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Palmer planned to frame Leo for Vanessa's murder, but he changed his mind after learning that Leo was actually Vanessa's son. Greenlee slept with Ryan after an argument with Scott. Liza found Adam's hiding spot and decided to leave him there. Mirror Janet showed up.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of November 29, 1999 on AMC
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Monday November 29, 1999

Being allowed to wear his own clothes came as a great relief to Stuart; he wore a typical yellow sweater vest with the familiar red AIDS ribbon. Stuart grumbled that Adam's suits cut off the circulation in his extremities. Perhaps, he mused, that was why his brother was always so grouchy. Liza straggled down the steps. She was not looking forward to going to Palmer and Vanessa's party. Barry Shire burst into the house demanding to speak to Adam. He broke the news that Adam's public apology had come with costly consequences. Chandler Enterprise stock had dropped significantly and several key board members feared that Adam was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. If the stock price were to crash, Barry said that Colby's inheritance would be lost. Liza rolled her eyes. She apparently believed that the attorney was exaggerating the extent of the troubles. Barry told the group to make sure that Adam showed up at Palmer's party. Liza walked Barry to the door. Marian, meanwhile, flashed her husband an all too familiar look. Stuart's face wrinkled up and he protested her request to pretend to be Adam. "I hate being Adam," he groused. Marian insisted that Stuart had to do another performance for Colby's sake. Stuart reluctantly agreed and headed off to find something to wear. When Liza returned and asked about his disappearance, Marian claimed that Stuart didn't feel well and that he'd gone home to go to bed. "Sounds like a good idea," Liza sighed. Marian's face lit up as she told her daughter to stay home and rest. Liza tried to convince her mom to stay home with her, but Marian said that she needed to go to the party to provide support for Opal.

At The Valley Inn, David and Erica readied for their grand entrance. Before they made it to the doorway, David asked Erica if she was having any second thoughts. Erica shook her mind, stating that she would not allow anyone to take away from their big moment. "Let the small minds keep themselves company," she snapped. Just to give the onlookers something to squawk about, Erica leaned forward and planted a kiss on David's unsuspecting lips. At about the same time, Edmund and Alexandra arrived at the hotel. Edmund made Alex promise that she'd do three things---sip some champagne, laugh at his jokes, and dance with him. "Laugh at your jokes?" Alex groaned. Edmund chuckled and told her that he'd settle for two-out-of-three. The two couples' eyes all locked onto each other at the same moment. Erica leaned over and asked David why Edmund would want to be seen in public with Alex. Across the room, the sentiment was pretty much the same for Alex. Slowly, the couples made their way toward one another for some small talk. Erica told Alex that she was amazed to see her at the party. "Tonight is the night for amazement," Edmund replied pointedly. Edmund and Alex continued on their way to the ballroom. Erica excused herself to use the restroom. On her way there, she came face to face with Alex. Erica again told Alex that she was making a huge mistake by not selecting David as the head of Andrassy Foundation. Alex told Erica that the decision was none of her concern. She stopped momentarily to let out a deep sigh. Then in monotone, she recited why Erica feels she has a say in the matter---she was married to Dimitri. Erica warned Alex that she would use her friendship with the hospital board to ensure that David was named to the position. While Erica was away, Millicent scurried over to David and told him of Erica and Palmer's plan to push him into the chairman position. David forced a smile and thanked Millicent for her support. Erica returned to David's side and received an immediate earful about going to Palmer behind his back. Erica insisted that she had to speak to Palmer. It was unfair of Alex, she said, to keep him out of a position that was rightfully his. David swallowed his pride and thanked Erica for caring about him.

At the front desk, Becca checked in with the concierge to see if a videotape had arrived for Peter. Greenlee wandered over with Scott just a few paces behind her. The desk clerk broke the news that the tape wasn't there. "You have the worst luck with videos," Greenlee sneered. Becca opted not to respond to Greenlee's remark. She took Petey by the hand and told him that they'd go upstairs and play Go Fish. "Old Maid is more like it," added Greenlee under her breath. Scott cozied up to Greenlee and asked her if she wanted to skip out on the party and head upstairs. Greenlee was surprised by Scott's forwardness, but that wasn't about to prevent her from accepting his offer. Upstairs, Scott and Greenlee shared a very passionate kiss in the hallway. Greenlee couldn't wait to get to the room. Before anything more happened, Scott pulled away abruptly. The move surprised Greenlee. Scott told her that he didn't want to be with her---it was all a lie. A lie not much unlike the one that she'd told Becca about the videotape. Greenlee realized that she was caught and moved quickly to explain why she'd misled Becca. She said that telling Becca the lie wasn't such a bad thing because Scott's relationship with her wasn't going to last anyway. Scott blasted Greenlee's opinion of Becca, saying that Greenlee was only looking for "the next [sexual] conquest." He added angrily, "Stay the hell away from me!" Greenlee stormed away. Scott rounded the corner and bumped into Becca. She noticed his frazzled state and asked him if everything was okay. Scott was unable to look at Becca. "I've been an idiot about everything," he said as he walked past her.

Across the hall, Palmer carefully wiped off all fingerprints from his private investigator's handgun. The investigator looked on in horror. "Our plan didn't include firearms," he chattered. Palmer put on a pair of gloves and placed the gun in the still-groggy man's hand. At first it appeared that Palmer was going to stage Leo's suicide. That wasn't his intention. Now that Leo's fingerprints were on the gun, it would provide the perfect evidence in a murder case---Vanessa's murder. Palmer told the investigator that he wanted him to shoot Vanessa during their champagne toast. The first man passed, but the second was more than willing to participate. The hundred thousand dollars Palmer put up was more than enough of an enticement. Palmer left the room to rejoin the partygoers. While still out of it, Leo had overheard Palmer's plot. He mumbled under his breath "not to kill her." Leo was left alone in the room with the door ajar. The belief was that Leo would stagger out of the room when he was able. That would set the stage for his discovery and subsequent arrest for murder. What no one had anticipated was interference from someone from the room across the hall. Peter and Becca played a game of hide-and-seek. Peter wandered out of his room and hid under the bed in Leo's room. Becca wandered in and order Petey to go back to his room. Leo reached out and grabbed Becca's arm. He pleaded with her to help him save someone, but he was unable to tell her who he wanted saved or why that person needed to be saved.

At BJ's, Ryan sat down at the bar sipping a beer. A beautiful, young blonde woman approached him and asked if he'd like to join her. Ryan turned her down coldly and went back to his glass of beer. Adrian entered the restaurant and sat down next to his friend. He explained that he dropped by to scout out the competition. Adrian commented that he wasn't as attractive as Mateo's last partner, a remark that elicited a few unpleasant remarks from Ryan. Adrian urged Ryan to reconsider the woman's invitation, but Ryan refused. "Beautiful women got me where I am," Ryan complained. Adrian decided to head back to SOS. Ryan opted not to tag along. A little while later, Greenlee entered and approached Ryan. "Is this seat taken?" she asked as she sat down next to him. "It is now," Ryan smiled.

Tad, Dixie, and Rae seemed to be the only ones who'd noticed that neither Palmer nor Vanessa was present at the party. Tad was certain that Vanessa would pop up. "That woman can smell a wallet from twenty paces," he quipped. He had no way of knowing that Vanessa stood just a few feet behind him. Vanessa made her presence known by criticizing Tad's cynicism. Palmer returned to the party and brushed of Vanessa's claim that she had been worried by his absence. "Adam" joined the party and was immediately surrounded by Barry Shire. Barry ordered Adam to offer some reassurance to several Chandler Enterprises board members. Adam nodded his head and headed off to do damage control. Marian smiled approvingly as Stuart went into action. She turned to walk across the room, but froze dead in her tracks upon seeing Liza. Marian asked Liza what she was doing at the party. Liza smiled slightly and said that she was a little bored being at home by herself. Phoebe, Brooke, and Jack chatted it up with Palmer, Vanessa, and Millicent. Suddenly the room fell quiet as Erica and David entered the room. Jack was unable to watch the spectacle before him. Dixie, meanwhile, told Tad and Rae that she now knew why David had been acting so peculiarly when she asked him about his love life. Vanessa excused herself from the discussion and quickly hurried to her son'' side. Erica agreed to let Vanessa have a few words with David. Vanessa asked David if it was wise to make such a public display of a relationship that would probably not last more than a few weeks. "When it comes to women you have a short attention span," Vanessa remarked. Across the room, Opal again warned her gal pal that being involved with David was a dangerous thing. Erica preferred to use the word "exciting" to refer to the relationship. Rae walked over to Adam and accused him of being in cahoots with Daniel. Of course Stuart had no idea what Rae was talking about, so he had to bluff his way through the conversation. He burst into a loud guffaw. Rae was furious with Adam for not taking her problems seriously. Stuart excused himself and walked over to Marian. There, he told his wife that he couldn't continue the charade. Liza looked on curiously. As Adam left the party, Erica called out to him. Adam stopped and offered his thoughts on her relationship with David. "I hope you'll be very happy together." He then realized that his remark was very un-Adam-like and offered an afterthought. "For a couple of damned fools." With that, Adam continued on his way to the lobby. The second private investigator arrived wearing a waiter's uniform. Tad, Dixie, and Rae joined Erica and David. Tad told David that he'd never imagined that he'd be anyone's "arm candy." Erica told Rae that she enjoys listening to her talk show. In turn, Rae said that she's been enjoying Erica's show as well---the show she and David were putting on. Erica tried to talk to Jack, but he wasn't interested in anything she had to say. As Jack left, he told Brooke to track him down if and when her date shows up. Erica was amazed that Brooke actually had a date. "Stranger things have happened," she replied with a smile. "Look at you and David." Opal asked Palmer if he still wanted Peter to make an appearance at the party. "He's still here?" Palmer crowed. "For God's sake woman take him home!" Opal walked over to Vanessa and asked her if she was sure that Palmer was in good health.

In the lobby, Marian pleaded with Stuart to stick around a little while longer. He refused and made his way towards the door. He stopped and dropped to his knees when he noticed a little dog. Liza entered the lobby and looked on as "Adam" played with the little pup.

Back inside, Vanessa thanked Palmer for a night she'd never forget. Palmer assured her that he'd remember the night as well. Across the hall, the investigator removed his handgun from his pocket and prepared it for firing.

Tuesday, November 30, 1999

"I hate being bored," Greenlee grumbled. Ryan thought for a few seconds and realized that Greenlee was supposed to be at Palmer and Vanessa's party. When asked why she was not with Scott, Greenlee again professed her hatred of ennui. Greenlee excused herself and Ryan headed over to a table. There, he reflected on the way he'd ended things with Hayley. When Greenlee returned, he asked the young woman if Scott had dumped her. Greenlee answered the question with a question of her own. "What do you see when you look at me?" she asked. Ryan feared that he was being set up with a question that had no right answer. Greenlee explained that she wants to know what people think about her at first glance. She referred to herself as a woman who simply wants to enjoy life and have a good time before settling down. Ryan saw nothing wrong with that. Greenlee was relieved, saying that Scott didn't seem to share their joie de vivre. Ryan disagreed with her assessment. He explained that Scott enjoys a good time just as much as anyone else---but not when it comes at someone else's expense. Greenlee claimed that she'd never meant to hurt Becca by lying about the videotape. The pair decided that they didn't want to get into talking about failed relationships; it was an admittance that both had been jettisoned by their lovers of the moment. Ryan asked Greenlee if she wanted to play him in a game of darts. Greenlee had never played darts before, but she was up for the challenge. Ryan stood behind her and helped launch the first dart. Amazingly, it hit the bull's-eye. Greenlee wriggled closer to the muscular man behind her and purred about how she was beginning to like the game. Her next attempts---which came without Ryan assisting her---fell way short of the mark. In fact, they didn't even hit the target. Ryan teased Greenlee about her skills. Greenlee licked her lips and told Ryan that there are other things that she's good at. She asked Ryan if he wanted to go somewhere else... somewhere a little more private. "Yeah," Ryan smiled slightly. "I think I'd like that."

Scott stopped his uncle in the hallway, asking him why he was leaving the party so soon. Somehow, Stuart managed to dupe his son. He called the party "a party honoring Palmer Cortlandt's complete and foolish waste of time." Liza continued to observe the events from just a few yards away. Marian appeared by her side and asked her if she'd like to join her for a drink. Liza shook her head and said that she'd rather be go home and check on Colby.

Upstairs, Leo pleaded with Becca to help him. Becca couldn't understand a word of the man's ramblings. She suggested that he get help in a rehabilitation clinic and turned to walk away. In the hallway, Becca bumped into Opal and was forced to explain why she wasn't in the room with Peter. She claimed that she had been looking for a vending machine. Her excuse, while weak, bought her some extra time. Opal was pleased to know that Petey was resting comfortable in the room. She was still a bit miffed, though, that Palmer really didn't want Petey there in the first place. Rather than wake Petey up, Opal agreed to let him spend the night at the hotel. She smiled warmly, thanked Becca for her help, and headed back to the party. Becca headed back to Leo's room just to make sure that he was okay. She offered to call him a doctor, but Leo refused. Leo had since fallen to the floor and Becca struggled to help him back to his feet. Leo stood upright for only a few seconds before he toppled over once again. "Have you ever seen that commercial with the girl and that frying pan?" Becca grumbled. Leo managed to blurt out Vanessa's name. Becca decided to go downstairs and get Vanessa. Leo's reflexes were surprisingly spry. He latched on the Becca's arm and refused to let her leave. "Take me," he groaned. Becca couldn't believe that she was about to consider his request. Nevertheless, she hoisted him to his feet and walked him towards the door.

Stuart returned to Chandler Mansion, but he'd find little rest. He was unaware that Liza was peeping in through the patio door. Barry stormed into the house demanding to know why Adam had skipped out of the party. Adam claimed that he wasn't feeling well, but that wasn't a good enough reason for the attorney. In the safe room, the real Adam grumbled that Stuart was about to cost him thousand and thousand of dollars. Stuart told Barry not to worry about the Latin America deal. "Can't you do anything on your own?" Stuart snapped. "Go delegate!" Adam, meanwhile, was literally tearing the hair out of his head. Barry was amazed that "Adam" had finally ceded some power to him. He virtually gushed over being given the power to make a decision on his own. Alone again, Stuart was free to enjoy something that'd he'd been holding on to all night---a lollipop. Outside, Liza was shocked that her husband was enjoying candy. Then it hit her---this wasn't her husband---it was Stuart! Marian showed up at the mansion and asked Stuart if they were alone. After getting the go-ahead, Marian praised Stuart's performance at The Valley Inn. Marian snatched the lollipop away from Stuart and warned him that Adam would never indulge in candy. Besides, she smiled lasciviously, her lips were much more enjoyable than any sucker. As they moved closer preparing to kiss, Liza burst into the room and demanded to know what they were up to. Marian leapt to her feet before Stuart could speak. She feared that Liza would be able to tell that he wasn't really Adam. Stuart breezed past Liza on his way home. Marian looked at her watch and said that she'd better be going too because Stuart doesn't like when she's out late by herself. Liza stepped in front of her mother and told her that she wasn't going anywhere. She asked about the awkward events prior to her arrival. "It looked like you and Adam were about to kiss," Liza snarled. Marian assured her daughter that she'd misread what was going on. Again she tried to go on her way, but again Liza stopped her. A year and a half ago, Liza reminded her mother, she'd crawled into bed with Adam only to find out that she'd slept with Stuart! Marian insisted that she'd do no such thing because Adam was a dangerous man. "Even if you don't sleep with him you can still end up pregnant!" she crowed. Liza asked her mother about the lollipop she was holding. Marian claimed that she'd picked it up at the party. Finally, she was allowed to leave. Thinking that she was alone, Liza muttered that she knew her mother was up to something. Adam pulled his chair closer to the video monitor and looked on. Liza vowed to find out what her mother had done to Adam. Adam was overjoyed because he thought that Liza's reaction proved that she still loves him.

"It's time," Palmer stuttered. Vanessa looked on and for the first time worried that her husband might not be well. "Opal was right," she said softly. Palmer seemed both touched and annoyed that Opal had had some concern for him. He quickly shrugged it off and insisted that he was fine. "Nothing it going to make me shorten this party," Palmer said. "I want to tell this town exactly what I think of you." The private investigator pointed the gun towards Vanessa as he awaited the clinking of champagne glasses before pulling the trigger. Opal returned to the party and was disappointed that she hadn't missed the toast. Jack loudly complained that he hadn't gotten a glass of champagne yet. Upon hearing the complaint, the headwaiter ordered the private investigator to stop standing around. So when Palmer and Vanessa toasted each other, he wasn't available to pull the trigger. Palmer was stunned when gunfire didn't sound. He was forced to come up with a speech on the fly---a speech that wound on and on for several minutes with no noticeable highlight. "Vanessa saved my life," he blathered. "[She makes me] look forward to every morning and every evening." The speech made Opal very uncomfortable. She turned to bolt out of the room, but in the process she collided with the would-be gunman. "That woman is an absolute menace," Vanessa growled. Opal raced out of the room with Tad and Dixie right behind her. Palmer announced that the toast would continue after the broken glass was cleaned up. Alex, meanwhile, commented that she'd miss the excitement when she returned to London. Edmund tried to convince her to stay in Pine Valley, but Alex politely told him that her future did not involve staying in town. She pledged to stick around until Gillian was well. Edmund finally agreed with Alex about rejecting David's application to head up the Andrassy Foundation. Erica told David that she felt badly for Opal, but he prevented her from going to check on her friend. The private investigator once again assumed his position near the doorway. Jack teased Brooke about her still-missing date. Palmer once again tried to make a toast to his wife, but again something went wrong. Vanessa prevented him from clinking their glasses. She said that she did not want him to hog the entire toast. She proudly announced that she'd composed a top ten list of the reasons she adores Palmer. Erica and David wisely opted to step out during the reading of the list. From the laughter coming from inside the ballroom, the list must have been pretty good. David and Erica made no attempt to hide their relationship as they kissed openly in the lobby. David asked Erica about her plans for "the next eight hours." His offer to go back to his room was a welcomed idea, but Erica knew that she had to stick around until the end of Palmer's party. They returned to the room just in time to for Vanessa's top two reasons. Rae, meanwhile, asked the hotel desk clerk if a Daniel Faulkner was registered with the hotel. The search came up empty. She flashed a photo of her estranged husband, but the picture failed to jog his memory. Rae had been certain that she'd seen her husband lurking in the lobby. Convinced that she was beginning to see things, Rae decided to call it a night. Vanessa's top reason for adoring Palmer was "Because he's loaded!" She insisted that she wasn't only referring to his money---but rather his charm and compassion. Oh, and his money. Palmer finally decided to complete his plan. He and Vanessa clinked their champagne glasses. At that very moment, Becca and Leo came straggling into the room. "My God!" Vanessa gasped. "What's happened to my son?" Vanessa looked at David and pleaded with him to help his brother. Shocked, David dropped his champagne glass to the floor. "Your son?" Palmer gasped. He looked over in time to see the private eye pulling the trigger on his handgun. He cried out to Vanessa and tried to push her out of the way. It wasn't soon enough to prevent the gun from firing.

Wednesday, December 1, 1999

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Pandemonium reigned at the Valley Inn as the shot rang out and everyone dived for cover. In the confusion, the shooter disguised as a waiter fled the room, but not before Jack and Edmund (after making sure Alex was OK) took off after him. A couple more gunshots resounded! Amid the chaos, Vanessa screamed, "He's been shot!" as Leo slumped to the ground. Everyone rushed to his side, including David and Alex, both anxiously checking his pulse and looking for the bullet wound. Not finding one, they concluded that he was probably under the influence of narcotics - a possible overdose, Alex speculated. But Vanessa maintained that was out of the question. "Vanessa," Leo mumbled.

As David and Alex examined Leo, there was suddenly a horrified scream from Opal: "Blood! He's been shot! Palmer!" She was the only one to notice Palmer lying on the floor, eyes closed. Alex told Tad to keep Leo walking, then joined David in rushing over to where Palmer lay, blood pouring from the right side of his chest. A terrified and concerned Opal leaned over Palmer, trying to reassure the unconscious man that he would be all right. Then Vanessa pushed her away, and showed her own concern over her husband. "Everything's going to be all right," she promised him. "It's not so bad, it's not so bad." But turning to David, she exclaimed, "So much blood!" Palmer stirred and murmured, "Vanessa! Your son? I didn't know," before passing out again. "You're not the only one," David murmured bitterly.

In the crowd, Erica belligerently demanded of Brooke, "Where's Jack?" When Brooke replied that Jack and Edmund had chased after the gunman, Erica, never missing a chance to blast Brooke, blamed her for not stopping Jack!

The EMTs and police arrived, and Palmer was placed on a gurney ready for transportation to the hospital. Vanessa and Erica pleaded with David to go with him and take care of Palmer. David agreed, "I'll go - for Erica!" Derek questioned the bystanders about the gunman, and about Leo and his condition. Vanessa denied that her son was ever on drugs. Tad told Derek that he had been put into the second ambulance. Brooke, Phoebe and Erica wondered what had happened to Jack and Edmund after they pursued the gunman -and when more shots had been heard. "Edmund!" whispered Alex in alarm. At that moment, the two heroes return - Jack with a slight gunshot to his hand and Edmund with a graze on his face. Alex updated them on Palmer's situation. Derek questioned them, but Edmund told him that there was a car waiting and he could describe the make and model, but that it had no license plates. As Alex treated Jack's hand, "Faster than a speeding bullet, I'm impressed," quipped Tad. But no one laughed at the tasteless remark. Brooke chided Edmund for being so reckless. Millicent suggested to Phoebe that they've had enough excitement, and Millicent's driver would take Phoebe home, while Brooke and Jack, along with Edmund and Alex, shared a nightcap before they left. Jack teased Brooke about her fictitious "date," and Alex jokingly asked Edmund if all his dates were this exciting! Dixie was concerned about Palmer, and Tad suggested they go to the hospital. Scott offered to drive Becca home. He praised her for her bravery, and the fact that her intervention with Leo probably saved Palmer's life by distracting the gunman. Becca answered his question about how she could carry a complete stranger all that way by relating a story of how she had once had to carry her brother home after he had accidentally shot himself. He invited her to join him and Stuart in getting their Christmas tree the next day, but Becca refused, but agreed that Scott could call her.

Opal went upstairs to the room where Becca had left Petey, apparently fast asleep on the bed. She lay beside him for a moment, replaying in her mind the drama that had unfolded downstairs earlier as she discovered Palmer's blood on her hands. Then she turned her attention to Petey. "Wake up, faker," she told him. When he opened his eyes, he noticed the blood on her. She then broke it to him that his daddy was hurt and had been taken to the hospital. Although Petey wanted to go to the hospital, Opal said they should go home, and promised to call the hospital later.

Meanwhile, unaware of what she had missed at the party, Greenlee was laughing with Ryan as he carried across the threshold of their motel room. They exchanged teasing banter for a while, then things got more serious. But "no strings, just two people enjoying themselves," they agreed. Later, after they have made love, Ryan came back into the room with ginger ales, and was surprised to see Greenlee hugging her knees and crying. What was wrong? he asked. She reminded him of something he had said earlier, "That who I am is enough." And added that Scott had told her she had a large trust fund but no soul. "I'm empty. What if he's right?" she tearfully asked Ryan. As she talked her way through her self-analysis, she started to cheer up and Ryan offered to drive her home. "I'm happy here with you," she answered with a smile. "Me too," he smiled. "Even though I'm blubbering all over you?" she teased. They both laughed, and shared a gentle hug.

Hayley and Axel had been to an AA meeting and were chatting at BJ's about a fellow member who had fallen off the wagon. Suddenly, they heard a lot of joking and laughter as Mateo came in with Adrian and Tina. . Axel asked her what she was seeing, and she replied, "I'm watching someone I love laughing for the first time in a long time." Tina goaded Mateo into doing his Ricky Martin impersonation, not unnoticed by Hayley. She told Axel that Mateo can imitate almost anyone, including Adam. Mateo told Adrian and Tina he'd like to get some stand-up acts for SOS and he went to call George Lopez, in hopes of getting him to appear. While Mateo made his phone call, Adrian asked Tina why she hadn't said anything to Mateo about noticing Hayley across the room. "All blondes tend to look the same to me," Tina said with a shrug. Mateo returned and said he'd left a message.

At Pine Valley Hospital, Palmer was prepared for surgery. He stirred and insisted to David, "Vanessa, I must see Vanessa!" He refused to go into surgery until he saw her. David brought her in as Erica waited in the hallway. Vanessa gently stroked Palmer's face. He opened his eyes, "I have to say that ... forgive me!" Vanessa was puzzled. "Whatever for? she asked. David interrupted, saying, "Time's up." Vanessa kissed Palmer and left. He closed his eyes, and lay ready, ready for surgery.

Thursday, December 2, 1999

"Adam Chandler Still In Charge---Chandler Enterprises Stock Soars," read the headline of the Wall Street Herald . Marian couldn't help but gloat over the way Stuart had managed to pull off another impersonation. "He's better at being you than you are," she chuckled. Adam demanded that he be freed, but Marian wasn't about to honor his request. She was, however, more than willing to help him liven up his makeshift prison. She offered to bring along a wreath or some twinkling lights to make him feel more in the holiday spirit. Marian was on her way out as Liza was wandering down the hall. Luckily, Liza didn't actually see Marian coming out of the secret passageway. They met up in Adam's study where Marian claimed that needed to find a check Adam had left for Stuart. Liza told her mother that they needed to talk, but that was the last thing Marian wanted to do. Jake straggled into the room with a request for Liza. Marian agreed to leave the room while they talked. Adam, meanwhile, grumbled about Jake's presence in his study. Jake told Liza that he wanted Colby to spend her first Christmas with him and his family. Liza started to sob. Jake thought that Liza was upset with the idea of having to share Colby with his family. Of course, that was not the real reason she'd broken down. "I can't keep this up any more," she sniffled. She readied to break the news to Jake that he was not Colby's biological father, but she was too worked up to make the confession. From his spot in front of the video monitors, Adam tried to will Liza into spilling the beans. When Marian entered the room, Liza lost her nerve and said nothing more. Adam didn't have any tissues in his office, so Marian told Liza to go into her purse and find some. While she was rummaging around for a tissue, Liza found the remote control to Adam's safe room. Jake had to run off to the hospital, which left Marian to question what it was that had made her daughter cry. Marian warned Liza not to tell anyone the truth until after she'd won sole custody of Colby and gotten more than her fair share of Adam's money. Liza suddenly took a deep breath and proclaimed that she was feeling fine. Marian smiled, grabbed her purse, and headed off to a luncheon meeting with Opal at The Valley Inn.

Erica went head to head with a nurse at Pine Valley Hospital. Erica had been told that no one was allowed to see Palmer. Erica, however, argued that she was one of Palmer's closest friends and deserved to see him. She then urged the nurse to phone David to verify that she was allowed in the room. The nurse nodded and asked Erica if she'd stay put until she returned. Erica nodded---and as soon as the nurse left, she walked into Palmer's room. Palmer was still quite groggy, but he did stir when he heard someone standing by his bedside. Rather than telling Erica that he was glad to see her, Palmer's first words were about his wife. "Where's Vanessa," he said softly. Erica explained that he wasn't allowed to have any visitors, but said that she was sure that Vanessa was in the emergency room with Leo. "Her son," Palmer said sadly. Erica nodded her head. She cocked her head to one side and asked her friend if he'd had any idea that Vanessa had a second son. Palmer closed his eyes signaling that he'd been blindsided by the news along with everyone else. Erica warned Palmer that it might not be the best time to have Vanessa by his side. She expressed her doubts that Leo was actually Vanessa's son and hinted that Vanessa was not telling everything she knew about the shooting. She also informed Palmer that it was Opal---not Vanessa---that had hovered over him after the shooting. Perhaps, she said, Opal might still have some feelings for him. Palmer said nothing. Erica asked him if it would be such a bad thing to admit that he might still have feelings for Opal. She went on to imply that there might be a chance that they could get back together. "She has a greater chance of being crowned Miss Bolivia," Palmer guffawed. He laughed hysterical for several minutes before the hysterics proved too much for his weakened body. Vanessa stormed into the room and demanded to now what Erica had done to her husband. Erica insisted that she'd never do anything to harm Palmer because he was one of her "closest, dearest friends." Vanessa rolled her eyes and asked Erica if there was anyone in town who was no one of her closest, dearest friends. Palmer looked towards Erica and told her that he really needs to speak privately to Vanessa. Erica nodded her head and went on her way. At this point it was still unclear if Vanessa's concern for her husband's condition was truly genuine. "Please tell me you're going to be alright," she said softly. Palmer assured her that he was going to be fine. After that, he asked Vanessa if she'd ever forgive him. Vanessa smiled warmly and told Palmer to get some rest. Palmer wasn't quite ready to take a nap just yet. He asked her why she'd never told him about Leo. Vanessa was unusually evasive, hinting that the situation surrounding her son's birth were not at all pleasant. She did, though, tell Palmer that she wanted to tell him, but stated that the time never seemed right.

In a private room at the hospital, Derek asked Leo what he knew about Palmer's shooting. Neither knew that David had his ear pressed to the door. Leo claimed that he'd never met Palmer before. As for his mother, he had an unusual take on her relationship with her husband. "As much as she'd enjoy being his widow, I don't think she mind being his wife," he said. Leo told Derek how he'd been plucked off the streets in Manhattan, drugged, and then helped into the party by a woman with an "angelic face." There was one question that was still left unanswered: How did Leo's fingerprints get on the gun. Leo insisted that he wouldn't touch a gun let alone fire one. Derek wasn't going to arrest Leo. After all, there was a room full of people to swear that he wasn't the one who'd pulled the trigger. Nevertheless, Derek asked him not to leave town. Leo smiled and said that he wasn't about to leave because Pine Valley was his home.

In the corridor, Vanessa was prevented from seeing Leo by her other son. "How is he?" Vanessa asked. "Which one?" David grinned slyly. His implication was that Vanessa was more concerned with Leo's condition than her husband's. David would not allow his mother to pass until she told him about his new little brother. "How many children do you have in the world?" he asked. Vanessa told David that Leo had been born while he was away at school. The father, however, was never revealed. All that Vanessa would say was that she never married Leo's father. Leo's last name was said to be du Pres, though she never said how that name had been selected. David mused that his mother had seen the name on the side of a Parisian bus. Vanessa tired of the tit for tat chat with her son and told him that, ultimately, she doesn't care whether David accepts his new brother into his life or not. Vanessa stormed off without talking to her son. David, meanwhile, entered Leo's room for the first time. "Hello, brother David," Leo chirped. David asked his brother how he was feeling. His concern was more for his patient than for his brother. Leo guessed that he was doing okay and praised David for coming to Palmer's rescue. The tone of his voice, though, reeked of arrogance. Leo told David that he's heard a lot about him. Obviously, that was not the case the other way around. Leo found the situation quite amusing, but David didn't share the sentiment. He was irked that Vanessa had kept Leo a secret for so many years. Leo tried to convince David that he was the part owner of a modeling agency in London. David knew better, blasting his half-brother for living off of Vanessa's---or rather Palmer's---money. He warned Leo that Vanessa was not the goddess he thought her to be. In fact, "everything she touches turns to poison." With that, Vanessa entered the room. She breezed bast her eldest son and headed straight to Leo. She gave him a hug and a kiss and pretty much ignored David. Leo told his mother that David doesn't think very highly of her. Vanessa said that it pains her to know that David hates her. David chuckled to himself and walked away.

Opal and Erica sat at a table at The Valley Inn to discuss Palmer's condition. Opal was relieved that her former husband was going to be okay, but she stopped short of acknowledging any feelings she might still have for him. When Erica told her that she'd told Palmer that she still cares about him, Opal nearly hit the ceiling. She accredited Erica's attempt at matchmaking to her newfound relationship with David. "Is it love?" she asked nervously. Erica grinned from ear to ear and replied, "For him it is." She refused to discuss how she felt about the doctor. Marian joined the two women at the table, but she was noticeably upset. A few tears streamed down her cheek prompting Opal and Erica to ask what was troubling her. Marian said that Adam's treatment of Liza had gotten her upset. As she rifled through her purse for a tissue, she realized that the remote control to the safe room was missing.

Later, Erica sat down with David and asked him for his thoughts about his new little brother. David did not share Erica's concern that Leo wasn't who he claimed to be. David did think that Vanessa was not telling the truth about something and vowed to get to the bottom of things.

Derek's next stop took him to the Dillon home. There, he showed Janet a picture of Sophie. Janet's hands trembled nervously as she looked at the woman's mugshot. Derek asked her if she'd seen Sophie lately. Janet swallowed hard and said that the last she'd heard Sophie was spending time in a jail cell. Derek informed her that Sophie had escaped from jail. During her breakout, she killed a guard. Derek hoped that Janet wouldn't honor any "prison code" promises by not telling him if she'd seen Sophie. Janet insisted, albeit unconvincingly, that she hadn't seen Sophie in years. Minutes after Derek left, Janet shredded Sophie's picture. Amanda returned home from school a little while later with a new friend by her side---Sophie! Janet's heart sank and her face turned a ghostly shade of white. Amanda explained that she hadn't broken the "no strangers" rule because Sophie and Smokey (the family dog) were already friends. Janet ushered her daughter into the house and told her to eat her lunch. Sophie didn't look quite the same. She'd used the thousand dollars Janet had given her to get a makeover and some new clothes. Janet told Sophie that she couldn't afford to give her any more money. That wasn't the answer Sophie wanted to hear. She told Janet that she would get her the money---or else. "That Amanda is awfully cute," Sophie growled. "I can't imagine how you'd take it if something bad happened to her."

Back at the hospital, Vanessa asked Leo if he was feeling okay. Leo assured his mother that he was fine. She asked herself who would want to kill Palmer. "Palmer wasn't the target," Leo responded. "You were."

At Chandler Mansion, Liza poked around the portion of the hallway where she'd first noticed her mother earlier. Suddenly, the wall slid aside revealing a secret passageway. Liza was awed by the secret passageway. She slowly entered the safe room area, still unsure of where she was going. She walked up to the clear Plexiglas wall and looked around. Without any kind of warning, Adam suddenly threw himself towards her. His face pressed against the divider, Adam chirped gleefully that Liza had come to rescue him. He urged her to press the green button on the remote control so that they could once again be together. Liza looked down at the remote and carefully eyed the green button. "Actually Adam," she replied. "You're staying exactly where you are."

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Friday, December 3, 1999

by Soap Central

Today's recap was provided by Susan Richmond

Liza refused to let Adam out of the safe room. She wasn't sure why Marian had locked him in there, but she was sure Marian must have had a good reason, especially since Stuart had agreed to go along with it. Adam begged Liza to tell Jake the truth about the fact he wasn't Colby's father, and when she refused, he shocked her with the news that both Gillian and David Hayward know the truth, too. One of them is sure to tell Jake, Adam insisted, wouldn't it be better for Liza to tell him first? Jake showed up at the mansion again and Liza, seeing him on the monitor in the safe room, went to talk to him. But instead of telling him the truth about Colby, as Adam was hoping, Adam was stunned to hear her tell Jake she'd filed for divorce. Jake was thrilled by the news and invited Liza and Colby to go to dinner with him at Tad and Dixie's, she accepted. Liza went back in to see Adam, who told her she was making a mistake by not telling Jake. As Liza left to go get Colby, who was crying, Adam begged her to bring Colby to see him, or at least hold her up to a camera so he could see her better. A confused Liza left without giving him an answer.

Derek was in Palmer's hospital room, trying to question him about the shooting, but Palmer was only giving him vague and confusing answers. He couldn't explain why he jumped in front of Vanessa to protect her when he also said he thought the gunman was pointing the gun at him. Palmer feigned exhaustion and Derek stopped the questioning and left. David came in to check on Palmer and warned him about Erica's theory that Vanessa was trying to have him killed. Palmer (knowing the truth) dismissed the idea, even though David mentioned Vanessa's string of "late" husbands.

Leo told Vanessa the truth about what happened that night, about Palmer having him kidnapped and drugged and then trying to frame him. Palmer was trying to kill you because he thought we were having an affair, he explained. Vanessa doesn't believe it at first, then realized that she's underestimated Palmer. She appeared almost scared at first, but then realized that she can use Palmer's guilt about almost killing her to her own advantage.

Tad met Rae at the Valley Inn dinning room and filled her in on the excitement of the night before, since she had gone upstairs before the shooting started. The subject turned to Adam and his remarkable transformation. Maybe he really has changed this time, Rae suggested. Tad didn't believe it for a minute, it must be some sort of plan Adam's cooking up. Tad told her some of Adam's history, including the time that he tried to have Dixie committed. Adam will never change, Tad insisted. Tad also tried to get more information out of Rae about why they're searching for her husband, Daniel, but she refused to talk about it. Later, Tad went over to the hospital to visit Jake, who gave him the good news that Liza is divorcing Adam.

When Janet told Sophie that she couldn't get her anymore money and that she should just leave town, Sophie threatened Amanda's safety. And if Janet turned her in to the police, she has someone on the outside that would see to it Amanda was harmed. Come up with a plan, Sophie suggested, Janet used to be really good at that, especially after she talked to her mirror. Janet was shocked that Sophie knew about that, but insisted that she was "evil" then, and she's a completely different person now. After making sure Janet knew she was serious about her threat, Sophie left, and Amanda came outside to find her mother still standing on the porch. Janet reprimanded Amanda for talking to a stranger and made her promise to never do it again, especially to Sophie.

Trevor came home and Derek stopped by to see him. Janet headed off to the kitchen to get Derek a glass of water, while Derek told Trevor all about Sophie's escape and the fact that Janet had seemed very nervous about it when he talked to her earlier. Trevor brushed it off as Janet not wanting to think about that part of her life, she's a completely different woman now, he said. Returning with a pitcher of water, Janet happened to glance in the mirror and saw "mirror-Janet" staring back at her. She dropped the pitcher in shock and surprise, but didn't let on to Trevor or Derek that anything was wrong. After the two of them left, Janet saw Mirror Janet again, who told her that she needed to stop being such a wimp about Sophie and do whatever it takes to protect Amanda.

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