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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of February 2, 1998 on SB
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Monday, February, 1998

Cole realizes he may have to romance JoBeth in order to land a job with the construction company. Olivia jumps to the wrong conclusion after overhearing a snippet of a conversation between her daughter and Annie. At the Deep, Tim told Ricardo his theory that Ben duplicated his wound on Grogan's leg so that no one would suspect that they had the wrong killer. Fooled by Annie's cover story, Olivia assures Caitlin that she would be thrilled to be a member of the wedding party. Later, Annie plots to kidnap Olivia's baby and deliver it to Caitlin without letting either woman figure out were the child came from. Tim urges Ricardo to avenge his sister's death by nailing Ben for the murders on the island. Olivia begs Cole to forget about any claim he may have on the child she is carrying. Posing as a woman about to adopt a newborn, Annie cons a doctor into giving her drugs that will start production of breast milk and then asks for a pill that would induce labor in the birth mother. Faced with Sean's scorn, Olivia advises her son to show some compassion for his unborn brother. After assuring Caitlin that he's finally found some honest work, Cole can't stop thinking about how much more money he could make by stealing JoBeth's necklace. Unable to obtain the labor-inducing medication legally, Annie breaks into the doctor's drug cabinet and rummages through the vials. Ben camouflages his wounded leg with a flesh-colored bandage complete with dark hairs attached.

Tuesday, February 3, 1998

Gregory's Office
Gregory told Caitlin how pleased he is that she asked Olivia to stand up at her wedding, and he asks her if she intends to have him give her away. When Caitlin says that she can't have Gregory give her away as long as he can't accept Cole, Gregory tells Caitlin that he'll accept Cole if that is what will make her happy.

After Caitlin leaves, Eddie arrives and told Gregory that he's come up with a way to stop Caitlin and Cole's wedding -- the tape of Jade and Cole together. However, with Jade's death, Caitlin would know that it's an old tape, so Gregory knows that it won't work to stop their wedding. He does, however, pay Eddie for the tape, just in case it comes in handy to use against Cole later.

Construction Site
One of Cole's co-workers becomes jealous when JoBeth shows Cole preferential treatment. Later, the jealous co-worker hits an electrical cable with his shovel and blames it on Cole. He tells Cole to repair the cable and when Cole is holding it, he switches the electricity back on, knocking Cole over.

JoBeth rushes to Cole's rescue and takes Cole into the office and tells him that the company requires immediate medical attention be given any job-related injury.

Caitlin comes to pick up Cole for lunch, and Cole's co-worker directs her to the office, knowing that JoBeth is in there putting the moves on Cole. JoBeth kisses Cole and Cole kisses her back. Cole tries to distract JoBeth by stealing her necklace. However, it doesn't work. Just as JoBeth resumes kissing him, Caitlin walks in.

South Bay General
After surfing the Internet all night, Annie finally finds the name of the pill she's looking for. She's about to steal the pills from the cabinet when the doctor arrives. Annie comes on to him, but he doesn't fall for it and instead threatens to call the police. After Annie told the doctor the truth about trying to steal the labor-inducing pill, the doctor kicks her out and tells her never to come around again.

Richards' House
Annie comes over to see Caitlin, but since Caitlin is going to lunch with Cole, she isn't there. When Annie tries to leave, Olivia won't let her go.

Olivia tries to make Annie confess by telling her that Caitlin told her all about Annie's plan. When Olivia mentions Caitlin's "condition," Annie realizes that Olivia's bluffing, so Annie tells Olivia that she knows all about Gregory and Olivia's plan. While Olivia and Annie argue, the breastfeeding pills fall out of Annie's purse.

The Pier
Vanessa arrives and is joined by a man who hands her a metal detector and gives her directions on where to use it. Buried in the sand, Vanessa finds a room key for the Inn with a charm on the ring that says "Scoop," and she figures out that Michael's behind this little treasure hunt.

South Bay General
When Tyus comes in and catches Virginia looking up Martin's Syndrome, Virginia told Tyus that she's doing research for Mrs. Jones. When Virginia brought up Vanessa, Tyus says that he's noticed Vanessa's fear of doctors.

Surf Central
Virginia finds the symptoms of Martin's Syndrome -- hardening skin and internal organs, seizures and mental disorders, such as paranoia and hysteria. It is inherited, and there's no way to detect it until the onset of the disease.

Inn at Sunset Beach
Vanessa arrives at the room that Michael has rented. Just as the two start kissing, there's a knock at the door. It's room service with a romantic meal. Vanessa suggests that they skip the meal and go right to the intimacy.

Wednesday, February 4, 1998

Armed with new information about Lena's illness, Virginia contemplates how best to use the ammunition to send Vanessa packing permanently. During a squabble with Olivia, Annie drops the vial of pills and hastily grabs for the bottle to prevent her enemy from reading the label. Alarmed to see Cole in a lip-lock with JoBeth, Caitlin shuts the office door before the couple can spot her. Haunted by visions of her mother's deformities, Vanessa freezes up when Michael compliments her soft skin and lovingly strokes her face. As Caitlin eavesdrops, Cole pulls away from JoBeth and declares that he has no intention of betraying the woman he loves. Olivia eyes with suspicion Annie's claims that the medication she's carrying is for her allergies. Riddled with guilt about lying to Cole, Caitlin wonders how she can go through with the wedding. Michael reminds a beaming Vanessa how she stole his heart the very first moment he laid eyes on her. Olivia forces Annie to swallow two of the pills to prove her story. Vanessa and Michael finally make love for the first time. Caitlin told Annie she's decided to come clean with Cole about the miscarriage and her subsequent inability to conceive another child. Meanwhile, another person from Cole's shadowy past emerges in Sunset Beach.

Thursday, February 5, 1998

Annie frantically attempts to dissuade Caitlin from unveiling the truth about her miscarriage and the faked pregnancy. At Surf Central, Virginia is irked to overhear Casey talking about Michael's long overdue tryst with Vanessa. Meg informs Tim that she took a good look at Ben's leg and can assure him that he is not hiding any wound. Sean and his future brother-in-law get together at The Deep to toast Cole's impending marriage. Realizing the stakes are now higher than ever, Virginia decides to use what she's learned about Martin's Syndrome to pry Michael out of Vanessa's arms. In Ludlow, Joan and Hank wonder how to break some news to their children. Annie cautions Caitlin that she could wind up alone if she's dumb enough to spill the beans to Cole. Playing on Caitlin's sympathy for a baby who needs loving, adoptive parents, Annie convinces the bride-to-be to carry on with their charade a while longer. Virginia vows to make Vanessa's first sexual encounter with Michael her last. Meg apologizes to Ben for Tim's obnoxious behavior following another ugly scene at The Deep. Meanwhile, Tim phones Ludlow and angers the Cummings by warning them that their daughter is on the brink of marrying a murderer. As Caitlin prays for a sign, Sister Beatrice prepares for a trip to Sunset Beach.

Friday, February 6, 1998

Tim continues to hound Meg, determined to keep her safe from her murderous fiance. Caitlin is shocked to find Sister Beatrice at her door. Olivia glares in disapproval when Annie displays the revealing alterations she's made to her bridesmaid's dress. As he begins to dress for his wedding, Cole suddenly discovers himself staring down the business end of a gun wielded by an intruder. Sister Beatrice gently admonishes a tearful Caitlin for hiding the truth from the man she's about to marry. Sean remains suspicious and skeptical despite Gregory's declaration that he intends to welcome his new son-in-law into the family with open arms. Cole struggles with his attacker and manages to grab the revolver from Claude, who explains that he came to Sunset Beach to claim Jade's worldly goods. At the church, Ricardo happily welcomes his brother Antonio back to town. Olivia angrily accuses Annie of ruining Caitlin's big day by strutting down the aisle looking like a cheap whore. Sister Beatrice urges Caitlin to speak to her priest before she exchanges vows with Cole. Later, in the confessional, Caitlin told Father Antonio about her terrible lie and its far reaching consequences. Tim thinks he's found proof of Ben's guilt after he spots his prey limping. Father Antonio gets another earful when Cole slips into the confessional and reveals that he slept with his fiancee's mother and may have impregnated her. Meanwhile, Sean is stunned to see his sister remove her pregnancy padding.

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