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Annie asked Mrs. Moreau for a potion, but it came with a dire warning. Bette realized A.J. was interested in Olivia. Ricardo was almost caught faking his inability to walk. Tess became jumnpy as she heard Tim's voice whispering to her.
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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of November 1, 1999 on SB
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Monday, November 1, 1999

Their hands full with a large and hungry crowd at the Shock Wave, Hank and Joan wondered why Tim had never shown up for work. Carmen consulted her Tarot cards for answers to Maria's concerns about "Ben." Ricardo ducked into hiding when his brother and Gabi entered the rectory. Derek choked the life out of Tim as Meg finally heard the sounds of the scuffle out in her living room. Narrowly escaping from Surf Central, Derek hastily filled Tess in on the night's events.

A dejected Sean explained to Amy why he was sure he wasn't good enough for any girl, let alone her or Emily. Declaring her love, Amy vowed to wait for Sean until he was ready to return her feelings. Maria went to the rectory to ask her brother for advice. Tess tried to lure the Cummings sisters out of the house by claiming that their swamped parents needed help at the Shock Wave. Antonio encouraged Maria to ask her husband about Meg's accusations.

Derek returned to Surf Central to retrieve the body he had hidden in the aptly named dead man's chest. Ricardo managed to jump back into bed just before his wife and Antonio returned to the loft.

Tuesday, November 2, 1999

Derek was forced to stuff Tim back into the chest when Meg returned to the living room. Irked to see "Ben" in Surf Central, Meg ordered him to leave. Ricardo asked Gabi if dancing with his brother had reminded her of the intimate times she had shared with Antonio. Caitlin again gave her mother the cold shoulder when Olivia repeated her assertion that she'd had nothing to do with Cole's disappearance.

Derek claimed he had chased off an intruder then managed to convince Meg to vacate the premises. At the Shock Wave, Sara reminded Joan they could never depend on Tim to show up when he was needed. Annie returned to Mrs. Moreau's place and pressed the witch woman to brew up the potion she required. Using the lock of Olivia's hair, Mrs. Moreau concocted an elixir designed to make Annie's victim fall off the wagon for good.

Tess timidly agreed to help Derek move Tim's body. After hearing Meg's tale, Hank and Casey decided to have a chat with "Ben." Mrs. Moreau warned Annie that her scheme could backfire if she didn't handle the potion with care.

Wednesday, November 3, 1999

Jude's interruption prevented Annie from spiking Olivia's glass of water. Tobias again played confidant for Caitlin as she continued to castigate her mother for Cole's recurring troubles. Derek assured an unnerved Tess that Tim's apparent "movement" was due simply to the onset of rigor mortis.

At Surf Central, Casey explained to Maria how "Ben" had reported a break-in to the police. When Maria demanded to know why her husband had been on the premises in the first place, Hank reluctantly revealed how "Ben" had declared his love for Meg. Bette kicked herself for mooning over A.J. when it was painfully obvious he only had eyes for Olivia.

While Tess distracted the foreman of the construction crew, Derek dumped Tim's body into the wet cement being poured at the base of the new monument. Annie was touched by a kind gesture from Jude. A. J. returned with news about his son. Maria happened upon "Ben" embracing Tess.

Thursday, November 4, 1999

At the Richards residence, Caitlin waited impatiently for the news about Cole but found out nothing. Caitlin went to her room, lay on the bed, and thought about old times. Tobias and Olivia entered, and Olivia sat on the bed and wanted very badly for her daughter to believe her. After a while of thinking, Caitlin told Olivia that she didn't blame her. Feeling very happy and joyful, Olivia left the room. Tobias and Caitlin talked, and what Caitlin had said to her mother was a lie. She did believe that Olivia had something to do with it, but had just wanted to get rid of her.

Annie and Jude were together talking when Annie said that Caitlin was a spoiled little brat. Jude rushed her outside, telling her that she was the brat. He also mentioned to her that she was very stupid because doing the things that she did wouldn't get her where she wanted to be. Jude told her that she had to pretend to be nice. Annie wondered why Jude cared and told him that he talked as though it was from experience. Jude told her that he was tired and going home because he had to train someone new on the job. As he walked away, Annie, knowing he was referring to her, said that she was not going because she had to think about how she was going to get Olivia to drink that potion.

Bette and A.J. started talking about Bette's feelings for A.J. when Olivia walked in, rubbed up on A.J., and told him she wanted him to spend the night. A.J. brushed her off and told her that he was talking to Bette. Olivia asked if there was something going on that she should know about, and they answered "no." Bette left. Upon meeting her niece Annie outside, Annie told her that if Olivia was bugging her that she would kick her butt. Bette said that there would be no butt-kicking going on around there and walked away.

Tess and Derek went inside the Evans residence and explained to Maria that there was a robber that he had chased who had bumped into Tess up by the pier, and Tess was having a breakdown. Tess agreed and said that she was tired. She went to check in on Benjy then went in her room. She opened her little box and saw Tim's picture. Then she tried to sleep, but all she could think about was Tim's dead body. Tim's spirit was haunting her then she woke up.

Maria was downstairs, very upset, and tried to get the truth out of Derek. Maria told him that she had been hearing that he had talked to Meg and had had something to tell her. Derek said, "So, I bet they said that I said I loved her." Maria answered yes. Derek sweet-talked her, and she went up to bed. Talking to himself, Derek said that he had to kill Meg then deal with Maria.

At Surf Central, Meg could not sleep because she kept thinking about what Derek was telling her. She got out of bed, and Casey knocked on the door. She opened it, and he comforted her. He told her that Ben hadn't only stopped by, but he had told her that he loved her. Meg would not answer, so Casey told her that he was going to talk to Ben. Meg told him not to, and she told him what he had said.

Meg told Casey that Ben was going to get what he deserved. Afterwards, Meg told him that she was smiling a lot with Sarah. Casey told her that he was happy and was sorry for getting his feelings mixed up for her. Casey told her to get some rest, and he left.

Friday, November 5, 1999

While exercising Ricardo's legs, Michael was surprised to see how much stronger his patient's calf muscles had become. Gabi and Antonio were flustered when a new officer at the precinct house assumed they were a couple. A suspicious Maria continued to give "Ben" the cold shoulder. Meanwhile, Tess grew increasingly jumpy as she heard Tim whispering accusations at her from every corner of the room.

Ricardo convinced Michael he was not even close to walking again. Later, Ricardo told his physical therapist how Gabi had insisted on taking out a million-dollar insurance policy on his life. Maria, Derek, and Benjy ran to help in response to Tess's scream, but Tess claimed she had just suffered a bad dream. Later, out of Maria's earshot, Derek ordered a trembling Tess to pull herself together -- or else.

Ricardo had a hairstylist give him a cut that closely resembled Antonio's. Afterwards, Ricardo donned the clerical clothes and collar he had stolen from the rectory. Maria confronted "Ben" with the accusations hurled by Meg.

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