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Passions Recaps: The week of January 3, 2000 on PS
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Monday, January 3, 2000

The Seascape Restaurant
Ethan and Gwen are at the restaurant when Theresa shows up without a date. Gwen immediately asks her where her date is. She tells Gwen that her boyfriend was going to meet her there. Ethan says that they really want to meet him. Theresa leaves to give him a call. Gwen tells Ethan that she knew that Theresa would show up alone because she had no boyfriend, that he was the man that she was interested in. Ethan is sure that someone will show up for Theresa. Theresa wonders how she will keep the charade going all night. She doesn't want Ethan to know that it is him. Theresa calls Whitney to ask for advice. She fears that if she doesn't have a date show up, then Ethan will think that Gwen was right all along and that she had planned all of the things that had happened. Whitney tells her to come to the Youth Center. She had tried to discourage from going to the restaurant in the first place. When Theresa goes back to the table, she says that she was unable to reach her boyfriend. She stated that maybe he was in the shower or on his way to the restaurant. Drew, who is a friend of Ethan's shows up. Gwen and Ethan dance since their favorite song is playing. Drew asks Theresa to dance. The Announcer then asks everyone to switch partners. Gwen is reluctant to let Theresa dance with Ethan, and he tells her that she doesn't have to switch partners if she doesn't want to. Gwen decides that she doesn't mind, but she looks at Theresa and Ethan the whole time while she is dancing with Drew. Theresa is fantasizing yet again about Ethan. She fantasizes that he tells her that he loves her, and then he kisses her. Ethan is asking Theresa a question, but she doesn't hear him at first. He asks her if her boyfriend has arrived yet. She says that he hasn't. Ethan tells her that he knows that her boyfriend will show up because she wouldn't betray Ethan's trust in her. Theresa doesn't know what to do. She asks Pilar for advice, but Pilar tells her that she should just tell Ethan the truth. Theresa says that she was so sure that fate would intervene. Pilar leaves to go back to the coat check room.

The Bennetts and the Russells arrive at the restaurant and are stunned to see Ivy and Julian at their table. Eve asks where Millicent is. Ivy says that Millicent couldn't make it so she asked her to present the award.Julian pulls Ivy aside and wants to know what's going on. He tells Ivy that since Sam is there, it will give him an alibi. He tells her that he was going to leave before Midnight and take Martin out of the basement and put him on a plane before anybody knows that he is in town, especially Luis. Sam and TC are discussing Ivy. Sam knows that this was a set-up because Ivy knew that he would never come to her house again after what happened on Christmas Eve. TC warns Sam the PoisonIvy was up to something so he had better be careful.Grace and Eve are at the table discussing the girls. Grace said that the girls read that whoever arms you are in when the clock strikes midnight will be with you for the rest of the year. Grace said that she intended to be in Sam's arms. Eve said that who else would they be with other than their husbands.

Sam is talking to Jessica on the phone. When he finishes, Ivy is standing there. He tells Ivy that he loves Grace and he wouldn't let her hurt her. They flashback to a time when they spent New Year's together and they made a promise to always be together. Sam tells her that it was a long time ago, and that his life was with Grace. He leaves. Ivy is still unwilling to let go. Pilar warns Ivy to forget about Sam because she could end up destroying everything that she loves.

The Youth Center Group
At the Bennett house, Kay tells Simone that she spent hours making herself beautiful and Miguel hasn't even noticed.

Charity tells Kay and Simone that they both look beautiful. Simone tells Charity that she looks beautiful, also and Miguel says that she always does. Charity, Miguel, Kay, Reese, and Simone all head to the Center. Tabitha and Timmy are right behind them. Tabitha is dressed as the Grim Reaper and is holding a long bladed tool.

At the Center, a boy comes in asking for Luis's help. He tells them that he saw a man forcing a blonde woman into an expensive car. He describes the man as scraggly. Luis says that it's his father. Hank and Luis realize that the woman is Sheridan. They decide to go look for Sheridan and Martin.

Chad is the DJ for the dance. Whitney approaches him and tells him that Simone would be there and that she would like for him to keep his distance from her. Chad says that he is there to work, but if he decides to say Happy New Year or even Hi, he would because he wouldn't want to be rude. He tells Whitney that he intends to find out who he is and that maybe she should do the same. Whitney says that she already knows who she is. Chad asks her if she really knows or if she only knows what he parents want her to be.

Charity, Miguel, Simone, Reese , and Kay show up at the center. Simone can't take her eyes off of Chad. Simone said that she intended to be in Chad's arms at midnight. Kay wants Simone to help her with a plan. Simone tells Kay that Charity and Miguel were practically glued together and it would take a bomb to pry them apart. She makes sure that Kay doesn't have a bomb in mind, which Kay replies, "Don't be silly. Of course not." Simone tells her that she would help her as long as it didn't interfere with her plans for Chad. Whitney tells Simone to stay away from Chad and she was there to make sure that she does. Simone tells Whitney to back off. She asks Chad to dance, but he said that he had to set up for the next song. She asks if she can just stay over there. He said that it was fine with him, but that Whitney wouldn't like it. Simone says that she is her own person and does what she wants. Whitney can't seem to stop thinking about Chad, and then she just walks off.

Tabitha and Timmy enter the party. Beth tells them that they can't stay because this wasn't a costume party. Tabitha and Timmy get indignant. Beth later tells them that it is okay for them to stay. She thinks that they are the surprise that Sheridan was talking about. Timmy is having a wonderful time at the party. He is dancing and eating many treats.

The Hostage Situation
Martin is holding Sheridan hostage. They are on top of the roof at the restaurant. Sheridan calls out to Luis and he approaches them. Martin is holding a gun to Sheridan's head. Luis tells Martin to let Sheridan go. Martin tells Luis that he can't shoot his own father, over a Crane. He talks about how they used him then threw him away. Luis tells Martin that he would always choose right over wrong. Martin tells Luis that if he lets him go, he will never set foot in Harmony again. Luis still has his gun drawn on Martin. Martin is backing away and trips over something, while Luis is reaching out for Sheridan.

The Finale
At the Youth Center, Chad is announcing the countdown for the New Millennium. Charity realizes that her noisemaker doesn't work, Miguel goes to get her another one. Kay motions to Simone, who cuts the lights out. Whitney is trying to get somewhere, and trips over a wire and lands in Chad's arm. Simone is stunned when she finally reaches Chad. Miguel comes to Kay, whom he thinks is Charity. He tells her that he couldn't find Beth because it was so dark. He then wraps his arms around Kay. Charity is looking for Miguel as Tabitha comes behind her with the blade, while Timmy covers his eyes.

At the Seascape, Gwen and Ethan approach Theresa. Gwen tells Theresa to just admit that she doesn't have a boyfriend. Meanwhile, the countdown begins. Julian leaves, while TC and Sam decide to get champagne. As everyone shouts Happy New Year, a body crashes from the roof to the floor. Julian says that it is Martin Fitzgerald. Ivy finds comfort in Sam's arms, while Julian is comforting Eve while TC looks on. Theresa cries out Papa, but Ethan takes her in his arms to comfort her. Pilar comes running into the room and kneels over Martin crying. Sheridan and Luis are still on the rooftop hugging as Hank looks on.

Tuesday, January 4, 2000

Tabitha & Timmy:
Tabitha is about to swing the scythe and do away with Charity but Reese grabs her thinking it's Kay and Tabitha misses. She tries again but the blade falls limp and she wonders what is going on. She goes outside and finds the angel girl crying. Tabitha is happy to see her upset and tells her she should be glad because she saved Charity and Miguel again. The angel tells her she did save them but someone did die and it will cause great pain for the residents of Harmony all year long. Tabitha seems delighted by this and Timmy says they need a martini to celebrate. The angel said this man had a dark soul and it could cause Charity to give in to the powers of darkness and then leaves. Tabitha is ecstatic to learn that Charity could turn evil and with her power, she could destroy all of Harmony.

Simone & Whitney:
When Simone saw Whitney in Chad's arms, she was livid to say the least. Whitney thanked Chad for catching her and he wished her a Happy New Year. He also thanked Simone for all of her help since he's been in Harmony and kissed her on the cheek. Whitney starts to walk away but Simone grabs her by the arm and ask her what she was doing with Chad. Whitney tries to explain that it was an accident, but Simone won't hear of it and thinks she wants Chad. Whitney tells her she's being ridiculous, but Simone won't listen and says if Chad is going to be with anyone it will be her.

Kay, Miguel, & Charity:
Miguel has his arms wrapped around Kay and when the lights come on he apologizes thinking she was Charity. He wishes her a Happy New Year and leaves to find Charity. Kay thinks to herself that Charity may be in his arms now, but she was when it counted.

The Seascape:
Eve turns around thinking T.C. is holding her and is shocked to find Julian standing there. There is a flashback to Eve and Julian in bed together and they both look happy. Eve apologizes saying she thought it was T.C. and Julian tells T.C. who doesn't look too happy that Eve was shocked by what just happened. Sam lets go of Ivy and goes to Grace who was remembering what Kay said about who you're with at midnight. Sam apologizes saying he thought Ivy was her. She tells him it's ok and to go do his job. Up on the roof Luis and Sheridan are still holding on to each other and Hank asks Luis if he's okay. Luis says yes and Sheridan explains that Martin kidnapped her and Luis saved her life again. She asks Luis how she can ever repay him and he tells her that he was just doing his job and that it isn't necessary. He asks if she's okay and she tells him yes and then he leaves to help Sam. Luis finds his mother and Theresa and they are trying to comfort each other. Luis asks Theresa why she is there and Pilar says now is not the time to worry about that. Theresa starts crying and says this is her fault and Luis says it's his fault. Sam is asking what happened and Luis starts to explain that Martin kidnapped Sheridan. Sheridan comes in and finishes the story saying he chose to save her. Luis said if he had to do it over again, he would have done the same thing. Luis says he needs to call Miguel and Hank offers to do it for him. He calls the Youth Center and tells Kay. Kay tells Miguel and Charity and they all head to the Seascape. Julian is casually finishing off his martini when Ivy tells him he doesn't look too upset over the whole thing. Julian asks why he should be and said now no one will know the connection between him and Martin...he excuses himself to get another drink. Gwen and Ethan are talking and Ethan says not to be angry at him for comforting Theresa because she just had a terrible tragedy occur to her family. Gwen reminds him that she's not cold blooded and she does feel sorry for her and her whole family but it doesn't excuse the evidence that has piled up indicating she does not have a boyfriend. She tells Ethan that she just wants to be with him and to forget what happened tonight. Ethan goes to get the car and when he returns he tells Gwen to go to the car and he will be right there. He wants to talk to Pilar first. Theresa is crying on the balcony and Whitney comes out there. Theresa says this is her fault because she prayed for fate to save her and it did but her father had to die. Whitney tells her she's crazy for thinking that, but Theresa says she has to come clean with Ethan before someone else gets hurt. Whitney tells her that's not the best idea given her emotional state. Whitney says she needs to tell her mom she's there and she will be right back. Theresa says to herself that she has to tell Ethan now or she never will and leaves to find him. Sheridan is looking at the body which is now covered by a sheet and flashes back to "that night." She closes her eyes and puts her head down and Luis asks her if she's okay. She tells him she's fine and she's more worried about him. Sam asks them to ID the body and they all confirm it's Martin. He asks Pilar but she's not sure if it's him because he never had a beard. She says it's possible, but she's not certain. Sam looks through his pockets and finds a passport and a drivers license with the name Martin Fitzgerald. He also finds a piece of paper with a local number on it. Kay tells Miguel she is so sorry that this happened and she will always be there for him. He thanks her and says he knows he can count on her. Hank and Sheridan are talking about Luis and Sheridan says he chose her over his father and she owes him her life and Hank looks on suspiciously. Sam and Luis go to use the phone at the bar where Julian is sitting and say they are going to call this local number to see if that will give them a clue as to who Martin was trying to get in touch with. They call it and it is Julian's private line. Orville also woke up and said no one knows the truth about Chad and it must stay that way. He says if Chad ever found his birth certificate he would know the truth. Orville gets dressed and sneaks out of the hospital to try to find and destroy Chad's birth certificate. A nurse calls Chad at the Youth Center to let him know that Orville was missing and he and Simone leave to find him. Theresa was standing outside looking for Ethan when he comes up behind her. She says this whole thing is her fault and starts crying and Ethan hugs her. Gwen sees this and gets upset saying Ethan told her he went to find Pilar.

Wednesday, January 5, 2000

The Russells, Chad & Orville:
Chad and Simone are looking for Orville and he thinks that Orville may have gone back to his apartment. Orville is in his apartment looking for Chad's birth certificate so he can destroy it before he finds out the truth. He is looking through all of his books and he finally finds it. Chad pounds on the door for Orville to let him in. Orville begins to panic and sets the certificate on fire as Chad breaks through the door. Orville tells him to stay away and Chad grabs the birth certificate before it is completely destroyed and sees his name written on it. The original name was crossed out and replaced with his name and he demands answers from Orville. Orville told him that finding out the truth would destroy him and to leave Harmony before the truth ruins other lives. He said "they" didn't want you then, and "they" don't want you now. Chad ask who he is talking about and Orville goes into his confused mode because he is upset. Simone tries to calm both Orville and Chad down, but it doesn't really do much good and they take him back to the hospital.

At the Seascape, Eve and T.C. are commenting on what a horrible night it has been and he wishes that Simone was there so he could hug her. Whitney assures them that Simone is safely at the Bennett's and she wouldn't have left her at the Youth Center alone with Chad. Eve gets the call from the hospital that Orville snuck out of the hospital. She later gets the call that Chad brought him in and Simone is there too and she goes ballistic. More on this later.

Miguel & Kay:
Kay is telling Miguel that she will always be there for him and he says they have always had a special bond and he hugs her. Miguel leaves saying he needs to be w/his family and she tells him she'll be waiting for him. Grace comes over and tells her to go home and Kay is adamant saying she is staying because Miguel needs her the most right now. Grace tells her that he and Charity have a special bond and Kay tells her she means more to Miguel than Charity ever could. Whitney comes up to Miguel and tells him about Theresa blaming herself and wanting to come clean with Ethan.

Sheridan & Hank:
Sheridan and Hank are outside talking and she says if it wasn't for Luis she wouldn't be standing there looking at the stars right now. She tells Hank that Luis must feel guilty about saving her over his father and it's her fault. Hank tells her it isn't and that Luis did the right thing. Sheridan says that even though Martin wasn't there for him physically and emotionally, they still have that bond as father/son. Hank asks if she's really talking about her own relationship with her father. She says that maybe she is and that if the situation was reversed, she would never be able to forgive herself despite the relationship with her father. Later she goes inside and hugs Pilar who tells her she's glad that she's safe. Pilar leaves to get a ride from Grace and Sheridan tells Luis she can only imagine what he's going through right now. He says he feels like hell and he's mad at himself for mourning a man that abandoned his family. Sheridan says that he is too good of a man and too loving not to care and hugs him. Luis is hesitant but wraps an arm around her and rests his chin on her shoulder. Hank looks on.

Julian, Sam, Luis & Ivy:
Julian tells Ivy to help him come up with a lie to tell Sam and Hank and Ivy says she will do no such thing. He tells her fine but to at least play along with his story. Sam and Luis question why Martin called Julian's private line and want to know if Julian knew about Martin being in town. Julian says Martin must have gotten the number years ago when he worked for Crane industries and thought about calling it when he got back into town. Sam and Luis don't really buy this and Sam asks Ivy if she knew anything about Martin being back in Harmony. She tells him no. Luis and Sam leave and Julian thanks her for going along with him. Ivy informs him she didn't do it for him, she did it for Ethan. Sam and Luis are talking and they don't buy Julian's story at all and Luis vows to find out the truth no matter what. Sam tells Ivy he needs to talk to her outside and warns her about her schemes. He tells her that if need be he will tell Grace everything about their past even though he doesn't want to. Sam says if Julian catches wind of it she has a lot more to lose than he does. Luis is questioning Julian again and tells him he doesn't buy his story at all. Julian says it's his word against Luis'. Luis says for now, but he will find out the truth. Julian tries to give him some song and dance and Luis says that maybe he was wrong for changing his opinion about the Cranes...maybe they are all alike and evil.

Ethan & Theresa:
Theresa is crying to Ethan about how it's her fault that Martin died and she has to tell him something. He hugs her and tries to comfort her as an angry Gwen yells for a taxi. Ethan tries to stop her but she leaves and Theresa is growing hysterical. She keeps saying it's her fault and he has to know the truth. Pilar comes out and Theresa runs over and begs Pilar to forgive her. Pilar questions this and she says it's her fault that papa died. Pilar tells her it isn't and tries to calm her down. Grace says she'll get the car but Ethan says he can take them home because his car is closer. Theresa is about to faint so Ethan scoops her up and carries her toward the car. They get Theresa home and Ethan lays her down on her bed and covers her up with a blanket. Pilar says she's cold and she needs another blanket and leaves to get one. She is crying and is trying to tell Ethan the truth but can't. Ethan insists that it's not her fault and she needs to calm down. Miguel comes in and thanks Ethan but he can take care of Theresa now. Ethan says he should call her boyfriend because he would want to know what is going on. Miguel is trying to get Theresa to go to sleep before she says anything foolish and Ethan thinks she must have her boyfriend's number written down somewhere. He starts to look for it as the camera zooms in on Theresa's shrine to Ethan Crane.

Gwen & Sheridan:
Sheridan and Hank are talking about how much pain Luis is in right now when there is a knock at the door. It's Gwen and she's visibly upset but says she can come back later after she sees Hank. Sheridan tells her to come in and apologizes to Hank for not asking him to stay for a night cap. He says no problem and he'll call her tomorrow. Gwen tells Sheridan all of the woes about Theresa and how she ended up being in Ethan's arms tonight. Sheridan tries to tell her that Ethan is a good man who was comforting a girl over the loss of her father. Gwen says she wasn't mad the first time, but it happened again and fills Sheridan in on the other coincidences. She tells her that Theresa was in Ethan's arms at midnight and she had overheard some women talking about "THE MAGAZINE ARTICLE" and that would be the man you spend the year with. Sheridan looks shocked and inquires about the article when Gwen asks her whose arms she was in at midnight. She tells her Luis and Gwen tells her she got what she wanted and Sheridan says the last person she could ever spend the year with is Luis. Gwen tells her she seems to be falling in love with Luis but Sheridan stammers and says she's not. They are from two different worlds just like Ethan and Theresa. She turns around trying to hide the fact that she was lying.

Hank is at the bar telling his story to the bartender and about how he thinks he's found the perfect woman. His cell phone rings and thinks that it might be her. He answers it but then says "how did you get this number?" He also says he's far away from them and doesn't want anymore to do with them again. He hangs up and the bartender says that must not have been the call he was looking for. Hank goes on to tell him that the woman he's interested in might just be what he's looking for.

The Hospital:
An angry Eve comes in and starts in on Simone and Chad tries to stick up for her but T.C. interrupts and says they'll deal with him later. Eve says they will handle everything later after she checks on Orville. Simone and Whitney have an argument about Chad. Eve is checking Orville's vitals when he wakes up and asks where he is. Eve tells him the hospital and Orville remembers. He tells her he tried to destroy the evidence and not to let her daughters fall in love with Chad no matter what.

Thursday, January 6, 2000

The Russells, Orville & Chad:
Eve is in Orville's room asking what he meant by his warning to keep Chad away from Whitney and Simone. He tells her if he did get involved with them, it would be a bigger disaster than she ever could imagine. Chad is watching from the window and wonders what they are talking about. T.C. sees Chad holding something and inquires about it. Chad shows him the birth certificate that had been burned and T.C. sees Chad's name on it. Eve comes out and asks about it and Chad asks her if she knows why this might have happened. The Russell's finally arrive home and T.C. says that it was the strangest New Year's Eve ever. Simone starts to go upstairs when Eve yells for her to stay there. She tells Simone that she deliberately disobeyed them tonight and the next time it happens, the consequences would be severe. Whitney says goodnight and heads upstairs. T.C. asks Eve to go upstairs but she says she has work to do. Once T.C. was upstairs she put on her coat and left to find out what Orville is hiding. Chad is in Orville's room and Orville keeps saying "keep him away," and Chad asks him what he's talking about, but doesn't get any answers. Chad is about to leave and finds Eve's wallet on the floor. He decides to take it to her and Whitney answers the door in her bathrobe.

Sheridan & Gwen:
Sheridan is still trying to talk some sense into Gwen about the magazine article being nonsense. Gwen then questions her about her feelings for Luis. Sheridan tries to hide her feelings and says her being with Luis is as crazy as Ethan being with Theresa. It doesn't mean anything. Gwen then asks her how she felt in Luis' arms. Sheridan says she felt safe and secure because he just saved her life. Gwen doesn't really buy this and then realizes she hasn't called her parents to let them know she's okay. She goes to use the phone in Sheridan's room.

Theresa, Ethan & Miguel:
Ethan is trying to find Theresa's boyfriend's number and Miguel tries to stop him. Ethan says he knows why is because he should respect Theresa's privacy. Miguel agrees and thanks Ethan for bringing Theresa home. He almost slips and says he knows why she likes him so much, but covers and says his mother. Ethan says he will show himself out and doesn't notice his pictures all over her room. Miguel takes down all of Ethan's pictures and then sits by Theresa again. She wakes up and asks where Ethan is and that she needs to talk to him. Miguel tries to calm her down and says that she isn't to blame for anything that happened tonight.

Luis, Hank & Pilar:
Luis is outside thinking about what happened when Hank comes over to see if he's okay. He looks in and sees his mother blowing out the candles and says he is the cause of her pain. Hank tells him it wasn't his fault and that Martin was holding a gun on Sheridan. He did what anyone would have done. Luis says as a cop maybe, but as a son he failed his family. Luis goes inside and tells Pilar he's sorry. Pilar hugs him and tells him she meant what she said and that he isn't to blame. Only the Lord knows what made Martin do those things. Luis says he needs to apologize to Theresa and Miguel. He goes in and Miguel asks Pilar why he did it. Luis thinks he's talking about them but Miguel asks why papa held a gun on Sheridan. Luis, with tears in his eyes, tells Miguel and Theresa how sorry he is for what happened and they both tell him it's not his fault. Luis says they will get through this together, as a family and hugs them.

Ethan & Sheridan:
Ethan shows up at Sheridan's cottage and tells her how grateful he is to Luis for saving her life. Sheridan says she owes him her life and is eternally grateful. She also tells him how hurt Gwen is and they need to work things out. Ethan says he was just trying to console Theresa because she had just seen her father fall to his death. Sheridan understands but he needs to make Gwen understand.

Timmy & Tabitha:
The two are walking down the street, and Tabitha is of course making Timmy carry her bag o' tools. Timmy stops because he is tired. He asks where they are going and Tabitha says the cemetery. Timmy says that place is scary and he won't go. Tabby says he can go home and be with Fluffy and her friends then. He says he was just kidding and runs to catch up to her. Once in the cemetery, Timmy asks what they are looking for. Tabitha tells him an old friend that will be just what they need to get Charity to turn to the dark side. Timmy finds a grave that says 'Tabitha Lenox' and asks if she's a relative. Tabby says it's her grave and she'll tell him the story later because she's found the grave she's looking for--Matilda Matthews. Timmy asks if she died waltzing! Tabitha says she's a wicked witch and Timmy scoffs and tells her that term is redundant. Anyway, Tabitha tries to summon Matilda and Timmy sees a shadow on the wall behind her. He freaks out and tells Tabitha. It was a drunk walking through the cemetery and Tabitha scolds Timmy for scaring her. She gets her ACME Witches Cauldron out of her bag and tries to summon Matilda again. It works this time and we see an angry Matilda asking why she was disturbed from her sleep.

Friday, January 7, 2000

Whitney and Chad:
Chad is at the door telling Whitney that he found Eve's wallet at the hospital and wanted to return it. He accidentally drops it and Whitney bends down to pick it up. When she does, Chad gets and eye full of her in her nightgown. The tea kettle goes off and Whitney says she needs to get it before she wakes up the house. Chad comes in and asks for a cup of tea and Whitney hands him one. He says he needs to find out what Orville knows about him, and as soon as he does, he's out of Harmony.

Eve is snooping in Orville's apartment trying to find something about Chad. She doesn't have the lights on and is using a flashlight when the lights come on. Chad is there and he is wanting answers as to why Dr. Russell is there at this hour. She tells him she was looking for something that might help Orville and Chad finds this suspicious. She says she needs to leave and makes sure Chad leaves with her. When she returns home, Whitney is up and says Chad brought her wallet by. Eve nervously asks when he was there and she tells her mom it was a while ago. Eve also says she told Whitney she doesn't want her hanging around Chad. Whitney says she knows that, but she couldn't help it that Chad stopped by to bring her the wallet.

Kay and Charity:
Kay comes home and Charity comes out of her room and asks her where she's been. Kay tells her she was with Miguel comforting him. Charity says maybe she should go over there, but Kay tells her it's late and he needs to be with his family. Charity agrees and goes to sleep. Later, Charity wakes up and senses that Miguel needs her and leaves. Kay is thinking that she has the perfect opportunity to comfort Miguel some more and puts on some of her revealing attire and curls her hair. She's about to leave for Miguel's and looks at Charity's room and says she'll never know.

Sheridan's Cottage:
Sheridan and Ethan are having a drink and he tells her he's grateful to Luis for saving her life. Sheridan tells him she's really worried about Luis and she hopes that his family is giving him the support he needs right now. They start talking about Gwen and Sheridan tells him they need to talk things out. Gwen comes out and says she didn't realize Ethan was there. Sheridan says she's going to go for a drive and they should stay there and talk things out. Gwen asks Ethan if he's going to break up with her and he tells her of course not. He explains how he took Theresa home because she was in bad shape. It didn't mean anything except that he was comforting a girl that just lost her father. Gwen says she does feel terrible for Theresa and her family but she can't shake the feeling she knows Theresa is in love with him. Ethan says they'll get to the bottom of it later, but he just wants to be with her.

Tabitha, Timmy and Matilda:
Matilda is angry and asking why she was summoned from her grave. Tabitha says she needs her help in getting rid of Charity Standish. Matilda is curious now, and Timmy lets it slip that Tabby lost her powers. Matilda says now she knows why she was awakened from her grave. She gets very angry and says she won't help her because if her powers were taken away, there was probably a very good reason. Matilda starts to shoot flames out of her eyes and shows the wrath of her powers and tells her never to bother her again. She goes away and Timmy asks if they can go home now and just have some martinis. Tabitha says she got exactly what she came for. She could always count on Matilda to be the drama queen. She tells Timmy to gather up the burned weeds around Matilda's grave, because they will be the last ingredient she needs to carry out her plan.

The Lopez-Fitzgerald House:
Miguel tells Luis that he doesn't blame him at all for their father's death, and Theresa says the same thing. She tells him that he did the right thing in saving Sheridan. He says they can get through this if they stick together. Pilar sits down on the bed and they all hug. Luis gets up so Theresa can get some sleep and she starts to tell him something but Miguel stops her. He tells her to get some sleep. Luis and Hank are talking in the hall and Hank tells him if he needs anything, he'll be there for him. Luis thanks him and says he would help Hank with anything as well. Hank then flashes back to his phone call earlier and thinks that Luis couldn't help him with this. Pilar tells Miguel to get some sleep and she will sit with Theresa. She prays that Theresa will get over her love for Ethan and that Luis will stop blaming himself. Luis and Hank are in the kitchen having a beer and Hank says he needs to go get some sleep. He can't seem to find his keys and thinks he may have dropped them by the wood pile. He goes outside and his cell phone rings. Luis answers it and is bothered by what the person says when Hank comes back in. Hank gets on the phone and yells at the person to quit calling him. Luis asks what that was all about and Hank tells him he's been getting crank calls and it's nothing to worry about. He leaves and Luis says he needs to get out of the house so he can get away from all of the memories of his father. Later, Charity comes into Miguel's room and she told him she sensed he needed her. He tells her he's glad she's there because he does need her. Kay comes in through Miguel's window and sits on Miguel's bed. He wakes up and turns on the light. He asks her what she's doing there when she sees Charity in bed with Miguel.

Sheridan and Luis:
Sheridan walks into the Youth Center and hears someone working out. She wonders who would be there at this time of night and she finds Luis hitting the punching bag. He asks her what she's doing there and she tells him she couldn't sleep. Luis asks why he made him choose. Sheridan says it isn't his fault that Martin died. She tells him she feels somewhat responsible and Luis says she didn't ask Martin to kidnap her or hold her at gun point, and she isn't to blame at all. Sheridan tells Luis he did everything he could because he begged his father to let her go, but he didn't. If anyone is to blame, it is Martin. Luis tells her not to talk about his father that way, and she apologizes. He then apologizes for snapping at her...he's just upset. He sits down on a bench and says his life will never be the same after tonight. He'll never forget watching his own father fall to his death and the look on the faces of his mother, sister and brother. He starts to cry and says he'll never be the same. Sheridan puts her arm around him and lays her head on his shoulder.

Hank is walking home and talking on his cell phone. He tells the caller he doesn't want anything to do with them ever again and to leave him alone. He throws his phone down and stomps on it.

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