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Monday, December 13, 1999

Antonio told Gabi he feels like a tremendous weight has been lifted from his shoulders at last. Meanwhile, outside in the shadows, a seething Ricardo loads his gun. Carmen frantically explains to Meg why she is the only one who can save Maria now. Derek suggests to Tess that the best solution to their numerous problems would be to eliminate all their enemies in one fell swoop. In the basement, Maria weeps to find Ben's seemingly lifeless body lying under a sheet. Weary of Carmen's rantings, Sara decides to go wring the truth out of Tess. Derek told Tess he's drugged his twin brother while they decide how to permanently dispose of Ben and the others. Later, as Tess listens in, Casey places another carefully worded call to Sara. Michael confides to Vanessa how worried he is about Ricardo. After letting the air out of one of his brother's tires, Ricardo calls Michael and claims he just saw Gabi and Antonio making love. As Maria leans over him, Ben murmurs a declaration of love---for Meg. Tess catches Sara snooping and takes her captive at gunpoint. Ricardo slyly leads Michael to believe that he's been shot by Antonio.

Tuesday, December 14, 1999

Meg is at Zack's house asking Benjy if he knows the whereabouts of Maria or Ben but Benjy resists saying that she just wants him and his mother to go away. Meg eventually convinces Benjy that she really needs his help and that she won't try to keep his Daddy away from his Mommy. As she continues to question him, Benjy told her that Maria went away and that Tess said they were going to go look for her in the morning. Eventually Benjy told Meg that Tess has a box where she keeps all her secrets.

Sara is at Ben's house going through all of the Passports and Money Transfer papers and asking herself why Ben and Tess would be leaving the country together with Benjy. She decides the police would be interested in the information she found but as she gets up to leave, Tess walks in to the room pointing a gun at her and saying that she just could stay out of other people's business. Tess told Sara that she's already called the police and that they are on the way but she doesn't fall for it. Then Sara grabs Tess and they begin to struggle. Tess eventually gets the upper hand knocking Sara to the floor. She points the gun and demands that Sara do exactly what she wants or she will never see Casey again.

Maria is stroking Ben's hair (yuck!) while he's laying on the metal table Unconscious...
Maria: You really do love Meg. It's been her all along. I can't think about that right now, I have to get us out of here.
Ben: Maria, Maria?
Maria: Yes, Ben it's me. It's me. We have to get out of here. We have to get to the police. Do you understand?
Ben: Yeah, Yeah.
Maria: Okay. Do you think that you can walk?
Derek: I'm afraid he can't my dear. [standing at the basement door holding a knife and smiling] But an "A" for effort. I mean really Maria, can't you see how attached my brother's become to his new home? The sort of place you want to live and die in, hmm? The latter won't be long in coming by the way.

Derek walks down the stairs while Maria looks on and Ben is struggling to wake up.

Derek: I'm not the best pleased with your escape attempt, Maria. Really, I'm not. I think you'll have to be reprimanded.
Ben: Leave her alone you bastard
Derek: Oh, he speaks.
Ben: Let her go it's me you want, isn't it?
Derek: True, true. But after everything we've been through, surely you know I want everything you have as well.
Ben: I said let her go
Derek: Don't tell me what to do. I'm in charge here.
Ben: Still a coward I see [Ben tries lifting himself up]
Derek: You watch it! God you make me sick. Look at you, you're beaten and you have a woman throwing herself all over you. What is it about you? What is it that you think you have the rest of the world does not?
Maria: Honor.
Derek: Oh is that what you think it is Maria? You think this piece of garbage has honor? Well, let me tell you, you weren't in my house when we were growing up. You didn't see how he took every little advantage. How he turned people against me. He turned my mother against me. Well, I've spent my entire adult life trying to get back from him what is rightfully mine and now.
Ben: Now? I wouldn't count on it if I were you, Derek. You botched up twice before remember? With Meg and with Maria.
Derek: Well not this time, Boyo. You don't even know what I've already done.
Ben: I don't know if I care anymore.
Derek: Don't you? Have any memory flashes recently, about the time we spent together in Seattle, Maria? No? Well, perhaps it's time for me to fill in the blanks for both of you. Tess and I found you right after your supposed drowning and took you straight off to Seattle. My God you were a pain in the neck Maria. Your whining about Ben, your feeble attempts to escape. Rather like tonight in fact. Always to no great affect.
Maria: You drugged me
Derek: Actually, Tess did that. I hate needles.
Maria: You Son of a ...
Derek: I remember you had a little flash of memory about that. Right as rain, wasn't it? Fat lot of good that did you, eh? You still let her live in your house even though you thought she wasn't who she said she was. You have no idea how many time I thought I was going to have to shut you up in here and in Seattle. Unfortunately, I needed you. You were the key to getting back everything Ben stole from me.
Ben: Derek, look at me. What did I ever steal from you? Even after I left England, you just couldn't handle the fact that I had a life and you had nothing?
Derek: I have nothing? Is that what you think Ben? Well, let's run through a little checklist shall we. I have you and Maria waiting to die and I'm about to assume control of your entire fortune and I'm riding off into the Sunset with my son and his mother.
Ben: What?
Derek: Oh come on, Ben. You really didn't think that Benjy was yours. Yeah, it looks like I finally have something that you don't. That's right Benjy's my son and nothing can change that
Ben: You sick twisted bas---
Derek: How does it feel to be on the other side for a change, to be the one left wanting? Well, now maybe you'll know what it's been like for me. Not to worry though, it will all be over soon.
Maria: [spots a hammer on a shelf behind her and picks it up]
Derek: You won't have to endure the years of torture as I did. But at least I will have the satisfaction of knowing that you both died suffering.
Maria: You bastard! [as she attacks Derek with the hammer]
Derek: Hey, hey, hey. Bad girl, very bad girl. Do you know what we do to bad girls? [grabbing her]

A while later Tess comes into the house with Sara as Derek walks into the room and asks what the hell is going on. Tess explains that Sara found her at Ben's with the passports. Sara still think it's Ben she talking to asks what he's doing with Tess. Angrily Derek told Sara to shut up and she realizes that it's Derek and not Ben.

Meanwhile Meg breaks into Ben's and finds the cedar box in Tess' room. She carries the box out to the patio and finds a photo of Derek and Tess from Seattle. She starts to flash back and realizes that it's Derek and not Ben. At the mysterious house, Derek and Tess shove Sara into the room with Casey.
Sara: Casey, Casey.
Casey: Sara
Sara: What is going on?
Derek: Oh good God you are nauseating. You know this is only going to complicate matters further, Tess
Tess: What should I have done, Derek, shot her in Ben's living room and just left her there?
Derek: Well you know we're going to have Meg hot on our heels now don't you? We can have a Cummings family reunion the rate we're going.
Sara: No Meg doesn't know anything about this.
Derek: Oh really?
Sara: Yeah, she would have stopped me if she had any suspicions about Ben or about you. I didn't say a word, so please just leave her out of it.
Derek: You know, as much as you annoy me, you're more of a renegade than that straight-laced sister of yours
Tess: Besides Meg could never find this place.
Derek: Well I hope you're right. All right we have to get going fast. Go back get Benjy.
Tess: If I go you're not going to do anything rash
Derek: Sweetie, just go and get our son
Sara: Casey, I love you
Casey: I love you too Sara
Derek: Yeah, well there's so much love in this room, why don't you make it a Greek Tragedy, uh? Then you all perish together.

Down in the basement, Maria and Ben are tied back to back and Ben has shackles on his ankles...
Maria: How are you feeling?
Ben: Great and you! I'm sorry. Actually the drugs are wearing off. I can't believe what they did to you and those lies.
Maria: Oh, don't
Ben: They were lies, weren't they, Maria? About our son?
Maria: Ben
Ben: Tell me.
Maria: No, they weren't lies.
Ben: God in heaven.
Maria: They conceived him. They conceived him with this plan in mind. To take everything you had and for Benjy to inherit it.
Ben: The Test. What about the DNA test?
Maria: You're identical twins, you have the same DNA as Derek. That little boy, he doesn't know about any of this
Ben: Well one things for sure, we can't let Tess and Derek raise him.
Maria: They're just monsters.
Ben: Yeah, tell me about it. Well, he may be there's but because of them, he's ours now. He's ours in every way that matters and we'll raise him that way
Maria: Okay.
Ben: But first we have to get out of this.
Maria: It's for Benjy.
Ben: For us.

Back in the room with Casey and Sara, Derek is punching Casey around until he knocks him out. Then he picks Casey up, throwing him into the closet along with Sara as she's yelling. Derek nails the closet door shut and told them that he is planning to set fire to the house with them in it. Meanwhile Tess is at Zack's and told his mother that she's there to pick up Benjy and the mother told her that Meg was there earlier talking to him.

Back at the mysterious house...
Ben: Why don't you try to get your hand under mine.
Maria: I don't think this is working.
Ben: Where the hell are we, can anyone hear us if we yell?
Maria: No, Derek told me I could scream all I wanted but that no one would hear me, when they brought me here and I found that they had Casey.
Ben: Casey? Casey here's too
Maria: He came looking for you.
Ben: I don't believe this
Maria: At least he came on his own. The way I can figure it, Sara and Meg don't have a clue about any of this. I know how much it would kill you if Meg was in danger. I know how much you still love her, and you always will. You know, just thank God she's not here too.
Ben: Maria?

Upstairs, Derek is walking into the kitchen looking for a match when door bell rings...
Derek: I can play benevolent Ben one last time. [he opens the door] Meg?
Meg: Hello Derek

Gabi and Antonio are approaching the car and talking about the fact that Antonio got a chill down his spine. Gabi warns him saying that usually means that someone is walking over a grave.

Meanwhile, Ricardo is on the phone telling Michael and Vanessa that he found Gabi and Ricardo naked in bed together. Ricardo went on to make it sound as though Gabi and Antonio are coming after him, then he shoots the gun off so that Michael and Vanessa think he's been shot. Ricardo hangs up the phone and throws it into the woods saying that all that is left is to ruin their lives for good.

At the police station Michael and Vanessa are telling Spence and Stelle that they heard Ricardo tell them that they found Gabi and Antonio together right before they heard a shot.

At the cabin are talking about how great it will be for Ricardo and how wonderful it is that Ricardo has put their affair behind him and forgiven them. When they start to get into the truck, Antonio notices that the jeep has a flat. He fixes the flat tire and told Gabi that he feels that they have all gotten through the rough times and that she is his best friend. Meanwhile Ricardo is back at the airport dressed in a priest's outfit. As he heads toward the storage lockers, he spots the guy sweeping the floor and recognizes him as the same one he first saw dressed as Antonio. So to make sure the guy spots him by dropping the gun. The man calls him Father and asks what he's doing with a gun but Ricardo says it's not real and he's using it for a class he teaching about guns.

At the Police Station, Michael and Vanessa are telling Spence and Stelle about what they heard saying that it doesn't make sense. As they're talking Stelle flashes back to the conversation she had with Ricardo about Gabi being at work when he thought she was. After the flash back she asks Michael about Gabi and Antonio's relationship. Michael and Vanessa hesitate to say anything else but Stelle and Spence rush off to find the cabin. As Michael and Vanessa are writing up their police statements, Michael is telling her that he knows more than he told anyone else and that it could make Gabi and Antonio look very guilty.

At Ricardo's Gabi and Antonio open the door and find Spence and Stelle searching the apartment and they ask where Ricardo is. Back at the airport the cleaning guy has notified Security about seeing the Priest with a gun. When they walk away, Ricardo, dressed in his normal clothes, comes around the corner and says "Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition"

Wednesday, December 15, 1999

Tied together in the basement, Maria sadly told Ben she now knows his heart belongs to Meg. Tess grows agitated when she learns that Meg had a heart-to-heart chat with Benjy earlier that evening. Meanwhile, Meg told Derek she's on to his masquerade, then claims she's fallen in love with him. A troubled Michael quietly confides to Vanessa how Gabi forced Ricardo to take out a million dollar life insurance policy in which she is named as sole beneficiary. At the loft, Gabi and Antonio are stunned the police chief reveals that Antonio can walk--and has now apparently disappeared. Later, the chief privately told Spence she's certain Ricardo's wife and brother are lying through their teeth. A skeptical Derek tests Meg's claim that she's been hungering for him all along. Hiding out at the cabin, Ricardo has a nightmare about the results of his recent handiwork. Meg grabs Derek's gun and orders him to reveal what he's done with Ben. Easily disarming her, Derek takes Meg downstairs for a bittersweet reunion with her lover.

Thursday, December 16, 1999

Gabi and Antonio:
The DA was basically beating around the bush trying to get answers of Gabi and Antonio. Antonio said that he thinks that the DA thinks they had something to do with Ricardo being missing. The DA got a call saying that a priest with Antonio's description had a gun in a locker at the airport terminal. The DA got Spencer to come in the room. Spencer was told to take Gabi and Antonio up to the cottage to look for Ricardo. Gabi and Antonio left the room and the DA told Spencer that they aren't to talk to anyone. Spencer took them up to the cottage. Gabi and Antonio were in the car and Antonio told Gabi that there was more to the story than what they are saying. Later after a Cop came in the room with a box of items that came from the locker. It included the will, the insurance, the tape, and the gun. The DA popped in the tape and saw Gabi and Antonio making love. She agreed they were the murders.

Ricardo was feeling guilty about what he had done. He was saying to himself that they did not deserve to spend the rest of their lives in jail. He picked up the cell phone and started to dial when, he started hallucinating and seeing Gabi and Antonio holding each other and saying that Ricardo was to nice and all that stuff. Ricardo threw what ever was in his hand and said that they did deserve to rot in jail what they did to him.

Richards' Residence:
Olivia as drunk as ever was down stair playing Christmas music and trying to decorate the tree which was leaned on a side. Annie came down the stairs and turned off the music. Olivia asked he what she thought she was doing. Annie told her that's he should go to bed. Olivia refused saying that it was Christmas. Annie told her that he drove everyone away. Olivia told her that she did it because she loved them and at least she didn't drag them down with her. She look in to a box and found an ornament that Sean made for her, but she could not remember what grade he was in. she tried to put it high in the tree but it dropped and break. she was devastated she fell to her knees crying her eyes out. Rose came out and Annie told her to take Olivia to bed. Rose helped her up and took her upstairs. Annie said to herself that Olivia deserves every bad thing that she could throw at her, but no one not every Olivia deserved what was going on.

Jude and Gregory:
Gregory (dressed at Tobias) went to a room of pipes and called to see if anyone was there. Then Jude came out. Gregory talked about how he (Jude) let Caitlin slip threw his hands. Jude said that he would get her back, then Jude said that he was going to get back AJ for not even noticing him, that when he revealed the AJ was his father).

Evan's Brothers, Cummings Sisters, Maria, Tess, and Casey:
Derek told Ben that he was going to watch his women die. He stated walk a way and Ben tripped him, got up and jumped on him. Tess grabbed the gun and Maria jumped on her and grabbed her hair. Tess started for the stairs and Maria ran after her. Maria jumped on her again punching her in the face and telling her that's he won't get away. Tess got away and ran towards the door. Maria picked up a vase and threw it at the back of her head. Meanwhile Casey got up and Sarah untied his feet. He arm slammed the door and then kicked out the weak spot with his feet. Sarah want to hug Casey so they comforted each other. Ben got the gun and Derek grabbed Meg and said that he would snap her neck before he finish pulling the trigger. Ben put down the gun and Derek said "Now Simon says take 2 steps back." Ben did just that. Derek bent down to get the gun and Meg elbowed him the stomach. Ben jumped on him the gun fired. Sarah and Casey got out when they heard gun shots. so he ran to see where it was coming from. Maria was tying up Tess in a chair when Sarah and Casey ran in the same room. they ran down to the basement and Ben got up off of Derek. Ben told him that he was going to get help and Derek told him not to. Ben asked him if he wanted to die and told Ben that he doesn't want to stay alive know that he won. Derek asking him if he wanted him to die. Ben told him NO and Derek said that it's too late. and then he died. Casey, Maria, and Sarah came running down the stairs of the basement.


Ben and Maria are in the basement and Maria is struggling to free Ben from 
his ankle chain.
Ben: Maria it's not working 
Maria: It will 
Ben: Go! 
Maria: Oh my God, I think I've got it
They hear the basement door open and Maria rushes to sit behind Ben with her 
hands behind her as if they are still tied together. In walks Derek, Meg and 
Tess. Meg runs over to Ben
Meg: Ben, Ben are you---- 
Derek: Maria, you find their reunion as touching as I do? 
Meg: You're alive 
Ben: Meg, I'm alive but what are you doing here? 
Derek: Oh Ben you would be touched to know the lengths that Meg was willing 
to go to save you. Some of it was actually quite savory 
Ben: Derek, shut up 
Derek: [pushes Meg against the wall] What a Tableau-- Ben and his adoring 
women. Oh what a lucky man. Oh and Maria, don't think for a minute that we 
hadn't noticed your new found freedom. [he helps Maria to her feet] How 
clever, how very industrious. 
Tess: If she was that clever she wouldn't till be here. 
Maria: Hello Tess, you piece of dirt. [that's the best she could do?] 
Tess: Oh Maria, you hurt me [Tess slaps Maria across the face, yea!] That's 
for all the times I had to pretend to be your best friend. For all the times 
I had to put up with your superiority and for all the times I had to make you 
think you were Benjy's mother and not me. 
Maria: I've been more of a mother to that child than you could ever be. 
Tess: [raises the gun as if she is about to shoot her] 
Derek: Tess, Tess, Tess -- calm down, Enjoy it. Savor the moment when you 
have Ben and his adoring women all on the edge of their seats. And what will 
happen next, hmm? What will Derek do to his poor, condescending brother? 
Will he shoot him dead? Eventually. [Derek walks over to Meg and pulls her 
toward Maria] But he's decided that he wants Ben to feel real pain after all. 
Just like he did. Do before Ben dies he's going to watch his ladies die. 
I'm going to watch you watch them die.
Upstairs in the closet Sara is telling Casey that she loves him and Casey 
wakes and begins banging on the door with his shoulder in an attempt to break 
it down. On a third attempt Casey breaks through and the noise is heard in 
the basement.

Tess: What was that? 
Derek: I don't know what the hell it is but I'm going to find out [just then 
Ben kicks Derek off his feet] 
Tess: Aah, Derek look out. 
Maria: Ben 
Meg: Ben, cut--
Derek and Ben are struggling on the floor for the gun, just then Ben climbs 
on top of Derek and begins to strangle him.
Ben: I'm going to kill you for what you've done.
Derek manages to knock Ben off him, throwing him against the wall pipe.
Tess: Derek, Derek, I got the gun. Derek get out of the way I have a clear 
shot. [but Meg rushes Tess knocking the gun out of her hands, Maria then 
attacks Tess from behind and they start to struggle on the floor, Tess 
manages to get to her feet and runs upstairs with Maria hot on her heels]
Meanwhile Derek and Ben are still choking each other as Meg looks on. Ben 
punches Derek across the chin but Derek gets back up and knocks Ben on to the 
floor. Her grabs a piece of rope and starts to strangle Ben""

Meg: Derek, No, No 
Derek: Bye, brother dear. 
Meg: Ben, No, No Ben [why she's yelling at Ben is beside me]
Upstairs Casey and Sara manage to get out of the closet and untie each other. 
They start to talking about how much they love each other and want to spend 
the rest of their lives together. Meanwhile Maria has chased Tess into the 
living room, knocking her down on the couch, then onto the floor. As they 
continue to struggle, down in the basement Derek is strangling Ben from 
behind when Meg rushes up behind him knocking him away"".
Meg: Derek, No, No 
Ben: [Ben grabs the gun] That's it Derek, Don't make me --- [Derek has 
just grabbed Meg and has her in a choke hold facing Ben] 
Derek: Make you what? Go on, shoot. 
Meg: No Ben, don't. 
Derek: I dare you but I promise you I will break her little neck before you 
finish squeezing the trigger. There you are. I didn't think you would kill 
your beloved. I know you too well. 
Ben: Do you? 
Derek: Down to the DNA. It's my curse. 
Ben: And mine it seems. 
Derek: Well time to break the spell then. Drop the gun, Ben. Do it now or 
she'll be very dead. 
Meg: Ben, please don't listen to him, please
Back upstairs Tess and Maria continue fighting and Maria punches Tess out"""

Meg: Ben for God's sake don't put the gun down or he'll kill us both. 
Derek: That's it, you hold the gun exactly where it is. You let the bullets 
fly man. But you know what? I will die happily knowing I've taken your farm 
fresh cowgirl to hell with me. Go on finish it. 
Ben: Let her go Derek. 
Derek: What, out of the goodness of my heart? 
Ben: All right, I'm going to put the gun down 
Meg: Ben, No, No 
Ben: Do what you want with me, just let her go. 
Meg: Please 
Derek: Quite! Your move brother [Ben places the gun on the floor] Good, now 
Simon says take two steps back. One..Two. Very good. Now you stay right 
there. You move a muscle....[Meg punches Derek in the side as he bends over to 
pick up the gun] Aah! [Ben and Derek are struggling on the floor with the 
Meg: Ben, Ben!
Meg: Ben? Ben, please answer me. Ben, are you all right, please, please.
Maria, Sara and Casey hear the shot and go running toward the basement but 
Casey insists that they let him check it out and that they stay with Tess 
until he gets back. Downstairs, Meg is walking over the Ben lying on top of 
Meg: Ben? Ben, please answer me. [Ben slowly moves up off of Derek and went 
over to Meg] 
Ben: Hey, I'm okay. 
Meg: Are you okay? 
Ben: Yeah, I'm fine. [Ben embraces Meg] 
Meg: Oh thank God, thank God. For a minute I thought you were gone. Ben, 
Ben, it's Derek 
Ben: Derek? 
Derek: Brother [mumbles] 
Ben: Can you hear me? Hey hold on, we'll call an ambulance 
Derek: [he grabs Ben's arm] No, I don't want your help 
Ben: You want to die? 
Derek: Better that than stay alive and let you win. Never again, you hear 
me? Never again 
Ben: Derek, it doesn't have to end this way. You just hold on, okay? 
Derek: You don't want me to die? 
Ben: No Derek, I don't want you to die 
Derek: Sorry to disappoint you. 
Ben: Oh Derek, 
Meg: Ben, he really didn't leave you any choice. Is he -- is he...?
Ben: Yeah 
Meg: Are you sure 
Ben: Yeah he's gone. God rest his soul.
Ben stands up and embraces Meg saying "come here". Just then Casey runs down 
the stairs carrying a piece of wood as a weapon and asking if Derek's dead. 
Meg says it's finally over. Casey, Ben and Meg return to the living room and 
Ben runs over to Maria...
Ben: Maria? 
Maria: Ben [they embrace] 
Sara: Casey [as she hugs Casey, while Meg stands alone looking at Tess] Meg, 
I'm so glad you're all right. 
Meg: Me too 
Maria: Where's Derek? 
Ben: He, uh can't hurt you anymore. 
Maria: You mean he's dead? 
Ben: Yeah, he can't hurt any of us anymore. Thanks to you. Nice work, by 
the way, picking those locks behind your back and freeing me from those 
chains. I don't know what would have happened.
[Meg walks to the other side of the room]
Maria: I did it for all of us [yuck Saint Maria, she turns and looks at Meg 
standing alone not looking at them] 
Ben: Excuse me [Ben walks over to Meg] 
Ben: Hey you all right? 
Meg: Yeah, I'm fine 
Ben: Well that makes two of us. [he embraces Meg] Hey, I've got you and I'm 
not going to let you go either.
Maria looks on and starts to cry. 

At the Power Plant, Gregory is taking off his Tobias disguise and Jude walks up behind him calling him Gregory and Gregory says it's about time they put their plan in motion. Gregory and Jude are talking about how Jude has been on call for 24 hours but he managed to miss Caitlin's departure from SB. Jude went on to assure Gregory that he is working on it and that's what he's paid for. Gregory told him that he is really in SB for another reason, because he's AJ's illegitimate son. Gregory reminds him that AJ had not problem recognizing Cole even though he was illegitimate, a fact which infuriates Jude further. Then they talk about how they made sure Cole would never come back from Europe and Caitlin would never find him. Gregory and Jude continue to talk about their plan and what the next step is. Gregory responds by saying it's time to take things to the next level. Then he asks if Jude has any problems giving Annie everything she deserves and Jude says he doesn't.

Annie is dreaming of Jude and in her dream Mrs. Moreau shows up and tell Jude that she is reason for Olivia's drinking. When she wakes she hears Christmas music loudly playing downstairs.

In the living room, Olivia is drunk and Rose walks in asking what is going on when she sees a Christmas tree standing off center in the room. Olivia told her that the boys that delivered it put it up wrong, Rose offers to make coffee but Olivia requests Eggnog and a double for her. Annie walks in while Olivia is drinking. Olivia and Annie start talking about love and family and Annie reminds Olivia that she's all alone because of the booze. Olivia agrees saying that she can't stop and that it's different from before but at least she's not dragging everyone down with her. Annie starts to leave and Olivia went back to decorating the tree. She finds an ornament that Sean made when he was a child and starts to hang it on the tree when she accidentally drops it. The ornament breaks into a number of pieces and Olivia begins crying and praying to God for help, as Annie looks on. Olivia begins crying about having failed all of her children and Annie instructs Rose to take Olivia to bed to sleep it off. When they leave Annie remarks that Olivia deserves every horrible thing that she can throw at her but not even Olivia deserves this.

Ricardo is at the cabin hiding out and has a flash back of framing Gabi and Antonio and told himself that they really don't deserve Prison or worse. Just then he starts to have visions of Gabi and Antonio standing in front of him laughing and saying how they have made a fool out of him and how much Gabi prefers Antonio over weak Ricardo.

Meanwhile Gabi and Antonio are talking to DA Steele and Antonio asks is she thinks they had anything to do with Ricardo's disappearance. Steele just tells them that they all have the same goal, which is to find Ricardo, so she agrees to let them go to the cabin but they will be escorted by a Police Officer. When they leave the room Steele told Officer Spencer that he is not to allow anyone to talk to Gabi and Antonio and she also told him that someone spotted Antonio at the airport earlier with a gun.

At the cabin Officer Spencer gets out of the car and told Gabi and Antonio to wait in the car. When Spence leaves Antonio and Gabi start talking about how everyone is acting strange toward them. Antonio attempts to console Gabi by hugging her but just then Spencer walks up to the are and see them and hears Antonio say that they are in this together. Back at the Police station Ruiz brought in the box they found at the airport locker. In the box is the Insurance Policy with Gabi as the beneficiary, a recently fired gun and the infamous video tape. Steele and Ruiz view the tape.

Friday, December 17, 1999

Touched by the depths of Olivia's despair, Annie begins to wonder if she's gone too far to destroy her rival. Amy returns, sans habit, and announces that she's going to spill the beans unless Annie finds a way to bring Sean back to Sunset Beach. Antonio and Gabi unwittingly fuel D.A. Steele's suspicions as they reach out to one another in their mutual anxiety over Ricardo's disappearance. Meanwhile, Ricardo's doubts dissipate and he forges ahead with his scheme to wreak revenge on the wife and brother who betrayed him. Steele coldly informs a baffled Gabi that she won't get away with the terrible crime she's committed. Olivia describes for "Tobias" how monstrous Gregory was. At the mission, Antonio conducts a First Communion ceremony for his Sunday school students. Amy blackmails Brad into helping her carry out her latest plan. Gregory secretly trails Annie back to Mrs. Moreau's place, where she begs the witch woman to reverse her potion. Antonio's parishioners gasp in shock when the police interrupt Mass and place their priest under arrest for the murder of his brother.

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