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Monday, January 3, 2000

At the farm:
Blake comes over with Clarissa and is surprised when Cassie and Harley come out with a surprise baby shower. They try to catch up on all that has happened and Cassie fills Blake in on her engagement to the Prince. Blake is happy for Cassie but agrees with Harley that she needs to tell Richard how she feels about him. Cassie listens and thinks that it may not be in her best interest to tell Richard, but she would like a way to keep him away from Reva so that he won't leave her for her sister. The girls give Blake a bound copy of her novel for her new daughter. They all hug and part ways. Richard comes in and tells Cassie that he has just seen Reva and he has to know if what she said was true. Cassie doesn't understand until Richard asks her point blank, "are you falling in love with me?"

At Tower's:
Richard meets with Reva and tells her that he is through with their relationship and that he cant handle it anymore. He has put his country in dire straits twice because of her and he will not do that again. He tells her that he will marry Cassie and they will run San Cristobel together. HE tells her that one of the reasons he and Cassie are so perfect for each other is because there aren't any love feelings between them to complicate things. Reva tells Richard that he is so wrong. She spills the beans about how Cassie is in love with him and that he has to break things off with her so she wont get hurt. Richard tells her that he doesn't believe her and he is not going to break things off with Cassie. Reva said for him to go to Cassie tonight and ask her if she loves him. And if she says yes, call off the wedding, and let her find someone else, who will love her. He leaves telling Reva that he and her sister will be married.

At the Carriage House:
Holly is typing on her laptop when Ross comes in. She tells him that she is rewriting Blake's ending so that Armand goes back to his wife, since that is the ending that should be there. Ross sees Holly with a glass and thinks she is drinking again, but it is only apple juice, she says she is hurt but she will get through it and go on. Ross apologizes telling her that he truly didn't know how he felt for Blake until he saw her and his new daughter. She said she understood and told him that she was fine. But she wasn't. She tells him that she bought all new clothes to go to Philly with him and that she was excited and almost giddy about them going off together. He apologizes again and tells her that he and Blake will call her when they get settles in Philly. He leaves, but comes back, just in time to see Holly throw her glass up against the wall. They talk some more and Ross apologizes some more. Blake comes in. Ross leaves to go to Michelle. Holly and Blake say to give Michelle a hug for them. Blake thanks Holly for being understanding and giving her life back. Blake says I know you think you were not the best mother, but I love you, and you have more than made up for it. Holly says be good to Ross and your 3 wonderful children, Blake says I will. Holly says to herself you better be good Blake, or I might be around to pick up the pieces.

At Company:
Marah and Susan are outside talking when Chad walks up. He tries to flirt with Marah who tells him off but is secretly scared to death. Susan overhears that Marah was almost raped and they talk a little. Marah tells Susan how she felt so cool saying she was 19, and then was so scared, and she feels so stupid. Marah tells her how Olivia saved her and that she had brought a gift to give her to thank her. She feels bad that her dad is mad at Olivia for missing the meeting. Marah thanked Susan for the tissues and for letting her vent. Susan says why are you talking to me, you are such a goddess and I am a dweeb. Marah says, no your not, and Susan says your so much older and you have experience. The way she dresses and acts portrays an attitude like she has been there and done that. Susan tells her about the way Max looks at her, and Marah assures her that she is not interested in Max. Susan tells Marah that she hasn't had a lot of experience with guys and Marah says neither has she, that she wants to wait for the right guy. Marah tells Susan to hold out for Max and eventually he will come around and realize what a great catch Susan is. Marah explains that guys are mentally younger than girls and that Max right now is at the mental age of 5 or 6.
Josh is giving Olivia down the road about missing their meeting. Olivia is trying to explain why she missed it, she said it wasn't another man. Josh goes on about his friends and the new business and how she let them all down. Olivia says to give her the benefit of the doubt. He said he wants to, but he has no reason to. Olivia and Josh keep arguing. Olivia says that she quits and walks out. Josh followers her and they are noticed by Marah and Susan.

Tuesday, January 4, 2000

At Tower's:
Drew and Jessie walk in and run into David. Drew asks about Michelle's trial. David tells her it's been put back a week or two because Ross will be out of town and he is representing her now. Drew is in disbelief that Ross could take her case. She starts questioning David over and over and he finally tells her that he doesn't know anymore than what he has already told her. Drew is furious at Ross for taking her case. She tells Jesse she has to talk to Ross and find out what's in it for him. Drew leaves and Jesse gets into it with David. He cant believe that David is so blind to think that Michelle is guilty. Jesse told him that Michelle is innocent. David says that Michelle is no longer the girl he knew growing up and that she is now a Santos and he is glad at least one Santos is behind bars.
Buzz comes over to Josh at the bar. Josh is deep in thought and Buzz thinks he is thinking about Reva. Josh tells him that in fact he is not thinking of Reva but a business thing. Buzz guesses that Josh is thinking about Olivia. Josh tells him about the business meeting, and Buzz says that he can tell that Olivia is more than a employee.

At the Jail:
Danny is visiting Michelle and Frank comes by. Michelle thanks him for the Christmas present and Frank just winks at her and leaves. Ross comes in and tells Michelle that he knows she is not guilty of this crime and that he will do his best for her. Ross wants to know what happened the night of murder. Michelle begins to tell her story, Danny cuts in with the planned alibi but Michelle has a look on her face that tells Ross that something is wrong. Ross Questions her. Michelle tells him the truth and Ross realizes Michelle has no alibi. Ross says that Michelle has to tell the truth, that lying will remove any credibility. He leaves. Frank comes back and tells Danny and Michelle that she is being transferred to the county jail. Michelle freaks out. She doesn't know if she can handle that or not. Frank tells them that Michelle will be moved tomorrow. Danny tells Michelle that he will do what ever he has to do to make sure she doesn't go to county jail. He is going to find her a witness to prove she couldn't do the crime. He pleas with Frank for time but it is out of his hands now. Danny walks out and meets up with Len, the owner of the ice cream shop. He heard that Michelle was in jail and felt terrible about it. Danny asks if he saw Michelle on the night of the murder and the guy tells him that he left on vacation that night and closed the store early but he did hear someone banging on the door after closing, however he did not see the person. Danny tells him that it had to be Michelle and asked if he would tell the police that he saw her there. The guy doesn't want to lie but Danny tells him that he will be saving Michelle from being framed for a murder she didn't commit.
Ross goes outside the cellblock and calls Blake. He tells her he has to explain to Drew why he is taking Michelle's case before they can leave for Philly. Drew comes up behind him and asks him to explain it to her. Ross looks up at Drew and tries to explain that he did it because he knows Michelle is innocent. Drew says if Ross wants to help her he will walk away from Michelle and never look back. Drew and Ross going over evidence. Everything too clean too packed up against her. She was set up Ross says. Drew appears to understand what he is saying even though she doesn't want to admit it. She tells Ross that she trusts him and that they are blood and she will listen to what he has to say.

At Millennium:
Reva comes in looking for Selena. She needs to talk. She tells her how she told Richard the secret that Cassie swore her to secret about and that he is over at her house breaking her heart as they speak. She said that the bad thing is that everyone will blame her for their breakup. Reva insists that she is only thinking of Cassie and trying to get her sister out of the mess that Reva put her in. Selena tells her this is about a man she was married to loving another woman. Selena listens to Reva some more and finally agrees that Reva has her heart in the right place. Reva leaves.

At the Farm:
Richard confronts Cassie with the secret that Reva told him. Cassie tells Richard she told Reva that she loved Richard but she doesn't really love him. She knows that love is not a part of their marriage and she is fine with it. Cassie repeats herself. Doesn't love him but she does likes him, wants to be a good princess for him and wants security for her children. Richard says he isn't sure he can make her happy but Cassie tells him that he already has. She tells him about her troubled past. (child abuse, foster homes, child being taken away from her). Says that now she can make a difference by being married to a him. The two of them will have a family and that one day their son will rule a country. The two of them can make a difference and that is how Richard has made her happy. Richard seems pleased and Cassie asks him about going back to San Cristobel and he agrees that they will leave in the morning. He leaves to pack and Cassie is glad that they were leaving. There is a knock at the door, Reva, wanting to apologize to her sister.

Wednesday, January 5, 2000

At the Farm:
Reva came in and apologized to Cassie for telling Richard that she was in love with him and she also told her that she was sorry if he hurt her when he dumped her. Cassie told Reva that Richard only left to pack so that they can leave for San Cristobel in the morning. She told Reva that she had lied to her about loving him only to hurt her and that her feelings were not real. Reva told her that she loved her sister and didn't want to see her hurt but that she knows that she truly loves Richard. Reva thinks that Cassie needs Richard for the cash and tells her that she should have come to her for money. She keeps telling Cassie that Richard doesn't love Cassie. She says that Cassie doesn't know anything about Richard and asks her if Hart would think this right. Cassie gets very angry at that and tells her to get out. Reva argues a little more then leaves. Reva talks to herself again and says there is one more thing she can do to stop this.
Richard came back. He wanted to tell Cassie that he had packed and that they were all ready to leave in the morning. He began to leave when Cassie stopped him and asked him to spend the evening with them. He accepted and they all had dinner and then decided to turn in, Cassie offered the Prince the guest room instead of the barn. He kissed her good night and went up to his room. Cassie helped Tammy pack and ended up back downstairs to look for sandals. When she got there she noticed Richard scrounging around looking for his appointment book. He found it and handed Cassie the shoes. Richard fantasized about Cassie kissing him and was dumbfounded when he came back to reality. When he realized what was going on he stumbled around and went back to his quarters. Cassie was a little confused but went about her business and finished helping Tammy pack.

At Tower's:
Beth and Phillip talk about how things are in their lives. They talk a little about how Lizzie is growing up so fast and how he is losing track. Jim is late and Beth thinks he may still be at home. Phillip is still mad that the Lewis's didn't stay with him on the SC deal. Beth is going to leave and check on Jim. Edmund shows up and wants to talk to Beth but Phillip thinks Edmund should deal with him only in the future. Edmund wants to get into the other divisions at Spaulding but Phillip tells him he should be happy he has a job and is not in jail. Edmund says there is something he wants Phillip to see and then Phillip will offer him any job in the company that he wants. Phillip is interested and follows Edmund to his room. They have a drink and Phillip asks Edmund where he sees himself in 5 years. Edmund said, "in your office..." and then laughs it off and tells him that he would like to see himself close to it. He plans to be a big part of Spaulding. Phillip gets a call just as Edmund takes the tape out of his pocket. It was Harley; he is taking a personal day tomorrow to spend with his family. He says he has to leave and asks what Edmund wanted to show him. Ed pulls out a proposal file and leaves the tape on the VCR. Phillip takes it and leaves; Edmund speaks to himself, he says, "This has to be about power not revenge."
Abby and Rick are having dinner (it's there anniversary), when Abby springs the news on him. She can't make their weekend getaway. Rick tells her that it is hard to start a family when they are never together. Then Abby tells him she doesn't know if she wants children. Rick doesn't want to hear this and he asks her if she means right now?? She doesn't answer. Rick and Abby are having a tough time. Rick tells her that they wanted kids before they got married and that it isn't fair for her to just decide on her own that she wont have children. She feels with all the options she has she just doesn't know. Rick asks her how can she make this decision for the both of them. He tells her about the two times he thought he was a father and wasn't and how it hurt. She says she is changing inside and just doesn't know what she wants. Rich tells her to think about it and she will change her mind again. Abby agrees to think about it.

At the LeMay's home:
Jim is at home on the phone with the bank, they will not give him a loan for a new house. Beth comes in and overhears some of the conversation and backs back out of the house before he sees her. She knocks he comes to the door and she tells him that she thinks with all that is going on that they should put off buying a house.
Beth wants to have fun planning the wedding and not have to worry about moving too. Besides, the girls will have fun rooming together. Jim tells her that he loves her and that is fine with him. Later on, he thanks her and tells her that he knows she heard him on the phone with the bank, because he heard her go back out of the house. He thanks her again for waiting on the house.

At Company: Olivia's room:
Reva goes to see Olivia. Reva wants to talk about Jon. She shows Olivia the locket and tells her that she would like to tell Marissa that she appreciates it but doesn't know how to get in contact with them. She tells her that she knows Marissa has talked to her and wants to know if she can get in touch for her.
Olivia tells her that she has no contact with her sister and asks her to leave. Reva leaves and says "It's your move now"; Olivia calls her sister on the phone. She tells her that she thinks Reva is going to be a problem and that she cannot contact her (Reva) anymore. Reva is still standing outside Olivia's room and she calls Olivia's number, it's busy and she knows Olivia is calling her sister. Reva grins and says to herself that Olivia will lead her right to Jon.

Thursday, January 6, 2000

At Tower's:
Josh came in and sat down at Marah's table. They were catching up on what was going on in each other's worlds when Olivia came in, handed Josh a couple of files and began to walk out. Josh was rude and Marah asked him why he was treating Olivia so badly. Olivia told Marah not to worry about it, because she no longer worked for Josh. Marah got upset and started berating her father. She wanted to know why and Olivia told her it was because the missed meeting. Marah wanted to tell her dad why Olivia had m9ssed the meeting but Olivia took her aside and told her that it was fine, a job was just a job and that she would land on her feet somewhere. Marah told her that she saved her life and Olivia confided in Marah that she was the one who saved her life. Marah, now, totally confused, asked her what she meant and Olivia told her about the night she was stupid enough to attempt suicide. She told her that if it weren't for Marah's knowledge of Tosca and her revealing the plot to her father then he would have never made it to her room and saved her. Marah and Olivia hug and Olivia leaves telling Marah that they can be friends even if she isn't working for Lewis.
Josh finished a phone call and saw a little of the ending of Marah and Olivia's chat. He asked Marah what was up and she began yelling at him again for treating Olivia badly. Josh began to tell Marah that it was none of her concern when she blurted out that it was her fault that Olivia missed the meeting. She explained what happened and asked Josh to call Olivia and make up with her. He was upset and wanted to take Marah to fill out a police report but Marah just wanted it behind her. She didn't want Reva to know but Josh told her that she would have to tell her sometime. Marah agreed that she would tell her when she felt the time was right. Josh promised her that he would talk to Olivia and apologize and she left. Josh called Olivia two times and both times were busy. He started thinking of how upset she was and decided that he should go over there just to be sure she was ok.
Danny met up with Len (the Ice Cream man) and asked him if he decided to help Michelle. Len told him that he didn't want to be threatened and wasn't sure if he could do what Danny was asking. Len wanted to know what the Santo's were going to do to him if he refused to comply with the perjury and Danny said nothing, but asked him to go see Michelle and see for himself that she is innocent of the crime.

At the Jail:
Frank came in and told Michelle that she had an hour before they took her to county jail. She was very upset by the prospect of going there, after hearing all the horrendous tales of abuse from Abby. Frank gave her a pep talk and then goes out of the cellblock to the offices where he gets in an altercation with David over the preferential treatment Frank was giving to Michelle. Frank thinks it is all a setup but of course David doesn't want anyone to take up for any member of the Santos family.
Drew comes in and sets down with David. She asks him why he is so sure that Michelle did the murder and he kept insisting that she is a Santos. Drew began to talk sense and told him that her Uncle Ross would not have taken the case if he thought she was guilty and she believes in him. She tells him that Ross is a super smart lawyer and should know what he is talking about. She asks him about Vicky, who apparently is in New York doing some work. He says he misses her and Drew asks if the undercover work he was doing in the Santos house caused their break up. He told her indirectly it had something to do with it. She tells David that he should look past his hatred and try to look at the facts before he condemns Michelle for a murder that she may have had no part in. Drew is trying to do the same thing.
Just as they were about to lead Michelle out to the jail, Len came in.

At the Hospital:
Carmen comes in with a book of poetry and starts to talk to Vanessa. She asks her to squeeze her hand again like she did the last time and Bill walked in. He was furious and told Carmen to get out. Matt came in and took up for Carmen and told Ben that she had the best of intentions. Bill wasn't too sure so Carmen left. She went outside and watched until Pilar came in. She asked Pilar how things had been since she had been staying with Ray. Pilar said she felt a lot better now and wondered how Vanessa was. Carmen told her there was no change yet and then Bill came out. He asked if he could talk to Pilar. They chit chatted and finally went for coffee in the hospital canteen. Bill asked her if they could start over and she didn't know if they could. He asked if he could kiss her and she told him that there was someone else in her life now.
Edmund comes up behind Carmen and scares her. She wants him to leave ASAP. He tells her he wants his money. She wrote him out a check for $10,000. With no questions and left him. Edmund thought that was much to easy and followed Carmen up to Vanessa's room. Carmen told him to get lost of that all she had to do was make one phone call. Edmund left thinking he was on to something.
Carmen goes back in and Matt is reading some of the poems. He leaves and Carmen takes over talking to Vanessa. She turns to leave and Vanessa wakes up and says, "Carmen." Matt was at the door and witnessed his wife awaken.

At the Boarding House: Olivia's Room:
Olivia comes in and gets a bottle of wine. She chugs a few glasses down when the phone rang. It was Josh, she scolded him and hung up. She layed the phone off the hook and lit all of her candles, put on her classical music and picked out her silk and lace negligee. She then headed off to the bathroom.
Josh came by and heard the music and busted in the door. He saw the same things he did the night she almost died. He looked for her and headed to the bathroom when he saw her apparently unconscious in the tub. He tried to shake her and she screamed at him. She was only asleep and wanted to know what he was doing there.

Friday, January 7, 2000

At Company, Olivia's room:
Josh bursts in and finds Olivia alive and well in a bubble bath. He tells her that he was worried about her and she tells him to get out. He refuses. Olivia wants her robe but he doesn't let her talk. She stands up and he hands her the robe. He explains that Marah set him straight and he wanted to thank her. He apologizes for jumping to the wrong conclusion about the meeting. She is still upset. She asks him to leave but he says he won't feel right leaving until he fixes her door that he broke down. She tells him that she is offended that he thought she was trying to kill herself again and he tells her that he did it because he cares about her. Josh fixes the door and thanks her again. He offers to make up for not trusting her. He asks her to take her job back and asks about the guy who attacked Marah. Olivia doesn't know anything about him. She says that she would have told Josh about it that night if he hadn't gotten so angry. He leaned over to kiss her but she stops him. She says that she doesn't want his sympathy. He says that isn't what it is and again she tells him to leave. She shuts the door and realizes what she has done. She opens it and he is standing there, waiting. She kisses him.

In San Cristobel:
Cassie looks over her schedule that Richard gave her along with some dresses to choose from. Cassie is amazed by all the dresses and he says to take them all. He tells her that she looks beautiful and she tells him that she feels like she is in the middle of a dream. She explains that all these changes will take some getting used to. She says that will just select a few of the gowns. Richard leaves and Cassie practices greeting people in the mirror. She accidentally buzzes her personal assistant, Robin. Robin arrives and Cassie says that she wants to get better acquainted and that she doesn't know how to be a princess. She tells her about the children's museum she was planning and a little about her. Robin leaves and Cassie spins around in her gown. Richard sees her and she is embarrassed. He takes her to dinner

At the Hospital:
Pilar tells Bill there is someone else in her life but that she doesn't want to talk about it. She runs off. Bill goes to the church and asks Ray if he can see Pilar. Ray won't let Bill see her and explains that she needs time. Bill questions Ray about what is really going on but Ray won't talk to him. Pilar arrives and Ray leaves them alone. Bill questions Pilar and tells her that he loves her. She says that they can never be together because she wants to become a nun.
Vanessa wakes up and Matt is overjoyed. Carmen is shocked. Vanessa is very weak and can't blab her info on Carmen. Carmen goes in the hall and tries to talk a nurse into giving Vanessa a sedative. Vanessa can't get her body to do what she wants it to and Rick asks Matt to wait outside. Matt asks Carmen to stay and Vanessa calls out Matt's name. The doctor tells Carmen that any medication might cause Vanessa to slip back into a coma. Matt asks Rick if this is a good sign and Rick says yes. Matt is very happy. Vanessa thinks to herself that she must get rid of Carmen. Matt goes to call Bill. Meanwhile, Rick calls Abby and tells her about Vanessa's breakthrough. They hang up and he thinks to himself about what Abby and he had discussed and how afraid he is that he will scare Abby away. Carmen tells Vanessa that she was foolish to wake up and gets some drugs off a cart in the hall. She starts to give the drugs to Vanessa.

At the Jail:
Frank tells Michelle and Danny that Michelle has to go to County Jail. Len comes in and tells Frank that he wants to make a statement about Michelle. Michelle is very hopeful. Frank tells Michelle and Danny that Len told him that he saw Michelle but of course, David doesn't buy it and thinks someone is lying. Michelle admits that she did go out to get ice cream the night Ben was killed. David taunts Danny about the lies. Len explains that he just got back from visiting relatives and David goes to check it out. David tells him that everything checks out and that means that Michelle will get another bail hearing. Michelle was pleasantly happy and told Danny that she knew everything would work out if they just told the truth.

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