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Passions Recaps: The week of December 27, 1999 on PS
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Monday, December 27, 1999

In Theresa's room, she and Whitney discussed Ethan. She said that it felt good to see her scarf around Ethan's neck. She just wished that she could have given him his present in person. Whitney told her that Gwen was onto her, but Theresa said it didn't matter because Gwen didn't have any proof that she had given Ethan the scarf or how she felt about Ethan.

Whitney told Theresa that Luis wouldn't like her getting involved with Ethan. Theresa said that he would change his opinion in time. Whitney told Theresa that she had gotten away with not producing a boyfriend at the tree-lighting, but the scam wouldn't last forever. Gwen would eventually want to meet the boyfriend, and then she would know that it was Ethan. Theresa said it was her destiny to be with Ethan.

Gwen and Ethan were at the Book Café. Gwen gave him back the necklace that he had given her for Christmas. She said that she'd only accepted it because she hadn't wanted to spoil Christmas. She told him that she loved him. She said that she was not being jealous or insecure, and he needed to realize that before they could go any further with their relationship. She said they had to get the situation with Theresa settled.

Ethan wanted to forget about Theresa, and he did believe that she was involved with someone. He went on to say that Theresa had planned to introduce him, but the fire had broken out. Gwen said that it was mighty convenient for Theresa. Ethan wanted to know if she thought that Theresa had started the fire. Gwen said that she wouldn't put it past Theresa. Ethan explained that Miguel could have been killed.

Gwen said that she needed to see the invisible boyfriend before they could move on. Ethan said that if it was that important to her, he would have Theresa produce the boyfriend. Ethan and Gwen took a walk, and Ethan had an idea. He said that there was one night of the year when people got together with someone they were dating, even if it was a casual relationship. He said that he would invite Theresa and her boyfriend to join them for New Year's Eve.

Luis and Pilar were in the living room. Pilar had presents for Antonio and Martin. She said that she'd thought one of them would be home for Christmas that year. Luis told her that she thought Martin would be home every Christmas. She told Luis that she had to go to work.

Sheridan was outside, unsure of whether to ring the bell or not. Before she could decide, Luis walked outside. He told her that she'd missed his mother, but she said that she was there to see him. She gave him a present. He told her he didn't have anything to give her. She told him they were slides from pictures that she'd taken when she had been in Spain. They were pictures of places that had been special to her when she had been there. He told her that he would probably really enjoy Spain with a guide.

Luis and Sheridan looked at each other, and the phone rang. It was business, so Sheridan left. Sam told Luis that he'd heard that Martin had left Santa Fe and was heading east toward New England. Luis said that his father would not be crazy enough to return to Harmony after everything that he had done. He said if he did, he would find out everything that he needed to before he let him go.

Julian took Martin some breakfast. He had Martin locked in a basement at the Crane mansion. Martin said that Julian couldn't keep him locked up forever. Julian offered to call Luis for him, or better yet, Sam Bennett. He said that he had a long list of crimes that Martin had committed over the years. Martin stopped him from making the calls. Julian told Martin that he might as well get comfortable.

Grace was having a dream about Sam and Ivy kissing. She started saying Ivy in her sleep. She told Sam about the dream. She said that she was not worried about Ivy and him. Sam said they shouldn't attend any more of the Cranes' parties because he and T.C. weren't comfortable at them. She asked him if he was trying to avoid Ivy but then told him that she was only joking. She said that she didn't need Ivy Crane or her parties; she had her family and friends.

Meanwhile, at the Crane mansion, Pilar and Ivy discussed plans for a New Year's Eve party. Pilar told Ivy that she didn't need to invite the Bennetts because she was sure that Sam wouldn't attend anything given by Ivy or events that she would be attending after what had happened at the Christmas party. She told Ivy that Sam wouldn't do anything to hurt Grace.

Ivy called Millicent and asked her to plan a party for New Year's Eve, but they would say that it was a party for Dr. Russell's good work at the hospital. She said that the Bennetts had to be invited and could not know that she would be attending. They just needed to know that it was a party for their good friend. She told Millicent to place her at the table with the Russells and the Bennetts.

At Tabitha's house, Tabitha was complaining to Timmy that she hadn't gotten her powers back and that her friends in the basement were getting upset. She then threw away all the Christmas decorations. Timmy suggested that they take a trip to Hollywood, but Tabitha didn't want to go. She said that they were already corrupt. Timmy wanted Tabitha to lock Fluffy up in the basement.

Timmy decided to look in one of Tabitha's books, but many pages were blank. When he asked Tabitha about that, she didn't know why the pages were blank. She told Timmy to go make a pitcher of Martimmies. He accidentally spilled the drink on the book, and the book caught on fire. Writing then appeared on the blank pages. Tabitha said that someone would die on the first day of the millennium, and she knew who it would be. She said the person was Charity.

Whitney and Theresa arrived at the Book Café and were seated at the table that had been recently occupied by Gwen and Ethan. Beth told them that she was happy to see them. She then proceeded to tell them about the former occupants of the table. She told them that the girl had given her boyfriend back the present that he had given her for Christmas. She said that she guessed money didn't buy happiness. She told them it had been Ethan Crane.

Theresa was delighted that Ethan and Gwen had broken up. Whitney said that it didn't mean they were finished. Theresa didn't like the idea of Ethan spending New Year's Eve alone and thought about asking him out. She said that she'd read somewhere that whoever had their arms around a person on New Year's Eve at midnight was the one that person would be with all year. She said that maybe they would be together forever.

Ethan entered as Theresa and Whitney were about to leave. Ethan asked Theresa if she was busy on New Year's Eve. She said that she was hoping that her boyfriend would ask her out. She said that her boyfriend had been involved in something but was finally free of what had been keeping them apart. She said that she was really hoping they could get together.

Ethan asked Theresa if she would like to spend New Year's Eve with him. Theresa shouted that she would love to. Ethan told her that she and her boyfriend could join him and Gwen at the Seascape Restaurant and make it a foursome. Theresa looked stunned.

Julian was on the phone, talking to Alistair. He told him that he had nothing to worry about because everything was under control. He said that Martin was still in Harmony, but he was where Julian could keep an eye on him. He said that Martin was in the basement, locked away on the other side of the mansion, where no one would ever find him. Pilar had a toolbox and was at the basement door, ready to unlock it.

Tuesday, December 28, 1999

Theresa tried to worm her way out of accepting Ethan's invitation for a double date on New Year's Eve. Alistair warned his son that keeping Martin captive in the basement was a boneheaded idea that was bound to backfire. Sheridan fell into a reverie about her stormy relationship with Luis and how it seemed to be evolving into something warm and wonderful. Meanwhile, Hank encouraged Luis to start spending more time with Beth because they were perfect for one another.

Julian prevented Pilar from stumbling over Martin just in the nick of time, then informed his housekeeper that the basement was off-limits to the entire domestic staff until further notice. Luis was unable to summon up much enthusiasm when Hank laid out his plan for wooing and winning Sheridan's heart. Ethan persuaded his favorite aunt to join him and his guests on December 31st. When Ethan suggested that she invite the man she would most like to kiss at the stroke of midnight, Sheridan blushed to realize that her mind immediately flitted to Luis.

Whitney prodded a distraught Theresa to confess everything to Ethan and be done with it. Sheridan was flustered when Hank eagerly accepted the invitation she'd meant for Luis.

Wednesday, December 29, 1999

Tabitha was convinced Miguel and Charity were the ones who would die on New Year's Eve. Tabitha set out to make sure the prophecy was realized by encouraging Miguel and Charity to be in a public place on New Year's Eve, thereby making it easier for Tabitha to kill them. To Tabitha's chagrin, Miguel said it was impossible for him and Charity to go out that night.

Orville was surprised Eve didn't know the secret about Chad Harris. Before he could fill her in, Grace interrupted. Thinking of her own ambiguous past, Grace encouraged Orville to tell Chad what he knew about him. Orville agreed. Eve was relieved when Orville seemingly became confused again. Later, Chad bared his soul to a "sleeping" Orville.

Simone was surprised by Kay's new upbeat attitude. Kay believed she would win Miguel's love on New Year's Eve. She hoped to celebrate the new year alone with Miguel, playing games like they'd always done in the past. Kay plotted to be in Miguel's arms at midnight, since she'd read that if a woman were in a man's arms at midnight on New Year's Eve, she would be with that man romantically for the rest of the year.

Sheridan was stunned when she accidentally asked Hank out for New Year's Eve instead of Luis. Sheridan was slightly bothered when she learned Beth would be spending New Year's Eve with Luis at the Youth Center party. Sheridan forced a smile when Beth expressed her hopes of getting closer to Luis.

Ivy was desperate to be with Sam on New Year's Eve, despite Pilar's warnings. Ivy initiated a plan to trick the Bennetts and the Russells into spending New Year's Eve with her.

Thursday, December 30, 1999

All in Harmony got ready for New Year's Eve festivities. Jessica watched in amazement as the other female Bennetts rushed about to impress their men for the special evening. Kay swore to Simone that she was going to give up her pursuit of Miguel if she was not in his arms at midnight.

To Timmy's horror, Tabitha revealed how she was going to kill Charity. She was going to behead her.

Eve was unhappy to see Chad working at the Youth Center party. Whitney promised to keep an eye on Simone.

A confident Theresa assured Whitney that fate would pull through for her that night. Meanwhile, Ethan and Gwen planned to ring in the New Year by getting engaged as soon as they cleared up the Theresa situation. Ethan was sure Theresa would show up with a boyfriend, while Gwen was sure Theresa would be exposed as a liar.

Gwen was shocked when Sheridan revealed how she'd tried to ask Luis out but had accidentally asked out Hank. Sheridan shrugged and said that Luis probably wouldn't have gone out with her anyway. Sheridan surprised Luis by providing catering for the Youth Center party. Luis and Sheridan shared a romantic dance.

Pilar tried to stop Ivy from going through with her plan to be with Sam. She told Ivy she would end up destroying her entire family if she continued to pursue him. Ivy expressed her desire for passion in her life and was determined to recapture the love she had given up so many years before. She vowed to win Sam back. At the same time, Sam and T.C. were happy to be attending the dinner in Eve's honor and not another Crane party. The two men did not suspect the surprise Ivy had in store for them.

Julian told his father no one would hear from Martin again after that night. Meanwhile, Martin escaped from the basement, ready to seek revenge on Julian.

Friday, December 31, 1999

This installment of Passions featured flashbacks of the show's first few months on the air to help win new viewers and refresh the memories of existing viewers.

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