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Tiffany learned that Greenlee had told Becca that Scott was the one who had made their sex tape. Alex learned that a blood clot in Gillian's brain was causing her ailment. Stuart posed as Adam to right some wrongs. Ryan realized that he had to stop chasing after Hayley.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of November 22, 1999 on AMC
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Monday November 22, 1999

A phone call to the private investigator he'd hired revealed that Vanessa's "lover" was in New York City. Palmer was furious, but he managed to keep his composure. That all changed when Vanessa strolled out of the bathroom and announced that she needed to do some last minute shopping in The Big Apple. Palmer took a deep breath and continued to play things very smoothly. Vanessa claimed that she needed to pick up a few things for their soiree later in the evening. Plus, she promised with a broad smile, she planned on returning with "a big surprise." Palmer pressed for details about the surprise, but Vanessa mused that a hint would ruin the surprise. Palmer picked up an elegantly wrapped box from the coffeetable and quizzed Vanessa on its contents. Vanessa didn't skip a beat as she instructed her husband to open the package. Inside, Palmer found a music box. Its tune was that of the music that was playing when Palmer asked Vanessa to marry him. As Vanessa moved towards the door, Palmer stopped her with a very surprising question. He asked his wife if she would forgo her plans to travel to New York if he wasn't feeling well. Whether she was truly concerned or not, Vanessa put on an incredible show. She flocked to Palmer's side and asked him if he was feeling poorly. She said that she'd call the doctor, but Palmer quickly waved her off. He told her that he was fine and urged her to go on her way. Before she left, Vanessa asked her husband for money. Palmer didn't put up a fight, instead opting to fork over a fistful of cash. Vanessa closed the door behind her. Palmer sat in a chair and stared across the room at the music box. He heard voices in his head mocking his relationship with Vanessa. He rose to his feet, walked over to the music box, and forcefully threw it on the floor. He didn't stop there. Palmer stomped on the box several times, just to be sure that he never had to hear its tune again.

In Erica's bed, David was haunted by visions of his mother. She appeared by his side and threatened to expose his soul to Erica. In the real world, Erica appeared by the side of the bed with a breakfast tray that she---yes, she---had prepared for David. David awoke and was momentarily startled. Erica thought that David's unpleasant dreams had been caused by Alex's repeated refusal to let him head up the Andrassy Foundation. So upset was Erica that she wanted to use her clout with Palmer to create a stir at Pine Valley Hospital. David grumbled that he did not want Erica to fight his battles for him. "Alex is cheating you out of a job," Erica argued. David wasn't about to dispute that Alex's personal feelings were what was keeping him out of the job. He assumed a softer tone and explained that he wanted to win the job on his own---without anyone's help. The couple once again made love. Afterwards while David was in the shower, Erica pulled a quick disappearing act. She had told David that she had no plans for the day. Knowing that David was naked and dripping wet, she seized the opportunity to escape, telling David that she had some errands to run.

"Yes, she knows where I am," Adam shouted at the video monitor. Marian, shrugged unconvincingly and told Stuart that she'd tell him if she knew where Adam was hiding. Nervously, Marian continually fired off a few glances at the video camera mounted on the wall. Stuart's knack for being able to determine fact from fiction told him that Marian was holding back the truth. Marian ultimately admitted that she knew where Adam was---and she even confessed that she was responsible for Adam's disappearance. For just a moment, Stuart feared that Marian had killed Adam. Marian assured her husband that she hadn't gone that far, but said that if she had she would have made many people happy. Marian explained that she had to act fast because Adam had planned to run away with Colby. "Don't tell him that!" Adam screamed. His face fell as Marian told Stuart that "Jake's not Colby's father---Adam is." Stuart was surprised, but he didn't seem shocked. He knew that something other Liza was upset by more than being swindled out of WRCW. Marian explained every detail of the swap that took place at the fertility clinic. "I always stuck up for my brother," Stuart softly. "Maybe he's never gonna change." In the safe room, Adam's eyes welled with tears. Stuart's face became very determined. He told Marian that he wanted to see his brother so that he could tell him face to face that "this time you've gone too far, buddy!" Marian shook her head and told Stuart that she couldn't reveal Adam's hiding spot until Liza's divorce from him was finalized. Stuart really wanted to see Adam, but he eventually understood that Marian had reasons for doing what she'd done. Stuart's anger gave way to feelings of remorse. He knew that no matter what happened, his brother would always be Colby's father. Not wanting Stuart to be won over by his emotions, Marian pointedly reminded him that Adam had violated Liza. Liza slowly made her way down the steps and asked her mother and Stuart what they were talking about. Adam urged Stuart to tell Liza that Marian knew where he was, but Stuart never spilled the beans. Instead, Stuart vowed that Adam would be present at the press conference and do the right thing. Liza gave him a hug and thanked him for his support. Liza went back upstairs to give Colby a bath. While she was gone, Marian helped Stuart work on the speech he'd give at the press conference. Marian explained that there were only four things to discuss: returning ownership of WRCW to Liza, re-instating The Cutting Edge and its host, giving Stuart his shares of the station back, and offering a public apology. She told her husband not to talk to Liza at all for fear that she'd figure out that he wasn't really Adam. Stuart disappeared to find one of Adam's. Marian looked into the camera and told Adam that his current cell was much more posh than the cell he'd eventually end up in. Later, Stuart returned downstairs and tried to fix his tie. As he did so, Liza wandered into the room and demanded to know how he'd gotten into the house. Stuart said nothing, instead scurrying out of the house. Liza chased after him and ordered him to make sure that he does the right thing at the press conference.

In a coffeeshop in Soho, the mysterious man in Vanessa's life, Leo flirted shamelessly with a waitress. The waitress, identified as Rosalie on her name badge, was very willing to help the muscular blonde. There was only one problem---Leo's credit card had been refused and there was no way that she could slip him another free meal. Leo batted his eyes at Rosalie and she agreed to pick up the tab for him. Vanessa poked her head into the restaurant and quickly made her way to Leo's table. The sweet talk continued, with Vanessa referring to the young man as "darling." Across the room and unbeknownst to either Vanessa or her gentleman friend, the private eye that Palmer had hired was watching them very closely. He placed a call to Palmer to inform him that he'd caught up to Vanessa and her mystery man. Palmer could hear Vanessa laughing in his mind---laughing at him. He ordered the investigator to nab the pair. The private eye, however, thought it was best to wait until they left the restaurant before moving in. Palmer was distracted when a knock sounded on his door. He excused himself and greeted Erica at his door. Erica invited herself into the suite and told Palmer that she'd wait until he was done with his call. "Don't let them get out that door!" Palmer screamed at the investigator. Erica became very concerned and raced to Palmer's side. She asked him who he was talking to and who he didn't want walk out the door.

Tuesday, November 23, 1999

At Sounds of Salsa, Mateo had a difficult time making payment arrangements with one of club's suppliers. Adrian happened to overhear the conversation and asked Mateo about his money woes. Matt assured his friend that SOS was making money. Other obligations, though, were making money very tight. In addition to investing money back into the club, Mateo had to carry two mortgages, pay child support, and squirrel money away to buy Hayley out of her half of the club. Adrian offered to help Mateo by giving him some money he had "stashed" away. Mateo shook his head and kindly turned down the loan. Tina raced over to the counter and explained that Adrian wasn't offering a loan, he was asking to become a partner in the club. Mateo went into immediate deep thought. After several minutes, he agreed to let Adrian sign on as a partner. Adrian sensed Mateo's hesitancy and told him that he didn't have to feel forced into accepting his offer. Tina reappeared with a bottle of champagne. Mateo took a deep breath and said that he needed to talk to Hayley about the offer. Mateo flashed a smile at Tina and asked her what she was getting out of putting the deal together. "Ten percent?" he joked. Adrian looked at Tina and then returned his attention to Mateo. He inquired about Raquel's condo, asking what would happen to it now that there was not such an urgent need to unload it. The obvious implication being, of course, that it was a great place for Tina to stay. Tina offered to pay her fair share of rent and Mateo said that he'd think about it. Tina raced over to her boss and gave him a big hug. Mateo picked up the phone and placed a call to Hayley. When he received her answering machine, he said, "I need to talk to you---it's important. Actually, I need to see you."

An older woman with long, gray hair watched with a smile as Vanessa spoon-fed ice cream to Leo. From across the room, the private investigator also watched the couple closely. He used a walkie-talkie to warn his associates that it would soon be time to spring into action. "Grab 'em, gag 'em, and get 'em into the car," he instructed. Vanessa was still oblivious to the fact that she was being tailed. She did, however, have a more visible threat: Ryan and Hayley. The couple strolled into the cafe fresh from a shopping trip. Vanessa covered her head and told Leo that she could not risk being spotted with him. Leo asked Rosalie if there was a back exit. She rolled her eyes and pointed towards the ladies' room. She warned Leo that he'd better not leave without paying. The private investigator watched as Vanessa headed towards the bathroom. He had no way of knowing that she was about to give him the slip. Meanwhile, Ryan offered some helpful fashion advice to Hayley. "Sexy is not what you put on. It's how you take it off," he smiled sexily. A young blonde woman waltzed over to the table and greeted Hayley with an ear-to-ear grin. She asked Hayley about her "gorgeous husband" as well as the man she was eating with. Hayley said that she was in town on business with Ryan. Melanie very confidently and somewhat presumptuously asked Ryan if he'd like to join her for a play. Hayley explained that Ryan was "not available" and Melanie went on her way. Apparently, Hayley and Melanie had met during Hayley's stint at Enchantment. Ryan wasn't at all interested in discussing Hayley's former job. Instead, he wanted to know what she meant when she said that he was not available. "You're with me now," she smiled. Hayley's phone sounded signaling that she had missed a call at home. She dialed her answering service and her face grew grim. "What does he want," Ryan asked. Hayley looked at him with a look of shock. Ryan explained that he saw the sparks dim and knew that the call had to have been from Mateo. Hayley stated that Mateo wanted to see her and that apparently whatever he wanted to talk about was urgent. Ryan asked Hayley to postpone talking to Mateo until after their mini-vacation. Hayley rose to her feet and told Ryan that she had to go back to Pine Valley. Ryan refused to go, saying that he wanted to take in the sights.

"What are you up to?" Erica asked Palmer curiously. She wanted to know who Palmer was talking about. Palmer explained that he was referring to a what not a who. "A pair of very exquisite candelabras," bluffed Palmer. He moved quickly to distract Erica by asking her why she'd dropped by. He said that he had a distinct feeling that it had something to do with David Hayward. "Uncanny," Erica beamed. Like Palmer, Erica tried to change the subject. She knew that a candelabra wouldn't make Palmer's blood pressure spike. Palmer assured Erica that there was "not nefarious on [his] agenda." Again, he moved the discussion back to Erica. Erica told Palmer that she was furious with Alex for not agreeing to hire David to head the Andrassy Foundation. Palmer deduced that she wanted him to use his position on the hospital board to help David. If that was the case, Palmer couldn't understand why Erica would want to help the man who'd nearly cost her her life. Erica argued that David had actually saved her life. Palmer didn't argue the point. He received another phone call from his private eye alerting him to Vanessa's disappearance. Palmer ordered his man to move in on Leo before he too got away. Erica noticed beads of sweat forming on Palmer's brow. She asked him if he was ill. Palmer denied that he was feeling poorly. Erica then noticed the smashed music box on the floor of the hotel room. She asked Palmer why he'd destroyed what was apparently a gift from his wife. "An accident," Palmer said nervously. Erica didn't buy the excuse. She knew that pressing Palmer about David would only make matters worse so she gracefully bowed out with the promise to bring the issue up at a later date. Shortly after Erica left, Palmer received a phone call from Vanessa. She told him that she'd had a great time in New York and that she was en route to The Glamorama for a touch up. Promising to see him soon, Vanessa hung up the phone. "Soon, my darling," Palmer muttered under his breath. "Soon."

Marian headed to the safe room to taunt Adam about his upcoming press conference. Of course she knew full well that Adam would not be present at the media event. Adam warned her that her plot would backfire. One slight mistake and Stuart would be exposed and publicly ridiculed. Marian remained confident that Stuart could pull it off. On the video monitor, Adam overheard Colby struggling to her first word---and it sounded very close to "daddy." With tears in her eyes, Liza told her daughter that she looks very much like Adam when she flashes her scowl. Adam took Liza's remarks as a sign that she still loved him. "She sees me in Colby," he boasted. Marian headed to the living room to try to prevent Liza from watching Adam's press conference. Colby's dirty diaper helped her succeed in her effort, but Liza made her promise to videotape the event.

Across town, Tad and Dixie actually popped popcorn in anticipation of Adam's on-air mea culpa. Rae dropped by to make sure that Tad hadn't backed out on his promise to help her track down her errant husband. Rae was certain that Adam would not help her now that she'd helped embarrass him on live television. Junior burst into the room asking when he dad was going to appear on television. Almost on cue, Scott entered the house and announced that Adam's press conference would begin in five minutes.

Barry stood before the media and apologized to the television audience for interrupting their usual programming. Posing as his younger brother, Stuart took to the podium with the intent of making everything better. He said that his entire speech could be summed up with "two powerful words: I----am sorry." He spoke very haltingly and at times used his own voice rather than his brother's, but he managed to get through the speech without too many problems. He returned ownership of WRCW to Liza and said that he'd have no objections to rehiring Tad as host of The Cutting Edge. What he said next shocked everyone viewing the press conference. "You were right," said Adam to Tad. "You're really a very fine host." When his prepared speech concluded, Stuart had no idea that he'd be hit by a barrage of questions from the media. One reported asked what he planned to do next. "I'm going home for dinner," Stuart replied. Another asked about the discernible insincerity in his apology. Stuart tried to answer each and every question. He was saved when he heard Marian's voice in his head telling him that he need only think like Adam to get out of a jam. Stuart threw his arms into the arm and defiantly announced that there would be no more questions. He shoved past flocking reporters and headed out of the studio.

Up until "Adam's" grand exit, Junior didn't think that the man on television sounded very much like his dad. Tad was floored by Adam's admission that he's a good talk show host. In spite of that, Tad still mulled the future of The Cutting Edge. Tad was beginning to feel that talk shows were becoming stale and that perhaps it was time to move on. Tad and Dixie asked Rae if she'd like to accompany them to Palmer and Vanessa's shindig. They felt that it would be a wonderful opportunity for her to make gentle inquiries about Daniel. Rae agreed. Scott had previously overheard Dixie tell Becca that her dress was up on her bed. He asked Becca who her date for the evening would be. Becca softly explained that she was babysitting for Peter. She then told Scott that she hopes he and Greenlee have a good time.

Stuart returned to Chandler Mansion and received high praise from Marian. Barry entered a few seconds later and asked Adam if they could talk privately in the study. Marian stepped towards Barry and blasted him for not making an apology of his own. Barry told Marian that he'd been acting on Adam's orders and that she had no reason to be upset because everything would soon be returned to Stuart. Liza walked down the steps, cast a very icy glare at Adam, and turned around to go back upstairs. Barry called out to Liza and told her that she'd have been very proud of what Adam had done during the press conference. "Am I supposed to be grateful?" Liza snapped. She didn't go for the idea that just because Adam had apologized she should "forgive and forget" all the things he'd done wrong. "I hated that I hurt you," said Stuart. "You deserve much better... better than me." Liza continued on her way upstairs. Barry had to go, but asked that Adam walk him to his car. Marian looked into the nannycam and told Adam that he should be able to rest easily now that his conscience had been cleared. In the safe room, Adam spoke to a picture of Colby that he had in his wallet. "I am not a villain," he said softly. "Maybe one day you'll understand that... I'll make you understand that."

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Wednesday, November 24, 1999

by Soap Central

Vanessa's whirlwind day continued with a brief trip to The Glamorama for a new hairdo. She took pleasure in taunting Opal about how happy she was being married to Palmer. Opal rolled her eyes and started to walk away. Vanessa smiled broadly and told Opal that she would understand if she decided not to show up at the party. Opal turned back around and flashed a serious expression at her ex-husband's new lady. She told Vanessa that she wouldn't miss it for the world because it would be a "comedy, tragedy, and fright night" all in one. Jack and Brooke arrived at the salon at about the same time. Brooke approached the attorney and offered him a chance to back out of their "date by New Year's" contest. Jack said that he was still in on the competition, but agreed to call it quits if Brooke was afraid she'd lose. Across the room, Tiffany stopped Becca from going into the back room because Greenlee was getting a pedicure. Becca claimed that Becca didn't bother her, but Tiffany knew better. Tiffany said that Greenlee was the reason why Becca was not still involved with Scott. Becca disagreed, saying that the videotape Scott had made of him and Greenlee having sex was the reason for the breakup. Opal finally noticed that Jack had arrived and waltzed over to greet him. She thought he was a bit early to pick her up, but she was overjoyed that he'd showed up. Jack had some papers for Opal to sign. After the signing, Jack told Opal that he needed to head back home and freshen up before taking her to the party. Brooke was surprised that Jack would be escorting Opal. She followed Jack to the foyer and asked him about his relationship with Opal. "I like Opal," Jack replied. "We make each other laugh." Brooke was stunned. Jack bet Brooke one hundred dollars that she would show up at the party without a date. Brooke accepted the bet and after Jack left she started phoning everyone she knew in an attempt to find a date. Becca pulled Opal aside and asked her "why the Greenlees of the world always win." Opal shook her head and said that she wasn't sure why that was true. What she did know, however, is that the Greenlees of the world also always get what's coming to them.

Scott returned to the loft and nearly got skewered by a flying dart. Ryan had attached a dartboard to the back of the front door and Scott almost unwittingly became a live target. Ryan explained that he was frustrated with the way his trip to New York had ended. "I got dumped," he grumbled. He said that everything was great up until the point that Mateo paged Hayley. Scott complained that his love life wasn't going so smoothly either. Ryan shook his head and commented that he saw no problem. "Forget her," said Ryan of Becca. He urged his roommate to move forward with Greenlee, who he labeled a "nymphette." Ryan's new motto was "Enjoy: Whoever... whenever." Scott teased Ryan about his new philosophy. He mused that they'd need to install a jacuzzi and put mirrors on all of the ceilings. To put Ryan to the test, Scott asked him what he'd do if Hayley showed up at the door wanting to apologize for walking out on him. Ryan quickly replied that he wouldn't care and that he'd send her on his way. Scott then asked what he'd do if Gillian called. Ryan's face grew quite serious. He said that Gillian was different than Hayley because she would only call if there were an emergency. Scott saw things differently. He remarked that the only thing that was different was that Ryan loved Gillian. Ryan was furious with Scott's amateur psychology routine and stormed out of the loft. A short time later, Tiffany showed up hoping to try her hand at matchmaking. She candidly asked Scott about the infamous dirty video that Becca had come across. Scott didn't want to talk about it, but Tiffany pressed him for answers. Scott ultimately confessed that the video did exist, but that he had no idea it existed until Greenlee gave it to him. Finally, Tiffany broke the news that Greenlee had been telling everyone---especially Becca---that he'd made the video to satisfy his voyeuristic tendencies. Scott's face turned a shade of red. He told Tiffany that he was going to go through with his plans to escort Greenlee to Palmer and Vanessa's party. He followed it up with a warning. "I [will] make this the worst night of her life," he said coldly.

Hayley showed up at SOS and was informed that Mateo had planned a private celebration. Hayley's mind started to wander and she conjured up images of what Mateo might have in store. "I can't live without you," said Mateo in her fantasy. "I want you in my life for good." Hayley drifted back to reality just as Mateo appeared before her. They sat down at a nearby table and exchanged nervous smiles. Hayley told Mateo that she was glad he'd found a reason to celebrate. Mateo nodded and thanked Hayley for showing up so quickly. So many things had gone wrong, Mateo said glumly. Hayley told Mateo not to dwell upon their past mistakes. "I have perspective now," Mateo stated. "And I wish you nothing but the best." Mateo slid a yellow envelope across the table. Hayley picked it up and smiled. She believed that the envelope contained a love letter. Sadly, that was not the case. The envelope contained a check for Hayley's share in the nightclub plus interest. "You're free and clear of the club and me... and us," Mateo said. Hayley fought to hold back tears. The look on her face revealed that she was absolutely crushed. Mateo explained that he'd taken on a new partner, something that hurt Hayley even more. She seemed a bit relieved that the new partner was Adrian and not a new lover. Mateo sensed that Hayley was surprised by the news and asked her if she was okay. Hayley claimed that she was surprised because she hadn't expected the money so soon. Hayley told Mateo that she had to leave. Mateo was going to walk her to her car, but he was sidetracked when he had to prevent Tina from climbing up on a shaky chair. Hayley assured her former lover that she could make it by herself and left. What she didn't know was that Mateo had followed her out of the club. There, Hayley put her head in her hands and sighed deeply. Mateo looked on in concern, but he said nothing.

At Pine Valley Hospital, Edmund paced nervously around Gillian's room. It had been over an hour since Alex had taken Gillian for a battery of neurological tests. Jake appeared a lot calmer, but inside he was a nervous wreck. Edmund was sure that there was going to be bad news. Alex returned and confirmed his worst fears. She announced that Gillian had "a cerebral vascular accident." In layman's terms, she had developed a blood clot on the left side of her brain. That was just the beginning of the bad news. Alexandra was almost certain that there had been some brain damage. The extent, however, was still not known. A pair of orderlies returned Gillian to her bed. Jake took up a spot next to the bed and started talking to the princess. It didn't matter to him that Gillian's responses were nonsensical; he simply enjoyed being with her. Outside in the hallway, Edmund asked Alex if she planned to attend Palmer and Vanessa's soiree. Alex shook her head and said that she wanted to go home and get some rest. Edmund admitted that he wasn't too keen on going. Since Palmer was a big contributor to Maria's foundation, he knew he had to make an appearance. As Jake exited Gillian's room, he overheard Edmund asked Alex to accompany him to the party. Alex thanked Edmund for the invitation, but she politely declined. Again she cited her need for some sleep. Edmund headed home to get ready. Jake immediately scurried over to Alex to ask her about what he'd just observed. "Did he just ask you out?" Jake gasped. "Oh, shut up," Alex laughed. Hayley arrived at the hospital and asked for a briefing on Gillian's condition. She was permitted to visit Gillian, but she was advised not to ask Gillian too many questions. Inside, Hayley was nearly moved to tears when she heard Gillian struggle to speak. There was one bright moment when Gillian managed to say Jake's name. On her way out of the room, Hayley collided into another visitor---Ryan.

On the phone with his private investigator, Palmer was becoming more and more incensed by the man's incompetence. "Don't come back until you've yanked my wife's gigolo off the street!" he hollered. Vanessa returned to the suite unaware that Palmer had tracked her every step of the way. She also had no way of knowing that everything she said---every word---would be carefully dissected by her suspecting husband. "I predict quite a night," said Vanessa proudly. "Oh, you can count on that," Palmer chuckled. Palmer asked Vanessa about the surprise she'd promised him. Vanessa forked over the gold watch she'd picked up in New York. She called the gift "an appetizer" for the real surprise. She said that the watch would replace the one Palmer currently wore, a watch that was about several years old. "A newer and improved version," Palmer groaned. He was apparently referring to more than just the timepiece. Vanessa and Palmer both dressed for the party. Vanessa chirped merrily about how she loved hosting big to do's. "You like affairs, huh?" Palmer asked, again with a double meaning. The private investigator phoned in with the news Palmer had been anticipating. "The cargo is under wraps," informed the investigator. Palmer surprised the man by telling him to deliver "the cargo" to Pine Valley immediately. Vanessa ordered her husband to turn off his phone for the rest of the evening. Palmer agreed and, with his wife on his arm, headed off to the party.

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Thursday, November 25, 1999

by Soap Central

Jake and Alex headed into Gillian's room to give her the news on her prognosis. Alex carefully explained the blood clot, its ill-effects on her brain and speech, and the treatment she'd be receiving. Alex stated that while the damage was not permanent, per se, she would have to undergo extensive speech therapy. Outside in the hallway, Hayley apologized for crashing into Ryan. She was surprised to see him back from New York so soon. "I went to New York to be with you," Ryan replied. Since Hayley had left, Ryan saw no need to linger around The Big Apple. Hayley tried to explain why she'd left, but Ryan breezed past her. Elsewhere, David took to the phone to check on Erica's party preparations. "Are you dressed yet or are you still gloriously naked?" David purred. David and Erica mutually agreed upon arriving late so that they could make their first outing as a couple more memorable. In Gillian's room, Ryan was briefed on Gillian's condition. He walked over to his ex-wife's bedside and smiled broadly. "How do you manage to look like a cover girl even in ICU?" he asked. Gillian smiled widely. Ryan handed Gillian a gift he'd gotten for her in New York---a football jersey. Gillian struggled to say "homerun," which elicited a chuckle from Ryan. "Heart," Gillian said while looking at Ryan. Alex said that the word heart was Gillian's mind's way of referring to Ryan. She explained that Gillian's mind has sort of mixed-up words and meanings. Seeing Ryan and calling him "heart" might signal that she still cares for him. "You're still in my heart princess---always," Ryan said softly. Jake looked down at the floor nervously. Gillian and Ryan's tender exchange made him noticeably uncomfortable. Ryan decided that it was time to leave. Jake asked Alex why she wasn't going to Palmer and Vanessa's party. Alex said that she'd been invited, but decided to turn it down because she needed some sleep. Jake mentioned to Gillian that Edmund has asked Alex to go with him. Gillian put her thumb into the air to tell Alex that she wanted her to go with Edmund. Alex rolled her eyes in defeat and agreed to go. Both Gillian and Jake were glad that she'd reconsidered. As Alex headed out of the room, she came face to face with her sometimes nemesis, David. David stated that he was on his way to give Gillian a routine post-operative checkup. Alex flatly refused to allow let David into the room. Joe happened to be walking by and he was immediately roped into the argument. Joe sided with Alex, saying that she was Gillian's attending physician and had control over who was allowed to care for Gillian. Alex thanked Joe and headed on her way. David was about to storm off, but Joe asked him to stick around for a few minutes. He blasted the cardiologist for being disrespectful to Alex. David argued that Alex's differences with him were from a personal vendetta. Joe didn't care why Alex disliked David---his orders to show more respect stood. Back inside the hospital room, Jake showed Gillian picture flashcards. For each card, Gillian was asked to identify the picture. The first---a teddy bear---proved too difficult for Gillian. "Beddy" and "beer" were the only words she could muster. Jake decided to go to a second picture, one of a baby. "Daddy," Gillian said. In her mind, though, she asked herself how she could ever break Jake's heart by telling him that he was not Colby's father.

More papers in hand, Jack dropped by Wildwind to get Edmund's signature on the dotted lines. While he waited for Edmund to scrawl his name, Jack asked Edmund if he had a date for Palmer and Vanessa's party. Edmund nearly toppled over when Jack told him that he was taking Opal. Jack quickly moved to clarify that he and Opal were not a romantic item, but rather he was helping Opal stick it to Palmer. Since Edmund was going to be going stag, Jack said that it might be fun for Opal to have two men on her arm when she arrives at the party. "I think I'll let you have Opal all to yourself," Edmund smiled. They briefly discussed Gillian's recovery. It was then Edmund's turn to shock Jack. He mentioned in passing that he had asked Alex to accompany him to the party. Jack was surprised that Edmund and Alex were "on friendly terms." Edmund shook his head and explained that they were not on friendly terms; he was merely being nice in return for Alex caring for Gillian. Edmund was busily reviewing some material on aphasia, the condition affecting Gillian, when Alex entered the parlor wearing a simple black dress. She muttered that it was a "woman's prerogative" to change her mind. She asked Edmund if it was too late to go to the party, Edmund rose from the sofa and told her that she'd come at just the right time.

Ryan returned to the loft and found a surprise waiting for him---Hayley. Hayley bashfully admitted that she'd gotten Scott to let her into the apartment. "I really need a friend," Hayley said. "I thought we were beyond [friends]," Ryan remarked. The bickering over the choice of words unnerved Hayley slightly. "Mateo didn't want me back," she said. She stated that he wanted to give her a check for her half of Sounds of Salsa. Ryan stopped Hayley before she could say anything more. He lashed out at Hayley for stringing him along. Hayley argued that she's been doing no such thing. She understood that Ryan was upset for being left alone in New York. She offered to do whatever she had to do to make it up to him, but Ryan coldly told her that there was nothing she could do. "You and Mateo were never going to be history. And I'm tired of being in the middle." Ryan stormed towards the door. He stopped momentarily and asked Hayley to promise him that she'd call her sponsor. When she did, he walked out of the loft.

Opal, Petey, and Becca arrived at The Valley Inn for Palmer and Vanessa's party but the hosts were nowhere to be found. Petey grumbled repeatedly about having to wear a tie. Tad and Dixie sauntered over and Tad agreed with his younger brother's aversion to neckwear. Not only that, but he also agreed that he'd rather be at home. "Who throws a wedding reception on Thanksgiving?" Tad asked aloud. Rae Cummings kept her word and showed up at the fete. She was carefully making the rounds asking other partygoers carefully worded questions about her estranged husband, Daniel. Palmer and Vanessa finally made their grand entrance. They hadn't been in the doorway for more than a minute when Palmer asked his wife to introduce him to Bunny, the friend she'd claimed to have visited in Europe. Vanessa alleged that her good pal was unable to make the trip to Pine Valley. Millicent Greenlee flocked to the couple's side and rattled on endlessly about how wonderful they looked together. Millicent made a surprisingly off-color remark about how the fire must still be burning inside Palmer's aged body. Palmer excused himself and headed to a secluded corner where his private investigator informed him that "the package" was on its way. Outside in the car, Leo was strong-armed by two thugs. He pleaded for his release, insisting that they'd got the wrong guy. "Shut up loser," said one of the goons. "We know exactly who you are." To keep him quiet, one of the thugs injected a sedative into Leo's leg. Brooke and Phoebe arrived at the party. Phoebe grumbled about her niece's inability to get a date. Brooke assured her aunt that she tried to get someone to accompany her, but that no one could be found on such short notice. She then asked that Phoebe keep quiet about her not having a date so that she wouldn't have to pay Jack one hundred dollars. Rae was nervous about meeting Palmer for fear that he'd be angry with her for her part in Opal's appearance on "Getting Even." To her surprise, Palmer hadn't held a grudge. In fact, he seemed totally uninterested in speaking to her. There was, of course, a reason for his preoccupation. Vanessa slithered her way over to Opal and taunted her about Jackson not showing up. Opal assured her that Jackson was going to meet her at the party. She then warned Vanessa that she needs to worry about more important things, things like why Palmer was acting so strangely. Vanessa snatched Peter and walked him across the room to meet Millicent. Rather than greeting her as "Mrs. Greenlee," Peter simply smiled hello. Vanessa scolded him for his lack of manners. She and Millicent then mused that a boy could not learn proper etiquette by living with Opal. Opal whisked over and told Peter that he was permitted to leave the party. She hadn't heard Vanessa's caustic remark about her, but it probably wouldn't have changed anything anyway. Becca took Peter upstairs to their hotel room. When they got there, Palmer's hired thugs were helping Leo into the room across the hall. Leo looked to Becca and pleaded with her to help him. One of the goons told her that Leo had had too much to drink. Becca thought nothing of it and she and Peter went into their room. Back down at the party, Rae sat down next to Opal and praised her "moxy." Not many people, she said, could show up at their ex-husband's wedding reception and do it so well. Jack finally arrived and strolled straight to Opal. Phoebe looked on in amazement. Surely if Opal could snag an eligible bachelor like Jackson, her niece could do the same, she thought. Jack skipped away for a few minutes to ask Brooke about her date. Brooke insisted that her escort was making business calls to Japan. "Anybody I know?" Jack asked with a smile. Brooke shook her head. "Anybody you know?" he remarked snidely. The lead investigator told Palmer that Vanessa's lover as now securely locked up in the hotel room. Palmer nodded and said that he wanted to see the man. Vanessa sat down with Phoebe and tried to arrange for a meeting with her good friend, Juanita Ramsey. Phoebe looked frigidly at Palmer's new wife and told her that marrying Palmer doesn't give her "entree" to her social circles. Brooke overheard Opal thank Jack for agreeing to be her date. As the eavesdropping continued, she learned that Jack and Opal were not involved in a relationship, but rather a scam to make Palmer jealous. Brooke waited until Jack was alone before telling him that he owed her money for showing up dateless. Jack wasn't about to pay because he had still not seen Brooke's date. So they compromised and headed to the dance floor. Vanessa finally noticed that Palmer was missing. She looked high and low, but could find him nowhere.

Several floors up, Palmer entered the room and for the first time laid eyes on the man with which his wife was supposedly having an extramarital affair. He was furious with his henchman for drugging him. When Leo started to fall back into consciousness, he looked at Palmer and smiled. "I know you," he mumbled. "You're her old man." Palmer was incensed by the remark. He began hearing voices and laughter in his mind. His hands shaking, Palmer asked his investigator for his gun.

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Friday, November 26, 1999

by Soap Central

All My Children will not air due to the post-Thanksgiving holiday.

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