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Passions Recaps: The week of December 20, 1999 on PS
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Monday, December 20, 1999

At the Crane house, Ivy and Julian were discussing Martin Fitzgerald. Ivy wondered if he was really dead or if he had something on the Cranes that was making Julian and his father afraid. Ivy wanted to know if the man in New Mexico was really Martin. Julian told her that they'd better pray that he never showed up in Harmony.

Julian and Ivy discussed the tree lighting ceremony. Julian was very disinterested, but Ivy felt that it was important for Ethan's political career that they get to know the people of Harmony. After the tree lighting ceremony, Ivy would be having her dinner party. Julian couldn't understand why Ivy had invited the Bennetts. He wondered what kind of boring dish Grace would take to the dinner. Julian said that he might ask Sam to dig into Ivy's past. Ivy told him that there was nothing in her past that he didn't already know.

Martin Fitzgerald was lurking outside the Lopez-Fitzgerald house. He said that everyone would be surprised to see him, especially Julian. Pilar and Luis were in the kitchen. Pilar lit a candle for Martin and Antonio to keep them safe and for them to return home one day. Luis said that Pilar probably wouldn't recognize Martin. Pilar said that she would always recognize her husband.

Luis told Pilar that she didn't know Martin, just like she didn't really know Sheridan. He told Pilar how Sheridan had pretended to be happy when he'd given her the compact, but he'd later found it in the trash. He said that she was just a spoiled debutante. He said that Sheridan had acted differently when they'd been in New Mexico, but he should have known that she was just like her family. Pilar told him that Sheridan was nothing like Julian or Alistar. Luis said that he would be there for Hank when Sheridan dumped him.

Sheridan and Hank were at the tree lighting ceremony. He told Sheridan that his family really liked her. He said that the girls were probably wondering when they would be getting married. Sheridan said that she was not planning on marrying anyone for a long time. She said again how glad she was that she'd found the compact that Luis had given her.

Grace was telling the girls how wonderful it would be if Santa picked Charity to light the Christmas tree. She said that Charity had been through a lot that year, losing her mother. Kay, Simone, and Jessica all said that they would be very happy if Charity were picked. Kay told Simone that she knew that Santa would pick her, and she would pick Miguel. Charity and Miguel were at the Book Café, eating chestnuts. Miguel said that it reminded him of his father roasting chestnuts when he'd been little. He said that if his father were to return, it would be a wonderful Christmas for his mother, but it would be horrible for Luis.

Tabitha was dressed as Santa Claus. Timmy was dressed as one of her elves. Tabitha was going to pick Charity to light the tree, and she knew that Charity would pick Miguel to help her. Timmy was supposed to manipulate the switch, and when they lit the tree, Miguel and Charity would die. Timmy said that they were nice kids, and he didn't want them to die. Tabitha said that she didn't really want them to die, but there was just no other way. It had to happen that night.

Gwen and Ethan encountered Theresa and Whitney at the ceremony. Gwen asked Theresa where her boyfriend was. Before Theresa could answer, Whitney said that Theresa had some things to check on for the ceremony. Gwen said that they would be waiting. Gwen told Ethan that Theresa didn't really have a boyfriend. She said that the only boy that Theresa was interested in was him.

Ethan didn't really believe Gwen. Gwen said that once he found out that Theresa was interested in him, she would accept his proposal because she would really believe that he was sincere. Whitney told Theresa that she should just tell Gwen and Ethan the truth. Before Theresa could go on with her story to Gwen and Ethan, they were interrupted by Santa, played by Tabitha.

After Pilar and Luis left, Martin entered the house. He placed a call to Julian, but a housekeeper answered the phone and told him that the Cranes had attended the tree lighting ceremony. Martin decided to attend the ceremony himself. He was not sure where it was held but decided to follow the music.

Julian and Ivy arrived at the ceremony. Ivy spotted Sam and said to herself that she had a surprise for Sam. T.C. and Sam also saw Ivy and Julian, but Sam quickly turned away from Ivy. Pilar and Luis also arrived and spotted Hank and Sheridan. Hank told Sheridan that she should get in line so that Santa would pick her to light the Christmas tree, and then she could pick him. She told him that she wouldn't get in line for him or Luis.

Hank left to get some hot cider. Sheridan saw Luis and thanked him again for the compact. She said that it really came in handy. Luis asked her if she got some sick pleasure, thinking that she could play him for a chump. He told her that he knew what she thought of the compact. He told her that whatever rich girl game she was playing, it was not working.

Sheridan looked stunned as Luis walked away. Sheridan caught up with Luis and wanted to know what he'd meant by what he'd said. He said that he just wanted her to know that he really knew what she thought about the compact. Sheridan showed him the compact, and he was surprised that she still had it. Neither one of them saw Martin lurking nearby.

All the young ladies of Harmony were gathered around, waiting to see who Santa picked. Gwen said that Ethan wanted her in line because he thought that she was the prettiest girl there. Gwen told Theresa that it wouldn't be long before the truth about her boyfriend was revealed. Santa was looking at all the young ladies, and it looked like he was about to pick Kay.

Santa ended up picking Charity instead. Everyone applauded for Charity. Charity picked Miguel to help her light the tree. Julian noticed that Santa and his helper were leaving instead of having their picture taken with the winner. Gwen told Theresa that since the contest was over and there was no chance for her to be interrupted again, she wanted to know about Theresa's boyfriend. Gwen asked her if her boyfriend was there. Theresa said that he was. Gwen told Theresa to just go over and tap her boyfriend on the shoulder.

Tabitha and Timmy were making their getaway. Timmy said that they were nice kids. Tabitha said she was sorry that it had taken so long to get rid of them. Everyone was counting down until it was time for Charity and Miguel to pull the switch.

Tuesday, December 21, 1999

Pleasantly surprised when Sheridan produced the compact, Luis realized he might have misjudged her yet again. As Julian grumbled about having to mingle with the rabble, Ivy advised her husband to force a smile onto his face and fake some holiday spirit until the tree lighting ceremony was over. Gwen demanded that Theresa point out the man of her dreams. Tabitha ground her teeth in frustration when Charity interrupted the countdown to thank her new friends and family members for all the love they'd shown her.

Meanwhile, the real Santa awoke and discovered he was late for the ceremony in the park. Hank confided to Pilar how much he hoped to woo and win Sheridan. Martin averted his face when Luis and Sheridan offered to help him extricate his foot from a grate. Timmy wailed along with the other citizens of Harmony as their Christmas tree suddenly burst into flames and an electric shock knocked Charity and Miguel to the ground.

Later, Tabitha slipped a special potion into her guest's next hot toddy to ensure that Santa would recall nothing about their meeting when he was questioned by the authorities. Miguel and Charity emerged from their ordeal, completely unscathed.

Wednesday, December 22, 1999

Julian was upset to spot Martin on the streets of Harmony. Tabitha fainted dead away when she found the "late" Miguel and Charity at her front door. Sam and T.C. listened skeptically to the drunken Santa's story about a weird little elf and some strange woman luring him away from the park. After coming to, Tabitha feigned joy at her young visitors' miraculous escape from certain death.

Ivy refused to let Grace off the hook when Sam's wife hesitated at accepting an invitation to the Cranes' holiday party. Luis watched Hank kissing Sheridan under the mistletoe. Eve hid from Grace the real reason she tried to avoid the Cranes like the plague. Kay was humiliated when Reese accidentally spilled glitter all over her dress just as Miguel walked in with her rival.

Sam finally confided to T.C. the details of his youthful romance with Ivy. Sheridan laughed off Hank's suggestion that she was beginning to fall for Luis. After Charity decided to decorate her neighbor's house as a surprise, Kay reluctantly chipped in the money she had planned to use to buy a new outfit. Meanwhile, Tabitha exercised her nasty streak by robbing a blind woman on the street corner.

Thursday, December 23, 1999

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Friday, December 24, 1999

Over dinner, Ethan told a thrilled Gwen that they could get on with their wedding plans because he realized she was right about Theresa. Charity recalled for Miguel that her mother had loved angels. Julian was appalled to spot Martin skulking outside the window. At the Book Café, Chad said bah humbug to the holiday spirit and told Whitney the only Christmas gift he wanted was for Orville to regain his memory.

Ivy gleefully informed a bristling Grace that she'd only kissed Sam because she'd caught him standing under the mistletoe. The little angel urged Tabitha to come into the light and save her soul. Out of his wife's earshot, Sam furiously hissed at Ivy to never pull such a stunt again. Kay's face fell when Miguel gave Charity the romantic gift she'd been hoping to receive. Martin demanded more money from Julian.

Though Timmy hoped for a Christmas miracle, Tabitha stubbornly rejected the angel's offer of redemption. Hiding nearby, Theresa watched Ethan open her "anonymous" gift. The little angel promised a dazzled Timmy that his heavenly reward would always be waiting for him when he was ready to leave Tabitha and her evil ways behind. Eve was agitated to see Chad sitting with her daughters at midnight mass.

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