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Port Charles Recaps: The week of November 29, 1999 on PC
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Monday, November 29, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Marguerite

Joe and Karen mutter about the cold as they come in from the ski area. Neil calls them wusses and went to check out some boards. Joe and Karen recap the whole "Scott on trial" thing. Then they talk about traveling to Europe, though agreeing that this is not a good time. Neil runs up wanting to be in a snowboard contest. Joe is doubtful - apparently Neil has yet to learn how to snowboard. Joe rants about Neil not able to live like a normal kid because of the cancer. They debate the leukemia dangers over the psychological benefits and how to balance the two. Joe comes up with an idea - he went on the board with Neil. Neil is thrilled.

Scott and Lucy and Kevin and Eve discuss how Scott ended up accused of the murder. Lucy says maybe there's a crooked cop, Kevin thinks they were all called there to be potential witnesses. Eve doesn't think that DV is nuts enough to shoot himself in the head just to frame Scott. Kevin wonders if DV had a friend who turned out to be not so much of a friend shoot him. Rachel arrives to ask Scott about helping pick out Julie's jury. Scott told her he'll have to bail on that - she understands. Kevin regrets that they won't be able to use the trial to see what Rachel is up to with Julie. Scott agrees he doesn't want to see Julie loose, but he has to think of himself. They decide that Kevin and Eve will work on the forensics report on Scott and Scott will help Rachel and look into the Julie matter.

At home, Kevin calls Mac - who's busy with the Faison stuff but we'll see him. "Them" Eve corrects. They argue about who's in charge and decide on a little contest to see who can be the better sleuth. Kevin is very confident he'll win. Later, Kevin returns with a list of everyone who had access to the forensics lab and has narrowed the list down to the most likely 10. Eve hands him her list of the same 10. She has a patient who works at the police station. Her patient also provided her with some details. Kevin concedes - he'll be Watson to her Sherlock.

At the hospital, Rachel told Julie of Scott's non-help. Julie is unhappy. Rachel thinks Julie should call and the two can bond over being unfairly treated by the justice system. Being friends with Scott and Lucy will also give Julie access to Christina.

At Scott's, Lee comes in. While they are chatting, Julie calls. She tells Scott she knows how it is to be falsely accused, and told him to hang in, he has the truth on his side. He hangs up. Rachel congratulates Julie on her sincere performance and told her if she can do as well at the trial, no jury will convict her.

Rachel brought a box to Julie - it contains beautiful new clothes for the trial. Rachel thinks the jury will love Julie in it - Julie thinks Chris will too. She told Rachel how she misses Chris and Rachel claims to be trying to get his privileges restored, but it's difficult. Rachel vows that she will reunite Julie and Christina.

Back at Scott's - Lee talks to the lab about the results of the DNA tests. He's shocked! He hangs up and told Lucy and Scott that the tests on the two samples show a 99% chance that DV is Scott's father!

Tuesday, November 30, 1999

Frank enters his new apartment to find Courtney there decorating. He asks how she got in and she told him she told the manager that she was his girlfriend and he let her in. Frank says he'll talk to the manager. Courtney shows him the picture of Neil and her that she hung on his wall. He told her that as soon as he cuts her out, it'll be perfect. She's not amused and told him he's lucky she even bothered to come by. She says the apartment has possibilities but he needs the perfect person to decorate it - her. She told him to grab his credit cards because they're going shopping. He says no but she tries to persuade him.

At the Firehouse, Scott is bellowing about how DV can't be his father. Lee told him he can't just dismiss it but Scott insists he can. Lee tells him the blood sample showed a remarkable similarity and that the genetic markers were pretty conclusive. Scott still insists loudly that there's no way "that sick bastard" can be his father.

Courtney shows Frank a picture of a couch she found for him but he tells her it's too frilly. She rips it up. He asks why she cares what his place looks like as she won't be hanging out there. Not ever? she asks. Did it mean nothing when she announced to the family at Thanksgiving that she needed him? He says No. She told him that he's the one who can't see; he needs her! How, he asks. The place is a dump, she says, and he can't really be happy there. He says it's cheap and it's his. She says he forgot that it's also cold, musty and lacking in color. (Updater's comment: I'm starting to like her! With Frank, that is.) He agrees and says he's had a few ideas himself. She says she knows some great little stores on Elm Street, pricey, but nice. He says he's been looking at some things across the street that he likes. She says it will be an adventure and that she'll go with him.

Scott is still raging and Lee trying to calm him down. (I'm sorry but this is tiresome.) Lucy lays out the logical points; his mom was involved with DV, the timing is right... Meg married Bentley *very* soon after the breakup with DV. Lee says Meg never told him anything that would suggest she was pregnant when she married Bentley. Scott is still raging and Lucy attempts to reason with him - it IS possible. Scott insists DV set the whole blood test up. Faked it. And set up the whole thing for Scott to get framed for his shooting. Scott and Lee rehash the DV shooting, struggle, Scott's blood at the scene - all explainable - and how DV must have set it up. Scott says his goose is cooked as far as a jury trial. They decide they need additional blood analyses and on the QT.

Courtney and Frank return from "shopping" and Frank asks her what she thought. Apparently a salvage yard wasn't what she had in mind. (LOL!) They chat about the chair he got (which would be quite stylish with leather replacing the ratty cloth) and she says what she thinks doesn't matter. It's what *he* wants. He jokes to write down the date. She is very physically affectionate and he's fairly responsive. She went to take a shower and Frank just shakes his head in amazement.

At the Firehouse, Lee has gotten the police to agree to additional testing. Scott asks Lucy what's going on with her. At first she tells him nothing but then says something doesn't feel right. She explains that DV was shot before Scott got to the crypt and there was no struggle. Scott cut his hand on a nail. How could DV have arranged that? And, if DV didn't know Scott would cut his hand on that nail, there would have been no blood testing. No blood testing, no Scott being told DV is his father. Lee says she's making good sense. Scott says DV put the images in his mind just like before (did they forget they destroyed that *before* DV was found shot?). Because of Scott's suspicions, they need a doctor they can trust to do the blood testing - and who can be trusted to be silent about it. He insists his mother did not lie to him about who his father was. Lee told him that if Meg ever doubted Bentley was Scott's father, she never gave Lee an inkling. Scott says Lee is his only father, biological or not. Scott can't stand doing nothing so he calls Matt, who owes him a favor from when his family tracked him down, and Matt agrees to do the testing. They leave for the hospital.

At Frank's apartment,Courtney finishes her shower and comes into the living room to dress. Franks asks her why and she says the steam was getting to her. She does the sexy as possible thing and told him it's not like he hasn't seen it all before. He says he has no shades; she had best get dressed if she doesn't want the neighbors to get a show. She thinks that sounds like fun and unbuttons his shirt. It's a brilliant seduction and works until her zipper gets stuck. Frank offers to cut her out with scissors but she says it's time for maternity clothes. They kiss but Frank stops it. He told her to come clean about the baby or no. She told him someday he's going to wakeup and realize he can't live without her and storms out.

At the hospital, Scott, Lucy and Lee are waiting for the test results when Matt comes out and told them DV has regained consciousness. Scott says he doesn't give a damn whether DV lives or dies!

Wednesday, December 1, 1999

Lee brought Scott with the results of the blood test and promised that they didn't change who Scott was. Later, Scott confessed to Lucy that DV was his father and expressed his fear that he was doomed to turn out just like him. Kevin and Eve played detective and attempted to discover which cop could have set up Scott. Rachel continued to coach Julie on the eve of her trial, while Julie missed Chris desperately. Later, Julie was ecstatic when she discovered that Chris managed to have her wedding ring placed under her pillow.

Thursday, December 2, 1999

Scott, in denial, demanded that Lucy never repeat that DV was his biological father. Scott told Lucy that he had no plans to tell DV, Karen or Serena the truth. Lucy attempted to break through to Scott and he opened up about how he didn't want his daughters to hate the blood coursing through their veins. An anxious Julie had a loving reunion with Chris at the start of her trial. Julie accidentally dropped her wedding ring in front of a guard and Rachel was forced to step in and cover for Julie's mistake. As Rachel's concern that Chris may endanger Julie's case continued to grow, she decided to find out more about Chris' affair with Nicole Devlin. Joe and Karen were curious when Courtney congratulated Frank after they learned that the baby she was carrying was a match for Neil. Hurt that Courtney still refused to tell Joe the truth, Frank turned down her offer to be present when they shared the good news with Neil.

Friday, December 3, 1999

Lucy urged Scott to pay a visit to DV after Karen called and told them that DV had been asking for Scott. Karen later learned the truth about DV and Scott and sought comfort from Lucy. After some encouragement from Karen, Scott came face to face with DV. Kevin and Eve stepped up their investigation of Officer Gordon, who they believed set up Scott. Eve got herself invited to Officer Gordon's apartment, but he knew what she was after and held Eve there against her will. Meanwhile, Kevin and Victor planned their own attack to find out some information at the police department. Victor and Kevin's search was successful when they found the evidence they were looking for. Kevin became worried when he couldn't find Eve.

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