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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of December 27, 1999 on ATWT
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Monday, December 27, 1999

Jack wakes Carly from her sleep. He has breakfast in bed for her. She can't believe that Christmas is over already. He reminds her that she has won the bet. She says that she has been so busy getting ready for the fashion show that she had forgotten about it. Jack gives her a present. Carly opens it and it is a chalk board. She looks at Jack with a question on her face. He says that he said if she would not lie until Christmas, he would give her a clean slate. She is acting grateful and he starts to laugh. He tells her that he has another present for her, but she has to wait until tonight for it. She can't wait and she begs him to give her a hint. He won't budge. She starts to wrestle with him and the phone rings. It is the station and he has to take off. He tells her that he will be back later for their evening together. All the way down stairs she is begging for a hint. As he is going out the door, he tells her to look at the table. After he is gone, she sees a box on the table and she opens it. Inside the box is a pair of hiking boots. She yells out, "Is this supposed to be funny?" Jennifer walks in the door and Carly is surprised. Jennifer reminds her that she is there to be fitted for the fashion show. They chit chat about Barbara and the holidays and Parker. Carly gives Jennifer some advice about boys and tells her that if the boys are reluctant to ask her out now, it is only because they are intimidated by beauty. Jennifer rolls her eyes and leaves. When Jack comes back later, Carly is all dressed up. He asks her what is going on. She says that she is pulling his bluff. She knows that he is really going to take her out for a night on the town. Jack tells her that she has to dress warmer. He puts a big winter coat and hat on her and puts on her hiking boots. He takes her out into the middle of the woods on a hill. He tells her to close her eyes and then turns her around. When she opens her eyes, she says that the view is breathtaking. He points out all the surrounding towns like Luther's Corners and Oakdale. He tells her that Oakdale is just far enough away. She doesn't quite understand what he is telling her. He tells her about dreaming all these years about having a house up here and he maps out the floor plan on the ground for her. She asks if there will be a room for her and Parker to visit. He tells her that he wants to build the house for the two of them, to live in together. She is still not quite getting it. Jack gives her a piece of paper. It is the deed to the land with both their names on it. She is excited and tells him that she has never owned anything like this before. Jack takes out a small velvet box and hands it to her. She opens the box and there is a big diamond ring inside. She can't believe how big it is. He tells her that it is fake. He spent all the money on the land and didn't have any money left to buy her a ring, but as soon as he gets some more money, he will buy her the real thing. He gets down on his knee and asks her to marry him. She smiles and says yes and they kiss.

The policemen are cleaning out all the Christmas stuff from Margo's cell. She is antsy and she wants to work on her case. Tom tells Hal that she should be able to look at her file on this case. Hal says that he will send the file down, at least that will keep her out of trouble. When the files arrives, she and Tom start to brainstorm and try to come up with all the suspects. They have Emily, Julia, Susan and an unidentified woman wearing the scarf on the surveillance tapes. Margo rules out Susan right away. She says that she can't see Susan killing another human being. Tom marks off her name and then he says that there is another suspect that they haven't talked about yet. He writes in Lucinda's name.

Meanwhile, upstairs at the station, Hal gets a report from forensics on the scarves that they got from Lucinda and Julia. Hal tells the police officer that delivered the report that they are going to go out and bring Lucinda Walsh in for questioning. He tells him to put on his flap jacket.

When Lucinda gets to the station, she is upset that Hal is wasting her valuable time bringing her in for questioning. She and Hal dance around the issue of the scarf. Hal is asking her questions about if the scarf had been cleaned. She won't give him a straight answer. He tells her that he talked to the dry cleaners and they said that her scarf had been brought in and had a stain that needed special treatment. She asks Hal if it was lipstick? Hal says that the dry cleaner thought it looked more like blood. She says that she like her roast beef rare. Hal says that the dry cleaners also stated that it was a rush job. Jake is with Lucinda and he tells her that she should shut up until her lawyer gets there. Lucinda spouts off that she doesn't have to wait for her lawyer because she didn't do anything. Hal asks her where she was the night that Alec Wallace was killed. She tells them that she was at the office with Jake McKinnon. Jake turns away and Hal asks Jake to verify that information. Lucinda adds that it was the same night that her plane went down and he was trying to find his wife. Jake says that she was there, but not when the murder was committed. Lucinda turns around and calls him a traitor. Jack asks her if she expects Jake to lie for her? She gets upset and says no and they are wasting her time. Jake once again strongly recommends that she wait for her lawyer. She says, "So they can waste his time too?" Hal and Jack leave the room and Hal tells Jack to go ahead and leave. He says that there is no reason for everyone to be miserable. Back in the room, Jake looks at Lucinda and asks if she is blowing smoke? She wants to know what he means. He tells her that she is about two seconds from being pushed into a jail cell by Hal. Jake looks at her square in the face and says that he wants to know who she was with the night Alec was murdered. She finally gives in and says that she was with her trainer. Jake gets Hal back into the room and Hal calls and verifies the information with the trainer. Hal tells Lucinda that she is free to go. Georgia and Eddie come in and Georgia is all upset that they are questioning her Aunt Lucinda. Lucinda tells her to not be silly and that the two of them should leave for their trip.

Downstairs, Margo has had another vision. This time she sees that the plastic bag that the woman was trying to bury was too big for the plant and she takes it with her. She and Tom run upstairs to tell Hal about what she has remembered. Hal is delivered another package while they are there. It is only addressed to him with no return address. Hal opens it and there is a plastic bag inside. He holds it up and inside the plastic bag is a plastic tube. Hal asks, "What the hell is this?" Margo says, "That is a piece of missing evidence."

Tuesday, December 28, 1999

Ben and Denise talk to Jessica about Ben adopting Hope after they are married. Denise wants to know what influence the biological father will have on the adoption. Jessica tells them that the bio dad is not in the picture so there should be no problems. Denise asks her what would happen if the bio dad does not know. Denise adds that Andy Dixon is Hope's father. Jessica says that they need to contact Andy and get him to sign over his parental rights. Jessica gets a call and has to leave. Ben tells Denise that he wants to start off their married life with a clear slate and he wants to be Hope's father. Denise tells him that she will talk to Andy and tell him about Hope. They go over to WOAK and run smack dab into Andy and he has Hope. Andy tells them that one of the daycare workers had to leave and they were short handed and he offered to watch Hope. Andy hands Hope over to Denise and leaves. Ben encourages Denise to go talk to Andy and get it over with. Andy walks back into the room and Denise decides to do it. Ben asks if she wants him to be by her side and at first she says no, then changes her mind. She tells him to come with her. They starts across the room to where Andy is standing and someone walks up to Andy and then the two leave. Denise turns and apologizes to Ben. She tells him that she promises to tell Andy before their wedding.

Jennifer is wearing a dress that Barbara has designed and Barbara is steaming out wrinkles. Carly shows up and wants to work on hair designs for the fashion show. Barbara tells her that they are busy and can't play with hair right now. Carly offers to take Parker for awhile and give Barbara a break. Barbara is suspicious of Carly's generosity. Carly says that she only stopped by with these hair things and she holds out the bag in her hand. When she does this, Jennifer sees the ring on her finger and points it out to Barbara. Barbara has a few snide remarks and Carly tells her that she is not going to rain on her parade today. Barbara tells her that she is happy for her. The phone rings and Barbara answers it. When she hangs up, she tells Carly and Jennifer that Nikki has been in a skiing accident and she needs to go tell Hal. Carly tells her to go and she and Jennifer will stay with Parker. Barbara tells them that Will in next door at the neighbors. Barbara leaves and Carly and Jennifer go upstairs to see Parker. Over the baby monitor, you can hear Carly telling Jennifer about Jack proposing to her and that he is going to build her a house on this piece of land. As they are talking, the steamer is still on and it burst into flames and Barbara's dresses catch on fire.

At the police station, Hal has got the forensics report back on the vial that he received in the mail. There were no finger prints, but there was a trace of rufenal in the vial. Barbara comes in and interrupts Hal to tell him that Nikki has been in a skiing accident. She has called ahead and got him a seat on the next flight out. He realizes that he will have to miss her fashion show and she tells him that is OK, he has to go see about Nikki and she understands. After they are gone, Jessica comes in and Jack informs her about the vial and the trace of rufenal. Jessica says that this proves nothing, it could be contrived evidence. Tom asks her if she thinks that he set it up. Margo comes in and tells Jessica that it is not manufactured evidence. She and Alec and the person that killed Alec are the only ones that knew what kind of listening device she had used. Jessica takes a deep breath and says that she believes them and she will take it to the judge.

Katie gets Molly to go have some coffee with her. She wants to talk to Molly about work. While they are waiting for their coffee, Chris comes in and Katie wants to flag him down. Molly tells her not to, but she does anyway. She makes Chris come over to the table and she wants him to sit with them. Molly is being very cold to Chris and he says that he can't stay, he has a fare waiting in his cab. (Abigail is waiting in the cab for him.) The waitress brings over two hot chocolates for him and Katie teases him about his fare waiting on him. Katie says that she must be cute. Abigail walks in and Chris makes a face at her. She realizes that he is talking to Molly and she turns and leaves. Chris makes a hasty get away, also. Molly tells Katie that if she wanted to have coffee with her and talk about work, that is one thing, but she had better never bring her out and get her involved with her friends idle chit chat. Molly adds that it will be a long time before Katie is in front of the camera. Later, back at the station, Holden and Molly are talking about how they are going to cover the fashion show and Katie is taking notes. Henry comes up and says that he has a suggestion. He thinks that they shouldn't use someone like Molly for the fashion show, they should use someone like Katie. He explains that Molly is a big name when it comes to news and some small show like the fashion show might drag her down. But using a no-name, like Katie would be better. Holden likes the idea and goes with it. After Katie and Henry leave, Holden asks Molly if she is mad and she says that she isn't, this will give her more time to dedicate to their daughter.

Back at Barbara house, Jennifer and Carly with Parker come downstairs and see the fire. Carly gives Parker to Jennifer and tells her to go next door. Jennifer leaves and Carly gets the fire extinguisher out. She calls 911 and reports the fire. Then she starts to use the fire extinguisher. Later, after the firemen have the fire out, Jack comes running in and sees Carly there. He had heard the call come in over the radio at the station. Barbara comes running in and is in shock. She can't believe what has happened. She looks at Carly and starts to blame her. Carly denies having anything to do with the fire. She tries to explain to Barbara about being upstairs and coming downstairs and the fire was going. Barbara is still accusing her and Jack comes over with the steamer and says that he found the culprit. Barbara grabs her head and says that she left it turned on. She turns and apologizes to Carly. Barbara says that there will be no fashion show now, all her designs are ruined. Carly tells her that all is not lost. Barbara looks around and says that she is nuts, everything is gone. Carly picks up a roll of fabric and says that this roll is not ruined and there are probably some more like that. She tells Jennifer to take Parker upstairs and get her the phone. She tells Jack to start looking for more fabric. She tells Barbara that with a lot of hard work, they can do this. Barbara isn't sure but she goes to work looking for clothes that aren't burnt and more fabric. Jack hugs Carly and tells her that he is proud of her. She says that it is all because of him. If he had not given her the ring, she wouldn't have had a change of heart and she would have yelled back when Barbara was accusing her. As they are hugging, a man is looking at them through the door.

Jessica comes back to the station and tells Margo and Tom that the judge would not accept the new evidence and reopen her case. Tom and Margo go back downstairs to her cell and start to brainstorm again. They have decided to rule out Emily. They try to think about a new suspect. Tom brings up someone that they have not talked about before. Margo asks him who he is thinking about? Tom says, "What about Eddie?" Margo doesn't want to bring him into it. Tom says that he is not going to let her take the fall for Eddie Silva.

Wednesday, December 29, 1999

Backstage at the fashion show, Molly delivers flowers to Abigail that say only they're from a secret admirer. Lisa scolds a jittery Carly that her career can only go up after the disaster in Hong Kong. Carly is stunned when Barbara's "friends" turn out to be professional models. Emily gives Jack evidence to prove her claim that she's innoent.

When Margo discounts Tom's theory of Eddie as the killer, John counters it's because she's subconsciously repressing memories of the killer's face. Jack delivers the bad news---Emily has an airtight alibi, as a catalog company confirmed she placed an order from her home phone at the time of the murder. Lucinda tells Lily it's best Georgia get as far away from Oakdale as possible. Carly is nervous when the fashion editor from Teen magazine introduces herself backstage.

Abigail peeks outside and mouths "thank you" to Chris. After one of Carly's models goes home sick, Katie enlists Lucinda's aid to get Georgia to be a replacement. Georgia reluctantly agrees to help and Eddie decides to come with her so they can leave for the airport as soon as the show is over.

Katie apprises Georgia that the new evidence wasn't enough to get Margo a new trial. Lisa advises Emily to get a new personality for the new year. Emily is charmed when she's introduced to Max, the manager for Java Underground. Lily appears uncomfortable when Molly ignores her and reminisces with Holden about their teen years.

Abigail sneaks out to see Chris and when she complains she can't kiss Chris for fear of smudging her makeup, he kisses her on the nape of her neck. Georgia is dismayed when Katie reveals that even with a minimum sentence, Margo will still be in prison for three years, which is a lifetime to Casey, and that cops often get in trouble with inmates when they're put behind bars.

Margo is horrified when she realizes that if Eddie is the killer, Georgia could be the woman she remembers. Tom is determined to have Jack bring Eddie in for questioning that night, before the pair leave the country.

Chris makes his case to Abigail that this is the last night they'll have alone and Abigail finally agrees to meet him after the show at their special garden. Carly is strengthened when Jack comes backstage.

Arriving at the show, John is nonplussed to see Camille and Isaac talking. Tom finds Eddie and asks him if he's seen Jack. As Carly introduces the show, she's unnerved to see the man who gave her the million dollar reward, and Jack has to give her a cue in order for her to finish her speech.

Alec's ghost appears in Margo's cell. Barbara panics when they play Carly's music for her design, and not the Verdi she wanted, but Jack points out that the audience loves it. Eddie becomes suspicious when Tom, unable to get to Jack, tries to stop Eddie from leaving. Lucinda confides in John that she saw Georgia in the garden on the night of the murder trying to wash off the mud from her hands, but insists it doesn't mean anything.

Casey takes a photo of Georgia and laments that nothing will ever be the same once his mother goes to prison. From the runway, Abigail throws a daisy in Chris's lap from the bouquet he sent her. He quickly slips it in his jacket, but not before Molly sees it. Carly frets when Georgia is not among the models onstage. "You know," Alec keeps telling Margo.

Tears well up as Casey tells Georgia that his mother is going to leave him and then runs out. Carly finds the outfit Georgia was supposed to model. Tom and John race to find Georgia

Thursday, December 30, 1999

The fashion show continues with Carly's designs being modeled by Abigail and Jennifer. As Abigail walks down the runway, she tosses the flower she is holding into Chris's lap. Bob tells Chris that "someone has noticed him." Molly sees this and asks Chris what is going on. She tells him that Abigail is "her little girl" and if he knows what is good for him, he will stay away from her.

John tells Tom that Lucinda passed on the information to him that she saw Georgia the night Alec was murdered "wiping her muddy hands off." Tom wonders where Georgia is, and John tells him that she is supposed to substitute for one of Carly's sick models. They rush backstage to find her. In the meantime, Carly is also looking for Georgia with the dress she is supposed to model. Carly hurriedly finds another model to wear the dress. Eddie comes backstage looking for Georgia. Carly cattily tells him that Georgia bailed on her.

Margo is in her jail cell frantically trying to remember what happened the night Alec was murdered. She asks the guard on duty to see Hal, but the guard tells her that Hal was called out of town. Margo asks to see the surveillance tape of the woman in the butterfly scarf again, but the guard tells her that there will be no red carpet treatment for her. Margo realizes that the cop is new, fresh from the academy, and tells him she won't forget how he treated her. Margo remembers that the person in Alec's suite that night was a woman, but she can't pin down who it is. Just then Georgia enters the jail, looking distraught. Margo asks her if Eddie has been brought in for questioning, but Georgia swears that Eddie did not kill Alec. Margo tells her that she never thought that Eddie did. Georgia tells Margo that she saw Casey at the fashion show that night, and how upset he was, even though he tried not to show it. Margo says she understands, because no boy should ever have to grow up without his mother. Georgia starts to sob, saying that everything just has to work out. Margo says that it will, considering that Tom is doing everything he can to find the coward that really killed Alec. Georgia begins to cry repeating over and over "I am so sorry Margo." Margo looks at her incredulously.

John and Tom rush backstage to find Georgia. They question Carly about Georgia and Eddie's whereabouts, but Carly tells them that she doesn't have time to help them now. They run off to Lucinda's place to see if she has gone there. Camille walks out on the runway, modeling one of Carly's signature Egyptian-like mini-dress with a long veil. Isaac, who is in the audience, stares at her in awe. Jack gives Carly (who is peeking out from behind the curtain) a big "thumbs up" from the audience. Just then Denise and Ben walk in. Isaac sees them and cowers into the crowd. Denise tells Ben that Camille is just beautiful, but Ben says he only has eyes for her. Andy notices them and waves. Denise is worried that Andy knows the truth about Hope, but Ben tells her to chill out. They made a promise that they were not going to worry about anything tonight. Meanwhile, Isaac watches them scowling.

Backstage, Jennifer gives Abigail all kinds of attitude about flirting with her cousin, Chris. Abigail says that she barely noticed him, but Jennifer is not amused. She wonders about this "older guy" that Abigail has been seeing, and Abby tells her that it is a long story. Jennifer asks her to hang out with her after the show, but Carly interrupts them, hurrying them into the next segment of the show. Meanwhile, Molly berates Chris some more about eyeing her daughter. Chris wonders what she is getting so freaked out about, and Molly tells him that if anyone finds out about there little tryst, all of her hopes and dreams about being a part of Abby's life goes up in smoke. She tells him to watch his step. Abigail reappears on the runway, eyeing Chris the whole time. Chris smiles back at her, applauding profusely. Molly notices Abigail and Chris staring at each other, and is not amused. When Abigail leaves the stage, Jennifer again lays into her about flirting with Chris. Abigail tells her that she will tell her the whole story, but to keep what is going on mum for now. Jennifer promises, but wants to know ASAP. Out in the audience, Lily and Holden watch as Katie takes a turn on the runway. Lily comments on how natural Katie looks on stage. Lucinda, however, is wondering where Georgia, John and Tom are. Lily tells her to relax, but she did witness her and John having a very intense conversation. What were they talking about? Lucinda scowls back at her.

At Margo jail cell, Margo is becoming increasingly confused why Georgia seems so upset. Georgia tells her that she understands what Casey is going through, being separated from his mother. She tells Margo not to worry, because she KNOWS that everything will be all right. Margo tells her that she can't help but worry, and wonders why Georgia is so confident. Georgia tells Margo to trust her, and that she WON'T be going to prison.

Tom and John bang on the door to Georgia's poolhouse, but no one seems to be there. They notice the door is unlocked, and walk in. They find two bags on the table, and realize that the kids have not yet left town. Tom says that if they can find the evidence in the laundry bag, they can clear Margo. John remembers Lucinda telling him that she saw Georgia washing her hands off out in the garden. They go out there to start digging for clues. Just then, Eddie runs in looking for Georgia.

The finale of the fashion show begins, with Carly's models taking their last turns on the runway. Katie goes out first, and Henry and Holden eye her clapping. Henry can't help getting some digs in about how fabulous Katie is to Molly, and telling her that she has some new competition. Abigail comes out next, eyeing Chris the whole time. Carly and Barbara converse backstage about how wonderful Jennifer did, and Carly tells her that Jennifer was a complete hit. Jennifer walks out, followed by Camille in the evening's showstopper; a wedding style. The audience roars with applause as Carly and Barbara take the stage for a bow. Everyone on stage eyes the audience..Katie to Henry and Holden, Abigail to Chris, Carly to Jack, and Camille to Isaac.

Georgia reiterates to Margo that there is no way that she is going to prison, and that soon, everything will be over. Margo tells her that she seems to know a lot of things, and wonders if she knows more. Margo begs Georgia to fill her in on who she is protecting. Georgia starts to cry, tells Margo she loves her, and runs clicking on the jail floor. Suddenly, Margo remembers the clicking sound she heard, and the woman sobbing. She knows whom she saw in Alec's room that night.

Eddie runs into the poolhouse calling out for Georgia. Meanwhile, John and Tom frantically dig in the garden area looking for clues. Eddie tells Tom he can dig up whatever he wants, and he is not going to find anything linking him to the crime. He also says, that as soon as he finds Georgia, they are on the next plane out of town. Tom wonders if they are planning on going to a country without extradition laws. As they are arguing, John finds something. It is a Lakeview dry cleaning bag, filled with bloody towels. Eddie looks on flabbergasted. Tom drops the bag, saying that they have contaminated things enough. Eddie realizes what he must do. He tells John and Tom that he killed Alec. John says that they just want to know the truth, and Tom wonders what Georgia's involvement is in this whole thing. Eddie adamantly denies that Georgia had anything to do with it, and they should just leave her out of it. Tom begins to interrogate Eddie on the details of the murder, and what is in the bag, but Eddie cannot give him any straight answers. Tom realizes that Eddie is just covering up for the real murderer...Georgia.

Margo wrestles with her memories, but eventually puts all the pieces together. It was Georgia in the room that night, sobbing, and trying to bury the evidence in the potted plant. She was wearing the butterfly scarf. That is why Georgia feels so guilty about Margo and her children. Margo yells for the guard to allow her to make a phone call, but the guard tells her that she will get no more special favors that night.

Backstage, Lucinda rushes in looking for Georgia. Katie tells her that Georgia left a long time ago, and that she was really upset about something. Meanwhile, Barbara yells her congratulations to everyone on the show's success, and thanks them for all their hard work. Carly chimes in by thanking her "hometown beauties", Jennifer, Katie and Abigail, and tells them that she will always remember them. Barbara and Carly give each other kudos on their successes, and Carly says it is FINALLY wonderful to be the talk of the town. Jack enters with champagne, and they all toast to a wonderful show. Carly tells Jack that she can't believe this is happening. She still looks around, worriedly, for the "lawyer" she saw when the show opened. Jack asks her if he has resurfaced, and Carly tells him no. In the background, however, we see the mysterious man eyeing Carly.

Holden and Lily tell Katie how wonderful she was both on and off the runway. Holden gives her a big hug, and Katie lights up like a Christmas tree. Henry also shares with Katie how impressed he was with both her modeling and her broadcasting. Chris and Abigail share a secret hand squeeze in the crowd, and promise to meet each other in the garden at midnight. Molly rushes in, telling Abigail how great she did. She tells Abby to change, or she is going to miss the fireworks, but Abby tells her that she is going to spend the night at Jennifer's. Molly agrees, and tells Abby to call her first thing in the morning. Abby agrees and rushes out, as Molly looks on worriedly. She questions Jennifer on her sleepover, and asks her if they are leaving right away. Jennifer tells her that there is no way they are leaving the millennium bash at the Underground, and Molly knows that Abby is lying to her. Eddie refuses to believe that Georgia could kill Alec, and still says that it was him. Tom doesn't believe him, and tells him that he is not going to let him take the fall. Eddie says that they don't know Georgia like he does, and there is no way that she could do something like this. He runs off, and Tom leaves to take the evidence bag to the police station. Just then, Lucinda enters the scene and demands to know from John what is going on. John tells her that something has happened and that Georgia is no where to be found. Lucinda comes to the realization that it WAS Georgia that killed Alec, and sobs in John's arms.

Georgia escapes to Alec's cabin. She sobs about how much she loves Eddie and that this was supposed to be "their year." She remembers back to a year ago, how her and Eddie kissed in the back of Lucinda's limo on New Year's Eve. She says out loud that she is tired of this whole situation, and that she can't do this to Eddie anymore, she can't do this to Margo anymore, and she can't do this to herself anymore. She falls on the couch crying.

Abigail and Chris meet in their secret garden. Abby tells Chris that so far, no one knows about them, but tells Chris that Jennifer is suspicious. Chris begs her not to tell anyone for a while longer, but Abby hates lying to everyone. She is afraid that she is going to get caught. While they are cuddling, Molly enters the scene and sees the two together.

Margo feigns a coughing spell to get the guard to return to her cell. As he is giving her some water, Margo grabs his keys, unlocks the door, and pushes the guard in. Margo runs out with the guard shrieking in the background. Seconds later, Tom runs in yelling that he knows who killed Alec. He is stunned to see the guard locked in the cell.

Eddie frantically dials Georgia's cell phone to no avail. Meanwhile, back at the cabin, Georgia takes a bottle of pills from her purse. She sobs over and over again "Eddie, I am sorry..I am so so sorry."

Max pours champagne at the Underground, as Emily flirts profusely with him. Andy asks Ben and Denise if he can take their picture for the scrapbook, and tells them that they will make a wonderful family for Hope. Everyone counts down the seconds to the New Year, and when 2000 enters..the kisses are bountiful... Ben and Denise, Jack and Carly, Lily and Holden. Families wish each other Happy New Year. Katie looks on in disgust as Lily and Holden celebrate. Camille is standing alone, when suddenly Isaac takes her in his arms, and kisses her. Camille responds to it by wrapping her arms around him.

In the garden, Abigail and Chris witness the fireworks. Abigail wishes Chris a Happy New Year, and Chris tells her he KNOWS it will be now. As they kiss, Molly looks on both disheartened and furious.

Friday, December 31, 1999

As the World Turns will be pre-empted so that CBS News can provide coverage of the millennium celebrations around the world. On behalf of everyone at Soap Opera Central, allow me to extend to you wishes for a safe, happy, and healthy New Year. Thank you for your patronage over the past five years --- and we look forward to seeing you in 2000!


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