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Monday, December 6, 1999

Jude has a change of heart and returns to comfort a sobbing Annie. Amy realizes too late the part she and Annie played in tossing Olivia off the wagon and chasing Sean out of town. Though his mother accuses him of lying in front of Antonio and Gabi, Ricardo manages to joke his way out of a corner. Amy vows to force Annie to help her reunite with the man she loves. "Tobias" arrives to find Olivia drunkenly struggling with Amy, who slips away in search of Annie. A.J. appeals to Bette for help getting Olivia sober again. Michael went to great lengths to persuade Vanessa to marry him on New Year's Eve and start the new millennium off on the right foot. Ricardo hisses to Carmen that he'll never forgive her if she reveals his secret. Worried when they learn how all of Olivia's children have left town, A.J. and Bette hurry over to their friend's house to check on her. Annie admits to Jude that she keeps people at a distance because she's afraid they won't like her once they really get to know her. "Tobias" hits the roof when Olivia discloses how Caitlin took Trey off to Europe. Amy threatens to squeal on Annie unless she finds a way to bring Sean back to Sunset Beach. Ricardo's plan hits a major snag when Antonio balks at going out of town with Gabi that night.

Tuesday, December 7, 1999

At the Liberty Corporation Amy, still dressed as a Novice, is threatening Annie that she can blow the whistle on her and that she has the upper hand and there is nothing Annie can do about it. Annie told Amy that she is way out of her league but Amy went on to say that she won't feel that way once she told everyone about the potion she received from Mrs. Moreau which made Olivia start drinking again. Annie responds by saying that no one will believe a nymphomaniac, surfer girl that believes she's a nun. But Amy responds by saying that they will believe her as soon as she takes them directly to Mrs. Moreau. Annie threatens her by saying that if she reveals the truth about Mrs. Moreau, everyone will find out how pathetic Amy is that she had to drug a guy to get him to sleep with her. But Amy interrupts and says that she's not concerned what others think of her because she's lost Sean for good and if Annie doesn't help her get him back immediately she will start singing like a bird. Annie told her that she is guilty of a crime and that Amy is now an accessory to everything that she's done and no one will believe Amy. Annie went on to say that she will end up going to jail but Amy tells her that without Sean her life is over and all that she has left is to make Annie pay. Just then Bette walks into the office.

Tobias is encouraging a drunken Olivia to search Caitlin's bedroom for some clue as to where she has gone with Trey and Sean. As soon as Olivia went upstairs, Tobias using Gregory's voice damns Olivia saying that he has not gone through all of this just to lose Caitlin to Cole again. Just then he picks up a vase of flowers and hurls it toward the front door just as Jude walks in. Gregory returns in character as Tobias saying that he didn't see Jude come in. Jude responds by brushing the shattered vase pieces off his jacket and asks Tobias what is going on. As they continue to talk Olivia returns telling Tobias she couldn't find any evidence as to where the children had gone, but Tobias questions how thorough the search was considering she didn't take time to put down the drink in her hand. Olivia looks at Tobias with drunken bewilderment just as Jude asks if there is anything he can do to help. Tobias responds saying that it's none of Jude's business. Just then the doorbell rings and in walks AJ and Bette asking if it's true that Caitlin and Sean took Trey and left the country. Jude interrupts asking if Cole contacted Caitlin. AJ says no, Cole has not been in touch and all he knows is that he received a message from Caitlin stating that she left SB with Sean and Trey to find Cole. Jude interrupts again asking to use the phone so he can make some calls in the attempt to track them down. As Jude went upstairs, AJ told Olivia that he and Bette are there to have a serious discussion about her drinking. They all follow her into the living room telling her that her children left town, breaking the law, to keep Olivia from doing to Trey what she did to them. Bette and AJ go on to say that they love her but that they will not stick around to watch her destroy herself with the drinking. Olivia begs them to stop, she begins crying saying that they are right. Bette embraces Olivia and told her that they're not there to hurt her and Olivia admits that she knows they love her but she has to face this drinking problem on her own. She asks to speak to AJ alone. Bette says she loves her and leaves. Tobias go upstairs to check on Jude's progress. Olivia kisses AJ and thanks him for his help but AJ says it sounds as though she is saying good-bye.

Jude is alone in the Tobias' bedroom. As he finishes talking to private investigators about tracking Caitlin down he hangs up the phone and opens the desk draw looking for a pen. Instead he finds a photo of Gregory. As he stare into a photo Tobias walks into the room. Tobias turns to close the door just as Jude says "This isn't going as planned. Is it Gregory?"

Outside of Ricardo's apartment, Gabi is trying to get Carmen to confide in her but Carmen reflects back to a conversation with Ricardo earlier, saying that if Carmen told anyone he can walk, he will never speak to her again. As a result Carmen just told Gabi that she is worried about Ricardo. She flashes back to when she walked into the apartment and found Ricardo walking, but as she comes out of the flash back she told Gabi she is just worried about the two of them. Gabi told Carmen that the worst is over and she feels that things are getting back on track with Ricardo but she continues to question Carmen as to why she is so upset. Carmen covers by saying she is worried that he's overdoing it. Gabi responds by saying that she will do everything to make sure Ricardo is fine. Carmen thanks her and bids goodnight.

Meanwhile inside the apartment, Ricardo is attempting to persuade Antonio to go to the Timeshare with Gabi tonight but Antonio explains that he is too busy with a special class that evening for the parents of his Catechism class. Ricardo begins to get upset saying that he doesn't understand why Antonio can't just do him this favor and went on to explain that he's just so frustrated and apologizes for getting upset. He then explains that he was looking forward to getting away with Gabi for some kind of honeymoon and he that he only had the Cabin for a few more days. He continues to make Antonio feel guilty for turning him down and Antonio finally gives in saying "let me see what I can do about making other arrangements." As Antonio picks up the Phone to call the Mission, Ricardo thinks to himself that he's got him. Gabi comes back into the apartment and told Ricardo that Carmen was just concerned about him but didn't say anything specific, it's just a feeling she had. Just then Antonio gets off the phone and Ricardo asks if he has made the arrangements to be available to go with Gabi to the cabin. Antonio announces that he has and as he and Gabi make sandwiches for their trip, Ricardo reflects on all the plans he's been making in order to set Antonio and Gabi to pay for all they've done to him.

Meanwhile, Carmen is doing a card reading and continues to see a warning but is confused as to which of her children it's referring to.

Back at the apartment, Gabi and Antonio are about to leave when Antonio knocks the mail off the table. Gabi picks up the mail and notices a letter from the Insurance Company, marked urgent. As she begins to open it, Ricardo yells at her to stop.

Brad and Emily are working at the Lifeguard Headquarters and Brad is talking away and begins to tease her by saying he's dating Chelsea Clinton, and then he told Emily that she hasn't heard a word he's been saying and asks if it has something to do with Sean. Emily apologizes saying that Sean is gone and has left SB for good. Brad questions her about Sean's reasons, asking if Sean only left to get Emily back but she dismisses that idea saying Sean is not like that, he doesn't play games. But Brad interrupts saying that she didn't think Sean would cheat either but again Emily dismisses his comments. Brad comments about Amy finding out and Emily says that she already knows and she's "nun" too happy. Emily went on to say that Amy is pretending to become a nun just to get Sean back but that it's not working to influence him. She goes on to talk about how she trusted Amy and Sean but they both let her down and now Brad was the only one she could trust. Just then Brad flashes back to when Amy got him to help before she drugged Sean. As he comes out of the flash back, he looks at Emily and sighs.

Wednesday, December 8, 1999

With their plan temporarily derailed, an irate Gregory reminds Jude why they teamed up in the first place. Olivia sadly explains to A.J. that she loves him far too much to drag him down with her as she spirals even deeper into an alcoholic haze. Ricardo talks fast to prevent Gabi from reading the letter from the insurance company. Gregory orders Jude to bring Caitlin back from Europe before she manages to track Cole down. Olivia walks in on a private chat between Jude and Gregory but is too drunk to realize that "Tobias" is not who he seems to be. Dumbstruck when "Tobias" suggests that she started drinking again because she misses her husband, a giggling Olivia assures him she couldn't be happier now that Gregory is gone for good. Bette rails at her niece for her lack of sympathy towards Olivia. Ricardo places an urgent call to Michael. At the cottage, Antonio gently presses Gabi to disclose her secret.

Thursday, December 9, 1999

Derek, Maria, Casey, and Tess:
Derek was telling Casey the he has to call Sarah and tell her some things that he made up, when Tess walked in the room with a knife held to Maria's throat. Casey asked him if he was not good enough that he had to kidnapped Maria too. Maria was telling him not to do it because they were going to kill them anyway. She also told him that they kill Tim and Tess threw her on the ground. Tess told Derek that she needed to talk with him in privately they step out and she told him that she had to get Benjy and get him ready for his sleep over. meanwhile, Maria was telling Casey that the kidnapped Ben to. They was wondering if he was still alive. then Derek walked in the room just Casey was telling Maria to untie him. Derek told Casey that if he did not call Sarah and assure her that he was OK, he was going to kill Maria. Casey agreed. He called Sarah and told her that he was with his mother and he told her that Alleyne was going to be OK. Derek hung up and Casey got smart mouth with him, so Derek made an attempt to cut his neck.

Sarah and Meg:
Meg came in the store saying that she still didn't hear from Casey. Sarah was worried and said that she wanted to call the cops because this was not like Casey. Meg was telling her that he is probably OK and there's no need to worry. then Sarah told Meg that Ben and Tess. might be behind this after what happened to Tim. then the phone rang and it was Casey, after telling her that Alleyne was going to be OK. when she came off the phone she told Meg that he was in trouble and she just knew it.

Carmen, was at her house reading the Toro cards. she kept asking the about her son but kept seeing stuff about Maria and then she said what is going on with her daughter then she saw the death card. she felt that she should warn Maria right away

Benjy, Tess and Carmen:
Tess got Benjy ready and told him that the next day he is going on a trip with her and his daddy Benjy asked if his mommy was going to be there and she told him that his mommy would be there. The door rang and Benjy opened the door and Carmen walked in and she told Tess that she really needed to see Maria and Tess told her that she can't see her.

Ricardo and Michael:
Michael came in the house and Ricardo told him that he had something to show him. Michael asked for Antonio and Gabi but Ricardo said that he did not know where they were. Ricardo slowly eased off the bad and got up to walk. Michael was amazed at what he saw. he was determined to find Antonio and Gabi, he started asked about possible places that they would be. Ricardo told him that they were no where to be found. Michael help him back on the bed and told him that if he found out where they are he'll call. as Michael got outside the door he said to himself "Gabi and Antonio, something is wrong and he left. Ricardo got up and said the it was going to put an end to his wife and his brother the priest he called Michael at home and talked to the answering machine. he told him that he looked in Gabi's address book and saw the address of the cottage that there were to go to, he said it slipped his mind and maybe she went with Antonio. He gathered his things and started for the door, running into Michael, whom asked him where he was going.

Gabi and Antonio:
Gabi told Antonio that she loves him. Antonio sensed that something was wrong and he told her that if she loves him so much, she would tell him what's going on. Gabi told him that Ricardo knows about them. Antonio could not believe it and wanted to know how. Gabi told him about the tape and how she denied it when he told her but he put on the tape and showed her. Antonio wanted to go and apologized to him right away and Gabi would not allow him.

Friday, December 10, 1999

Gabi and Antonio at the Cabin:
Gabi and Antonio are talking about Ricardo knowing. Antonio says that he has to let Ricardo knows, or things will get worse. Gabi asks how things will get worse, and Antonio says he can't just pretend that he doesn't know Ricardo knows, it will do what they have been trying not to do: ruin all their relationships. Gabi says that Ricardo has been dealing, his way of dealing is to let Antonio believe Ricardo doesn't know. Antonio says that the reason he, Maria and Carmen agreed to keep the secret is because they know that Ricardo loves and hates with passion and always has. They were afraid of what would happen to everyone once Ricardo found out. Gabi says that she knows that it is a shock, and begs Antonio to listen. Antonio says that if Ricardo had forgiven him, he would not have told Gabi not to tell him Ricardo knew. Gabi told Antonio that she and Ricardo have talked about it a lot, and that she feels that Ricardo has genuinely forgiven them and that they are lucky to have him. Ricardo:
Ricardo is at the door with a bag, about to leave, but when he opens the door, Michael is standing there. Michael had come back for his pager, and asks Ricardo where he is going and what is in the bag. Ricardo told him he has champaign for him and Gabi, and that he is excited that he can walk and wants to surprise them. He says that he had just left a message on Michael's machine telling him that he thinks he knows where Gabi and Antonio went. He tells Michael about the cabin. Michael asks, "Together?" and Ricardo says that he has been telling her it is romantic and that it would be like them to go up there and fix it up. Michael told Ricardo there is NO WAY he can drive up the coast alone. Ricardo asks him how much he loves Vanessa, because he loves Gabi as much and ever since his stroke things have been low and now that he can walk things will be brighter. Michael starts to warm up, and agrees Ricardo can go...............but Michael will drive him up there. Ricardo yells "NO!" Michael looks at him funny, and says that Ricardo just started walking, he shouldn't be driving alone, besides, if Antonio is already there, it isn't like Michael would be getting in the way of anything. Michael gets paged and has to go, but says he'll be back to take Ricardo and makes him promise not to leave. Ricardo agrees and Michael leaves, then Ricardo leaves too. The Cabin:
Ricardo is outside the cabin, and digs some binoculars out of his bag and looks in. A wolf howls and Gabi is freaked out. Antonio says that wolves do that to track prey, and told her not to worry because it isn't tracking them. Gabi apologizes for being a baby. Antonio told her she isn't, that she is one of the strongest women he knows to go through what she has alone. Antonio says he know why she never told and they hug..... Ricardo sees and says, "It didn't take them long to find their way back into each other's arms." Then he reaches down and pulls out the gun. The Evans' House:
Tess and Benjy are waiting for Benjy's friend Zack to show up. There is a knock at the door, and they think it is him, instead it is Carmen. Carmen asks where Maria is, claiming it is an emergency. Tess says she doesn't know where she is and Carmen calls her a liar. Tess told Carmen to stop because she is upsetting Benjy, and then Zack shows up and Benjy leaves. Tess told Carmen to leave. Carmen won't and says, "You don't think I know the truth?" Then she says that she is not leaving until Tess told her where Maria went. Tess told Carmen that she is Benjy's nanny-that Maria is a little too old for one. They argue back and forth as to whether or not Tess knows, and then Carmen says she knows Maria wouldn't leave because she promised Carmen she wouldn't. Carmen stops and says that there is evil in the house and that Tess is in the middle of it, she knows how evil smells. Tess asks, "Is it anything like that cheap perfume you are wearing?" Carmen leaves saying she must find Maria. Ricardo's House:
Carmen went to Ricardo's and knocks on the door, but no one is there. She sees the note Ricardo wrote Michael, but it doesn't say WHERE he went. She sticks the note back up and then leaves saying she knows who will help her. Michael walks up later and sees the note saying that Ricardo couldn't wait and that he'll be fine, Michael says no he won't. Sara and Meg:
Sara hangs up the phone saying that Casey is in trouble. Meg asks how she knows, and Sara says that he called his mother by the wrong name. Sara told Meg she is going to call the police. Meg talks her out of it, saying that they don't have enough for the police to go on. Sara asks Meg if she believes Ben could do anything to Casey. Meg says Ben didn't and won't do anything, but then agrees that she does have a bad feeling They lock up and leave because Meg has an idea. They search Casey's room and find nothing. Sara says they should be checking Ben's house, but they can't because Casey took the key. Meg has another idea. They go to her room to look and see if she threw a spare key in a box while she was packing. Meg finds a pressed rose that Ben had given her one time after making love. She then comments that she doesn't know who he is anymore, and that it is like he is dead now. Meg asks Sara if she thinks Ben could really go that far. Sara finds the key, and they start to leave, but run into Carmen. Carmen told them that they are the only ones who will help her save Maria. Casey, Derek, and Maria:
Derek told Casey that now that Meg and Sara are off the trail, he is going back on his word and that he no longer has any use for Casey. Maria says no, Derek turns toward her, and Casey gets free and tackles him. They fight, the knife is knocked away, and when Casey focuses on it, Derek pushes him off, grabs the knife, and told Casey if he moves he is killing Maria. He ties Casey back up, and Maria told him not to kill him, he has nothing to do with it. Derek says he will because Casey is no longer of use to him. Maria tells him that the more bodies, the harder to escape. He can take all Ben's money and just leave. Derek told her that he is only keeping her alive because he needs her to make the plan work. Tess calls and told him not to kill Casey because they might need him. Derek takes Maria into another room. Derek told her that he already pretended and that she slept with him and never knew, then he leaves. Maria fights against her ropes and gets free. Then she gets a wire out of the drawer and picks the lock. She went out into the hallway and hears Tess and Derek. Tess told Derek they still need Casey, now Carmen is suspicious, what if she runs into Meg and Sarah and they figure it out? Meanwhile, Maria has found her way downstairs and sees a covered body on the table and gasps "No......."

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