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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of November 29, 1999 on ATWT
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Monday, November 29, 1999

Abigail spent time with Holden and Lily. When her mom came to pick her up she told them that Abigail's father got a promotion and they will be moving to Saudi Arabia. Abigail got upset and ran off. Later Holden tells Abigail's mother that Abigail could stay in Oakdale with them. Her mother said she'd have to think about it, but said she can't just give up her daughter.

Chris was waiting at the diner for Daisy. When he figured she wasn't going to show up, he decided to leave her a note. He went through a whole dispenser of napkins trying to figure out what to write. Then she shows up. She tells him she won't get to see him anymore, because they are moving oversees. While outside the diner, he gives her his necklace. She starts to leave, but he tells her to wait and they kiss. She gets more upset and runs off.

Tom tells Margo that their best defense will be that Margo was undercover all along and that she was never romantically involved with Alec. He tells her they need to go through the motions. He pretends to be the DA, while she is on the stand. He asks her questions about her and Alec. When he asks if she ever had sex with Alec, she doesn't answer him. He acts like the DA and says "Just Tell the Truth." She is very nervous and still doesn't answer him. Finally, he says "No." And then Margo says "No."

Jake and Julia are still at the Warehouse. Jake goes in another room and while he is gone, someone grabs Julia from behind. When Jake comes back he finds someone holding Julia with a gun in his hand. The man lets Julia go, and wants to know what they are doing there. Jake tells him they are reporters and are looking for answers about Alec Wallace. The man tells them his name is Isaac. He tells them he knew Alec, but don't have any answers for them.

Tuesday, November 30, 1999

Lily sees Holden showing Denise around the station. She comes up to him after Denise and Katie walk away. She asks Holden about Denise being at the station. He says that she is working there now. Lily doesn't seem too happy about this. Holden tells her how perfect it will be. He will be able to see Hope everyday because she will in the day care at the station. Diane comes into the station and walks over to Lily and Holden. She has good news for them. She and her husband have decided to leave Abigail with them while they go and get settled in Saudi Arabia and Abigail can finish her school year in Oakdale. Holden is very happy, Lily is acting happy. Diane gives them a whole list of rules that she expects Holden to follow. One of them is that Abigail will stay with Lily and Holden, not every other week with Molly. They all agree with her rules and Diane leaves to go meet Abigail at Lily and Holden house. After she is gone, Holden turns to Lily and asks her to tell him what she is really thinking. She tells him that he has always done so much for her, how could she tell him that he couldn't have his daughter live with them?

Abigail visits Molly and Molly thinks that she is there for a regular visit. Abigail breaks the news to Molly that she and her family are moving to Saudi Arabia. This upsets Molly but she tells Abigail that her parents are good to her and she must do as they say. She tells her daughter that she will miss her so much, but they will keep in touch. Abigail tells Molly that she is the coolest person that knows. Molly tells Abigail that she needs to get out more. They have a tearful goodbye and as Abigail walks away, Molly stands outside her door and says that the best thing she ever did just walk out the door.

Abigail walks into the station, just missing Chris who is there visiting Katie. She walks up to Holden and Lily and says that she is supposed to meet her mother at their house, but she had to come by and say goodbye. Holden tells her that he has good news, her mother is going to let her stay with he and Lily in Oakdale and finish out her school year. Abigail is so happy. She can't wait to tell Molly.

Chris goes over to Molly's house to see her. They are both down in the dumps about the same person, but they don't know they are talking about the same person. Molly asks Chris if she can cry on his shoulder and he says yes. She hugs Chris and puts her head on his shoulder. Soon, they are kissing. She asks him to stay with her, but he declines. She asks if there is someone else. He grabs his coat and leaves.

John visits Margo. He wants to know how everything is going with her. She tells him about Tom representing her at her trial. John thinks this is good, Tom is a good lawyer. Margo says that the prosecution is trying to prove that she and Alec were lovers. John doesn't understand, she and Alec weren't lovers, were they? Margo tells him that they were, but Tom doesn't know it. John tells her that the only other person who knows that they had slept together is dead and she should leave it a secret.

At The Argus, Tom and Emily are discussing Margo and the trial. Tom tells her that the prosecution is going to try to prove Margo and Alec were lovers but there is no evidence to that fact. Emily tells Tom that she didn't want to have to show him this, but she doesn't want him blind sided in the trial if Jessica were to get hold of this letter. She hands Tom a piece of paper. Tom takes it an starts to read the letter that Margo had written to Alec when she was in jail. The letter stated her alliance to him and how she was going to fight everyone in Oakdale when she got out of jail. Tom doesn't say a thing to Emily and he walks out of the room. Emily yells after him, but he doesn't stop. Emily turns around and has a smile on her face.

Margo gets home and Tom is waiting for her. She asks him if they had plans to meet? Tom shows her the letter that Emily had given him. At first she tries to make up excuses for the letter, but Tom won't let her off the hook. He tells her that a woman is involved in a crime of passion and she writes a love letter? He says that if Jessica sees this letter, she will drill her until she admits the obvious. She says that the burden of proof is on the prosecution and they don't have a case, he said that himself. He says, "Not yet, they don't." He adds that he would not have known about the letter if Emily had not shown it to him. He grabs her and asks, "What the hell went on between you and Alec Wallace?" Margo gets upset and she tries to walk away from Tom. He grabs her and says that he is her attorney. She says that he only took her case to find out if she had slept with another man. She is yelling at him and says, "Yes, I slept with Alec Wallace!!" and she pushes him away.

Wednesday, December 1, 1999

John is reluctant when Camille introduces him to Java Underground. Desperate to find a dress for her date with Jack at Java Underground, Carly hands a disbelieving Barbara a credit card. Tom is stunned when Margo confirms she slept with Alec.

After learning that Hal knew about Carly's windfall, Barbara throws a dress at Carly, who then asks for a pair of her best shoes. Camille won't take now for an answer and drags John to the dance floor to show him how to dance to the club beat. John then grills Camille when she insists it's not important that she go to medical school after all.

Casey comes home with a black eye and assorted bruises and Margo is horrified when he admits he got into a fight because of what kids are saying about her. At the police station Barbara takes both Hal and Jack to task for keeping silent about Carly's newfound wealth, then tells Jack a supposedly-wiser Carly just spent a thousand dollars on a dress.

Under John's questioning Camille admits she put medical school on hold after her breast cancer and now she's afraid about commiting to a profession she might not be around to practice. Tom comforts Casey by insisting Margo was with Alec just for her job, but later tells Margo he needs some air and walks out. Hal hopes Carly has finally learned her lesson but Barbara isn't convinced--she's out of control, Barbara says.

John is furious when he learns Carly was the anonymous benefactor who sent the expensive bottle of champagne to their table. John then lambastes Carly's sincerity, telling her if she was concerned about him she would've thought to ask how Margo was doing.

Margo joins Tom on the patio and tries to explain that Alec caught her when she was feeling vulnerable and needy, but Tom uses Margo's words in her letter and throws them back in her face. When she claims her words meant nothing, he reminds her she expressed the same sentiments to him and wonders if those too meant nothing.

John refuses to let Carly pay his tab and warns her to stay away from him. Isaac eyes Camille, who's sitting alone, and learns her name from the waitress. Margo insists she had to convince herself she loved Alec in order to make love to him, but the real truth is the 16 years she and Tom have together.

When Jack finally arrives, Carly criticizes her efforts that night and tells him she's through trying to impress people by flaunting her wallet. John makes Camille smile when he tells her she has all the qualities that make a great doctor. Margo is numb when Tom tells her he can't defend her now because he wouldn't win, feeling the way he does.

At their romantic dinner Barbara tells Hal she wants to get back into design and tap into her creativity. Carly tells Jack she's decided to start her own design business. Casey is nonplussed when he returns with the Christmas decorations and finds Tom gone, and Margo tells her son she hopes Tom will be back.

Thursday, December 2, 1999

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Today's recap was provided by Laurie Miller

Chris is in the garden (his and Abigail's secret meeting place) thinking of Abby moving to Saudi Arabia. He begins a dream sequence that has Abby being held captive in Saudi Arabia by an evil Sultan. Chris comes to rescue her, but they are interrupted by the Sultan.

At WOAK, Katie is trying to suck up to Molly, but she tells her she is in no mood for compliments. Molly tells Katie that she has just lost her daughter, and that she will probably never see her again. Just as she is professing this, Abigail walks in with Diana Williams, Holden and Lily.

Lucinda is at the City Times when Jake arrives. She berates him for his absence over the holidays. Jake briefly explains to her about the "warehouse" incident and begins chastising the "bad and shady" character he met there. Jake, however, is unaware that Isaac is in his office, and overhears everything he says. Isaac wants a word with Jake in private. Lucinda leaves to go get coffee. Isaac tells Jake that the bonds that he gave him were good, and that Isaac knew they were in the warehouse all along. He also tells Jake that he wants to make a deal with him. Isaac wants his name left out of the Alec Wallace murder story, in exchange for information about the case. Jake explains about Margo's situation, but does not reveal his own personal involvement. Jake wants to know the name of the man who supplied the "roofies" (the knockout drugs) to Alec. Isaac says he can supply the name if Jake keeps up his end of the bargain. Jake agrees to the deal.

The Sultan says there is no way Abigail is ever leaving. Abigail is about to give up, when Chris reminds her about all they have shared. Chris duels the Sultan, and wins. He and Abby share an embrace. Chris is then knocked back to reality. His dream girl is truly gone.

Abigail reveals to Molly that she is not leaving. Abby tells her that her life is like a new chapter in a really good book, and that she is not ready to close it just yet. During the scene, Carly enters the station. Molly introduces Carly to Diana, who's face shows immediate disapproval. Molly tells Carly that Abby is moving to Oakdale to live with Holden and Lily. Carly tries to "win points" by announcing a big shopping spree for her, Abby, and Molly. When Molly senses the tension mounting in the room, she interrupts Carly. Diana asks Molly and Holden for a word in private. Carly leaves, and Lily gives Abigail a tour of the studio. Molly thanks Diana for allowing Abby to stay, but Diana tells them that she wants to be very straight about the rules she has set up. She tells Molly that she does not want Carly to be a factor in Abby's life. She knows all about Carly's antics, and does not want her around her impressionable daughter. Diana also tells them that she wants Holden and Lily to monitor Abby's social life, with no interference from Molly. Abigail returns, and she and Diana share some tears. Abigail decides to accompany her mom to the airport. While Diana freshens up, Abigail thanks Molly for not revealing to Diana about her "mystery man." Molly tells Abby that she would never betray her, especially because if Diana found out, she would never let Abigail stay in Oakdale.

Barbara shows Lisa at Fashions some of her new designs. Lisa wants to "pre-advertise" them, but Barbara declines. She is waiting to roll out the whole line in an exclusive fashion show. Jennifer enters the shop wanting a tape measure for Biology class. Barbara snubs her nose at Jennifer's risqué bare midriff outfit, and offers to "help" her out. Jennifer takes offense to the comments, and storms out. Barbara and Lisa discuss the "generation gap" in fashion trends. Barbara admits to Lisa that her home life has been rather chaotic lately, and she would like to spend some quality time with Jennifer. Lisa suggests that she use Jennifer to model in her fashion show. Barbara's reply is "not in a million years."

Jake puts pressure on Isaac to produce the name. While Isaac makes some contacts on his cell phone, Lucinda enters with the coffee. Jake reveals that Isaac is a source in the Wallace murder. When Lucinda expresses her distrusts, Jake says that he will do anything to get the goods on Alec. Lucinda reminds him of all the dangerous stuff that has happened lately, and wonders if Jake cares at all that his life may be at stake. Jake is astounded that Lucinda seems to care so much for his well being. Lucinda claims that she is just trying to get Jake's angle on the story...but Jake plays up Lucinda's genuine concern for him. Lucinda makes a hasty retreat when Isaac returns with information. The supplier of the drug was a guy named "Joe", who is currently residing at a homeless shelter in Milltown. Isaac tells Jake that "Joe" will meet him on the rooftop of the shelter in an hour. Isaac gives Jake some free advice to go alone to the meeting, because "Joe" can get upset and ugly really fast.

Carly goes to Al's Diner to quit her job. She tells Al that with her new fortune, she can afford to open her own design business. She does, however, tell Al that she learned a lot about hard work while employed there. Carly then showers her former co-workers with gifts. During the exchange, they are interrupted by a customer demanding some service. He tells Carly that she should share her money with him so that he can go somewhere else to get a decent meal. Carly tells him that his share of the money should go to the hard working wait staff that he stiffs in tips everyday. The whole diner applauds, including Jennifer, who happens to overhear everything said.

Chris gives up, and is about to leave the garden, when Abigail appears. Abby tells Chris that she is not moving to Saudi Arabia after all, but she is sad about saying goodbye to her mother. Chris is estatic about her staying, and is even more thrilled when Abby tells him that she is moving to Oakdale. He tells her about what Grandma Nancy said about "things that were meant to be." Abby is worried about Chris's enthusiasm, and tells Chris that their relationship is going to be harder than he expects.

Jennifer compliments Carly on what she said to the rude customer. Carly, in turn, thanks Jennifer for all she had done for Parker. Carly comments on how great Jennifer's outfit is, and says that she is glad she took her advice on her "stuffy" outfits. Carly comes up with a great idea to pay Jennifer back for her help with Parker..Jennifer can model her new designs! Jennifer readily accepts.

Barbara tells Lisa that she knows too much about what happens in the life of models to ever let her daughter live that kind of lifestyle. She claims that Jennifer does not even have any aspirations of becoming a model.

Jake tells his secretary that he is going to be unreachable for awhile. Lucinda demands to know where Jake is going. She claims that Jake is putting himself into danger, because he is letting the story become too personal. Jake refuses to let Lucinda get caught up in the "mine-field", and leaves for his meeting. As he leaves, Lucinda calls him a fool. Lily comes to the City Times to see Lucinda. Lucinda fills Lily in on what has been happening with Jake, and why she is so concerned about him. Lily finds it touching that Lucinda cares so much about her employees. Lucinda senses that something is wrong with Lily. Lily tells her about Abigail moving in with them, but claims that she is fine with it. Lucinda gives her an "I told you so" about Molly forever being a part of Lily's life.

Molly wraps up her news show. Katie again tries to suck up to Molly, but can't help getting a few digs in about Abigail. She asks Molly if having a teenager around will "cramp her living style", but Molly says that Abigail is the best thing that ever happened to her. Molly asks where Abigail is, and Katie tells her that she went out. When Holden arrives, and asks about Abby's whereabouts, Molly wonders if she has screwed up already. Holden says that they have to find some "mid-ground" in the rules that Diana set forth, and that they should not hover over Abby.

Chris wants to set up some dates with Abigail, but Abigail explains that because of her new living arrangements, it may be even harder for them to get together. She tells him that because of her age difference with Chris that her family would freak out. She explains some of the rules and complications that could arise.

Carly begins to design a sketch, and Jennifer says that she would love to model it. Carly tells Jen that she has a great look, and could be the next big "thing." Meanwhile, back at Fashions, Barbara tells Lisa that Jennifer is way too smart to get into the modeling game, and Lisa should just "give it up."

Chris tells Abby that he HAS to see her again. He suggests that they date secretly for awhile. Abigail agrees, but tells Chris that once things get settled for her, they won't have to sneak around anymore. Chris gives Abby his phone numbers, and they share an embrace. Jake meets with "Joe" on the rooftop. "Joe" refuses to give out any information concerning Alec to him, and is about to leave, when Jake recognizes his voice as the bodyguard he hired to protect Vicky. He is enraged and slams the man against the wall.

Friday, December 3, 1999

When Jack is met in the woods by a limo, he hesitates at getting in. Carly finally gets out and chides him for his cop instincts. Vicky's bodyguard Joe denies killing her, even as Jake throttles him, then turns the tables and grabs Jake around the throat.

Tom arrives and stops Margo's stream of apologies--he's there to work on her case. He then asks her for details of the night in Chicago when she slept with Alec so he can be prepared when Jessica inevitably brings it up during the trial. Tom makes a crack about her sleeping with Alec to make Alec feel better, then quickly apologizes. As Margo talks, Tom is beset by visions of Margo and Alec in bed and she breaks off, saying she can't do it because it's hurting him too much.

Carly informs Jack she's there to whisk him away for a brief vacation and she's even gotten Hal's approval. Jack protests that he can't leave Margo's case, but Carly says she's got plans for the two of them in New York City.

Joe holds Jake over the rooftop railing but refuses to tell him about his wife. Isaac rescues Jake and then pins down Joe, vowing that the two of them will get the bodyguard to confess without cops. Jack is stunned when Carly presents him with tickets to a Rangers game, but admits he doesn't want to go.

Tom leaves Margo alone for a while. Margo apologizes to Katie for not being a real sister to her. Katie does some apologizing of her own, admitting she's been staying away. Margo laments how everyone around her has been affected.

Joe admits to supplying Alec with drugs, then says Alec set it up so he'd be hired as Vicky's bodyguard. Jack expresses his desire for the two of them to stay in Oakdale--he enjoys the everyday things they do, he tells Carly. Carly determines that he likes her better when she's poor. "Adios, filthy money," she declares as she throws a stack of cash in the air.

Jake presses Joe for details about Vicky's last moments but Joe gloats that Jake will never know what happened. Enraged, Jake throws him aside and the bodyguard falls off the roof to land on the pavement with a dull thump. A numb Jake refuses to flee with Isaac and promises to take care of the cops. Jake ponders Joe's last words and wonders if Vicky is alive.

Over tea Katie rails at the unfairness of Margo being branded Alec's killer. When Tom returns, Margo decides she's putting a stop to things. Jack gathers up Carly's cash and wonders what it is about money that makes her crazy. Carly recalls collecting Monopoly money as a child and says she eventually realized she wanted money because unlike men, it didn't leave. She tells Jack that if he promises her he loves her and that he won't ever leave, she doesn't really need the money. Jack makes the promise and urges her to keep the money because he knows she'll use it responsibly. Carly then decides to turn her fashion show into a benefit and give all the proceeds to the Police Athletic League.

When Jake claims that Joe merely broke free and fell, Hal notes Jake is often near a dead boy. Margo insists to Tom that she's not going to let him defend her--she can't keep recounting the details of that night to him. When she says she's going to call Cass, Tom stops her--he'll call the lawyer himself and get him up to speed on Margo's case. Alone, Margo has another vision of Alec.

Jack decides to put the limo to good use and turns on the car stereo as he and Carly dance underneath the stars. Margo is confused by Alec's message telling her to listen--listen to what? Margo cries. But the only sound is of a tree branch tapping against the window.


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