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Tad concocted an elaborate scheme to get Adam out of hiding. Ryan was discharged from the hospital. Gillian remained unable to speak. David told Erica that he loved her. Sophie vowed to hold Janet to her promise to deliver fifty thousand dollars to Sophie.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of November 15, 1999 on AMC
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Monday November 15, 1999

Tad dropped by The Glamorama to enlist his mother's help in getting back at Adam. Opal was furious for what Adam had done to her son, but she was told that she had to keep mum about the revenge plot so that the word wouldn't get back to Adam. In an odd sense, Opal was somewhat relieved that Adam was the source of Tad's troubles because she originally worried that he and Dixie were having problems. Tad was momentarily distracted when he caught sight of Alfred Vanderpoole across the salon. He scurried over to the banker and, with a smile, asked him what he was doing at the salon. Alfred bashfully admitted that he was in need of a new image. Apparently the woman that he'd been dating---the same woman who he'd had a high school crush on---had dumped him for an "unworthy" man. Tad's eyes lit up as he offered Alfred the chance to win back the woman. The idea involved what Tad referred to as "reality television."
Across the way, Becca looked on at Greenlee in great disdain. She was haunted by the imagery of Scott making love to Greenlee. Opal wandered by and asked Becca to help replenish the Enchantment display at the front of the salon. As the two women turned, Opal's mouth nearly hit the floor. Standing before them was a wide-eyed and smiling Millicent Greenlee. Opal blinked her eyes several times---perhaps to make sure that she was no hallucinating. Millicent carried on as if she and Opal had never had it out. After she asked if Sven was available for a massage, Opal reminded Millicent that she'd been banned from the establishment. You've got to hand it to Millicent as she certainly does know how to lay it on thick. She told Opal that she was very sorry for what she'd done and said that she'd come by to "extend an olive branch." From there, she rattled on about how The Glamorama was the best salon on the eastern seaboard. Opal pursed her lips and agreed to put aside her differences with the socialite. "I guess your money's as good as anybody else's," Opal mumbled. Millicent scooted across the room to talk to her granddaughter. She could hardly wait to spread the news about how Adam had managed to dupe Stuart out of his shares of WRCW stock. She blabbed endlessly about how "the simpleton," that being Stuart, had no idea that of what was going on around him. Becca had been listening from a few feet away. Eventually she couldn't stand to listen to the women badmouthing Stuart. She blasted Millicent as a "mean-spirited, old cow." Greenlee assured Becca that she would not have to listen to her speaking badly about Stuart anymore---because she and Scott were leaving town together.

At Chandler Mansion, Stuart answered a knocking on the front door since no one else seemed to be around. He greeted Rae Cummings at the door, but Rae mistook Stuart for Adam. She scolded him for not having returned her calls about her still-missing husband, Daniel. She went on for several moments until Stuart finally realized that Rae was looking for Adam. Rae apologized for her mistake and quickly asked to speak to Adam. Stuart explained that Adam wasn't around. From his spot in the "safe room," Adam looked on curiously. Before long, Marian arrived on the scene. Knowing that Rae is a talk show host, Marian wanted to get rid of the woman as quickly as possible. She coldly remarked that Adam wasn't around and that no one had any idea when he'd be back. Rae brought up the possibility that something bad had happened to Adam. Stuart was also concerned about his brother. Surprisingly, though, Marian was relatively nonchalant about Adam's disappearance. She walked Rae to the door and virtually slammed the door in her face. Stuart cocked his head to one side and asked his wife if she knew something about Adam's disappearance. Marian denied knowing anything more than anyone else. Back in the safe room, Adam clutched his trusty screwdriver and continued his attempt to pry his way out of his prison. His eyes focused on a fuse box next to the door. Downstairs, Marian and Stuart gave each other looks when the lights flickered on and off.

Liza arrived at WRCW and walked in on the stage crew dismantling the former The Cutting Edge set. Eli explained to her that Mr. Duffield had given orders to get rid of every last vestige of the now-canceled talk show. Scott still had no idea what was going on. Liza pulled him aside and gave him all the details of how Adam had swindled control of the station to get back at Tad. Scott was furious with the way Adam had tricked his father. Rae arrived at the studio and asked to speak to Liza. She told Liza that she'd learned of Adam's disappearance from her "sister-in-law, Marian." Liza smiled and informed Rae that Marian was her mother---and her sister-in-law all in one package. Now that Adam and her husband were missing, Rae was convinced that the two men were in cahoots. The two women headed off to talk about their current problems. While they were gone, Tad returned to the station. Of course seeing his second home being taken apart hit him hard. Tad told Scott that he'd come up with a plan to get back at Adam. "Public humiliation," he called it. Scott agreed to go in on the plan. Tad looked over his shoulder and saw his friend, Rae. He took her aside and asked her if she'd like in on his plan to enact revenge on Adam.

"What do I have to do to get you out of my life?" Erica asked angrily. She slowly walked towards the phone to call the police. While she had her back turned, David hoisted himself through the window. He snuck up behind Erica and pressed down on the receiver just as Erica had reached the emergency dispatcher. Erica refused to give David the chance to talk himself out of trouble. She blasted him for what he'd done to Gillian. David countered by saying that he hadn't done anything that Gillian hadn't wanted to do. He was surprised that Erica had suddenly started trusting Alex's word. After all, it wasn't that long ago that she'd accused Alex of being a gold digger. Erica bopped David with a pillow and ordered him to get out of her house. She promised him that she would not call the police if he left immediately. David told Erica that it was never his intention to hurt her. "You expect me to go," David responded as Erica again ordered him to leave. "I'm not your father. I won't abandon you." Erica was furious that David had used words she'd told him in confidence against her. "Why don't you move on to the next woman who needs you?" she yelled. David admitted that there are plenty of other women who would love to be in a relationship with him. Erica rolled her eyes at David's display of egotism. There was a reason why David did not want to move on. "Dammit, Erica," he bellowed. "I'm in love with you." Erica was stunned to hear the words cross David's lips. She asked him if she'd heard him correctly. David tried to take a step back, unsure how Erica would react to his admission. Erica told David that she would toss him out the window if he didn't tell her that he loves her again. David made no reply. Erica turned her back and accused David of "playing games" with her. David grabbed her shoulders and again told her that he loves her, this time in a voice just above a whisper. Erica spun around and she and David shared a passionate kiss. David lifted Erica off the ground and carried her over to the bed. They made love. Afterwards, David asked Erica, "Was that as great as I think it was?" Erica nodded her head in agreement. She surprised David by asking him to accompany her to Palmer and Vanessa's party. "Are you saying that this is going to be our moment?" he asked. "If you'd like," Erica replied.

Back at Chandler Mansion, Adam continued fiddling with the wires inside the fuse box. He heard someone approaching and quickly closed the box and made every effort to hide the fact that he'd been tinkering with the power. Marian appeared on the other side of the soundproof enclosure and asked Adam if he'd been responsible for the power flickering on and off. Adam shook his head and reminded Marian that he's a businessman---not an electrician. Adam stroked his chin and said that the problem might be the result of a leak in the Blue Room. Marian nodded her head and said that she'd look into the problem. She knew that Adam had probably seen Rae Cummings on the video monitors. She smiled and told Adam that staying hidden in the secret room might be best because the list of people who wanted to get back at him was growing and growing. Marian headed on her way and Adam returned to the fuse box. He determined that he could zap the power if he crossed two of the wires. As the wires touched, a large electrical spark shot out from the fuse box. Adam was thrown several feet into the air. He landed across the room with an audible thud. Marian returned to investigate the latest incident. When she did, she found Adam still lying motionless on the floor.

Tuesday, November 16, 1999

Alex, Jack and Edmund were at Edmund's office discussing Andrassy Foundation matters, including the selection of a board of directors, and the search for someone to head the Foundation. Alex reported that there were several candidates but they were more interested in promoting themselves and their own careers. They asked Alex if there was any chance of Alex changing her mind, and although the atmosphere between her and Edmund seemed warmer, she again refused. Jack took a phone call from Liza, setting up a meeting later at the Valley Inn to proceed with her divorce from Adam. After Jack left, Alex assured Edmund she will stay in Pine Valley until Gillian recovers. She admitted she rather enjoyed feeling as if she's part of a family. "There's no 'as if' about it," Edmund told her. As he was about to leave for the hospital to visit Gillian, Alex tentatively reminded him of Dimitri's dying request that they take care of each other. "I just want you to feel, uh," she said hesitatingly, "that if you ever feel you need anything and you can't ask anyone else, that you'd be able ask me." A somewhat surprised Edmund told her, "Dimitri loved you. You did what was best for him, that's what counts."

At the Valley Inn, a scowling Palmer was remembering the suspicious reports on Vanessa from his private investigator. "Guess who," chirped Vanessa, sneaking up behind him and putting her hands over his eyes. "I recognized the diamonds," growled Palmer. As the dining room is closed for a private board meeting, they will have to eat at the bar, Palmer told Vanessa. At dinner, Vanessa urged Palmer to finish his dinner, then grabbed a dessert tray and tried to feed him a rich eclair. Palmer resisted, saying he has to start being more careful with his health. All the time, he was having visions in his head of Vanessa as the black widow, gloating with her toy boy about his demise from eating too much rich food. Palmer passed the table where Opal and Jack were putting on their lovey-dovey show, giving Jack a scowling glance. Vanessa pranced up and tried to do a little matchmaking for Jack with the mayor's daughter, a new arrival in town. "And she's young!" sneered Vanessa. "Sorry, but I have my hands full with my sweetcakes here," Jack gallantly replied, taking Opal's hands and kissing them. Thwarted, Vanessa flounced off in a huff.

Later, Vanessa was talking furtively on the phone as Palmer listened from the doorway. "I'm in New York now, I'm bored and I'm broke," a man's voice told Vanessa. "Be patient, sweetheart!" Palmer heard Vanessa say. She hung up the phone and left without seeing Palmer.

At WRCW, Tad was running around roping in people to join his plan to humiliate Adam. He told Rae Cummings about the board meeting at the Valley Inn and explained that this would be the perfect chance to get at Adam. Rae was reluctant to join in his plan, saying she was sure that Adam knows where her missing husband, Daniel, is. If that's true, it wouldn't be wise to antagonize Adam, she told Tad. But Tad kept trying to convince her, until eventually she gave in and agreed to be a part of his master plan.

Meanwhile, the target of Tad's plan of revenge was lying supine in his glass-fronted prison, unconscious from his electrical tampering. Marian appeared and yelled at him to stop pretending and get up. Then she smelt smoke. Finally, she let herself in, then cautiously skirted around Adam. Picking up a hefty skillet, she warned him that she was armed with a lethal weapon and told him to stop pretending. She edged closer, then after kicking at an unresponsive Adam, she realized something was really wrong. She felt his neck for a pulse, then realized he wasn't breathing. "Oh my God! Adam! Oh, what will I tell Stuart?" she moaned, thinking Adam could be dead. Steeling herself, she realized she must, horror of horrors, give Adam mouth-to-mouth! After a few huffs and puffs, Adam came to, sat up and screamed - as did Marian! "I thought I'd died and gone to hell," he exclaimed. As Marian toppled over in surprise, the remote control for the door lay between them. Both eyed it, but Marian grabbed it first. "I need medical attention, I need to see a doctor," Adam pleaded. "I have an important board meeting, and if I don't show up the police will be all over this place and they'll find me!" Then the threats started - "You'll go to jail for kidnapping," he stormed. Marian had an inspiration, "Well, I guess you'll have to put in an appearance," she told him, as she placed a call to Stuart. "Meet me at the Valley Inn," Adam heard her tell his twin.

Meanwhile Adam's nemesis, Tad, was also making his preparations. He enlisted Greenlee and Becca to join in, and told them their costumes - black leather, high boots, etc. - were ready. Becca protested that she couldn't possibly wear something like that, but eventually gave in. Tad instructed Scott on how to cut from a taped rerun of The Cutting Edge to a live broadcast from the Valley Inn.

Soon, the cast for Tad's plan were assembling at the Valley Inn. Scott was setting up the cameras when Tiffany came in to tell him how Becca had stood up for Stuart when Millicent and Greenlee had been having a good laugh about Stuart's loss of the WRCW stock.

Rae was surprised to see the cameras, but Tad covered the fact that they were for a live broadcast by telling her they were for posterity. "Some day we'll look at it and have a good laugh," he told her. Alfred Vanderpoole showed up in a panic, "You didn't tell me the target was Adam Chandler," he protested. "He's our biggest depositor! He could fire me!" Tad asked him what was more important, a paycheck or true love? There are lots of banks, Tad told him, but only one Beverly Moonbottom! Alfred relented, and agreed to play his part.

At Liza's meeting with Jack, he asked he if she was sure about wanting a divorce from Adam again. "There's no hope for this marriage," Liza sadly told him. She just wanted to get it over with, she told him.

Meanwhile, unaware of Liza's plans, Adam sadly thought back to his life with Liza and Colby. He recalled the birth of Colby, with a radiant Liza holding their baby in her arms; memories of holding Colby as she sweetly looked up at him; playing with Colby; and seeing himself with Liza and Colby in a perfect family picture.

The board members were anxiously awaiting Adam's arrival, as Stuart arrived in the lobby to meet a frantic Marian with the jacket and tie for "Adam" to wear. She hurriedly explained that Stuart must pretend to be Adam at an important board meeting. Before Stuart could argue, Barry Shire and the board members emerged to welcome "Adam." They all took their seats, but demands for an explanation of some recent business dealings kicked off the meeting. Angry voices demanded, "Why were three factories closed in Pennsylvania and moved to Costa Rica?" "Adam" looked baffled for a moment, then launched into an explanation of how all coffee in Costa Rica is planted to the south side of the mountains or "the violent winds of the north will destroy them!" The board members saw this piece of Stuart's biological wisdom as a brilliant metaphor from "Adam" and applauded him!

The real Adam was idly watching the rerun of the Cutting Edge, when it was interrupted for a live broadcast from the Valley Inn, viewers were told. Adam wondered what was happening, and as he watched, Rae entered the board meeting, with camera crew in tow. "This is important," she announced. "Adam Chandler is now the majority stockholder of WRCW," and she held up Adam's FCC license to the camera. "Where did she get that," Adam growled. Rae then went on to announce a new game show, "Don't get mad, get even!" Greenlee and Becca made their entrance in their costumes and they took their places on either side of a very bewildered "Adam."

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Wednesday, November 17, 1999

by Soap Central

Still weeks away from the deadline, Brooke squirreled herself away in her office to work on the February cover story of Tempo magazine. Phoebe stopped by to check in on her niece and promptly scolded her for being a workaholic. She suggested that Brooke use a photo of herself on the cover with the caption, "How I Managed to Sabotage My Love Life." Brooke rolled her eyes and tried to disregard her aunt's scathing criticism. Luckily for Brooke, Jack dropped by the office and unwittingly rescued her. Brooke took a deep breath and finally fired back a few shot of her own. She reminded her aunt that her love life hasn't always been rosy either. Phoebe smiled slightly and placed the blame for her woes on Langley, a man she said was "married to his job." Phoebe knew not to press on and went on her way. As she was leaving, she mused that she'd leave the door open because she was sure that Brooke and Jack wouldn't think to do anything inappropriate. After Phoebe had left, Jack asked Brooke if there was any truth in what her aunt had said. Brooke pursed her lips together and pointed out that Jack's dance card hasn't exactly been full in recent months. Jack bowed his head and replied that he's been seeing someone. He refused to name names, but indicated that the world would be introduced to his new love interest at Palmer and Vanessa's party. Brooke believed that Jack was making up a story and decided to call him on it. The pair made a bet. It started off with Brooke having to find a man who was worthy of being taken home to Phoebe by News Year's Eve. It ended with the pair mutually agreeing that whomever was not involved in a serious relationship by New Year's Eve would have to pay for a trip to Venice for the other person and their lover. Jack left the office and shook his head. Brooke closed her eyes and blamed her aunt for all her problems.

Hayley arrived at the mostly dismantled Cutting Edge stage unaware that the show had been canceled. From behind, Ryan slowly straggled into the studio. Hayley smiled broadly and told Ryan that she was glad to see him out of his hospital bed. Ryan glossed briefly over his health, instead opting to focus on the cancellation of The Cutting Edge. He said that Liza had been "leveraged out" of her ownership of WRCW by Adam. Hayley couldn't believe that Adam had resorted to his old tricks. As mad as she was for his trickery, Hayley was worried that her dad was going to lose everything he loved. Again, Ryan was quick to change the subject. He asked Hayley if she'd gotten to talk to Mateo about the accident. Hayley nodded her head. "We talk in circles," said noted with a trace of defeat. "It didn't used to be that way." Ryan grew less and less interested in Hayley and Mateo's problems. He looked her square in the eye asking, "What about us?" Before the car accident, Ryan and Hayley were close... very close. Now, though, he couldn't help but feel that they drifted apart. Hayley got sidetracked and continued talking about her feelings for Mateo. She admitted that her heart aches when she's not around him, but that her heart "beats a million miles a minute" when she's around Ryan. Ryan started to walk away, telling Hayley that he'd be waiting for her when she'd decided what she wanted to do with her life. Hayley warned Ryan that she could not erase the way she felt about Mateo or the relationship that they'd had. She asked that he understand her feelings and give her a chance to sort through things. Ryan realized that he'd been acting like a jerk and backed down from his hardline stance. He asked Hayley if she wanted to join him for some old movies and a bowl of popcorn. She smiled broadly and told Ryan that she wouldn't miss it.

Barry rose to his feet and promptly ordered Rae and crew out of the closed-door board meeting. Rae wasn't about to be outdone. She reminded the attorney that Chandler Enterprises was a publicly held company and that anyone had the right to attend the meeting. Barry threatened to call security, but Stuart---still masquerading as Adam---jumped up and ordered him to be quiet. "I am Adam Chandler," he grumbled. "I have nothing to hide." Stuart pulled Barry aside and informed him that they would be able to avoid the Costa Rica issue by allowing Tad to do whatever he wanted. Barry nodded his head and praised "Adam" for his savvy thinking. Marian raced over to Liza and asked her what she and Tad were doing. Liza said nothing about the plot, telling her mother to sit back and enjoy the show. The cameras started rolling and Rae took to center stage. She informed the studio audience and those gathered for the board meeting that they were going to be watching a new type of game show---a show about "getting even." Three guests would vie for the chance to stick it to the person who'd wronged them. From the bar area of The Valley Inn, Palmer chuckled to himself as he watched the television. "This is my idea of quality television," he beamed. In the safe room, Adam looked on in horror. He announced that someone had to "put an end to this madness" before it was too late. Marian looked at Stuart with sad eyes, knowing that she'd gotten her husband into a terribly sticky situation. She turned to Liza and pleaded with her to call off the cameras. Liza shook her head and said that the show would go on. The first "guest" on the show was Alfred Vanderpoole. He told the cameras that he'd finally gotten the chance to date the woman of his dreams only to have her stolen away by another man. The other man, he explained, was Axel Green. Alfred said that his lover had fallen in love with Axel while they were watching a play at the local theatre. Alfred said that he wanted the chance to pay the actor back for stealing his woman. The next "guest" on the scripted show was a "beauty consultant" to the stars. Opal whizzed onto the stage and grinned for the cameras. As she took her place, Palmer strolled into the room. He laughed as Opal told her tale of being locked in a secret room while he traveled around the country with stolen paintings. His unexpected visit allowed for a few moments of drama as Opal pointed the finger of blame at her ex-husband. The cameras turned towards Palmer and he flashed an innocent face and mouthed the words, "Who me?" The third and final guest was Tad. He took a spot next to Rae and told a painful tale of how Adam had fired him from his job. He motioned for Liza and Marian to join him on stage. When they did, Tad incorporated them into his tale of woe. He said that Adam had duped his own brother, Stuart, and Marian into signing over their shares of WRCW stock. Then he told the world why Adam had felt compelled to enact revenge upon him. "To get back at me for being a good stepfather," said Tad. Adam threw his hands in the air and hollered at the television screen. "Don't just sit there," he yelled at Stuart. "Defend yourself! Defend me!" Tad looked over at "Adam" and warned him that nothing would ever change the way he felt about Junior. Liza wiped tears from her eyes and told Adam that what he thought was Tad's loss is really his loss. The time came for the studio audience to vote for who they thought had been most wronged. Alfred disqualified himself from the competition, claiming that he had no idea that a business associate (Adam) would also be appearing on the show. He apologized profusely to the billionaire and ran out of the room. Opal received moderate applause, but Tad was the overwhelming winner. "Revenge is yours," said Rae with a smile. Barry protested the vote, but "Adam" ordered him to sit down. "Adam Chandler is not a fraidy cat," he said. Stuart's choice of words cause Liza to blink several times, but she didn't make the connection that Adam wasn't really Adam. Tad opened a big pink box and revealed a huge pie. He slowly walked over to Adam and readied to slam the pie in his face. He did a big wind up, but stopped short of delivering the pie. He handed the pie to Liza and told her that she deserved the honors. Liza continued to sob. Back in the safe room, Adam was captivated by the events unfolding before his eyes. "She'll never do it," he mumbled. "Never in a million years." Much to his surprise, Liza grabbed the pie and smashed it into Adam's face. Everyone waited for Adam to explode, but to their surprise he was surprisingly calm. "That's my Liza!" Adam chirped from his temporary prison. "What a woman! What a wife!" There was still no reaction from "Adam." Stuart stuck out his tongue and sampled the pie. "Banana cream," he said in his best Adam voice. "My favorite."

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Thursday, November 18, 1999

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The Audrey Hepburn movie marathon moved Hayley to tears. She felt just a bit embarrassed for breaking down so easily. Ryan reached out and gently brushed Hayley's cheek. He slowly moved towards her, saying that he wanted to lick some butter off of her cheek. Hayley pulled away and softly told Ryan that she'd better be on her way back to Trevor's house. Ryan objected because they had not yet watched the final movie in the marathon. "I don't want you to go," Ryan said tenderly. Hayley looked down at the floor and numbly told Ryan that staying was not a good idea. She ultimately caved in and agreed to stick around for the final movie. Ryan walked across the room to flick off the lights. When he did, he doubled over in pain. Ryan guessed that he'd reinjured himself and Hayley quickly helped him to the sofa. Hayley found a bottle of massage lotion in the bathroom and used it to help rub away Ryan's pain. Ryan was out like a light before the film's credits rolled. As he drifted off, he dreamt that he and Hayley finally were ready to make love. It wasn't such a foreign idea as Hayley, too, let her mind wander and explore the possibilities. Hayley leaned over and gave Ryan a kiss on the cheek. Before leaving the loft, she covered her friend with a blanket and told him that she'd see him in the morning.

In Gillian's room at Pine Valley Hospital, David wanted to know why Alexandra hadn't left the country yet. It wasn't really any of his concern, but Alexandra told him that she'd decided to stay in Pine Valley until Gillian is better. Plus, she noted that she still hadn't found anyone to head the Andrassy Foundation. David cleared his throat and told Alex that he was still the ideal candidate to replace her. Inside the room, Alexandra continued to tend to Gillian. David looked coldly at her and ordered her to stay away from his patient. Jake entered the room and informed David that Alex was now Gillian's attending physician. In essence, she called all the shots. David was furious that Alex had somehow superceded him on the case. Alex's first duty was to ask David to leave the room. She said that she'd have another cardiologist care for Gillian. David refused. He looked down at Gillian and asked her how she was doing. Seeing David and Jake in such close proximity caused Gillian to panic. Her ailment prevented her from speaking; only grunts and portions of words were audible. In her mind, though, she blasted David for toying with Jake. Gillian continued to work herself into a frenzy and ultimately David was forced out of the room. Alex handed Gillian a notepad and pen and asked her to try to write down what she wanted to say. Unfortunately, Gillian wasn't able to put her thoughts on paper either. Outside in the hallway, David bumped into Edmund. He told Edmund that he had to work harder to get rid of Alex. To David's surprise, Edmund's opinion of Alex had changed greatly since they'd first talked. Edmund told David that he was glad that Alex had decided to stay in town to care for Gillian. David made another attempt to have his name entered for consideration for the head of Dimitri's foundation. Before he could finish his plea, though, he was paged away to other business. Alex wandered out of the hospital room and pulled Edmund aside. She had the displeasure of having to give Edmund some very unpleasant news. For some unknown reason, Gillian had not recovered as quickly as she'd thought. Her thought was that a blood clot had become lodged in Gillian's brain. Some tests would determine if that was the case. If it was, medication would clear up the condition. But it was too soon to tell if the damage was permanent.

Adam continued to hoot and holler in the safe room. He was sure that Liza still loved him. Otherwise, he thought, she never would have splattered him with a cream pie. Back at The Valley Inn, "Adam's" claim that banana cream pies are his favorite prompted some puzzled looks. "Since when?" asked Liza. "You don't like dessert." Stuart was forced to concoct a lie on the spot. He claimed that as a child growing up in Pigeon Hollow he always loved pie. Tad nearly toppled over in disbelief. Where was the outburst and outrage so typical of Adam? "It was funny," Stuart chirped. Tad tried to put the screws to Adam, asking him if he thought the show's concept could make it to the airwaves. Stuart nodded his head and said that he liked the idea. He then realized that Adam would never have answered that way. He cleared his throat and said that he'd have to give it some thought. Barry raced over to "Adam" and praised him for his "public relations coup of the century." By playing along with the game, Barry said that he'd made Tad look like a "boo-hooing" idiot. Now it was time to get back to the issue at hand: the board meeting. Marian raced over to Barry and angrily blasted him for the way he'd tricked Stuart into signing away his ownership in WRCW. Marian then looked at "Adam" and blasted him for treating Liza so poorly. Stuart told Barry to do whatever he had to do to table the talks at the meeting. Marian then grabbed Stuart by the arm and tried to lead him to safety. Liza, however, came over and told her mother that she had "first dibs" to yell at Adam. She was prevented from doing so because she had to do a special live announcement to thank the audience for tuning into the live special. "Live?" Rae said under her breath. She stomped over to Tad and blasted him for not telling her that the show was going to air live. Tad didn't see any harm in misleading Rae. Dixie strolled into the room with a broad smile on her face. She told Tad and Rae that they'd done an excellent job on the show. Rae was still fuming that Tad had misled her. Her reason were not simply because she'd been lied to. She worried that if her husband, Daniel, had seen the show he might have already fled town. If the show had been taped for later broadcast, at least he would not have been able to get a head start. Tad agreed that he'd been unfair in his treatment of the radio host. In return, he offered to put his private eye skills to use and help Rae track down her husband. Rae told Tad and Dixie that her husband left her for another woman. She did not give any additional details.
In the bar area, Stuart asked Marian if she knew that he was going to have a pie smooshed in his face. Marian shook her head and apologized for putting him on the receiving end of the pie. Stuart wasn't too upset, though. Marian instructed her husband to sneak out the back door and wait for her. Liza caught up with her mother and demanded to know what she and Adam were up to. "Nothing, of course," Marian smiled nervously. She said that she'd wanted a few minutes alone to warn Adam to stay away from Liza and Colby. Liza ordered her mother to "stay out of it." She said that taking a pie in the face was not about to make her forget all the evil things that Adam had done.

Back in the dining area, Palmertold Opal that her on-the-air appearance was uncalled for. Opal called the ordeal "satisfying." Palmer asked Opal to make sure that Peter attended his upcoming party. Opal didn't like the idea of boring her son, but she agreed to take Peter with her. "You're not invited," Palmer chuckled. "But Jackson is," Opal grinned. Opal snidely remarked that there was only one reason why Palmer wanted their son in attendance. She said that Palmer wants to show everyone that he can "father a child even in [his] dotage." Palmer called Opal's remark "sick" and stormed away. Back across the room, Liza joined Tad and Dixie and Rae to discuss the events of the night. Everyone agreed that Adam's reaction was quite peculiar.

Adam was furious that the live broadcast had ended. Now he had no idea what was going on. Marian entered the secret room and asked Adam if he'd gotten a chance to watch the show. Adam nodded his head and said that he'd rather enjoyed it. He ordered Marian to release him, but Marian, of course, refused. She told Adam that he would not be freed until Liza's divorce from his was final. Adam warned Marian that eventually she would be the one who was hurt. Liza, he said, would turn on her for imprisoning the father of her child and Stuart would also want nothing to do with her. Marian's face froze and she turned and ran away.

She returned home and met up with Stuart, who was still toweling himself off. Stuart thought that it might be time to call the police about Adam's disappearance. Marian assured her husband that everything was okay and that Adam was probably laying low until things had cooled down. Stuart still wanted to alert the authorities. In a last ditched effort to keep Stuart distracted, Marian pulled him in close and gave him a passionate kiss. As they embraced, Stuart promised that he would make the call in the morning.

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Friday, November 19, 1999

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Adrian shows up at SOS and he and Mateo discuss his last talk with Hayley. It's like we don't even know each other any more, Mateo explains, and goes on to express his doubts that he and Hayley will ever find their way back to each other. Janet arrives to do the books and asks Mateo if he could give her an advance on her salary. Mateo wishes he could, but money is tight right now while he's trying to buy Hayley out. Mateo gets a call from the realtor that there's someone who would like to look at the condo. If I manage to sell the condo, we can talk about an advance for you, he says to Janet. Mateo calls to warn Tina that they're coming over and to get the condo ready, but she's wearing head phones and doesn't hear the phone.

Mateo and the prospective buyer show up at the condo, but when they go inside it's a complete disaster. Clothes and stuff all over the place, old pizza boxes, piles of magazines in the fireplace. Tina, wrapped in a towel since she just got out of the shower, apologizes for the mess and tries to convince the buyer it is a really nice place, under all the mess. The buyer's seen enough and heads out the door. Tina apologizes to Mateo, who feels bad for her and promises that when he sells the condo, he'll help her find another place to live. Mateo heads back to SOS and tells Adrian what happened. He goes in the back for a while and Tina shows up and talks to Adrian. She asks him if he's rich, because if he is she has a plan. She wants Adrian to lend Mateo the money to buy Hayley out, that way he won't be in such a rush to sell the condo out from under her.

At the Chandler mansion, Stuart and Marian are caring for one of the ficus trees in the living room, while Adam watches them on the closed circuit TV. Liza joins them, still puzzled about Adam's reaction to having a pie thrown in his face. Adam should have gotten angry, made a scene, but instead all he did was laugh. Stuart almost spills the beans at this point, admitting he was the one at the board meeting, but Marian quickly covers for him. Liza compares Stuart to Adam, saying that while Stuart is taking care of the ficus tree, Adam would have just thrown it out and replaced it. He does the same thing with people, too, if they don't agree with him and his way of doing things, he throws them out of his life. Colby is the only thing that he cares about and loves, Liza says. Stuart disagrees, Adam loves Liza and Stuart and... he's about to say Marian, then changes it to "lots of other people." Liza tells them that she's thought of a way to flush Adam out of hiding, but doesn't tell them exactly what it is before she heads to the station. Worried, Marian tells Stuart she just remembered something she has to do and rushes out after her.

Hayley arrives at WRCW just in time to overhear Tad telling someone on the phone that he has no idea what Adam's reaction was to getting hit with a pie in the face, they'll have to ask Adam. He hangs up the phone and explains to Hayley what happened on their "live" episode of the Cutting Edge the day before. I wish I was there to see it, Hayley says. Tad tells her not to worry, he's got the whole thing on tape. In fact, he's already watched it three times that morning enjoying reliving the moment. I do have some bad news for you though, Tad says, then informs her the Cutting Edge has been canceled and they're both out of a job. Hayley's disappointed, she never got to go on the air with her style segment.

Hayley and Tad are perusing the want ads in the newspaper, wondering which would be better - dog grooming or earthworm farming - when Liza walks in. Since the Cutting Edge has been canceled, Liza offers to extend Hayley's style segment into a full half hour show. Come up with some ideas for the show and then run them by me, Liza instructs. Hayley's thrilled and runs out the door, searching for inspiration, leaving the want ads behind with Tad. Liza tells Tad not to give up on his job just yet, either, she has a plan to get things back to the way they were. Marian shows up, trying to find out what's going on, but her questions are interrupted by the appearance of Barry Shire. Liza informs him that she is holding a press conference later that afternoon in which Adam is going to apologize for stealing the station from her and agree to sell back to Stuart the shares he tricked him into selling. Barry isn't sure that Adam will agree to any of it, assuming he can get in touch with Adam. Just give him my message, Liza tells him, appearing very sure that Adam will indeed show up.

Marian, on the other hand, knows that Adam can't show up and races back to the Chandler mansion to talk to Stuart. She explains the situation about the press conference to Stuart and begs him to impersonate Adam "one last time." Confused, Stuart asks why she's so sure that Adam won't be there. Marian claims that Stuart will just be there as a back-up, but he senses that there's something wrong. He can tell just by looking at her eyes that there's something wrong, that she knows something about where Adam is. "What have you done with my brother?", he asks her.

Ryan is alone in his apartment, thinking about Hayley. He thinks about the massage she gave him the night before, then later thinks about the night that he and Hayley almost made love at Trevor's house. Ryan calls Hayley and leaves a message for her to call him. Later, she shows up at his door, excited about the idea of having her own show, but needing his help coming up with some ideas for it. He suggests they head to Manhattan to get some inspiration.

Janet met Sophie at the boathouse, but didn't bring her any money, she brought some warm clothes and food instead. Angry, Sophie demanded that Janet bring her the money soon so that she could get out of the country. Janet asked for more time, and promised to come back later, which she did, but only brought one thousand dollars instead of the 50,000 Sophie was demanding. Sophie took the money, but insisted that Janet come up with the rest of the money---or else.

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