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Monday, December 6, 1999

Kevin and Victor are going to find Eve. Kevin thinks he shouldn't have let Eve go by herself. He worries that Gordon is home and Eve is in trouble. Meanwhile, back at the Gordon place, Eve is in trouble. Gordon tells her she was stupid to think she could outsmart Gordon. Eve says Patty will back soon - Gordon told her that Patty will be visiting her Mom afterwards. Eve eyes the recorder in her purse and gets Gordon to tell her about taking the bribe to frame Scott. Gordon smirks that it was easy because he was so trustworthy. He told her he got a nice chunk of change for it. He won't tell who paid him, but does say that it won't matter, because

she won't be saying anything. He pulls out a switchblade and pops the knife open. He told her that he won't kill her there too messy. She knees him and tries to escape - he chases her, but she manages to stay away long enough for Kevin and Victor to burst in. Kevin subdues Gordon and told Eve that the police are on the way. Kevin and Eve kiss while Victor ties up Gordon. Taggart arrives and Eve plays the tape of Gordon's confession. Taggart listens and checks the briefcase of money. Kevin gives him the bullet from Gordon's desk. Taggart told them everything will have to be checked down at the station, but it looks like Scott is off the hook. He and Victor leave, Eve and Kevin jokingly argue over who's detective work was more important. They get serious and agree they make a good couple - detective and otherwise.

At GH, Lucy is nervously waiting. Rachel comes in and acts nice, asking if she's there about the girls. Lucy says no and Rachel asks about Scott and guesses he's there seeing DV. Lucy told her that her shrink intuition borders on nosy and irritating. Rachel claims to be concerned for them because she knows they are going through a lot. Rachel thinks Julie and Lucy have a lot in common - Cooper brainwashing Julie and DV taking advantage of Lucy's amnesia. Lucy points out the difference. Rachel points out that in each case an innocent woman was directed by an evil man. Lucy concedes the point, but still disagrees that the cases are the same. Rachel just wants Lucy to think about it. Later, Lucy does just that. She looks at a newspaper article about Julie and flashes back to her talk with Julie. In the flashback, Lucy remembers Julie reminding her about helping Lucy "get" Eve for the murders and evil and good links to others minds. She finds Rachel and asks if Julie can still have visitors. Rachel offers to set up a visit, Lucy says she can handle it herself. Rachel walks off looking smug. Scott asks DV what he wants, DV says he has something to tell him (see Friday update for the phrase that immediately pops to mind!) DV says "I won". Scott is disgusted that DV's final minutes are of revenge. Scott told DV That his (DV's) life was a waste. DV claims it wasn't because he met Meg, Scott wishes he hadn't. They profess mutual hatred of each other. DV told Scott that he had to serve a life sentence - without the woman he loved - now Scott will have to serve one. DV told Scott he's paying for being his father's son. Scott agrees, and shocks DV by telling him that Bentley isn't his father - DV is! DV told him that it's impossible. Scott tells DV he'd rather rot in hell that be DV's son, but the DNA tests were run twice. DV says Meg would have told him - Scott says she was probably embarrassed by having slept with him. Scott told DV that he may have given Scott life, but he's not Scott's father. DV is nothing to him, and Scott walks out. Outside in the hall, Lucy realizes Scott told DV and hugs him. Eve, Kevin, and Taggart come in and give them the good news. On his way out, Taggart meets Rachel and gives her the news also. She went over and congratulates Scott with a fake smile, then sits down, looking a little unhappy. Scott and Lucy thank Kevin and Eve for helping, then hug again. Scott told Lucy quietly "You and I both know this is far from over."

Tuesday, December 7, 1999

Outside the courtroom before Julie's trial, Chris approaches Julie and is told "no touching." She says she hopes it's not always this way and Rachel told her it won't be. Courtney and Frank, on their way into the courtroom are stopped by Julie. Julie apologises to Courtney for having to testify and relive such a bad memory as John's death. Courtney blasts her telling her she should be in a much more secure place than Ferncliff. Julie also explains that she only tied Courtney up because she thought Frank had her money and that she hopes that some day Courtney can forgive her. Courtney told her that, while she might be able to forgive what Julie did to her, she can never forgive what was done to Neil; he still has nightmares. She told Julie she will do whatever she can to see Julie pays.

At the Firehouse, Serena's birthday party is getting going. Lucy, carrying Christina, compliments everyone on how partyish the place looks. Eve and Kevin arrive and greet Serena. They and Scott and Lucy talk about how things *should* be getting back to normal for all of them. Scott and Lucy than them for all of their help and Lucy told them it's the best gift Serena could have gotten having Scott cleared. Scott tells them that DV is his biological father. They are stunned and Kevin asks if Scott is sure. Yup, he's sure; 2 blood tests proved it. They agree not to talk about it during Serena's party. Joe, Karen and Neil arrive. Eve and Kevin, off alone, talk about how shocking the news is. Eve says she hid her pregnancy from DV because she was terrified of him; Meg must have felt the same way. She says that even if DV died tomorrow, she and Scott will always be tied to him. Joe and Karen and Scott and Lucy are chatting at the doorway and Karen told them that Courtney's baby is a match for Neil. Joe says that he will love the baby just like he loves Neil. Joe went to see Neil and Scott asks Karen if she's okay with all this (again). Karen says she hopes Joe will want more children because she'd really like to have some. Lucy and Scott rehash the DV situation while Karen went to see Christina. Joe went to Karen, holding the baby, and says it's good practice for when they have kids. She says she's looking forward to that!

At the courthouse, Dara calls Courtney and Frank over to coach them on testifying. Courtney is determined that Julie go to prison for what she did. Dara suggests they wait in the hall until she calls them. Julie, talking to Chris and Rachel, bemoans the fact that her fate is in the hands of the people testifying. She worries about Courtney especially but Chris says he will take care of Courtney. Court is called to order and Chris slips out. Dara starts her opening (nope, I'm not typing the whole thing - we know the story :) ).

Back at the firehouse, a game of pin the tail on the donkey is in full swing. Scott went to get the cake but Gail stops him to talk and let him know she and Lee love him. Lucy asks Eve to hold the baby wile she plays and Eve is delighted. Kevin beams at her holding the baby and she tells him she used to think she didn't deserve to be a mom but maybe she was wrong. Kevin says she was! They segue into talking about the trial and Cooper and Julie. Kevin feels Rachel has more up her sleeve than just Cooper.

At the courthouse, the defense is opening. Out in the hall, Chris is talking with Frank and Courtney. He threatens to expose her children's paternity if she testifies against Julie. He told her she's creative; soften the truth in Julie's favor. Frank is appalled but Courtney folds.

Back at the party, Serena blows out her candles and everyone cheers. Eve and Kevin leave to check out the trial and Lucy tries to tell Scott his family loves him - again (doesn't he GET it already?). The doorbell rings and it's Taggart with the news that DV has retracted his claim that Scott shot him - Scott is officially off the hook.

Back at Julie's trial, Courtney is on the stand. Her testimony is very much changed - in Julie's favor. She now says Julie was trying to help John when she found them. She has folded.

Wednesday, December 8, 1999

Kevin and Eve decided to pay a visit to Greg Cooper in a last ditch effort to prove that Rachel coerced him into proclaiming Julie's innocence. Cooper wouldn't cooperate, but later phoned Kevin and Eve and warned them about Rachel. Frank got angry when he realized that Courtney lied on the witness stand in order to hide the truth about Neil from Joe. Later, Frank vowed that he would tell the truth when it was his turn to take the stand in Julie's trial. Rachel was intrigued by the sudden change in Courtney's testimony and asked Chris what he had on her. Julie was thrilled when she found a love letter from Chris under her pillow.

Thursday, December 9, 1999

Julie and Chris continued to worry about what Frank would say when he took the witness stand. Courtney cautioned Frank not to antagonize Chris, but Frank remained firm in his resolve to tell the truth. While on the stand, Frank admitted that Julie lied to him about her whereabouts on the nights of the murders. The impact of Frank's confession was lessened when the defense forced him to admit that he had been addicted to DL-56 during the times in question. Rachel learned that Nicole Devlin had arrived in Port Charles and wanted to see her. Scott was disappointed when Lee decided that the time was not right for them to start a law practice together. Scott later got a call from Kevin who asked him to investigate Rachel to find out why she was so intent on getting Julie released.

Friday, December 10, 1999

Karen and Joe return home in a snowstorm carrying in a package from the Kanelos. They had been Christmas shopping and joke about women and shopping and men and sports and kiss a lot. (I'm only able to watch because I watched the whole show first and later scenes make up for it.) They wrap presents and discuss wrapping and shopping styles. They open the Kanelos box and find an envelope with photos and letters along with gifts. The envelope is wet, so they decide to take the letters and photos out to dry. Joe gets paged to the hospital and leaves. Karen opens the envelope to find pics of Frank and Courtney labeled with the year of Neil's conception and "Venice". (In one picture they are kissing.) She is surprised that they were together in Venice and puts two and two together. At first she muses that even Courtney wouldn't‚---then decides she would and heads out.

Frank comes home to find Courtney there - he is not happy. They argue about the situation and each think the other should apologize. Frank told her to take the hallway stairs to hell. She finally admits that the reason she doesn't want to tell is that she doesn't want Neil to have to live with people talking about what a slut his mother is - having sex with two brothers during the same time frame. (In an earlier scene, Frank watches the snow and tells her that these types of nights were always the worst when he was a paramedic - lots of accidents.) Frank still wants to tell the world about his fatherhood. Courtney says he knows it's not the best thing to do - otherwise he would have done it. He told her that he was giving her the chance to do it. But now he's going to take action and tell Joe. He leaves and she rushes after him.

Scott is looking through Christmas lights, picking out the orange bulbs. He explains to Christina he's going with orange - his and Frank Sinatra's favorite color. Lucy, Charlene and Serena come home from shopping. Scott explains that he's decorating the outside. Lucy and Serena mention that it's very early for them to be doing that - Scott says it was always Lee's way and explains the orange idea. Lucy mentions that Christina's adoption is almost final. This reminds Charlene about a surprise - a christening blanket. Lucy is not happy that Charlene is making the plans. Scott claims surprise about a Coe being impulsive. Charlene asks if they aren't going to have a christening. Scott was planning a dunking like a glazed donut in the river - Lucy was planning on a naming ceremony. Charlene thinks an official church ceremony is also needed, just like all the Coes have had. Later, Scott comes in from hanging the orange lights (Lucy points out that it'll look like Halloween) and they discuss Godparents. Lucy thought Lee and Gail, Scott was thinking Karen. Lucy agrees to Joe and Karen but worries about Lee and Gail being hurt. Scott points out that they have already had the child-raising thing and are close to retirement. Lucy asks about Baldwin and Baldwin. Scott told her that Lee thought he just wanted to go into business together because of the DV shocker. Later, Lucy is napping and dreaming of Christina's christening. She turns to hand the baby to the Godmother - it's Julie!! Lucy awakes with a start.

At the hospital, Frank told Joe he has something concerning Neil and it's time he heard it. In her car, Karen thinks over Frank and Courtney's behavior, including Courtney hugging Frank and saying "we did it!" after finding out the baby was a match. Meanwhile, Courtney is in her car - she calls Joe and since he's not at home, decides he's at the hospital and speeds up. Karen starts to make a call, suddenly her eyes widen as a light shines in the window. A light shines into Courtney's car too - she screams and yanks the wheel to the side!!

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