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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of December 6, 1999 on ATWT
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Monday, December 6, 1999

Cass and Margo are at Margo's house and Cass tells her that Tom told him about she and Alec Wallace sleeping together. He tells her that it will stay between the three of them and he advises her to say nothing to anyone about it. Tom is listening at the door and he walks in and says good morning. Margo right away tells him that he is not going to be in the courtroom today. Cass tells her that he needs him because Tom knows all the players. Margo is insistent, she doesn't want Tom there. Tom wants to know why she would sabotage her own case. She says that he is the reason, she doesn't want him hurt anymore than he has been. She says that he shouldn't have to sit and listen again as to how she betrayed him with Alec Wallace. Tom gets a little huffy and takes out his notes and gives them to Cass. Cass tries to talk him out of not going. Tom says that he knows Margo and she will not change her mind. He picks up his briefcase and walks out the door, but he stands outside the door and listens to Margo. She tells Cass that Tom has been through enough and she is putting her family through a lot and she wants to protect them as much as she can.

Hal is getting ready to leave for the courthouse. He tells Barbara how guilty he feels about arresting Margo and putting her in this position. Barbara tells him that he was just doing his job. Adam walks in and Hal says that he should just act like this is a normal day and go to school and stick his nose in the books. Adam just shakes his head in agreement. Hal leaves and Barbara picks up where Hal left off, she says that his father had good advice. He should just go to school and act like it is a normal day. Adam yells at her and says that he is not going to go to school today. He tells her that the only thing at school is all the kids that will make fun of him and call his mother names. Barbara says that in that case, they will go together and sit together and keep each other company. But, she warns him about what he will hear today in the courtroom and it will be worst than what the kids at school would say.

At the courthouse, Bob and Kim walk in and Lisa joins them. Lisa asks what side they will be sitting on. Before they can answer, Jessica walks up and says that she is glad they are there early. She can answer any questions they may have. Margo comes walking in with Cass and the photo journalist go crazy. Margo and Cass walk away from them and over to Bob, Kim, Lisa and Jessica. Margo tells them that she is glad that they are there to support her. Lisa informs her that they are there to testify for the prosecution. Margo just says, "Oh" and she and Cass walk into the courtroom. John comes in and tells Margo that he got another doctor to take his patients for today so he could be with her. Emily comes in and sits at the back of the courtroom. The judge comes in and calls the court to order. He says good morning to everyone and welcomes Cass to his court. He says that the pleasantries are over and that Jessica can begin. Jessica stands in front of the jury and starts her opening statement. She tells them that Alec Wallace was an unsavory character and should have been the one in court today. She says that Mr. Wallace couldn't be there today to defend himself because of what Margo Hughes did to him. Tom enters the courtroom and sits down behind Margo and puts his hands on her shoulders. Jessica goes on to say that she will prove this was a crime of passion. Margo Hughes was betrayed by her husband and dumped by her boyfriend, Alec Wallace. Jessica is holding a pointer and as she is talking, she taps the desk in front of Margo. Margo gets a look on her face. After Jessica finishes with her statement, the judge says that the court is adjourned for an hour lunch. Everyone files out of the courtroom and Margo tells Tom that she needs to get some air. She leaves and goes into the ladies room. Jessica comes in to wash her hands. They have a little dialog about how Jessica feels awful because she has been put on the spot of prosecuting one of her longest friends. Margo doesn't believe that she is not enjoying this. She says to Jessica that this is a big trial for her first time out as the new prosecutor. Jessica tells her that she wishes that Margo had not put herself in this position and she leaves. After she is gone, Margo says that she wishes that she hadn't either.

Tom is standing in the courtroom and Emily comes up to him and tells him that the truth is going to come out. Then she reiterates and says that the truth must come out. Tom asks her if she has work that she should be doing? She says that she was just about to go back to the office and he should come by and see his son. Emily leaves and Margo walks in. Margo tells Tom about the tapping that Jessica was making with the pointer and it sounded familiar. She wonders if it has something to do with the night that Alec was murdered? Tom tells her that they will get to the bottom of this and they will find Alec's killer.

Abigail is at WOAK with Holden. She tells him that she needs to go take her entrance exam at Oakdale Latin. He says that she doesn't have to go right away and she asks if she can use the phone before she leaves, there is someone that she needs to say hello to. Holden shows her where there are two phones. She picks the one furthest away from where everyone is standing. She goes to the phone and calls Chris. Now, Molly is at Chris's apartment and she is asking him about his love life. He is playing dumb. She says that they can just get together and enjoy one another with no strings attached. The phone rings and it is Abigail. He asks if he can call her back and she says that she will call him back in about five minutes. He hangs up the phone and Molly wants to know if that was the new girl. Chris acts like he doesn't know what she is talking about and reminds her that she has a job that she is late for. After Molly is gone, he looks at the phone like he is willing it to ring. Abigail calls him back and they make plans to meet in "their favorite place." As Abigail is talking to Chris, Molly walks up behind her and realizes that she is talking to a boy. When Abigail hangs up, Molly tells her that if she was talking to a boy from Smithfield that her mother and father would not approve. She insinuates that Molly is being a freaked out mother. She tells her that she was cool before. Molly tries to explain that if she is caught doing something wrong, she will have to leave Oakdale. Abigail gathers up her stuff and leaves. Molly tells Holden that she caught Abigail talking to a boy on the phone. Holden tries to settle her down and says that Abigail is a smart girl and she will do the right thing. Molly reminds Holden about the two of them when they were Abigail's age. Holden realizes that Molly is feeling left out of their daughter's life. Holden says that he could arrange a slumber party for the two of them. Molly loves this idea. She starts making plans about going to the video store and buying the latest CD's. Holden says that he doesn't know much about that and Molly says that she has just the neighbor that can help her.

Abigail and Chris meet in the park. When Chris sees her, he gets a big smile on his face and they run to each other and hug. They look into each other's eyes. Abigail walks away from him and says that she hopes he wasn't waiting long. Chris says that he wasn't, but he is ready to go do something. He takes Abigail hand and says that they should go to Al's. She says that she can't, too many people. He suggests that they go to his place. He says that he can't guarantee that it will be clean, but it will be warm. He starts to walk away, but Abigail isn't moving. She explains to Chris that she has never been at a boy's house without his parents being there. He says that they will just drink some hot chocolate and talk and get to know each other better. She says that boys are off limits or she is on the first plane to Saudi Arabia. She tells him that he probably won't want to see her anymore. He asks her if she thinks he is some kind of a jerk or something? She says that she will find a way to see him and then she asks if he will wait? He says, "For you, I can be patient." She says that she has to go, but she will be calling him. As she walks away, Chris has a smile on his face.

Tuesday, December 7, 1999

In the courtroom, Jessica walks over to Cass with Margo sitting there and says that she is calling another one of the officers that Margo had worked with. Margo walks off in a huff and Jessica walks up behind her and says that it isn't personal. Margo says that she wishes that she could turn it off and on like Jessica but she just can't. Tom comes over and take Margo away from Jessica. He tells her that she can't be talking to Jessica like that. Margo turns to Cass and Tom and says that she wants to be finished with this whole mess, she wants to change her plea to guilty. Cass tells her that they have been down this road before. Eddie walks into the room and Margo starts to go over to him. Cass stops her and says that she cannot be seen talking to a witness for the prosecution. Margo pulls away from Cass and goes to Eddie anyway. When she gets to him, she asks him how he is doing? He doesn't speak to her and gets up and walks out of the courtroom. As he is pulling Georgia behind him, Georgia whispers to Margo that she is sorry. Eddie goes out in the hall and starts to rant and rave about Margo asking him how he is doing when his father has been killed. Margo comes out to the hallway where Eddie and Georgia are standing. She tries to talk to Eddie but he tells her to go away. Hal comes up and tells Margo that she knows better than to be talking to a witness. Eddie tells Jessica that he will not take the witness stand. She tells him that he has no choice, he has been subpoenaed and he has to testify. Someone announces that court is reconvening and everyone files into the courtroom. Cass starts his opening statement. He talks about Alec Wallace being under suspicion of being a gangster. He holds up the picture of all his business partners and tells the jury that everyone in the picture is dead. He then moves on to how Alec Wallace was a dead beat dad and never took care of his child. He says that Eddie Silva only found out the day before Alec was killed that Alec was his father. He eludes to the fact that Eddie could have been the killer. Eddie goes ballistic. He jumps up and starts yelling at Cass that he doesn't know what he is talking about. He goes over to Margo and Tom stand up in front of her to protect her. Eddie starts yelling that Margo killed his father twice. The security guards come in and drag Eddie out into the hall. The judge tells the jury to disregard that outburst and that the court will be in recess for the rest of the day. After everyone is gone, Cass and Tom and Margo are left in the courtroom. Jake walks in and Tom thanks him for finding out what kind of drug Margo had been given. Margo adds that she is glad that he found out that this drug gives a person amnesia. Jake tells her to hang in there, the amnesia will wear off and she will remember. Margo wonders if she will remember in time. Eddie walks back in the courtroom and up to Margo. He tells her that he has been all broken up thinking that someone that he cared for killed his father, but after this, he is going to have no problem hating her. He and Georgia walk out of the courtroom. Margo is in tears and Tom puts his arms around her to comfort her. Cass and Jake leave and Tom and Margo sit down together. Emily walks in the courtroom but Tom does not see her. Tom tells Margo that they have been no good being apart from each other, but together they will beat this and then they will go on together as husband and wife. Emily gets all upset and walks out of the courtroom and around the corner she breaks down and cries.

Henry walks up to Katie and gives her a video tape and Katie says that she will take care of it. Then he announces that he is going to go to the courthouse and watch that Hughes woman get hers. Holden hears him and he reminds Henry that that Hughes woman is Katie's sister. Henry says that he knows that and if Katie is going to be in this business, she has to have thick skin. Henry leaves and Holden apologizes for him. Katie looks at Holden as if she adores him. Ben walks up to Holden and they are talking. Denise walks in with Hope. Holden explains to Ben that Denise is his new assistant. Holden walks away and Denise apologizes to Ben for not telling him before. Ben says that she has her own life and she has proven that she does not need him. Ben walks off and Katie walks up to Denise and says, "That's typical. You tell a guy something he doesn't want to hear and...." Denise finishes the sentence, "He bails." Andy walks in and sees Denise with Hope. He walks up to Denise and startles her. He asks if this is in her job description, pointing at Hope. Denise tells Andy that Hope is her child. She tells him all about her life before and now all she wants to do is make a good life for she and Hope. Andy says that he doesn't know how to ask this but....Denise evades the question and soon Andy leaves. She dodged the bullet and she tells Hope that she is glad that Andy didn't ask who her father is.

Later, Denise walks in with a big bouquet of flowers and she tells Katie that they are for Molly. Katie looks at the envelope and shows Denise that Denise's name in on the card. She opens up the envelope and the flowers are from Ben. The card says that he should have said it earlier, but he is proud of her. She asks Holden if she can leave for a little bit. She goes over to Ben's house with the flowers in hand. When he opens the door, she says that she had to come and thank him in person. He tells her that the flowers aren't near as beautiful as seeing her at his door.

Cal walks into Lily's house and she is dressed in overalls and has a bandanna on her head. Lily is doing some redecorating. Cal asks if she has seen his grand daughter? She giggles and asks him what he is talking about? He tells her a story about some pigs in a pen and she doesn't know what he is getting at. He tells her that the pigs were bored and he thinks that she is bored also. She tells him that after the year that she and Holden have had, this is the life that she wants. Cal doesn't believe and he goes up to see his great-grand daughter before she goes down for her nap. Lily walks over to the wall that she had been painting and looks at it. She goes to the phone and calls Holden. She tells him that she is missing him and wonders if they can go out for a romantic dinner? He thinks this sounds like a good idea. He says that he will make the reservations. When he hangs up, Katie offers to make the reservations for him. She tells him that she wants to do something for him because he has been so nice to her through all this mess with Margo.

Lily goes over to her mother's house and tells Lucinda that she and Holden are going out for a romantic dinner together. She says that this is a special evening and asks if she could get one of Lucinda's special gardenias to wear in her hair? As Lucinda is going out to get the flower, Lily's cell phone rings and it is Holden calling to tell her something has come up at the station and he will have to cancel their evening together. Lily says that this is OK and she will have dinner with her mother. Lucinda starts in on her about Holden putting the station before his family. Lily defends Holden and tells her to mind her own business.

At the station, Katie and Henry are working on the audio that Henry got of Eddie blowing up in the courtroom. Holden is there standing behind Katie. Henry makes Katie play it over and over again. Holden tells Henry to lay off and Henry says that they need to get the audio right. Katie tells Holden that it is OK, this is her job. Holden puts his hand on her shoulder and she gets a little smile on her face.

Wednesday, December 8, 1999

Worried about trying to make up for lost time, Molly tells Kate she's decided to have a mother-daughter slumber party at her apartment with Abigail. Chris is impatient when Abigail says they must wait before allowing themselves to be seen in public together. As the trial gets under way, Tom soothes Margo by saying that Jessica must prove she was in love with Alec in order to make her case.

On the stand, Hal is forced to admit he believed Margo was falling in love with Alec, and that all the evidence they had pointed to her. Under cross-examination, Hal admits to Cass that Margo never confirmed she was in love, and that if Alec slipped "roofies" into her drink as she claims, they wouldn't be detectable by blood test.

Katie gets Molly's attention when she says that Chris is mooning over a lost girlfriend, remembering seeing parts of a love letter he wrote on napkins at Al's diner. When Abigail refuses to give him her phone number, Chris determines to get permission from her guardians.

Lisa, Barbara, Bob and John all have to testify and make the case against Margo look even more damning. Then the hotel maid gets on the stand and identifies Margo as the woman she let into Alec's hotel room.

During a break, Emily sees Jessica entering the ladies' room and persuades Lisa to go inside with her, where she then implores Lisa not to testify about the love letter Margo wrote to Alec. When an exasperated Lisa promises not to say a word, Emily smiles at her success. Jessica then emerges from a stall and calls for a search warrant.

Adam comforts an upset Casey when Hal arrives with a police officer in tow and hands them a search warrant. Molly tells Katie she's decided to write a column about Chris and asks her for some quotes from the letter. Abigail finally relents and agrees to let Chris meet her parents, but begs for time to prepare them first.

Tom arrives home in response to Adam's summons. Upon learning they are searching for a letter, Tom finds it where he hid it and tries to burn it. Hal advises him to stop because besides earning him jail time, it also makes Margo's case look worse. Tom reluctantly hands over the letter.

Waiting to see her parents, Abigail asks Katie for some theoretical advice--would she stay with someone after finding out they'd lied to her about their name and their past? She's disheartened when Katie says flatly she'd dump him.

Molly lets herself into Chris's apartment and finds the love letter hidden in the pages of an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel. Noting that Oakdale is a small town where secrets don't exist for long, Katie advises Abigail to come clean with her guy before someone else tells him first.

Molly is stunned after reading the letter and heads for Chris's bedroom, peeling off her clothes as she goes. Under cross-examination, Cass gets Eddie to admit he told Tom that Margo would never love Alec the way she was in love with her husband.

When Hal brings Jessica the letter in an evidence bag, she promptly calls Emily to the stand. Chris arrives home to hear running water and goes into the bathroom to investigate. Molly surprises him in the shower and pulls him in clothes and all. Meanwhile, Abigail leaves a message on his machine revealing that she hasn't been completely honest with him and would like a chance to start over.

Cass protests springing Emily as a surprise witness, but to no avail--Emily takes the stand and swears to tell the truth "if I must." Margo relates the contents of the letter to Cass, who mutters, "we're in trouble now."

Thursday, December 9, 1999

Molly and Chris are in the shower. Molly keeps reminding Chris about how good they were together. Chris reminds Molly that they agreed that they were over. Molly tells him that they said that numerous times, and still found ways to be together. Chris gets fed up and tells Molly to get out. Abigail and Lily are looking at fabric samples. Lily asks for Abby's opinion. Abby likes the simple on best, and Lily comments that she is just like Holden. Abby asks Lily how she and Holden met. Lily relays about her "high society upbringing" and how her and Holden faced all odds, including her mother, to be together. Abby asks her how she handled all that. Lily tells her that she tried to be good, but found ways to see Holden. Abby begins to say that it is just like her and Chris..but stalls. Lily questions what she is talking about.

Carly shows up at Hal and Barbara's, and is greeted by Jennifer. Jennifer tells Carly that Parker is asleep, but Carly says that she is there on business. Carly has the dress with her that she wants Jennifer to model at her fashion show. Jen excitedly asks to try it on. Carly tells her to be prepared, that Barbara and her have different ideas about Jennifer's "look." Jessica asks Emily on the witness stand if she has ever seen the "letter" before. Emily pauses, but is prompted to go on by Jessica. She tells the court that she found the letter in Margo's jail cell, after Margo had left with Hal. She claims that she took it to give it back to Margo. Jessica asks Emily to read the letter to the court. Cass objects saying that Emily is the defendant's former lover and the reading would turn the court proceedings into a circus. The judge overrules the objection, and warns Cass on to judge the proceedings. Emily pretends that she does not want to read the letter, but the judge forces her to do so. Emily reads the letter..putting the proper emphasis on the passionate parts. The people in the gallery start chattering, and shake their heads in disgust. The judge demands quiet. Emily finishes reading the letter, and Jess says that she has no more questions. Cass replies that he certainly does, but the judge wants a 15-minute recess. Emily leaves the stand and goes straight to Tom. Tom is upset, and tells her that he cannot speak to her while she is still under oath. Lisa is embarrassed for Tom, but Bob tells her to let Tom handle the news in his own way. Barbara decides that she can do more good at home, and bids adieu to Hal. Tom explains to Cass and Margo how the letter came into the DA's hands. Cass wonders who tipped off the DA about the letter, and Margo is sure that it was Emily. Cass tells her that the revelation about the letter was a big bombshell, and their only hope is to destroy Emily's credibility on the stand. Margo scoffs that it is a good thing that they have plenty of ammunition as Tom shakes his head.

Henry and Katie are at WOAK discussing the potential "dirt" that Katie may have on Molly. Henry accuses Katie of wanting Molly's anchor job, but Katie denies it. Henry tells her that in order to get to the top, she has to take some risks. Katie says that she would rather keep her hands clean. Henry claims that even though Kim hates Molly, that it will take more than that to get rid of her. Katie reminds him that she is not out to undermine Molly. Kim enters the station with Casey, and his camera, in tow. Kim asks Katie to let Casey tag along with her so that she can return to the trial proceedings. Katie secretly rolls her eyes, but agrees. Henry throws Katie's "babysitting" duties in her face, and reminds her that if she has any dirt on the situation at hand, she better be prepared to use it. Casey wants to see the control room, but Katie tells him that they have to deliver the current show ratings to Molly first.

Molly apologizes to Chris for barging into his place. Chris wonders what the hell she was thinking, and Molly admits to poor judgment. Chris reminds her that they had a sex. Molly tells Chris that she knows all about the notes, but Chris denies writing anything. Molly shows him the love letter on the napkins, and says that if she is not the one "whose smile gets him through the day" ..then who is?

Abigail backs out of her admission to Lily, and claims she was just remembering a book that she had once read. She asks Lily about whether or not her mother tried to keep her and Holden apart, and if she ever had to sneak out to be with him. Lily tells her "once in awhile", and Abby thinks that it is totally romantic. Lily tells Abby that she used to really resent her mother, but now that she is a mother too, she understands how it could have been hard for Lucinda. Lily says that she, in retrospect, wishes she had spent more time getting her family on her side, and that it would have saved a lot of people heartache.

Jennifer enters the kitchen wearing Carly's dress. Carly tells her that she looks fabulous. Jen admits that she is nervous about modeling in front of a lot of rich people, but Carly tells her to treat it as "fun..with attitude."

Carly turns on some music, and Jennifer pretends to sashay down the runway. Just then, Barbara enters, and wants to know what the hell is going on. Jen tells Barbara that the dress is one of Carly's designs, and Barbara is shocked that Carly is back in business. When Jen tells Barbara that she wants to model for Carly, Barbara is livid. Carly tells her that it was not supposed to be a sneak attack, and that she was sure that Jennifer would have told her about it by now. Jen says that she was waiting for the right moment that never came. Jen tells her mom that Carly's idea for a holiday benefit show is a great idea. Barbara agrees, because "the idea was hers." Chris tells Molly that he can't believe that she went through his stuff. Molly begins to lie, but 'fesses up that she heard about the notes from Katie, and came to his apartment looking for them. Molly says that if Chris feels that passionate about her that they should find some way to be together. Just then, Katie shows up at Oakdale Courts with Casey to deliver the ratings to Molly. Katie can't believe that she is not home, but then has a brainstorm to where she might be...

The judge reminds Emily that she is still under oath. Cass questions Emily to her motives for taking the letter. He asks her if she was a "mind reader" to know that Margo was actually going to give the letter to Alec. He implies that maybe Margo's motive was to throw Alec off the track by claiming that she loved him. He begins to question her about her recent past, but Jessica objects. The judge gives Cass some leeway. He asks Emily about the time she falsely accused Eddie Silva of mugging her, and wonders aloud if the only reason that she took the letter was to make Tom think that Alec and Margo were having an affair. The courtroom buzzes, and Jessica vehemently objects. Cass withdraws the question, and ends his questioning. On redirect, Jessica asks Emily why she told Tom about the letter. She implies that Emily may have wanted Tom to know about it because of its ramifications towards Margo's guilt. Cass objects, and Jessica withdraws. Chris admits to Molly that the notes were not about her. Molly is shocked. Outside Chris's door, Katie peers in the window and sees them in their skivvies. She says aloud "so much for the breakup." She recalls what Henry told her about having to use some dirt to get ahead. She wonders if she could? Katie asks to borrow Casey's camera. Casey leaves to go get warm in the car, and Katie sneaks around the back of Chris's apartment. Back in the apartment, Molly tries to get Chris to admit his real feelings. As they get close, Katie snaps their picture.

Emily tells Tom that she had to tell the truth on the stand. Margo gets her digs in by telling Emily that she has never lied or manipulated any situation for her own good. Tom wonders how the DA found out about the letter, since the only people who knew were he, Margo, and Emily. Emily admits that she told Lisa about the letter.

Jennifer thanks Carly for letting her try on the dress. Barbara says that the idea for the Holiday show was hers, and Carly is stealing it. Carly tells her that she has the designs all done, and the models lined up already. Barbara accuses Carly of trying to sabotage her by using her own daughter in her show. Carly tells her that she has worked her butt off to get this far. Barbara says that she knows what Carly is up to, and that she better enjoy it while it lasts. Barbara reminds her about what this town thinks of her, but Carly is confident that she will succeed. Carly leaves, and Jen wonders just how mad her mom is at her. Barbara flatly refuses to let Jen model in Carly's show.

Molly and Chris dress, while Katie tries to snap more incriminating photos. Molly wants Chris to admit that the letter was about her, but Chris tells Molly it was meant for someone else who is younger than her. Molly is hot, and lashes out to Chris that she must be "one hot ticket." Chris retorts that every relationship is not about sex, but that she would not know anything about that, and orders her out. Molly tells Chris that she should not have wasted so much time on such a little boy. As she prepares to leave, she sees Kim heading for the apartment. She asks Chris how they should handle this one.

Tom asks Jessica on the QT how she found out about the letter. Jessica admits that she overheard Lisa and Emily discussing it in the bathroom. Tom reports back to Emily and Lisa, and tells them that their little conference just scored big points for the prosecution.

Margo confronts Jessica and asks her if "she is having fun yet." Margo is livid that Jessica would call all of her friends and family to slander her on the stand. However, what she is really upset about is that Jess allowed cops to invade her home while her boys were there. Jess said that she had no idea that they would be home, but Margo implies that Jessica ruined the one place for her boys that they felt safe. Jessica feels awful.

Lily tells Abigail that her and Holden getting together was based on truth and honesty, and that you just know when something is right. She tells Abby that when something is that true that you have to keep fighting for it. Lily hugs Abigail and welcomes her to the family.

Molly leaves Chris's apartment in a huff, and tells Kim that she was just there for a neighborly visit. Kim sees Katie, and tells her that "one day Molly will give her a good reason to fire her." Katie smirks knowingly. Jennifer and Barbara argue about Jen's modeling. Jen thinks it will be a great opportunity for her, but Barbara tells her that she DOES NOT want her in the business. Jen retorts that the whole problem is Carly, and that her mother is taking her feelings out on her. Barbara reaffirms that she does not want Jen modeling, but Jen says that she is going to do it whether Barbara likes it or not.

Kim tells Katie that one-day Molly will do something that reflects badly on the station. Katie's face reflects that she knows something. As Kim questions her, Chris comes outside to greet his mom. Katie leaves quickly. Molly tries to convince herself that she does not care about Chris. There is a knock at her door, and she runs to it thinking that it may be Chris. It is Katie with the ratings folder. Molly quickly dismisses her, disappointed. Casey returns, wondering what is taking Katie so long. Katie tells him that she has used up all of his film, and offers to get the pictures developed for him.

Chris quickly cleans up the place, and offers his mom a soda. While he is in the kitchen, the phone rings. It starts to record a message from Abigail, but Chris dives for the phone. Kim now knows why Chris has been so "busy" lately, and leaves smiling. Abby tells Chris that it is time to tell him about her past. They arrange a meeting in their secret garden for tomorrow afternoon. Chris tells Abby that she won't regret trusting him, and that he is looking forward to meeting her family.

Cass tells Margo the next step in the prosecutions case will be character witnesses against Margo. Margo is not looking forward to being stomped on again. As Jessica rises to call her next witness, she looks at Margo, and quickly rests her case. The courtroom is shocked. Margo is thrilled, as the judge convenes the court for the day. The defense will begin their case in the morning. Margo wants to know what is the next step. Cass says that he will bring on excellent character witnesses, but that the best witness they need is her.

Friday, December 10, 1999

Carly sees Camille at Al's diner and wants to ask her to be her main model but is afraid she'll say no. Then let me try, Jack urges. Holden is slightly leery when Abigail extols the virtues of her "gentlemanly" friend, but agrees to meet him. Molly is bitter when she meets up with Chris, who's stringing the apartment complex with Christmas lights. At the reading of Alec's will Eddie is named the sole heir to his father's $25 million fortune.

The courtroom gasps when Jake testifies Alec tried to murder him. Holden tells Abigail to bring "the boy" over that night and suggests she invite Molly, too. Jake causes more uproar in the court when he insists Alec killed his wife.

Molly advises Chris to let his new girlfriend know all the rules up front so she won't get hurt. John enthuses to Camille about a med school program he's found for her. Jack drags Carly over to their table and takes the lead in asking Camille to model for Carly's fashion show, but John pre-empts him and says Camille won't do it.

Eddie confides in Georgia he'd give all the money back if it meant Alec would come back. All of Jake's testimony about Joe Mason supplying Alec with drugs is stricken from the record when Cass had to admit Joe is dead and can't corroborate anything. Jake engages in a shouting match with Jessica before leaving the stand. Cass decides calling Julia as a witness won't help and announces to the judge he's calling a surprise witness--Eddie.

Ignoring John, Camille tells Jack and Carly she accepts the modeling offer, then insists to a grumpy John she's accompanying him to court. Cass has Eddie declared a hostile witness. Abigail is thrilled when Molly finally invites her to her apartment for some one-on-one after the newscast.

Cass brings up Eddie's hatred towards his father, then asserts Eddie didn't want Alec to be with Margo because of his own past relationship with her. Eddie is quick to anger and Cass forces him to admit he could've left his private hospital room the night of the murder. Cass also supplies Eddie with motive, noting Eddie is the sole heir to his father's fortune. Eddie takes umbrage when Cass accuses him or murdering his own father, at which point Margo jumps up and protests.

Emily walks out of the courtroom when she sees Tom comforting Margo during a break. Georgia ushers an upset Eddie out of the courtroom, even as Margo tries to apologize. Tom is forceful as he tells Margo that Cass was just doing his job, but Margo insists she has to take the stand rather than let them accuse an innocent boy. Tom is equally convinced that he'll be the one to ask her questions, since they have such a history together.

When Chris tells his grandmother about getting angry at someone who wants more than he can give, Nancy counsels him to give him/her something as a way of apologizing. Katie leaves to get her film developed of Chris and Molly. Carly marvels at how people instinctively trust Jack and says, "When I grow up I want to be just like you."

Margo gets on the stand and testifies she'll always regret sleeping with Alec the one time, then insists the letter she wrote was written when she was emotionally distraught. She also asserts she didn't call in the Oakdale police to help her catch Alex because she wanted to bring him in on her own, for all that he had done to her. When she's distracted by the tapping of the court reporter's keys, Tom tells her to hang on a little while longer. Katie is embarrassed when Holden catches her practicing reading the news in front of the camera, but Holden advises her to keep learning on the job.

Abigail marvels at the Christmas lights in the apartment complex, but Molly says they were done by a cute neighbor she used to know. Finding Molly's door unlocked, Chris deposits his vase of flowers and is still there when Molly opens the door.

As Jessica stands up to begin her cross-examination, Alec's ghost appears behind her and advises Margo once more to listen. Jessica's high heels tap as she walks across the room. I remember, Margo murmurs.



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New mom Kelly Kruger shares experience with postpartum guilt
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