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Asa received a box from Esther, containing Renee's baby's ID bracelet. The bomb R.J. had received turned out to be fake. Jessica told Cristian she had been the one who had tortured Dorian. Kevin got very upset when he accidentally erased the tape of Grace's birthday. Max gave Blair power of attorney. Will found out about the check Roseanne had received for $100,000. Joey became jealous of the attention Kelly was paying to Kevin. Blair moved some of Max's money into her own account. Everyone in Llanview had fantasies of how they'd like things to be.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 20, 1999 on OLTL
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Monday, December 20, 1999

Asa opened his package from Las Vegas. It was from the late Ester Hoffman, and it contained some items from her safe deposit box. Baby Buchanan's blanket and ID bracelet were included. Max tried to stop Asa from looking too closely at the bracelet, as it showed the baby's blood type. Renee caught on and told Asa that Max was just scared from spending so much time in the hospital of late.

After Asa left to go over the household bills with Nigel, Max told Renee that Blair wanted to put him away in the hospital. Renee told Max that she would put Blair away first and asked him why Blair would have said such a thing to him. Max stated that his wife was worried about him but that she hadn't told him anything; he had overheard her talking to Dorian. She had also mentioned wanting a "powerful attorney" to handle his money, but Renee realized that Blair had really said "power of attorney" because she wanted to have control. Blair had also told her aunt that she wanted to know how to have someone committed because of her uncertainty over Max's behavior.

Renee assured Max that she and Asa would never let Blair do anything to harm him. She also told him that as long as Asa was his father, he would have money.

Roseanne advised Cristian that she had mailed his package to Jessica. She had originally been upset to discover the gift but had realized that he was there in New York with her, so she wasn't bothered by it any longer. She also told Cristian that she'd had his paintings shown to a private art collector who had bought one. She showed him the $5000 she'd received for it. She decided to change into an appropriate outfit so that Cristian could show his appreciation to her for her good deeds.

Jessica opened her birthday present and discovered a snow globe-type music box from Cristian. She and Will were wondering why it appeared to be broken. Will thought that Cristian had sent it that way on purpose because of his feelings of anger toward Jessica, but he wasn't upset that she had received the gift. As the two discussed it, the music started to play "Silent Night," and the ticking sound stopped. After Will went to take a shower, Jessica called Cristian to thank him for the gift. She wondered if he'd be back in Llanview for the holidays, and Cristian wasn't sure. He told her about the sale of his painting.

R.J. opened the box that he'd received at the country club. It was a bomb. Kevin rushed to pick up the box while Bo called the bomb squad. As soon as Bo was finished with his phone call, he managed to get Kevin to put the box down. As he noticed that there was less than one minute left on the bomb's clock, he tried to get everyone to leave the premises immediately. Suddenly, he noticed that the bomb was a fake and cracked that Delphina had her wires crossed.

Bo attempted to speak with Kevin about his reckless actions, but Kevin refused to listen, saying that he had heard it all before. He hurriedly left, not wanting to hear what his uncle had to say. The bomb squad showed up and announced that the box contained dummy explosives. Bo cornered R.J. to try to find out who might have sent the package to him, but R.J. had no idea. Bo advised R.J. that someone was obviously trying to scare him that time, because there was a note in the box that read, "NEXT TIME YOU'RE DEAD."

Meanwhile, Joey and Kelly were at Kevin's house, trying in vain to locate him. Joey was concerned that he had jumped on Kevin about his drinking and other troubling behaviors. Kelly apologized to Joey for jumping on him, as well.

Dorian and Blair were together, discussing the Max situation. Blair said she couldn't take any more and that Max was brain damaged. Her aunt asked Blair to move back into her home, but Blair declined. She would never really put Max away. Dorian assured Blair that Asa loved Max, and since she loved Max, too, Asa would always be on her side.

After the bomb scare, Lindsay told Bo that she thought their love would be destroyed. Bo believed that Lindsay had already told him everything, so that would never happen. She was afraid that something might emerge from the past to haunt her.

R.J. told Téa that there were a lot of enemies in his past, and he had no idea who might have sent the package.

Kevin went home, and as he took a drink, Kelly walked downstairs. He told her how he'd tried to save lives and gotten in trouble. She questioned Kevin on what would have happened if the bomb had been real. She wondered if Bo had been right when he'd said that Kevin had tried to kill himself. Kevin denied that but said he didn't think about getting hurt, as he was no longer aware and was numb instead. He felt no fear, joy, or love in life because his future was gone; therefore, his feelings were, also. Kelly empathized with him, saying that she'd felt the same when Drew had died. She told him that he would eventually build a new future.

After taking leave of Dorian, Blair let herself into the Buchanan place. She encountered Asa and cried to him that she was scared. He reassured her and left for bed while she went into the other room to see Max. When he wouldn't speak to her, she told him that she would be going to their bedroom. He told her he wasn't tired.

As the evening wore on, many couples snuggled together: Lindsay and Bo, and R.J. and Téa among them. As Will slept, Jessica stared at the ceiling while Cristian did the same with Rosie asleep beside him. Joey awoke, unable to find Kelly until he went downstairs and found her asleep on the sofa, next to his brother.

Tuesday, December 21, 1999

Renee consulted Nora for legal advice about how to prevent Blair from committing Max. Blair walked in on Renee's conversation with Nora just as she suggested getting a restraining order against Blair. Renee and Blair exchanged harsh words, and Max broke up their fight by asking to speak with Nora alone. Blair then threatened Renee that she would tell Asa the truth if she was forced to leave the mansion. Renee and Blair were both shocked when Max announced that he had decided to grant Blair power of attorney.

Bo questioned a seemingly unconcerned R.J. about who could have sent him the bomb, but R.J. refused to reveal any of his shady contacts.

Kevin was devastated when he accidentally erased the videotape of Grace's birthday party. Joey told Kelly that he'd seen her asleep on the couch with Kevin, and the two had a frank discussion about her need to save his brother. Sophia enjoyed needling Kelly about her interest in Kevin. Later, Kelly ran into a distraught Kevin at the police station, and he collapsed in her arms. Sophia found great pleasure in alerting Joey that Kelly was comforting Kevin.

Roseanne had a nightmare that Jessica and Cristian had gotten back together. Roseanne and Cristian decided to stop over at the Bayberry Inn on their way back to Llanview and ended up in the room right next to Will and Jessica.

Wednesday, December 22, 1999

At the Buchanan house, Renee and Blair realized that Max had actually given Blair power of attorney, not gotten the restraining order Renee had wanted. Nora told Renee not to worry, as it might not even hold up because Max might not even be competent to make that kind of decision. Nora then reminded Blair that she could only use Max's assets to benefit him alone, or the order could be revoked. Bo ran into Nora at the mansion, and she told him that she was marrying Sam on New Year's Eve. They reminisced about New Year's Eves they had spent together in the past.

At the lodge where Will and Jessica were staying, Cristian and Roseanne checked into a room across the hall. First, Will and Roseanne ran into each other, and Will discovered that she had received a check for $100,000 that he hadn't sent. He didn't understand where it was from but told her not to worry about the money; it was most important that Jessica and Cristian didn't find each other.

Meanwhile, across the hall, Jessica and Cristian discovered there was a big misunderstanding between them; he hadn't known about the incident when Jessica had tried to run down Dorian. Cristian told her that he knew she'd needed him that night. Just as Jessica said that the new information "changes everything" and that she "hasn't been in the right frame of mind since the accident," Will walked in and sent Cristian back to his room.

Joey and Kelly argued over her involvement with Kevin. She said she understood him and was just trying to help, but Joey said he was sick of, every time he turned around, finding his brother with his hands all over his girlfriend. Sophia witnessed the couple's argument and saw it as an opportunity to get with Joey.

Lindsay and Nora ran into each other at the mall, and both wanted to buy the same keychain for their significant others. Nora taunted Lindsay and said that Bo would never use the keychain. She says Lindsay didn't even know Bo at all. Lindsay said she couldn't wait until Nora married Sam. Neither one ended up purchasing the keychain.

Dorian tried to convince Blair that she needed to take action immediately to protect her interests where Max was concerned. Blair said all she knew was how much she loved Max, but she was very confused at that moment. Later, at the Buchanan mansion, Max overheard Blair on the phone with the bank; she was requesting a transfer of his funds into her own bank account.

Thursday, December 23, 1999

The residents of Llanview gathered together for the annual Christmas ceremony and tree lighting. Bo presided over the ceremony. As he spoke about the past, the future, and the importance of friends and family, the residents of Llanview dreamed about the present and the future...

Viki pictured herself at Crossroads alone, waiting for Ben. He arrived and told Viki that he would always be there for her. Ben told her that things were only going to get better, but Viki didn't see how that could when things were so good already. He explained that the future was theirs, and it was full of surprises -- and, good or bad, "we're going to face them together." Ben told her that he loved her, and he was never going to leave her again. "I have everything I need now," Viki said. "Well, not everything," Ben said, slipping a real engagement ring on her finger.

In her fantasy, Lindsay was wearing a fancy wedding dress. "Did you ever imagine in your wildest dreams -- me, marrying Bo, moving into our dream house that he's building for me. Me, Mrs. Bo Buchanan! Just last night, he told me that I am the only woman he's ever truly loved," she told Nora, who was a seamstress working on Lindsay's dress.

Still in Lindsay's fantasy, Bo arrived and didn't even notice Nora. "How do you like becoming Mrs. Bo Buchanan?" Bo asked her. "I love it. And I love you for forgiving me for changing your test results and for paying to have Matthew's paternity test results changed," Lindsay said. "But you did those things for love," Bo said, kissing her.

Nora envisioned herself arriving home with Sam. "Another gala, another award," she said. The table was already covered with awards, and Sam picked up one to move it. "No, not that one. That's my favorite," Nora said. It was an award written in a child's handwriting that had "For Best Mom and Dad" written on it. "This one? You like this one more than our Supreme Court win?" Sam asked. Nora nodded.

In Nora's vision, Matthew walked downstairs and said that he'd thought he'd heard Santa. Sam took him up to bed, and Nora went to the closet to take out some wrapping paper. She was surprised to find Bo working in the closet. She wondered what he was doing, and he told her that the workers had never finished it. "You know me. I just hate unfinished business," he explained.

Later that night, still in Nora's vision, Matthew was up in bed, and the doorbell rang. Nora told Sam that dinner had arrived. She'd had it catered. Sam said that he wouldn't mind if she never learned how to cook. When Nora opened the door, she was surprised once again at the sight of Bo. "What are you doing here? Why do you keep popping up everywhere?" she asked. "Don't ask me, this is your fantasy," Bo told her. "I didn't do this. I don't want you here. I just wanted dinner," she said, pulling in the cart and shutting the door behind her.

Later in Nora's vision, she and Sam kissed, and Bo entered the room. Nora excused herself when she saw him, and she went to ask Bo why he was there. "I'm just leaving. For good this time," Bo said. Nora opened the door for him. "Now, go!" she told him. "Merry Christmas," Bo said. Nora shut the door for the last time and returned to her husband.

R.J. pictured himself as police commissioner. He imagined that Bo was in trouble with the law, and he was working with John to apprehend him. Téa arrived and joined them. "Abuse of power. He has to pay," she said. John left, and Téa and R.J. were alone. They happily kissed, but suddenly, something happened, and a feeling of danger took over R.J.

John imagined Wally the dog running in. John was all set to yell at Sophia for letting him out, but then Rae followed him in. "I hear you're the man to see about a speeding ticket," she said. Rae told him that she'd had to see him again. He asked her if she'd found what she'd been looking for, and she told him that she hadn't found what she'd been looking for in Pine Valley, but she had found something she hadn't been looking for. They kissed.

Roseanne imagined Cristian painting her. "Don't you ever get tired of painting me? There are other things to paint, you know," she said to him. "For me, there's only you," Cristian told her. Roseanne told him that she had everything she'd ever dreamed of -- Cristian was getting paid thousands of dollars for his paintings, they were living luxuriously at Llanfair... "It's you and me, Roseanne, forever," he told her.

Meanwhile, Cristian imagined himself painting Jessica. She told him that she had always loved him. She apologized for taking so long to remember. He told her that it didn't matter because they were finally together.

Will dreamed of a life with Jessica, as well. He saw them living a rich life in a mansion. Jessica walked in and told him that she had just put their daughter, Maggie, to bed. Will said that he'd go up to see her later. Cristian entered then and announced that dinner was ready. He then wished Will and Jessica a merry Christmas and thanked them both for giving him the job. He said that the job suited him much better than art ever had. He left, and Jessica turned to the maid. "That will be all, Ms. Delgado," she said.

Blair saw herself and Max at dinner. Dr. Babcock entered. "Sorry to interrupt, but I have reviewed Mr. Buchanan's records. His aneurysm was a mistake. He is absolutely fine. Congratulations," he said, leaving. Max and Blair realized that they could get married again, for the right reasons. They didn't need Asa and Renee anymore, because they had each other. Blair looked up then and obviously didn't like what she saw. Her fantasy backed up, and they again said that they could get married for the right reasons. "And we can keep scamming Asa and Renee. But most importantly, we'll have each other," Max declared.

Dorian imagined R.J. giving her an award for her generosity and tireless philanthropy. He called her up to accept the "Humanitarian of the Millennium" award. She went up to give her acceptance speech. Dorian declared that she would not let the award dull her commitment. "I will remain committed to you, the people of Llanview," she added. After the speech, everyone went over to give her their congratulations, including Viki, who had also been nominated for the award. "Clearly, the best woman won," she told Dorian happily.

In Kelly's fantasy, she was sitting outside, waiting for her guest to arrive for dinner. Kevin and Joey walked in, each holding a bouquet of flowers for her. "I didn't expect both of you," Kelly said.

Asa imagined a life without Blair and the Rappaports. "Blair all packed up and gone?" he asked Max. "Yep, and not a minute too soon," Max said. The guests arrived. "Everybody, welcome. Now we got ourselves a real holiday. Y'all get yourself a drink," Asa told his guests. When everyone had a drink, Asa raised his glass. "To the Buchanans!" everyone said.

Still in Asa's fantasy, Bo walked in and gave handcuffs to Kevin and Joey. "All right, boys, round 'em up," Bo said, and the three of them put the cuffs on Sam, Ben, and Will and took them away. Nora entered then and asked Asa if Sam had just been led out of the place in handcuffs. Asa said that he had, and Nora happily thanked him. She linked arms with Bo, and they sat down.

As Asa's fantasy continued, he told Viki that Clint was on his way. "Asa, I don't know what we would do without you," Viki told him. Kevin then told Asa that he had been all wrong about Grace, and she really hadn't been the one for him. Jessica then joined them and said the same things about Will. "I'm so proud of you. You are the greatest cowboy that ever lived," Renee told him.

Back at the ceremony, Bo continued, "So, cherish every moment of happiness throughout the entire year. It is now my pleasure to introduce Victoria Lord-Carpenter. She'll light the lights on our tree."

Viki stood up then. "Thank you, Bo. As I was listening to our commissioner, I thought about what he was saying. And I thought about what I want most for Christmas. The intangible gifts are the ones that have brought me the most joy -- peace, friendship, and love. The love of our friends and family. Most of all, the love of that one special person that makes everything else possible. And now," Viki said, stopping to light the tree, "Merry Christmas, everyone!"

Friday, December 24, 1999

Viki was on the phone with Nora, who had heard from Sam that Ben had been in Las Vegas, but had left before he'd gotten there. Sam had no idea where Ben had gone, and Sam was trying to make it home in time for Christmas. Nora offered to head over and keep Viki company, but Viki said that she'd be okay because Kevin was there, and they and the rest of her children would be going to St. James church later on. After getting off the phone, she tried to put the angel on top of the tree but found she wasn't tall enough and wished Ben were there to do it. The doorbell rang, and Viki opened it, hoping it was Ben, but it wasn't; it was Skye.

Skye claimed that she'd seen Ben in Las Vegas, and he'd asked her to pass on holiday greetings to Viki. She enjoyed reminding Viki that she hadn't heard from Ben in days and claimed that he'd gone back to his old ways and old life. Viki insisted that Skye was lying, that she hadn't see Ben at all and was just trying to hurt Viki, but it was obvious that a little part of Viki still wondered if Skye really had seen Ben. Kevin walked into the foyer just then and said that it was his turn "to take out the trash" as he grabbed Skye by the arm and dragged her out the door. He promised that he would meet Viki later at the church.

A little while later, the doorbell rang, and Viki opened the door to find Starr standing alone on the doorstep with a big poinsettia plant for her "Aunt Viki." When Viki wondered how she'd gotten there, Dorian showed herself, and Viki had no choice but to let her in because of Starr. Viki sent Starr to put some candy canes on the tree while she and Dorian talked. Dorian freely admitted that she had used Starr to get Viki to let her in, surprising Viki with her honesty. Dorian wanted to explain about Skye, that Dorian was only allowing her to stay at her house because of Blair.

"Blair?" Viki asked, confused. "I can't go into details," Dorian said, but she was on Blair's side -- and Viki's side -- not Skye's. Dorian went on to reassure Viki that Skye hadn't found Ben on her trip to Las Vegas. Viki was relieved to have her doubts laid to rest, and the two women reached a truce, with Dorian telling Viki to not give up hope because Ben would return to her. Starr ran out and said that she thought she'd just seen Santa Claus fly by. She asked to go home so she could check under the tree. She and Dorian left and went over to Asa's house.

Viki walked back into the living room and looked at the tree. Suddenly, she noticed that the angel she hadn't been able to put on the tree before was sitting on top of the tree. She turned, found Ben standing behind her, and rushed into his arms.

Kevin not only took Skye out of Viki's house, but he also walked her all the way to the park. He was drinking again, out of a flask, and Skye admitted that she badly wanted to take a drink. She didn't, though, and tried to convince Kevin that he should quit drinking because it wouldn't get rid of his pain. Kevin didn't see that not drinking was making Skye any happier or free of pain, so he decided to keep on drinking.

Will and Jessica stopped by the gallery to see Lindsay and asked her to drop off a present to Sam that Will had bought for him. Lindsay agreed and asked them to stop by the next day so they could open presents together.

Bo stopped by Nora and Sam's house to drop off a present for Matthew. He also raised the topic of Nora's impending marriage and said that, although he loved her and always would, he wished her nothing but happiness with Sam. He was not sure if he'd be able to make the ceremony, so he gave the bride-to-be a kiss on the cheek to congratulate her in advance. Of course, Lindsay arrived just at that moment to drop off Will's present and jealously watched them through the window. She rang the bell, and when Nora opened the door, Lindsay awkwardly gave her the presents and left as soon as she could, with Bo on her heels.

Bo called after Lindsay to wait, but she just kept going. He caught up with her back at the gallery and assured her that nothing was going on between him and Nora. Lindsay accepted his explanation, and the two exchanged presents. Lindsay got him a replica of a snow fort he'd once told her that he and Clint had built as children. Bo's gift made Lindsay laugh; it was a key to his place, but it was on the keychain that she and Nora had been arguing about at the store.

Back at Nora's house, she heard a noise in the living room and went out there, baseball bat in hand, to see who it was. She was shocked to see Santa Claus putting presents under the trees. It was Sam; he'd wanted to surprise her, and he'd actually already been on the plane when he'd called to tell her he was having trouble finding a flight.

At the Buchanan mansion, it was not a very happy Christmas Eve, with Renee and Blair at each other's throats. Renee finally explained to Asa when he asked what was going on about Max giving Blair power of attorney. Blair insisted that she would only use it for Max's benefit, which made Max angry, because he knew she'd already used it to drain money from his account. After creating a pretend tantrum over a Christmas ornament, Max stormed out of the house and over to the Palace Hotel restaurant, where he ran into R.J.

Max, for some unknown reason, confided in R.J. that he was faking his condition and told him how Blair had betrayed his trust. Renee found him there and begged him to return, because he really was a member of the Buchanan family and belonged with them on Christmas Eve. Max finally agreed and went back to the mansion, where he picked up a present from under the tree, which he said was for the most important woman in his life. Blair waited for Max to give it to her, but instead, he walked past her and handed it to Renee, much to Blair's dismay.

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