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Port Charles Recaps: The week of November 8, 1999 on PC
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Monday, November 8, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Marguerite

Chris is paged over the PA system, he has a call from Julie. He told her that he can't make it to the prison for the arraignment. She's feeling down and afraid she'll end up on death row. He assures her she won't. On the way to the courthouse, the van with Julie mysteriously stops. The back door opens - it's Chris! He bribed the guard to stop and get him - he's been buddying up to the guards just for a case like this. He continues to assure her the arraignment will go well. (I just love these two together!) On the way, they stop at GH so Chris can cheer Julie up. She doesn't find the site cheering - until he directs her to look out the window. She sees Lucy out there with Christina. She is cheered, but saddened when Lucy went in. Chris feels bad that he made her feel sad, but she told him she is very happy that she was able to see her at all. Chris tells her that by the time Christina is ready to walk, she'll be with them. They kiss, and Julie suggests hitting Lucy with the van, grabbing Christina and heading for the border. Chris doesn't have enough money to bribe the guard to do that, so Julie decides to take her chances with the trial. She told Chris about her two part dream with the murder victims. He tells her dreams don't necessarily mean anything. She told him that his dream death made her realize how much she cares about him. They decide they better get going (Chris had the driver call in saying he was late because of a flat tire.)

Scott told Victor that Eve fell for the virus laden code. Victor is sure that DV can't detect the virus. Kevin arrives pounding at the door. Lucy is with him. Kevin is furious. They tell him they think DV is blackmailing her with her son. Kevin insists she would not betray them. Scott told him about the stolen letters. Kevin yells at Victor for setting a trap for Eve (while Scott told Lee on the phone that he's not going to Julie's arraignment and Lee shouldn't either.) Kevin yells at everyone, claiming that Lucy just was after revenge. (Final coffin nails for the Lucy and Kevin relationship.) She tells him she wouldn't have done anything if it hadn't been a life and death situation, and she leaves to do something with Christina. Kevin refuses to believe that Eve would betray them - Scott told him they have it on the surveillance tape. He leaves the room and Kevin talks to Victor in a calmer way. Victor said he thought the fake letters would prove Eve innocent, but Kevin is unhappy that he tested Eve after all she went through (flying to Italy, being kidnapped and tortured) on Victor's behalf. Scott returns with the tape and explains that Eve turned off the regular cameras, but he had this extra one set up. Kevin watches as the tape shows Eve getting the letters. Kevin believes that Eve is helping DV, but gets angry again when Scott wants him to not say anything to Eve. He thinks maybe Eve has a plan of her own and they should work together. They tell him that she might let DV know that the program has a virus. Scott asks if he's with them or not. Kevin tells them they will just have to wait and see and angrily slams out.

Tuesday, November 9, 1999

Matt, at the hospital doing paperwork, is approached by Karen who comments that he hasn't enough to do so he has to do Chris' work so he could go to Julie's arraignment? He says he doesn't mind the extra work. She says she noticed that the overtime started just around the time Ellen left. He says that makes sense; he has more time on his hands. She says she is worried about him. He told her he had this conversation with Joe. Karen told him Joe's had a lot on his mind with Courtney and the baby. Matt told her she and Joe are nuts about each other and she should stop worrying. She knows. Matt tell her to stop worrying and start enjoying it. He says Joe is happy; that between Karen and Tino Martinez, Joe's bouncing off the walls. Karen asks what about Tino and Matt told her he's in PC to meet with fans that afternoon between 1 and 4. Joe's even got a ball to be autographed; he's never seen a guy so excited about anything. Karen says Matt is right and she's not wasting another second worrying and Matt's going to help her do something about it.

Rachel, waiting outside the courtroom, greets Julie and Chris asking if she made a mistake; they were supposed to meet her there. Chris says there was a minor change of plans. Julie told her she won't believe what Chris did for her. Rachel asks the guard to excuse them. Rachel asks what Chris did and Julie told her. Altho obviously displeased, Rachel smiles and agrees that Chris is unpredictable. The guard takes Julie into the courtroom and Rachel lights right into Chris.

Back at the hospital, Karen told Joe she has great news and some really great plans for them. She explains that she thinks that working on communication would be good for them if they had a safe place to do it. A safe place? Dr. Steve Wolfe, who has the secret to a great relationship. He wrote *the* book on couples communication. He is, in fact, having a 1 day, 4 hour couples workshop - today! And she got 2 tickets! Joe tries to tell her he has plans but she makes it impossible and impresses that it's crucial to their relationship. He agrees. (What a guy!) She told him to meet her there at 12:30 and bring a pillow.

Back at he courthouse, Rachel and Chris are arguing about his little side trip with Julie; Rachel is furious. He told her he wanted to give Julie incentive to get thru the hearing. She told him he doesn't do anything without running it by her first. She says their joy ride could cause trouble for Julie if the guard he bribed decides to talk. Chris says that's ridiculous, the guard would lose his job. Rachel told him again he doesn't make a move without running it by her. Chris tell her that Julie is his wife and he'll do what he pleases. Rachel told hi if he wants Julie out of Ferncliff, to just provide the shoulder to lean on; everything else she's in charge of. Chris looks pensive.

At the hospital, Joe approaches Matt and told him that meeting Martinez is no longer on today's schedule. Matt asks what could possibly take precedent? Joe told him a "get in touch with your feelings" seminar! He tells Matt about the seminar and that Karen got tickets. Matt recalls the name of Dr. Wolf and told Matt he's a guru in the relationship world. Matt told Joe that the workshop must be important to Karen. She's tough and this thing with Joe and Courtney having a baby is taking it's toll on her. He says the workshop is probably a good thing and warns him not to make the same mistake he and Ellen did. He told Joe that baseball stars come and go but Karen is a keeper and, if this workshop will make her happy, why not go? Joe agrees that there's no question about that; Karen comes first. Matt leaves getting the high sign from Karen, hiding behind a pole.

In the courtroom, the defense asks that Julie's case be dismissed or bail set. Dara objects, the judge agrees and remands Julie to custody until her trial. Rachel introduces herself to Dara and told her she will be impressed with the progress Julie has made. Dara doesn't buy it and excuses herself. Julie and Chris chat amicably and Rachel comes over and told them that the trial is the culmination of all their efforts. The guard is ready to take Julie back to Ferncliff and she and Chris say their farewells. Rachel will follow Julie in her car. Rachel told Chris that Eve must move. (Is Chris starting to realize what a major bitch she is?) She *really* told him. He's agreeable but tense and excuses himself without further comment.

Joe and Karen meet for the seminar (with his pillow) ad asks why Karen is dressed in tee shirt and baseball cap. Is it some kind of role reversal thing for the seminar? She says no but it's a good idea. Too bad he won't be able to mention it to Dr. Wolf. Dr, Wold isn't running the seminar, 2 other people are. Who? Riccardo and Angelina. Joe says, their dance instructors moonlighting as relationship experts? She continues to tease him while he plays along and finally told him she got him back. They are really spending the afternoon in line waiting to get a baseball autographed by Tino Martinez! She knew about that? Matt told her.How could they torture him like that. She says he shouldn't be messing with the queen of practical jokes. The best part of it, she says, was the fact that he was willing to give up his plans to do it for her. They run into a space (I don't know what it is!) and kiss. They run off to get the autograph.

Julie is getting into the van and Rachel confirms she will be following. She comments that Julie is smiling and Julie told her that what Chris did was just what she needed to get thru the day. A chagrined Rachel says it looks like their marriage is really working out. Rachel tells Julie not to worry about Eve. Julie asks why she would? Rachel says that Eve's living with Chris but she's moving out. She told a baffled Julie that it couldn't happen a moment too soon.

Wednesday, November 10, 1999

While Kevin opened up to Lucy about whether or not he would ever be able to trust Eve again, Eve gave Chris a window into her pain over betraying Kevin. Both Kevin and Eve came to the realization that they wanted to work things out and decided to come clean with each other. DV asked Rachel to snoop into Scott and Lucy's lives and to find out if they had truly broken up. Rachel visited Scott under the pretense that she needed his legal expertise. Scott realized that he might be able to use Rachel to his advantage and agreed to help her with jury selection for Julie's trial. Later, Scott was surprised when Rachel gave him a steamy kiss.

Thursday, November 11, 1999

Eve tearfully told Kevin about how she was being blackmailed by DV into helping him and was shocked to learn that he, Scott and Lucy already knew what she had been doing. Eve agreed to go along with their plan and gave DV the phony letters, but Eve later had second thoughts when she and DV came face to face. Courtney pulled out all the stops to get Frank to back off from his ultimatum, but he refused to back down until she told Joe the whole truth. Later, Courtney was upset when Frank broke things off with her. After finding an upset Courtney, Joe misunderstood what was wrong and vowed to throw Frank out of the house.

Friday, November 12, 1999

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