadn't even considered telling Gabi what she wanted to hear for the sake of getting out the trial. Ricardo explained that he had actually felt sorry for Gabi. She had seemed like two completely different people. He thought it sounded like Gabi had convinced herself that he raped her. Gabi arrived looking very much on the edge. Ben and Meg's House
When Joan showed Meg her engagement announcement in the paper, Meg noticed an article on Maria being declared legally dead. This noticeably shook Meg up. Ben explained the situation to Meg.

Joan told Meg that it was time for her to leave. She stressed that Meg and Ben really needed time alone. Even though Meg begged her mother to stay, Joan left.

While Ben was out, Meg decided to check out Maria's studio. Meg felt that the answer to what happened between Ben and Maria on Maria's fateful night was in that studio. She became frightened when she found the damaged portrait of Maria and started backing out of the room. She backed straight into Ben who asked her what she was doing in there.

 Friday October 12, 1997

Annie and Bette's House
Bette was surprised when Cole burst into the house demanding to see Olivia. Cole had to keep up the pretense that Caitlin had died. Bette warned Cole that Gregory would be after him, but Cole didn't care.

The Police Station (The Hallway)
Olivia was anxious to get it over with and tell Gregory that the baby she is carrying belongs to Cole. Upon seeing Olivia, Gregory assumed that she was there to reconcile with him. When Olivia informed him that it was quite the opposite, Gregory berated her for pulling a stunt like that before the big trial and refused to listen to her.

The Richard's House
Knowing that Gregory was at the trial, Olivia used the opportunity to go to the house. Olivia went to Caitlin's room to remember her and was upset to find matching outfits that Caitlin had bought for their babies.

When Cole had a run in with Tim at the front door, he decided to just let himself in through Caitlin's window. He found Olivia grieving for Caitlin. Olivia admitted to him that she had been jealous of the love that Caitlin and he shared, but she had only tried to keep them apart because she feared Caitlin would learn of their affair. Now she felt there was no reason to keep the secret anymore. Cole insisted that Olivia must continue to keep quiet about their affair. Olivia told him to give her one good reason why she should.

The Police Station (The Courtroom)
The trial got underway and things didn't look good for Ricardo. A police officer testified that Ricardo had been rough with Gabi and threatened her. When Gabi took the stand, her testimony was very heart wrenching and compelling as she was plagued by a terrifying childhood memory when she recalled the night she accused Ricardo of rape. Court took a break when Gabi went to pieces.

Alex told Gregory that he could fool everyone else, but she knew his heart was breaking over Olivia.

Annie tried to ingratiate herself to Gregory by gathering some information on a similar case to help him with the trial.

When the break was over, the only question that Gregory had for Gabi was if she had wanted Ricardo to love her. She denied it. Paula testified that she had no reason to doubt that Gabi had been raped. Gregory asked Paula if she felt Ricardo was capable of raping Gabi.

Ben and Meg's House
A frightened Meg tried to flee from Maria's studio and Ben. When Ben stopped her, she apologized for being in there. Ben said he was the one that owed her an apology. He can't expect her to live in a house that she once considered a shrine to Maria. Meg asked about the portrait and Ben explained that he smashed it up the night Meg left for Kansas. Ben suggested that they move, but Meg claimed that they could be happy there. Ben wasn't so sure. Meg admitted that she had been thinking a lot about Maria's death. Ben said that was understandable considering all the rumors flying around about him. He just didn't want her to be hurt by them. He mentioned that he saw her talking to Quint. He said he was just happy that she still believed in him. Feeling guilty, Meg was ready to confess about finding the "bloody" sheets and scissors, when Ben received a phone call that reporters were snooping around the Mariah. After Ben left, Meg called and tried to cancel the lab work on the sheet sample she had sent to be analyzed. When that wasn't possible, she just told them that she would no longer need the results. Meg declared that she no longer had any doubts about Ben. When there was a knock at the door, Meg was surprised to see Quint.

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