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Monday, November 29, 1999

Gregory breathes a sigh of relief when it becomes obvious that Olivia doesn't remember seeing him out of disguise the night before. Derek tries to assure a jittery Tess that the police have no way of connecting them to Tim's murder, but Spencer's arrival puts both conspirators on their guard. Though a giggling Sean assumes his friend is putting him on, Amy solemnly insists she's donned a full nun's habit because she's decided to devote her life to doing good deeds. Annie reports for her first day of work in Jude's office and quickly demonstrates that she has a real head for numbers. Desperate to be named executrix, Olivia swears to "Tobias" that she'll remain clean and sober from this day forth. Meg explains to her sister why she fears "Ben" had something to do with Tim's death. Olivia's cravings overcome her willpower and she returns to the liquor cabinet for another bottle of vodka. Meg and Sara concoct a plan to search Ben's house for evidence. Sean struggles to pry the glass out of his drunken mother's hand just as Caitlin and A.J. walk in with the social worker. Meg finds "Ben" cleaning out the safe at The Deep.

Tuesday, November 30, 1999

At the Richard's house, Sean is pleading with Olivia to stop drinking for Trey's sake. A fight ensues when Sean grabs for her drink. Outside the front door AJ is met by Caitlin and the women from Social Services when they hear glass breaking they rush into the living room just as Olivia slaps Sean across the face. AJ yells at Olivia demanding to know what is going on. Caitlin looks at the Social Service woman and responds by saying that she is drunk again. Olivia attempts to tell everyone that the argument with Sean was a simple misunderstanding as she continues drinking and stumbling around the room. Eventually, Caitlin, Sean and the women from Social Services leave the house stating they need to discuss this further. Inside AJ continues to convince Olivia that she is about to lose everything if she continues her drinking. He went on to tell Olivia that her drinking will eventually cause her to lose Trey and no amount of money can stop the courts from taking Trey away. Finally AJ told Olivia that he can no longer stand by and watch her destroy he life. Just then Tobias and Annie enter the room.

At the Java Web, the Social Service worker explains to Caitlin and Sean that even if Trey is taken away from Olivia, Caitlin would never be placed in charge of his up bringing because of her past involvement with his illegal adoption. The Social Service woman leaves telling them that she won't let Trey be a pawn between Caitlin and Olivia. When she leaves, Caitlin swears that she will get Trey back.

At the Liberty Corporation, Jude is trying to persuade Annie to stop her scheming ways and put her talents to good use. Just as he's about to kiss her, Tobias walks in and offers to take Annie to lunch to discuss Gregory's estate. Jude insists that Annie make a decision as to who she is having lunch with and she agrees to go with Tobias. Angrily, Jude storms out of the office and Annie chases after him asking him to not be upset because it's just a lunch. However, Jude counters by saying that they both know it's more than just lunch. It's all about Annie wanting to get her hands on Gregory's money, something she's been after since he fell off the Pier and died. Annie continues denying her motives and insisting that she just feels sorry for old Uncle Tobias because he is so alone in SB. Fed up with her lying Jude told Annie that he was stupid forever being with her and leaves. Annie returns to Tobias and convinces him that they need to stop by Olivia's house to check on her because she is so concerned about her well being.

At Sunset Sisters, Sara is leaving Emily a voice mail about opening the shop when she comes on duty because she and Meg had to go out and they need her to cover the shop until they get back. Just as she hangs up the phone, Casey walks up from behind surprising her and causing the keys to Ben's house to drop on the floor. Casey picks up the keys and demands Sara tell him why she is acting so anxious and reminds her how he feels about her lying. He went onto say that if she doesn't tell him he truth their relationship is over. Reluctantly Sara agrees to reveal the plan that Meg and she had regarding the search of Ben's home for clues to Tim's death. Casey voices his objections to her and Meg breaking the law and getting involved in something so dangerous. Sara continues to insist that this action is necessary but is interrupted by a business phone call. When she went into the back room to handle a client's order, Casey writes her a note to stay put until he gets back. Meanwhile he plays with Ben's house key and told himself that he will do the investigation not Sara. Then he leaves the shop.

A little later Jude stops by to see Sara and asks how things are going with her and Casey. She assures him that things are back on track and asks how is that no one has snapped him up yet. Jude responds by saying things just haven't worked out the way he had hoped right now.

Derek is at he Deep emptying the Safe into his briefcase. Just as he closes the safe, Meg walks in.

Meg: Are you going somewhere Ben?
Derek: Actually Meg I'm leaving Sunset Beach. So I guess this is good-bye. I wasn't intending to see you before I left, Meg. I thought it would be easier that way.
Meg: Easier
Derek: The fact is that I was on my way to meet Maria for that long awaited second honeymoon.
Meg: Okay.
Derek: Yeah,
Meg: Even after everything that's been said?
Derek: I, I have to I just uh, I just have to. I'm sorry.
Meg: I see
Derek: And to be frank, I really don't have much time, I uh, just have time to swing by the house then I'm off. (he starts to walk past Meg)
Meg: Ben, No. No, not the house (as she grabs his arm)
Derek: I can't go to my house?
Meg: No, I didn't mean that
Derek: That's what you said
Meg: I know, it's just that---- Ben I was stunned. I don't ---- you can't leave Sunset Beach, not like this.
Derek: Like what?
Meg: We have so much more to say to each other.
Derek: I find it hard to imagine what we haven't said.

Just then the bartender from the Deep enters the office pulling Derek away to handle a major emergency..

Derek: Meg, you'd better wait here

After he leaves the office Meg runs to the phone and calls Sara to warn her not to go to Ben's house yet. As she hangs up the phone Derek returns""..

Derek: Meg, who were you talking to? Meg, did you hear me? Who were you talking to?
Meg: Sara. I knew we had to talk so I was just making sure she could cover for me at the shop
Derek: I see...
Meg: Well if you don't believe me, call her yourself
Derek: Oh I don't think I need to do that. I don't really have the time anyway, I really have to go
Meg: No, no you don't not until we talk. Please
Derek: There's nothing -- no reason for us to talk
Meg: We have every reason to talk. You've made it perfectly clear how you feel about me these past few weeks.
Derek: I have? (he sits on the edge of his desk)
Meg: I can't count the number of times you've come to me. Telling me that you can't go on without me. And I've tried, really tried to fight my feelings but I can't deny myself anymore. We were meant to be together, we both know that and going away with Maria isn't going to change anything.
Derek: Well uh, it has to.
Meg: No, we were meant to be together even before I came to Sunset Beach. We're soul mates.
Derek: Meg [moaning]
Meg: Listen to me. [moving closer to him] You know me better than anyone else in the entire world, just like I know you
Derek: Just like you know me [smiling]
Meg: We're meant to be together Ben and I'm not going to give you up without a fight
Derek: Well, that a very strong argument Meg. [placing his briefcase on the desk] But you know what, I've always believed that actions speak louder than words [standing up he pulls Meg close]
Meg: Ben, wait there is still a lot I have to say to you.
Derek: You tell me you love me and you still want to talk? [leans down and kisses her] You still want to talk?
Meg: [pulling away] Ben, I think we should uh,
Derek: How about a little kiss Meg. Because you love me so much.
Meg: I do, but I uh...
Derek: More words? You know you better be careful Meg or I might think that you're uh, that you're not being serious about what you're saying. I might think you're playing with me.

Wednesday, December 1, 1999

Annie fears that her whole scheme is about to collapse when Olivia seems to choose A.J. over alcohol. Caitlin explains to her astonished brother how she plans to steal Trey and flee from Sunset Beach. When Sean balks at helping her pull off the kidnapping, Caitlin reminds him how tortured his own childhood was thanks to their mother's alcoholism. A.J.'s face falls as Olivia decides she can't live without the bottle after all. Meg nervously allows "Ben" to paw her for a few minutes but is relieved when an urgent call from Tess interrupts. Emily confides to Bette her fear that she'll never love anyone as much as she loved Sean. Derek is forced to rearrange his strategy upon learning that Tess has taken Casey hostage. Sean finally agrees to help Caitlin take their little brother to Europe to search for Cole. Bette asks A.J. if it's really over between him and Olivia. Sara begins to wonder why Casey never returned from his spy mission.

Thursday, December 2, 1999

At the Richard's house in Trey's bedroom, Caitlin is packing and telling Trey that she's taking him to Cole. Just then Olivia in a drunken state and with a drink in her had walks into Trey's room asking Caitlin if she was just going to take him away without telling her. Caitlin lies to her saying she is going to the park but Olivia interrupts telling her that she overheard her comments about taking him to Cole and asks how she can to this to her after everything that she's been through and after thinking he was dead. Olivia then asks Caitlin who she is and who turned her into such a cruel and heartless person. Caitlin responds by saying she did and she knows firsthand what the drinking does to Olivia and vows she won't let it happen to Trey stating that he is Cole's son and her brother, which she took care of for the first two years of his life as her own son. Caitlin went on to say that she is taking him to his father because even though she doesn't know yet where Cole is, it's better than being with Olivia. They continue to argue about who is better suited to raise Trey until Olivia threatens to call the Police in order to stop her.

As Olivia picks up the phone, Caitlin demands she hang up and listen to her. Olivia obliges. Caitlin went on to say that she will not allow Trey to be raised the way she and Sean were, watching her drinking and fighting with Gregory all the time. She then says she made a promise to herself when she was little that she would never have the kind of life she was subjected to growing up. Olivia counters by saying that Trey is not her son but Caitlin responds by saying he is now and picks up Trey. Olivia pleads with Caitlin saying that she loves Trey but Caitlin went on to say that if she calls the Police, they will see her in a drunken state and call Social Services on her. Olivia finally agrees to let Caitlin take Trey saying that she will get better but in the mean time she wants Caitlin to leave and keep Trey safe. Caitlin leaves with Trey.

Downstairs, Sean told Caitlin that he has the Passports and that the luggage is in the Cab waiting in the driveway to take them to the airport. Sean asks if Olivia is still drinking and Caitlin says yes and that at first she fought the decision to take Trey but that she finally gave in and agreed. Just then Olivia walks down the stairs and asks Sean if it's true that he was planning to leave without telling her. Olivia tries to persuade Sean to make Caitlin stay because she can't stand to lose all her children, especially all at once. Sean insists that they have to leave but Olivia continues to beg them to give her another chance to stop drinking. But they insist that they need to leave. As they turn to walk out the door, Olivia yells at them to stop but Caitlin told her again that they have to. Olivia told them they can't leave without a small bear that she has pulled out of a velvet pouch. She explains that it was given to her by their grandmother. As she hands it to Caitlin, Olivia breaks down while kissing Trey good-bye. Caitlin hugs Olivia, telling her that she loves her and wants her to take care of herself. Then Sean kisses and hugs Olivia good-bye and they leave. Olivia follows them out the door, leans against the open door crying.

Sean visits Emily at Bette's house to tell her that he's leaving Sunset Beach for good but refuses to tell her why. He says that all that is important is that he is leaving for good and she can now go on with her life and doesn't need to worry about him anymore. Emily urges him to come in to talk and pleads with him to tell her that his decision isn't about them. Sean told her that there's been a lot of real bad stuff going on, that it's just been a real bad year and he just needs to get away for a while. Emily pleads with him not to leave but Sean interrupts by saying that he really screwed up with her and can't excuse what happened with Amy but that there are many other reasons for leaving. Emily told Sean it sounds as though he's leaving forever and asks if it's true that they will never see each other again. She then asks what about Amy and Sean told her that Amy has decide to join a convent. Shy shocked by that remark Emily responds by saying that Amy isn't even Catholic. But Sean interrupts and says it's not about Amy and went on to tell her how much he loves and admires her and wishes that she will find love again with someone else. As Sean leaves, Emily breaks down crying.

Brad walks into the Mission and finds a novice praying at the altar. He taps her on the shoulder to ask a question and is shocked to discover that it's Amy in the nun's outfit and says "Oh Sister!". Amy told Brad that she is only doing it because she wants to do Emily one better since Emily comes to church everyday like a little saint and she wants to out due her to show Sean how good she can be. Brad went on to say that she has no sense but Amy responds by saying that Sean will see how far she is willing to go to be good and then he will come and save her. Disgusted, Brad leaves. Amy is standing in the Chapel trying to decide how to light a candle when Emily walks in demanding to know what she's trying to prove. Emily told her she wants to know the real reason Sean has decide to leave town, shocking Amy.

Tobias is in his bedroom talking to someone on the phone. In Gregory's voice he told the other party that he will be canceling lunch with Annie this afternoon because Olivia has started drinking again. Then he went back into character as Uncle Tobias just as Annie walks into the room and over hears him saying that he'll just have to give Annie her surprise some other time. Hanging up the Phone, Tobias angrily asks Annie what she's doing in his room. Annie interrupts saying that she knows he wants to be nice and give her the surprise. Tobias responds by saying that maybe she's right after all but the question is can she handle it. He then offers to discuss the surprise over lunch saying that he's not sure if Annie will like the surprise but he sure will.

Later at the Java Web, Annie asks if the surprise has to do with making her executrix of Gregory's estate because Olivia has drunken herself out of the race. Tobias remarks that he can't in all good consciousness leave his nephews millions in the hands of someone so unstable. Just as he says that, Annie drifts off hearing a choir singing "Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hall-le-lujah!", thinking that she's finally won. Annie told Tobias that it's such a shame that Olivia returned to drinking but that it would be such an honor for her to be the executrix but Tobias surprise her by saying that he has not decided to turn over the control of the estate over to her.

Derek and Tess are at some abandoned location and are unwrapping a carpet causing Casey's unconscious and bound body to roll out.
Tess: [grunts]
Derek: Oh Boy, dead weight.
Tess: Well, not quite dead yet.

Derek: Ummm Tess: Well at least no one saw us. Why do these people keep getting in our way? You know if he would have just minded his own business and didn't paw through my things and find those phony passports
Derek: Tess, Tess, Casey Mitchum is a minor bump in the road. Whatever reason he had for nosing around, he's going to pay for it now. [Derek takes his foot and pushes at Casey body]
Tess: Maybe -- maybe there's another way
Derek: What other way?
Tess: Well, um, we killed Tim, we still have to kill Maria and Ben, maybe Meg. I mean, where does it stop, Derek? Sara -- she's the one that put Casey on our trail, so maybe we should kill her too.
Derek: Tess, do you want what we've been fighting for or don't you?
Tess: You know I do. I just didn't know we'd have to kill the whole town to get it.
Derek: Do you understand there is no halfway with this plan? These people would sell us off in a heartbeat. If we leave any loose ends, we will be on the run forever. But if we take care of them now --
Tess: I know, I know, okay. I just --- I hate this.
Derek: Well, [placing tapping his fingers under Tess' chin] Cheer up, it will be through soon. Casey: [moaning]
Derek: Well, well, well. Hello, Mr. Lifeguard [bending down and ripping the tape off Casey's mouth] Have a nice sleep?
Casey: The two of you did this? What the hell is going on, Ben? Derek: [looking back up towards Tess and then back to Casey smiling] (God
what a devilish grin, love it!) Derek is tying Casey to a chair... Casey: What is it Ben? Is Tess threatening Benjy or Maria? Look we can fix this -- Ben.
Derek: [placing his hands on Casey's shoulders] We? You and me Casey -- a team? How exciting.
Casey: Why are you being such a bastard?
Derek: Unh, unh, unh, unh, language.
Casey: Listen there's a way out of this, all right? I'll help you. Look at me Ben and know that I'm telling you the truth..
Derek: Oh shut the Hell up. You moralizing sack of dirt. Your boy scout routine may work with the Cummings sisters but it has no affect on me, I assure you.
Casey: Oh my God -- Derek
Derek: Yes, you rang?
Casey: How?
Derek: Oh Casey, the how doesn't really matter, now does it? But congratulations, for putting it all together. [Derek walks over to Tess and puts his arms around her]
Casey: Tess, you don't know who this guy is, what he's done!
Derek: [holding his hand up to interrupt Casey] This -- don't worry. She made me the man I am Casey. So better not waste your breath seeing as you don't have many left. However, seeing as you might be able to help us draw to a close our very elaborate plan, I may spare you...for a price.
Derek: I believe this is yours [ Derek picks up Casey's cell phone]
Casey: [yelling at Derek] What do you want from me?
Derek: Complete obedience. Let's put it another way, you do as I say -- or I'll kill you and all those pretty woman you claim you protect. Now I want you to get on that cell phone and call that Harpy Sara and I want you to say exactly what I want you to say.
Casey: Shove it.
Derek: Fine by me, then you die and so do they
Casey: You're a coward, you know that. Your brother Ben is everything your not and it eats you away, doesn't it? The only thing that you have that he has, is his face. Yeah, that's right. And everything else about you has loser written all over it.
Derek: [punches Casey across the chin]
Casey: [shaking the punch off] Oh, you feel better?
Derek: You don't know the first thing about me
Casey: Yeah, well I know that you're a jealous little freak. And you think you have power because you have a gun. And you fool people into thinking you're Ben, but you're nobody Derek. That's why you try to be somebody else.
Derek: Oh, shut up
Casey: Yeah, that's why you try because your brother Ben is a human being and you're nothing but a piece of garbage
Derek: [punches Casey out again]
Tess: Derek, for God sakes, if you're going to kill him, just kill him.
Derek: Don't tell me what to do Tess Just then Casey breaks loose from his ropes and attacks Derek grabbing him from behind and pushing him to the floor. Derek manages to turn around and kick Casey backwards. Derek then grabs a beer bottle from a nearby table, hits Casey over the head knocking him unconscious.
Derek: They're not making this easy on us, are they?
Derek has tied Casey up again to a chair and holding picking Casey's head up with his hands.

Derek: Look at this smug little face, chiseled in granite on a foundation of sand [as he pats Casey on the head]
Tess: Derek, please. We have got to figure out how to handle this
Derek: I am handling it so far, aren't I?
Tess: Casey is not going to help us. He's not going to throw Meg and Sara off the scent.
Derek: He will
Tess: You can't force him.
Derek: Tess, after all we've been through, after all my unlimited success, you still doubt me?
Tess: I don't doubt you. I'm just having a bit of a problem with the fact that every single person in this town is getting in the way of what you, me and our son want.
Derek: I've just taken care of every little fire.
Tess: Well how about the big ones?
Derek: How about this? How about you trust me for just this once?
Tess: That is not fair. No one trusts you the way I do
Derek: Well then let me get on with figuring out how to make this lifeguard do our bidding, all right? Yeah, I think I know exactly how I can get him to do what I want........

Friday, December 3, 1999

Annie and Tobias:
Annie and Tobias are at the Java Web for lunch. Annie is assuming that Tobias has chosen her to be executor of Gregory's estate. Tobias told her, no he hasn't chosen her. Annie says, "Isn't that what we are here for? You said you were giving me something." Tobias told Annie that no, he hasn't chosen her. She asks him who, and he says "Me." He has decided to move to the US. Annie asks, "What about all that stuff about meeting everyone so you can decide?" He says he has decided that he is the best choice. Annie argues that Tobias has turned on her and Tobias lists his reasons: she shows no affection towards Trey, has no Richard's connections, and can't hold a job--the only thing she wants is her hands on Gregory's money. Annie asks Tobias if he'd reconsider if she could get Jude to vouch for her.

Jude and Annie:
Jude is thinking about Annie and Annie choosing to go to lunch with Tobias. Annie comes in and he asks how lunch went. Annie says she didn't eat. She asks Jude to call Tobias and vouch for her. She wants him to tell Tobias she is invaluable to the company. Jude says no. Annie hands him Tobias' number and told him to think about it, but Jude burns it. He told her she isn't human, she has no emotions. She keeps begging, but he says no and that when he returned in 5 minutes she better be gone or he will have security throw her out.

Annie has a fantasy that Jude created an Anti-Annie shield that keeps it so they can't hear her and that all of Sunset Beach wants it. She throws a glass against a wall and it shatters. Annie starts crying and someone hands her a tissue. She looks up and it is Jude.

Olivia thinks about her conversation with Sean and Caitlin, and about them leaving with Trey. Olivia states that she can't let them leave and starts to call the police, then sees a bottle of alcohol and hangs up the phone. She wonders why she can't stop and why she let it ruin her life. Rose comes in and asks what is wrong, Olivia says her children have left. Rose tries to take the alcohol, but Olivia snatches it away and told Rose she can't. Rose begs her to let her take the alcohol, and Olivia says she wants to quit, but CAN'T. Rose prays, "Dear Lord please help her," and Olivia walks out with the bottle of alcohol saying "Nothing can help me now......"

Amy and Emily:
Amy and Emily are arguing in the mission about Amy being dressed as a nun. Then, Emily demands to know Amy's "angle." Emily asks Amy if she knows why Sean is leaving Sunset Beach..... Amy is shocked. Emily says she is leaving to find Sean, but Amy yells no. Emily says, "I thought you took your vows, or was it a ploy to get Sean, did you expect Sean to come save you?" Amy says, "Well, what if it was?" Amy tries to leave so she can be the one to stop Sean, Emily argues with her, and then Amy runs out.

Amy at the Richards':
Amy went to the Richard's residence looking for Sean. Amy asks Rose where Sean is, Rose told her he left and gives her an envelope. Amy opens it and it is a letter from Sean saying that he is sorry that he couldn't say good bye personally, but things are complicated and happened quickly and he had to leave. He is glad she found a calling, even though he doesn't understand, because with him gone, he doesn't think his Mom will let her stay there. Olivia walks in and asks Amy where this leaves her, and Amy asks where Sean is. Olivia says they didn't tell her where they were going because she is drinking. Amy says it wasn't supposed to happen this way. Olivia demands to know what Amy means and Amy says she could have stopped it.

Ricardo and Gabi:
Ricardo states to himself that he doesn't know who Gabi and Antonio are anymore, and that tonight they will pay. Gabi walks in and says she feels like they are getting back on track. Ricardo agrees and says he knows how they could celebrate, but she has to do something for him. He has a cottage and wants to go there to spend time alone with Gabi, but needs her to take time off of work and check out the cottage to see if it is wheelchair accessible. She asks when and Ricardo says tonight, but not alone. She says, "Fine, I will call Vanessa or Meg," but Ricardo says to take Antonio. Gabi says, "You keep finding ways to throw us together." Ricardo lies, "You know no one will take better care of you than Antonio, besides I called both Vanessa and Meg, and they are busy. It was Michael's idea to have Antonio go, and he doesn't know what happened between you." Gabi agrees and Ricardo calls Antonio.

Carmen and Antonio:
Carmen thinks about seeing Ricardo standing as she walks into Antonio's office. She told Antonio she has something she has to tell him about Ricardo. Antonio says that if Ricardo told her in confidence, then she doesn't have to tell him. Carmen says she knows, but has to tell him this. Then Ricardo calls. Antonio says that Carmen is there, and Ricardo asks Antonio to put her on the phone. Ricardo sends Gabi away (for his mail) then asks Carmen if she has told Antonio about him being able to stand. (Emily comes to the door and Antonio leaves with her.) Carmen says, "I don't understand why you are keeping your progress a secret, I must tell your brother." Ricardo told her not to tell Antonio, just to come over and he will explain everything and Carmen agrees.

Emily and Antonio:
Emily says that she hopes she is not out of line, but questions Antonio's making Amy a nun. Antonio says that Amy had asked him about it, but that he brushed her off-she's not even Catholic. Emily says that Amy is wearing a nun's habit. Antonio stops a nun and asks her and she says she gave Amy the habit because Amy needed it for a class ... then realizes that Amy lied and doesn't have a class. The sister apologizes and says she'll pray for Amy, Amy must be delusional, the sister leaves. Antonio told Emily he will track Amy down.

Carmen and Ricardo:
Carmen gets to Ricardo's house and wants to hear the explanation. Ricardo says he just wants to show off like when he was a kid. He doesn't want everyone to see him when all he can do is stand ... he wants to be able to WALK. Carmen agrees that it would be a good surprise and that she will keep it a secret, but that she knows Ricardo and she knows something else is wrong. She wants to know why Ricardo is lying and Gabi walks in and want to know what Ricardo is lying about.

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