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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of November 22, 1999 on GL
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Monday, November 22, 1999

Casa Santos:
Carmen smells of one of Ben's suits, upset and depressed. There is a knock at the door, it's Drew. Carmen is confused because they were supposed to meet up with the suit the following day. Drew said that it is obvious to her that she and Carmen were the only two that loved her father, probably in the world. Drew told her that she wants her to use her connections to find who killed her father and between the two of them, make them pay. Carmen tells Drew to let the police deal with it. Drew is worried that the police don't care and think that someone did a good thing when they killed Ben. Carmen said she would help however she can. Drew took the suit and asked Carmen to help with the funeral arrangements. She said her rabbi was going to speak and that it would be okay with her if Carmen wanted her nephew (Ray) to speak as well. She told Carmen to meet up with her at Millennium later that day. Drew left. Carmen gets this weird look...."Drew knows that Michelle hated Ben.... Drew will be on my side."

At the Hospital:
Matt and Bill are by Vanessa's bedside. The doctor told them that she can't hear them but Matt believes that she can. They try to understand why Vanessa went to Fifth Street, who she went to see and what she was trying to tell them before. Meanwhile, Vanessa is telling them (in her mind) that Carmen shot Ben and that she finished him off.

At the boarding house:
Josh found Olivia passed out on the bed. He sees the empty bottle of pills and tried to wake her. He grabbed her up and carried her to the shower. He held her under the water until she began coming to. He called a doctor over and he helped Olivia. Olivia was embarrassed that Josh found her and was even more upset that he may think that she did it because he broke their date. Josh asked her why she would do that, she is so beautiful, and smart. Olivia told him that she was tired, of everything. Josh called Reva and left a message telling her that he want be home that night. Olivia told him that he didn't have to do that but he insisted. Olivia thanked him and asked him not to tell anyone about what she did that evening. He promised and she went to sleep. Josh slept in the chair beside her.

At the Farm:
Richard started to leave telling Cassie that Reva was right. Cassie deserves better. "Forgive me." "Wait...." Cassie says. She says not everything Reva says was true. She doesn't find the situation insulting anymore and when she thinks about what he could bring to her and what she could bring to him she got excited. He looks at her surprised and says, "So you would still be willing to marry me...?" Cassie tells him that he is giving her a chance to make a difference in other people's lives and not just HER children. She says she really meant it about the Museum.... she wants to help his country. He says he always thought she would make him a best ruler. "Well then maybe it's destiny.... to help each other be better." She then told him that she would marry him. Cassie and Richard acting nervous about what they do now. Richard wants to take her to SC to announce their engagement. Cassie wants his help to shop for a gowns and Richard said that he would get the gowns to come to them. Richard says he checked up on her to find a little about her. She guesses that he means that he knows about her past, he tells her that it doesn't matter to him. What matters is here and now. Cassie tells him about all of her vices, Chocolate, singing too loud, dying her hair and asks him what his bad habits are. Later, he gives her a gift that belonged to his mother some kind of hair combs. Pretty. He puts them in her hair. Cassie remembers that she had promised Harley and Phillip to spend thanksgiving with them and Richard says EVERYONE can come to San Cristobel . Cassie opens the door and it's Harley. She asks if everything is ok and Cassie says everything couldn't be better. Richard comes back and says Cassie and he were about to call them. Harley is like...You and Cassie...oh you..." The girls go outside and leave the guys to talk. Cassie says she doesn't have any expectations...Harley thinks it's great. Cassie can't believe Harley doesn't think she is crazy. Harley tells her that she believes in faith and talk about how this could work. Richard comes out and says this is all set for San Cristobel . Phillip and Harley want to go. He softly brushes Cassie hair with his left hand, and bows to kiss her hand. He leaves. Phillip and Harley leave.

At Millennium:
Phillip and Harley get to Millennium. Phillip doesn't understand why Harley suddenly thinks Richard's wife hunting is now great. Phillip doesn't understand why it is good that Cassie being in a situation of unrequited love was good. Harley says that Richard just needs some time to fall for Cassie but that it would happen. Phillip still has his doubts. Reva is there and hears this and yells that if Harley were Cassie's friend she wouldn't approve of the situation. Reva said that Cassie's life needs to be saved and yells at Phillip and Harley saying that they are the ones responsible for keeping Richard in town. Reva says she just saw them and put some sense into their heads. Harley is upset that Reva tried to interfere and throttle the whole situation for Cassie. She says she has to go and find Cassie. Pharley leaves.

Carmen meets with the night maid at Towers. Talk about police and Ben. Carmen shows her a picture of Michelle and tells her that she has to tell the cops she saw that woman that night stuffing something in her purse, wearing black gloves. The woman said that she wouldn't do it. Carmen tells her that she will do it, for her son. Carmen tells her that she knows about the woman's son and his sickness. And that that is why she took the extra job at Towers. The woman asks what Carmen wants and Carmen says she would pay for all his treatment if she helps her. "A mother's love is very important. It makes a big difference." The woman takes the picture and looks at it..."this is the girl I saw that night." "You're a good mother." Carmen says and the woman leaves. Carmen again said, "No one can save you now Michelle..." Carmen goes in and sets at Selena's table. She explains that Drew invited her.

Reva goes to the bar and orders a drink. Buzz comes up and asks her what was wrong. She tells him. He asks why she is so obsessed about Cassie. Reva is also mad that Josh is out on a date. Buzz asks what Reva wants. She tells him that she wants her life to be sane again. Buzz says being here drunk won't help, worrying about Cassie won't..."go out there and fight for him..." Reva agrees, she calls the house but Josh isn't home.

Drew arrives at millennium...Michelle wants to talk to her. Drew sits down with Selena and talk about Ben. Michelle wants to reconcile with Drew. She says she knows it is lousy timing but she wants to make up. Ross takes Michelle aside...he says not to push it and let it go. Michelle tells him that Drew needs a friend. Drew goes to talk to her and Michelle apologizes. Drew says every time she looks at her she sees the hate she had for Ben. Michelle tells her that she understands her pain, and explains to her about her mother's death. Michelle tells Drew that you have to hold on to the people that you love while you still have them. She tells Drew how much she misses her. They hug. Drew invites Michelle to the funeral and she accepts. Michelle offers...."If you need anything don't hesitate. I will always be your friend." "Friends for life..." Drew says as she smiles. They hug again and Michelle leaves.

Carmen goes over to Drew and told her how nice she was to forgive Michelle. Drew says that Michelle is her friend. Carmen said that she is her daughter in law and she still can't forgive her. Carmen says Drew is a much bigger person than she is then...

Tuesday,November 23, 1999

At the Lewises':
Reva checked her messages and wasn't happy that Josh wasn't there. She listened to his message and hears Olivia in the background saying he didn't have to stay the night. Reva gets more upset and listens to it again...."he was with Olivia last night..."

At the Boarding House:
Josh and Olivia are up and Olivia asks him why he came by the night before. He tells her it was because she sounded strange and because of the opera she was listening to. He put the clues together and came over. Olivia and Josh hug. She hopes he doesn't think she is pathetic. He said he didn't. She thanks him for saving her but she is fine he can leave. Josh wants to talk but she says no. She tells Josh it wasn't about the date it was about everything else so he doesn't have to feel guilty. Josh tells her that he cares about her and that he stayed because he wanted to. Josh tells her that she helped him out through tough times and that he considers her his friend. He gives her the name of a therapist and she says she'll go.

Knock at the door...It's Reva. Josh comes to the door with his shirt unbuttoned. "What are you doing here?" he asks. "Funny I was gonna ask you the exact same thing." she says. Reva says the reason she is there is because she thought of inviting Olivia to Thanksgiving. Josh doesn't believe her. She asks him again what he is doing there although she says she has a pretty good idea. He says Olivia was very sick last night and it was late so he stayed. Reva says she isn't accusing anyone of anything, but she was. Reva said it must have been hard to get a doctor to make a house call in the middle of the night (all the while she was looking at the wine bottle on the dresser. Josh asks her to leave and she says no not until she invites Olivia to Thanksgiving. Olivia says she doesn't think it's a good idea. Reva keeps on and tells her that it would be a good time to start over. Reva asks for Josh's help. Josh tells Olivia that it would be nice to have her over for the holidays; it isn't a good time to be alone. He gets Olivia to agree to join them.

At Casa Santos:
Carmen insists that Pilar goes to the funeral. Pilar says she can't face Manny and the others. Carmen tells her that she has to keep up appearances and has to make it look good. Pilar yells, "What good??!! There's nothing good about murder and framing Michelle for it..." Pilar cries and Carmen puts a guilty trip on her, blaming her for setting her up to kill the man she loved. "I don't care how tortured you are if I have to suffer you do too." Pilar defends Michelle and Carmen says they all will be better off without her.

Police Station:
Frank in his office, David comes in, says that he talked to the maid from Towers and that she saw someone outside of Ben's room. David said she is coming in to make a statement. Frank thinks they can take Ross off their list of possibles he has a solid alibi. He says he isn't sure about Carmen but it seemed that her grief was real. He also said that they have to consider Danny, Michelle, and Bill Lewis. Frank says they are good kids but there are a lot of people out there that hated Ben. But they have nothing solid.

The maid comes in. She was working that night and saw someone, a little after 8PM. She said it was a very striking woman that she saw walking away quickly out of Ben's room. She had an open purse and she was shoving something into it. She saw her face clearly and remembered that she was wearing black gloves. Frank got the sketch artist to come in and David headed to the church. The woman described Michelle perfectly. The maid gets up and leaves the room. Frank looks at the picture and couldn't believe it, it's Michelle. David comes back and Frank shows her the picture. They can't believe it, not Michelle. They get a photo of Michelle out and show it to the woman and she again identifies her as the woman outside the hotel room. Frank says right Michelle has to be their no 1 suspect.

At the Church:
Blake walks in. She is alone and Ray arrives. She tells him that she came early so she could talk to Ben alone. They were close. Ray leaves her; Blake walks towards Ben and tells him that she can't believe he's gone. She tells him that she came early to say goodbye to him "I figured I owe you that much." She tells him that he was the one person she could tell all her secrets to because he understood her and accepted her. "I think I understood you too. You were about to get what you always wanted, a family. Even if you never admitted it. You were cheated Ben. Sorry.... I feel cheated too. I wasn't ready to say goodbye yet."

Ross is outside and Ray says everything is ready and Ross goes in.

Holly calls for Ross so he stops. Blake sits down and Ross walks in. He is glad she came. She is hiding under her coat. Joe didn't come but he sends his condolences. Ross asks her to move up front and she says no she prefers to stay here. Holly and Ross go in front. Ross feels slapped in the face by Blake's refusal to sit with them and he tells Holly how hostile she is towards him. Holly and Ross talking about Blake being distant. Beth comes in and sits beside Blake, she can't believe it, she says the last time she (Beth) spoke to Ben they talked about Blake and how he loved her. They lost touch and Beth feels sorry because he was there for her and she wasn't there for him. Beth told Blake that Ben knew her heart was with Ross.

Jim came in and told Beth that he knew she would be there and he came to be with her.

Drew asks what David is doing here. He tells her and she cant believe that a murderer would actually show up to his victims funeral. David nods. David and one of the mob men are talking...the man says Ben got what he deserved. Drew can't believe the killer could be here. David apologizes for mentioning it to her. Drew wants David to stay she says she is fine. Jesse says that if it's too hard to speak she doesn't have to. Drew wants to...she is fine. Jesse takes her in his arms.

Carmen and Pilar come in with Danny and Michelle. Carmen tells Drew that she will always be there for her. She tells her that they can help each other. Drew asks if she is still looking for the person responsible. Carmen says that she is and that someone has to pay. "He should have had more time with you." Pilar tells her that she is really sorry for her loss. Pilar begins crying again and Carmen drags her away.

Michelle and Danny arrive and Michelle takes Drew in her arms. Drew cries silently and Michelle says, "I love you."

Ray starts the ceremony. Drew and Max are standing in the back. Drew has to close her eyes. Pilar can't help her tears...Selena is the same. Everyone is grieving. "Life is too short to spend it with bitterness and revenge." Ray says. The Rabbi talks about Drew and about Ben and tells Drew that she should, " Rest easy you gave the man a time of joy." Drew's turn. She goes up to speak. "Ben Warren was my father, I wrote this because I never got the chance to tell him...but I can't." Ross comes up and takes her in his arms and starts talking. He reads what Drew had written. "Ben warren was my father and I loved him with all my heart..."

Everyone is crying. Drew wrote that she believed Ross loved him...even if he hadn't said it. She cries as Ross finishes and Jesse goes to embrace her. Ross says that he can say is that Drew is a living proof that love can change a person 'cause she loved Ben and Ben loved her. Selena wanted to walk but she couldn't lift herself up. She cries and announces that she wants to say something. "When I first met Ben warren it was a lifetime ago. He was a boy. A sweet young man who turned into the angry man you all knew but that sweet, tender, gentle, young man was still inside him. He was...I saw him. He just didn't know how to come out. Sometimes life makes it hard and does something like that to you. But if you're lucky you find people who help you break down those walls so you can like yourself again and you can start to love. That's what you did for your father Drew. He was so proud of you. When he found out you were his daughter it was the happiest moment of his life, he loved you so much. That's what you should hang on to honey.... don't you forget it." Drew cries and Selena holds her and the Rabbi asks if anyone wants to say something and Pilar gets up in tears and says she wants to say something, she has to say something.

Carmen wants to stop her but the Rabbi says it might be a good idea to let her talk. "I never got to know Ben the way you're talking about and at first I just saw him as the man who wanted my father's place and I loved my father very much. I feel awful about what happened to Ben...I didn't want him to die. I never wanted him to die..." Pilar breaks down in tears and Carmen takes her in her arms and makes her sit down. They all make a prayer for Ben and Ray thanks them all for coming. Drew goes to see Selena and bends in front of her. Selena wanted to stand for her daughter but Drew says she knows she will walk again. Drew says she liked the service and what people said.

Ross invites Blake for Thanksgiving at Millennium; it's mostly for Drew's benefit. Blake says she can't come. He says that he and Holly and the boys will all be there. Blake says no. He says something is wrong with her and he wants to know what it is right now. Ross says Joe can come but Blake says she can't make it. Ross gets mad and leaves. Ross gives Holly her coat and told her how Blake was acting. Holly said she was going to get to the bottom of this. She goes in to speak with Blake but Blake has disappeared.

Everyone had left; Carmen and Pilar are alone in church. Pilar is crying. Carmen cries and says she wishes that she had known how Pilar was feeling. Pilar has her face buried in her arms and is crying uncontrollably...Carmen talked about their life and Ben. Carmen says Ben was good and Pilar didn't have to save her from him. Carmen goes to the flowers and talk to Ben. She loved him and is hurting. Pilar is sitting and listens. Carmen wishes she could take back that night but she can't. She says now she has to protect her family. She bends down before Pilar and says she will protect her. "We're going to be ok...just hold on...please just hold on."

Wednesday,November 24, 1999

At the Bauer Home:
Danny and Michelle were kissing in their bedroom. They talk about counting their blessings. Danny mentions going down to dinner and Michelle thinks that they should go visit his mom. She doesn't think Carmen should be alone today. They leave. The cops come with search warrant in hand. Abby tried to stop Frank from searching Michelle's room. Abby tries to defend Danny but Frank stuns her when he says it's not Danny there looking at but Michelle. They find the bloody gloves in her drawer.

At the Santos Compound:
Pilar is still hysterically crying over killing Ben. Carmen tries to give her some sedatives and then she tells her that she put gloves in Michelle's drawer. Pilar gets angry about it and asks Carmen why they had to frame Michelle. She says it's going to hurt Danny and she will not be able to face him. Manny comes in and tells Carmen that they came to do whatever they could to help her. Michelle puts her arm around Pilar. Pilar began laughing and crying at the same time. She was going nuts saying, first it was her father then Mick and now this. Danny was trying to get her not to say that. She tells Michelle that she has something to say but doesn't know how to say it. Carmen stops her by shouting, "It's all my fault." Then to cover she began talking about how she didn't protect Pilar enough and that sending her away to Barcelona to school was the wrong thing to do. Carmen starts crying. Michelle went over to comfort Carmen. Frank comes in and tells Michelle he has to take her in for questioning for Ben's murder.

At Millennium:
Frank walks in and Drew what's to know if there are any suspects. Frank is withholding info and Drew knows it, says she has a right to know. Jesse takes her aside and tries to calm her down. Meanwhile Frank and David are talking about Michelle. David says that it is known that she pulled a knife on Ben and that Ben nearly killed her husband, that's enough motive all ready.

Ross and Holly were talking. He thanked her for her help. He said he wanted this to be a special dinner. Blake calls and wishes him Happy Thanksgiving. He tells her to do it person and Blake says that she and Joe are boarding a plane to Bermuda. She is watching him through the restaurant window. He is clearly upset. She asks to speak to the boys and they tell her that they miss her. She talks to Ross again and mentions how cute they are in there caps. Ross wants to know how she knows they are wearing caps. She hangs up and hides. Ross tells Holly that he knows she had to be there to know about those caps. He looked but didn't see her. After dinner, Ross and Holly are about to leave. Holly gets the boys ready and Ross goes for the car. Ross sees Blake outside and runs after her. He stops her and discovers the truth, that she is pregnant.

In San Cristobel:
Harley and Phillip are talking in the palace. Harley admitted that she was wrong about Richard. Cassie and Richard are talking about getting to know each other and about the press being there soon. Richard leaves, Harley comes over. The girls talk about Cassie's feelings towards Richard. Richard interrupted the conversion by proposing a toast to his new bride. Susan takes off to explore the palace while the adults tend to their business. Richard gets news that his pilot is ill but of course Jim knows how to fly and has a pilots license. Phillip, Jim and Beth take off to use the plane and explore the construction site. The plane caught on fire and they began to lose altitude fast. Back at the palace, Cassie and Richard began to feel the pressure of the mobs of cameras when they were begging them to kiss each other. Harley worried about Phillip when he was late returning. Meanwhile, Edmund is told by one of his men that Richard is planning on taking a new bride. The soldier told Edmund that some of his supporters are leaving to go to Richards side and that they needed to work fast. He tells Edmund that they had taken steps to help out. The troops sabotaged the Prince's plane thinking Richard and his new Princess would be on it. Edmund was angry and worried that his men had done that. He told them to abort that mission, but it was too late, they had done it and the plane was already airborne.

At the Lewises':
Josh greets Olivia as she arrives at the Lewis's. Olivia said that she didn't want to spend the holidays alone she tells Josh she is thankful for him and tells him that she went to see the therapist he told her about. Reva comes outside and says Happy Thanksgiving Olivia. Welcome to our home." She takes Josh's arm.

Inside, Reva and the kids are telling family stories. Josh saw that Reva was purposely trying to alienate Olivia and he took her aside and told her to stop pouring it on so thick. They go back in the living room and Reva shows Olivia pictures of the family. Josh takes the kids into the kitchen to prepare dinner. Reva and Olivia go through the pictures. Things get nasty and Olivia mentions to Reva that Jonathan wasn't in the album. She asked Reva if she had forgotten about him. Reva said something about Olivia always in line behind her for her leftovers. Olivia decides to leave.

Thursday,November 25, 1999

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, Guiding Light will not be shown today.

Friday,November 26, 1999

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, Guiding Light will not be shown today.

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