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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of November 22, 1999 on ATWT
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Monday, November 22, 1999

Emma and Carly come in from the barn where they have been doing some chores. Emma suggests that they have a taste of summer and have some strawberry wine. Carly says that she will have a glass with her. The phone rings and Carly answers it. Jack is calling and he tells Carly that he is coming out to the farm and he has a big surprise for her. She wants him to tell her on the phone but he says that she has to wait until he gets to the farm. They hang up and Carly tells Emma that Jack is coming out and he has a surprise for her. Emma takes it that Carly is expecting a marriage proposal. Carly says that she isn't thinking that way, but she was. Carly can tell that something is bothering Emma and she says that they can be friends until she mentions Jack. Emma says that since she has had a few sips of wine, she can tell Carly what she is thinking. She tells Carly that she and Jack have this bet that she won't tell a lie until Christmas. Carly says that is right. Emma says that she doesn't approve because being truthful should be for a lifetime, not just until Christmas. Carly explains to Emma that she is trying to change and Emma shouldn't be waiting for her to fail. Carly get up and looks out the window at the snow falling. She is dreaming out loud about children and snow fall and Emma is trying to do her book work. Emma lets out a little yell and says that she gives up, she can't make her books balance. Carly asks if she can have a try. Emma gets up and lets Carly have her chair. After looking at a few figures, Carly tells Emma that she thinks the new feed guys are cheating her. Emma looks at it and tells Carly that she is right, the are overcharging her by ten cents a pound. She looks at Carly and says that her living there hasn't been as bad as she thought it would be. Carly chuckles a little and says that Emma almost gave her a compliment. Emma says that she is going to go to bed and to tell Jack goodnight. She stops at the steps and Carly goes over and gives her hug. Emma tells Carly to not stay up too late, there will a lot more to do tomorrow with the snow fall. After Emma goes upstairs, Carly decides to fix some hot cocoa for Jack. There is a knock at the door and she thinks that Jack is there already. She goes to the door and a man is standing there. He asks her if Carly Tenney lives there. Carly asks him what does he want with her. He says he has something for her. Finally, Carly lets him in and he hands her a check for one million dollars. She asks him who this is from and then she thinks that someone is playing a trick on her. He says that it is no trick and the family of Robert Carter is giving her the money for bringing him to justice. She realizes that he is the hit man that was shot in her hotel room. She says that she didn't bring him to justice, he was blown away in her bathroom. He tells her that there are all kinds of justices' in the world. He tells her to sign on the dotted line and then he leaves. Carly can't believe it. She is rich again. She says that she will put the check in the bank in the morning and then she will wait for the check to clear. There is another knock on the door and this time it is Jack. She goes to the door and says, "Hi." He says that he trudged all the way out to the farm in the snow and all he gets is a "Hi"? She throws her arms around him and they hug. Jack tells her that she feels like a million dollars. She looks at the check behind his head and smiles. They go outside and watch the snow. She says to him that he came out to give her a surprise and asks a question. He teases her about getting some hot cocoa. Finally he says that he was thinking about taking a trip to Canada, just the two of them sometime after Christmas. She is kind of disappointed but hides it from Jack. She makes a few excuses and then says that they can make some plans to go. He tells her that he has one more thing for her and he pulls out a velvet box from his coat pocket. She gets a big smile on her face. She opens the box and there is a turkey pin in the box. She is disappointed again, but pretends to like the pin. Jack says that it represents them spending Thanksgiving Day together. He gives her a kiss and says that he will get back to her on the plans for their trip and he leaves. She looks at the pin again and then she takes out her million dollar check. She gets a big smile on her face and lays down in the snow and makes a snow angel.

Abigail runs into Chris. Chris can't believe that he has found her again and he is still calling her Daisy. She tells him that she can't stay, she is meeting someone. He tries to stop her and she drops her purse. The pine tree air freshener that was in his cab that he had given her, fell out of her purse. He picks it up and says that he can't believe that she had saved it. Abigail tries to leave again and Chris wants her to stay. She tells him that she knows about his girlfriend. Chris doesn't know what she is talking about. Abigail says that she saw them hugging at the diner. Chris remembers and says that was Katie and she is only a friend. Abigail decides to stay with Chris for awhile. They sit in the snow and get to know each other better. Chris tells Abigail that he is only driving a taxi until something better comes along. She tells him about her passion for horses. He tells her that it is great to be so passionate about something, he feels like he is just floating. He tells her about the stories that his fares tell him and that he is writing them all down. She says that he should make it into a book. He says that he hasn't thought much about being a writer. All the sudden, Abigail realizes how late it is and she has to rush off. As she is leaving, Chris asks if he can have her number to call her and she says that she will find him and she runs off. After she is gone, Chris sees a charm from Abigail's bracelet. He picks it up and it is a horse.

Molly is getting ready to go on the air to do the news and she is having her make-up touched up. Katie walks by and she asks Katie about her chair that she ordered. Katie gives her an update and Molly tells her that everything has to go perfectly tonight, her daughter is going to be watching. Katie is surprised, Molly has a daughter? Molly fills her in on meeting her daughter that she had given up for adoption. Holden comes in and is checking on how things are going. Katie says that Molly is all excited because her daughter is going to be there tonight and them Katie says that she shouldn't have said anything about Molly having a daughter. Holden tells her that it is OK, Abigail is his daughter too. Katie's mouth flies open. She looks back and forth at Molly and Holden. Holden asks Molly where Abigail is and Molly says that she let her go explore the city and she hasn't returned yet. Molly sees what time it is and she starts getting worried. She starts to leave to go find Abigail and Holden tells her that it isn't that late and she should do the news and then if she isn't back by the time she is done, they will call Jack and start searching for her. Molly goes on and does the news and as soon as she is off the air, she jerks her head set off and wants Holden to call Jack. As they are starting to call, Abigail comes in and Molly starts to scold her. Holden tells her that everything is all right, but next time she should call if she is going to be late. She says that she just got caught up in the snow and the city. Molly tells Abigail that if her mother finds out that she may never let her spend time with them again. Abigail begs Molly not to tell her mother. Molly agrees and everyone leaves Abigail alone in the studio. Abigail takes out the pine tree air freshener and holds it to her heart and gets a big smile on her face.

Margo sees Alec standing in the corner of her bedroom with blood all over his shirt. She is screaming for him to leave her alone. Tom comes in and settles her down and tells her that she is having a nightmare. She doesn't believe him, Alec is standing right over there in the corner. He makes her look again and she doesn't see him. He gets her to lay down in the bed and he goes to close the window. He asks Margo what she was doing with the bedroom window open. She tells Tom that she thinks this is Alec's way of telling her that she shot him. He is talking to her from his grave. He tells her that she may be having night terrors. She says, "Just like Eddie." He turns on a light for her and says that the light is guaranteed to keep away any monsters. He goes downstairs and gets some tea for her. As she is sipping the tea, they talk about their life together. She thinks about she and Alec sleeping together. Tom can tell that she is not settling down, so he tells her that he will lay beside her and keep her warm. As she lays her head down, she sees Alec's reflection in the window. They start to drift off to sleep. Some time later, Margo wakes up and sees that Tom is asleep. She gets up and goes to the window. She opens the window and looks out into the night. She looks up at the sky and then she looks down. She sees that someone has written "buried" on the ledge of the window. The wind starts to blow and the word starts to fade. Later, Tom wakes up and yells for Margo. She is gone. He finds a note that she left saying that she had to go somewhere for a little while. Tom goes over to the window and looks out into the night air. He closes the window.

Margo is at Alec's grave. She is moving the flowers around and she is asking him why he won't leave her alone. She says that if she is the kind of woman that would kill a man, please find a way to tell her. She starts to beat the ground saying that she may already know the answer.

Tuesday, November 23, 1999

Carly is looking at her check and Jack walks into her room with breakfast. He asks her about the piece of paper she was looking at when he came in. She tells him it is a surprise and when she finds out more facts about it she will tell him. He leaves and she gets dressed.

Barbara is trying to sketch some designs and her family is disturbing her. Hal almost spills coffee on her sketches and then Jennifer comes in and bumps the table and spills milk all over her science project. Jennifer is whining about how long it took her and she will never have it ready for the deadline. Hal tells her that he will help her and everything will be OK. There is a knock on the door and Jennifer answers it. Carly is at the door. Barbara says that this day just keeps getting better and better. Carly needs to see Hal. Hal comes in and Barbara and Jennifer leave Carly and Hal alone in the kitchen. Carly shows Hal the check for the million dollars. He wants to know what she has done now. She tells him about the reward for turning in Robert Carter, the hit man. She wants Hal to run a check on the money and make sure it is legit. At first, Hal says that he needs to spend the day at home with his family, then Barbara comes over and tells him to go, the sooner he goes the sooner he can get back. Hal and Carly leave and Barbara flops down at the table. Jennifer yells for her from the other room and Barbara goes to her aid.

Hal meets Carly at Al's Diner. He tells her that he ran a check on the money and it is legitimate. She is so happy. She tells Hal about starting to like life on the farm, but she still hates not having any money, but all that is in the past. Jack comes up and wants to know what is going on? Hal says that Carly can fill him in, he needs to get home to his family. Jack sits down and Carly tells him all about her visitor last night that gave her one million dollars in reward money for turning in the hit man. Jack is just looking at her. She asks him if this is going to change their relationship? He tells her that he is happy for her. She tells him that she is going to build a future with this money. She wants a good future for her son, Jack and herself. They stand up to leave and she tells him that he was right. He told her to walk the straight and narrow and everything she ever wanted would come to her. She says that she has him and Parker and he adds, "A million dollars." She says that she would settle for the first two, she just doesn't have to. He laughs and says that he loves her and they leave the diner.

Jake is at the diner and Lucinda comes in and tells him that she wants him to join her and her family for Thanksgiving dinner. He tells her that he would not be good company and he just wants to work on the Wallace case. He goes to get more coffee. Julia comes up and tells Lucinda that she will take care of Jake. Jake comes back and says that they look intense. Lucinda says that they are just two white chicks comparing notes. Jake says that he is going to go dig up some trash on Mr. Wallace and he will be thankful for every shovel full. Lucinda says that she is sorry that he won't be joining them for dinner tomorrow. She tells him that if he should burn out...he interrupts and says that he will get to the bottom of Alec Wallace if it is the last thing that he does. Lucinda leaves and Julia tells Jake that he seems energized, what is his new angle. He tells her that he is going to look at Mr. Wallace's records, the ones that he didn't show the IRS. She wants to go with him and he tells her no. She says that they can't get into Alec's office and he says that she is a pain in the butt. She says that she can be a useful pain in the butt. They leave the diner and go to The Argus. Julia walks in and tells the male secretary sitting outside of Alec's office that she is there to have a meeting with Mr. Wallace. He tells her that she is not having a meeting with Mr. Wallace because he is dead. She acts like she is shocked. She tells him that she has been out in the field on an assignment and hadn't heard anything. She acts like she is going to faint and she asks him to get her some water. While he is gone, Jake sneaks into Alec's office. When the secretary returns, Julia says that she is not steady on her feet and would he take her to the publishing office. He says that he will but they have to hurry. Jake is looking through Alec's desk inside the office. Soon, they return and Jake, getting nervous, knocks over a metal platter and makes a noise. The secretary and Julia run into the office and see Jake going through Alec's papers. The secretary right away thinks that Julia has tried to pull something over on him. She tells him that Jake has a crush on her and he is always following her around. He kicks them both out of the office. When they are out in the hall, Jake asks Julia, "I have a crush on you?" She says that it worked, he didn't suspect them of trying anything underhanded. Jake shows her that he has Alec's checkbook. They leave to go check it out.

Margo wakes up and sees Alec laying in bed beside her and he is looking at her. She starts to scream. She jumps out of bed and runs to the door. Tom opens the door and she falls into his arms. She is yelling that Alec is on her bed. Tom tells her that no one is there and he makes her look. The bed is empty. Tom puts a blanket around her shoulders and takes her downstairs and fixes her a cup of tea. She starts to settle down a bit and Tom gives her a pot of flowers that was delivered. She looks at the card and says that they are from John. She asks Tom if he thinks that the PTS is back. He asks her what she thinks. She says that it feels different. It feels real this time. There is a knock at the door and Tom opens the door. Jessica comes in. She is there to inform them that the trial is going to be sooner than they had thought. She tells them that the trial will be in two weeks. Tom can't believe that they have set the trial to be held so quick. He asks Jessica what is going on? She says that she can't be accused of showing any special favors to Margo. Tom asks her if she isn't making a rush to judgment? Jessica apologizes to Margo and she leaves. Tom convinces Margo to try to go to sleep and have Alec appear to her. Maybe he is trying to tell her something from the grave. She is afraid, but Tom reminds her that he will be there the whole time. She lays down on the couch and closes her eyes. Tom covers her up with a blanket and turns up the heat. Margo whispers, "Alec, are you there?" She opens her eyes and Alec is sitting on the couch beside her. He holds out his hand and she puts her hand in his. He leads her across the room to the potted plant that John had sent her. He takes her hand and makes her dig in the dirt. She suddenly snaps out of her dream. She and Tom try to figure out what this means, that he had her dig in the soil of the plant?

Wednesday, November 24, 1999

Waking up still trapped in the warehouse, Julia is distressed when Jake reminds her it's Thanksgiving and offers her a can of tuna. At the farm, Holden introduces Abigail to his family, and Lily is nonplussed when Molly arrives and Holden explains he invited her, too.

Lisa and Andy join Katie and the rest of the Hughes clan at the station to prepare dinner for the less fortunate. Lisa explains she knew she wasn't welcome at Hal's, where Tom and Margo have decided to spend the holiday. Carly arrives to pick up Parker and thanks Hal for holding off on telling Barbara about her million dollar windfall.

Adam is stung when he overhears Barbara's remark comparing Margo to a condemned prisoner eating her last meal. Later, Hal and Margo try to explain the concept of circumstantial evidence to him.

When Lucinda arrives at the farm, Lily introduces Abigail as Holden's daughter, though Molly loudly corrects her. Jack is anxious to tell his family about the million dollars, but Carly tells Jack today is not the day to tell all. Ben is consoled by Bob as he helps out with the WOAK dinner, while at home Denise tells Hope they'll celebrate Thanksgiving with a turkey when she gets a better job.

Chris takes offense to a comment Bob makes, but Nancy stops Kim from intervening--they have to work it out by themselves. Julia is unable to deter Jake from his avowed goal of finding out which of Alec's henchmen is responsible for Vicky's plane crash. Lily calls Denise and upon learning she is eating alone, she convinces her to meet her at WOAK.

Margo tells Hal she needs him to convince a judge to allow Alec's body to be exhumed for another autopsy, and he is openly scornful when Margo explains it's because she's been seeing Alec's ghost. Jake finds a crack in the wall and is convinced it's a secret door.

Andy shares an awkward moment with Molly when Holden and Lily arrive at the station and Holden introduces Abigail to the Hughes family, with Chris just having left in a fit of pique. After talking to Andy about his success as a roaming photographer, Denise confides in Hope that she can't tell Andy about his fatherhood just yet.

Separately, Tom and Barbara are witness as Margo breaks down to Hal, then urges him not to tell Tom about her doubts because she doesn't want him to think she doesn't trust his abilities. Jack and Calry share a quiet moment after stepping outside the chaos of Emma's kitchen. Holden tells Denise there's a job opening at WOAK for an assistant with daycare benefits and urges her to take it, noting that he'd get to see Hope more.

Barbara comforts Margo after Tom tries to reassure her about the looming trial. Later they gather to give thanks before the meal, and a tearful Margo thanks God. Chris returns to WOAK and Bob tells him no matter how much they may disagree, he still loves his son. Kim watches the two embrace and hopes the peace lasts.

Denise accompanies Holden, Lily and Abigail back to the farm. Lily brushes off Molly's thanks for inviting her, tersely noting that in some weird way she and Molly are family. Holden is thrilled when Denise informs him she's accepting the job offer.

Lucinda notes Lily's unease and tries to distract her, explaining that she can't decide whether to be angry or concerned that she can't reach Jake. When Julia succeeds in prying open the door, a body falls out. Jake recognizes the man as being the bartender from Chicago.

Bob gives a stirring speech about the meaning of Thanksgiving being love and family as elsewhere the extended Snyder and Munson clans enjoy dinner.

Thursday, November 25, 1999

by Soap Central

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, As The World Turns will not be shown.

Friday, November 26, 1999

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, As The World Turns will not be shown.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan


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