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Passions Recaps: The week of November 22, 1999 on PS
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Monday, November 22, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Karen Nicholson

Orville is lying in the road after being hit by a car. Whitney and Chad are with him. Chad is willing Orville not to die because he is sure that Orville knows who he is. Whitney calls 911. Simone arrives and wonders what happened. Simone wonders if someone may have run over Orville on purpose to keep him from telling Chad the secret. Eve arrives late to the hospital. The nurse tells her that she had been trying to page her. Eve said that she had car trouble. She must have hit a bump in the road because she smashed her headlights. The Nurse tells her that they are bringing in a hit and run victim. Eve wants to know if the person is still alive. Eve says that the day has not started out as she intended it. Orville is brought into the ER. Eve looks at Whitney and Simone sternly. Whitney is upset that Eve is angry, but Simone could care less. She says that all she cares about is Chad, and that she could care less if their Mom is upset. Whitney tells Simone that Chad is a loner, and doesn't need anyone. Simone says that he needs her, he just doesn't know it yet. Eve is in the room with Orville, and says , " After all these years, you come back into my life." Chad asks Eve if she knows Orville. She says that she doesn't know him. Eve then has a talk with Simone and Whitney. She tells Whitney that she is extremely disappointed in her because she asked them to stay away from Chad because he was bad news. Whitney said that she thought that the sooner Chad found out about his past, the sooner he could leave Harmony. The nurse comes out and tells Eve that Orville was coming to. Orville recognizes Eve. She asks him what he has been telling the kids. He says, " you really are afraid of me, Eve? Eve prepares to give Orville an injection. Orville is frightened and asks Eve not to kill him. He promises that he won't tell her secret. Eve tells him that it's for the best, and administers the injection. Chad asks again to see Orville. The nurse comes out and says that Orville is asking for Chad. Eve tells the nurse to prepare another injection. When the nurse questions Eve, she says that she knows what she is doing. Eve gives Orville another sedative. Orville tells her that he doesn't want to die because he has a secret to tell. Chad tells Simone that Orville can't die because he is so close to finally finding out about his past.

At the Crane Mansion, Julian tells Theresa that he needs her to go up to the Crane Cabin to deliver some papers to Ethan for him to sign, and then she is to bring them back. He tells her that he will pay for her train and taxi fares. Theresa is excited about seeing Ethan at the cabin.

Pilar tells Theresa not to get her hopes up about a life with Ethan, because Gwen is the only woman that Ethan loves. Ethan is en route to the cabin. Gwen is still at home packing. Ethan and Gwen are talking on the phone. He tells Gwen that she needs to get on the road, because there may be a blizzard, and they would probably get snowed in at the cabin. Gwen is excited about the prospect of being snowed in with Ethan. Ethan makes it to the cabin, and has it beautifully decorated with candles, and flowers. He even throws rose petals leading from the front door to the bedroom. He even places some petals on the bed. He then lines up little messages cards with romantic notes leading to the bedroom.

Theresa arrives in the taxi. She tells the driver not to wait. It is snowing rather heavily at this time. Ethan has gone to take a shower. Gwen is in her car heading up to the cabin. A song comes on that reminds her of her first kiss with Ethan. She says that Ethan had better not kiss another girl like he kisses her. Meanwhile, Theresa enters the cabin, and is excited by what she sees. She says that Ethan did all of that just for her. She said that she couldn't have imagined anything as wonderful as all of that. She sees the card on the floor and reads it. She wonders if Ethan feels as much for her as she feels for him. She hesitates for only a moment before heading to the bedroom, where Ethan grabs her and gives her a very passionate kiss.

Sheridan is on the Crane Jet ready to take off when Luis joins her. He wants to know why she is going to New Mexico. She says that she is going for Pilar, because Pilar means a lot to her. Luis doesn't believe her, and thinks that there is much more to the story. Sheridan flashes back to when she was a child with blood on her hands, and thinks to herself that she needs to know if she murdered Martin. Sheridan orders Luis off the plane, or she would have him arrested. He tells her that he knows cops all the way to Portland. He also tells her that the air traffic controller was a friend of his, and that the plane wouldn't take off if he didn't want it to. He decides to go to New Mexico, also. Sheridan is not happy, but she tells him that once they reach Mexico, they are on their own. Luis is impressed by Sheridan's handling of the plane. He thinks that she has always had it all, and that she doesn't know what real problems are. Sheridan flashes back to her childhood, and wonders why no one is able to love her.

Pilar and Julian are talking. Julian tells Pilar that he had to tell Luis about Martin because he kept pushing for answers. Pilar said that once all the secrets are out she wonders which family will be hurt more, the Cranes or the Fitzgeralds. After Pilar leaves, Julian calls his father and tells him that they may have a problem. He also tells him that it's a good thing that no one had decided to investigate their little secret in Mexico. Luis says that New Mexico sounded like Heaven on Earth. He said that it is where his father had lived all those years, while the family had struggled. Sheridan tells him that he doesn't know that for sure. Luis said that it is possible that someone could have stolen his father's identity, but that it could only be done if someone knew that the real person was dead, maybe even murdered. Sheridan almost loses control of the plane when Luis mentions murder. She says that she hit an air pocket. Luis decides to take a nap. Sheridan says to herself that all their questions will be answered, and she would know whether or not she was a murderess.

Tuesday, November 23, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Kim Beers.

Sheridan and Luis are on their way to New Mexico and on the way Sheridan keeps having flashbacks of the night of her nightmare. She hopes that Martin Fitzgerald is alive and living in New Mexico. Ethan is at the Crane cabin waiting for Gwen to arrive and he doesn't know that his father has sent Theresa to bring papers for Ethan to sign. Theresa walks in the cabin and sees that Ethan has set up a romantic evening. She follows the rose petals and notes into the bedroom where Ethan kisses her and proclaims his love to her. He is appalled when he finds out that he has been kissing Theresa and asks her why she came to the cabin. Theresa thought the romantic evening was for her, set up by Julian. It turns out the romantic evening was for Gwen. Julian wants Ethan to mess around with Theresa and maybe his plan has worked. Ethan just wants to sign the papers that Theresa brought and get her out of there before Gwen arrives. Theresa gets a drink while Ethan goes out to the car to get a pen and she chokes on the soda. Just after that the phone rings and Theresa picks up and it is Gwen.

Theresa stays quiet on the line. Kay, Jessica, Reese, Charity, and Miguel are at the High School awaiting the cast list for the pageant and for Mrs. Crump, who is the director. It seems that Tabitha had put a concoction in her soup that made her ill. Grace telephones Mrs. Crump and learns that she won't be able to make it and that Grace should get the script out of her office. Tabitha rewrites the scipt at home and replaces Mrs. Crump's version with hers. Tabitha gives Charity the lead role as the witch because she wants her to die in the play---literally.

Wednesday, November 24, 1999

Anxious to get Theresa out of the cabin before Gwen arrives, Ethan fumbles to sign the contracts so he can send his father's messenger on her way. Still bickering as the plane sets down near Santa Fe, Sheridan and Luis head out to find the man who's been using Martin's social security number. Kay grinds her teeth in rage after losing the lead in the school play to her goody-goody cousin. Ethan grabs the phone away from Theresa before Gwen can hear her voice on the line. Though Timmy begins to feel sorry for the hapless Charity, Tabitha rubs her hands together in gleeful anticipation of wiping out the last of the Standish clan. Ignoring Pilar's request that she leave, Ivy can't stop staring at Sam as he helps Hank and T.C. erect sets for the high school pageant. Ethan explains to a crestfallen Theresa how important it is not to let his jealous girlfriend know what almost happened between them. With the memory of an all too real and tragic fire still fresh, Charity balks at playing a scene in which her character is burned at the stake. Determined not to see her scheme go up in smoke, Tabitha convinces a guilt-stricken Charity that Grace will be severely disappointed if her niece drops out of the play.

Thursday, November 25, 1999

Friday, November 26, 1999

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