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Passions Recaps: The week of December 6, 1999 on PS
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Monday, December 6, 1999

Tabitha and Timmy are watching fire erupt from a book. After the fire goes out, Tabitha picks up the book. Timmy goes to get a fire extinguisher just in case the books erupts into fire , again. Tabitha recognizes the book. She says that it is a book of predictions written by an old witch over 1000 years ago. The book predicts that the girl of goodness (Charity) will fall in love. If this happens , it will mean diaster for the forces of darkness (Tabitha and Timmy). Timmy doesn't like the sound of that. If Charity finds love, she will come into her full powers. Tabitha reads more bad news in the book. She says that Charity's powers will be strengthened a thousand-fold by the love of one particular boy. A boy who will save her from two fires. Timmy shouts, "Not Miguel. Charity has just remembered how close the two of them were." Tabitha says that she is going to need someone to keep Miguel and Charity apart, but who? They both shout out Kay. Tabitha says that there is nothing like a teenager in love. Tabitha recalls some of the things that Kay was tempted to do to try to get rid of Charity. Timmy's personal favorite was when Charity was tied to the railroad track and Kay didn't try to get her help. Tabitha's personal favorite was when Charity was in the hospital, and Kay was fingering the oxygen valve to Charity's air supply and debating on whether or not she should pull the plug.

Timmy says that Kay is evil. Tabitha says that she is just confused. She says that Kay is the middle child, and has always felt overlooked even by the parents who love her. Tabitha says that she has always found it easier to work with the middle children. Tabitha said that Kay was light years away from evil as they knew it.

Grace and Sam are discussing Tabitha. Grace says that Tabitha wouldn't have a reason to hurt Charity. Sam says that his cop mind is working overtime.

Miguel and Charity are discussing their date in the kitchen. Miguel won't tell her where they are going. Jessica offers to help Charity find something suitable to wear. She tells her that she is welcome to anything that she or Kay owns. Kay goes out to talk to Kay. Charity goes into the living room and interrupts a passionate moment between Sam and Grace. She tells Grace that she wants her to help her fix her hair for the date.

Kay and Simone are in the backyard. Kay has realized that she has lost Miguel forever. Simone tells her that there will be other guys. Kay says that she will never love anyone like she loves Miguel. She tells Simone that she can't live without Miguel in her life. Kay tells Simone that she doesn't understand how she feels. She says that no one can understand except for someone who has loved as passionately as she had, and had never had that love returned. Jessica overhears the conversation and looks sad. Jessica goes back into the house. When Sam sees how upset she is, he asks her what's wrong. He assumes that she has been fighting with Kay. Jessica says that she hated that she ever fought with Kay. She tells Sam that Kay is feeling unloved.

Sam goes into the backyard and tells Simone that he would like some time alone with Kay. Kay doesn't tell him what's wrong, until he mentions Miguel.Kay thinks that Sam knows how she feels about Miguel, but he thinks that is has to do with her losing her best friend since he has started dating. Sam tells Kay that she will find someone of her own, maybe Reese is that guy. Sam offers to invite Reese to dinner, but Kay declines. Simone returns, and Sam leaves. Kay tells Simone that her dad wants her to date Reese, because he thinks that she can't do any better. She said that he practically had them married.

Back inside the house, Charity and Miguel are getting ready to leave for their date. Grace wants to take pictures. Charity wants Kay in the picture. She calls out for Kay to come in and take pictures with her and Miguel. Kay tells Simone to make up some excuse for her. She can't pretend to be happy. Simone leaves, and Tabitha comes up to Kay. Gwen is about to walk into Theresa's room to use the phone, but Theresa is trying to stall her. Theresa flashes back to the pictures that she has of Ethan on her wall with a heart drawn around his face. She tells Gwen that maybe it is time that she told her everything. Whitney comes to the door and asks Theresa why doesn't she invite Gwen into her room? Theresa sees that Whitney has taken all the pictures down. She tells Theresa that they are under the bed. There is one picture of Ethan that is not totally under the bed. Gwen tells Theresa that she has a nice room, and that it was not the least messy. Theresa says that Whitney had straightened things up. Gwen said that she had expected to find pictures of Ethan hanging on the wall, and then at least she would know for sure that she was right.Gwen is beeped. After she talks with her office on the phone, Theresa says that Gwen must be anxious to get back to the office. Ethan shows up, as Gwen moves she steps on Ethan's picture. Ethan apologizes for barging in, but he states that the front door was unlocked. Gwen offers to leave so that Ethan and Theresa can have a visit. He tells Gwen that he came to see her. Pilar had told him that she was at the house. Gwen said that she and Theresa was just getting to know each other a little better, and that they had had a heart to heart. Ethan apologizes for getting Theresa involved in their problems. Gwen said that it involved the three of them . Theresa tried to explain that nothing happened. Gwen asks Theresa if she was hoping that something had happened or was hoping that something would happen in the future. Ethan says that it was an inappropriate question, and that Theresa had no interest in him. Gwen and Ethan decide to discuss things further alone. Gwen realizes that something is stuck to her shoe, but Whitney quickly snatches it. Whitney says that it was a special article that she was saving on Arthur Ashe. Ethan apologizes to Theresa for barging into her home. Theresa tells Whitney that she saved the day. Gwen and Ethan are arguing. Gwen says that she knows that she is not wrong about Theresa . Gwen says that women have instincts about other women coming after their men. Gwen says that she wishes that Sheridan was there to talk some sense into Ethan because she obviously couldn't. Ethan tells Gwen to nevermind about her instincts, she didn't have any proof that Theresa was after him. Gwen is upset that Ethan doesn't seem to trust her judgment. Gwen leaves. Theresa tells Whitney that she will make her move. Theresa goes into the living room and tells Ethan that he needs her now.

AT the fishing cabin, Sheridan is feverish. She is dreaming about drowning. She is very restless. She is semi-conscious and sees Luis. She asks him if he is the great love of her life. He tells her that it's him (Luis ). She tells him that she always wanted to find a man who just loved her for who she was, and not for her money and family connections. Luis tries to explain to her that she was in an accident and needed to get some rest. Sheridan said that she was afraid to go to sleep. She said that she was afraid that if she closed her eyes, he would disappear. She asked him to hold her hand, and promise that he wouldn't leave. Luis said that he would take care of her, but that she had him confused with someone else. Sheridan pulls him to her and kisses him. Luis pulls away. She asks him if thinks that she is not good enough for him. He tells her that she is good enough for any man. She tells him that he can't love her because of what she had done. She said that the voice in the room told her that. She asks him if he had found out what she had done. Before he can find out what she meant, Sheridan passes out again. Luis notices that the fire is dying out, and the wind is getting stronger. He wonders how he can keep her warm and safe. He decides that there is only way to keep her warm. He undresses and slips into bed beside her. She grabs him and asks him to make love to her.

Tuesday, December 7, 1999

At Theresa's house, an angry Gwen walks out on Ethan. Theresa decides to make her move on Ethan and prepares to confess her love for him. Theresa is crushed when Ethan misunderstands. Later, Theresa realizes she can't pass up her opportunity to win Ethan. She heads over to the Crane mansion, determined to tell Ethan she loves him.

Alistair berates Julian for not taking care of the Sheridan/ Luis situation. Ivy asks Julian to tell her about the secret he's trying so hard to protect. Julian refuses to tell her, but assures her the secret will destroy the Crane family. When he overhears Ivy counseling Gwen about Ethan, Julian surmises that Ivy has a long lost love.

A naked Luis tries to keep Sheridan warm with his body heat. Feverish and confused, Sheridan asks Luis to make love to her. At the same time, the man who Luis believes to be Martin approaches the cabin. Luis investigates a noise outside and comes face to face with Martin. Luis tries to confront him, but the older man manages to escape. Luis vows to make Martin pay for abandoning the family.

Tabitha manipulates Kay into not giving up her pursuit of Miguel. Tabitha gives Kay a magic brooch and tells the young girl she will see, in the stone, the face of the person with whom she will spend the rest of her life. Kay is stunned when she sees Miguel's face. With a renewed sense of determination, Kay heads back into her house where Charity and Miguel are getting ready for their first date.

Wednesday, December 8, 1999

As Theresa is attempting to massage Ethan's stiff neck, Gwen walks into Ethan's room and is shocked when she sees Ethan and Theresa together on the bed. Ethan jumps up and quickly tries to explain to her that it was just a harmless massage, but Gwen is finished with him. She congratulates Theresa for getting Ethan at last Gwen and launches into a scathing verbal attack on Ms. Lopez-Fitzgerald that covers her class status, references to Pilar, Theresa being a female dog, and a brief commentary on scheming and manipulation. Theresa took all of the insults aimed at her barely batting an eyelash, but got a bit steamed at Gwen's bring Pilar's name up, she made it clear to that Gwen needed to back off the subject of Pilar when she was slinging her insults. Ethan tells Gwen that there is no reason for her to attack Theresa, that the problem is between them, him and Gwen. For Gwen this is the straw that broke the brace the camel had to wear after he broke his back. She can't believe that while her relationship with Ethan is ending his first response is to defend Theresa. She angrily clears her things out of Ethan's room and gives Theresa some interesting things she'll need to know since she's going to be Ethan's new main squeeze. She storms out of the room and down the stairs where she bumps into Ivy. After apologizing to Theresa Ethan goes after Gwen also bumping into his mother. When Ethan dashes out the door Ivy goes up to his room to find Theresa and find out what happened. Meanwhile Theresa calls Wh9itney to report on recent events. As she is commenting that Ivy will just have to get used to the idea of having her for a daughter-in-law, the door to Ethan's bedroom slowly opens.

Tabitha explains to a Timmy why Charity and Miguel need to be kept apart. When and if Charity's love for Miguel has transcends the spiritual and become physical she will come into her full powers, and that's not something that Tabitha is going to allow to happen. Kay calls Reese and brings him along with her to the Book Café so she can horn in on Miguel and Charity's date. In the ladies room, as Tabitha and Timmy eavesdrop, Kay warns Charity about the nature of the beast, a.k.a men. Even nice boys like Reese and Miguel will put the pressure on a girl to go all the way if she so much as kiss him. Which is why, Kay tells her cousin, she shouldn't let Miguel even get to first base, it's safer that way.

Eve fears that Orville's reentry into her life will threaten everything she holds dear---especially her husband and daughters.

At the hospital, Eve stands over Orville's bedside and comments that he has the power to cost her her husband and he daughters, and she'd rather see him dead before she'd let that happen. In the hall, T.C. tells Chad about the envelopes full of hundred dollar bills which he and Sam found at Orville's. While the girls look on. Eve enters the hall and is annoyed to see T.C. talking to Chad. As Chad walks into Orville's room Eve starts to approach T.C. about Chad but T.C. ends the subject by saying that it was him talking to Chad, not the girls. Eve goes to her daughters to make sure they are obeying her no Chad edict. Whitney says of course, Simone agree to also, but lets her resentment show. She asks her mother why they can't hang out with Chad. To her daughters confusion Eve says that she just wants them to have better than she did. Meanwhile, in Orville's room Chad and T.C. discuss whether or not Orville really even knows anything about Chad's past. When the two men leave, Orville mumbles in his sleep about Eve's secret. Later, Orville comes to and sees Eve at his bedside. He tells her that he knows she's worried that he will, as his mind becomes increasingly confused, tell someone her secret inadvertently. His death would make that fear go away for her. He then tells a nervous Eve that he isn't alone, someone else knows her secrets and knows that she's living a lie.

Thursday, December 9, 1999

Friday, December 10, 1999

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