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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of March 22, 1999 on SB
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Monday, March 22, 1999

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Gabi breaks into Francesca's hotel room to find the videotape of her and Antonio making love before Ricardo does. Ricardo and Antonio arrive at the hotel room just as Gabi finds a box of tapes. Ben, Meg and Maria demand more concrete proof from Tess that her story is true. Tess does all she can to provide documentation, including photos, but Ben still worries that everything she's showed them could be easily faked. Maria turns to Carmen for answers. Sara surprises Casey in his room and they make love. She's confident her love with Casey is now without threat - until Tim told Sara she's going to help him get Meg back for good - or else. At that moment Casey arrives?curious about what they're talking about.

Tuesday, March 23, 1999

While Antonio creates a diversion, Gabi drops the tapes and concocts a cover story as to why she's there. Antonio's horrified by Gabi's reaction when Ricardo later finds a necklace on the hotel room floor. Gabi admits to Antonio she was in Francesca's room the night she died. Meanwhile, Ricardo reacts to Francesca's autopsy report. Ben makes it clear to Tess that he's not anxious to take a paternity test to determine if he is in fact Benjy's father. Tess insists she loves Benjy and would never let him stay with a man who wasn't his father.

Meanwhile, Maria's shaken when Carmen turns over a card picturing a little boy riding a horse. Carmen says she never saw an indication of Benjy in her cards. Maria challenges Ben to take the paternity test. Casey, meanwhile, admits to Michael that he's in love with Sara. Michael and Vanessa bid and emotional farewell to Jimmy, who's going to live with his aunt while Virginia is hospitalized at Cedar Oaks. Michael takes a first step and invites Vanessa out to dinner.

Wednesday, March 24, 1999

Francesca's autopsy report reveals she died of a blood clot. Ricardo tries to get Cole to confess to her shooting. A.J. sends Leo back to Switzerland. Ricardo returns to say that a gun found in Cole's car matches the caliber of the bullet found in Francesca's body. Sean is distant with Emily when she asks that they get together later that day. Gregory, meanwhile, asks Olivia to temporarily move in. Olivia agrees.

When Olivia leaves, Gregory assures they will raise Trey, not Olivia. Gabi confesses to Antonio that she found Francesca shot but never reported it, thinking Francesca was already dead. Gabi plans to steal Francesca's tapes from SBPD. But when they arrive, they discover Spencer is about to watch the tapes. Tyus takes Benjy's blood to test his paternity. Meg notes the growing bond between Ben and Benjy. Ben whisks Meg away for a romantic interlude.

Thursday, March 25, 1999

Annie tries to put the nail in Cole's coffin with Vanessa, but her efforts cause suspicion to fall on herself. AJ and Cole each seem to wonder if the other is the murderer. Bette recalls Olivia's motives for wanting Francesca dead. Meanwhile, Gregory plots with Caitlin to win Trey from Olivia in a custody battle?and reinforces her anger with Cole, keeping her from going to him. Cole is released. A.J. confronts Olivia. Annie has a all-too-real nightmare about what might have happened. Cole and Caitlin come face-to-face. Gabi and Antonio arrive just as Spencer is about to start reviewing the tapes that were found in Francesca's room. But Ricardo walks off with the last tape, intent on viewing it.

Friday, March 26, 1999

Ricardo's thrown when Gabi begs him not to watch the tape. Maria interrupts and explains to them about Benjy. She asks Ricardo to authenticate the photographs. Unbeknownst to Gabi, Ricardo decides to take the tape home to watch. Gabi and Antonio arrive just as Ricardo starts to watch the tape. Caitlin told Cole that the only feeling she has left for him is hatred. Cole urges Caitlin to let him hold Trey.

A furious Gregory watches from his limo. Later, Cole breaks into Gregory's bedroom, seeking some kind of leverage over Gregory. Meanwhile, Gregory warns Caitlin that if she wants to raise Trey with him, then she must stay away from Cole. Olivia realizes that Gregory and Caitlin are planning to take Trey away from her. Olivia is shocked when A.J. questions her about her whereabouts the night Francesca was shot. Olivia recalls some incriminating things A.J. said to her about Francesca the night she was shot. Meg and Ben make love at the adobe hut while they await the results of Benjy's paternity test.

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