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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of December 20, 1999 on SB
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Monday, December 20, 1999

Mrs. Moreau promises Annie that the potion Olivia imbibed will soon wear off. At the precinct house, Antonio and a weeping Gabi are formally charged with Ricardo's murder. A.J. informs Olivia he can't watch her self-destruct again. Although Olivia frantically vows to change her ways, A.J. told her this is goodbye. Amy urges Brad to convince Emily to leave Sunset Beach with him, thus clearing the way for her own blissful reunion with Sean. Stunned when the district attorney displays the video of him having sex with Gabi, Antonio realizes his brother set him up to take a fall. Amy warns Brad she'll ruin his chances with Emily unless he knuckles under and agrees to her plan. Olivia suddenly realizes that her craving for alcohol has completely vanished. Bette is bowled over when A.J. declares that he has feelings for her which go far beyond mere friendship. Gregory shoves his way into Mrs. Moreau's apartment and orders her to talk. Later, the witch woman decides to take a powder.

Tuesday, December 21, 1999

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Wednesday, December 22, 1999

Casey is in the hospital, being treated for concussion by Tyus. Sara is with him. They are waiting for the x-rays, but Casey is chafing to get out. He wants to go to the police station and make sure that Tess is safely behind bars. When he tries to get out of bed he gets dizzy. Sara prevails on him to wait. She distracts him with affection. Tyus comes in and suggests they "get a room."

Tyus chases Sara out so he can complete his exam and assigns an orderly to watch Casey and make sure he doesn't leave. Hank and Joan come by. After some talk about what happened, Hank and Joan go for refreshments and Sara accosts a nurse. A little while later a nurse comes in and told the orderly he can take a meal break. Of course, it's Sara in disguise. She crawls into bed with Casey.

Antonio knows where Ricardo might have gone. He told Gabi about the fishing cabin. Meanwhile, Ricardo arranges for an earlier flight and starts packing. He pauses, remembering his past with his family. Gabi thinks Ricardo has gone insane. She and Antonio want to protect him from what might happen if the police go to the cabin. Ricardo has more flashbacks, but argues that what he'd doing is just and right.

Carmen and Maria are trying to put the pieces together, when Michael and Vanessa join them. They think Ricardo might still be alive. Michael takes the blame for telling the police, Maria reacts with anger. Carmen finally realizes that Ricardo's activities, especially his threatening her to prevent her from telling Gabi and Antonio he can walk, are indications of a setup. Maria and Carmen don't know what to do about it. Maria mentions she's gotten a lawyer.

Gabi and Antonio debate how to best reach Ricardo. Spencer comes to see them and they plead with him to let them out. He refuses. Later, when Vanessa, Michael and a detective friend of Vanessa's come in, the two are gone. A guilty-looking Spencer is still there. Carmen and Maria reassure each other that Ricardo has gone far away. They are relieved because they are afraid he'd kill Antonio if they met. Ricardo is about to leave the cabin when he hears Gabi's voice.

Tobias and Annie wrestle in the power plant. She becomes even more hysterical when his identity is revealed. Gregory explains that the real Uncle Tobias was reported missing in Kashmir two years ago. He mocks Annie's efforts to influence Tobias and claims that he got Cole out of the way deliberately. Gregory told Annie that he betrayed Caitlin to make her stronger, and swears he will succeed in finding her and winning her forgiveness. He told Annie that he is the agent of her "karmic revenge." Annie counters that everyone hates him, not her.

Gregory, angry that Annie ruined his plans, told her that she's going to pay for her crimes. She reminds him that he is the murderer, not her. In a rage, Gregory grabs Annie, who bites him and runs away, into Jude's arms. She begs him to call the police -- but when he and Gregory begin to laugh, she finally realizes that they are partners.

The show began today with a repeat of Benjy's assurance to Ben that as long as he has his Mommy and Daddy he'll be all right. Meg decides to leave. Ben anxiously moves to stop her. He wants to talk.

Meg doesn't want to talk, especially with Benjy around. Ben explains to her that his time as a captive clarified his thinking. Meg questions whether an interior dialogue undertaken under such trying circumstances has any real value.

Benjy interrupts, wanting to go with Ben to pick out a Christmas tree. Meg suggests they do that, as Benjy should be his priority, not her. She leaves. Benjy remarks that Meg was very nice today. Ben replies "I'm glad you think so."

Meg walks alone on the beach, thinking about when Benjy was kidnapped. After he was retrieved, Benjy told Ben and Maria that he left with the strange man because Meg "doesn't care where I go." Ben and Benjy return with a tree, which Ben puts up and lights. Benjy is thrilled, but Ben is depressed about many things; not being a real father, not being able to persuade Meg to listen. Benjy gives him an ornament. "To Daddy," it says.

Ben sits on the stairs, staring at the ornament. He hears Derek's voice in his head. "Don't worry brother, I'm really gone." The voice taunts him, "what will you do with the gift I left you? All forty pounds of him." Meg meets up with her parents and Sara at the hospital. She and Sara decide not to discuss the whole mess. Their folks are happy the whole truth is out. Hank still doesn't really trust Ben's feelings. He wants to know where Ben and Meg stand; does she want Ben back? Meg doesn't reply.

Ben leaves a message for Maria, telling her that Benjy is okay and that they all will get through it. He recalls Maria talking about his intense love for Meg.

Meg told her folks she still feels responsible for Benjy's kidnapping. Meg decides to go see if she and Ben have any future.

Thursday, December 23, 1999

At the Present:
The DA was asking for Antonio and Gabi. She assumed that Michael and Vanessa released them and she told a cop to keep them in custody. Spencer told them thetas he let them go because they knew where Ricardo was. the DA locked up Spencer told him that his would be taken away and demanded to know where they went. Michael said hat they wanted to go and the DA told them no. she told a cop to make sure Michael and Vanessa don't leave. Michael and Vanessa decided to leave afterwards. the cop yell at them asking them where they thought they were going and Vanessa told him that they were not arrested and she left with Michael.

Gabi and Antonio:
Gabi and Antonio got to the cabin the call to Ricardo but hear no answer. Antonio broke the glass with a rock and opened the door. by this time Ricardo had hidden himself on a ledge in the cabin. Gabi was talking about how much she loved him and that she won't be able to ever tell him again because he was gone from the cabin. Antonio found a picture of them when they were small. it was crushed and they just knew that Ricardo was there and had left. While being on the top of the ledge Ricardo heard them talking about how it was only one time they did it and that one was a mistake that ruined their lives. Antonio was saying that he still loves him after what Ricardo had done. the DA and cops came busting in and they were arrested. Gabi tried to explain that Ricardo was alive and they did not kill him. she did not want to hear that she told the cops to put them in the car. As they got outside. Michael and Vanessa came running up and the DA was pissed. She told them not the talk to Gabi and Antonio. the car was about to pull off when all their heads rose and Ricardo was standing in front of the car.

The power plant:
Annie was telling Jude that he has to save her or Gregory would kill them both. They started laughing and Gregory introduced Jude as his assistant. Gregory wanted Jude to kill Annie right away. Jude refused saying that they had some unfinished business to handle. Jude wanted the money that Gregory had promised. Jude called up the bank and Gregory made the transfer. Annie was crying, begging and pleading for her life. she was saying that she could help Gregory and Gregory did not want that so Jude made and attempt to kill her.

AJ, Bette, and Olivia:
AJ was kissing Bette when the door bell rang. It was Olivia she came in and told them that she was sober and she told them that he was sorry for pushing them away like she did. Bette went out on the back porch. Olivia was asking if there was any chance for them. AJ told her that the past few days he changed. Olivia was telling him that he will find someone who really loves him and that he can love. With that he look at Bette and Bette looked at him. Olivia was in shock she could not believe what she was seeing. AJ got up and he told Olivia that they were going to tell her. AJ got a call and went to return it. Olivia of course was not too pleased with what she heard. Bette asked her if she hated her.

The Beach:
Brad was packing stuff in the lifeguard truck. Amy came up to him and told him that he better go along with her plan or she would tell Emily everything and she walked away. Emily came up to Brad and he asked her if she was ready for the date tonight. Emily told him that after was she heard she isn't. Brad acted liked he didn't know what she was talking about then she said that she knew Mrs. Moreau. Brad told her that he would explain everything and he spilled the beans about the love potion that Amy bought. she didn't know what he was talking about and Brad sensed it. Emily was very upset and she asked him what he was getting out of it. he told her that he was going to try to get her if she was available. She realized that Sean really didn't know why he slept with Amy. Emily. left

Richards' Residence:
Amy came in the house calling for Annie. Rose came in and she asked her where Annie was. Rose told her that she seen her with Tobias and they went down a lonely road where all the power plant is. Amy was waiting and getting restless while waiting for Annie. she decide that she should go find Annie, when the door bell ran. She thought that it might be Sean and ran to the door, opening it only to find Emily behind it.

Friday, December 24, 1999

Amy and Emily:
Emily told Amy that she knows what Amy did. Amy denies doing anything. Emily told Amy to stop pretending because Brad already told her everything. Amy told Emily that Brad isn't bright, Emily interrupts her by telling all about the love potion, and then asks Amy why she did it. They argue and then Amy says that at least she slept with Sean which is more than she can say for Emily and Emily hits her. They argue some more, and Amy says that all she wanted was to be with someone who cared about her, was that so awful? Emily says NO, it was the way Amy went about it that was awful. Amy told Emily not to get superior, because neither of them one, Emily doesn't have Sean either. Emily says you're right, I don't, but I will. Amy asks what she means, and Emily says she is going to find Sean and tell him all about the love potion. Amy asks where she is going, and Emily says, "To get my man back" and leaves.

Olivia and Bette:
Olivia says that she always knew Bette had feeling for AJ, she just didn't know the feelings were mutual. Bette says yes, and asks if Olivia hates her. Olivia says that although she cares about AJ, she cares about Bette more, and that the two of them should be together. Olivia says that she loves AJ, but not the way he NEEDS to be loved, and Bette does. They hug and AJ walks in and asks if he missed something. Bette says, "We have Livie back." Olivia told them that she loves them both and just wants them to be happy. Bette walks Olivia out and Olivia told her she has a glow when she is around AJ, and Bette giddily agrees, and that she is glad Olivia is OK... Olivia leaves. Then while AJ and Bette are alone on the couch just being happy together, Emily walks in, and says she is in love and went upstairs, and AJ and Bette wonder what that was all about.

Olivia and Amy:
Olivia walks in to a crying Amy. Olivia asks what happened and Amy says her life is over. Olivia says it must be because she is now sober and Amy knows her life at the mansion is over. Amy told Olivia she is so clueless about everything..... she doesn't even know the real reason she was drinking. Olivia demands to know what Amy means, and Amy told her that Annie drugged her and then Amy walks out. Olivia calls for Rose, asks her where she saw Tobias and Annie together, Rose told her and Olivia figures they are at the power plant, and leaves.

Power Plant:
Annie is fighting Jude. Gregory says that they should go out of town to kill her, and Jude says that wouldn't be a good idea, because Annie would scream and draw attention. Gregory agrees and says they should just get it over with. Jude stands there just looking at Annie. Gregory asks what's wrong, just do it, and Jude turns and kicks Gregory, knocking him out. Annie tries to run again and Jude stops her. Annie pleads for her life, and Jude told her to relax because she isn't going to get hurt, but Gregory will be hurting because he is going to jail. Annie asks how because he doesn't even have any proof, but Jude told her to relax and calls on his cell phone saying they've got him, the whole conversation is taped. Annie is shocked and they get in an argument because Jude has been lying to her. Jude says it wasn't so black and white. They have known for years that Gregory was funneling funds to Europe, but they had no account number. When Gregory transferred the funds to Jude's account, they got the number, so now they have Gregory. Annie says, "You keep saying we, who is we?" Jude introduces himself as FBI. Gregory knew about Jude's relationship to AJ, so he went to Jude and brought him in to get close to AJ and get Gregory's company back. Jude says that Cole isn't really dead, and that Caitlin and Trey should be meeting up with him anytime now. Annie says she has a gift for him and hits him. He asks what that was for and she says for stringing her along just for information and for pretending to have feelings for her. Jude says he never pretended to have feelings for her. Annie doesn't believe that he really has feelings, he says that he was supposed to go back to Europe, but asked to stay in Sunset Beach because of Annie. He wants to kiss her and then she can decide if she believes him. During this time, Gregory is waking up. They kiss, and Annie says she believes him, then Gregory knocks Jude out. Gregory looks Annie eye to eye and says he'd love to take care of her once and for all, but time is short, "Merry Christmas," then he went to walk out and Olivia is at the door. He turns around quickly, but it is too late, Olivia already saw his face and says, "Oh dear God, Gregory."

The Cabin:
The DA asks Ricardo what happened. Ricardo says that Gabi and Antonio didn't try to kill him, but she thinks he is just scared, so they go inside the cabin. Ricardo repeats that they didn't try to kill him, but the DA still thinks he is covering. Then Ricardo told her that he set them up and told her everything that he did to do it. She is disappointed and told Ricardo that his career is over. Ricardo says that is the least o f his worries. Ricardo says that he did it because he thought the affair was still going on, but that didn't matter now. Steele says no, it doesn't, and went outside. Antonio and Gabi:

They decide to tell Vanessa and Michael what happened between them. Gabi says that what Ricardo told Michael wasn't really happening, and Vanessa says that they figured, but Gabi cuts her off. She says it didn't happen, but wasn't unfounded. Then she told them that it happened only once and that was while they were trapped and thought they were going to die. They tried to hide it from Ricardo and everyone else and this was what happened. The DA comes out to release Gabi and Antonio and to apologize. They forgive her, and she says that she hopes that they are as forgiving of Ricardo, because she can't forgive him.

Inside the Cabin:
Ricardo apologizes to Vanessa and Michael. Michael says he wants to help Ricardo, Ricardo asks why, and Michael says that he knows Ricardo is hurting. Gabi and Antonio walk in and Vanessa and Michael leave. Gabi told Ricardo that she knows why he came out of hiding..... he was inside the cabin while she and Antonio were talking. Ricardo says yes, that before then he thought the affair was still going on. Ricardo says now he know the facts but not the truth and asks Gabi if she loves only him, because he doesn't think that has EVER been the case. Gabi doesn't answer. Ricardo starts to leave, but Antonio stops him saying, isn't there something they have to talk about. Ricardo says no. Nothing has changed, and that each of them has lost a brother. Ricardo says that he can't forgive them, then he leaves.

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