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Passions Recaps: The week of November 29, 1999 on PS
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Monday, November 29, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Karen Nicholson

At the high school, the teens are rehearsing for the play. Charity is tied to the stake. Grace and Miguel tell her that she does not have to play the part of the woman being burned at the stake if it makes her uncomfortable. Charity says that she doesn't mind playing the part. She says that although she was in the fire, she doesn't remember any of it, so it doesn't bother her playing the part.

Tabitha is under the stage lighting a fire. She says that Charity will burn tonight, just like Prudence Standish tried to burn her at the stake over 300 years ago. Tabitha had also emptied all the fire extinguishers, so that the fire could not be put out. Charity starts to feel warm, so Miguel, along with Kay and Jessica go out to get them all something to drink. Charity is trying to remember her lines. Miguel comes back, and sees fire coming from the stage. He immediately starts trying to put the fire out, and tells Charity to try to get out of the ropes. Charity is unable to untie the ropes. TC, Sam, Hank, and Grace come rushing in. TC grabs the fire extinguisher, but it doesn't work. No one is able to untie the ropes. The fire is raging out of control, and Charity seems to be unconscious, while still tied to the stake. Miguel tries to run to Charity, but Sam holds him back. Timmy is starting to get smoke inhalation. Tabitha said that they could go out for some fresh air, because nothing could save Charity at this point. Tabitha and Timmy arrive in the gym, when Timmy sees a beam of light. The Angel appears and blows something on the fire, that does seem to diminish the flames some. TC comes in with a hose, and Miguel finally gets Charity untied. They succeed in putting out the fire, and carry Charity off the stage. The Angel disappears. Miguel is trying to revive an unconscious Charity. Tabitha walks up and says that it looks like the poor girl has expired. They administer oxygen to Charity, but she is still out. Sam wants to know who was holding the torch. Kay says that it wasn't her fault because the torch wasn't even lit. TC says that Kay was right, the torch wasn't lit. Jessica asks Kay if she caused that fire. Kay replied that she had nothing to do with it. She stated that she didn't want Charity dead, she just didn't want her to remember her past. Charity comes to, and thanks Miguel for saving her life again. She has her memory back. Kay realizes that she will never get Miguel, now. Tabitha flees after Charity regains consciousness. The Angel appears before Tabitha, and says, "This is the end for you Tabitha."

At the Crane cabin, Theresa and Ethan are discussing what they she have for dinner. Gwen calls Ethan and tells him that the snowplow should be coming , so she might be able to make it to the cabin. Ethan tells her that she needs to go back to Harmony. He says that although the roads may be cleared, it would still be too slick for her to try to drive. He tells her that he loves her, and is concerned for her safety. He tells her that they should plan to go to the Caribbean Islands next time.

He tells Gwen to call him when she gets home. He tells Gwen again that he loves her, and that he always would. Theresa drops a can when she hears Ethan on the phone. She goes to the kitchen and starts crying. Ethan thinks that she is crying because she dropped a can of caviar. They decide to have a cook-off. Ethan decides to make clam chowder, and Theresa decides to make shrimp and Spanish rice. They eat oysters as an appetizer. Theresa wonders to herself why she should have to give up on her dreams.

She feels that maybe there is a good chance for her and Ethan. After they eat dinner, they go outside and have a snowball fight. When they come back inside the cabin, the power is out. Theresa decides that it is fate. She says to herself that she has one whole night alone with Ethan, and that she was going to use it to her advantage. She says that she is finally going to tell Ethan how she feels about him. Theresa says that she wants total honesty between them. She starts talking about the guy that she has a crush on, unaware that Ethan has left the room. Ethan returns with pillows and blankets. Theresa asks if he heard what she said, but then she says never mind. They decide to sleep in front of the fireplace. Meanwhile, Gwen is told that the roads are cleared, and she decides to go to the cabin to surprise Ethan.

Sheridan and Luis are in New Mexico. They decide to check into a hotel, and start out first thing in the morning looking for Martin. The clerk tries to give them a room together, but they a adamant about getting separate rooms. They realize that they are in adjoining rooms. Luis flashes back to a time with his father, when his father agreed to send him to baseball camp, which they couldn't afford. Luis now wonders if his father got the money by stealing it from the Cranes. Sheridan is having a nightmare about when she was a little girl and a body is lying on floor. The adult Sheridan is also there, and decides to look under the sheet. She says that she has to know if it is real or just a dream. She also says that she needs to know if it is Martin under the sheet. Sheridan lifts up the sheet, and says" My God." In her sleep, she is saying, " I did it." Luis hears her, and breaks down her door. She is still crying that she did it, while Luis holds her in his arms.

Tuesday, November 30, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Kim Beers.

Sheridan has a nightmare about killing Martin Fitzgerald in the night and screams out "I Did It!" in her sleep. Luis hears her from his hotel room and barges her door open to hold her. She wakes up in Luis' arms and wonders how much Luis heard of her screaming. He said that he couldn't make out her words and asks her is she is okay. Sheridan tells Luis that she just has bad dreams. After Luis goes back to his room, Sheridan leaves to go to Linder Industries, the place where the man using Martin Fitzgerald's social security number works. Luis hears her leave and follows her.

Someone is in the building and they knock on the door so that they can find out about Martin.

Orville is in the hospital and is unconscious. Chad says that he is not leaving until he finds out about his past from Orville. Orville keeps saying Eve's name and Chad wonders why or how Orville knows her. Chad is very suspicious. Orville begins to come to and tells Chad that if he keeps searching about his past, he will die. Theresa and Ethan are staying over at the cabin. The two of them sleep close to the fire so that they'll be warm. The snow plows are clearing the rode up to the cabin and Gwen finally decides to go and surprise Ethan. As Gwen arrives at the cabin she is so excited to slip into Ethan's arms by the fire. As she approaches Ethan, she sees Theresa. Theresa wakes up and looks very scared and surprised to see Gwen at the cabin.

Charity goes to the hospital to get checked out for smoke inhalation. She is okay and starts to remember more about her past. She remembers how Miguel saved her from the first fire. Kay is so upset. The angel appears to Tabitha outside of the school and tells her that soon it will be the end for her. Hank and Sam realize that the fire started from under the stage and Sam is suspicious of Tabitha. When everyone meets at the hospital, Sam questions Tabitha about the fire. Grace insists that Tabitha would never do such a thing. Sam is still not sure though.

Wednesday, December 1, 1999

Gwen and Theresa stare at each other in shock as Ethan wakes up. Though both Ethan and Theresa try to explain to Gwen that the situation is not what it looks like, she tells Ethan that she doesn't want to hear from or see him ever again. Theresa tries to tell Gwen that Julian sent her to have Ethan sign some papers and Ethan didn't know she was coming here. Gwen asks how Theresa managed to get up to the cabin before she did, there was a storm raging after all. Theresa explains that she got to the cabin before the storm hit. Gwen is angrier when she realizes that Theresa had to have been at the cabin when she called Ethan worried about him being alone. She assumes that he told her not to take a chance in the storm driving up to the cabin because he obviously because he was having fun with Theresa. Things only get worse when Theresa tries to explain that Ethan had this place fixed up all romantic for Gwen and planned to greet her naked with a passionate kiss. Gwen asks her how she knows this and Theresa lets it slip that is how he greeted her. A livid Gwen runs out of the cabin with Ethan at he heels. He tries to explain that he confused Theresa for her. This only adds to Gwen's hurt since the man who has kissed her so many times, didn't know he was kissing Theresa and not her. She drives off leaving Theresa to believe that she finally has a chance with Ethan.

In the hospital Eve and TC are arguing about the Chad situation when Sam comes up to them wondering if the hit-and-run victim is awake yet? Eve says he is, so Sam goes in to question him just in time to hear Orville warn Chad that if he continues trying to find out about his past he will die. When Sam asks Orville what he is talking about Orville becomes confused and claims he doesn't know Chad. An uncomfortable Eve tells them that they need to leave because Orville needs to rest. Outside, Sam questions Chad and the Russell girls about Orville. Eve is upset to find out that the girls have been spending time with Chad. When Sam asks if anyone else knew Orville Chad says that Eve does. Eve denies knowing Orville. Later TC asks Eve about her broken headlight but she plays it off and won't let him take it to the auto-body shop. Meanwhile, Sam puts out a search for cars with front-end damage and Eve is bothered to hear Sam tell Chad that both his past and the connection to Orville's accident are now a police case.

As Ivy and Julian return home from an event Ivy comments that he's been rather quiet this evening, he must be worried about Sheridan's search for the truth about that night. She takes pleasure in taunting him about what Sheridan might find until he blows up at her. He warns he not to poke into things that are not any of her business and the situation regarding Martin Fitzgerald is none of her business. Pilar walks in and asks to speak to Ivy, she is worried about Theresa and Luis. Ivy tells Pilar about Theresa's being trapped up in the cabin. Meanwhile, when Julian calls the airport to book the Crane plane he finds out that Sheridan and Luis have taken it to New Mexico. Later Ivy walks in on Julian on the phone with Martin Fitzgerald. She confronts him and accuses him of forcing Martin to leave his family, and she wants to know why. Unless she speculates this Martin isn't the real Martin Fitzgerald, but a decoy. She demands to know what Julian and Alistair are trying to cover up. Julian informs Ivy to watch her step, if Alistair is willing to sacrifice Sheridan to protect the secret surrounding Martin, what makes Ivy think she's safe?

In New Mexico, Martin answers Luis' knock on the door, but Luis can't see his face through the window. Luis asks to speak to Martin Fitzgerald, and Martin tells him that he's found him. Martin goes to get the keys to unlock the inside lock, and while he's gone Sheridan asks Luis why he didn't tell his father who he was. Luis says he didn't want him to run off. Inside, the phone rings and Martin picks up. It's Julian warning him that Sheridan and Luis are looking for him. Martin bolts immediately. Luis talks to the owner of the car shop and finds out that Martin goes to a fishing cabin sometimes. Luis and Sheridan head up to the cabin.

Thursday, December 2, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Nicole

Luis and Sheridan continue up to the cabin to look for Martin Fitzgerald. Luis tired from driving all night loses sight of the road and crashes into a rock. They end up looking for the cabin on foot, which leads them straight into danger. In the middle of a rain storm they try to cross a river---but a mudslide pushes Sheridan and Luis into the river.

Ethan and Theresa leave the cabin in the early morning. Ethan tries to call Gwen, but gets no answer. He wonders where she could possibly be and why she won't answer his calls. When Ethan arrives at the Crane mansion he confronts Julian about his intentions on sending Theresa up to the cabin with papers for him to sign. Theresa tells Whitney what a great time she had and that she will win Ethan over Gwen. Just then there is a knock on the door. It's Gwen. She wants to talk to Theresa.

Eve is very tense because Whitney tells T. C. and Sam that Orville had a lot of interesting things in his apartment. They go to check it out and Eve tells Whitney just to stay out of it. Whitney wonders why her Mom is being so weird. Eve then tells her she is sorry. At Orville's apartment Sam and T. C. find blue envelopes. Each envelope is filled with $100 bills. T. C. seems to think they are very familiar. Meanwhile, Eve is in her office writing something and puts it in a blue envelope also.

Friday, December 3, 1999

Now that both the snow storm and hurricane Gwen are finished at the cabin Ethan and Theresa are getting read to head back into Harmony. When Theresa apologizes to Ethan for the trouble with Gwen Ethan tells her he appreciates her trying to make explain to Gwen, but he understands why Gwen misread the situation. Theresa tells Ethan that if he was the man she loved, she'd forgive him for anything, but then she's not Gwen. Ethan hopes that Gwen feels the same way. When Ethan tries to reach her Gwen doesn't answer the phone. When Theresa arrives home she fills Pilar and Whitney in on her evening at the cabin. Pilar asks Theresa if she is still a "good girl?" Theresa says that nothing happened between her and Ethan. Pilar hints to Theresa that she doesn't know everything there is to know about Gwen, She tells her that she knows something about Gwen that will guarantee her winning out in the end. When Theresa says she is not afraid of Gwen her mother tells her that she should be. Later, Theresa answers a knock on the door hoping it's Ethan and finds herself face to face with Gwen. Gwen tells Theresa that they need to talk.

When Ethan arrives home he just misses Ivy needling Julian about Luis and Sheridan's mission in New Mexico. When Ethan asks what's going on Ivy brushes it off, she'd rather hear about Ethan's big proposal to Gwen. Ethan tells her that thanks to Julian he didn't get a chance to propose and probably never would. He explains to his mom about Gwen finding him and Theresa at the cabin.. Julian asks if it was as innocent as Ethan says it was. Ethan says yes, and now two innocent women's lives have been changed forever because of him! Ivy lights into Julian for hurting both Ethan and Sheridan, but Julian says he couldn't care less about what happens to Sheridan. Ivy says that she will call Alastair and tell him hoe incompetent Julian is with family business, but Julian forbids her.

Sam arrives at the Russell house to see TC. When TC asks about the hit-and-run accident Sam says he has no info, but offers to call the station and see if there were any updates. While Sam is on the phone Eve asks her husband why he's dragging the police chief into this. TC says a hit and run accident happened in front of their daughters, why isn't she more concerned. He comments that if he didn't know better he would think that she didn't want them to investigate the accident at all. Eve freaks out over this so TC backs off and says he was just joking. Sam comes back from the phone as Whitney arrives home. There's been no word, but they are still waiting for the report on damaged cars brought to repair shops. Eve tells Whitney that if she and Simone hadn't gotten mixed up with Chad the accident might never have happened. Whitney says that they didn't want anything like this to happen, Chad just wants to know who he is. As Whitney and Sam start discussing the mystery surrounding Chad's past an upset Eve tell her daughter to stay away from Chad. When Whitney brings up Orville's apartment Sam and TC decide to go check out Orville's place. and TC decides to tag along. When they are gone, Eve asks Whitney why she mentioned the apartment in front of her father and Sam? A confused Whitney asks why her mother is making a big deal out of it. She apologizes for getting so worked up, but says that she doesn't want her daughters associated with Chad, he's nothing but trouble. She figures it won't be a problem for long though, since Chad will soon leave Harmony. At Orville's place TC and Sam go through his things. TC finds unopened letters addressed to Orville. They find money in one of the envelopes. TC thinks the envelopes are familiar, but can't place why. Eve is in her office addressing an envelope that looks exactly like the ones sent to Orville.

Luis and Sheridan are driving to the fishing cabin to confront Martin. Luis recalls a time when his father magically came up with the money to sign him up for baseball camp. Luis finds himself questioning how his father came by that magic money. As they near the cabin the car curves off of the badly kept road. Sheridan asks Luis what he plans to do when he sees Martin. Luis tells her that he wants to face him and look into his eyes and find out the truth, then he'll get back at him for hurting the family. Luis wants to know why Sheridan is so interested in finding Martin. Sheridan says that she's doing it for Pilar, who means a lot to her. Finding Martin would make Pillar happy, and it would make her happy to make Pilar happy. At a coffee shop they ask the owner about Martin's cabin, and learn that he had been in the night before. The owner warns them that if they plan to hike up to the cabin they need to be careful of the flash floods. Luis tries to get Sheridan to wait while he goes up to the cabin, but she refuses and says she'll be there when he sees his father. They hike up towards the cabin, and run into a guy who warns them that a big storm is heading in, but they continue. As the rain starts Luis suggests that they turn back, but Sheridan sees the cabin in the distance. As they try too make their way over rocks across the water to get to the cabin, Sheridan is hit by flood waters and falls in.

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