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Sophia started working at the police station. Kevin spent a night sleeping on Grace's grave. Max woke from his coma. Bo arrested Kevin. Nora agreed to be Sam's law partner. Skye learned the identity of the Buchanan son.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 29, 1999 on OLTL
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Monday, November 29, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Cheryl Paster Di Pilla

Sam was in bed, waiting for Nora. When she finally appeared, she had rollers in her hair, cold cream on her face and she was decked out in flannel from head to toe. Sam thought she looked beautiful and told her to hurry to bed. She told him how comfortable she was with him and how she trusted him. When she didn't get the reaction that she wanted from him on how icky she really looked, Nora realized that Sam was just teasing her, especially when he mentioned that he never heard Hank say anything about her bedtime attire. The couple shared a tender moment. Later in the evening, Sam told Nora how he had wanted to run away after all that had happened of late, but that Nora was his safe haven.

While at the Buchanan mansion, Dorian told Blair that she had lunch with Skye. When Blair started to protest, Dorian assured her that it was all part of her plan. When they realized that Skye had returned and was eavesdropping, the duo put on an act, with Blair voicing her dislike of Skye quite loudly, while her aunt told her she was able to spend time with Skye if she wanted to. When the woman entered the room, she told Blair she had something for her to do and that it involved Kevin. Blair stormed out, but not before telling Skye what she thought of her plans. Dorian apologized for her niece's behavior and admitted to not liking Max but that she was unwilling to alienate Blair. She further blamed everything on Viki. When Skye refused to tell her plans for Ben and Viki, Dorian volunteered to be an accomplice. Dorian asked Skye to move in with her but Skye declined.

Renee ran into the hallway at the hospital, looking for help after Max opened his eyes. When a doctor finally did arrive to check on him, he assured Asa and Renee that the patient was progressing. He mentioned that Dr. Davidson had done a great job with Max. Blair showed up to visit with her husband and the Buchanans told her of the doctor's visit. After Asa left, Blair asked Renee if she would tell Asa the truth about Max because her hubby could end up in jail. She swore that she had nothing to do with the deception. Renee told her she'd have to see. As Blair ran after her, Max again opened his eyes.

Meanwhile, at Carlotta's diner, an armed robbery was going on. Kevin threatened one of the gunmen and taunted him, trying to get him to shoot him. As Cris took money out of the register, the gunman grabbed it as R.J. urged him to do so. R.J. also offered his watch. Kevin tried to take the gun away from one of the robbers but was hit on the head in return. The gunman forced R.J., Cris, Roseanne, Téa and Carlotta to lie down on the floor. Cris mentioned that a silent alarm was going off but Carlotta shrugged it off, saying her son was only joking. Just then, Kevin got back up and again began to taunt the gunmen. Cris and R.J. jumped on the men. As one of the guns went off, the women began to scream.

Sophia was working at the police station, answering phones. She thought it pretty boring and slow and was giving herself a manicure, not noticing that Bo was watching her. When she spoke to a woman about a cat being stuck in a tree, she was full of attitude, telling the woman to call the fire department. Bo cringed as he listened. Sophia told him she had loads of experience. When John walked in, Bo wandered over to him, to express his doubt on John's hiring of Sophia. John thought that she'd work out, even though she had a mouth on her. After an abused wife called and got some advice from the very sweet and kind Sophia, Bo changed his mind. He praised her, but told her he didn't like her tone with the cat lady. Just then, they noticed a silent alarm going off at the diner, appearing on the computer screen.

The cops showed up to handcuff the gunmen. No one appeared hurt. Bo recognized one of the gunmen as Freddy, the young man who had robbed Nora of her purse and ring some months earlier. Rosie said that Cris and R.J. saved Kevin who wanted to be shot. They acknowledged that he had a problem with daring the gunmen to shoot him.

At the graveyard, Kevin went to visit Grace's grave. He cleared off the headstone, laid down his coat over the grave and put his head down on the stone. He told her he was feeling empty and wanted to know why she was taken. He said that no one was listening to him.

At the police station, Sophia ran into Freddy as he was brought in-he was her brother!!

Tuesday, November 30, 1999

Renee and Blair exchanged heated words over whether or not the truth about Max should be revealed to Asa. Max finally awoke from his coma and appeared to be fine, but his behavior later took a strange turn when he suddenly attacked a nurse for seemingly no reason. Viki and Ben found evidence that someone had visited the gazebo when they spotted a small stuffed toy. Viki and Jessica had a frank discussion about her relationship with Will. Cristian refused to tell Roseanne the real reason why he did not want to return to New York City. Cristian then paid a visit to Jessica and filled her in about Kevin's reckless behavior from the night before. Jessica and Cristian went in search of Kevin. Kelly came close to breaking through to Kevin after she found him passed out at Grace's grave. Kelly tearfully said that she missed Grace too and had hoped they could share their grief. Kevin admitted that he didn't want to live without Grace. When Jessica and Cristian arrived, Kevin insisted that he was fine. R.J. suggested that Roseanne should leave town and let Cristian chase her for a change.

Wednesday, December 1, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Serena Keiler

At the hospital, Max attacks one of his doctors. Larry comes in and breaks it up, and asks the doctor to get some sedatives. Concerned, Asa asks Larry if Max could have brain damage. Larry tells Asa, Renee and Blair that there is the possibility. "Ben Davidson," Asa mutters. Later, Skye walks into Max's room, and finds and enraged Blair. "What the hell are you doing here?!" Blair yells. Suspecting that Skye is still planning on blackmailing her and Max, she tells Skye that Renee know that Max is not her son. "Yes, but whose going to stop me from telling Asa," Skye sneers. "I am," Renee replies as she walks in.

At the park, Ben and Viki find a little girl all alone. They bring her back to Viki's and learn her name is Emma Doyle. Ben seems concerned about the girl's health, so he listens to her heart. "We need to get Emma to the hospital right away," he tells Viki.

Jess and Bo have a heart-to-heart in the cemetery next to Megan's grave. Jess admits that she was actually thinking about Cristian, not Megan. She can't understand why she can't forget about him. When Bo questions why she would want to forget about Cristian, Jess says he is happy with Roseanne in New York, and besides, she and Will are in love. She seems to be trying to make herself believe this more than convincing Bo. "Don't worry. It gets easier, just cherish the memories," Bo says, speaking from experience.

At the Llanview PD, Sophia tells her brother Freddy, that he deserves to be locked up for life. Freddy tries to sweet talk Sophia and convince her to loan him some money. But all Sophia can think about are all the horrible things Freddy did to her while they were growing up. She refuses to help him out. "I'm nothing like you-a piece of trash," she angrily says to her brother. Later, John gives Sophia a pep talk and offers her a permanent position at the precinct. He doesn't believe that she is a nobody.

Lindsay walks into the diner and finds Sam talking to a beautiful blond. As the blond walks out she confronts Sam and accuses him of having an affair. Sam denies it and states that the truth is he has a surprise for Nora, so "don't tell Nora!" "Don't worry, I don't care about you having an affair," Lindsay replies. "What affair?" Nora asks as she walks into the diner. Sam pulls Lindsay aside and asks her to keep Nora busy for about 45 minutes. She agrees and insists that Nora join her for lunch. Hesitantly, Nora sits down with her. Unfortunately for Sam, Lindsay can't keep her mouth shut. She spills the beans about the blond she saw Sam with and tells Nora where to find them. Nora heads over to the house Sam is at and walks right into the front door. She finds a very surprised Sam, and hears a woman's voice, "Where are you Sammy? I need you in the bedroom!"

Thursday, December 2, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Nancy Fox

House at 100 Belmont Circle

As Cricket calls for "Sammy" to join her upstairs in the bedroom, Sam is surprised by Nora's arrival. Nora thinks Sam's "explanation" should be "awfully interesting" if it's not what it looks like - finding Sam "in a strange house with a strange woman." Cricket tracks Sam down and promises him "an afternoon you will never forget" but apologizes and leaves quickly when Nora introduces herself as "a very good friend of Sammy - in fact, his fiancée!" Nora offers Sam this "explanation": he's had a "total and utter mental collapse" and Cricket is his "doctor" although Nora admits she would be "a touch happier if the good doctor was a little less blonde or perhaps you were meeting in her office" instead of this house which is "a tad under-furnished." Nora is shocked when Sam tells her that this house is "your house - or rather, our house." Sam has had Cricket (the Realtor) searching for "the perfect place" for their "perfect new family." Sam wanted to find "a little place on the planet for our family" and while this house is now just "walls and floors and stuff" he is sure they can "use it as a canvas to paint the brushstrokes of our lives." Since Sam has already put in a bid on the house, he asks Nora to tell him now if she doesn't like it and she answers with a kiss which Sam deems "better than closing." Lindsay interrupts them and isn't too pleased when Nora announces that "Sam surprised me and bought me this beautiful house." After a quick tour, Nora proclaims it "the house to die for" and goes to explore the kitchen while Sam thanks Lindsay for trying to help with his surprise. "It felt like the year from hell and now it looks like things are beginning to work out." Lindsay, offering "congratulations" to Sam, observes that he is "really building a life with fact a world, a have all the trimmings - a child, a backyard, a future." But Lindsay doesn't want Sam's "sympathy" or to "ruin his perfect day" so she turns to leave but can't resist one last barb aimed at Nora. When Nora excitedly tells Sam that "we even have a brook - and it babbles," Lindsay offers, "that makes two of you."

Outside Max's Hospital Room

Renee tells Skye that she isn't "going to shatter a lifetime of dreams just to satisfy your delight in playing cruel games." Renee likens "annoying" Asa to annoying "an out of control pit bull" and strongly suggests that Skye skip the experience and keep her mouth shut about Max's deception. Skye dismisses Blair as a "bimbo" but tells Renee she is "a Chandler" and therefore has "clout." Blair protests when Renee tells her to go inside Max's room so she can help Skye "get her little train back on track" but is caught by her own protestations when Skye suggests that Blair would "sell Max down the river in a second if it would save your own skin." Renee suggests that Blair "leave before you dig an even deeper grave for yourself." Renee brands Skye a "simple leech" who kept the truth all to herself and promises that while Max and Blair "will get what they deserve" she will decide "what Asa knows, when he knows and who he hears it from...that won't be you...if you have a plan to hurt my husband, make another plan." Renee elaborates on Skye's "plans for the future: move out immediately, not discuss your dirty little plan...leave everyone in my family alone." When Skye gives Renee more lip, Renee promises that if she keeps it up "you will see wrath that no one else has ever seen" and suggests that "dear little daddy isn't in a mood these days to protect you."

Inside Max's Hospital Room

When Blair enters the room, Max greets her with "Howdy." Blair wants Max to come up with a plan - right now. The problem is Max isn't able to grasp this idea and tells Blair that "everything is okay...Renee is being real nice to me." Blair is nearly hysterical and observes that "we were doomed from the minute we said ‘I do'...Renee is ready to blame me for everything." After Max does a "clean sweep" with his food tray onto the floor, Blair loses it after he asks her if she made the "mess." She demands to know if Max is "scamming" her. Max assures her that he is okay because "you brought me back." "I was slipping away then I heard your helped me come back to the world with your words...what I heard...I knew I had to come back." When Blair panics and wants to hear his "version" of what she said, Max gets very serious and begins to tell her but instead breaks into song with "it ain't gonna rain no more..." and begins to play with the table over his bed. Blair can't get him to snap out of this and in frustration asks Max if he is behaving this way to make Renee feel "so sorry for you she won't tell Asa." Of course, Renee overhears this and says it is time for she and Max to have a "mother/son chat."


Viki and Ben rush Emma into the hospital where Emma's mom is reunited with her daughter. She explains that Emma is afraid of surgery but that they can't afford it right now anyway so her running away was premature. Ben calms Emma while listening to her heart; he shares that he was scared once too but that he found running away only makes things worse. Emma tells Ben that she "could be even braver if you were with me when they open me up" which gives Ben an idea: he could perform the needed surgery on Emma. After it's decided that the hospital will donate Ben's surgical services and Viki will "cover the other costs" Ben is elated and, as he rushes off to surgery, tells Viki he feels he was "born to do this". Skye has been listening to their conversation and can't pass up the chance to taunt Viki. "A devoted woman, a handsome man, and an adorable child...too bad, the child isn't yours." Viki smugly answers, "But the man is." But Skye gets the last word: "For now, but tomorrow - who knows?"

Asa's Mansion

While Skye listens in outside the living room, Asa explains to "his" hospital board member that "it doesn't take Sherlock Holmes" to figure out that Ben Davidson wanted Max to die and he "almost" killed him. "Davidson is a butcher; I want his hide hung on a meat hook." Asa tells the man to "encourage" Larry Wolek to see his side. Skye overhears that Asa will need "concrete evidence that Davidson acted with direct intent to cause harm" to Max before the hospital board can remove him from the staff and hurries in when Asa is alone to ask if he wants to "destroy" Ben. She offers her "evidence" - Ben made threats after Grace's death, she saw him with an "old pal from Vegas" and when she spoke to him before Max's operation, Ben "said he wanted Max to die" but she "didn't think he meant it." When Asa got upset with her for not coming forward sooner, Skye amended what Ben had actually said to "he said ‘if' I wanted Max to die.." Asa felt his suspicions were vindicated and promised Skye he would "have some use for you."


While Viki was waiting for Ben to finish Emma's surgery, Larry sat down with her for a talk. First, he admonished her for canceling her physical. Viki told Larry she wanted to concentrate on the problems at hand, not possible ones. When Larry shared that Renee wants him to find out about Ben's treatment of Max, Viki agreed that she would prefer Larry to "a professional lynching party" that Asa would put together. Larry then shared that Max did have a "potential for neurological damage" and that Asa believed that Ben "intentionally harmed Max." When Viki demanded to know if Asa had any "evidence" of this, Larry told her of the "surgical staff members who heard Ben say Max deserved to die." While Larry "hoped" that Viki's defense of Ben was right, he wanted Ben to hear the news from her rather than an attorney from the hospital board.

Later, Ben emerged from surgery with the news that Emma would make a full recovery and have a wonderful life. He reiterated that he "loves this job" and was in such a good mood that he "could kiss Asa Buchanan" but he preferred to kiss Viki.

100 Belmont Circle

After another tour of the house, Sam leads Nora into "a room with respectability" - and an outside entrance. Nora deems it the "perfect room for a law office" - her law office. While she offers to "flip" Sam for it, he thinks it is "perfect for two." Of course they couldn't share an office unless they were "partners" which Nora worries might "get our personal life all confused with our professional life." But Sam thinks that "we make great partners in life, we were great partners in the courtroom once, we could do it the old days, like Chicago." Nora agrees that it would be "an easier commute" so she accepts when Sam drops to one knee and asks for the "honor of linking with me professionally." Sam then presents her with a sign for their new office: "Law Offices Hanen Gannon Buchanan & Rappaport"

Friday, December 3, 1999

Renee confronted Max over his betrayal and wondered if there was any good reason why she should continue to hide the truth from Asa. Renee finally got that reason, however, when Max's odd behavior escalated and the doctor indicated that he might have a severe neurological disorder. A shaken Blair pleaded with Renee to continue to treat Max as her son. Lindsay continued to be bothered by Bo's inability to make a permanent commitment and sought counsel from Delphina. For his own good, Bo placed Kevin under arrest after he witnessed him assault Zack in the Banner city room. Will stopped Jessica when she offered to reconcile the Megan Foundation checkbook. Later, Will told Lindsay that he needed money and that he did something he wasn't proud of. Skye agreed to move in with Dorian and while she was packing, Skye saw an adoption paper among Starr's toys. Skye made a trade with Starr and was shocked to learn the identity of the true Buchanan heir!

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