One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 27, 1999 on OLTL

Ben got a letter from the Medical Licensing Board about a hearing to revoke his license. Joey and Kelly got engaged. Nora ended up getting trapped in a warehouse with Bo. Sam went looking for Nora when she didn't show up for the wedding. Kevin and Kelly kissed.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 27, 1999 on OLTL
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Monday, December 27, 1999

At Llanfair, Viki and Ben celebrate the holiday and his return. They speak about Grace and also Ben's anger. Ben left Llanview because he only wanted to kill Asa. He got into his car and started driving until he eventually ended up in Las Vegas. He even got a job bartending, but he realized he missed Viki and kept looking for her. When Ben decided that Viki was actually the key to what he really wanted, he decided to return and thank Viki for saving his life a second time. Just then Sam and Nora drop by, ecstatic to see that Ben has returned. They tell Ben about their wedding plans and Sam asks his brother to be best man. Nora mentions that she told Bo about the wedding and they were both fine with that. As the couples chat, a knock is heard. It turns out to be a delivery of a registered letter for Ben from the State Medical License Bureau. They will be having a hearing to revoke his medical license. They believe that Asa is behind this, but Ben refuses to fight it, even though Sam tries to persuade him to do so. He says that Skye will be a witness.

Will visits Asa (who pretends to be happy to see him). Will wants to know about the $100,000 that Asa gave to Roseanne and what he's trying to pull. He saw Roseanne at the Bayberry Inn and found out about the payment though Jess hadn't heard. Asa assures Will that he's only trying to keep Cris and Roseanne away from Jess. At that precise moment, Jess enters the room and when she questions who she shouldn't see, the men make up a story about a reporter trying to make trouble between her and Dorian. Asa mentions that he is having a New Year's Eve party but Jess reminds Will of Sam and Nora's wedding. Asa tells Jess that he and Will need to discuss business and Will suggests she help Andrew at the community center party. After she goes, Asa questions Will as to which family is more important to his future. His father with his new wife and son or his girlfriend? Asa tells Will that he's not threatening him(Will doesn't believe it) but that the young man knows where he has to be on New Year's Eve and he'd better not disappoint him.

Kelly gets to Kevin's house looking for Joey. Kevin is there and she presents him with a picture of Grace that she found. This will ease the pain that Kevin is feeling after accidentally destroying the tape. He puts his arm around her but quickly pulls away and asks her to stop helping him. She and Joey are having a hard time and he doesn't want to be responsible. Kelly denies that anything is happening. Joey shows up and apologizes for being a jerk, that he should be happy that his girlfriend is concerned about his brother. Kevin apologizes for his behavior the past few weeks and urges the couple to spend some time together.

Blair arrives at Dorian's place and spies the bags that Skye dumped in the hallway before she went out again. The bags are locked but the women want to look for the adoption certificate they believe Skye is hiding. As Dorian goes off to find something to help with the opening, Blair begins to poke at them. Just then Skye walks in and demands to know what Blair is doing. Blair says she's looking for something that she lost;Dorian walks in and yells at Blair for going into Skye's things. Skye admits to having the bomb to drop and hands Blair a sheet of paper. It's a deposition against Ben to take away his license though Blair tells her she's not looking for that. In fact, Ben is the one who saved Max's life. After Skye goes upstairs, Blair and Dorian decide that she must not have the adoption certificate or she would have thrown it in their faces. Dorian gleefully asks if she can throw Skye out of the house now. As Skye is looking at the adoption certificate, she hastily puts it out of sight when Dorian walks into her room. Dorian kicks her out of her house and life as well as Viki's.

At the diner, Roseanne tells Cris how she went out walking because she actually misses Llanview. She goes on about Sam and Nora's wedding plans and how their own millenium is getting off to a good start. Cris blurts out that THEY won't be getting married. After he apologizes to her he admits that he's happy too but they have no money. Rosie says she didn't mean they should get married and that things are fine now.

John and Sophia are having breakfast together when they spy Joey and Kelly arrive and sit at a nearby table. John tells her there's another guy in her future but Sophia tells him she hardly thinks he's the right person to give advice. Kelly wants to know why Joey is so jumpy but it turns out he's just nervous as he hands her a ring and gets down on one knee to propose! Kelly (and Sophia nearby)can hardly believe it. Kelly accepts and the other diners applaud. Sophia admires the ring and says that Kelly has no character.

Cris visits Kevin to thank him for helping out at the diner on Thanksgiving and to see how he is. He tells him that he and Jess saw each other but they're both moving on with their lives. Kevin tells Cris to go after what he wants because he doesn't know how many chances he will get.

Jess goes to the diner and after Rosie sarcastically tells her that Cris isn't there, advises her that she's there to pick up cookies for the childrens' party at the community center. Rosie says that she and Cris spoke about marriage but Jess tells her not to worry, she's not a threat and that she has what she wants too. Rosie tells Jess that she doesn't like her. Jess bumps into Cris as she's leaving;he wants to talk but she doesn't.

Will goes to Llanfair looking for Jessica. She's not there but he does see Sam. He tells his dad that he will be unable to attend the wedding because he has to be at Asa's, he has no choice. Sam is hurt and says everyone has choices, Will made his. They wish each other a happy new year. Nora looks on as Sam walks away.

Asa is on the phone with an unknown party. He's setting up an account in the Cayman Islands. He wants it to look like a beginner set it up and he wants the name of Will Rappaport on the account.

Ben tells Viki he has to stand up to Asa.

Tuesday, December 28, 1999

The Police Station

Bo is haranguing everyone (in his New Year's tuxedo) about the lack of preparation for Y2K. When Sophia makes a demeaning comment about Bo's behavior, Sykes comments that Bo's having a bad night.

Sam & Nora's New House

The caterers are unloading food for the wedding reception and Nora is nervously hovering, asking them if they've forgotten anything. Sam is smiling like a fool behind her as she buzzes around. Nora wants everything to be perfect. Sam dismisses the caterers to give Nora s surprise. Giving her commands like a dog, he has her sit and stay. Now Nora smiles like a fool.

The Palace Hotel

Lindsay enters the Palace. Asa sees her and tells her the party is by invitation only. Lindsay taunts him: She was invited, by Bo, and shows him the key to Bo's apartment, she's moving in. Lindsay tells Asa he can buy them a nice housewarming present, but Asa tells her he'll get her a trip to Hades. Lindsay tersely wishes him a Happy New Year. Asa counters that Bo is too upset to come and enjoy himself at the party, the love of his life is getting married tonite. Lindsay tells Asa that Nora is not the love of his life (what planet is she living on?). Asa continues to taunt Lindsay; there is a connection between Bo and Nora that nothing, not even the key to his apartment, can break.


Ben answers the door, it's Will. He gives Will the message that Jessica wants Will to meet her at the party. Ben admonishes Will about his not going to Sam's wedding. He threatens Will, telling him that that he will be at his father's wedding.

The Diner

Cris is leaving a message on Jessica's answering machine telling her that they need to talk. R.J. the busybody hears him and tells Cris that it's hard to go after two women. When Cris tells him it's none of his business, R.J. says he considers the Delgados family (since when) and it's his business when it involves family. Cris says he has no intention of hurting Roseanne and R.J. tells him that if Jessica takes him back, he'll dump Roseanne in a heartbeat (we can only hope).

R.J. blusters on about all of the things that Roseanne has done for Cris, taking him to New York, going to the art school (Cris doesn't know that he doesn't have a scholarship, R.J.), pay the big city rent, and Cris wants to know if Roseanne has told him all this. R.J. stops himself before he goes too far. Cris tells R.J. that he just wants to talk to Jessica. R.J. tells Cris that he doesn't know what the truth is when Carlotta comes into the room and asks R.J. if HE knows what the truth is. R.J. stops. Carlotta asks R.J. what he's doing there, they're closed. When R.J. tells Carlotta he's meeting Téa, Carlotta tells him he can stay, but silently.

When Carlotta asks what was going on, Cris tells her that R.J. was messing with his head about Roseanne and Jessica and about doing the right thing. Carlotta tells Cris he already knows what the right thing is. When Cris worries that Jessica may be in love with Will, Carlotta says he won't know until he talks to her. When Cris says he hasn't been able to because she's not home, Carlotta urges him to find her and talk to her. Find out how she feels before it's too late. Cris kisses Carlotta gratefully and leaves the diner.

R.J. tells Carlotta he was just trying to "help." Carlotta asks him if it was like he was trying to help Antonio? R.J.'s eyes narrow. Carlotta warns R.J. to stay out of Cristian's business or he'll live to regret it (I love this woman, she holds a great grudge AND can really deliver a threat).

The Palace

Asa greets a very prettily dressed Jessica. Jessica asks Asa for a favor. She wants him to let Will go to Sam's wedding. Jess says Will feels he owes Asa for the foundation. Jess thinks Will should go to the wedding. Asa says that Will is a big boy, he can make his own call.

Sam & Nora's House

Nora the obedient dog can't wait anymore for her surprise. Nora is anxious to get everything ready and Sam comes out and gives her the tickets to Tahiti (still went through with it even though you had a bad history, eh Sam?). Nora can't believe they're going to Tahiti as husband and wife (neither can I).

The Police Station

Bo is still ranting at everyone and notices the time. Téa can't believe that Bo is so wound up and runs into Sykes. Sykes tells Téa that Bo has the millennium blues. Téa tells him that she'll be at the Palace. Sykes wishes her a Happy New Year.

Bo is still in his black mood. Bo tells Sykes (who has delivered a file to his office) that he feels like something is going to go down, it's instinct. Sykes tells Bo that it's more than that, and reminds Bo that it could be that Nora is marrying someone else. After all, Bo was married to Nora for a long time. Behind them, Lindsay gasps that "Asa was right" and they turn to look at her.

Bo wants to know what Asa is right about but bubble-brain Lindsay says, "nothing." Bo doesn't let her get away with that. When Lindsay tells him about the conversation with Asa, Bo tells her that Asa is wrong and so is John. Lindsay won't let it go and wants Bo to talk to her. Lindsay says she knows what he's going through. Bo tells her (obviously frustrated) that they've been through this, how many ways does he have to tell her that he's moved on? Lindsay remains unconvinced, but says okay. Bo tells her for the final time that he's not upset about Nora's wedding, he wants to spend time with her. Bo wants to finish up his work so they can get to the party. Lindsay leaves and is not at all happy.

Sophia asks Sykes why he's not in Pine Valley with Rae? Sykes tells her that they're just friends. Sophia wants to know what was in the package that came last week? Sykes doesn't know what she's talking about. Sophia realizes she never gave him the package. Sykes opens it up, it's an invitation to the Crystal Ball.

Sam & Nora's House

Nora still can't believe they're going to Tahiti. When she gives Nora a big kiss, he reminds her they have a wedding to get ready for. Nora remembers she has to pick up her dress. Sam tells her he'll take care of the caterers as Nora leaves to pick up the dress.

The Palace

Asa and Jessica talk about how she's moved on, just like Nora and Bo. Asa tells her about fate, look at him and Renee. Asa reminds Jessica that she and Cris had something very special. Jessica wonders if he's talked to Cris, he's been wanting to talk to her and she wonders what it's all about. Asa asks Jessica if Cris and Roseanne are happy in New York? Jess says that Roseanne seems pretty convinced they're happy. Asa wonders about Cris's dreams and Jessica's? Jessica wants to know what's going on? She thought Asa liked Will? Asa says he does, but he wants to know about Jessica's happiness?


Will is still fighting with Ben over going to Sam's wedding. When Will says that Sam hasn't been much of a father, Ben says that Sam has been a good father (where has he been for the last 18 years of Will's life?) and tells him he should be at the wedding. Will tells Ben that he doesn't have the slightest idea what he's going through and Ben realizes that there's more to Will's loyalty to Asa. Ben wants to know what's going on but Will refuses to answer. Ben says he's going to the wedding to be sure that Sam is happy and says that Will is a lousy excuse for a son.

The doorbell rings and it's Cris, he wants to see Jessica. Will tells Cris that Jessica isn't there and he doesn't want Cris to see her now or ever. Cris doesn't believe that Jessica isn't there and pushes his way into the house. Will tells Cris that Jessica isn't there and she isn't there for Cris to fill her head. Will tells Cris that Jessica is over Cris and is fine. He tells Cris that he's lost.

Sam & Nora's New House

Ben is at the door and Sam makes a joke about him being a waiter. Ben asks Sam if he's ready. Sam says he's waited 20 years for something he's always wanted. Sam tells Ben that Jen won't be there because of a fractured leg. Ben tells Sam that he saw Will and that Will won't be coming to the wedding.

The Police Station

Sophia admires the invitation to the Crystal Ball. She asks Sykes if he's going to tell Rae it was her fault that he's not going to the Ball. He says sarcastically that he'll take the blame and look like the jerk. Sophia wants someone else to take the blame besides her (typical). Sykes wants to get away from Sophia, but Sophia belabors the points and says she thought Sykes and Rae were just friends.

Sykes goes into Bo's office and says that he saw Lindsay leave not looking too happy. Sykes encourages Bo to go on to Asa's party, he has no where to go and is staying behind.

Sophia enters the office and says that there is a disturbance at a Llanview dress shop. Bo says he'll stop at the shop on his way to Asa's party. When Sykes tells Bo he doesn't want to go, Bo answers gruffly that he wants to impress upon the shopkeepers the lack of readiness. Sophia makes a sarcastic remark about Bo not shooting anybody and Bo shoots her a murderous look. Bo tells Sykes that he'll be checking with him later and leaves. Sophia says she's glad she's not at the dress shop.

The Dress Shop

Nora looks beautiful in her wedding gown and the dressmaker says it looks perfect. Nora says that her groom is perfect, he's waited for her for 20 years even through a marriage to someone else. As Nora admires the gown, Lindsay comes in and tells Nora that she looks beautiful. When Nora asks what she's doing there, Lindsay says she's there to pick up a gown for New Year's (although I don't see what the matter is with what she's wearing). Lindsay comments that she can't believe that she and Sam are finally getting married. Nora says she hopes that she'll make Sam happy, he's given her everything she could possibly want. Lindsay is still bristling from the fight with Bo and thanks Nora for rubbing it in. Nora says she didn't mean anything by it, but Lindsay isn't buying it. Lindsay says that she knows she got Bo on the rebound and that she could never make Sam happy, but that Nora doesn't have to keep reminding her. Nora tries to diffuse the situation, but Lindsay won't stop. Nora has finally had enough and tells Lindsay that if she is having a problem with Bo that it's not her fault. Lindsay denies having a problem and says that Nora would be happy if Lindsay and Bo were having a problem. Nora says that it's not who she is and it's not who Bo is and Lindsay would know that if she really knew Bo. Lindsay says she wishes Nora would quit telling her she doesn't know Bo; she wishes everyone would quit telling her that.


Will tells Cris that Jessica doesn't want him. He wants Cris to leave Jess alone. Cris tells Will he knows Jessica better than he ever will. Will tells Cris that it's over between them and Cris tells him to keep dreaming. Cris leaves Llanfair and Will looks distressed.

The Diner

Carlotta is none too happy that R.J. is waiting in the diner for Téa. She tells R.J. to tell Téa that the diner is not a waiting room. R.J. asks Carlotta if she really wants him to wait outside in the cold? Carlotta shrugs her shoulders, she doesn't care. R.J. tells Carlotta he's just trying to look out for Téa's family, meaning Roseanne. Carlotta tells R.J. that Roseanne can take care of herself. R.J. says Roseanne is in love with Cris and Cris is in love with someone else. Téa enters just at that moment and R.J. admires how pretty Téa looks. Carlotta rolls her eyes. Téa realizes that there is a tense moment and goes to wish Carlotta a Feliz Año Nuevo. Carlotta tells Téa to be happy. As R.J. and Téa leave, Carlotta finishes the sentence, "but not with him."

The phone rings and it's Jess. Carlotta tells Jess she misses her. Jess says she misses her too and asks to speak to Cris. Carlotta tells her that Cris isn't there, but will give him the message. They wish each other a Happy New Year and hang up. Carlotta writes Cris a note to call Jessica and places it by the phone.

The Dress Shop

Nora tells Lindsay that if she's having a problem with Bo, it's not her concern or business. Lindsay denies having a problem and says that she's just worried that Nora will start cheating on Sam just like she did to Bo. Nora angrily tells Lindsay not to speak to her that way, she's not going to ruin her night. Nora tells Lindsay that she's sorry that she's having a problem with Bo and that it doesn't affect her because she's happy. Lindsay continues to deny having a problem with Bo (you can see that it's killing her that Nora is happy). As Nora turns to get away from the situation, Lindsay grabs her sleeve; it tears off. (If I were Nora, I wouldn't pay the dressmaker one cent for a dress that tears that easily). Nora looks at her dress in horror. Lindsay is also horrified.

The Diner

Cris comes in and sits down at the counter. He doesn't see the note that Carlotta has written.

The Palace

Jessica is pensive as she clutches her cell phone. Asa asks who it was on the phone and he asks if Cris is at home? Before she can answer, Will comes in and greets Jess. Asa takes that moment to show Jessica that Will's nonattendance of the wedding is Will's decision. Will agrees that there is no other place he would rather be than at Asa's party.

Sam & Nora's House

Sam tells Ben he appreciates his talking to Will on his behalf. Ben tells Sam that he thinks there's more to Will not coming to the wedding than meets the eye. They both agree that it's Asa and Ben wants to get to the bottom of it, but Sam tells him some other time. Tonite is his wedding and he doesn't want anything to stand in the way of it.

The Dress Shop

Lindsay is apologetic and telling Nora that the dressmaker can certainly fix the sleeve. As she tries to show Nora how, all Nora wants is for Lindsay to stay away from her and pushes her away. Lindsay pushes back and knocks Nora down. Nora looks up at Lindsay in horror. Bo enters and surveys the scene; Nora is on the floor and Lindsay is holding the sleeve, looking very guilty.

Wednesday, December 29, 1999

Nora is delayed at the dressmaker's after Lindsay rips the sleeve on her dress. Bo shows up and finds Nora on the ground after Lindsay pushed her down in frustration. After he helps Nora up, Lindsay gets angry because she thinks Bo always takes Nora's side over hers. Bo and Lindsay leave together to go to Asa's party but end up fighting over Lindsay's jealousy. The two decide they shouldn't move in together and Bo gets called away. Nora asks the dressmaker to call Sam and tell him that she is on her way home. Too late, however, the dressmaker realizes she doesn't have the phone number and Nora has left her cell phone behind. On her way home, the car breaks down and Nora gets stuck in a warehouse looking for a phone to call Sam.

In the Palace garage, an unknown driver attempts to run down R.J. Téa become hysterical and wants R.J. to call the police. R.J. tells her he doesn't feel like being interrogated tonite and wants her just to forget about the whole incident. When Hank walks up to them he suspects something is wrong and Téa says that R.J. will tell him later.

At the diner, Roseanne finds the message from Carlotta that Jessica has called Cristian. She decides to hide it, but Carlotta walks in and ask Cristian if he ever got the message. Cristian knows that Roseanne hid it and tells her that if she pulls this kind of stuff, they will never have a future together. He storms out to go find Jessica. When he finds her at the Palace party, he demands to speak to Jess and says it can't wait. First Jess says she won't leave Will, but they end up leaving together.

At Kevin's, Joey tells Kelly he has a big surprise for her. Kelly is also excited because they are going to announce their engagement. Joey leaves early to get the surprise ready and Kelly says she will meet him at the Palace. Kevin comes home from the party after getting angry at Asa and Kelly insists that he comes back with her to the party. She says she won't leave with out him. Kevin refuses, so Kelly makes a compromise: they will have one drink together at home, and then leave together for the Palace.

Thursday, December 30, 1999

"Last Episode of the Century":

Cristian's Car

Cristian pulled Jessica out of Asa's party at The Palace, pushed her into his car and is now spiriting her away to an unknown destination so Jessica wonders if this is "normal" behavior. Cris wants "no interruptions...just the two of us...going to a place where we can't hide from the truth." While Jessica believes there is "nothing left to say," Cristian wants to know if Jessica pushed him away after the accident when she "really didn't want to." Jessica tells him "it doesn't matter" but Cristian believes "if there wasn't that misunderstanding between us...we'd still be together." Later, he promises that if he had known about her problems, he "could have and would have helped" Jessica. "But that isn't what's too late," Jess tells him. "No it's's not too late now."

The Palace

Roseanne shows up looking for Jessica. Will doesn't want to believe that Jessica is with Cristian and is nervous to be seen with Roseanne. He doesn't want to help Roseanne "do something" to find them because "we've done way too much already...I practically sold my soul to keep him away from's obvious that she still wants to be with him." Roseanne feels she is "meant to be with Cristian" and all she needs to do is "get him away from Jessica and back to New York." She asks Will if he will help her find them.

Skye shows up "looking for a room" and sticks around the party to the dismay of Renee, Dorian and Blair. Max tells Blair she "looks beautiful" and promises that "the next year will be full of surprises."

Asa asks Lindsay to wait at the bar for Bo but Lindsay doesn't want to "miss out on a chance to make him miserable" so she stays at the party. Later, when Dorian asks Lindsay about Bo's whereabouts, she angrily tells her, "I don't know and I don't care."

Téa isn't in the holiday spirit and tells R.J. that "it's hard to be merry when someone has tried to mow down your date with a car." Hank shares his New Year's "resolution" with R.J.: to do "everything within my power to keep my brother and his friends safe." The guilt causes R.J. to promise to Téa that just after the New Year's countdown they will go someplace special: the police station to file a report. "I am going to keep you safe."

Later, while Joey is out on the roof waiting to surprise Kelly, Sophia joins him for "a double date, cowboy." Joey explains that he has arranged fireworks for Kelly so tonight she "will have her own private stars." Sophia thinks this is "the most romantic thing I've ever heard" and agrees to "go someplace else" so Joey and Kelly can be alone. "I hope she appreciates what she's got...if not, she will have to answer to me." But, of course, when Sophia tries to open the door, the combination that Renee gave Joey to bypass the new security system doesn't work and they are stuck on the roof.

The Millhouse

After their agreed one drink, Kevin reminds Kelly that her "boyfriend" is waiting for her at the Buchanan party. Kelly corrects Kevin that she is now Joey's "fiancée" and shows him her ring. Kevin is surprised that Joey hasn't shared the news with him but gets depressed when Kelly tells him she is sure Joey will ask him to be his best man. This starts another round: more drinks and conversation about Grace that leads to a discussion about alcohol and it's numbing effects. Kelly shares with Kevin that "it makes me feel good" to talk to him about Grace. Kevin confides in Kelly that he and Grace had planned to attend the Bolshoi Ballet in Philadelphia for New Year's Eve. "It's hard for me to understand how everything can just continue to go on and on and on when I can't...I just can't." Kelly hugs Kevin and reminds him that Grace would "want you to go on with your life." Kevin wonders if Kelly believes that Grace "watches" them; Kelly is sure of it. "The other day I was in my closet...and she said ‘don't wear that shirt, it's too bright, wear the other one-it's my favorite color.'"

Sam and Nora's House

Sam is convinced something has happened to Nora when she hasn't yet arrived home and he isn't able to reach her by cell phone. Viki assures him that Nora is "just running late" and will be home any minute. During the wait, Judge Kenyon has had way too much champagne and wants to go back to his hotel. Sam doesn't like this idea: "I've waited 20 years, you can wait 20 more minutes." After more champagne, the judge is passed out on the couch and Sam decides to take him back to The Palace Hotel to sleep it off and then go look for Nora. [At The Palace, Sam runs into Lindsay and asks where Bo is. Of course, this sets Lindsay off into her "poor me" mode and upon finding out that Nora hasn't yet returned home for her wedding, she spits at Sam: "Just because she left you again, don't blame me." But suddenly a light goes on and she changes her mind: "Oh, my god, I did do something...I had an argument with Bo and I sent him right back into Nora's arms..." Sam thinks Lindsay has "lost it" and is "being ridiculous" because, after all, Nora "was on her way home in her wedding dress... Your fight with Bo is your problem, my problem is finding my fiancée before midnight."]

Later, Ben and Viki dance without music and agree that Nora and Sam are missing a great wedding. Ben thinks that Sam will have the judge marry them "wherever Nora turns up" so it is likely that he and Viki will be alone in the house for quite a while. When Viki tells him that "then it will be the best wedding I've ever been to..." Ben wants her to "reserve judgment" because of a document which was delivered to him earlier in the day: his official divorce decree from Skye. Viki is thrilled but, meanwhile at The Palace, Dorian hands Skye a similar envelope that had been delivered to Dorian's and Skye isn't so thrilled. Skye vows, "This isn't over yet, Ben Davidson."


Locked in the warehouse, Nora is raging at the gods. "Do you think this is funny?" She finds a flashlight and tries to use Morse code to signal for help but can't remember what the signals should be. Soon, Bo comes to the door and tries to pry the lock open to free Nora but doesn't have any immediate luck. Nora pleads with him to try again instead of calling for backup. While she pulls and he pushes, the lock breaks and the door finally gives way and Bo lands on the floor with Nora. Nora calls Bo "my hero" and asks him to "get her to the church on time." While they are picking themselves up, a security door comes down and locks them both in the warehouse. Nora is frantic and raging again: "Life isn't fair..." Of course, Bo left his cell phone in his car and can't call "Sam, the National Guard or somebody, anybody..." but with the help of the Swiss Army knife he had earlier gifted to Nora, he thinks he can rewire the circuit box and bypass the timer to let them out of the locked warehouse. Bo is amused at recalling how Nora used to "make fun of my how-to books" but when she promises, "Honey, if you can get that door open, I will buy you a whole series of how-to books," he is quick to make a "deal." He also tells Nora, "Sam's a lucky look beautiful, Red."

Around Midnight

At The Palace, Asa rings a bell while Max blows a horn to get everyone's attention. Asa makes this announcement: "The bells of St. James will ring the final 10 seconds to midnight so if you're not with the one you love, love the filly you're with...Get ready."

As the bells begin to ring, we see:

Blair and Max kissing passionately.

Sam leaving to look for Nora - with Lindsay following along as usual.

Jessica and Cristian kissing.

Ben and Viki kissing.

Will and Roseanne looking bewildered.

Dorian and Skye standing near each other but all alone.

Joey and Sophia banging on the door from The Palace roof.

Kelly and Kevin sharing a passionate kiss.

Nora banging on the window of the warehouse shouting, "No, no, no..."

Bo, testing his rewiring of the circuit breaker, getting zapped and falling to the floor.


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Friday, December 31, 1999

by Tara Casey

OLTL will not be aired due to ABC 2000 programming. Happy New Year!!

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