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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of November 22, 1999 on SB
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Monday, November 22, 1999

Olivia's friends and family members are stunned to find her half in the bag and still tipping back glasses of vodka. As the horrified onlookers watch the monument crumble, Derek takes off when it becomes apparent that a human body is encased in the rubble. Annie grins in triumph as Olivia drunkenly taunts her heartbroken children. Recognizing the watch on the exposed arm of the still unidentified corpse, Meg told her father she's certain the dead man is Tim. Meanwhile, Derek breaks into Tim's motel room to make sure he hasn't left behind any clues to his killer's identity. Amy shudders to realize that Olivia's stumble was the result of Annie's latest visit to Mrs. Moreau. Michael makes a positive ID of Tim's body. Sara decides to search Tim's room at the Seabreeze but Casey urges her to wait for the police instead. Sadly recalling the sweet boy Tim once was, Meg wonders if "Ben" could be responsible for taking the life of her former fiancÚ. An inebriated Olivia berates Amy for seducing Sean. When Bette tries to intervene, Olivia turns on her old friend and slaps her across the face.

Tuesday, November 23, 1999

Though a hopeful Gabi makes it clear she wants to get intimate again, Ricardo abruptly rejects her sexual advances. Stunned by Tim's grisly murder, Meg shivers to think that "Ben" may be a cold-blooded killer. Amy berates Annie for exploiting Olivia's alcoholism, then demands that she obtain some kind of antidote from Mrs. Moreau. Meanwhile, as the disastrous birthday party comes to an end, Olivia drunkenly rails at a mortified Bette for her obvious interest in A.J. Annie tries to hide her hurt feelings after Jude explains why she can't keep her job at the Liberty Corporation. Amy decides to keep her mouth shut about Annie's machinations for fear that her own connection to Mrs. Moreau will come to light. Derek told a suspicious Meg that Maria has gone away alone to think things over. Tobias reminds a woozy Olivia that she's jeopardizing her future with Trey.

Wednesday, November 24, 1999

Caitlin bars Olivia's way when she tries to enter the nursery, then informs her drunken mother she won't let her near Trey in her appalling condition. Ricardo feigns distress as he confides to Michael how his wife persuaded him to make her his sole beneficiary. Jude reminds Annie that she still owes the Liberty Corporation a debt she can't possibly repay. Amy suggests to Sean that his mother may not be entirely to blame for toppling off the wagon. Carmen sets up a booth at Career Day to help budding psychics realize their true potential. Jude offers Annie a job as his executive assistant but she icily advises him to drop dead. Tobias tries to referee a mother-daughter quarrel as Caitlin bitterly vows she'll never let her baby brother suffer the way she did for years with an alcoholic Olivia. Gabi angrily tears into two young men when they sneer at Antonio's decision to remain celibate. Michael is troubled by Ricardo's story about Gabi but agrees to witness the change in his will. Amy considers becoming a nun to prove to Sean that she has a pure and shining soul. Caitlin places a call to social services. Carmen enters the loft without knocking and is thrilled to see Ricardo walking around. Tobias is revealed to be Gregory in disguise.

Thursday, November 25, 1999

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, Sunset Beach did not air.

Friday, November 26, 1999

Carmen walks in seeing Ricardo walking and he makes her promise not to tell anyone, at least until tomorrow because he doesn't want to worry them. Carmen has to leave but says that she won't tell, but rushes off to the mission to find Antonio. Gabi returned home then. She plans on calling Carmen about something and Ricardo realizes if she calls her, his mother will tell Gabi that he was walking, so Ricardo told Gabi he's sorry about this morning and the two make love. Carmen sees Antonio praying on Ricardo's behalf so she decides not to bother him until tomorrow. While Gabi sleeps Ricardo vows that by tomorrow it will all be over, then he won't have to see his lousy wife or brother ever again.

Annie was gloating over Olivia's bed about how she made her drink again when Sean came in. He asked her what she was doing there, and when she couldn't think of anything to say he threw her out. Sean sat down by Olivia and tried to figure out why she had to start drinking again now. When he couldn't wake Olivia, he went off to the Java Web.

After being kicked out of Olivia's room, Annie went down the hall to see how "Tobias" is doing. In the room Gregory has his disguise off and has called someone requesting a favor. Just then Annie knocks on the door and starts to come in. Gregory slams the door shut on her and locks it while he puts his disguise back on. In the meantime Annie has a fantasy where Tobias is hurt so she transforms into "Awesome Annie." Awesome Annie breaks down the door and fixes Tobias' broken leg. For being so courageous Tobias gives Annie control of Gregory's estate. Annie pops out of the fantasy when Rose walks by. Annie demands that she go get a key to Tobias' room right away. When Annie gets the key she went into the room where Gregory has put his disguise back on and is wearing a robe. She pressures him again about getting Gregory's estate for herself now that Olivia is drunk. "Tobias" says he doesn't want to hear another word about it, he has to think things over first. He suggests they talk about it over lunch tomorrow, which Annie thinks is a perfect idea. "Tobias" asks if it would be ok now that Annie is working for Jude, but Annie says she'll handle him. Annie leaves "Tobias' " room thinking she's going to get it all. "He wants to take me to lunch tomorrow. Maybe I'll just order the whole enchilada." Back inside Gregory realizes how close he came to being discovered. He knows a way to stop Annie though. "Annie can be as clever as she likes, but it won't help her, it didn't help Cole." "Tobias" went into Olivia's room to check on her where she's still passed out drunk. He's covering her up with a blanket when Olivia wakes up and calls Gregory's name.

Amy asked Father Antonio about becoming a nun, but he didn't seriously believe that she was willing or ready to become one. He asked her to think it over and come see him tomorrow if she still wanted to become a nun. Not wanting to waste any time, Amy told the nun at the booth that she was a friend of a nun that just left the convent. The nun graciously gave Amy the departed nun's costume and she hurries home with it. Amy waited until Rose came down the hall and started purposely acting suspicious, worried that she was Sean.

Caitlin is meeting the social worker at the Java Web about declaring Olivia an unfit mother when Sean walks in. After the social worker leaves, he told Caitlin what she's doing isn't fair. He said you've been looking for an excuse to get Trey away from her since you found out he wasn't yours and now you have one. Rose calls Sean and told him that Amy was acting strangely and he promised he'd be right over. Back at the house, Sean walks into Amy's room, amazed to see her in a nun's outfit.

Annie wants to cover all bases so she rushes over to the Java Web where she runs into Caitlin. Annie starts a big sympathy act over Trey when Caitlin dares her not to even go there. When Caitlin defiantly proclaims that she will protect Trey from Olivia and storms out, Annie knows Olivia's had it for sure. "Oh Olivia, your day just went from bad to worse."

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