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Passions Recaps: The week of December 13, 1999 on PS
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Monday, December 13, 1999

Sheridan, Julian, and Luis are in New Mexico in the room of the man who they think is Martin Fitzgerald. Luis asks the man if he is the one who stole money from the Cranes and abandoned his family. Julian says that Luis should know the answer to that. He wonders why Luis doesn't recognize his own father. Luis said that it had been such a long time since he had seen his father, that he is just not sure. Julian tells Luis that he had all night because the man wasn't going anywhere. He said that the only way of escape was through the door. Julian's private eye was outside the window, and Julian was making certain gestures toward him. Martin suddenly pulls out a gun and says that he can do whatever he wants. He says that he is sick of living a lie and says that so much had happened. He suddenly gets upset and says that he just can't do it. The lights go out and it looks like Martin makes a run for it, and Julian, Sheridan, and Luis end up outside his door. They hear a shot. Luis wants to go back in, but Sheridan advises him to wait for the police. Julian says that maybe Martin wasn't shooting at them. He further stated that maybe Martin was just afraid to go back to Harmony and face the punishment for what he had done, or that maybe he couldn't bear the public humiliation and that he decided to just kill himself. Luis calls out to Martin, but doesn't get an answer. He says that he is going in, because a father wouldn't shoot his own son. He opens the door, but doesn't find Martin. He said that Martin must have gone out the window, although Julian said that the window was sealed shut. When Luis looks around, Julian is gone. Luis tells Sheridan to wait there, he was going to look for Martin. A fire alarm rings, but Sheridan doesn't smell any smoke. She goes to check it out. Julian meets up with his private eye. He tells him that they have to find Martin before Luis does, or all that he had worked for would be destroyed.

At the Church in the study, Ethan tells Theresa that her eyes have so many colors like a kaleidoscope. He tells her that he bets that the guy she has a crush on has told her that she has beautiful eyes. She flashes back to when Ethan told her that, and says, " actually he has." Ethan tells her that whenever that guy looks into her eyes, it will be all over. He said that the guy would be hers forever without question. He asks her if she had had much luck in getting the guy to notice her. She stated that she hadn't. Ethan tells her to be patient. Theresa says that she feels like they are getting closer. Ethan asks her if there is another woman in the guy's life. Theresa says not anymore. Ethan tells her to make her move and go for it. Theresa says that maybe he is right, that she was going to make her move right now. Before she can make her move , Father Lonigan comes into the study. Theresa introduces the Father to Ethan. He tells Ethan to thank his parents for all the money that they have donated over the years. Theresa notices that the Father seems troubled. He tells them that someone in the congregation is in trouble, and needed their prayers. He continues to pray against evil. The Father leaves after wishing them both a Merry Christmas. Ethan asks Theresa about the Christmas Festival. Theresa tells him that there is a special Christmas Eve Mass and then the tree lighting. She tells him that Santa picks the most beautiful girl in Harmony to light the town Christmas tree and she picks a boy to help her. Ethan said that he would be unable to attend due to a meeting, but that he was sure that the guy that she had a crush on would be there. He bids Theresa good-bye and tells her that he was glad that he ran into her.

At the Church, Grace looks worried about something. Sam asks her if she feels like evil is invading their lives again. She tells him that their love was distracting her. She was thinking about their wedding in Boston. She said that now that she knows that her real name is Grace Standish, she is thinking about having her name changed on her marriage certificate. She says that it is almost like he didn't marry her, the woman that she is now. He tells her that she was a wonderful woman then and now.She asks him if he sometimes wished that he had married someone else, due to all the craziness that has been in their lives. She asked him if he ever thought about someone in the past, that he might have married if she hadn't come along. He flashes to Ivy, but he says that he couldn't imagine sharing his life with anyone but her, and he was going to prove it to her. Meanwhile, Ivy is walking and thinking of her time with Sam. She even gazes at the locket that he gave her.

Also at the Church, Kay and Simone are talking about the broach. When she looks at the broach, she also sees Miguel's face. Simone tells Kay to get rid of the broach because it is evil. Kay asks Simone if she was in love with Miguel, too. Simone said that of course she was not in love with Miguel. Miguel asks them if they had seen Charity, but Kay says, no.

She said that she wasn't lying because she hadn't seen her recently. Simone tells Kay that what she saw was Miguel's reflection because Miguel was behind them. Kay says that she knows that she saw Miguel's face when she had the broach in the garden. Meanwhile Charity is downstairs in the basement. The Statues of Angels are coming to life and telling Charity that she is the one and to stop evil.

Tabitha is at home with Timmy. She said that someone is stopping her from getting her powers back, and she was going to find out, who. She runs into Ivy outside almost near the Church. Ivy is surprised that Tabitha knows who she is. Ivy asks where the Church is, and Tabitha points her in the direction of the Church. Tabitha tells Timmy all about Ivy and Sam. She states that Grace nor Julian know that they were involved. She said that Grace is still carrying a passion for Sam. She said that Ivy could make Grace's life more miserable than she ever could.

AT the Church, Sam gathers everyone around, and renews his wedding vows to Grace. Kay fantasizes that she is marrying Miguel. As Sam recites his vows to Grace, Ivy enters the Church, and appears to be upset upon seeing Sam reciting his vows. Sam tells Grace that there was no one in his past, no one in his present, and that there would be no one in the future that would ever have a hold on him. He tells Grace that she is his life. After they kiss, everyone applauds. Tabitha and Timmy are outside and they say that it sounds like a party is going on. Ethan walks upon Ivy crying. When he asks her what is wrong, she says nothing.

He tells her that something must be wrong because there were tears in her eyes. He tells her that he is not blind, he knows what is bothering her. He says that she gets like this every Christmas thinking about all the special times that they've shared. He asks Ivy if it would be okay for him to skip her party so that he could take Gwen to the tree-lighting ceremony. He said that he needed to do all that he could to show Gwen that he wanted to be with her. He also said that Theresa and her boyfriend would be there and Gwen would realize that Theresa was not after him. Ivy encourages him to do this because she says that there is nothing more important than love. Ethan leaves and Ivy says that she will show Sam that their love is still alive.

Theresa rejoins Whitney and tells her about her meeting with Ethan. She tells her that Ethan said that any boy who looked into her eyes would fall in love with her forever. She said that they had become closer , and she knew that one day she would be Mrs. Ethan Crane. Whitney tells her that just because Ethan told her that she had beautiful eyes didn't mean that he would want to marry her. She asks Whitney to support her in the spirit of Christmas. She wishes that he could be at the tree lighting ceremony, but then she suddenly realizes that if he were to be there he would know that she didn't have a boyfriend. Whitney tells her to just tell Ethan the truth, but Theresa says that then he would know that Gwen was right. She said that Ethan needed to fall in love with her first.

In the basement, Charity begins screaming as the Angels are telling her to fight evil. Tabitha and Timmy hear her screams, and Timmy feels bad for her. Miguel has learned from Hank that Charity went to the basement to get something. As he nears the basement, he hears Charity screaming. Charity can't get the door open. Miguel tells Charity to stand back and he breaks down the door. He asks her why she was screaming. She says that they will think that she is crazy. She tells Miguel, Kay, Reese, and Simone about the Angels coming to life and telling her that she is the one and to stop the evil. Kay smirks to Simone that Charity is losing it. Tabitha is happy that the Angels stopped moving and now everyone will just think that Charity is crazy. Miguel tells her that they believe her, but the others seem like they don't buy it. Suddenly the angels start moving again, and pointing at Charity as the teens look on in shock. Timmy asks Tabitha what were they going to do .

Tuesday, December 14, 1999

Whitney again tries to be the voice of reason when Theresa confidently assures her friend that Ethan is falling in love with her. In Santa Fe, Luis wonders why Sheridan seems so anxious to ensure that the man they've been pursuing truly is his father. Miguel, Kay, Reese and Simone stand dumbfounded as the statues come to life and point at Charity. Meanwhile, outside the window, Timmy and Tabitha watch the display and worry that Kay is about to jump ship. Julian tracks Martin down at a nearby tavern and warns him never to go near Luis again. Luis and Sheridan search Martin's room and find a knife Pilar gave to her husband years ago. Simone whispers to Kay that her cousin seems blessed by a higher power. Whitney urges a starry-eyed Theresa to understand that she's heading for heartbreak if she believes Ethan would marry beneath his station. At the church, Sam explains to the teenagers that the unstable basement floor undoubtedly caused the statues to shift position. Gwen again entreats Ethan to open his eyes and see Theresa for the conniving seductress she really is. Relieved to think she didn't kill Martin, Sheridan consoles Luis as he contemplates how to break his news to his mother. Gwen regretfully turns down Ethan's marriage proposal. Martin mugs Julian's operative and makes tracks for Harmony.

Wednesday, December 15, 1999

Though Timmy chides her for failing to get into the proper Christmas spirit, Tabitha continues to lay the groundwork for murdering Charity during the town's annual tree-lighting ceremony. At the Bennetts', Charity enjoys decorating for the holidays with her new family but can't stop thinking about the angel statues who reached out to her at the church. As they trim their Christmas tree, Ethan explains to his mother how he plans to prove to Gwen that Theresa is madly in love with another man. Sheridan assures an apologetic Luis she doesn't mind that he accidentally broke her antique compact. Afterwards, Luis admits to Sheridan he's dreading having to tell his mother that the man she loved has become a gun-toting, abusive drunk. As they return to Harmony, Julian curls his lip in disdain when his sister introduces him to Sam's brother. Tabitha almost makes a fatal slip of the lip in front of Grace and her family. Later, Tabitha pulls Kay aside and urges her to show up her rival by getting named Harmony's prettiest girl at the tree ceremony. A shaken Pilar finds her son's story hard to believe until Luis produces the pocket knife Martin dropped following their bizarre encounter in New Mexico. Timmy's cookie pilfering puts Tabitha in another awkward situation with Sam.

Thursday, December 16, 1999

Deflated to learn how Ethan plans to use the tree lighting festivities to win Gwen's hand in marriage, Theresa tries to persuade him not to attend the ceremony. Though Julian laughs to receive Grace's invitation to her tree trimming party, Ivy spots another choice opportunity to spend more time ogling Sam. Luis purchases an expensive compact for Sheridan to replace the one he accidentally smashed. Traveling by bus towards Harmony, Martin realizes he's lost his knife. Relieved to hear that Sheridan doesn't have a man in her life, Hank eagerly invites her to accompany him to the tree lighting. Tabitha pushes along her latest master plan by urging Charity not to miss the most charming event of the town's holiday season. Sam blanches when Grace happily accepts Ivy's invitation to the Cranes' Christmas bash. Tabitha gleefully promises Timmy he'll see fireworks when Charity tries to light the town's tree. Afterwards, Timmy pens a letter to Santa to lay out his wish list. Sheridan thanks Luis for his thoughtful gift but fails to notice when the compact slips into the waste basket. Later, Luis spots the compact in the trash and is hurt to think Sheridan would discard his gift without a second thought.

Friday, December 17, 1999

Disguised as Santa, Tabitha gives Timmy an electrifying demonstration of her shocking plans for Charity and Miguel. Sam hisses at Ivy to stop living in the past because he wants no woman other than his wife. Alistair again reminds his son that the family's dirty little secret must be kept safe at all costs. Miguel takes Charity back to the Book Cafe for a special night on the town, courtesy of Beth. Though Gwen insists that Theresa's alleged boyfriend is nothing but a figment of the girl's fevered imagination, Ethan remains confident they'll soon meet the mystery man who's become the apple of his new friend's eye. Ivy panics to realize she's misplaced the locket which contains her favorite photo of Sam. Timmy's day gets worse when Fluffy corners him at the top of the stairs. Meanwhile, in the park, Tabitha coaxes a thirsty Santa back to her house with the promise of a hot toddy which will knock his socks off. Forced to dress as an elf, Timmy watches in horror as Tabitha drugs Santa's drink.

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