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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of November 29, 1999 on GL
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Monday, November 29, 1999

At the Santos Compound:
Frank wants to question Michelle at the police station. Danny wants to know what's going on and Frank tells him he has a witness that saw Michelle at Ben's apartment the night he was shot. Michelle says that she wasn't at Ben's apartment and Danny says that Michelle was with him all night. Carmen orders Frank out of her house. Pilar tells Frank she knows Michelle didn't kill Ben. Frank questions her and Carmen says that she is upset. Carmen can't believe Michelle is the one who killed Ben. Danny says that Michelle isn't going anywhere but she wants to go with Frank to straighten this out. They leave for the police station as Danny wonders who could be setting her up. Pilar tells Carmen that God won't forgive them for what they've done. She says that Carmen not only has Ben's blood on her hands, but Michelle's too. At the police station, Frank tells Michelle that he doesn't want to believe she did this. Danny arrives and tells Michelle not to say anything else. Michelle asks for a minute alone with Danny and he tells her that he called Ross to be her lawyer. Danny says that he needs time to figure out who could be doing this. She wonders if Carmen had anything to do with it and Danny says there's no way she could have known that Michelle didn't have an alibi. Danny tells her that he didn't tell anyone that they weren't together the whole night. Frank gets the DNA test results and tells Michelle and Danny that Ben's blood is on her gloves. He says that she is under arrest for Ben's murder and she can't believe it. After they take her to a cell, Danny swears that he will kill whoever did this to Michelle. Carmen watches Pilar sleep and says that someday she will understand that she did this to save her family.

In San Cristobel:
Richard kisses Cassie for the cameras. She pulls away and tells him that she can't do this. Harley follows Cassie into a room and Cassie says that she can't hide her feelings for Richard. She doesn't know what to do. Richard finds them and asks Cassie what happened. She tells him she got nervous and can't marry him. He thinks it has something to do with the kiss and she admits that she was uncomfortable. He tries to cheer her up by telling her to pretend he was her brother. He says that his country needs her and asks her to reconsider. She worries that she will disappoint him but he trusts her. He says that he wants her to be happy and won't force her to marry him. Richard asks her to think about it and goes back to the press. Meanwhile, Dax tells Harley that Cassie has to keep her end of the bargain. Harley asks him if Phillip's plane has arrived home yet. He makes a call and learns that there is a storm but he's sure there is nothing to worry about. Harley goes back in and asks Cassie what she is going to do. Cassie says she told him she wanted out but realizes her children and his country need her. She doesn't know how she's going to hide her feelings for him. Harley wonders what could be worse than living with a man who doesn't love you and Cassie tells her living without him. Harley says she will support Cassie no matter what she decides. Cassie comes back to Richard's side and he tells the press that their intimate moments will remain intimate. Dax interrupts the press conference and whispers something to Richard. They ask the press to leave and Richard tells Harley that the plane is missing. Cassie tries to assure Harley that Jim landed the plane to wait out the storm. Susan asks what's happened and Cassie doesn't let on that anything is wrong. Richard tells Harley that there is a search party looking for them. Dax tells Richard that they can't hide a missing plane from the press and Richard asks Cassie to speak to them about it. Cassie tells Harley that Phillip will be in her arms tonight. Meanwhile, the plane has crashed in the middle of the snowstorm. Jim tries to radio for help and tells Beth he has to go for help. Beth becomes hysterical and Jim tells her to keep Phillip alive and warm. He says that it's all up to her. Jim leaves and Beth tries to wake Phillip up. He slowly comes around she realizes she has to keep his mind off the pain. She reminds him of his family and the time they were stranded in car in a snowstorm. Beth tells him that he's taken care of her for a long time and she's going to take care of him this time.

At Millennium:
Ross catches Blake outside Millennium and grabs her before she can leave. He realizes she is pregnant and didn't tell him. Blake tries to explain but Ross thinks she is pregnant with Joe's baby. Blake tells him it's true and Ross wonders where Joe is now. Blake says that she and Joe aren't together anymore because he left her. Holly comes outside and sees that Blake is pregnant. She wonders why Blake would hide this from her family. Blake tells her that she did it so Holly could be happy and Holly doesn't understand. When Blake tells her that she didn't want Holly to give up her life to take care of her, Holly becomes angry. She says that Blake is acting irresponsibly by leaving her children to go off with her boyfriend. Holly said that she was sad that their marriage broke up but now she's glad that Ross got away from Blake while he could. Holly goes back inside and Blake says that she knows she's doing the right thing. She asks Ross to talk to the boys about the baby but he won't do it. He tells her that he will take care of her since she is alone and pregnant. Blake can't believe Ross would take care of another man's baby and he says it will be hard. She asks about Holly and he says he won't discuss his relationship with her. Blake tells him that she's leaving and that it will make everything easier for him. Holly comes back outside and apologizes for what she said. She wants Blake to come home with them and so does Ross. They all leave to go home.

Tuesday, November 30, 1999

In San Cristobel:
In the plane, Beth tries to free Phillip's leg from under the control panel but can't. They agree to talk about Lizzie in order to keep him awake. Beth tries to assure him that Jim will find help. Phillip apologizes for being an ass about Jim. He says that he doesn't think Jim is bad for her and is happy she'll have someone. Beth tells him that he's not going to die. He says that if he doesn't die here, Harley will kill him for this and laughs. Phillip develops a fever and Beth realizes they have to get his leg free. She holds up the panel and Phillip slides his leg out. Beth uses his tie to stop the bleeding. She tries repeatedly to get the radio to work. Meanwhile, Jim struggles through the snow to find help. He starts to climb a hill and falls. Edmund finds him and asks him what he is doing there. Meanwhile, Harley worries about Phillip. Richard promises her that they'll find them. Harley tells Cassie that Phillip is always late but she's never once thought he wouldn't come home. Susan comes in and asks if Jim is back yet. Harley becomes upset when Susan says that Jim likes to show off when he's flying. She tells Susan to go to bed but Susan knows something is wrong. Cassie tells her that they are just running late. Susan says she's not leaving until they tell her what is wrong. Harley says that it's something for the adults to discuss and doesn't involve her. Susan makes her promise to tell her later and starts to leave. She tells Harley to tell Jim that he's in trouble when he gets home. Cassie tells Richard that they should have been the ones on that plane. She feels guilty because Harley and Phillip are in San Cristobel because of her. She says that she is happy it wasn't them on the plane but feels bad about it. Richard understands that she is relieved to be alive and thinks that her friends are somewhere happy to be alive too. They watch Harley hold on to the radio waiting for news. They hear Beth's call for help on the radio and Harley is happy that they are alive.

At the Firehouse:
Selena is excited about surprising everyone by standing at dinner. She thanks Buzz for keeping the secret. She wants to mark the date down on the calendar but he tries to take it away from her. Selena wonders why the month of December is ripped out and then remembers that it's when Jenna died. She apologizes for forgetting and accidentally knocks over the table. She thinks she should just leave because she can't help Buzz. He reminds her that she is the one who stopped him from running away after Jenna died. He tells her to never say she can't help him again. He says that one of the last things Jenna said was for him to take care of the children but he couldn't do that. He thanks Selena for doing it for him. As Selena goes to sleep, Buzz takes off his wedding ring and lays it on the table.

At the Carriage House:
Blake goes home with Ross and Holly. After she goes upstairs to play with the kids, Ross tells Holly that nothing has changed for him. He says that if they hadn't found Blake, their night would have ended differently. She agrees that things have changed for them the past few weeks but doesn't know what to do now that Blake is home. Upstairs, Blake tells the boys that they will have a new brother or sister. She thinks that Ross still wants her. Holly wonders if Blake even knows what she wants. They argue over Joe and Holly calls her on relying on Ross to put her back together again. Blake says it's much more than that. Holly says that she once thought Blake and Ross belonged together but now she's not sure if that's what's best for anybody. Blake asks her to admit that she and Ross aren't just friends anymore and Holly says she doesn't think that's any of her business anymore. Holly tries to leave but Ross stops her. He wants her to stay for him, not for Blake or the boys. Holly agrees to stay for the night but wonders if Ross wants her to stay to protect him from getting close to Blake again.

Wednesday, December 1, 1999

At the Police Station:
Frank lets Danny in to see Michelle. He tells her that Ross has the arraignment scheduled for tomorrow morning. Michelle worries that she wont get out on bail, but Danny promises her that she'll be home tomorrow. Michelle doesn't understand how the police found anything in her room because she didn't do it. She is adamant that someone set her up. Danny tells her that she was an easy target to be framed because she threatened Ben public ally at Company. Michelle thinks Carmen could have something to do with it because she is the only one who hates her that much. Danny tells her that Carmen has an alibi but Michelle thinks Pilar and Maria would lie for Carmen. Danny doesn't want to believe it but says he'll find out what was going on between Carmen and Ben. Rick and Abby come in demanding to know what evidence they have against Michelle. Frank is sorry but says he can't do anything right now. Abby asks Frank to let her see Michelle. Abby tells her not to give up hope because that's all she has right now. She tells her to only think of the happy times she's had with Danny and her family. Drew arrives wanting to see Michelle but Frank says no. Michelle hears her and yells to her that she didn't do this.

In San Cristobel:
Beth calls on the radio to the palace. Harley hears the call and it renews her hopes that they all are alive. But the signal is lost before Beth can tell them where they can are. Harley believes that she sounded all right. Richard assures her that they will be found. Cassie changes clothes to help with the search and Richard reminds her of the ceremony. She wants to help her friends and thinks that is more important than meeting the people right now. Richard tells her that his father refused to cancel a meeting on the day his mother died and then realizes that this is his world, not hers. Richard tells her he won't force her to do anything she doesn't want to do. He prepares to meet the people alone. She leaves, the people come in and as he is beginning to make an excuse for Cassie's absence, she arrives dressed in her gown. The people love her, the women can't get enough of her and the men tell Richard that indeed Cassie acts just like a princess. Richard agrees. In another room, Harley calls Alan and tells him about the plane crash. Susan comes in and hears about her father's calamity and goes bananas. She is upset that Harley kept this from her and wants to go look for Jim herself. Harley apologizes for not saying anything and tells her she will only get in trouble if she leaves, since she is in a strange land and knows no one. Harley cries and tells her that she and the baby are all she has left. She promises that they all will come home soon. Susan asks to sleep in Harley's bed tonight and they go upstairs. Richard tells Cassie that he is proud of her and that everyone found her charming. She thinks she'll have to learn to hide her feelings better. Richard tells her that may be for the public, but she never needs to hide them from him. He escorts her to her room so that they both can retire. Meanwhile, Edmund finds Jim in the snow and demands to know who he is. Jim tells him that the plane he was flying crashed and they have to go back for the others. Edmund doesn't believe him and says if he doesn't tell the truth, he's a dead man. When Jim tells Edmund that he doesn't know who he is, he agrees to help find Beth and Phillip. He tells his men that Phillip is the one who will help Richard bring business back to the island. He thinks that with Phillip out of the way, Richard's reign will end quickly. Jim wants to help find them but Edmund thinks he is too weak. Jim tells them their location and Edmund promises to bring Beth back to him. Edmund tells his men that he has no intention of finding anyone but Jim could prove useful. Jim prays that Beth is all right. In the plane, Beth tries to get the radio signal back but nobody can hear her. She wakes Phillip up and tells him she talked to Harley. They believe they will be rescued soon. Phillip finds some food and vodka but thinks they should be ration it out in case it takes a while for them to be found. He becomes upset when he finds out Beth didn't tell them their location. She says that she was lucky that anyone heard her at all. They argue and she thinks Phillip still thinks of her as the fragile girl he married. She says that she has toughened up since their divorce and thinks he should start showing her some respect. She says that she might not be as resourceful as Harley, but she is all he has right now. Beth reminds him that she's kept him warm and alive and got his leg free from the control panel. She takes the vodka and pours it on his leg to use as a disinfectant. He apologizes for his behavior. She tells him she has no right to be angry because there was a time when he did have to save her. She says that she wouldn't have survived her past without him but that this is the present and she is strong. They agree to share he blanket and Beth falls asleep, as the storm gets worse.

At the Mausoleum:
Carmen walks in to find Drew by Ben's grave. She tells Drew that she is the only one that could possibly understand what she was going through. She also told her how much she loved Ben and that they were going to be married. Carmen says that even though that didn't happen, she still thinks of Drew as family. Carmen tells Drew that Michelle was arrested for Ben's murder and Drew tells her that it Michelle could not have done that. She says that she knows Michelle and she would never kill someone intentionally. Carmen reminds her that Michelle threatened Ben at Company with a knife before. Drew thinks there must be an explanation, but Carmen told her about the evidence they found. Drew still denies that she could have killed him; she knows that Michelle hated Ben, but she would never do that. She and Carmen talk about them being only two floors away when Ben was killed. If only one of them had checked on him sooner. Carmen flashes back to firing the gun. She tells Drew that she's been so busy planning the funeral that it has just now hit her that Ben is gone. Drew leaves to find out what's going on at the police station. Carmen breaks down and tells Ben that she doesn't think she can go on without him. And of course, she is all in tears and breaking down when Danny arrives and supports his mother.

Thursday, December 2, 1999

At Company:
Holly and Blake talk over things. Blake feels like she has no rights in her own house. Blake told Holly that she heard Ross say that he wanted her to stay. Holly said that Ross only wanted her to stay to help with the kids. Blake calls her on it and tells Holly that this is all about Ross, not about the boys. Blake thinks that Holly wanted her to come home so that she can rub her nose in her relationship with Ross. Holly tells Blake that she has always ran back to Ross when times get tough. Blake told her that she didn't understand. Holly vows not to let Blake hurt Ross again. Blake tells Holly that she is sure that she can save Ross from her. Blake also tells holly that she has no idea how much she has sacrificed so that they can be together. Holly asks her what she means. Blake tells her that she didn't mean anything about it and they apologize to each other. Holly leaves.
Billy and Reva come in. Reva is upset that everyone is against her. She said that Olivia is after Josh and asks Billy to get rid of her. She wants her to leave town. Billy tells Reva that Olivia couldn't get Josh if Reva wasn't acting so stupid and pushing Josh away. Billy tells Reva that Josh can't get past this stuff between them because Reva is stuck in it. Billy tells Reva that Cassie is a big girl and can take care of herself, but that Reva needs to tend to Josh and not worry about being the center of attention. Reva says that the only thing between her and Josh is Olivia and she wants her gone. Billy tells Reva that in Joshes eyes, the reason she is trying so hard is because he is interested in someone and not her. Reva figures out that Josh is just using Olivia to punish her for the Richard thing. She asks how he feels when he is around Vanessa. Billy understands but tells her that things are not over for her and Josh. He thinks that she should come to work with them, bringing them back into proximity, so that her and Josh can get close again. Reva thanks Billy and they hug.
Josh gets some coffee for Olivia. Olivia is surprised that he is there and she apologizes for her actions at Thanksgiving. Josh tells her that they raised the funds for their new company and would like to hire her, if she is still interested in a job. Olivia thinks that with the way things were, it might be a bad idea for them to be so close together. Olivia wonders why he would want to hire her and he tells her that he wants her to work for him because she is smart and savvy and sharp. Olivia thinks there is an attraction between them and doesn't know if they can handle working together. Josh thinks that they both needed someone to listen and that is why they feel attracted to each other. Josh doesn't want to send mixed signals to her. He says that he likes her a lot but he isn't going to forget about his marriage just yet. Olivia asked Josh if he can work that closely with her, long hours, nights, and weekends without being tempted? She said she wasn't sure that she could. Josh believes they can work things out, working together. Olivia agrees to work for him as long as they agree to be completely honest with each other about everything. They decide to go downstairs to celebrate. Josh and Olivia walk in and Billy notices them.

At the Hospital:
Bill and Matt talk to Vanessa. Matt tells Bill that Michelle was arrested for killing Ben. Ben got upset and he headed out for the arraignment. Vanessa stirs. She unconsciously thinks to herself that Michelle is not guilty, that she is. The doctor checks out Vanessa and tells Matt that nothing has changed. Matt knows that something is going on. Vanessa remembers the shooting and her monitors go wacky. The doctors get things under control and he asks Matt if Vanessa experienced any trauma before she went in to a coma. Matt said yes, but didn't know what. He asks the doctor what Vanessa's chances are. He tells him that her condition continues to deteriorate. The emotional stress Vanessa is showing doesn't mean that her physical well being is responding. Matt tells her that he has to find out what Vanessa is so stressed out about. Meanwhile, Vanessa has another flashback.

At the Courthouse:
Pilar is acting calm and Carmen thinks she is up to something. Pilar said that she is her mother's daughter and can shut her feelings off. Carmen reminds her that they can all go to jail if she opens her mouth. Pilar finally tells Carmen that she planned on standing up in court and announcing that she and Carmen are to blame for the death of Ben, not Michelle.
Drew and Jesse come in and Drew wants to see Michelle, to look in her eyes. Michelle walks in and looks at Drew. She denies killing Ben and walks in the courtroom. Selena, Buzz, Rick, and Abby talk. They talk about how hard it is for Drew and Michelle. Jesse tells Drew that Michelle is innocent. Drew doesn't want to believe it either; she loves Michelle and doesn't want her to be the one.
Ross comes in and tells Danny that he can help Michelle out today, but it is a conflict of interest for him to represent her during the trial. He tells Danny that he believes in Michelle's innocence and will help her all he can.
Danny talks to his family and asks if anything is wrong. Pilar gets up and goes to talk to Bill. Carmen watches her.
Bill goes to Michelle and they hug. She asks about Vanessa and Bill tells her not to worry.
Court starts and Michelle pleads "Not Guilty." The DA talks about how Michelle shot Ben and left him there to die. Drew gets up and yells at Michelle to tell her that she didn't shoot her dad.

In the jail:
Michelle and Danny talk about Carmen. Danny thinks his mom is not the one who killed Ben. He tells Michelle about how he found Carmen crying at the grave and that he believes that she truly loved him. Danny thanked Frank for letting him be with Michelle and Frank told him that Michelle has always been a good kid.

Friday, December 3, 1999

In San Cristobel:
Beth is crying. She is worried about Jim and about their situation. Phillip supports her and tells her that all is well and not to worry, Jim will be back, with help. Beth is worried about freezing and suggests that she walks down the mountain and get help. Phil won't allow it. They argue, Beth breaks down. Phil won't allow her to get hurt. They talk about old times and Phil leaves to get help. Beth jumps out with him and they hear a plane. They jump up and down but the plane goes by causing an avalanche. The two jump back in the plane and are buried by snow. They are all but sure that their lives are over. Harley tells Richard and Cassie that she wants to go out and search for Phil. Richard tells her that there is a terrible storm and that it would not be safe. Cassie tries to calm Harley down and Richard assures her that the entire royal fleet is searching. The mountains are in the midst of a blizzard and it is hard to see so it may be difficult locating them. Alan walks in to the palace and demands help finding his son. Richard secured the plane for Harley and Alan but told them that Harley needed to stay at the palace. Harley begs Cassie to understand why she has to go and Cassie convinced Richard to let Harley go. He tells them that they will all go. Harley thinks she sees them but no one else is convinced. They go back but don't see anything.

At Company:
Olivia and Josh come in to the bar and Billy notices them. He distracts Reva and gets Josh away from the table. He tells him to go outside with him and them tells Josh that Reva is there. Billy tells Josh that he is going to lose out on any chance with Reva if he doesn't shape up and get away from Olivia. Billy suggests that Josh is just trying to get back at Reva with Olivia. He tells him that he will hurt his kids if he keeps it up with Olivia. She only responds by telling Billy that she will see him at work on Monday. Olivia goes to Reva and apologizes to her about Thanksgiving. Olivia mentions that she is now working with Josh. Reva asks her when Josh hired her. Reva gets nasty and says that Olivia is just trying to weasel her way into Josh's life. They argue. Josh comes in and asks Reva what she said to upset Olivia. They argue and Reva walks out. Josh goes after her leaving Billy with Olivia. Billy warns Olivia to stay away from Josh and Reva. Reva asks why Josh hired Olivia. She tells him that he only is with Olivia because of wanting to punish her, that he doesn't love her enough to forgive her. Josh tells Reva that he does love her but things have happened and they need space. Reva tells him that he used to be able to forgive her and move on, why can't he do it now. He tells her that he is tired of being the one to have to forgive her, because he knows now that she wont change. And he doesn't feel like doing it anymore. He tells her that he does love her, but something with them is broken and he doesn't know if it can be fixed.

Pilar goes in and talks to Ray. She asks him if she can talk to him.

At the Courthouse:
Drew asks Michelle if she did it and Michelle tells her that she did not. Drew asks her where she was when it happened and Danny told her not to say anything about not having an alibi. Danny tells her that he is going to say that she was home with him the whole night but Michelle says that she cannot lie about this. Danny tells her that this is the only way. Danny assures Rick and Abby that he will find who is framing Michelle and take care of them. Outside the courthouse, Pilar and Carmen talk about Pilar keeping their secret. Drew doubts Michelle's innocence while Selena, Buzz and Jesse tell her that she didn't do it. Drew goes to the DA and asks what evidence she has against Michelle. The DA tells Drew that she will find out at the trial and Drew demands that she tells her now. She tells her that the evidence is overwhelming and tells him about the threat, the eyewitness and the gloves soaked in her father's blood. Drew yells at Michelle that she knew she did it. Ross asks for bail and the DA tells the judge that Michelle is a Santos and will flee. The Judge decides not to grant bail. Danny, Rick and Abby are appalled. Danny promises to help Michelle. Drew tells Jesse that jail is not all that will happen. She promises to send Michelle to hell for killing her dad. Selena, Buzz and Jesse continue to believe in Michelle and try to talk Drew into listening, but she doesn't want to hear it. Jesse tries to reason with her and she gets mad and tells Jesse that he will believe anything Michelle says and that he needs to go with Selena to make sure she is okay. Drew goes back into the courtroom and watches as Michelle is taken to jail. She tells her that she has gotten the judges sentence and now she will get hers.

Carmen goes to Danny and tells him that she is worried about him. He tells him that everything will be fine and he walks out of the room. He goes to Rick and tells him to help him convince Michelle to lie about her whereabouts.

At the Jail:
The guard tells Michelle that he is sorry she didn't make bail but she should just get used to this place because she will be there a while. She looks up and sees Drew.

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