One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 22, 1999 on OLTL

Bo congratulated Nora on her engagement. Téa and R.J. made love. Blair denied knowing that Max wasn't Renee's son. Will "borrowed" money from the Megan Foundation and gave it to Roseanne. Nora and Lindsay had a food fight.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 22, 1999 on OLTL
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Monday, November 22, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Cheryl Paster Di Pilla

Dorian visited Kelly at the Sun on her way to visit Max. Blair told her aunt about bumping into Blair recently and though they talked, their relationship would never be the same. Just then Sophia walked into Kelly's office and handed her a resume. Though a job wasn't advertised, she knew there would be an opening, Grace's job. Kelly blew up and chased her out, but not before Sophia asked Dorian if she might need a social secretary. Dorian sarcastically said that Sophia didn't have enough brains to be a good schemer but Kelly bemoaned the fact that Grace did and what happened to her?

Viki wanted to know what Skye was doing with Kevin and accused her of getting him drunk in order to seduce him. Skye didn't contradict her. Viki accused her of taking advantage of Grace's death by getting Ben to interact with Jackie, hoping that the good doctor would turn into a person like the mobster. She told Skye that she would not be able to separate the couple. Kevin called out for Grace and his mother got him upstairs to bed. When she came back downstairs, Skye was still there. She told the young woman that she could not get at her through her son. She ordered her out and when Skye refused, mentioned all of her friends in town, including the one with the gold badge. Skye left but on her way out, told Viki that she knew she was scaring her.

John told Bo that he found Blair's purse. Bo mentioned that he thought the family feud was about to heat up again, especially since Asa thought that Ben had put Max into a coma. Nora walked into Bo's office,asked how Max was and mentioned how things never turned out as planned. Bo told her he knew about she and Sam. John left to find Blair. Bo congratulated Nora on her upcoming marriage to Sam. Nora seemed apologetic about the whole thing as she assured him that they hadn't actually set a date yet. Maybe he'd marry Lindsay someday, Bo told her. When Nora stated that Lindsay wasn't good enough, she looked up to see her standing nearby. She tried to apologize with some help from Bo and left. Lindsay wondered what he said about marriage. Nora thought they might be getting married too by something he said, he told her. When Lindsay wondered about that, Bo suggested that maybe somewhere down the road that might happen but they weren't ready yet.

Ben visited with Sam who tried to tell the doctor that he saved Max by natural instincts. Ben wondered if he had a dark side and had not saved him at all but tried to hurt him intentionally. Sam assured him he wouldn't be wondering about it if it were true. Was it only a coincidence that two guys that he hated both ended up on his operating table and were his only medical screwups? Sam assured him that it was. Nora met up with the guys later and disclosed that Bo knew about her engagement. He was fine with it, she added. They gave their votes of confidence to Ben as Viki joined the group. She told them how angry she was with Skye but would provide details later.

In Max's hospital room, Renee told Blair that she knew the truth about Max not being her son and believed that Blair was probably the one to think up the whole thing to begin with, probably for money. As Blair kept trying to deny the whole thing, Renee told her that Max had spilled the truth before he collapsed and he was very clear about it. Renee wanted to know about her real son. Just then, John walked in and Blair became agitated. She couldn't believe Renee had called him about the whole thing. John assured her that he was only there to return her purse, handed it to her and left. Renee picked up her conversation with Blair again, asking her if a fair punishment would be to send Max to prison. Blair gave the impression of abandoning Max so that she wouldn't end up in prison herself. Renee considered that a worse punishment for Max, if Blair never really loved him. As Renee departed, Blair lashed out at Max, telling him that she had more to lose. She stormed out.

R.J. and Téa were relaxing at the penthouse having a drink when Téa went upstairs to "slip into something more comfortable." She reappeared with shaving gear;she planned to shave off R.J.'s moustache, to make him more comfortable for her to kiss. R.J. didn't argue and after the shaving the two headed upstairs.

Back at the police station, John informed Sophia that he returned Blair's purse and that he didn't have a job available for her.

Nora and Lindsay each planned to have a big Thanksgiving dinner.

Max opened his eyes after Blair left.

Tuesday, November 23, 1999

Blair told Dorian that Renee knew the truth about Max and admitted that she lied about her part in the fraud. Blair realized that Skye could blow her cover, but Dorian promised her niece that she would take care of the problem. Skye warned Kevin about the dangerous path he was starting down with alcohol, but he assured Skye that everything was fine. Kevin crumbled under the pressure of spending the holiday without Grace and poured himself another drink. Carlotta tried to warn Téa about getting involved with R.J., but Téa couldn't help but be charmed to overhear R.J. give Cristian some advice about Roseanne. Will tried to avoid the Thanksgiving holiday by putting in long hours at the Megan Foundation. Roseanne arrived looking for more money and played on Will's fears about losing Jessica. Will came close to asking Sam for a loan, but decided against it and made a desperate decision to get the money for Roseanne from the foundation. Bo and Sam realized that Lindsay and Nora had invited the same guests to their Thanksgiving dinners. Bo and Sam worked quickly to prevent a collision between the two women, but their efforts were not in time. Lindsay panicked when she found Nora cooking dinner. Nora tried to make a point to Lindsay and accidentally hit her with a spoon full of mashed potatoes!

Wednesday, November 24, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Serena Keiler

Will calls Roseanne to tell her he's got her money. She thanks him and tells him now Cristian will never want to come home. Later, at the diner, Roseanne comes into the diner smiling. "I'm living my dreams," she tells Cristian. He questions how she could be living her dreams in a crummy, small New York apartment. "Pretty soon we'll be moving up in the world..." Roseanne says.

Téa and R.J. arrive at the diner for Thanksgiving dinner with Rosie, Cristian and Carlotta. Carlotta strongly objects to R.J.'s presence and says she refuses to serve him at her table; there's too much history. R.J. tries to apologize and explain he has changed. "I believe everyone deserves a second chance," Téa says. Finally, Carlotta agrees to let R.J. stay so Téa wouldn't leave with him.

After a food fight at Viki's, Lindsay and Nora decide to have the Thanksgiving Day dinner at the Country Club.

Will tries to convince Jess to skip out on the family dinner at the Country Club and have their own dinner alone instead. Jess declines, recalling how she spent last year's holiday away from her family. "Besides, this would be a good time for you to patch things up with your dad," she tells Will. Will agrees to attend the dinner for Jess' sake.

At the Country Club, Sam makes an announcement: he has established a foundation in memory of Megan and Grace; and he wants Will to be in charge of it. However, Will refuses. "I'm tired of being manipulated, you are only doing this to compete with Asa," Will spits. Will and Jess end up leaving and spending Thanksgiving at the carriage house. As everyone is seated for dinner Sam leads a prayer about losing loved ones. Kevin has a drunken outburst and shouts out,"I'm sick of all you hypocrites, you don't even care!" Viki is worried about Kevin, and tells Ben she won't stand by and let him ruin himself.

Blair, Dorian, Starr, Asa, and Renee have dinner together at the hospital.

Thursday, November 25, 1999

Alone at the police station except for Wally, who is lying on his desk, John tries to call Rae, but doesn't leave a message when he learns she's not there. Sophia shows up because she's got "no place better to be" and both of them admit that they miss Rae. Sykes gets busy answering phone calls and soon asks Sophia to help out. Her first call is a lady worried about her cat being stuck up a tree. Sophia calmly deals with her, telling her to try putting out the cat's dinner, the cat will likely come down, and if she doesn't, then the lady should call back. Sykes is impressed with her calm manner and mentions that they recently lost their receptionist. Sophia's interested in the position. Sykes, Sophia and Wally are sitting down to eat some pretty disgusting-looking turkey lo-mein when a delivery person arrives with a turkey dinner, courtesy of Rae.

At the hospital, Renee informs Blair that she intends to tell Asa the truth about Max not being their son, but she doesn't think Thanksgiving is the day to do it. Continuing to claim she knew nothing about Max not being the true Buchanan heir, Blair begs Renee to reconsider. Renee doesn't believe her for a minute, she's sure that Blair knew the truth all along and is only worried about what Asa will do to her when he finds out the truth. Starr comes over and thanks "Grandma"(Renee) for bringing the turkey to the hospital and assures her that "Uncle Max" will be fine, she "had a talk with God about it." Renee is obviously touched when Starr tells her that she loves her and that "grandmas are special." Later, Dorian tries to give Blair some hope that Renee won't tell the truth about Max not being her son because she really seems to care for Starr and wouldn't want to hurt her. Kelly and Joey stop by the hospital to show their support. The Cramer women bond while Joey goes in to see Asa.

Inside Max's hospital room, Asa is sitting by Max's bedside, worrying that he hasn't woken up yet. Nigel reminds him of Thanksgiving three years ago, when Bo was shot and the whole family gathered around and Bo opened his eyes. Viki was still part of the family, Asa remembers, and so was Nora, and Clint and Cord were still around, and Drew was still alive. It was a real family back them, says Asa sadly. "It still is, sir", Nigel says, and adds that maybe Max will continue the Buchanan family tradition of coming out of a coma on Thanksgiving. When Joey arrives, Asa tells him that if he came there to try to convince him to make peace with "that scum family" he can save his breath. I came to see how you were, Grandpa, Joey informs him and promises that although Max isn't one of his favorite people, when Max recovers he'll "give him another shot." Later, Asa and Renee are sitting by Max's bedside when he suddenly opens his eyes.

At the country club, Kevin goes on a drunken tirade, ripping apart the people in attendance for being hypocrites, for having this dinner in memory of Grace when there's still so much hate between them, pointing out that Nora and Lindsay started out the evening by having World War III. Viki gets up and tries to stop Kevin, but he will not be silenced, and continues by saying that this dinner at the country club with everyone trying to tolerate each other is not what Thanksgiving is all about. "Thanksgiving is about being home with people that you really love, that you want to be with, making dinner, being together because that's where you really want to be." Kevin says that he's leaving to go be with strangers, or maybe with Skye Chandler, who at least has the courage to "tell it like it is." Ben warns Kevin to stay away from Skye, that she can't be trusted. Kevin then gets angry at Ben, blaming him and Sam for Grace's death. Because of their feud with Asa, Grace died because of something she had nothing to do with.

Viki again tries to calm Kevin, saying that Grace is out there somewhere watching, and she wouldn't want to see him like this. He agrees, but not because he wouldn't want Grace to see him, but because he wouldn't want Grace to see all the hypocrites sitting at the table, using Grace's name as some sort of "mantra", as if it will make them better people. Bo calls for some coffee for Kevin and Kevin turns his attention on him, blasting Bo and Nora for not staying together, they were Kevin's "dream couple." "Things change, Kevin, and it's rough, but that's the way life is and you find ways to deal with the pain", Bo replies. "Did coffee make you forget about Drew's death?", Kevin shoots back, "I'm sure a kid probably helped." He then goes on to mock Nora and Sam's plan to have a baby to help Bo. "It is really that easy to replace children?", Kevin asks, then maybe they should find replacements for Megan, and for Grace. "You people change partners more often than you change clothes", Kevin accuses. Kelly can't take it anymore and tells him he's not the only one missing Grace. "Oh, I'm coming to talk to you, Kelly", Kevin says, "it's easy for you, you get over Ian's death by going to Drew, and then Drew dies, and you go after my brother. I don't worry about you, when it comes to these things because you get over them like that(snaps his fingers)." "As quickly as you got over Cassie", Kelly fires back, telling him that abusing people isn't going to help him. Kevin drops his keys on Ben's plate, remarking that Skye reminded him of the dangers of drunk driving, and heads out the door. Ben and Viki follow soon after to try to put him in a cab.

"Kevin didn't say anything that we all don't know is true", Bo comments after Kevin has left. No one disagrees, but Nora comments that a Thanksgiving celebration wasn't really the place for all this to be aired. The couples leave, first Kelly and Joey, then Hank and Lisa, and finally Sam and Nora, reassuring Lindsay that her dinner was a good idea, even if things didn't work out the way they were planned.

Back at Llanfair, Viki and Ben find a note from Jessica, telling them that she'll be staying with Will, who needs her right now. Viki remembers that last year Jessica was pregnant and had run away with Cristian, this year it's Kevin that they're worried about. Ben says that even though Kevin's words hurt, there was some truth to them and it's given him a lot to think about. This war with Asa has caused a lot of casualties. Ben hopes that Grace's spirit will help lead Kevin out of the darkness he's in right now.

At Sam's and Nora's house, Sam is still puzzled over Will's reaction to his job offer and is certain that Will will be coming over soon to apologize. If anyone should apologize, it should be you, Nora tells him bluntly. Sam backed Will into a corner and gave him no other choice to keep his dignity than to simply walk away. Sam still doesn't get it, he offered Will everything he has with Asa, only this time the foundation is going to be Sam's. That's exactly the problem, Nora tries to explain again, it would be *Sam's*, Will wants to prove he can do this all on his own. Sam finally gets it, at least a little, and Nora suggests that maybe Sam should just run his ideas about Will by her first before he makes any decisions like this again. They break a wishbone and Nora wins, so Sam gives her her wish and pulls out an engagement ring and slides it on her finger.

At the diner, Thanksgiving dinner has gone much more successfully and they have just finished cleaning up. Roseanne and Cristian get the wishbone and Roseanne wins. Roseanne's wish is that she get a dance with Cristian, so they put on some music and dance, then Cristian and Carlotta dance. Into this happy scene, Kevin stumbles through the door of the diner. They give him some coffee and try to convince him that even though things change, everything will get better. Suddenly, two armed gunmen burst in and demand money. Everyone is willing to comply except for Kevin, who stands in front of one of the robbers and refuses to move. "Kill me, go ahead, what are you waiting for", Kevin taunts him.

Friday, November 26, 1999

OLTL will be not be seen today due to football.

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