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Vanessa lied to protect Palmer in exchange for a job at Cortlandt Electronics for Leo. Leo tried to get closer to Becca, unaware that she was already getting closer to Scott. Ryan and Greenlee continued their affair. Stuart found Adam's hiding spot and decided to leave him there.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of December 6, 1999 on AMC
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Monday, December 6, 1999

Though the club was closed for the day, Mateo still labored away in the back room on what should have been his day off. Tina called him claiming to have plumbing troubles, but she told him that he didn't to race over to fix her problem. Tina ended the phone call short because there was a knock on her door. She smiled broadly when she realized that Adrian had dropped by. He stated that he'd come by to help her unpack, but his true intent was to ask her out for dinner. Tina bowed her head slightly and told him that she'd already made plans with a friend. She promised to take him up on his offer at a later date. Mateo was startled to hear the jangling of keys coming from the club area. A few seconds later, Janet wandered into the room. She said that she knew the club was closed and wanted to take the opportunity to check the books one more time. Something about the numbers, she said, troubled her. Mateo left temporarily to handle a delivery. While he was gone, Janet reflected on Sophie's veiled threats. When Mateo returned, Janet asked him if he could loan her some money. Mateo wanted to help Janet, but truth be known he was still having money troubles. Mateo assumed that Janet wanted the extra cash to do some serious Christmas shopping for Amanda. Janet made no attempt to correct him. "I'd do anything and everything for Amanda," she said coldly. Trevor showed up and Janet's behavior became even more erratic. Trevor told her that he'd been looking all over for her and that he was glad he'd finally tracked her down. Amanda had been sent home from school because she'd developed a slight fever. Janet was concerned, but her reaction seemed excessive. She lashed out at Trevor for leaving their sick daughter home alone. Trevor assured her that Amanda was fine---and that she was staying with Dixie for the time being. Janet raced out of the club convinced that Amanda was in terrible danger. A little while later, Adrian showed up. Trevor presented the two men with some legal documents. They took barely ten seconds to scrawl their names on the dotted lines. And in that same amount of time the two men legally became partners in Sounds of Salsa. After the legal matters were out of the way, Mateo finally made his way over to Tina's condo. Somehow Tina had managed to get a hairbrush lodged in her sink. What Mateo didn't know was that this was no accident. Before Mateo could leave, Tina asked him if he'd like to join her for dinner. She claimed that she had invited a friend, but that that friend had to cancel at the last moment. Mateo was instantly convinced to join her when she mentioned that she'd made chalupas.

David reclined in his office scanning the newspaper article about Palmer's shooting. Liza phoned him to find out if he could drop by the studio to talk to her. David became uninterested in the conversation the moment Erica walked into his office. He brushed off Liza's call and told her that he'd have to speak to her later. Erica thanked David for saving Palmer's life. She then asked the doctor if he still believed that his mother was somehow involved in the shooting. David shook his head. Leo wandered into the office and was immediately taken with Erica. He rattled on for quite awhile about how he'd seen her face on the cover of dozens of foreign magazine covers. Leo told Erica that his mother spoke of her often. David chuckled to himself and warned his brother that Vanessa was no friend of Erica's. David was paged away, but Erica and Leo lingered behind. Leo praised his brother's good taste in women, musing that he didn't think he had it in him. Erica asked Leo why he was in Pine Valley. The young man explained that he'd come to meet his mother's new husband. Erica pressed for details about the shooting, but Leo said that he didn't have time to answer questions; he was due at the police station. Leo walked out and Vanessa walked in. Erica told Vanessa to be on her way because she'd just missed both of her sons. "Actually, Erica," Vanessa replied, "You are the very person I am looking for." Vanessa scolded Erica for spreading rumors that she might be involved in Palmer's shooting. Erica said that Palmer was "like a father" to her and that she wanted to be sure that he was safe. Vanessa was furious with the implication that she wanted to see Palmer dead. She insisted that she wanted to "grow old" with her husband. Erica told Vanessa that if she really cares about Palmer she'd better start trying to figure out who was really responsible for the shooting. Her "supposed son," she said with a smile, was being questioned by the police even as they spoke. Vanessa snorted slightly and asked Erica why she doubted that Leo was her son. Erica simply responded that it seemed odd that Vanessa would keep her son a secret from her husband and her first born child. Erica said nothing more, instead opting to go on her way. David returned a short time later and Vanessa was still steaming over the encounter she'd had with Erica. Vanessa warned David to keep Erica from spreading any more lies---and threatened to sue for her "libel and slander." David told his mother to "keep [her] eyes on [her] own house." Vanessa cocked her head to the side and asked her what she meant. "As usual I know more than you give me credit for," David smiled. Vanessa left the office. David picked up his phone and placed a call to Erica's office at Enchantment. He asked his lover to clear the rest of her day for him.

Becca and Scott both showed up at the Pine Valley Police Department at the request of Detective Frye. Becca felt bad for Petey because she knew that he was probably quite scared. Scott asked Becca if she might be able to take off of work and join him and his father on a Christmas tree hunt. Becca smiled coyly and agreed. When she called The Glamorama, however, she was told that the salon was closed for the day. Becca was surprised that Opal had taken the news of Palmer's shooting as hard as she did. Both Becca and Scott agreed that Opal must still care for Palmer on some level. Scott said that feelings don't die even when someone "screws up." Becca nodded her head understandingly. "Here she is, my angel of mercy," squawked a voice from just a short distance away. Scott and Becca turned their heads and noticed that Leo had arrived. Derek pulled Becca in for questioning. While the young woman was gone, Leo pressed Scott for information about the woman who's saved his life. Scott was not forthcoming with any information. Becca returned from questioning and Scott was next in line. Leo picked up with Becca where he'd left off with Scott. Becca downplayed her role in "saving" Leo's life. She said that she'd only done what she was supposed to have done. Scott wasn't in with Derek for very long. He returned and Leo was escorted to the interrogation room. Becca mused that Leo is "quite a character." Scott nodded his head and chuckled. Leo was allowed to leave. Vanessa happened to be arriving at the police station at about the same time. Upon seeing her son, she lashed out at Derek for not trying to find the real shooter. Derek angrily told Vanessa that he was following protocol and asked her to let him do his job. In private, Leo told his mother that he doesn't see why she dislikes Erica so much. In fact, Leo felt that David and Erica were a good match. "Too bad it won't last," Vanessa sneered.

At WRCW, Ryan had some advertising papers for Liza to sign. Liza's mind was elsewhere and she asked Ryan if she could look over them later. Liza drifted off and recalled how Adam had told her that David and Gillian both know the truth about Colby's paternity. Hayley strolled into the studio to ask Liza some questions about her new fashion show. Liza listened, but it was clear that her heart was not into the conversation. Hayley asked Liza if she'd heard from Adam. Liza nodded and flubbed a tale about Adam having called recently from an airport "or somewhere." Liza asked Hayley if there was any news on Gillian's recovery. Hayley pursed her lips and said that Gillian was pretty much the same---hospitalized and virtually unable to communicate. Liza wondered aloud why Gillian had been driving on a deserted road the night of the accident. Hayley shrugged and mentioned that Ryan might have some idea. Across the studio, Greenlee snuck up behind Ryan and asked him if he'd like to join her for some fun later that night. Millicent and Woodruff would be out of town and she'd have the entire house to herself. "Did I ever tell you how many bedrooms are in that house?" Greenlee gushed. She mentioned that the chef had prepared a refrigerator full of food for her. "You can come over and we'll heat up some stuff," she said sexily. Hayley walked over and asked Ryan if there'd been any interest on the part of advertisers in her new show. Greenlee immediately stepped forward and handed Hayley her résumé. She touted her work on Scott's documentary as a reason why she should be hired on to Hayley's show. Hayley was a bit overwhelmed and explained that she wasn't really in a position to hire a crew just yet. Liza pulled Ryan aside and asked him if he knew where Gillian was going on the night of the accident. "To see Jake," Ryan replied. Liza's face turned a shade paler as she put two and two together.

Janet showed up at Enchantment and asked Erica point-blank if she could have some money. She took a momentary pause before adding that the money---fifty thousand dollars---was for charity. Erica was stunned by the large sum of money and warned Janet that many charities turn out to be scams. Janet said that she was confident that this was legit. Still, Erica wasn't about to shell out that kind of money. She offered to head down to accounting and get a check for one thousand dollars instead. Janet was grateful and gave Erica the go-ahead. While she was gone, Janet heard Mirror Janet calling out to her. "How stupid are you?" asked Mirror Janet. No one, said the reflection, would ever give Janet fifty thousand dollars. Janet raced out of the office---forgetting all about her check. Erica returned and found David, not Janet, waiting for her. The pair kissed several times before David revealed why he'd dropped by. He said that he was off to London to do a background check on his new baby brother. Erica warned David that London was a big place---and joked that he might get lost. Convinced that she was right, David "reluctantly" allowed Erica to go with him. The pair laughed amongst themselves before sharing another kiss.

Tuesday, December 7, 1999

Due to a emergency in Dan's family, today's recap was provided by Bersonian.

Janet and Trevor discuss whether or not she is worried of Sophie trying to contact her. Janet nervously brushes him off saying she needs to check on Amanda. Trevor waits downstairs. When she returns downstairs, Trevor asks if she would like him to stay home with them tonight. Janet insists that he go out and help his fellow teammates on his bowling league. She also says that he deserves a night away. Trevor assures her that staying home with her and Amanda is the best thing in the world for him. He tells her that he is proud of her, Janet couldn't have a better mom and he couldn't have a better wife. They kiss and Trevor leaves promising not to be late.

As Trevor shuts the door, Sophie skips down the stairs to Janet's surprise saying, "I thought he'd never leave!" Janet runs up stairs calling out to Amanda. She comes back downstairs and Sophie teases her about possibly waking up a sleeping Amanda. Janet asks how she got in and Sophie says that she is just as good at getting into places as she is getting out! Janet tells her to leave and Sophie threatens Janet some more reminding her that if she tells Trevor or somehow gets "rid" of her then someone else would take care of Amanda. She also reminds Janet that she is watching Amanda "24/7." Janet attempted to scare off her former cellmate by threatening to bump her off. It failed miserably. Sophie warned Janet that if anything happened to her, her accomplice would make sure that Amanda was "never seen again---alive or dead." Janet reluctantly agrees to somehow scrape up the $50,000 and Sophie tells her to make it quick. Sophie lets herself out the back door.

Janet sits on the couch stunned and hears "Janet from another planet" taunting her from the mirror. Mirror Janet tells her that even if she pays Sophie the 50 grand all she'll want is more money. Janet disagrees but Mirror Janet tells her the only way to protect Amanda is to knock off Sophie. "No one messes with Janet Green and lives to tell about it!" snarls Mirror Janet.

Meanwhile, Trevor meets Erica at a restaurant asking her what is so important that she dragged him away from his wife, daughter, and bowling league! She says, "Your wife" Then Trevor is all ears. Erica tells Trevor that Janet asked her for a $50,000 loan for a charity. Trevor remembers Janet asking him for the exact same amount of money for a stock. He says he doesn't know what is going on with Janet, but he is going to find out!

Liza tells Marian that she is on to her game. In front Adam, Marian tells Liza that she overheard Adam planning to kidnap Colby. Liza is furious. She tells Adam, to Marian's delight, that she "hates" him and then leaves. Marian tells Adam that she isn't going to stop until Liza has full custody of Colby and there is nothing he can do about it.

Tad and Dixie are having a Christmas dinner party with Rae, Jake, Liza, Colby, Becca and Scott. Junior and Jamie are off to find Christmas decorations while Tad, Dixie and Rae discuss Tad's plans for his new show. He wants to do an, "expose, in your face type of reporting," He says that exposing Adam was a rush that he wants to experience again. Dixie and Tad catch Rae up with the happenings at Palmer's party and who Leo is.

Becca and Scott go Christmas Tree hunting and end up back at Tad and Dixie's for their party. Scott is upset to learn of Becca's plans to go home to Pigeon Hollow for Christmas. He asks her to stay in Pine Valley, since Christmas "just wont be the same" without her. Becca insists that she wants to see her family. Scott asks to go along with her but right after tells her to just think about it. The doorbell rings and Becca answers it to find Leo leaning up against the doorframe. He offers her a pair of what looks like diamond earrings but she refuses to accept such a costly gift. Leo says it's the least he could do to repay her. Scott jumps to her defense saying, "You heard her! Its too much" Leo backs down after giving Scott a smug smile and then asks if he could at least take her out to dinner. Becca is saved when Dixie comes up to introduce herself along with Rae. Dixie invites Leo to stay for pizza but he declines saying he'll take a raincheck.

Tad says, "Maybe some other time." Tad obviously doesn't care for Leo, because he didn't even bother introducing himself or even say one word to him! On his way out Leo tells Becca that he will find someway to thank her. Becca says its not necessary and Leo says coyly, "Necessity has nothing to do with it," Scott glares on in the background.

Brooke finds Jackson at the BJ's and asks if she could join him. Shortly after Edmund and Alex come in to eat after seeing a movie. Sounds like a date to me!! Jackson and Brooke ask them to join them. They discuss the Annual New Year's Eve bash at Wildwind. Edmund tells Alex that she has to stay in town for the party since she is going to be his "guest." She looks pleasantly surprised! She agrees to go as long as Brooke promises to take her shopping. Brooke happily agrees. Erica walks in and Alex slumps down in her seat grabbing a menu to put in front of her face. Erica breezes by, saying hello to Jackson and Edmund and completely ignores Brooke and Alex---classic Erica moment! She says she is meeting someone and goes to sit at a table alone.

Trevor meets Erica at BJ's, asking her what's so important that she dragged him away from his wife and bowling league. She says, "Its your wife I'm worried about," At that point Trevor is all ears. Erica tells Trevor that Janet asked her for a $50,000 loan for a charity. Trevor remembers Janet asking him for the exact same amount of money for a stock. He says he doesn't know what is going on with Janet, but he is going to find out! Jake asks Liza to let him bring Colby into visit Gillian, Liza reluctantly agrees. Jake then asks her to come in the room with them, she resists but Jake insists that it would be good for Gillian. Once they are all in the room Jake hands Colby to Gillian as she stares at Liza. Liza is visibly uncomfortable and excuses herself to "make a phone call." Jake stays with them as Liza catches her breath outside the room. She comes back into the room saying that they shouldn't leave everyone waiting on them at Dixie's. Jake agrees and they head off to Dixie's. When they arrive Rae asks to hold Colby as Dixie watches with concern in her eyes. Later Dixie asks Rae if she has children. "I lost a daughter," Rae replied somewhat cryptically. Dixie revealed that she'd lost a daughter earlier in the year and two women find a common bond.

Becca apologizes to Scott for Leo's behavior saying, "he's not shy!" They help decorate the Martin's tree. Liza and Jake drink eggnog and discuss his feelings for Gillian. He reveals that it might be "love."

David walks into Gillian's room and tells her that he has no intention of telling Jake about Colony's true paternity. He says that when he told her about it, it was to get to Adam. He also promises that he will make sure she make a full recovery. She seems touched and thanks him.

Outside her room David runs into Leo who asks him to "take care" of his hospital bill. David laughs in his face. Then Leo asks him to join him for a drink, David declines saying he doesn't drink with people he doesn't know. Leo says, "Then maybe some other time," David watches Leo leave saying to himself, "I don't know what you and mother are up to but I intend to find out!"

Wednesday, December 8, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Susan Richmond

At the hospital, Vanessa, Palmer and Leo toasted Palmer's recovery with some sparkling cider. Vanessa brought up the possibility of Leo coming to work for Palmer at Cortlandt Electronics, an idea which Palmer quickly turned down. Derek showed up to ask Palmer some more questions, in going over his notes he'd found some inconsistencies he wanted to clear up. After leaving the room, Leo laughed at the way Vanessa was playing Palmer's guilt, trying to get Leo a job. You have him "whipped", Leo told Vanessa, who agreed. Inside the hospital room, Derek was pressuring Palmer for the truth, mentioning that several hotel guests had seen him speaking with a private investigator and his "associate" the night of the party. Just as it seems Palmer is about to confess the truth, Vanessa bursts back into the room with Leo in tow and a story to "confess." She tells Derek that a former lover of hers had been stalking her and threatening her life, that's why Palmer had hired the private investigator to be at the party, for her protection. And she can't tell Derek how wonderful it feels to know Palmer loves her so much he was willing to throw himself in front of a bullet for her. Derek's a bit skeptical, but agrees to let it rest for now if Vanessa will come down to the station tomorrow and answer some more questions. Vanessa agrees and Derek leaves. Vanessa starts pressuring Palmer again to let Leo work for him, after all, Palmer does owe her for coming up with that story. Palmer is reluctantly forced to agree and gives Leo his first assignment, taking care of an Italian business associate who will be arriving in town tomorrow.

At the Dillon house, Janet is frantically cleaning, trying to forget her problems. Unfortunately, "mirror-Janet" isn't about to let her forget and suggests that Janet take care of her problem... with a crowbar. Just one little tap on the head and Sophie will be gone for good, "mirror-Janet" tempts her. Janet rejects the idea, she's a different person now, and even if she did do it, she'd get caught and end up back in Statesville. Trevor comes home and gives Janet the perfect opportunity to tell him the truth, mentioning that he talked to Erica and she said Janet asked her for $50,000. What do you need the money for, he asks. Janet lets the moment go by and agrees with Trevor when he assumes she wanted it for that get-rich-quick idea that she'd mentioned to him a few weeks ago. Trevor tells her they don't need the money, they're already rich in the things that count. Janet agrees, but that doesn't solve her problem, and she goes off to bed with the sound of "mirror-Janet" calling her a loser ringing in her ears.

Liza went back to the hospital after the party at Tad and Dixie's to see Gillian. She let Gillian know that she knew the truth, that Jake is not Colby's father, Adam is. Liza is torn about what to do, she knows that Jake should be told the truth, but somehow she can't find the words to tell him. Liza hastily wipes away tears as Jake stops by for a visit. It's obvious how much he loves Colby and how good he is with her, so much so that it brings tears to the women's eyes once again. Jake senses that something's wrong, but Liza tells him it's nothing, everything's fine. After being paged, Jake leaves the room and Gillian tries to tell Liza something. Words fail her, but she searches through her flash cards until she finds the one she wants, a red heart. Looking at Liza with tears in her eyes, Gillian rips the card in two. Liza agrees, the truth will break Jake's heart. Liza promises Gillian that she won't tell Jake the truth. After Liza leaves, Jake returns and Gillian gives him a big hug. Thinking she's just frustrated about not being able to speak, Jake tells her that everything will be alright.

Marian stopped by Tad and Dixie's house to see Liza, but she'd already left for the hospital. She seems agitated, even knocking over and breaking a glass, but she won't tell Scott and Becca (who are the only ones left there) what is bothering her. When Becca leaves the room for a moment, Scott tells Marian about Becca sticking up for Stuart at the Glamorama and telling off Millicent Greenlee for insulting him. Marian revises her previous opinion of Becca and when she returns, Marian tells Becca so and says that she's perfect for Scott. Marian leaves and then Scott does, too, promising to call Becca the next day to set up a date.

Back at the Chandler mansion, Liza and Marian meet up and Liza tells Marian that she's decided never to tell Jake he's not Colby's father. Gillian has promised not to say anything and Liza says she'll take care of David Hayward, but the real problem is what to do about Adam. They can't leave him locked up in the safe room forever, and as soon as they let him out, he'll go right to Jake, Marian reminds her. "I think you should leave Adam to me", says Liza.

Thursday, December 9, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Jessica Guidobono

Millicent's mansion
Ryan, topless, and Greenlee, in some sexy nightie, are discussing some skill she has that I really don't want to know about. Ryan pulls her down onto the couch, saying something about how they have 23 hrs, 45 minutes in which to figure out the full extent of her skill.

Palmer's hospital room
Palmer is barking orders at someone over the phone when Vanessa breezes in, chatting about this and that, gushing about how once Palmer's out of the hospital, she, Palmer and Leo will be one big happy family. Palmer, obviously, is none to keen on the idea, and announces that he will not be pushed around by Vanessa and her little waif of a son.

The Glamorama
Leo saunters into the Glamorama followed by a stylishly-dressed woman, whom he introduces as Ms. Agnelli (which, means 'lambs' in Italian). Opal rushes her off for the whole spa thing, and Leo makes a beeline for Becca, claiming he's desperate for a makeover. Becca looks at him like she couldn't agree more.

Tad & Dixie's living room
Tad and Dixie are goofing around on the couch and discussing Christmas wish lists, and Tad tells Dixie about his idea for the name of his new show: "Nothing But The Truth." Just then, Rae shows up; seems that she and Tad have plans to ambush Adam. Tad's going to ask Adam to bankroll his new show, and after he gets all riled up over the request, Rae's going to take that chance to ask him some questions about Daniel. Dixie prepares to leave, as well-she's going to visit Palmer in the hospital

The Secret Room
We see Adam prying away at some panel in the secret room, trying to 'get out of this hell-hole." Liza enters and continues to taunt him, letting him know that no one has told Jake yet that Adam is Colby's biological father. Liza then asks Adam what he would do to get out of there. When Adam responds "Anything," she tells him that today might just be his lucky day.

Adam's office
Marian walks into Adam's office and finds Barry, determined to talk to Adam. Barry claims that he needs Adam's input, that without Adam's leadership everything will go bankrupt, and then proceeds to sit himself down behind Adam's desk, proclaiming "I'm not moving until I see Adam Chandler!"

The Secret Room
Adam wants to know the terms of his release. He offers to apologize, to give Liza back the station, anything she wants, but he's clearly shocked when she requests a 50-50 split of all his property. Adam agrees, but Liza continues, stating that she also wants full custody of Colby. Adam claims that he can live that, as well. Then Liza gets to the biggest sacrifice of all-she wants Adam to promise that he'll never reveal that he's Colby's biological father.

Palmer's Hospital Room
Palmer is going on and on about how Leo failed in some business transaction he was supposed to complete, how Leo was supposed to meet some Italian businessman for lunch and he didn't show up and now Palmer stands to lose a two-million-dollar deal. Vanessa tries to make excuses for her son, but Palmer is furious, so Vanessa has to resort to other tactics. Mrs. Cortlandt calmly reminds her husband that he needs Vanessa and Leo's testimony about the shooting, and couldn't he find a way to forgive Leo? Palmer starts looking wounded and comments "So that's how it's going to be from now on-you're going to hold it over my head for the rest of my life." Just at that moment, Dixie enters and wants to know "Hold what over you?" When we return from commercial, Vanessa is sucking up to Dixie big time, trying to be all buddy-buddy, covering up the little threat she just used on Palmer. Palmer helps her cover, although Dixie doesn't seem at all convinced. Vanessa leaves on the premise of going to go look at houses, and after Vanessa's left the room, Dixie announces that she's not buying it-this place reeks of manure, and she wants to know what's wrong.

The Glamorama
Becca informs Leo that she can't help him with his makeover, not because there's no room for improvement, but because she's not a beautician. She tries to get back to work, but Leo follows her, claiming that he knows what turns her off: guys who check themselves out in every mirror or window pane they pass. She agrees, telling him a story about her date to the senior prom, who spent half the evening checking out his mustache in his knife. Leo makes some crack about Pigeon Hollow, and Becca gets *very* offended.

Adam's office
Marian gets even more stressed when Tad and Rae show up, demanding to see Adam, too. She tries valiantly to get them all to leave, but Tad and Rae decide that they, too, want to wait, and make themselves comfortable.

The Secret Room
Adam won't agree to Liza's terms; besides, he claims-other people will divulge the truth, even if he keeps quiet. Liza disagrees, saying that she's talked to both Gillian and David, and neither of them is going to say anything. Adam is furious, claiming that the truth will come out, no matter what, and comes up with the line of the day: "David Hayward has the moral fiber of a canapé!" When Adam says to Liza "You know how much Colby means to me," Liza responds with "I know how much she means to Jake." Adam gets angry, claiming that it's inhumane, and tries once again to use the "But I did it because I love you" excuse. Liza persists, asking him if he accepts the terms. When Adam actually agrees, it's Liza's turn to look shocked.

Adam's office
Barry and Tad are bickering back and forth. Barry doesn't think there's any way that Adam will bankroll Tad's show, Tad retaliates with some insult to Barry, and Rae is forced to step in a smooth things out. Marian, still looking panicked, tries once again to get them to leave, with no success.

The Secret Room
Even after Adam's consent to Liza's terms, she doesn't open the door. When Adam inquires why, Liza responds that she knows that he's just giving her the answers he knows she wants to hear. Adam doesn't even try to deny it, claiming that he'll do anything, say anything, for a chance to win Liza back, and can't she understand that it was all because he loved her. Liza looks at him coldly and informs him that he scares her. Adam claims he wants to make it up to her, that they could be happy like they were before. Liza says she's disappointed in him, and he can be sure that she won't let him out until she's sure that he won't be telling any secrets.

The Glamorama
Becca is still trying to get away from Leo, who's flirting shamelessly with her, and then proceeds to ask her out for Sunday brunch. She tells him she has a prior engagement, but he's welcome to join her. Leo looks eager until he hears what it is-Church-after which he asks for a raincheck, and finally leaves poor Becca to do her work. Of course, Opal has to make a couple of comments about how yummy he is, and counsels Becca that although his status as Vanessa's son warrants caution, he's definitely worthy of a second look.

Millicent's mansion
Ryan and Greenlee re-enter the parlor (or whatever room it was that they were in before); apparently, they were up in the attic, and are now sporting a variety of hideously tacky dress-up clothing, the best of which was Ryan's headpiece made of little gold leaves-it looked like they'd stolen it from some Greek statue or something. They've got some champagne and some fruit on a silver platter. Ryan wants to know if this is what life's like all the time for her, but Greenlee claims that her life wasn't all fun and games. She had to music lessons and riding lessons, attend charity balls and debutante galas. They continue the rich versus poor thing, then they start to make out and I start to gag. The doorbell rings, and Ryan gets this look of faked panic on his face and deadpans "Oooh, what if it's your grandparents? If they catch you with a townie like me, you could lose your trust fund!" When we come back from the commercial, they're still making out and completely ignoring the doorbell. Ryan then catches some movement outside the window, and they go scampering off into another room, just seconds before we see Vanessa and Leo peering snoopily through the window.

Palmer's hospital room
Palmer denies that there's any conspiracy against him, but Dixie continues to be unconvinced, so Palmer changes the subject and starts griping about how he can't wait to get out of the hospital, how with those darn Martins in charge, yadda, yadda, and then throws in a few more digs about the Martin clan. Dixie, changing the subject herself, gives Palmer a get-well-soon card that Junior and Jamie made for him. Palmer looks touched, and tells Dixie that she's make a nice family for herself. Dixie reminds him that he's a part of that family, too, and she keeps hoping that he'll come around about the Martins, 'cause they're really not a bad group of people. Palmer snorts at this and retorts "You're biased, considering you're married to the worst of the lot." Dixie just smiles indulgently.

Adam's office
Rae is pestering Marian to just tell them where Adam is, but Marian continues to insist that she'll contact Adam and have him contact Tad, Rae and Barry. Tad finally agrees to this, on the condition that Marian send Adam over by that afternoon. Marian manages to appease Barry, and he leaves as well. As soon as they've all left, Marian picks up the phone and makes a frantic call to Stuart.

The Secret Room
Adam is arguing that Liza can't make him give up Colby, that she's his flesh and blood. Liza thinks he's destructive, and she's not going to let him near Colby. Adam wants to know how she's going to make him (Adam) keep the secret; what's to stop him from telling? Liza informs of her plan-if Adam reveals Colby's paternity, she goes to the police and tells him what he's done. And considering the amount of evidence they have against him, Adam wouldn't stand a chance. Does he really want to spend the next 20 years in prison?

Millicent's mansion.
Vanessa, finding the patio door unlocked, enters the house, explaining to Leo that she and Millie are pals and that she won't mind Vanessa just sauntering in (completely uninvited, I might add!!). Greenlee and Ryan enter, clad only in terrycloth bathrobes, and Leo and Vanessa look rather embarrassed. Greenlee tries to cover (no pun intended!!), explaining that she and Ryan are going for a swim. When Vanessa points out that it's pretty cold out, Greenlee explains that she and Ryan are part of the Polar Bear Dip Club and are training for the annual polar bear swim. Vanessa leaves, but Leo lags behind to make a few cracks at Greenlee and her pathetic little story that she came up with. After he leaves, Ryan and Greenlee-surprise, surprise-start making out again!!

Palmer's hospital room
Palmer's on the phone again, but this time he's much calmer and he looks quite surprised by whatever he's hearing. He hangs up and explains to Dixie that he's just found out that Leo did not, in fact, blow the deal this morning. He took the Italian businessman's took the Glamorama and totally charmed her and they landed the business deal. Dixie tries to get Palmer to admit he was wrong about Leo, but all Palmer will say is that Vanessa and her son are "quite a force to be reckoned with."

Adam's office
Poor Stuart is being hounded by Marian, but he adamantly refuses to pretend to be Adam ever again. Marian pleads "Just one more time?" but Stuart replies that that's what she always says, and he doesn't believe her anymore. Besides, Stuart really wants to know where Adam is. When Marian refuses to tell him, Stuart walks out of the office just as Liza is coming out of the secret room, and Stuart sees Adam locked inside.

Thursday, December 10, 1999

At home, Janet is searching through the newspaper, looking for a job that will get her some money to give Sophie. Of course, nothing in the paper offers anything that will help her get $50,000 in a hurry. She rummages through the garbage and finds the pieces of Erica's check. Coming down the stairs on his way to work, Trevor teasingly asks her if she's going to tape the pieces together again. Trevor leaves and Brooke arrives to drop Jamie off for a play date with Amanda, which Janet had totally forgotten about. Janet invites Brooke in and has something to ask her, but they are interrupted when Trevor returns to get the cell phone he forgot. Trevor compliments Brooke on how nice she looks, she has a meeting with one of Tempo's major advertisers, so she's all dressed up.

When Trevor leaves, Brooke goes with him, despite Janet's protest that they didn't get to talk yet. "Mirror-Janet" starts planting seeds of doubt in Janet's mind, that she looks like a frumpy house-wife and Trevor's going to lose interest in her. Maybe Trevor's interested in Brooke and Janet will lose him to her, the same way she lost Pierce to Brooke. Janet tries not to believe it, but "mirror-Janet" plays on her fears that she'll lose everything. "Sophie's going after Amanda, Brooke's going after Trevor, and you're walking through it like a Stepford wife on Prozac", "mirror-Janet" warns and tells her to start fighting back to save her family.

Dixie continues to ask Palmer about the shooting, why someone would want to hurt him. Palmer tells her the story about Vanessa's scorned lover trying to get revenge and asks Dixie to try to be nicer to Vanessa and Leo. My loyalties lie with Opal, she reminds him, but promises to do her best. Vanessa and Leo arrive and Palmer is taken for some tests. Dixie comments to Vanessa about how worried she must be about her stalker. I feel much better now that the police are involved, Vanessa replies. Derek, who walks through the door, says he's glad to hear it, he has some more questions to ask her. Dixie leaves and Derek informs Vanessa and Leo that he can't find any record of their "Randolph Fairbrother." Leo thinks quickly and claims that "Randolph" has many aliases, which may be why Derek's having a hard time. Leo and Vanessa invent several possible names and Derek, looking like he doesn't believe them at all, leaves to go check it out. The two of them have a good laugh about the story they invented after he's gone.

Palmer and Vanessa are alone in his hospital room when Derek returns with some news about the case. He contacted both the FBI and Interpol, but they declined to put any resources to investigating the case. That means that since it appears "Randolph" has left Derek's jurisdiction, the case is going nowhere at the moment.

Dixie heads to the Glamorama and gives Opal an update on Palmer's condition. While they're standing there talking, Leo arrives to get a haircut and to try to charm Becca. Becca doesn't fall for it, however, and since all the stylists are booked, Leo eventually leaves. Janet arrives to try to talk to Opal, but Opal's busy and asks her to sit down for a minute. A strange woman with a scarf on her head comes in begging for money. Opal goes to write down the address of the shelter for her, while Janet gives the woman a dollar. The woman takes off her glasses and it's Sophie, warning Janet once again that she'd better get the money or something bad will happen to Amanda.

Stuart is surprised to see Adam locked in the safe room, but is happy that he's OK. He's not so happy when Liza and Marian explain that Adam was going to steal Colby and lock Marian in the safe room. Adam tries to convince Stuart to let him out, but before he has time, Tad and Rae appear and Marian and Stuart quickly leave the safe room to run across the hall to Adam's office. Tad and Rae see them disappearing into the office and wonder what is going on. They enter the office and try to speak to "Adam", but he practically runs out of the room to get away from them. When Marian refuses to explain what is going on, Tad and Rae head off to the nursery in search of Liza. But Liza's still outside the safe room talking to Adam, who tells her that when he gets out of there, they're going to have a talk about their daughter and their future.

Stuart makes his way back to Adam's office after Tad and Rae head to the nursery, and Liza and Marian find him there. Stuart's upset about Adam being locked up in the safe room, he understands why they did it, but feels it isn't right to leave him there. Liza hands Stuart the remote and says she won't prevent Stuart from freeing Adam if that's what he feels he has to do. Marian begs him to wait until Liza gets her divorce from Adam and full custody of Colby. Remote control in hand, Stuart goes over to the safe room to talk to Adam alone.

Adam is happy to see Stuart return, he knew his brother wouldn't let him down. But Stuart isn't ready to let Adam out just yet, Adam has been doing bad things and Stuart wants to talk about them first. Annoyed, Adam implies that Stuart isn't smart enough to keep impersonating him, which hurts Stuart's feelings. I may not be smart about financial things, but I'm smart about people and I care about them, Stuart says, and that's more important. Stuart decides that what Adam needs is more time to think about what he's done and how he treats people. Adam thinks he's more important than everyone else and what he has to learn is that he's just like everyone else. Stuart leaves Adam locked in to give it some thought.

When he returns to Adam's office, Tad and Rae are back from the nursery and asking Liza and Marian where Adam is. Stuart, determined to prove he can imitate Adam, give a pretty good impression of him, asking Tad, "what in blazes do you want?." Liza tries to get them to leave, but "Adam" tells Liza it's OK and she and Marian can leave. When they are alone, Tad and Rae gave their pitch for Tad's new show "Nothing But the Truth." To their surprise, "Adam" not only likes the idea, he sits down and writes them a check for 5 million dollars. Rae tries to ask "Adam" about Daniel, but Tad pulls her out of there before "Adam" can change his mind about the check.

Tad and Rae meet Dixie at the Glamorama and tell her about the 5 million dollar check that Adam gave them. Janet, who's leaving after not getting a chance to talk to Opal, stops and listens to their conversation. Dixie's shocked that Adam would do anything to help Tad, but Tad thinks he's figured out what's going on. It's Stuart impersonating Adam, he tells her. Tad doesn't know where Adam is and really doesn't give a damn, "but until he gets back, I've got some big plans for Stuart."



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