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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of January 3, 2000 on ATWT
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Monday, January 3, 2000

Today's recap was provided by James Hammond

At the Java Underground, Isaac and Camille and Jack and Carly share passionate New Year's kisses. Isaac continues to flirt with Camille and they share a dance. They begin talking and she shares her history of breast cancer with him. He tells her she owes him a night on the town, since he only stayed in Oakdale because she peaked his interest. She agrees, but she sets up the rules.

Jack receives a page and has to leave. Carly receives a call from someone who saw her new line and wants to buy. She turns around and runs into the lawyer who gave her the reward money. He tells her the family that gave her the money wants to know how she's spending it. Carly retorts that she didn't sign on to be followed and watched, and she would be more than happy to express her gratitude if he wanted to tell her who gave her the money. He refuses, and cryptically tells her that her New Year's show went much better than her last fiasco in Hong Kong. He quickly leaves, leaving Carly to wonder how he knew about Hong Kong.

Chris and Abigail share a private kiss outside Java, until Molly spots them and immediately breaks it up. She hides her anger by saying she forgot to tell Abigail something, as Chris lies that he just met Abigail tonight and talked her into spending some time with him. Molly doesn't buy it, quickly taking her daughter to the Munson's. At the Munson house, Abigail tells Jen that her cousin Chris is the older guy she's been telling her about, and tells her how great he is. Jen offer a very different opinion of Chris as a college dropout who got thrown out of his parent's house. Jen wonders why it was so important to Chris to keep his relationship with Abigail a secret from Molly and Holden.

Meanwhile, Chris arrives home alone, but his pity-party is quickly interrupted when Molly barges in wanting answers. She accuses Chris of going after Abigail to get back at her, planning for her to see them together so he could enjoy her shock and disgust. Chris asserts that he didn't do anything wrong, then lets it slip out that he's known Abigail for a while, though he didn't know that she was Molly's daughter until later. Molly refuses to believe anything he says. She keeps getting angrier as they argue, and threatens to castrate him if he touches her little girl. Molly coldly asks Chris who is better, mother or daughter. She forbids him to see Abigail, or she'll tell her everything. Chris says he would lose her forever, but so would Molly. She says it would be worth it to save her from a snake like him, and storms out.

Tom rushes into the jail, only to find the guard in Margo's cell and her free. They both tell the other that Georgia killed Alec Wallace, and team up to find her. They arrive at the Walsh Estate, where John has been trying to gently break it to Lucinda that Georgia is the killer. Lucinda defends her niece, adamantly refusing to believe that sweet little Georgia is capable of killing someone, let alone allowing Margo to take the blame for it. Margo explains how Georgia visited her and her sobbing helped Margo remember the night of the murder. Tom and Margo try to figure out where Eddie and Georgia are. They're about to leave to try the cabin when Jack arrives, telling Margo that she's not going anywhere. Tom fills in Jack about what they've learned, and he agrees to let them look for Georgia. John stays with Lucinda, comforting her as everything begins to sink in. They bond over their troubled families. Lucinda expresses guilt for not realizing that anything was wrong.

At the cabin, Georgia writes a letter to Eddie, expressing how much she loves him. She also writes a confession for the police dept. She's about to swallow pills. Just then, Eddie bursts in, telling Georgia that they need to leave right away because Tom thinks she killed Alec. Georgia breaks down and tells Eddie that she did indeed kill his father. She starts crying as she explains what happened - she was devastated when Eddie turned against her when he found out that she knew Alec was his father. She went to his hospital room and heard Alec making plans for them to leave the country. She showed up at Wallace's suite to ask he not to take Eddie away...

Eddie interrupted, begging her to stop telling him. Georgia tells him over and over how sorry she is and that she never meant for any of this to happen, especially to Margo, and that she's taken care of everything. While Eddie's not looking, she grabs the pills and tells him to go, that he'll be better off without her. Eddie takes her hand and finds the pills. Eddie tells Georgia that she's all he needs or wants and begs her to leave with him before somebody finds them. They open the door to leave, only to find Tom and Margo on the other side.

Tuesday, January 4, 2000

Today's recap was provided by James Hammond

Carly tells baby Parker how happy she is with her life, while the lawyer that's been following her lurks outside, watching. Jack arrives at the farm as the intruder ducks out of sight. He tells Carly that it looks like Margo will go free, but he can't share the new evidence with her yet. Jack,Carly and Parker spend some time together. Carly tells Jack that she can't believe that after one of the best nights of her life, she'd rather be in Emma Snyder's kitchen than out on the town. Chris pouts at his apartment as he remembers Molly's threats. Jen and Abigail compliment Barbara on her show. Molly shows up at the Munson's to see Abigail, just as Jen answers the phone. It's Chris. Jen relays to Chris that Molly is there without letting anyone on her end know what she's talking about. Chris asks her to have Abigail meet him at their place as soon as Molly leaves. Barbara wants to know who called her daughter so late, but Jen covers by saying it was a friend who wanted to compliment Barbara on the fashion show. Babs comments that Carly had a lot to do with the success. Jen convinces her mom to go visit Carly and tell her that, then gets a moment with Abigail away from Molly to give her the message from Chris. Abigail asks her friend to go meet Chris and tell him she can't get out to see him.

Jen meets up with Chris and tells him Molly is still at the house. Chris, thinking that Molly is telling Abigail about his relationship with her, wants Jen to deliver a message that he doesn't want to see Abigail anymore. Jen refuses to tell her friend that she's dumped, until Chris convinces her that Abigail won't want to see him anymore either. She tells him that he's a coward for not doing it himself.

Molly apologizes to her daughter about how she handled the situation with Chris earlier. She questions Abigail about how long she's known him. Abigail tells Molly that she kept it a secret because she was afraid that she'd have to leave with her adoptive parents if they found out, and after they left, Chris wanted to keep the secret because Molly doesn't like him. Molly tells her that Chris Hughes is a taker, and that he'll take what he wants from her and move on to someone else. Abigail tells Molly that she understands where she's coming from, but that what she and Chris have is real and will last. Molly leaves after telling her daughter she loves her, and Jen arrives home. She relays Chris's message. The girls can't figure out why he thinks Abigail wouldn't want to see him, and she plans to find out what's going on. Chris goes to his apartment and sulks some more.

Barbara arrives at the farm. Carly thinks she's in for a lecture until Barbara finally gets around to thanking her for all her help. Jack, Carly and Barbara share a toast and bond. Jack announces that he and Carly will be getting married on Valentine's Day. Carly tells Barbara that she's glad she came. As they step outside to see her off, Carly gets a spooky feeling. Jack convinces her that it's nothing, but the man who's been watching her is still close by. After Jack leaves, the lurky lawyer makes a phone call. He tells the person on the other end that he mentioned Hong Kong like they had instructed, and it got the reaction that they were looking for. He also told them that they might be interested to know that Carly is getting married.

Georgia begins apologizing as soon as she sees Margo, but Tom and Margo want answers about what happened the night Alec died. Georgia wants Eddie to leave, but he wants to hear. Georgia explains - She went to see Alec that night to convince him that he shouldn't take Eddie away from her. He didn't want her to come into the suite, but she pushed her way in and saw Margo on the bed and knew something was wrong. Alec told her that Margo had made a mistake and that Georgia had just made an even bigger one.

Georgia tells Margo that the moment he said that, she knew that he was right. Her mistake was believing that he was a decent man. Margo tells her that she's not the only one he fooled. Georgia explains that she thought Alec had killed Margo. Alec told her that he loved Margo but she betrayed him. Eddie was the only he could trust, and they were moving on together. Georgia told him that wasn't going to happen, and attempted to call the police. Alec knocked her down and pulled a gun on her...

Eddie says that he doesn't believe his dad pulled a gun no Georgia. Margo blurts out that it's true. Hearing Georgia's remembrance is filling in the gaps in her memory. Georgia says that she was afraid that Alec was going to kill her. He pointed the gun at her, and she grabbed for it and it accidentally went off. She asks Eddie if her believes her. He says it doesn't matter, his father is still dead. Georgia tells Eddie that she wanted to help Wallace, but when she reached for his pulse, he was covered in blood and already dead. She broke down, and looked for something to clean the blood off of her. She picked up a trash bag and discovered the drug that had been used on Margo. She says she didn't know that it was important until Margo's trial. She went into shock that night and didn't realize what she was doing as she cleaned up any evidence that she'd been at the suite.

Georgia tells Margo that she never meant for her to take the rap, but she was terrified of Eddie finding out what she'd done. Margo comforts Georgia and forgives her. She remembers everything -- Alec lying next to her in bed and Georgia roaming around trying to bury the bag. Margo had reached down and picked the gun up off the bed, explaining how her fingerprints were on it. She tried to call out to Georgia, but couldn't, then passed out shortly thereafter. Margo and Tom give Eddie and Georgia a few minutes to decide what they are going to do. Eddie tells Georgia that she should have just come to his hospital room and asked him not to leave with his father. Georgia asks for another chance. Eddie says he can't think about that right now, and she ought to concentrate on the trouble she's in, and he can't help her with it. Georgia decides to take responsibility for what she's done. Margo offers to testify on her behalf. Georgia is shocked at how nice Margo and Tom are being about everything. A happy Tom and Margo leave the cabin. Eddie comments that he never wants to see the cabin again, and he and Georgia tearfully leave.

Wednesday, January 5, 2000

Holden surprises Lily with breakfast in bed to commemorate the new millenium. Chris tells Molly she got her wish--he broke up with her daughter last night. Abigail tell Jennifer she's going to find Chris before attending orientation at Oakdale Latin. Georgia turns herself in to the Oakdale police and Jack formally arrests her. Jessica warns Margo she still has to get a judge to overturn her conviction before she can leave.

Lucinda arrives and comforts Georgia, who's distraught that Eddie can't even look at her. Georgia asks Tom to represent her and Margo pulls Tom aside and persuades him to accept. Jennifer is unable to talk Abigail out of her plan, insisting that sometimes parents do know best. Molly berates Chris for not breaking up with Abigail in person and warns him to stay away from both of them. Charmed by Holden's speech rededicating himself to her, Lily declares he's made her fall in love with him all over again. Abigail confronts Chris.

Eddie confides to Margo that he feels conflicted about Georgia--he loves her, but she took away the one man who could answer all his questions. Holden advises Katie to make more time for "fun things." Molly learns that Abigail didn't show up for orientation and leaves the station to find her.

Abigail startles Chris when she informs him she knows he broke up with her because of Molly. Jessica and Tom give Margo the good news--the judge granted the petition to overturn her conviction. Eddie halts the celebration when he asks, "What's going to happen to Georgia?" Lily enlists Denise's help in surprising Holden, asking what his schedule is like in the upcoming weeks.

Katie suggests to Holden they do a story on an upcoming horse show and focus on Holden and Abigail. Holden gives Katie the rest of the day off when Henry tells her he's heard that Margo has been released.

Chris admits to Abigail he still wants to be with her. Abigail decides to tell Holden about him and get one parent's approval. Molly spies the two together and demands to talk to her daughter. Chris pulls Molly aside and she orders him to make Abigail wish he were dead, or she'll kill him for real.

Denise cheers Lily when she says Holden's schedule is free so Lily is free to plan their vacation halfway around the world. Katie overhears Lily's plans and worries about losing Holden as the producer on her story. She gets to Holden as he's leaving work and gets his okay to plan the publicity for their story.

Lucinda suggests to Jessica that she might want to rethink prosecuting Georgia because of how it will look like she was trying to cover up all the blunders made in Margo's case. Jessica is not amused, insisting she can be fair.

Tom and Margo wake up Adam and Casey at home and share a joyous reunion. Katie looks through the window and sees the happy scene. Lily makes reservations for a week and as she kisses Holden she clutches a brochure on Molokai.

Molly threatens to tell Abigail about the affair--her daughter would eventually forgive her, she believes, but not Chris. Abigail takes the blame for meeting Chris but Molly takes her hand and leads her away.

Thursday, January 6, 2000

Isaac brings flowers to Camille at the hospital. They discuss their date for that evening. As Isaac is leaving, John enters the room. John crankily tells Camille that next time she should put a "do not disturb" sign on the door.

Jake is at the City Times, and is surprised to see Lucinda there. He figures that she would be with Georgia, but Lucinda tells him that "they don't arrange visiting hours in jail around her." Jake has written a story about Georgia's confession, and asks Lucinda if she wants to proof it first. Lucinda tells him to run it saying that she trusts his judgment. Jake realizes that Lucinda is taking all of this harder than he thought she would. Lucinda tells Jake that she has mixed feelings about it all. She is happy for Tom, Margo, and John, but at the same time is worried about Georgia. Jake says that he interviewed Tom for the story, and that Tom believes that Georgia has a good shot at a getting off by the way of self-defense. Lucinda tells him that she believes the cops are incompetent, and there is no telling how they will handle all of this. Jake believes that Lucinda is really blaming herself for this whole mess. Jack and Carly go to the Mona Lisa where they run into Lisa. Lisa gives Jack a big hug, and thanks him for the part he played in getting Margo out of Jail. Jack spies Holden and Lily, and goes to their table, while Carly tells him that she and Lisa have some business to discuss. Carly wonders if Lisa is going to order some of her designs for Fashions. When Lisa reminds her about the big financial loss she suffered during Carly's "Hong Kong fiasco", Carly promptly writes her a check to cover for it. When Lisa asks her if she really wants to write off part of her new windfall, Carly says it will be worth it if Lisa never mentions Hong Kong again. She then joins Holden, Lily and Jack at their table. Holden notices the big rock on Carly's finger, and the couple admits that they are engaged. They tell Lily and Holden that they are planning to be married on Valentine's Day. Lily is surprised that they are doing it so soon. Carly tells her that her marriage to Jack could not come any sooner for her, and that her life has never been more perfect. Just then, the mysterious lawyer enters the restaurant. Carly notices. During this time, Katie enters the restaurant looking for Holden. She needs him to sign the production papers in order to go ahead with the story they are planning on doing. Holden wants to wait until the morning to look over the papers more thoroughly, and check the production schedule, but Katie reassures him that she has checked over everything, and all he needs to do is sign. Holden tells her that he trusts her and signs the contracts.

John tells Camille that he would rather not have her having "romantic trysts" in his office. Camille reminds him that she barely knows Isaac, but John wants her to concentrate on getting into medical school. He shocks Camille by pulling out a copy of the test she will have to pass to get into school. John also tells her that he has been granted permission to over-see her test taking. Camille sarcastically thanks him for planning her future for her, but says she will take the test when she is ready. John tells her that she is going to take the test today.

Jake tells Lucinda that she is not going to help Georgia in anyway by blaming herself for what happened. He encourages her to use her financial and professional resources to help Georgia out of this situation. He also tells her that Georgia should be given a key to the city for killing Alec. Lucinda is worried that it is too late to help her. Jake says it is never too late. For instance, he is not going to give up trying to find out what happened to Vicky, and admits that it will be hard now that Alec and the bodyguard are both dead. Just then, Isaac enters the room and says that he may have some information about what happened to Jake's wife. As Lisa sits the mysterious lawyer at a table a few feet from Carly, Jack asks Holden to be the best man at his wedding. Holden readily accepts, but can't help at getting a few digs in on Jack about his absence when he married Lily. Jack reminds him that he was unconscious at the hands of Teague at the time, and they all have a good laugh. Carly extends a palm branch to Lily about their past, and hopes that now that they are going to be family, that they can try to be friends. Lily says that it will take some time, but she is willing to try. Carly goes a step further by asking Lily to be a bridesmaid in her wedding party. Lily is slightly shocked. Jack gets a beeper call from the police station and excuses himself. As Lily accepts Carly's invitation, Carly notices Jack and the lawyer conversing and looking at her. Carly starts to blank out, and when Lily and Holden snap her back to reality, Carly says she is feeling a little faint. She blames it on hunger. Jack returns to the table, and Carly tells him that the man he was conversing with gave her the check for the money. Jack tells her that all he said was that he was at the fashion show, and is a big fan of Carly's. Carly dismisses it as no big deal, but is genuinely upset to see that the man keeps staring at their table.

Isaac has brought with him a man named Nate who was on duty at the airport the night Vicky's plane took off. He tells Jake that he saw a man fitting the description of the bodyguard and a woman with blond hair entering the plane together. Later the man left the plane, and told him there was an emergency and that the plane should leave without him. He also notices that he placed a cell phone call, presumably to Alec. Jake doesn't believe him, but Nate tells him that the blond woman he saw enter the plane was very pregnant. Jake becomes enraged, and tells the men that he will not believe anything until he finds Vicky, and storms out. Nate leaves, and Lucinda tells Isaac that he believes that he is being a friend to Jake by trying to help him. Isaac tells her that he is just a messenger service, and is not trying to be a friend or a shrink of any kind. Lucinda wonders aloud why he seems to want to take the safe route where Jake is concerned, and not become involved.

Jack and Holden discuss Jack's up-n-coming nuptials, and Jack admits that if you told him six months ago that he would be marrying Carly Tenney that he would have told you that you were crazy. Holden believes that their union will be even stronger because they have already gone through a lot of rough patches. Holden tells Jack that sometimes marriages are stronger when there is chaos going on, because it makes the couple act as a team. Jack senses some vibes from Holden that there may be some discourse in his marriage to Lily, but Holden reassures him that things between them are fine.

Meanwhile, in the ladies room, Lily admits to Carly that she has been really missing Holden lately because of his dedication to his new job. She tells Carly that she is planning to remedy all of this by whisking Holden and the kids away on a wonderful vacation. She asks Carly to keep her secret, and Carly admits that she has trouble in deciding which secrets are good to keep, and which ones are not. Lily tells her that she will help her as much as possible in her relationship because that is what family does. Carly aloud recounts the irony in the fact that soon, her and Lily will be family. Camille is rightly ticked off at John for trying to run her life. John thinks that Camille is afraid to take the test because she is worried about failing it. Camille reiterates that she just wants to be prepared like a normal person, and that she won't fail the test. John, again, challenges her to prove it by taking the test now. Camille tells him that she cannot take the test, because she has already made plans. John refuses to take no for an answer. He disconnects the phone, and locks Camille in the office, saying that he is not going to allow her to procrastinate her future anymore. Camille is furious.

Isaac tracks Jake down at the park. He tells Jake a story about a young friend of his named Curtis that he used to hang out with. Curtis got racked up in the numbers game with some bookies, and used to bring home a lot of cash. Then one day he came up missing. There was an extensive search, but Curtis was not heard from again. Isaac then goads Jake into an argument about Vicky being dead. Jake and Isaac almost have a physical fight, but Jake calms down saying that Vicky used to tell him that his temper would get him in to trouble someday. Isaac tells him that he need to admit that Vicky is dead, because he has facts staring him straight in the face, facts that he never had with Curtis. Jake begins to admit that Vicky may be gone, and Isaac tells him that he has to admit it in order to move on with his life. Camille yells at John through the door that she is supposed to be meeting someone, but John tells her that she better get used to making sacrifices for medicine. Camille tells him that she hasn't had a date in a year, and throws the test at the door in frustration. When she realizes that John is not going to let her out of the office, she begrudgingly picks up the test, and opens it up. She reads the first few questions, and thinks they are easy. She sits down at the desk, and starts to take the test.

Isaac tells Jake that he needs to go meet someone, and Jake tells him to have a good time. Lucinda enters and Jake accuses them of tag-teaming him. Isaac shakes Jake's hand, tells him that it was a pleasure to meet him, and if they don't ever see each other again, to be good to himself. Isaac and Lucinda shake hands and Isaac leaves. Lucinda asks Jake out for a drink, but Jake says that he is having too many feelings for Vicky and wants to experience them all, sober. Lucinda tells him to put those feelings he has to good constructive use by helping those people around him who still need him.

As the lawyer looks on, Holden, Lily, Jack and Carly toast the up-n-coming nuptials and Holden welcomes Carly to the family. Carly thanks Lily and Holden for their support. Jack breaks up the evening, saying he need to return to work. Carly tells him that she is going to hang around the Mona Lisa for awhile to talk to Lisa about her designs. After Jack leaves, Carly goes to the lawyer and demands to know why he is stalking her.

Lucinda tells Jake that she is going to go visit Georgia at the jail, and then she will be home if he wants to stop by. She reminds him that he is not alone. Jake sits on the swing, looks up at the sky, and talks to Vicky. He says that he now realizes that no one has been able to rely on him for a long time, and that he knows he has not been there for Donna, Marley or the boys. He tells her, sobbing, that he knows that someday they will be together again, but now he needs to get back to life so that she will not be disappointed in him. Now outwardly crying, he tells Vicky he will miss seeing the twins grow up, but he is glad that they are up there with her. He tells her he will never stop loving her.

John unlocks the door, and is pleased to see Camille really into the test. He shuts the door and is about to lock it, but decides against it. Meanwhile, Isaac waits impatiently for Camille by the Christmas tree. Lily tells Holden that he did a wonderful job in making Carly feel like a part of the family. She also razzes him a bit about Katie having a "major crush" on him. Holden dismisses the notion, saying that Katie just looks to him as an authority figure. Lily thinks otherwise.

Carly demands to know why the lawyer is stalking her. He tells her that it is his job to know everything he can about her. He tells her that his name is Phillips, but refuses to offer any more information. Carly throws out that she may have to have her detective fiancée check him out, but the man tells her that he won't be in town much longer. He has pressing business to attend too in Hong Kong. Carly is flabbergasted.

Friday, January 7, 2000

Ben hands Denise custody relinquishment papers for Andy to sign and insists it must be done that day. John tells Camille he looked at her answers and she appears to have aced the test. A happy Abigail relates to Jennifer that she and Chris have made up. Later, Abigail tells Holden that her "guy" is someone he already knows--Christopher Hughes.

Molly demands Chris find a way to make Abigail hate him. Katie volunteers to help Chris when she senses he has a plan. When Holden voices his objections to Chris, Abigail reminds him of when he and Lily first met.

Katie is hesitant when Chris asks her to pose as his girlfriend, noting it wouldn't be great for her budding career, but finally agrees. Camille reads John the riot act for locking her in overnight and causing her to miss her date but John takes it all in stride--he doesn't like people without tempers.

A harried Andy agrees to meet Denise later to talk. Knowing Jennifer is watching, Chris and Katie act affectionate. Isaac tells Julia to take care of Jake in his stead--he's leaving Oakdale.

Abigail admits that Molly is not enthusiastic about Chris but proposes she and Chris only meet at Holden and Lily's house under their rules and supervision. Holden says he must talk to Molly first and get her to agree.

Jennifer walks out in disgust when Chris tells Katie he's not dating anyone and asks her to go stargazing with him. Denise is uncomfortable as she and Ben watch Kim tape a Patterns show about child custody being sought by grandparents.

John takes Camille to breakfast at Java's, where they promptly run into Julia and Isaac. Isaac brushes off Camille's apology and insists he found someone else to be with last night. Chris instructs Katie to meet him at Riverfront Park that night to "seal the deal."

When Jennifer confides in her that Chris is cheating on her, Abigail is in denial, and relaxes further when she learns the other woman is Katie Peretti--they're just friends, she asserts. Holden pulls Molly aside at WOAK. After hearing Kim call grandparents "the forgotten parts of custody cases" Denise realizes she can never tell Andy he's a father.

Isaac advises Camille to look him up sometime--he's known. Julia warns her friend about Isaac, pointing out he was on Alec's payroll and that Julia met him standing over a dead body in a warehouse. Camille remains drawn to him and insists she just wants to make him dinner. Julia reluctantly agrees to lure Isaac to Camille's apartment using Jake's name as bait.

Holden takes Abigail's side and notes that if they make Chris "forbidden fruit," it'll only draw her to him more, but Molly is vehement that she'll never let their daughter near Chris again and walks out. Holden has to run after her.

Denise confides to Ben she's having second thoughts, noting that the Hugheses are "Oakdale's royalty" and remembering how John Dixon went after Carly--she wouldn't stand a chance, she believes. Ben reassures her, however, and Denise agrees to Andy's suggestion that they meet at Java.

Isaac arrives on Camille's doorstep and Camille lets him in. Andy and Denise sit down at Java and Andy wonders what's so bad that Denise can't speak. Holden senses Molly has a personal grudge against Chris and asks her what Chris did to her.

Determined to prove her case about her cousin, Jennifer takes Abigail to the Riverfront and Abigail cringes when Chris embraces Katie.


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